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[center [h3 Arc 4/Terra/Reunited At Last]] [center [h3 Kanra]] [center [b Hot Springs]] In the hot springs there are different people to run into. Cost 5GP per person but gain D10 inspiration for using it and restore a spell slot or use two hit die for free. Run into table/ Roll a D4 1-2 is only one person. 3-4 Is two people. 1: Alexander 2: Haru 3: Galath 4: Leonard 5: Hilda 6: Nathaniel 7: Roger 8: Ethan 9: Rose 10: Bell Story Moment: Hear from whomever is here, that Haru is trying to track fallen Shinobi down. [center [b Kanya Brewery]] Run into table 1: Alexander 2: Hilda 3: Galath 4: Kage Sakomori 5: Linda Wright 6: Spots/Aurora/John AV club 7: Jack 8: Solice 9: Walter 10: Lux Story Moment: Haru is drinking here looking around, (He would know of Nari and Sakimoto but if I forget this detail it still can work) Here meet Theo (A Shinobi in hiding) LV 11 Scout rogue. [center [b Mountain Pass]] The mountain pass is dangerous for bandits and other brigands. Bandit encounter Frost Giant Encounter/Event [center [b Tourney]] For fun tourney. Roll for who the players will fight in this tourney. (2v2 tourney) Winner gets 5000 gold EXP gain: 1000 1: Euphoria/Ethan 2: Chizuki/Nathaniel 3: Alexander (Will ask Fenris but will fight alone otherwise) 4: Klaus/Lux 5: CR 2 Bandit Captain 6: A fellow party member (Rest are fellow party members or random CR 2 enemies) Tourney has 4 rounds all together. Story moment: Theo and Haru will both be here, Haru and Theo are more interested in watching the Terra fighting styles. [center [b Kanya Museum/Terra's Monuments]] 1: Theo (If discovered by than instead Velvet and Lisa Skywing) 2: Silas Forthright 3: Alexander 4: Herron 5: Roger 6: Galan 7: Nathaniel 8: Cerron 9: Hiroshi (If still present) 10: Volos (If still present) Story Moment: Meet Garen Steelblood here! (Titan 2 but he won't bring it up nor will he hide it. Social rolls and such here) Story moment if here second time: Meet Vera Vectna he is facniated with Terra Lunacia's lore and history and though he wishes to unify the world in science. He wants to preserve their culture, their love for the moon intrigues him most. "Luna" the being on the moon that looks after all. Luna is said to have ties to Arvandor that Spiral's Lunar celestial has a tie to Arvandor a place he has much love for. He will tear up thinking about such a place. (DC 20 history check for Arvandor) [center [b Stables/Hearty Hooves]] Can gain a mount here! Elephant: 500 GP Hippogriff: 250Gp Griffin: 250GP Scroll on a wyvern egg: 500GP Pegasus: 300GP Dire Wolf: 250GP Warhorse: 200GP Mount Armor: 500GP (Gives them 16AC all together) Story Moment: Lance is here to probe the guy for information on a wandering unicorn. For Fenris's sake. Side Quest: To find the wyvern egg it is in a cave in the mountain. In the cave is a group of poachers! 6 CR 2 Bandit captains. 1 "Priest" that can cast Cure wounds and bless (Has CR 2 captain stats) making 7 of them. He has a circlet of concentration and action surge. (Allowing him to cast bless twice) to fully power all the bandit captains with a D4 for bless. EXP: 2500 Gold: 1500 Item: Circlet of concentration Green Crystal. (One time use item only allow to pass a saving throw once or resist power word kill once) Wyvern Egg: During the fight right afterwards is a monsterous creature with green crystals in it. (Sorrowsworn experiment by the purist though they don't know this.) Remaining bandits will flee when it arrives. (Will arrive round 4) [ Linky statblock] Except give it 2 legendary resistance, (has a crystal crown with two jewels each shatters with each resistance) and can use it's attacks as legendary actions. (3 points per round each attack cost 1 point) It is trying to devour the wyvern's draconic energy before it is even birthed. Investigation: DC 20 learn that this isn't it's normal form and it was altered in some shape or form. Enhanced and it's clearly not from this plane. The enhancments use Arcana Tech Arcana DC 20: It's original form is that of a sorrowsworn [center [b Traders]] Exotic Weapons and arms. Parry Shield: +2 AC can use reaction to add a D8 to defend yourself. Striking Shield: As a bonus action can strike with the shield 1d4+ strength and +2AC Light blade Even a main weapon was swung can swing with the dagger with 1d6 + dex mod. Bulwark Shield: +1 Shield Quick Arm: Fire arm that fires 1d4 + dex and sixty feet (120 disadvantage) can be fired even after using a main action like the others. All items cost 1000 gold each Owned By Thor Banweather Story Moment: Meet Damien Jagger a dwarf that had served in the greatwar looking to reinvent is fighting style. He serves as a captain of the guards. He is working aside Charlotte Williams to adjust the security in Terra and planning on handling the frost giants and the bandits. D4 table 1: Alexander: 2: Hilda: Catching up with Thor and wants to bash some giants heads 3: Ethan: (Looking for weapons and looks rather stressed out) 4: Gwen Chevalier is looking for her brother. [center [b Barracks]] Story: Liam Stoneworth is captain of Kanra (Below Damian Jagger) he was close to Tyda Everfury but his friend went out strong. Those behind disgrace him with cowardly politics. 