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13 occupants of the Highrise Heaven Hotel wake up to bangs on their doors. They're all confused as they open their doors to see the police. Apparently during the night a murder occurred. The cops had previously checked the security cameras to discover the only camera that wasn't working was on the floor of the crime. Since the cameras that covered all the exits showed absolutely no one had left. The street view cameras also showed there was no exits made from any of the windows or balconies either. All of the occupants were now suspects. Who is the murderer? And what is this sick game that they are playing?...

Looking for 12 people to play innocents, yes if people want to they can play one or two of the innocents. 2-3 people to play officers. And 1 person to play the murderer. If anyone else wants to join after characters are chosen they can be added as innocents or even friends of the murderer.

Please don't be a one liner and let's get this thing started!
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