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:. Once Bitten .:

By She-Wolf
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[#a30f1b [center [h3 Once Bitten ~ ] Everyone thought that being a vampire would be great. That was if they really existed. They did but in secret that was until Tatsuya older sister broke that very important rule. Tayuya couldn't stand to watch her sickly brother just died. So she did her best to change her brother into a vampire. It didn't go as planned but her brother didn't die from it. For the most part he seemed like a normal human that was until then of the month came around. It was then and only then did Tatauya seem like a real vampire. Only thing was he couldn't erase or alter peoples memories. His sister was often cleaning up his messes. As time went on Tatsu became interest in you. He really liked you and you seemed to like him. Little did Tatsu know you were a vampire hunter (Or werewolf or both!). After being mocked and made fun, you finally had proof of vampires. What excited you the most was that you had one right at your finger tips... [pic]
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She-WolfFatal   147d ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[+red So this is the rough idea I have.  - What I require  *Need to be 18 or older * Anime or illustrated photos only * I would like if you could play more than one characters since Tatsu sister would be around. If you cant that is okay.  * Also need to be able to post 1000+ characters  [B Please Pm if you would like to join!] -Thank you ! ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎
She-WolfFatal   146d ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[center Everyone thought that being a vampire would be great. That was if they really existed. They did but in secret  of corse. That was until Tatsuya older sister broke that very important rule. Tayuya couldn't stand to watch her sickly brother just died. So she did her best to change her brother into a vampire. It didn't go as planned but her brother didn't die from it. For the most part Tatsuya seemed like a normal human that was until then of the end of month came around. It was then and only then did Tatauya seem like a real vampire. Only thing was he couldn't erase or alter people's memories. His sister was often cleaning up his messes. He knew did down he was just a burned to her. Tatsuya never understood how he was born a human in a family of vampires.  Now he wasn't a human anymore. He was what they called a Dhampir and mix between vampire and human. A hated species that should never exists. Despite being hated by most vampires his sister still seem to care for him. As a punishment for changing her brother. She was forced to stay with him to clean up his mess make sure nothing happen. Tatsuya often felt bad but his sister never hesitated. She truly did love her younger brother. He was really happy about that even if their parents and the whole damn vampire community was against them. It was never like their parents where thrill about having him anyway. He was a disgrace to the Shima name.  Their parents were well known in the vampire community. They were respected, noble people but with the outbursts of him and his sister it seems the family name was starting to falter.  Their parents decided to go on a trip for a while. Perhaps to one of their other many family homes. The two were left with the large victorian style home. The home was well taken care of but there were still many roomer about there house being haunted.  The house wasn't it was just owned by a family of vampires but no knew that. No ever step foot in house with out being under some sort of spell. Today was the day you were coming over. Tatsuya sister was against it at first but she could tell how interest her brother was in you so she allowed it.  Of course that meant no tour or adventuring to any other room other than the living room. Despite the house being old slightly clutter with books and other trinkets the house seem modernize on the inside. There was a large flat screen tv that was still on. Tatsu had fallen a sleep on the sofa watching something last night. Now he was awake. He quickly gotten read was anxiously waiting for your arrival.  His sister was locked in her room sleeping peacefully. She was a light sleep so she was easily woken by the slightest of sound. She was kinda of glad because she was nervous about having someone over.  Tatsu sighed softly as he picked up one of their various cats. The cat started purring as she was held. The house had at least 6 or seven cats roaming around it. The house was large enough for it so it really didn't bother them. Tatsu ran his slender fingers through the cats raven color fur. He was pretty sure this cat was Luna. Luna and Shadow were two of their friendly of cats they had.
SirAlexKanzio Villion   144d ago

Kanzio Villion
Kanzio was known in his old small town and other small towns near by for his fsmily bloodstream, but the one who Knows his bloodstream the most was the town it first started in.... And it was called " willow ridgh " for his family's blood line of vampire hunters hundreds of years ago. Most people don't believe in them in his small town anymore like they did in the past. people say " they didnt exist anymore" but his family knew for sure they where still out there especially his father "William Villion". His father would teach kanzio various ways to kill a vampire.The reason they had to move was because Kanzio had ruined it for them by killing a man who wasent a vampire instead Of the actual vampire...He was fooled by a vampire... he was put in a trance, and killed an innocent women by accident in a quest....The towns folk wouldent believe a word his family said to defend there son but sence they didn't believe that these "Blood Thirsty" vampires still romed the earth with them.To save there family name they move 3 towns away he went to a new school where he met a strange boy who seemed despritly tried to talk to him. After being consently staired at in class by the pale looking boy he decided to sit with him in the schools cafeteria to get to now him After a while of knowing " Fatal " he gets invited to come over to his place  Once he knew to location he got excited because he knew he had got to go because he had heard about vampire sighting there by his fellow New peers, he was also intristead in getting to now more about "Fatal" more then he did because "Fatel kept lots of things to himself he could tell He then drove to "Fatals" place but felt something was odd.. He quickly checks to make sure he's had his iron cross necklace in his pocket because he always felt secure knowing he had it to protect him if needed He then walked to the door slowly and knocked waiting for a response : I apologize for misspelled words ahead of time. )
She-WolfFatal   142d ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