1: Theo will be offering his "Services" (If discovered will be Haru instead) 2: Herron will be checking things out here (Though he shouldn't) 3: Jack is pestering the guards asking where the brothel is. 4: Ethan is.. Inspecting security. [center [b Terra's Shrine]] 1: Theo 2: Ethan 3: Haru 4: Renchi will be here studying the lunar energy from this shrine. Story Moment: Alexander is praying to Terra here (His father) upon here. Alevander and Evelyn are here in hoods praying but watching him [center [b Black Crystal Mines]] 1,2: Lisa Skywing is here investigating 3,4: Damian Jagger is here. Story Moment: Ethan has his demon talking here, he feels a strange energy with these crystals. Chikai hideout. (Ethan may go missing eventually coming here) [center [b Ashbluff Tavern]] 1: Herron 2: Ethan 3: Haru 4: Theo (If around) 5: Damien Jagger 6: Liam Stoneworth Story: Meet Vera Vectna getting a drink writing down notes. (He gets a +8 to all Cha/Wis/ rolls and a +10 to INT rolls with advantage. Negative 1 with disadvantage on all physical rolls.) [center [b Flight of Fancy]] 1: Hilda 2: Alexander 3: Roger 4: Walter Story: Cereluen Wingstride is here trying to gain a raven! (Maybe add or tie this to the story more) 1000 Gold can gain a bird here. [center [b Path to Vinbur]] [center [h3 Vinbur]] [center [b Vinbur Bridge]] Two Assassins at night can be seen here talking about Chikai's plans to ambush the party. [center [b Love and Hearth Brothel]] Yumi loves to sing and dance here, he is.. Melancholy and has weird and strange opions on how the war had gone. Mariane Belrose is here.. Failing as a lover but aids in listening! (LV 9 Swashbuckler) Jaune Flurry also likes to drink here and talk to Belrose. (Seems flirty but she actually see's a lot here) Jaune also examines one man, Reiki a small young healer. Reiki is scared and lonely, Jaune is to report Reiki's emotional being but not interact (Secret) He is to be turned into a Lonely sorrowsworn. [center [b Luna's Reflections Theater]] Luna, the Lunar god lost from the planet Spiral now to the stars. Meet second lonely sorrowsworn candiate here. (Theater guy/Senku Amarillia) Vera Vectna is here working on a theory, he is talking of the veil and the theory of Ruination that other timelines and worlds must have learned this. He even summoned a small creature once that talked of a realm once "Fractured" (Easter egg of Fractum but at the same time hints of Ruination) the world already. He talks of Aravandor the land of elves and celestials (He's been once but will attempt to lie) He talks about the reflection of Shadow and Fey to the material that the landmarks of our world exist.. In that world. The great Lunacia mountain has a unique connection to both worlds so does Straus Haven. The theatre talks of Luna and Cerebrum once being star crossed lovers his ambition had caused him to reach for the moons. (This is not lore but speculations and such of artist and scholars. The Lunar Tear tale) Luna was a god above the world on a cold dark rock, Cerebrum with unbridled ambition the desire to learn and to obtain wanted to reach and understand her. Although Cerebrum was supposedly just a man once upon a time. In his ambition he had taken down the god of ambition "Shroud Veil" taking that divines part or becoming one with him. Though Shroud found a kindred spirit in Cerebrum as he had only done so for one thing. To find Luna, and find her he had with his newfound divinity. He came to understand her, and with understanding breeds familiarty. The two were star crossed lovers but.. Spiral was now missing one of it's divine seats one he must fill. His ambition now paid a price and she told him to return. The ambition in his heart hated the council of divines that humanity needed the gods to fell the beast of darkness. That he wanted Luna and her alone, it was his right and his ambition he wanted to explore the universe beside her. She had convinced him to head down, her lunar tears both bright and damning had caused that cold dark rock that she watched over.. To shine bright. The love had given form to moonlight, a light to fight the creatures of darkness. (This fixed the veil of Shadowfell to Spiral) Some of this is true (Secret) but in much different terms Though crushed by the loss and love of ambition and passion his intellect matched only by his unbridled ambition. He had tore this essence out, creating a god of ambition to love Luna.. So that he may be the true god of Logic and Reason. [center [b Breads and Bites Bakery]] Ethan is here. Jagger is also here and likes to eat! Jaune Flurry likes sweets here. (Flurry has a shop beside to compete!) 