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By Animeluver
Backup thread

Hey there, recent episodes have me hyperfocused so I was wondering if anyone wanted to do some super self indulgent rp! - Must be able to write 500+ posts, more is encouraged of course but I'll never get on your case! - OC inclusive; I was thinking we could rp OCxCANON where I could control your faves and vice versa! If needed for a scene we can talk about who gets to control what canon character ect and keep things rolling. -In particular I'm looking for a Mr. Compress/Sako Atsuhiro! - I'm open to doing multiple characters in different locations too, like some silly highschool romance in once area, and then LOV hangout in another depending on the timeline. -PM me who you'd like to rp with! -Let's have some fun and tell a story together! <3 Anyway PM if interested, we can talk some plot stuff out!
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