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A Forsaken World

By Cat22
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Cat22Firion   33d ago

It had been several months since the world first fell to the forces of darkness following the defeat of the chosen hero at the hands of the dark lord. While nobody could have exactly foretold these events to have happened, they also couldn’t deny that the end result was anything but ideal as numerous kingdoms that were once enemies were forced to join forces in order to survive. This was due to the fact that many of the dark lord’s forces now roamed the world which, contrary to popular belief, ended up increasing the demand for capable adventurers who were able to safely traverse the world without any major casualties. To this extent, many brave souls wished to become adventurers regardless of their status and as of the present day, more than several hundred adventurers stand at the ready to deal with the forces of darkness in order to preserve a small fragment of hope for those who await the dark lord’s downfall.

As for Firion, the legendary hero, he had been imprisoned by the dark lord and as a result, was currently waiting within a room in the castle for one of the dark lord’s servants, a demon general who only went by the name of V, to visit him and as a result, when he heard the door open, immediately remained silent as V himself stepped into the room.

“Why good morning, hero! I see that you’re up bright and early on this… how do you put this… gloomy day. While the darkness is usually a welcome sight around here, it’s been a little darker than usual today due to the increased amount of dark fog which is not only obscuring the roads ahead but also makes it more dangerous for regiments like the Diablos unit to even search for any adventurers or other members of our leader’s army.” V said as he stepped into the room. While he had brought a kettle full of tea with him yet again, he had also brought two teacups as well and had gently set them down on the table right next to him. Once he did so, he quickly went to work carefully pouring two cups of obsidian colored tea before offering one of the teacups to Firion. 

Upon noticing that he had been offered a cup of tea, Firion ended up carefully taking the teacup from V while completely remaining silent. He didn’t seem to share the same cheerful sentiment as the demon general which had seemed to slightly confuse the shorter male before the two of them ended up glancing out of the window only to have been able to see a few feet past the castle.

“You were right… it is darker than normal but then again, this world used to not be blanketed in a dark mist all the time either…” He muttered softly as he looked over at V who was now holding the second teacup. While there wasn’t a doubt that the gloomier weather outside ended up carrying a looming feeling of gloom with it, the castle interior wasn’t much brighter due to mostly consisting of a variety of different shades of darker colors including a few tones of purple as well. However, despite this gloomy atmosphere, V seemed to be as cheerful as ever which couldn’t be said about Firion.

“I bet it wasn’t but regardless, the mist never gets too bad! Besides, it’s not like the dark mist is poisonous or anything so you should be fine venturing out into the castle courtyard if you choose to do so!” V said cheerfully. While he waited for a response from Firion before continuing the conversation, he eventually decided to leave the room when the legendary hero had stopped speaking to him which was something that he didn’t seem to understand yet. Regardless of the situation, he soon left the doorway to the room where the hero stayed after several more minutes.
Anime_freakNicholas Hearing   33d ago
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[center Nicholas glanced out of the window, tapping his finger on the wooden table as he listened. His father was arguing with another kingdom on resources. There wasn't an issue for his kingdom, the Woodlands were so rich with fruits and deer, they had surrounding Trealings to protect the gates of the large city.

[#efd9ae "Neighbouring Kingdoms are growing anxious, we must do something o ease their minds."] He heard his father say as he ran a hand over his greying beard. [#efd9ae "Chatter is becoming unsettling."] He mumbled. Nicholas' eyes travelled around the table. Tall men all nodded in agreement as they spoke.

[#efd9ae "It's apparent they are antsy. We must ease their minds."] His fathers voice echoed, he was rather good at projecting his voice. Nicholas didn't understand why he had to be present. These were his father's issues, they did not concern him whatsoever. He sipped the drink from the goblet in front of him. They were a thriving kingdom in these times, why should they have to be concerned with such issues?

It bothered him quite frequently. If the neighbouring Kingdoms had issues, how long would it be till they had issues as well? Would their food become dry? Lakes become red with the signs of war? He knew that some had awful opinions on this new confusion, but he just couldn't find himself to be helpful. He was nothing but a prince, he had only a fair amount of power. He had not much say. He could not help these fallen kingdoms.