1: Hilda 2: Walter 3: Alexander 4: Roger Eating here gains a D8 for the day for everyone! (50GP for party expensive!) [center [b Gambling Hall]] Story: Alexander and Liam are playing here! Can use Wisdom: Playing well and fair Sleight of Hand (Cheating) Perception (Notice Cheating) Strength (For arm wrestling) [center [b Beast of Fancy Restaurant]] 1: Ethan 2: Hilda 3: Jaune Flurry 4: Liam Story: Alexander will be here! Attempted assassination on him! He takes them down easily however. Party attacked by two assassins! Garen will be here as well [center [b Melts and Metals Factory]] Weapons/Armor's and other crafts! They can talk of upgrading their weapons! (Start working but not give the final upgrades and give a mission to each that can be handled later!) Story: Thor Banner is talking of a device here (put this somewhere else too if you can) that there is a rift in the ruins something they are missing.. He needs more funding to work on that hidden tomb. (Talking to Liam) Wis check to hear.. Faint singing here. But it vanishes. [center [b Flannigans Sparkle and Wonder]] 1: Ethan 2: Hilda 3: Alexander 4: Haru 5: Yumi 6: Walter Story: Vera is talking to Jagger asking if Thor is working on that advice at the factory and if Liam is still funding it. Jagger tells him the funding may be pulled. (This is access to final dungeon) [center [b Lost Ruins]] Pocket dimension here and they can feel.. Faint singing. Cerebrum will use this chance to speak with them where the veil is most thin. (May use this as a chance for Chisaki encounter) But Cerebrum will ask them to find someone who can fix the veil to travel through. As he feels something is wrong.. [center [b Guard Tower]] 1: Alexander 2: Hilda 3: Ethan 4: Roger 5: Walter 6: Kaida plotline Story Moment: Liam and Jagger are here! They can discuss about the ruins and such! And strange happenings at the bridge at night! (Can prevent Chisaki's ambush) [center [b Reiki's Shack]] 1: Ethan 2: Roger 3: Walter 4: Hilda Story: Find out Reiki is lonely here, Rex is here buying supplies he wants to be friends with Reiki but.. Doesn't know how too. Yumi is here as well [center [b Upper Quarter]] 1: Vera 2: Edward/Vanessa 3: Yumi 4: Jaune Flurry Story: Rex is talking to Garen, Garen suspects that Rex may be sneaking around and challenges him in a light hearted way to a fight! Rex will give a good fight but lose if it happens. [center [b Council of Blades]] Garen and Alexander will be dueling here! Garen gives a decent fight before Alexander defeats him! Story: Where the council meeting happens in the event! Things are also solved in a duel here! Visiting at night will find assassins [center [b Adventurer's Respite]] Adventurer's rest and recover here! Talk and take quest! Here the mountain quest is up, but if handled they will wanna delve into the ruins! (It has spiders,goblins etc stuff too weak for the party worry about) Yumi is here to watch the adventurer's with intrigue. [center [b Bridge to Lunacia]] 1: Yumi 2: Alexander 3: Jaune 4: Liam 5: Jagger 6: Edward Vintsvent [center [h3 Lunacia]] [center [b Farmland]] Everfury nobles are trying to tax the peasants! (Can intimidate with DC 13 or persuade DC 15 after one fail every check afterwards is with disadvantage) If fight just 3 Noble stat blocks with 6 guard stat blocks. (Small battle) [center [b Market District/Luna Lights]] Shops and the like here! (May have an assassin watch them here with a stealth check Run into Vera here! [center [b Residential Estates/Luna Nobles]] Everfury nobles are having a "Meeting" (If snuck in can hear them planning Alexander's demise and how they are lying/tricking Garen with the help of this.. "Creed" [center [b Royal Guard/Barracks]] Theo/Haru (Just Haru if Theo handled) will be getting the men in order! Jaune Flurry is aiding the guards here and talks of keeping a strong vigil. (Is really here to gain info) [center [b Terra's Spring]] Alexander is here trying to peep on the most beautiful women in the world! Yumi will be trying to thwart this. (Cereluen may also be trying to peep) [center [b Courtyard]] Garen will confront the party! If this is already happened run into Thor! And in case a third thing is needed perhaps an Assassin is tailing them? They can hear that singing yet again [center [b Dragons Keep]] Garen will confront the party! If this is already happened instead run into Thor Banner! And in case a third thing is needed perhaps an Assassin is tailing them? They can hear that singing yet