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A Glimpse Into Nightmares

By Cat22
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This is a 1x1 for me and another person.
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Several years ago, within an old manor, there lived quite an eccentric young person known only by the title of the Dollmaker. While they were given this title due to the fact that they ended up carefully making dolls by hand for a living, there were also several rumors that spread about them with these rumors ranging from missing details about their family to rumors that whoever ends up approaching the mansion where they live ends up disappearing without a trace. However, despite those rumors, the Dollmaker typically kept to themself within the mansion as they continued doing what they loved for several years until they suddenly disappeared without a trace one day.

Following this mysterious disappearance, the mansion itself soon fell into a state of disrepair with the only remaining residents of the manor being the dolls that had been created by the Dollmaker. While most of these dolls remain completely motionless, there was one doll that could often be seen wandering around the mansion with that individual doll having been named Bartz.

Like the other dolls in the mansion, he had also been created by the Dollmaker although he appeared to be only 18 years old. However, despite being one of the last creations of the aspiring creator, he didn’t seem to let any of that bother him and was currently wandering around the hallways when he heard the sound of a door slam in the distance.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   47d ago

Paimon jumped a bit as his friends silently glare at him " Sorry, im sorry" He whispered as he stedys the camrea. Paimon was with his friends because the ' leader' wanted to go ghost hunting. 

Paimon walked behind them, looking around. he thought the manor was beutiful in a way, was the stories really true about the Dollmaker? There was no way of telling since it was so loing ago. as the four moved through the manor, Paimon was shoved into a room as a prank as the others run out of the manor. He pounds on the door and drops the camera " GUYS !! LET ME OUT!" He said in a panic as he grabs for a light and turns it on. it was obvious he was afraid.

once he turned on the light, he shuttered. All he could see was lifeless dolls, unmoving and their eyes glossed with age. It took everything inside him not to yell as he sits at a vanent wall, trying to think rationally

“That’s odd… There shouldn’t be any sort of draft in the manor since I patched up some of the spots that were in disrepair months ago. However-“ Bartz muttered softly before he was interrupted by the sound of something banging on the door. While he had been in the general proximity to the main entrance doors, he was also still rather curious about what could have caused the noise and as a result, quickly made his way down to the main foyer to investigate. However, due to how some of the older lights in the manor stopped working, he was hidden by a cloak of darkness with only the occasional flashes of lightning from an incoming storm being the only thing that illuminated the surrounding area long enough to reveal where exactly he was in the hallways.

Once he reached the general area where the source of the noise that he could have heard earlier came from, however, he ended up noticing something unfamiliar and as a result, had picked up a glass shard from the floor and held it out in front of him while still remaining hidden within the cover of the shadows. 

“Who’s there?” He hissed softly as he tightened his grip on the glass shard that he managed to find.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   47d ago

Paimon jumped and arose to his feel, dropping the light " Hello! Im sorry for coming in, i thought this place was abandoned! My .... um... buds i was with locked me in this creepy doll room! Please ill leave.. i wont come back i-ill pay you!! Let me out..." he held his chest as he felt himself start to shut down from the fear he felt " i am.. Paimon King, what is your name?" he felt as if he was stuck in a nightmare he could not escape from. his limbs seemed as if they were frozen in place as he stared at the flash light flicker and turn off " Please.. im sorry for entering" He shakes and starts to breath heavily

“I am known only by the name that my creator gave me which is Bartz and as for you leaving, little Paimon, it’s not going to be very simple. Many people have come here in the past to explore this place due to the rumors surrounding my creator and yet, none of them have ever come back. What makes you think that your situation in the manner will be any different?” Bartz said softly as another lightning strike illuminated the area behind him which revealed that he had been holding a small but sharp piece of glass rather firmly in his right hand. While this might have been enough to intimidate someone, the manner in which he was speaking would also prove to be rather eerie however, it wasn’t until a few moments after he spoke that one of the motionless dolls began to move.

After this eerie event of slight movement happened with one of the dolls, the doll in question that began to move suddenly stood up from the floor and then glanced over at Bartz as if acknowledging the presence of one that was also a doll just like it was. Like Bartz, it appeared to be around 18 years old although it also had long, silvery white hair that was tied back into a ponytail as well as pale brown eyes that had glossed over with age. The colors of the outfit that it was wearing had also been faded over time which made its appearance slightly more unsettling.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   47d ago

Paimon grabbed the light and points it at them " No no wait im sorry!! " He fell to his knees as he breaths speed up faster and faster before you knew it, he passed out. his body thumps on the floor as the light breaks with the force. he didnt really seem like a threat, more so scared of what his friends did to him. as he laid there, his phone was buzzing by him, and yet he didnt wake up

“And looks like they fainted… Just great…” Bartz muttered softly before he walked back down the hallway. While he decided to go back to the location that he was at beforehand, he also remained completely silent as he walked with the occasional flash of lightning illuminating the hallway in front of him as he passed by. However, as he left, more of the dolls that once remained completely motionless started to move and soon enough, they all went to different parts of the mansion.

