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___ ___ is turning 18 today. With him becoming the alpha he will be taking over the thrown. Gama temporarily tool the position until he was old enough. Would he be able to gain the respect, loyalty, and trust from his people?

___ ___ became a servant girl after her mother died. Her mother was a beta. Father unknown. Someone set her mother up to make it seem like she killed the Aplha and Luna (___ parents).

They say of __ birthday __ entered with his ceremony clothes ironed and pressed. The closer she for to his room the smell of chocolates and sweet aroma got stronger signaling her mate was close by. Only for her to find out its __ who was already trying to sniff is mate out with a line of she-wolves...

---That’s all I got. Trying to get back to rp’ing. I will only do this rp twice. One with me playing a female and one with me playing the make Alpha. Never done yuri or yaoi. Pics tbs---
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