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SyntaxAttack     16d ago

Cat22     16d ago

((Hey there! Is there anything else that we might want to plan out before getting started or just let things go ahead and start?))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

(I think we just need to make sure we know each other’s characters, I’m just gonna use Lux, I’d suggest looking at his bio.
Cat22     16d ago

((I’ll use the four misfits (Bartz, Vaan, Firion (he doesn’t really fit the description of a misfit, though), and Tidus) + their friend who is younger than them who keeps them out of trouble (Ace).))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

(Alright, I’ll read their bios)
Cat22     16d ago

((I… actually never wrote bios for them. I never really got around to that but they’re actually fandom characters that I’ve grown quite fond of ever since I first started roleplaying.))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

(Ah, alright-)
Cat22     16d ago

((Sorry about the confusion and I’ll also get a starter up in a bit!))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

Cat22Firion   16d ago

((I’m hoping that this is good enough.))

As the sun started to rise on the horizon of a new day, various groups of people in a city known only as the City of Mages had just started their daily activities. While this included running shops, taverns, and going to work for a normal person, for others, that day would probably end up being the worst one in their lives although for Ace, the start of his day consisted of being subjected to Firion and Tidus arguing over a silly prank.

“Tidus, how many times have I told you not to pull any sort of your dumb pranks on me?”
Firion growled at Tidus. He was currently dripping wet from Tidus’s previous prank which consisted of the use of water magic as a sort of way to set a trap for any unsuspecting humanoid to fall into. Unfortunately for him, he was the unsuspecting person who fell victim to Tidus’s trap hence the reason why he was currently scolding him.

“You’re just mad because it happened to you! Honestly, that water bubble prank was my greatest masterpiece thus yet and you still don’t have the time to appreciate it! Honestly, you’re making me upset, Fi.” Tidus said as he looked over at Firion. While he would very clearly not apologize for his target clever prank, he continued to argue with Firion up until the point where Vaan broke the two of them up.

“Honestly, you both squabble like children way too much. You’re both adventurers with an important mission so please don’t fight with each other anymore! Besides, you’ve already annoyed Ace as well.” Vaan said before he pointed over to a rather unamused Ace. After he spoke, however, he noticed that the two had immediately stopped arguing as well.

“Thank you, Vaan. Their arguing was getting rather annoying as well.” Ace said before he ended up glaring at Tidus and Firion. While he was still rather annoyed with how the two had pretty much argued nonstop over a prank, he soon turned his attention to Bartz who had decided to remain completely silent for the time being. “Is there anything that’s on your mind, Bartz?” He said as he looked over at the young wanderer.

“Well, not really! I don’t have anything on my mind at all!” Bartz said cheerfully. While he was thinking about something, he also did a rather good job about not letting whatever it was bother him too much hence the reason why he was able to stay his cheerful self without any worry. While this would have normally been a little difficult for some people, for him, however, it came naturally almost as if he had been doing something similar to it for his entire life.

“Well then, I suppose that I shouldn’t bug you about your elected silence for too much.” Ace said before he turned his attention to Firion and Tidus. “And as for the two of you, I’d better not catch you arguing again.” He growled softly at the two.

“W-we’re sorry… I-it won’t happen again!” Tidus and Firion said. The two of them knew exactly how terrifying Ace could be at times hence the reason why they chose not to argue anymore which acted as a sort of relief for both Vaan and Bartz.
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

Cat22     16d ago

((Is that too much writing?))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

(I try to get 2 or more sentences, not 8 PARAGRAPHS!)
Cat22     16d ago

((Sorry about that! I tend to write quite a few paragraphs in a RP reply.))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

(I’m what everyone would call, “illiterate”)
Cat22     16d ago

((I tend to range from semi-literate to literate when it comes to post length.))
SyntaxAttack     16d ago

Cat22     15d ago

((Maybe more along the lines of literate in terms of length.))
SyntaxAttack     15d ago

(Well damn- I guess I suck at this.)


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