again. [center [b Lunacia Castle]] May hold a second meeting event here! [center [h3 Notes]] Introduce a few NPC's for sure but use many NPC's of the past if possible. Fallen King/Althea North Wind Mention of Neil and Wilhelm for villains as well. Maybe introduce a major Straus Haven villain but also a helpful ambassador (May use Herron in the end but who knows) Galath perhaps returns from Burguss. Fang perhaps a demoted general of some kind from Straus Haven. Could perhaps meet the other gods/Cerebrum. Meet the leader of the purist perhaps. Klaus's revival? Straus Haven Prime Minister [center [h3 Arrival]] With the arrival of the party Haru will be waiting for them. He'll let them know that many at Lunacia wish to meet them in a few days time. Emerald Fox will serve as a Strause Haven politician, replacing Herron. She will try to talk to Nari's party. [center [h3 Meeting]] At the meeting you will have [b Terra's Seats] Alexander Hilda Garen Steelblood [b Straus Haven] Jaune Flurry Vera Vector Viktor Ironwood Emereld Silverfox (Vera's guard as well) Cereluen Wingstride (Sorta not a real seat) Herron (Not a real seat) [b Starkwood] Volos Kirai Galan Florian Archie [b Burguss] Gawain Arthur Rex Vanessa Edward (Will be missing) [b Sumia] Jungqwol Yumi Hanatabi Jaune Flurry: (Yumi's Bodyguard seems odd) Hiroshi Haru Theo Sakimoto Himari Nari [center [h3 Kanra]] At Kanra they will work with Alexander and Herron is taken here to deal with a strange and powerful affliction. (From the battle) a unique afflication saved to be rid of Herron's meddlesome behavior. Alexander will tell the group that Hiroshi will be coming,Gawain is going to Sumia after the meeting, Volos will also be heading to Sumia after the meeting. Hiroshi will have a Shinobi by the name of Haru Suitchi. The shinobi have been reforged to be "Samurai" following Bushido once more. [center [h3 Time]] [center [h3 Bonus Notes]] Theo will have a cloaker, (Creature from the shadowfell but won't add that it is that) and he will use it if he finds someone that is not alone but with one other. May have Theo be a Shinobi [center [h3 Events]] Try to list "Events" that can be trigger in multiple ways as the story does not stagnate. [center [h3 Theo Event]] This will be a starting event, and can certainly be triggered in a number of ways. Once he meets the party he will try and stalk and wait till they are alone or separate. (Roll for his stealth of course) [center [h3 Mountain Pass/Giant Event]] Giants have political meetings with Alexander. [center [h3 Encounters]] LV13-16 [center [h3 Shinobi Encounter]] LV 13 Theo: Cloaker: CR8 (None of this if 1v1 but do not 1v1 Nari) Reward Investigation [h3 Mountain Pass Encounter]] LV 13 Bandit Encounter 30 CR 1 wolves as bandits. (Wear wolf cloaks) These are a horde (rolled together/attacker) They can as a bonus action attempt a "Trample" strength save DC 18 or as a group they knock you prone. (For every 5 that down decrease the DC by 3) They head of the clan has a magical wolf cloak (Like the helm that gives advantage on initiative) Giving them advantage (Can be taken) The bandit leader has a dragon's greatsword. (Half red Dragon veteran stat block but is actually a dwarf. The sword greatsword stat wise (Allow the half red dragon statblock 3 swings instead of 2) He can instead use his attack action to do 7D6 fire damage DEX save DC15 or halved. 15 foot cone. Wielding the sword in both hands also gives fire resistance (sword has no plus modifiers however) They can obtain the greatsword. Tactics One of his crowd will use help action on somebody (Just 1) and he gets advantage the first swing. They will always use bonus action to trample someone down as well. (Or try to) causing them to traven pretty close to him to maximize damage. Items: Wolf Cloak (Advantage on initiative basically helm of awareness Gold: 10000 EXP: 4000 Investigation: DC: 18 Able to find medals and papers on his person, these medals hold some sort of importance and seem strange on a common thug. History DC 18: Gain the medal's knowledge and his name, as one of Tydal's titan trio Though he was only ranked 3 in the "Titans" Persuasion: DC 20 Init made DC 18: The leader whom goes by "Wolf Jawbreaker" is a dwarf who believed in Tydal Everfury's command, He had once slain a dragon beside Tydal Everfury thus the blade. If convinced he will tell them they could not take over the mountain as the blasted Frost Giants have taken it. There are 50 of them in total with the council of 7 leading them. Alexander is attempting peace with them in conquest but Tydal had always competed with the frost giants as they love to war and to battle it is in their blood. Arcana: 18 The fiery blade seems to have elemental energy.. Similar to that of a fey. Something like Kirai's summer flames