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TigressHaradachi   19d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 Haradachi sighed softly as he looked out the large window. It had been years since he had last left the castle. This castle was once owned by his farther Urami. His father had gone mad with obsession over his mother. His father was hunting his mother down for leaving him. His father vow to damn anyone who help her escape his clutches. Maybe that was why he still was here. 

The castle was called the Castle of the Damned for a reason. Despite it horrid appearance and stench of death. Hara had made it very cozy at least in some parts of the castle that was. There were still many room and door yet to be explored or opened. 

The slender framed male let out another huff of air before walking away from the window. Haradachi had also helped his mother escape. He missed her her dearly since she was always so kind to him. He often worried about her waited for her to return. She promise someday should would come back for him. He believe her even though now it had seems like years since she had said that.

It seemed she and Urami had just simply disappeared. Whenever he would catch the scent of her it would lead him to a dead end. Hara sighed softly as he ran a hand through his ebony colored hair. His ruby colored eyes danced around the empty halls. 

It was very lonely here. Despite his rough up bringing. He did fall in love once. It was like a fairy tale. Of corse all good things must come to an end. It seemed his lover betrayed him and he left him. Now here he was all alone dreaming of what love once felt like. He long to feel that way again. 

Being stuck in the castle preventing him from doing so. Every once in a blue moon some helpless soul would wondered into the castle to do some exploring but Hara always seemed to have way of scaring them off. Even when he was trying to flirt with them. 

The tall slender male with the ebony colored hair. Really didn't know what he did wrong. Perhaps he just wasn't as friendly as he use to be. Or maybe it was his ruby colored eyes that seemed to scare them? His lover use to tell him his ruby eyes were beautiful. Even when he was nothing more than a blood thirsty beast. 

Haradachi end up in the library where he sat down to read. He could remember simpler times. Reading to his younger brother Yoku or his little sister Luna. Haradachi grabbed a few book from the shelf before sitting down to read them.  

It didn't take long before he had become drowsy. He end up falling as sleep in the large chair. He was still holding tightly to the romance novel he was reading. A smile a had crept across his sleeping face. It seemed his dreams were pleasant for once.
-Petal-.Advanced.   19d ago

[center [b Lost Spirit]]

[center [+lime A loner. Wandering. He had been for a long time. No memory. Not of his name. Not of where he came from. The mechanical serpentine creature around his shoulder notices the castle.

[+pink "Look master... A place we could rest for a spell."]

The young man looked at the snake curiously and then followed its gaze. Ah yes. A castle. A place to sit and maybe take some time to try and remember who he was.

Slowly he made his way to the castle. It looked abandoned. He wasn't really surprised about it though. A lonely place like this. Of course it would be empty now wouldn't it? Who would want to stay in a place like this?

He quietly pushes on the door and steps inside. He makes his way down the hall looking around. Something about this place made him wonder if this place actually was empty.

He was beginning to think he may have entered a place that might actually have someone living here.]]
TigressHaradachi   18d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 [h3 Disturbance]
The sound of of the heavy doors being opened caught Haradachi's cat like ears. They flickered as he slowly sat up in the large chair. So it seemed that someone had actually enter this dreary place. Were they mad? He thought to himself as he quickly closed the book and put it back to the shelf. Sometime his sister would pop in with out a warning but it seem like her this time.

His ruby color eyes dance around the room. From what he could tell it sound liked some enter through the east wing. which was good if they valued their life. Most people who enter were looters, other sought shelter. The castle eerie scene kept a lot of people way. 

Haradachi sighed softly as he thought of what to do. Does he greet this intruder welcomely or snarl and show him the monster that lived here? Hara sighed again as he walked out of the library down the hall. He wasn't exactly sure where this person. Surely that hadn't gotten too far.

[+red "Who goes there..."] he said as his tail flickered behind him. It was almost hard to see because of his clothing. His robe were a beautiful silk. His long flowing sleeves seem to have some sort of fire or fish pattern on them. 