One of the dolls that appeared to be 17 years old had wandered into the mansion’s library and ended up pulling a book off of the shelf. While it didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to the surrounding area, it also ended up remaining completely silent for the time being as well. However, another one of the dolls ended up starting to wander around the hallways as well almost as it it had decided to wander around without purpose.

As for the silver haired doll, however, it decided to remain in the doll room for the time being and eventually sat down on the floor whilst remaining completely silent up until it decided to speak a few words. “You have doomed yourself.” It said softly.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   40d ago

hey sorry!)
UsernotFoundPaimon King   40d ago

Paimon slowly opened his bright green eyes as he grunts " ugh.. my head.." he sits up and grabs the flashlight, shining it at the doll that was with him " can you move and talk? Are you..magic?" he tilts his head as he trys to get a closer look
Cat22Firion   40d ago

“You really think that we’re magic? How naive are you?” The doll said softly. While it didn’t get up off of the floor for the time being, the slight sound of something skittering by seemed to have momentarily caught its attention which meant that it soon glanced over at the direction where the noise could have possibly came from. However, upon seeing that there was nothing there, it soon glanced over at one of the other dolls that remained completely motionless in the room. While it took note of the state of the glass cabinet that the doll itself was once kept behind, it also noticed that the other doll appeared to be around 17 years old in terms of physical age although it had decided to also not disturb the cabinet either for the time being.

After a while of wandering around, the ashen haired doll ended up right back at the room where the other dolls were located before it walked back over to a certain glass cabinet before also walking back over to the wall. While it soon slumped down against the floor, it also ended up remaining eerily silent as well.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   35d ago

Paimon stands and colescted his thoughts before grabbing his light and his knife out of his boot. he opened the door and goes out to the hallway, he starts to go downstairs to the bottom floor, where the exit is. now usually.. the person was turned into a doll or killed... but nothing happened to him... he did look scared but nothing happened. no blood, no screaming

As one stepped into the lowest floors of the manor, the scent of blood could quite easily be noticed through the air. While this was due to the fact that there was quite a lot of dried blood in the lower areas, there was also the sight of another one of the dolls attempting to clean up the blood. While it had managed to get up most of one dried blood spot, it also ended up noticing Paimon after a while and almost immediately ran off to go hide somewhere before a set of footsteps could be heard walking down the stairs which soon ended up with Bartz having walked all the way down the stairs before deciding to speak.

“Why are you in here… I thought that people would understand by now that this area is off limits for a reason.” He hissed softly before causing a table to slide in front of the door leading to the exit. Like the rest of the room, the couch seemed to be a little worn down although it was also stained with dried blood as well almost as if it had seen something horrific happen although the sound of it moving also ended up alerting the silver haired doll from earlier who was now running down the stairs.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   35d ago

Paimon shines the light at him " I am getting out of here, and some doll will not stop me. i am not scared of you" nobody talked to Bartz like this before " so please. move out of my way"

“And what makes you think that you’ll be able to leave here so easily? Nobody who has set foot in here has ever left and if they are foolish enough to try to leave, well, let’s just say that the ravens end up… killing them.” Bartz said before he picked up another shard of broken glass and held it out in front of him. He clearly showed no interest in letting anyone leave the mansion and had even grabbed a shard of glass that he could use as a weapon as well. 

“And why would you want to leave… the outside world really isn’t that much better especially the grounds of the manor itself. Besides, once you enter, you will be unable to leave no matter what you do so stop trying to find a way to escape…” The silver haired doll said softly. While it didn’t arm itself with a weapon like how Bartz had done, it also seemed to attempt to convey the fact that it was almost impossible to leave the mansion due to both creatures known only as the Ravens outside and the fact that nobody has ever technically left the manor either. However, it wouldn’t be long before the ashen haired doll also traveled down the steps and remained silent as well.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   35d ago

" i would rather take my chances outside then in here with killer dolls. now, if you would exuse me" he stepped forward to Bartz
Cat22Vaan   35d ago

“I wouldn’t take my chances outside if I were you. The ravens are far worse than those of us who are dolls so if you have any sort of self preservation, you will stay here until further notice. Do you understand?” The ashen haired doll said as it stepped right next to Bartz. While it appeared to be rather unassuming compared to Bartz who was holding a glass shard, it was still very capable of defending itself if needed.

“V’s right you know. I have seen many wayward souls being torn apart by the ravens from the window although I do not dare to help the poor fools. They have made their choices and as a result, suffered fates that were befitting of those choices.” Bartz said softly as he glanced over at the silver haired doll.