but amplified. Giant Encounter LV 13 Can fight either the cheif in a 1v1 or fight the council of seven with six of you (If reinforcements brought) CR 8 Frost Giant EXP: 4500 Gold: 2000 Items: Gain a badge that allows them pass through the mountains No investigation required honor bound they will answer the parties questions Knowledge: Their king was slain by the second titan a man with a large glaive. Also Alexander has come for their surrender to conquest that they delegate themselves but he only wishes to take them under his wing of protection in conquest. They were prepping to fight this man but instead here the party was. [center [h3 Chikai Encounter]] LV 13-14 LV: 17 Assassin (Has helm of awareness) Will try to stealth on the party. Uses two Assassin monster Manuel minions. (6 People allowed for the fight) [center [b Garen Steelblood Encounter]] LV 14 Have two CR 5 Gladiators Gold: 2000 EXP: 2000 Investigation: Had notes to fight Alexander, was told by a false source that the party was assassins to kill him. [center [b Sorrow Sworn Encounter]] Creed and Fallen King will give them a brief glimpse of the Shadowfell. (Banish on the party, Charisma DC 20 can fail on purpose to help friends.) Can hear singing and such in the shadowfell but source is hard to find. LV 14 2 Lonely sorrowsworn and 1 angry [center [b Creed Encounter]] LV 14 Will change the alter to summon a being in fight (causing it to become dark). False Hydra splitting the party into two fights! Alexander and his crew will handle fanatics charging in. Jaune Flurry will fight alongside Creed! (LV 10 lance fighter) After they are defeated he'll sacrifice his life (Against Creeds wishes) to make him stronger! (Fully healing him and giving him 3 legendary resistances and 3 legendary actions a round his sneak damage swings are free and now necrotic damage) This fight is at the end of the Ruins. This is Creeds last stand. Investigation: DC 20 and Arcana 20. Encrypted but he has correspondence with someone.. The true emperor of Straus Haven? This is where of course Cerebrum comes to take Shroud Veil (Who's Merged with Creed) and takes Cerebrum back. Creed's Soul will be taken by the Fallen King. [center [b Fallen King Encounter]] LV 15 (But really balance for LV 16 as it'll be a single encounter and party is just strong) Arch Lich Vecna but give him 400HP and 22AC instead and that is all to change. Also change his type from undead to Fey [h3 Story Arc 4] This is by no means a railroad of sorts but more so a way to better organize what I'd imagine to happen here. Of course as in the past player choices can affect things greatly. Upon arrival they meet with Theo/Haru/Hiroshi and are told of a meeting in a few days. Possibly spending time in Kanra Perhaps doing the sidequest for the Wyvern egg but hopefully learning of the bandits in the mountain pass. Which are really lead by Wolf Jawbreaker (A dwarf that was number two for Tyday's Titan 3.) Eventually learning Garen is number two however number one is missing. Learning that Theo is really a double agent, a fallen shinobi working for the purist now. Creed is stealing materials and such from Vera and has a double agent in Straus. (Theo does not now but Yume Hanabi is that double agent) Theo will have papers to eliminate Adrian and the other loyalist to Hiroshi. They see Adrian as a threat. However Theo was deterimined to ask Adrian to join his side instead as written in personal notes and that other fallen Shinobi have the same plan. "Yume" though highly secret is Straus revived by stealing one of Eve's feathers. This had happened due to her time in the Feywild. Yume is the true leader of the purist allowing Creed to take the title for now as to hide. Yume will pretend he is from Sumia who decided to serve the new empire. He however holds a grudge to Gawain and will not allow there duel go unremembered. When Gawain leaves to Sumia he too will try and leave Terra. (Likely for Veil's party to deal with) Vera Vectna will be working hard, sharing his knowledge with his colleage Yume (He has no clue) His obsession with the Shadowveil is great and when Yume talks of going to Sumia he will wish to follow. Vera will stay in the arc a little longer however as he wishes to figure out the irregularity in Terra. Though on different sides he's afraid what he's reading can lead to Spiral's Ruination. (Explain Ruination and Ruination points) that the world is close to gaining it's first ruination. He knows the Shadowfell being cracked had caused some of it. However.. He had used the shadowfell's power to increase Spiral's Veil against Ruination. (This creation is Veil) Vera will take quite the interest in the main party he will talk to Stephan (Before Stephan decides to head back to Sumia to check on Veil) and apologize to them