He bit and held his tongue as taught, he wanted nothing more than to shout at the outrage. His father blended no hand to help these kingdoms. Of course, he couldn't do much, but he might as well wish with the stars. There was nothing he could do. His kingdom needed him, and he was to marry a surrounding kingdom. Tat was the only reason he had been born, after all.

As they waited for food, he watched the two kings argue. The other kingdom had not much of offers, a few land bites, animal pelts, and a few daughters. None of them interested his father. God, now he knew where he had gotten his stubborn attitude. This disease that rid the land, they could not do it on their own. They needed help from neighbouring Kingdom, yet his father refused.
Cat22Firion   33d ago

“Thank the gods that he left…” Firion muttered softly when he noticed that V had left. While he had managed to deny the fact that he did terribly miss the company of another during a few hours of the day, he was also silently wondering for just how long he would be able to keep that feeling of loneliness hidden away however, soon enough, his moment of silence was interrupted by a knock on the door which caused the young male to open the door which revealed a slightly taller demon who had soon stepped into the room.

“Good day to you, hero! I’m only here to retrieve the tea kettle that V left in here since he told me that he left it in here. While I see no need to bother you aside from the retrieval of the kettle, I shall leave you to your own devices.” The demon said as he quickly took the kettle out of the room before leaving and closing the door behind him. He saw no need to bother Firion for the time being and as a result, had only entered the room to grab the kettle that had been left in there and soon headed back into the castle kitchen where he washed out said kettle before setting it aside to dry.

Upon witnessing the demon enter the room to only grab the tea kettle, Firion decided to walk over to the corner of the room before he went right back to staring out the window. While he still wasn’t really used to the darker atmosphere, he had still remained completely silent for the time being until yet another demon ended up opening the door to the room that he was in which quickly turned his attention away from the window and towards the door. While this meant that he wasn’t aware of the fact that a spectral raven had perched on the windowsill, he also ended up glancing over at the demon that had opened the door to the room and waited for them to speak.

“Oh… hello there… I was just… passing by. Besides, it’s not really like I want to talk with you about what your life as a hero was like or anything.” The demon said before they very quickly ran off while still leaving the door wide open. While this ended up confusing the young hero, he didn’t think too much about the open door either although after a few short moments, he stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him.
Anime_freakNicholas Hearing   33d ago
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[center [#efd9ae "Nicholas? Prince Nicholas are you paying attention?"] His fathers voice soon broke him from his thoughts and back to the reality he was in. [#550f6b "Yes, Father. My apologies."] He straightened up. [#efd9ae "King Silibus is speaking to you."] He motioned for Nicholas to avert his attention to the other King.

[#4993bc "It has become apparent to me that you were attacked at a young age, yes?"] Nicholas opened his mouth to speak but was quickly interrupted. [#efd9ae "By traveling Mages, yes."] His father spoke for him, as he always did at meetings like these. [#550f6b "Yes, that... That is what happened. My apologies on the tale, I cannot quite recall any of it."] He placed his hands in his lap, letting his drink sit half full.

[#4993bc "It'd be a great deal if a natural born fighter like you scouted onto an adventure."] The king said with such confidence, it shocked Nicholas. [#550f6b "Sir, with all due respect I am no Adventurer, I-"] He was cut short by his fathers hand raising in the air, a signal for him to sit in silence.

[#efd9ae "That sounds like a wonderful Idea, although my son is indeed trained in many arts, what mission may fit best?] The Ash-blonde boy was speechless. Did he not get a say? He was certainly not fit for the path ahead. He had a strong build, but he had never put it to any use but training. If he was not fit, then he was not fit. They couldn't change that. What if he was killed? He was the only heir to the throne. He hated how adults never thought things through. They only did what they thought best, never having a single thought cross their dull minds.

He was a smart boy, but he as also a dream. They had tried to change that, but his expectations for himself were too high, he had no desire to lay low, he had always figured he could help the world. Change it. But not like this.
Cat22Firion   33d ago

“Why did they end up leaving the door open… I don’t understand…” Firion muttered softly before he stepped out into the hallway. While he did not understand why the door to his room in the castle had been left open, he still opted to take the initiative to explore the surrounding hallway. Due to this, he opted to remain silent as he walked so as to not alert any of the dark forces present in the castle to the fact that he had left his room however, it wasn’t long until he was noticed by V.