The silver haired doll chose to remain completely silent for the time being as it glanced over at Bartz. While it had opted not to speak for the time being, it also ended up staring off at the wall after a while.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   35d ago

" Then why care what i do? you let others leave, even if they get ripped apart. does a human life not matter to you?" he sighed a bit and turns to leave " I am not afraid of you. Paimon King is my name. i was shot at, stabbed and way other things. " 

King was the last name of the dollmaker
Cat22Vaan   35d ago

“We care because you share a last name with our creator… They were a wonderful person although after they left, those ravens came and as a result, it is no longer safe to leave this place once you enter. While they don’t bother those of us who are dolls, they’re less kind to those who are human… To that extent, some of us have tried to prevent humans from leaving in the past although we were always unsuccessful. However, once they are torn to shreds, somebody always picks up the pieces and will sometimes sew them back together into their former form as well although I know not of anyone who could do so in this day and age.” The ashen haired doll said softly before it walked back up the stairs which left Bartz and the silver haired doll in the room.

“He has another point there as well. While this place is a little run down, it is evidently the best place to hide away as it is a sanctuary for us.” Bartz said as he dropped the glass shard that he was carrying on the ground. While he saw no need to carry the shard around anymore, he also looked over at the silver haired doll who was now staring at the shard of glass.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   35d ago

Paimon sighed a bit and nods " Okay.. okay i will stay. hm.. maybe i can help fix this place up" he said as he gently kicked some dust around. he sees some candles and lights them so he can see better. he grabs a broom and starts to get to work. he puts his pack down, out of the way
Cat22Firion   35d ago

“We’ve already tidied up some of the upstairs rooms of the manor although the lower levels are the ones in the most amount of disrepair. The other dolls and I have been trying to fix it up for quite a while but with the amount of vermin that tend to arrive at any given moment, it’s been impeding any progress that we have had when it comes to cleaning up the lower areas.” The silver haired doll said before it noticed that the doll from before had now gone back to cleaning up a dried blood stain on the floor and as a result, opted not to bother it aside from speaking with it.

“And I see that you’re as busy as ever when it comes to the restoration efforts down here, my friend…” It said softly after having noticed that the other doll had begun to clean up the blood stains again.

“Well, we’ve had issues with rats so we’ve been tossing them outside to let the ravens deal with them. It’s worked so far although more rats keep on coming back like clockwork. However, I think that we’ve narrowed down the source of where they could be entering to a small mouse hole in the basement although there’s a lot of dried blood there as well.” The doll said as it finished cleaning up one of the dried blood stains before looking over at Bartz.

“Well, I’m just glad that you were able to find the source of the rat infestation! Patching up that mouse hole will allow for us to continue fixing up the place without having to worry too much about dealing with rats.” Bartz said softly before he walked over to the other doll and patted them on the shoulder.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   35d ago

Paimon nods and walked over " i can patch it up if you would like, just point the way to the basement and one of you should come down with me" he said as he picked up a tool box that was laying about
Cat22Firion   33d ago

“The basement is down the next flight of stairs in the eastern wing of the lower floors. While it’s not in the best of shape right now, it’s where some of us have suspected the rats of coming from the basement although some of them are… arguably evil so it might be for the best to have either me or Bartz accompany you so that you don’t have to deal with a bunch of angry rats. Besides, none of the wildlife here tends to take kindly to unwanted visitors.” The silver haired doll said before it walked away from Bartz and soon moved towards a flight of stairs that led down into the basement. While it didn’t go downstairs just yet, they decided to look over at Bartz who soon also walked towards the stairs.

“You two might want to bring a glass shard with you. The last time I tried clearing out the rats, they almost managed to bite me so mayhaps carrying around a shard of glass as a weapon would be a wise choice.” The other doll said. While it had moved on to clean up another blood stain on the floor, it also picked up a sharpened piece of glass which it handed to Bartz after a few moments.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   33d ago

Paimon followed, pulling out his knife and flicking it open. he was nervous but opened the door as a few rats ran out. he takes a breath and starts to walk down the stairs " it smells like death down here" he mumbled as he reached for the candle
Cat22Firion   20d ago

“It’s because some rats must’ve died in here. They’ve been entering the mansion a lot recently through mouse holes so there’s not really any surprise that there’s going to be a lingering hint of death. However, as soon as we get the rats out, we’ll be able to deal with cleaning out the basement as well.” The silver haired doll muttered softly before he ended up grabbing a small candle from a nearby table and then gently placed it into a lantern that was on the same table. While this candlelit lantern would provide a source of light, it would also mean that he would have to concentrate more on not dropping the lantern than dealing with the rats.

“And just as a bit of a warning, they might try and attack us first. If that happens, we’re going to want to deal with them before they escape from the basement.” Bartz said softly before he walked down the stairs and into the basement. While he was not carrying a light source with him, he was followed by the silver haired doll who had opted to remain completely silent for the time being.
UsernotFoundPaimon King   20d ago

Paimon nods and pulled his knife out, some rats run past his shoes and making him trip. he could have sworn he heard laughter coming from the rats. he quickly stands and looked around, seeing a blanket and grabbing it. he threw it out and a lot of squeaks sounded.


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