all for how Neil turned out. Jaune Flurry is also a purist in hiding. (Working for Straus) Vera will slowly learn what the purist are up to, that this fallen king is also working with them but he isn't sure why. Creed is trying to use the Fey King to create the old empire, using it's power and it's sorrow to fuel his power. He says that Vera is a coward so slow with his research, that even the gods themselves won't be able to stop Spiral's Ruination. That he they need the carnal power of the Shadowfell to stop this ruination. "All energy is dangerous unless properly harnessed" After Creed is defeated alongside with Jaune at the ritual side. Jaune will surprise even Creed by sacrificing his body and his essence to finish the ritual. For Creed to become Shroudveil's vessal. However Vera will come with a gadget (Worked on with the party and together perhaps) to weaken the bond. So that he cannot become a true god. Still half divine Shroudfell is tied to him. After slaying him, Cerebrum will use Evie's blood to create a meeting. One where he takes back Shroudfell but decides his ambitions will be kept in check by reason and logic. That he cannot loose such a being again. That they had weakned it for such a thing to be possible. Listing encounters important to the arc. Chikai Encounter (Will happen after the other LV 13 encounters and pushes the party to LV 14) Sorrowsworn encounter. Creed Encounter Fallen King encounter. [center [h3 Story Notes]] Straus Haven has continued there psionics research and their descent into the Shadowfell. Using both agents and fallen shinobi to discover the Raven Queen of Shadowfell has been slain by a mysterious force. Though she was chaotic in nature she had kept the place to some level of balance. The nightstalker had used her inner court against her (Won't say this out loud) Arvandor land of the world tree, though every plane has some connection to the world tree. Knows the Shadowfell or rather the Raven Queen had almost build a planer bridge to Arvandor through their connection to the world tree. Also visiting the land of the Fey. Arvandor is visited by Spiral's gods. The party will not be aware of this however, though Herron will know at least.. Some of this. The woman he had cared for in Starkwood, Teresa Goldmary, she had been lost in the Fey Wild. A fact he had left out in his tale with Ayame. Though he may tell her in time, due to the Shadowfells corruption, cause of the fallenking Teresa's freedom in the Feywild caused her to become a sorrowsworn. This of course caused Herron to give chase to her. However, he knew that entering the Shadowfell would create a Nightstalker to replace him in this plane. He had sought out the head of research development, Vera Vicktor, he had two assistants at the time. Stephan and Neil gremory. Neil always proving the explorer while Stephan was the superior scholar. Herron knew he could count on these three, at least.. He thought he could. This was before the Greatwar itself and this had caused Vera and Straus the obsession to the Shadowfell they have now. With much research and deliberation they found a way to fracture Herron's soul into two. His entering the Shadowfell hadn't caused a Shadowstalker to born as it wasn't a full person though it had created the first crack within the Shadowfell. The crack that was used for Shroudveil to corrupt the "Kind" Fey king of sorts. Herron had met "Stalker" the two had done battle but Herron was outmatched without his party. Though he could do massive damage he knew fighting longer was risky. He was able to outmaneuver and avoid the large beast only to find that Teresa became a Sorrowsworn.. The lonely. Her freedom had caused her.. To be lonely the revelation had destroyed Herron. He never wanted to restore his soul after the matter never to feel the full weight of what he had lost. The stalker was set.. On turning Herron into the anger sorrowsworn but he managed to instead escape. He said he would free Teresa but he could not risk disturbing the Shadowfell's laws and cause a further crack. He will feel resposible for Veil's current predicament as he caused Vera's obsession with harnessing the Shadowfell. When Herron opened that portal the surge of energy and power.. Gave Vera proper use of his leg for a moment. [center [h3 Extra Important Notes]] Maybe use Emerld Silverfox as a red herring as she has an interest in Chikai's investigation and was once a shinobi. (She knew Adrian once) Chikai will try to talk to the party alone, sharing the sins that Hiroshi had growing up. That he had planned for Cereluen and Gawain to cut down a child. Chikai had followed Hiroshi's path of blood so they can create unity. That Hiroshi turning his back on the Shinobi's bloody path is disgraceful and the purist are the worlds last