His eye soon locked on the strange figure that stood before him. Haradachi tilted his head to the side as he scanned the creature up and down. He was unsure of what to think of the mechanical looking snake. Was it a weapon? Or was it simply for looks. 

The man didn't smell human but he was still unsure. The scent of the forest was covering most of him along with a metallic smell. Haradachi gaze lighten as he seen the snake move on it's own. At this point he was more curious than anything. He knew to be cautious still.
TigressLuna   18d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#75abe1 [h3 Appearance ] 
Luna had already made an appearance. She was sleeping up stairs in her brothers bedroom. He really had made the room comfortable. She fell a sleep almost instantly. It seemed one of her century flings had thrown her out. It was okay since she always seem to go to her brothers. 

Unlike her brother she could come and go as she pleased. It seem that her older brother was trapped here. Maybe it really was her father spell. Maybe he was just convinced that he couldn't ? Or maybe it was because their mother had promise to come back for him. Their mother seemed to have disappeared a long with their  callous father.

She really did pity him in a way but part of her hated the fact that he stay behind and kept himself all cooped up. Her messy sapphire colored hair was now tangled and wavy from rolling around some much. Her brother musky scent kept tickling her nose making desire things. Sinful thing at that. 

She wasn't really Haradachi sister. Someone her kind mother had taken in. So it wasn't a crime but he brother would ways push her away. It was hard to control the urge to feed off another creatures life force. Blood was what she as after. Her dear Hara's blood was rather tasty. She remember when she was younger when her brother would often help her feed. He too is like her a creature that devours blood to sustain life.

Luna let out a heavy pant as she open her crimson colored eyes. She almost couldn't wait any longer for Haradachi to come up the stairs. She snarled as she cover her head with the soft blanket. His scent was almost intoxicating at this point. She did her best to wait quietly in his room.
-Petal-.Advanced.   18d ago

[center [b Intruding]]

[center [+lime The mechanical snake quickly looked towards the sound of someone approaching.

[+pink "Master."]

[+skyblue "Shh... I know I hear it too."]

He took a step back as the person came into view. He seemed unsure of who this person was. Then again he couldn't remember anything. So if this person was someone that he knew... Well...

He gave a slight shake of his head. It didn't matter. This person wanted to know why he had came here. He needed to give him a response.

[+skyblue "I am sorry. I thought this place was empty. We came to just rest for a spell... I am afraid I can't tell you who I am... I don't remember who I am..."]

He frowned slightly. He slowly looked this man over trying to decide what he should do next. He didn't know if he should just run for it or if he would be fine right here. He knew nothing about this person.

For all he knew he had just walked into a lions den and he was in trouble. He didn't say anything though and he didn't turn to flee.

[+pink "Master... You remain ever calm as always."]

The mechanical snake looked the boy in front of them over before it looked to its master.]]
TigressHaradachi   18d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 [h3 Compromise] 
Haradachi stood there looking at the strangers. They didn't seem like a threat so he decided not get hostile.[+Red This is the Castle of the Damned... Not many people come here anymore... This castle use to belong to my father..."] he said with a heavy sigh. [+red "This place use to be dangerous place most people who step foot in here died almost instantly at my fathers hands..."]  he said with a soft sigh. 

His ruby colored eye landed on the snake like creature. [+Red "What is that thing"] he said as he politely gestured toward the snake that would randomly speak. Hara really had been locked in this castle far too long. He had no idea what the worlds trend were not a days. His sister had only brought him a few item from the modern world. 

His sister brought him a smart phone but it really did him no good since the only person he could call was his sister. [+red I will allow you to stay here stranger but what is this spell you speak of?"] he said as tilted his head to the side. It seemed as if his mind was just running rapid with thoughts. Was this man a witch of some sort?
-Petal-.Advanced.   18d ago

[center [b Fair]]

[center [+lime The man listened as he spoke. Ah so this place could be rather dangerous. Guess it was his fault for stumbling into a place that he didn't know. He could see the odd boy looking over his mechanical snake and he smiled lightly. That was something he at least remembered.

