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makimaマキマ   11d ago

[size10 all right, you caught me. i'll admit, i'm angry.]

[size10 you're very good at your craft, mr. narcissist. you have a talent for crawling under people's skin. i bet it really pisses you off that you're going to lose control of two of your finest subjects within a year of each other, huh? are you noticing a pattern now? how everyone is leaving you behind?]

[size10 but that'd take introspection of some kind, and you lack the capacity to even do something that simple. all you know is blame everyone else around you. blame your way out of this one, too.]

[size10 i can't wait to hear how this was all my idea from the beginning or how everyone else drove me away or how it was my fault and all the other predictable excuses you make. i can't wait to see how stupid you sound.]

[size10 i can't wait to see how you suffer when i'm gone.]

[size10 i'm glad she got out. i don't hold anything against her at all. she deserved her freedom from you as much as everyone else in this godforsaken hellhole does. but as much as i care about all of you, i don't have the time or patience anymore, and i won't be your go-to punching bag when daddy's in a bad mood.]

[size10 you'll figure it out. or you should have, ages ago before your daughters started dropping out like flies.]

[size10 too little too late, i guess.]

[size10 i'm going to be just fine. i'm going to stop being angry and drained and mentally and emotionally checked out very soon.]
[size10 i appreciate how i've matured, but i don't think you had anything to do with that. i think you just taught me how to numb myself, that's just about all.]

[size10 i've gotten really bored. bored of the same old same old bull shit. i'm bored and i'm over it. i think he hates that.]

[size10 well, this is goodbye, i guess. i'll miss some of you.]


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