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WolfyWhite Wolf   10d ago

[center [#fec3db [size15 [google-font] [Dekko Once there was a wolf who was very lonely. So she work hard on creating a world of her own. A forest for that matter, the forest was large flush with many trees, shrubs, and many flowers. The wolf protected the land that soon adopted many creatures that were feared and misunderstood in the human realm. 

The wolf was very happy watching all the creatures and animals that played amongst the forest. Unfortunately not everyone who entered the forest was happy. The forest was often threatened, by a cranky demon named Urami. He was a hateful man that sought to destroy the forest, despite of the wolf's effort to keep the forest peaceful. 

The  wolf started to grow wary. Her snow colored fur that often shimmer with moonlight like luster started to dual. She decided she needed help protecting this forest of hers. Back in the human world was a boy named Amai. He was sweet, and caring, but the poor man was sick. He had been ill since birth. Surely he was going to die soon. The wolf often visit the male while he was sleeping. 

She looked down at the sickly child and let out a deep breath. Waking the male from his slumber. He was fright to see a wolf in his bedroom. "Amai" the wolf said in a voice sweet as honey. "Please come with me." she said  stepping closer to the sick man. He shiver watching the wolf before him. "Your time in this world is near its' end but please come with me where your new life will begin" Of course the man didn't understand. When the snow colored wolf soft muzzle touch his hand he felt clam and as if he had seen this wolf before.

Amai had agreed to come with the wolf who took him into a dark forest. "This is the Twilight Forest Amai this will be your new home... " she said as she carried the male on her back. The man held tightly as she shown him around forest. She  brought him to a hidden spring. The water was crystal clear, had beautiful pink and white lilies blooming.

The wolf looked at Amai who stared into the water. "It is time for you to change... Amai I have brought you here to help me protect this forest." she said. The man had tremble slightly, hearing the wolf's soft but serious words. He had come this far, there was no turning around now. The male slide off the wolfs back. He slowly climb into water. It was warm it felt nice. He closed his eyes as he submerge him self into the water. 

The wolf let out a heavy breath as she change her form. She got into the water with Amai. She got closer to the man who was intrigue by her appearance. She bit her tongue with her sharp fangs filling her mouth with blood. She then grabbed a hold of Amai and pulled him under the water. She pressed her lips against his. She slide her bleeding tongue into the young mans mouth. Filling his mouth with her blood.  

Amai was startle by the woman. He gasped a little, she press her mouth harder against his. Amai felt strange as the hot liquid slid down his throat. He felt odd, suddenly every thing went black. When he woke up surely he had be dreaming. When he woke he felt different, he even looked different. His hair was long and pink, his eyes could see things clearer even his hearing and other sense seemed to have gotten better. 

He looked around the forest for the wolf or woman he met before. She was no where to be found.  A thought crossed his mind clearly it wasn't his. It was hers, she told him he had the most the ability she had. It would take him some time to awaken all of his other abilities and powers. He was now the new guardian of this forest. It scared him, his heart was racing and he ran through the large forest. He stop when he came to a clearing. The clearing seem to be full of dead trees and plants. The smell death soon tickled his nose making him almost want to vomit. His heart felt as it had sank in his chest as he walk around the charred land. The ground crunch and crack with each step he took. The scene was eerie he felt as if something was watching him amongst the smoky fog that flood this dreadful area.
LukiUrami   9d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [h3 Hatred] 
Hatred was the feeling this being only knew that was until the day he laid eyes on the white wolf. The wolf of his dreams some might say. He [b wanted] her. He wanted her all to himself for that matter. Despite being a monster, he did know how to charm people. It seemed whenever he tried it only displease the white wolf. The wolf was always so busy protecting her forest and all that creatures that lurked in it. 

It [b angered] him to the point that he started attacking her precious forest and some of the creatures that lurked in it. This cause the white wolf to fight back. At first it seemed that attacks hardly did a thing to wolf. Over time it started to weaken her. He planned to use that to his advantage that was until that fateful night. 

The white wolf seem to had vanish but only for a little while. A new scent soon filled the air but the scent was sweet smelling, but had a faint stench of death.  Soon the sweet scent started to smell of something else, that sweet intoxicating smell starting smell of the white wolf. 

 Urami shifting into his cat like form. He looked like a mix of things, but the closest things he looked like was a mountain lion with burning ember eyes. The anger cat snarl with each step he took ground seem to be charred and burned.

The large cat search and search for the wolf but the only thing he could find was a strange boy with pink hair. It wasn't until he got closer to him that he noticed that familiar scent. This man smelt just like her, it anger him he lashed out the strange boy.

It was clear the boy had no idea what he was doing who he was messing with. Fear quickly consume the boy that would be his down fall. The large cat lunge at the boy digging it claws and sharp teeth into boy throat. 