[+skyblue "This guy keeps me protected and also takes care of anything such as looking things up on the internet and texting... Though there are no contacts that he has saved to him. No old messages or calls... I created him."]

He smiled lightly as he looked the snake over. The snake remained quiet now looking over the boy.

[+skyblue "Oh... My bad... Guess I might have said something you didn't understand. There is no spell... I was just hoping to spend some time here for a bit. I suppose it was another word for that."]

He looked off to the side a little embarrassed that what he said had made no since. Was it the time period? No... Because... He looked to the snake... This thing wouldn't have existed so many years ago...

He was at a loss and it made his head hurt.]]
TigressHaradachi   18d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 [h3 Years] 
Haradachi sighed softly as he saw the man strange look. [+red "I have been stuck in this castle for over 300 years... I am Haradachi an immortal being."] he said with a soft sigh. [+red "I live off of living being blood so I am able to maintain this youthful appearance."] He said softly. His tail flickered softly as shift his weight toward his other foot. 

[+Red "There really isn't much here other hand a few rooms that are completely redone. Up these stairs lead towards the bedrooms. Down the hallway over there is a dining room. There are still many door that haven't been open. If you value your life do not go in the north wing."] He said with a sigh. 

His father might of been gone but there were still some creature that had been imprison here. Some where probably innocent creatures but most weren't. As long as no broke the seal the castle was fairly safe other than the spider that like to come creeping in. 

Haradachi was very curious on who this guy was. His snake surely was fascinating. How could this man not know who or what he was? Was he monster or man? Hara's ruby color eyes barely left the strange figure because part of him didn't trust him completely. This was the first company he had in months.
-Petal-.Advanced.   18d ago

[center [b Strange]]

[center [+lime Three hundred years. That was a long time to just live on ones own. He didn't know what to think of that. Then again he didn't even know how old he was.

Letting out a soft sigh he looked around as the male spoke. He would keep in mind where he shouldn't wander. He wouldn't want to get into any trouble. Though he was sure his companion could keep him safe if he needed it, but he wasn't really into fighting.

He had to be backed into a corner.

[+pink "Master... I will remember where we should not tread. We will be as careful as possible."]

[+skyblue "Good Boy."]

Both the snake and the male could tell that the boy was watching the snake. It seemed he was really interested in it.

[+skyblue "I am sorry I can't answer very many things about myself."]

He frowned lightly wishing he could give more information.]]
TigressHaradachi   18d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 [h3 Rest ] 
Haradachi smiled softly as he let out a soft yawn. He looked at the smart phone his sister had given him. It was only 8pm but Hara was already tired. [+red "Shall I show you to the bedrooms? I am sure you still rather tired from your travels correct?"] he said as he lead them upstairs. There was three room up stairs each of them had a moon phase above the door. 

[+Red "You may stay here in this room"] he said as he open the heavy wooden door with the full moon above it. The room was simple. A bed, a desk and a window that view a large forest. [+red "This will be your guys room. It small but it will do the job."] he said he snapped his fingers. The lamp that was on the desk clicked on light the room in a warm light. 

The room had used to belong to his older brother Salem. He sighed softly as he walked across the hall. He open the door to his room that bared the crescent moon above it. As soon as he open the heavy door he was pinned to the floor by his sister Luna.

Haradachi knew that look in her eyes. She was hungry.
TigressLuna   18d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#75abe1 [h3 Hunger] 

The slender framed woman push the tall slender cat to the floor with a loud thud. She just couldn't hold it in any longer. The urge to feed and devour her Haradachi was just growing too strong. Normally her brother push her away but this time she had caught him off guard. 

She ripped the man Kimono open but then froze when she saw the strange figure standing in the hallway. [+blue "Hara-kun I didn't know you had company today"] she said in annoyed tone as she glared down at her brother her was trying his hardest to throw her off. 

