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Search for Nirvana

By Tigress
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TigressReiki   17d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#fd7e0d [h3 Salvation]]
Salvation was what he sought for but here there was no such thing. The thoughts and dreams of nirvana and freedom where simply things of fantasy. In this world life was undoubtedly unfair, especially for Reiki.

Reiki or Rei for short, was a being only desire for because of his beauty. His fair skin, and silvery hair were very soft. His vermillion colored eyes were like rare gems. Being a mix breed in this society was disgraceful. 

[b Fate] 
Since Reiki was a mix breed and a rather rare one at that. He was sold to you for a pretty good price. The young being seem to have a pretty normal life that was until he turn 16. That was when "they" discover he wasn't like normal vampires.

His unnatural charm was almost frighten, how easily he could just lure someone to him. Most of the time people came towards him with lustful desires. Of course Rei when to push people away. 

Now here he was nothing more than a pet. A play thing for you to toy with. You were simply as human. A human that could resist his charms. You easily avoid your little minx's charm scolded him roughly. 

You knew Reiki [b hated] you, you could see the anger burning in those fiery of his eyes. Yet here you were toying with him yet again. This time the young boy wasn't letting you get way with out a scratch. 

Reiki dug his sharp nail into your wrist. You were his master, for him touch you in such a manor only anger you. You didn't dare leave a mark on your precious gem. Deep down you knew what you were getting into. Buying a slave a plaything. 

Reiki wasn't used to having a master but you were going to make sure he knew hat it meant. Assigning him many chores and other various tasks. 

Rei sighed softly as he started on his long list. He began dusting the house from top to bottom just like you had ask him. Rei like it when he was cleaning because it meant you would leave him alone. 

Sure Reiki hated almost every second of being here. When he was cleaning and left alone he seemed at peace. His mind was filling with thoughts that were running rapid. Like how he got here. 

Once the vampire council had learn he was different they quickly got rid of him. His mother was in tears when he was ripped way from her. Only she knew the truth. You real father wasn't a vampire at all.

Maybe that was why the father you knew for most your life always look down on you. He was the one who had turn Rei into the council to dispose of. Normally the council would just execute those who where different but this time they decided to sell Rei to the black market of sorts.
-Petal-.Blood.   17d ago

[center [b Toy]]

[center Maybe it had been a mistake to buy such an unruly creature. Something that seemed to be able to just charm anyone... Well anyone except him. He wasn't looking to be charmed. No. He wanted something that others didn't have and so... He had bought this thing. Something so rare. Something so sought after. It had struck out at him today though.

How annoying that was... His own irritation and angered had flared there for a moment. A temper that he never really had in check. That was probably his own fault. Of course something with claws and teeth was bound to strike back at you at some point wasn't it?

Instead of returning such a wound he decided instead to work the young thing all day. Chores and the like. Things that he normally would take care of himself. He had washed the blood from his wrist wrapping a bandage around it tightly.

The wrist could be such a dangerous place to get a cut. Then again that thing didn't care... He could see how much it hated him. If he died... For it that would be some sort of secret blessing.

He sighed softly and left the bathroom. For a moment he watched the boy clean those blue eyes showing some form of distaste and maybe a little hatred themself.

That thing wasn't the only one who could feel hatred. After standing there a moment he turned and walked away heading to his study where he would probably do some reading.]
TigressReiki   14d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#fd7e0d [h3 Hours]]
It took him hours to get done with the list of corse that his master had order him to do. The house was finally spotless now he was force to go and speak with the man. Those vermillion colored eyes burned with anger. He so desperately wanted to return to his so call room which really was nothing more than a glorify closet. 

Reiki walked to his master's study only to find him asleep in his chair. [#fd7e0d [i "Idiot"]] he thought to himself. Rei walked way from his masters study and went straight to his room. He laid down on the worn mattress that was far from comfortable. He yawned as he closed his eyes. He covered himself with the blanket that his master had given him. It was think but soft. 

Reiki sighed as drift off to a restless slumber. He missed his old life, and his mother. His mother was kind woman even when she knew he was different. She accepted him. Because of his no good father and the vampire council he was sold off as a slave to a human. Humans were low creatures compared to vampires. They were nothing but a source of food. 

Yet here he was serving one. What made matter worst is he had to obey him. Sometime Reiki would have outburst try to attack his master. It seem that the blonde hair male knew how to over power him. Especially since Reiki hadn't been able to feed in what seem like weeks. 