[center Tatsuya heard the heavy knock on the wooden door. He smiled softly as try to put the cuddly black cat down but it refused to let go.Tatsuya sighed softly as he carried Luna with him to the door. He open the door with a purring cat and smiled. He was happy when he seen Kanizo standing there. The tall slender male was just his type. Maybe it was his blonde hair or blue eyes that really got him. Or just the fact that he made him think of his sister in away.  [#970213 "Hello"] he said with a grin. He was happy that Kanzio was able to come over. [#970213 "Did you find the place okay?"] he said with a small smile. He knew this neighborhood had a lot of older houses and a lot of twist and turns.  Tatsuya didn't know a whole lot about Kanzio. Other than he felt some sort of attraction toward him. When ever he was around him he felt alive? His heart would flutter in his chest. Sometime he could feel himself heating up as if he was blushing. Well he knew he was blushing but he really didn't want to think of that now.  Tatsuya smiled softly as he show Kanzio to the living room. [#970213 "Are you thirsty or anything?"] he said with a smiled. He really hadn't had anyone over but his mother made sure he knew how to be a good host that was before of course he was changed? Well sort of change he was still human but still a vampire. The slender pale looking boy smiled nervously. He was really happy that Kanzio was here. Nervous back to the back of his mind before running a hand through his ebony colored hair. Two men were both in college happen to have the same lit class and a couple other classes. [#970213 "I honestly thought Mrs. Thornburry was going to blow a gasket the other day."] he said as he pulled out a large book [#970213 "Assigning two bloody essay that have to be 1000 words.... god is she trying to kill us? At least we get to write about [i"The Cantubury Tales"]] He said with a small laugh.
DrFlugKanzio Villion   141d ago

Kanzio Villion
When Fatal had open the door he lets out a small chuckle ounce he had a glimpse inside the house" Hi Fatal, I see you enjoy cats very much " he smiles softly while looking in and seeing the various cats walking around he had counted up to 3 so far plus the one Fatal had been holding making it 4, he reaches out to pet the black cat before being invited in. Once he's in there living room he had sat down on the near by couch " no thank you Fatal im not thirty and im ok, thank you for asking though" he smiles as he looks at him he then feels something rub agents his leg he looks down to see this its a  grey ragdoll cat.  He then reaches down to pet the fluffy grey cat that had rubbed agents his leg. He then answers Fatals question "I kind of got lost sence I've only been in this town for a couple of months " he chuckles for a bit but then his chuckle then turns into a sigh.He then laughs at his statement about what Mrs. Thornbury did in class the other day. "I agree" he then seems him pull out a large book for our two essays due in 2 weeks. He laughs  at what he said about Her trying to kill us by giving us these"Ha!, just wait eventually someones going to drop dead  from all the homework she gives up in a month." "Would you like to team up with me with for the projects? Sence I know you struggle with these sometimes. Im sure she won't care if ours are the same or simular " he gets up to get his half done essays but then he realized that Fatal is mostly the size of a child compared to him but doesnt say anything about it and grabs his papers from his bag
She-WolfFatal (Tatsuya)   138d ago
"There's a she-wolf in the closet Let it out so it can breathe"

Fatal (Tatsuya)
[center Tatsuya smiled softly as nodded to Kanzio prior statement. He really did love cats so did his sister. [#970213 "Ah yes it started with just one. Then we found another took it in. We tame a few feral ones that were roaming around and took them as well. Sure it sounds like a lot but how could we just turn them away."] he said as he snuggled into the purring black cat. Luna was by far the friendliest of them all. He gentle put Luna down she followed him into the living room. She sat down in chair across from them. [#970213 "That one is Lucy. She was one of the feral ones we took in."] he said as he sat down on the sofa beside them. Tatsuya turn off the tv. Smiled softly as the reminisced for a moment about their teacher. [#970213 " Oh wouldn't that be headline for the news!"] He said with a laugh. [#970213 I would like to work together. I think I will be okay but if you could just double check my work. I would appreciate it."] he said with a smile.  As his copper colored eyes started to scan the page of the large worn book. You could tell this book had been read many times from the worn spine and torn pages. Tatsuya sighed softly. As he began writing, once he had gotten about half a page he shown his work to Kanzio. It was nice to have someone to compare notes with.  [#970213 "Thank you for coming over today and helping me with Thronburry assignments."] he said as he picked the book up and began to read again. It was honestly nice having someone over to visit. Tatauya stomach growled and he blushed softly as he tried to ignore it.  He had skipped lunch today because he end up falling a sleep on the sofa. He had gotten really sleepy he couldn't even remember what he was watching last.  [#970213 "Sorry"] he mumbled as he heard his stomach growl again.
DrFlugKanzio Villion   100d ago

Kanzio Villion
He then takes a look around the place from where he was sitting and about 5 other  cats roaming around.some tabby, British short hair and a couple ragdolls. " I once had a feral cat as a child but sadly my mother was allergic to cats so of chorse we couldn't keep her." He lifts the grey ragdoll cat onto his lap sence it seemed to like him. He smiles softly " this one seems to like me". He strokes the grey cat soft fur coat.  He gets closer to Fatal to as to also read the book he had been reading also reading along with him. "Confused about any parts? If so just ask me ok?"  He says as he backs away to his original spot. He then puts the grey ragdoll cat down once it was ready to get down from his lap. He brushes away the cat hair on his leg away with his hand.  "Oh my, they shed alot dont they?" He says with a chuckle. He then helps him copy his paper changing some things on Fatals page by the slightest so there not identical as Fatals does that he works on his second one. He then takes small breaks from writing once in a while to pet the same grey ragdoll cat near by.after a while of doing work he years a small rumble. He then hears it agein he looks over a Fatal. "Have you Aten anything today Fatal?" He then reaches for a small bag in his right pants pocket, he opens the bag revealing fresh made cookies he hands some to Fatal cookies Tatsuya sees the small treats and says. "May I have one two please? Kanzio hands Tatsuya one also. "Are they good? I made them fresh this morning" Edit: may I ask if you will ever respond?


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