[b Crimson]
Crimson soon flood from the boy neck and torso. It was clear that this boy would sound die. Urami had no idea who this child was and why he smelt like the White wolf. The boys eyes soon filled with tears as he looked at the cat terrified. 

Something in the cat changed. It was as if a string in his heart was being pull. The cat released the boy. He ran off in the thick fog but only to return in his human liked form. His fiery color hair and orange eyes seem to glow like hot ember. The red hair man picked up the bleeding boy. He took the child to his hide out where he treat the man wounds by roughly licking until they sealed close from his saliva. The scared boy thanked him for saving him from the cat demon. Was this truly what love felt like? 

Urami had to keep this child close to him. There was no way he was going to let him go without a fight. The pink hair boy told him about becoming the new guardian of this place. It anger Urami, hearing those words. 

Urami snarled as he pin the boy to his bed. He was going to ravage this boy if kept talking about the white wolf and being the new protector. As soon as he kissed the boy Urami knew that boy was telling the truth. He tasted just like her. 

Mixed emotions filled the man as he looked down at the fright boy. He couldn't  stop himself from kissing him more. It did take long to get the boy stripped and in a venerable state. He gentle nibble on the boy soft pink buds which cause the boy to let out a cute sound. Urami wanted to hear more of these sounds.

He was going to have some fun. Urami held the boy in lustful embrace, by the time the night was over Urami was exhausted. He fell a sleep holding Amai tightly to his chest. Amai wasn't used to such feelings. Nor did he have the strength to really fight back. Amai really never had the chance to date anyone since he was always sickly. The thoughts in the back of his mind told him this wasn't what real love felt like. 

The white wolf was the one who truly  loved him. Amai knew what he had to do. He need to stop this red haired beauty. Amai need to think he need to do this delicately so hopefully things wouldn't end badly. 

Amai tried his hardest to get Urami to see the good in the forest and all it creature. Urami was soon filled with envy and anger. The red headed beauty to took the form of the cat demon once again. Amai heart sank as he saw the large cat. 

He froze with fear but something told him to fight. Before he knew his own form had change. He shift into a beautiful silvery color wolf. This only seem to anger Urami more. He lunged at the wolf who scramble to get out of the way. You could tell boy was not yet used to that form.
-Shadow   9d ago

[center [size15 [google-font]
[Architects+Daughter Shadow really cared for the White wolf. Seeing this new comer get attacked by that damn cat angered him. Shadow was always a misunderstood creature and the White wolf took him in welcomely when he had no where to go. His own family turn his back on him. He had a new family now. This was his home too, he told the White wolf that he would do all he could to protect this sacred place.

Shadow walked toward the two fighting figures. Shadow appearance was slightly frightening. His lavender colored eyes that seemed as if they were glowing in the dark. His sharp exposed teeth, and claws. His ebony color hair that was often streak purple or indigo was a mess. Shadow lunged at the cat landing on his back. He dug his nails into Urami. Urami scream as he tried to buck Shadow off his back. 

Shadow did his best to stay on the large cats back but he was easily thrown off. He quickly shifted into his own animal like form. He appear as a black wolf with lavender colored eyes. The black wolf fought with the large cat for a while until finally Urami ran off into the eerie fog. 

The black wolf shift back into his human like form. He looked at the the silvery colored wollf who smelt strongly of the White wolf. He could tell the boy still wasn't used to this world or shifting yet or fighting for that matter.  [+Orchid "Come with me, I will help you tent to your wounds"] he said as led the boy to large house that was in the middle of the forest. 

Shadow could tell thoughts and memories where flooding into the boy mind. Before the boy knew it was even human like  once again. [+Orchid "I am Shadow Claw  you may call me Shadow"] he with a soft smile as the two men step into the large house. 

[+Orchid "I am happy I have found you."] he said with a soft smile. He examined  the boy body it seemed he only had a few minor cuts and scratches luckily. [+orchid  "Here"] he said as he cute his own neck with his hair claws. He pulled the boy into his arm. Which seemed to frighten him. [+Orchid "I am not going to hurt... please just trust me"] he said as he force the boy head down. At first the boy struggled but eventually a strange hunger took over. Despite how repulsed Amai was at first he could tell the boy like the taste of his blood. The boy seem to like it so much that he could feel the boy sharp teeth latch into his neck which cause him to let out a small gasp. Shadow embraced the boy welcomely until finally Amai pushed himself way. Shadow couldn't help but to lick the blood off the boy soft rose colored lips. [+Orchid "S-Sorry"] he said softly [+orchid "Let me show you around"] he said led the pink hair boy around the house. Amai seemed to be at ease now.

He knew the boy was still scared and probably doubting himself. If the White wolf had trusted him then he could too.  Shadow was really happy that he found Amai. Shadow knew deep down that Urami would be back, something told him he wasn't going to alone this time. 

Shadow did his best to training Amai. The two had grown rather close over the weeks. It even seemed Amai was getting use to shape-shifting.


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