Sure he could eat human food but it really did nothing for him. That was if his master was feeling nice. Which normally he was in a bad mood.
TigressDaisy   14d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [h3 [#a7c9ec Daisies] ]
Daisies were the last things she remember picking. She was so excited that she had found some to bring to her sickly mother. It seemed faith had other things planned for her. The girl had no idea she was picking daisies off someones land. It was just a wide open field with many weeds and other shrubbery that really need maintained. 

The blonde haired girl pleaded forgiveness. The man refused to believe in her sorrowful action. She tried explaining that they were her mother favorite flower. The man was callous. Her crystal blue eyes filled with tears but that only seemed to anger the man more. 

The man then decided that he would forgive the girl if she became his servant. The man even decided to make a deal with her. If she worked for him he would help her mother get the treatments she needed. The girl really had no choice but to except the man request. 

Soon after arrival to her new master's home she as put to work. It seemed she still had a lot to learn because she already accidentally knocked over a vase. Which caused the man to sigh out of frustration. Thankfully for the girl that he nicknamed Daisy. It didn't take long to get the hang of things. 

Daisy truly did worry about her sickly mother. The man forbid her from visiting her mother. Which scared her because she truly wanted to know her mother was getting the treatments as promised.
-Petal-.Blood.   14d ago

[center [b Food]][center The young male had woken up a few minutes ago. He yawned and slowly stretched. He must have fallen asleep why he was reading. He looked at the book laying on his chest and sighed softly. He hadn't been sleeping very well lately... Well... Honestly he never really slept all that well. He dealt with a lot of nightmares. Slowly he looked around. He was going to have to grab something to eat.

He enjoyed cooking. It was one of the few things that made him happy. Sometimes that good mood would extend to his hateful little pet which he would include in his meals.

Sighing he headed to the kitchen. That didn't seem like what today was going to be though. He started working on putting a meal together. He didn't go and check on anything he had told the little demon to do. He was sure it had been done.

Even if it wasn't... He would just make him do it all tomorrow. He worked quietly on his own. This was something he enjoyed. The silence. All by himself with no one bothering him.

It was strange for such a man to get a pet, but honestly... It had been out of cruelty that he had gotten it. He hated this creature. It was part vampire and he really didn't like those leeches. They didn't really deserve to be living with all of the shit they put people through.

So why not buy one and teach it a lesson?]
TigressSoubi   13d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [h3 [#ed54d4 Lonely]] Soubi had been on his own for a long time now. His parents passed way when he was young. He was scent to live with his aunt and uncle, who had several kids of their own. Sure they go most of his parents money but they still saw him a burden. 

When he turned 16 he was forced to get a job and move out. Soubi was so scared at first but eventually got use to being on his own. He work one full time job and then a part time job. He eventually was able to move into a better apartment that allowed animals. 

Soubi was so excited to get his first pet. After saving for so long and finally could get one. Maybe he wouldn't feel so lonely. When he got to the pet store he browsed for a long time at all the animals. They were all cute it was really hard to decide. 

The owner of the shop then asked if he wanted to try something more exotic. He was about to refused but decided to take the owner up on his offer. The shop owner took him to the back room of his shop where there some exotic looking animals. 

The owner took him farther into the back. He unlocked a small door. The room was dark inside until the man clicked on the light. Soubi was startled to see you. You were chain down and looked vaguely human. The shop owner resure him you were human. Soubi wanted to back out but he felt bad for so he took the man up on his offer signing the contract. 

Soubi took you back to his apartment. He showed you around the place nervously. He was unsure how you were react being his pet. The pink hair boy let out a soft sigh. [#ed54d4 "S-So what should I call you?"] he said as he looked at his new pet.
TigressReiki   13d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#fd7e0d [h3 Uneasy]
Reiki was sleeping softly in his so call room. He could hear foot steps on the creaky floor boards which meant that his master must of waking up from his nap. 

Rei refused to move because he was rather tire and hungry. He didn't want human food. He want blood, sure he could consume other bodily fluids. Blood was much easier to get. Sinking his sharp teeth into someones soft neck was the best feeling. The excitement and pleasure it seem to bring his victims was an exhilarating feeling.

Rei let out a soft pant which exposed his long fangs. His nails seem longer to. It was clear that he was starving. Rei woke up panting softly. His throat felt so dry.

The silver hair vampire sat up in his bed sighing softly. He knew his master hated him but the feeling was mutual. He refused to ask the man about feeding he knew damn well the monster wasn't going to let him. 

He wished he could just bit him but at this point the man would over power him. He was weak. Too weak to even fight back against him. He was still dangerous. A hungry vampire was the worst kind. How long had it really been since he feed properly. He had almost forgotten how long it had been it had at least been over three months.

Reiki laid there pulling the blanket over his head as he try to fall back to restless slumber.


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