“Hero, what the hell are you doing out of your room? You know that the dark lord kind of forbids you from leaving for the time being without an escort, right?” V asked Firion when he had spotted him. He was currently carrying a small raven that he was supposed to bring out into the courtyard however, upon seeing that the hero had left his designated area, he quickly moved to confront him.

“Well, someone ended up leaving the door open so I just decided to take the initiative to explore the surrounding area. Besides, it’s a little boring to be stuck in one location for several hours a day while waiting for an escort…” Firion muttered softly as he looked over at V. While he would have usually remained silent, he had decided to express the fact that he had a slight dislike of being forced to stay within the same area for several hours a day which seemed to quickly prompt V to lead him down the hall and into the courtyard.

“Well, since you don’t really want to stay inside for the rest of the day, we’re heading out into the courtyard. Besides, it was about time I sent off some of the scout ravens to some of the surrounding territories to see what those adventurers are up to.” V said as he led Firion down the hall. He was still holding onto the scout raven with one hand although with how quickly he walked down the hall, one might have easily thought that he was in a rush to get his current task done so that he wouldn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day although unexpectedly, watching over the chosen hero to make sure that he doesn’t escape had also been added to his list of activities for the day.
Anime_freakNicholas Hearing   32d ago
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[center He listened to the two as they talked about his future. Before, he was supposed to marry Princess Delia in three months, now, he was to be an Adventurer, and return home a week before the wedding. How fortunate for him. He preferred not to speak of the princess, though. It was a... Sensitive topic if you would. [#4993bc "Perfect! Prince Nicholas will be sent out tomorrow afternoon. We'll alert the kingdom and speak with the servants to prepare a bag."] The king spoke with ease, probably because it wasn't his son he was tossing out.[#550f6b "Very well, Arch. This better work."] 

He nodded, grabbing his drink and standing up. The room bowed before the kings departed, and Nicholas was sent to his room. He felt like a child. Having no say in what was done. First, he kept his tongue as they arranged a marriage. That was for the good of the world. But this? There was no reason for this. 

He carefully took off the jacket he was wearing, sitting on his bed with a huff. This would most likely be the last time he sat on this bed. He knew it wasn't likewise he would come back. He was fit for protecting himself from people, not animals. He was a pampered child, being told he could not be given what he wanted. It was outrageous. He wanted nothing more than a say, was that too hard to ask for these days?

A quick look out the window had made him realise how big the outside was. The woodlands stretched out for miles, how was he expected to get anything done? All he could do was wonder aimlessly, looking for a fight. Such an awful thing to assume.
Cat22Firion   32d ago

“I’m guessing that I don’t really have a choice in the matter, do I?” Firion muttered softly as he glanced over at V. While he didn’t attempt to get away from him, he also seemed to want to get away from the castle as well although he had found out early on in his imprisonment that escape was next to impossible given the fact of how the castle was usually heavily guarded which made it difficult for adventurers to sneak in and for prisoners to sneak out.

“Well, not really. Besides, you’re already not allowed to leave here without an armed escort. However, since I currently have to release the scout ravens, I am having to bring you along with me since you were out in the halls at the time being.” V said as both he and Firion entered the courtyard. While he went right to work when it came to giving the scout ravens their orders, he then allowed for them to fly off which all of them did with the utmost semblance of haste before he began to speak again.

“And that’s the last of them. Hopefully they don’t find anything too concerning around the castle’s perimeters.” He said softly before walking over to one of the benches and sat down. While he had completed the task that he had been given by the dark lord, upon realizing that Firion had reluctantly walked over to him, he had opted to remain in the courtyard for the time being so that the hero could have some time to be out and about in the castle grounds.

However, Firion seemed to be a little confused as to why V had opted to remain him the courtyard although instead of asking him about it, he decided to sit on one of the benches of the courtyard before staring up at the foggy sky.

“It’s still so foggy… when will it clear up…” He muttered softly while he looked up at the sky. He seemed to miss the days where there wasn’t a dark mist everywhere although the sight of the gloomy fog also didn’t help with that feeling of longing either.


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