line of defense. That he was wrong to want Straus Haven dead. The Fallen King/Fey events will happen around Kaida as well. His patron had been forced to merge with the Fallen King. Also ruins dungeon. [h3 Extra Table] Construction Random table for places unlisted of who to run into. 1: Alexander 2: Gawain (When gone Lance) 3: Hiroshi (When gone Gwen) 4: Jagger Also have story things happen in these places and don't be afraid to pause if you need more time. [center [h3 Ruins Map]] LV 14 dungeon [pic] [center [h3 Ruins Dungeon]] Before the Ruins start they'll fight the False Hydra 1: Empty Room (Safe good for short resting after false hydra) Stars 1: Middle star has a chest with old jewels (Worth 3000GP) other two have traps. Dex save DC 15 or take 3D8 slashing damage. (Perception DC 18) 1: Altar: Learn that the ruin is a reflection of this realm, that they are possibly in a feywild version of these ruins! The veil merging between shadowfell and feywild. DC 20 Arcana shows that some ruination is seeping through here! DC 30 Arcana and they can begin to mend the ruination! Shroudveil has written in a journal on this alter for Luna, he talks of leaving Spiral once more. However if Luna decides the world needs guidance he will give them a king of the Fey and an emperor. The Fey king also writes here, of Fenris a bit his old life seeping through, his hatred of the fey and how he wishes to fix the realm. (His portion is in Sly-vain) you'll be able to talk briefly to the Fey King through the book. 2: Boulder trap: Perception: DC 19 DEX save for party DC 16: One can make an STR Saving throw DC 20 and stop boulder for whole party: Failure is 6D6 bludgeoning damage 3: Run into a "Memory" of Shroudveil's of his love and devotion to Luna, before having to choose the happiness of humanity.. Over himself. "Why should I.. Be responsible of sacrificing my happiness?" Run into 7 shadows (1/2 CR) but instead of +4 to hit, it is a saving throw an STR saving throw DC15. Fail and lose 1D4 STR and same rules apply (Except instead of short rest required once all 7 shadows are defeated the STR restores. And 0STR doesn't kill but instead KO's but not all HP taken out. Still does 2D6+2) 4: See Fey Tricksters in here trying to steal treasure from this old temple/ruin. They will talk of the Spinx that protects Shroudveil's temple. (This temple is Shroudveil's old temple even predating Cerebrum) Fey Tricksters Sword Satry: (Trick Blade or Blade) HP: 60 AC: 18 (Mage armor at will) Initiative: 5 (Cha+DEX) STR: 14 DEX: 20 Con: 18 INT: 12 Wisdom: 18 Cha: 16 Prof bonus: 5 Saving throw bonus: +5DEX/INT/STR Attacks: Rapier 1+: +10 to hit 1D8+6 damage sneak damage 6d6 (Can can sneak in 1v1) Reactions: Uncanny dodge Duelist Lunge: Clash against another! Both parties make a DEX or STR save. Whoever rolls higher wins, the loser takes 8D8 slashing damage! The player can refuse the duel, giving the sword fey advantage with a normal strike. Sword Shield Hobgoblin: (Tiny) HP: 100 AC: 20 (Plate and Shield) STR: 20 DEX: 12 Con: 18 INT: 10 Wis: 16 Cha: 12 Prof bonus: 5 Save Prof's: STR/Con Multi Attack: Longsword+1: 1D8+6 (Strikes Twice) +10 to hit Reactions: Seniental Feat Spells: Can cast shield of faith 3x a day. Can cast shield once a day. Compelled Duel (Wis DC 18) can cast twice a day. Casting Fairy: (Fare) HP: 50 AC: 18 STR: 8 DEX: 18 Con: 14 INT: 18 Cha: 14 Wis: 16 Prof: 5 Save Prof: WIS/CHA Spells: Hideous laughter (At will) Firebolt: (3d10) +11 to hit Dominate person (Can cast twice a day DC19 Wis save) Summer Eladrin: (Summer) HP: 75 STR: 10 DEX: 18 Con: 16 INT: 12 Wis: 16 Cha: 18 Prof Bonus: 5 Saves Prof: Cha/Con Fireball: (3rd level so 8D6) DC 18DEX save Firebolt: 3d10 +11 to hit Feystep: (3 times and does 3fire damage when moving) Twinned Spell: Quickened Spell: (Can meta magic a total of 4 times) 2000GP 2 One time use pearl of powers (3rd level spell slots or lower) 2 Healing potions And they know of a sphinx here as Shroudveil's guardian and other intruders that entered. (Creed and his group) 4A: Perception DC 20: Find hidden room, room has information, DC 18 arcana check to learn that this temple is tied to Shroudveil's divine energy and he had much love for the Fey once. Find healing ointment that was meant for pilgrims to traverse the Fey. A pilgrimage once made from the material plane here to the Fey. 5: Trial of the past Gio: (LV 15 Samurai) Klaus: (LV 11 Paladin) Okabe: (LV 15 artificer) Fang: (LV 17 artificer) Chikai: LV 17 Assassin For each of you, these foes of the past were once you're roadblocks, Now those who were pushed before prove yourself against you're inner demons further more. (The below effects only work against each one, once) Chikai: If attacked by Evie,Alec he'll be stunned next turn. Okabe: If attacked by Nari stunned next turn (If attacked by Himari or Eros give Nari a hint) Fang: Attacked by Nari/Sakimoto will be stunned next turn Klaus: Attacked by Evie/Arthur stunned next turn Gio: Attacked by Arthur/Evie stunned next turn (If attacked by Sakimoto gain a hint) 6: Alexander will have found a way through the gate! He'll be locked in combat but will urge the party go forward! (Gain inspiration D12 for the party and restore one hit die!) 7: Vera will have forced a rift for a brief moment, he will regret that he cannot help. If Alexander was not met he will give "Capsules" through the rift restoring one hit die and giving D12 inspiration. If Alexander was met he will give healing ointment instead, and using a machine to let everyone in the party restore one first level spell slot. (if spell not taken restore two hit die instead) 8: Run into giant Fey spiders! (10 of them) HP: 10 AC: 16 Attacks: Bite: +9 to Hit: 1D4+1 and 7D6 poison (Con save 18) Web: Dex save 18: (On turn must make DC18 STR save to break out! Taking turn) while in web paralized! Reward: One time poison coating as a "Blessing" can add 7D6 damage to one attack (Con save 19 must be used in the temple.) 9: Hear the souls of many lost, DC 20 arcana check shows they are from the Shadowfell! Many of them thank the party for destroying the Hydra. This will grant the party D12 inspiration! 10: Run into spiders from room eight! (Can only run spider encounter once) 11: Arrow Trap: DC 18 perception: If failed Dex Save 18: (Failed is 3D10 piercing damage for those failed) 12: Perception DC 19 (Or investigation) can make one check for each failed chest. Each failed chest is an arrow trap but to that one member. The correct chest will have in Sly-vain "For those sharp of wit" Gold: 2000 Items: 2 Potions of healing 13: Trial of the past (If already done than a peaceful room) Gio: Klaus: Okabe: 14: Run the Fey thief scenario if already ran this is a peaceful room 15: Ethan has found a way to burst through! He's fighting alongside Euphoria! Cereluen/Rubi/Ethan/Herron/Ayame are fighting! Ethan is looking for a way to heal Herron's wound for Nari. D12 for party and one hit die restored! 16: (Boss/End) Face Creed! He will have Simulucrum! (So two of him but defeat the real one and can win faster) First turn get free Arcana OR Investigation check. But after that takes bonus action! DC 25 to see the real one! (Real one will be number 2) After the fight Creed will transform touched by Shroud Veil! Before he makes a turn he has a shroud (Halves damage) after his first turn ends the shroud will vanish. (Lich statblock) on first turn he can as a bonus action teleport 120 feet away! (Not a spell) but he can only do it once! (The shroud will disappear due to the hero's own inner light gained from Klaus and cultivated by their souls and battle experience!) (Don't forget Jaune Flurry has to die for Creed to transform) Reward: Creed's equipment, he will be merged now with Shroudveil as Cerebrum comes to take them in. (After whole dungeon level up) Yumi and the Feyking will show up however, taking some of that divine power for themselves. Yumi revealed as Straus Haven himself and the Fey King will use that power to take a more.. Humanoid form. 17: Face two shadow party members (Shadow are at full capacities) 17A: Holy Spring: Religion DC 20 shows the proper bathing rituals. Party restores a 3rd or lower spell slot and heals 4D8 each! 17B: Perception DC20 otherwise empty room (Or investigation) Hidden room shows books of Shroud Veil and the Fey DC 18 Religion Check: Shroudveil after being split has had his energy slowly corrupted into a necrotic shroud, emotion unchecked and Shroudveil is now.. A child let loose 17C: Perception/Investigation DC 20: Find chest with 3000 Gold! (Chest locked) Chest can be destroyed (STR Check DC 20 or spell) Lockpicked: DC 20 If either fails chest explodes for those in the room to make DC18 dex save or take 4d10 Fire damage. [center [h3 Tydal Manor Dungeon]] Table 1: Encounter 2: Story Investigation 3: Peaceful Room 4: Treasure Room 5: Social Encounter 6: Traps Have at least a few investigate rooms! Social Encounters Patrol Encounters Elven Merc: Uses Whirlwind again and again (Air elemental stat block) They also use a rapier (Slam stats but one less D8 but multi attack) Doesn't have to recharge whirlwind. Orc that uses first turn to use serum, (taken a deal with Strause to push the bodies adreline) Takes Bulette stat block! 2 Gladiator statblocks Dwarf that uses serum takes Hill Giant stat block! (Serum's take first action) The Revenant statblock are Dwarves that have "Fear Monger" tattoo's (Vengeful glare) there is two of them (They use greatsword. Social Encounters D6 1-2: Friendly 3-4: Neutral Meeting 5-6: Tense meeting


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