Of course this had be a sight to see since she was only half dressed at this point. She had slipped of her jean before she had even crawled into her Hara bed. She was in over sized sweater that reveal a good amount of her chest.

[+Blue "Sorry" ] she said as she push the door close with one hand. Once the door had close she sunk her teeth into her Hara throat. He struggled at first but eventually accepted it. 

She alway bit him in the same spot under his black leather collar that someone had bought him years ago. He groaned as she removed her sharp teeth from his throat. 

The slender cat laid, there helplessly. His sister pulled him to his feet and shoved him on the bed. Of corse the sound of disagreement could be heard but it only last for a short moment since. She had cut her brother off with a kiss.
-Petal-.Advanced.   18d ago

[center [b A Place for Respite]]

[center [+lime The male followed after the other man quietly. He was glad that he was being told he could stay. He didn't think he would actually be around long. Just a short time and everything would be okay he supposed.

He looked into the bedroom that the male had showed him. It would do. He wasn't looking for anything fancy. He just needed a place that he could have time to do some research. He looked to his snake companion and smiled faintly before laying a hand on its head.

Maybe somewhere... Somewhere deep inside... This snake like creature knew more about him. More about where he came from and why... Why he felt like this time didn't feel right to him and yet... Did...

He gave a slight shake of his head dismissing such thoughts from his mind for now. He hadn't stepped in the room yet so he seen what happened to the young man that had been so gracious to them so far.

He frowned slightly. He didn't know what to think. The way the woman looked caused him to immediately advert his eyes. Is this how women dressed now a day?

He gave a slight shake of his head. He wasn't going to think of that. He wondered if this man knew this woman. He was sure he could see that look on the male's face that seem to recognize her.

He stood for a long time at the closed door wondering what he should do. He didn't know if getting involved would be such a good idea.

Taking a deep breath he headed into the room that he was told he could use. There was no way he was going to intervene into something that he didn't understand. He didn't want to find out he did something he wasn't suppose to.

He sighed and sat down on the bed. He touched the snake's head again.

[+skyblue "Open."]

A ton of screens opened before the young man's bright green eyes. He began looking over the information slowly and carefully. Maybe there was something he had missed when he had first woke several days ago.]
TigressHaradachi   17d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 [h3 Restless] 
Haradachi laid in beside Luna. He was so tired but honestly couldn't sleep. The woman was cling so tightly to him. The wound on his neck was still sore as well. It had been a while since he had feed like that. He could normally get by eating human food. Still even he felt the urge to feed like his sister. Feeding for him was difficult since he couldn't leave the castle walls.

He really hoped Luna would maybe bring him a few blood bags soon. She normally brought him. It had been several months  since the last time. He was thankful that the kitchen was stocked with foods. He was also happy the castle had a secret garden. 

Garden was surround but thick thorny vines making it look rather dreadful. Once you found the small path through the vines it was filled with life. The were flowers, mostly dark red roses. There even was few fruit trees, lots of vegetables. 

Hara eventually slipped out of his sister grasp and walked quietly down the hall. There was a room at the opposite end of the hallway before the staircase. He opened the door as quietly as he could but the large wooden door still creaked as it was open. Hara closed the door but it wasn't closed all the way. This room was once his father bed room now it was mostly empty except for a large chair that sat in the middle of the room.   

Hara crawled into the chair with the blanket he had take from his bedroom. Eventually fell a sleep. The chair was comfortable but it wasn't like his bed. He woke up a few time feeling rather sore but it didn't take long for him to fall back to sleep. 

Haradachi didn't leave the other room until late in the morning. Being drain of blood and hungry had made feel rather unwell. Once he had bathed he would go down to make breakfast which was sure his sister was going to try to steal. 

Haradachi walked quiet down the stair to the bathroom which really wasn't fair from the stair case. There was actually  bathroom and his father old room. He really didn't like spending much time in that room. Once he was in the bathroom he decided on talking a bath. He filled the tub with hot water. He pour in a small bit of soap making the tub fill with bubbles. He stripped out of his robes and got into the tub. The hot water felt great on his sink. He planned to soak for while maybe get his mind off of being hungry. 

