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-RitsukaAyame   23d ago

[center [h3 Hold on to this idea. ]
[center Ayame Hanabira was often mistaken for a girl because of his feminine name and good looks. At a young age Ayame started modeling.  Ayame was very beautiful, he was often called a playboy. He really was a tease to all. What drove people absolutely nuts was the fact that he refused to identify his sexuality. Why would he? It really wasn't anyone business to know. He often worried about his career. What people thought 
 of him. Why he just didn't tell him his preference. 

Ayame had always like men over women. If his fans found out he was gay would they still adore him? Ayame just couldn't risk it so he kept it to himself. Ayame was loved his job, he loved people pampering him and commenting on his looks. 

Ayame was quiet bold for a model. He even model off some of the women's clothing. People adored him for that, they loved it when he wore a dress, or some other type of women clothing. Ayame really didn't mind it. Of course it cause roomer to spread but luckily it made his popularity grow. 

Ayame sighed softly as he heard the sound of his cell phone ringing. Ayame really didn't want to answer the call. He knew it was probably his manger calling him, just to beg him to go to other press conference or something long those lines. It was really annoying he really didn't want to sit in a room just to be asked the same damn questions over and over.

Ayame sighed as he ran a hand through his silver hair. He picked his phone up and answered the phone call. [#99adc2 "Hello"] he said as he listen his manger yap in his ear.  He listen to the optimistic man speak about an interview. [#99adc2 "Today at three? ... I could probably do that. "] he said 

So today he had an interview with ____. Surely just another  annoying person wanting to pry into his life. The interviewers always asked the same questions over and over. The one thing that bothered him the most was when they asked him about his sexuality. Ayames ice blue eyes danced around his room as he listen to his manger yap a little more. 

He could see the sunlight peeking in from the window. Ayame had a fun night at a social event. Sadly it was time for him to get ready for work. That meant leaving his cozy bed. Ayame made his way to the bathroom where he showered then he changed into nice clothes before heading to a small cafe. That was where he was going to meet his interviewer. 

[right [pic]]
-RitsukaClaude   23d ago

[center [b Owner] -Ritsuka
[b Name:] Claude 
[b Age / Birthday:] 28 but he looks younger than he is / December 23rd 
[b Species:] Human? (we think...)

[b -Traits] 

[b Hair color and Length:] His hair is a deep brown color with white tips. 
[b Eye color:] Lavender 
[b Height:] 5'8'
[b Weight:]  Unknown (or maybe he just doesn't want to tell you)
[b Gender:] Male 

[b -Extra]
[b Personality: ] Bitter, cold, depressing
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual 
[b Love interest: ] ...

[b -Continued ]

[b Text color:] [#f019e6 Disgust]
[b Favorite song:] Lair ~ Fivefold / Not Just Breathing ~ The Plot in You 
[b Additional information:]
-RitsukaYua   23d ago

[center Character sheet 
[center [b Owner] -Ritsuka
[b Name:] 
[b Age / Birthday:] 
[b Species:]

[b -Traits] 

[b Hair color and Length:] 
[b Eye color:]
[b Height:]
[b Weight:] 
[b Gender:]

[b -Extra]
[b Personality: ]
[b Sexuality:]
[b Love interest: ]

[b -Continued ]

[b Text color:] []
[b Favorite song:] 
[b Additional information:]
-RitsukaYua   23d ago

Old Profile format  ~ 
[#facceb [center ❀ -Ritsuka ]] [#ebc6f6 [center  ❀ Older than you probably ]] [#facceb [center ❀ Gender Fluid ]] [#ebc6f6 [center  ❀ Alone and Bitter ]] [#facceb [center ❀ Pisces  ]] [#ebc6f6 [center  ❀ Feral  ]]

[center [pic]]

[#facceb [center “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”]]

[ [size25 [#ebc6f6 [center  ❀]]]]


[Right [#facceb ❀ Pms are welcome! ❀]]
[center [pic]]

(#facceb (center ❀ -Ritsuka )) (#ebc6f6 (center  ❀ Older than you probably )) (#facceb (center ❀ Gender Fluid )) (#ebc6f6 (center  ❀ Alone and Bitter ))  (#facceb (center ❀ Pisces  )) (#ebc6f6 (center  ❀ Feral  ))

(center (pic

(#facceb (center “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”))

( (size25 (#ebc6f6 (center  ❀))))


(Right (#facceb ❀ Pms are welcome! ❀))
(center (pic
-RitsukaYua   23d ago

[ Link]


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