Hara was really enjoying his bath until his sister barged in. She stripped out her clothes and jumped into the large tub. It angered him as water splatter everywhere. The tub was rather large could fit more than two people. 

Hara snarl as he got out  of the tub. After drying off he quickly got dressed. It seem his sister was going to enjoy his bath for him. He walked down the hall toward the dining room. He made his way to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast. Since he had no idea what everyone liked it stick to making something simple. Scramble eggs, toast and bacon.  

The smell of food soon flooded the house. Surely this was going to attract his sister. He hoped that the new comer would come down. Hara smiled softly as he took a bite of a piece of crunchy bacon. The bacon tasted good it made him smile slightly.
-Petal-.Advanced.   16d ago

[center [b Awake]]

[center [+lime The young man was up most of the night reading through information. It was all difficult to process. So much at once and yet so little. Some of it barely making sense and yet some of it coming together as he had been the one to compile this information at some point.

When he didn't know. Nothing had time stamps. No matter how much he poked and prodded the snake like creatures it sadly had no answers for him. When he laid back on the bed finally to sleep the snake coiled around him laying its head on his chest.

It had been able to give him nothing. It was sorry for that. Slowly it went into its own form of sleep once it knew its master had fallen into sleep as well.

The smell of food woke the young man. Funny he hadn't felt the stir or want for food in the days that he had wandered the forest lost. Even now though the smell had woke him he felt no yearning for it.

Quietly he got out of bed. The snake coiling itself around him as it had done countless times. The young man followed the scent down to the kitchen.

[+pink "Master that cat has made food."]

Wasn't that obvious? He looked to the snake a thin white eyebrow raised and the snake made a sort of noise that sounded like a chuckle.]]
TigressHaradachi   15d ago
"Sheep becoming wolves and you eat from the paw... So open up and say Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... Let's all spoon-feed on our own delusions"

[center [#b60c31 [h3 Breakfast] 
Haradachi smiled softly when he seen the man and his snake appear. [+red "Good morning you two..."] he felt bad not addressing him by his name but he simply couldn't do it since he didn't know it. [+Red "So um... stranger do you have a nick name or name I can call you by?"] he said as he look at the man and his snake. 

[+red "Here"] he said as he handed the man a plate of scramble eggs, butter toast, and bacon. It wasn't long  before his sister came down wrapped her slender arms around him. 

It made him feel uncomfortable in way. He was slightly nervous she was going to lack on his neck again but. She simply stole a pice of bacon from his hand and sat down at the table. Hara placed a plate of food in front of her before making a plate of his own. He sat down at the end of the table started eating. 

He threw a little pepper on his eggs before he ate them. He smiled softly as he looked around at his guest. It seemed that everyone was enjoying the meal he had prepared.
-Petal-.Advanced.   14d ago

[center [b Breakfast]]

[center [+lime The young man sat down at the table and looked at the food put in front of him. His mechanical snake let its head hover above the food for a moment before it looked to its master.

[+pink "Master the food smells amazing."]

The white haired man laughed lightly and then he looked down at the food. It did smell good. He didn't need the snake to tell him that.

He noticed that the girl had came down, but he barely even gave her a glance. He started to eat quietly and carefully. He was graceful not at all making a mess.

He looked towards the male when he spoke about a nickname or something.

[+skyblue "My snake's name is Toxin... So I suppose for now you can just call me Venom... Until I remember something."]

He was sad he had no real name or nickname to give, but hopefully that would due for now.

Since he had started eating he actually felt hunger gnaw at him. Something he hadn't felt for some time. How odd. He would keep that in mind. For now he wouldn't think too much on it.

[+skyblue "Thank you for fixing breakfast for me. You didn't have to."]

He offered a rather small, but grateful smile.]]


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