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ShieldHero-     17d ago

[center [h3 Zim]]

Lives with mother
Father is a man of higher station not currently in White Haven.

Father is Herron Woodheart.

Mother kept her maiden name and gave it to Zim

[center [h3 Zahira Etesian]]

Artificer with noble knight parents from Burguss.

Uncle is also an artificer and has a younger sibling they wish to send gifts too that lives with the mother and father (Currently lives with uncle)

Amaya: Mom

Azmodias: Dad

Uncle: Plash Etesian an Air Genasi artificer who didn't want to be a knight

[center [h3 Kuro]]

Here's what I have for backstory so far...

His family is well off but by no means wealthy, even though his father was once a well known sorcerer himself. His father is the reason that he is currently at the academy. Generally considered 'fragile' by those who know him, Kuro has been rather sheltered by his mother. He only ever had one friend, who ended up cutting ties with him after an argument. After that, he hasn't had any friends since and has kept himself locked away in his room. This never bothered his mother, but his father found it annoying and sees Kuro as an embarrassment. He wants his son to become a powerful adventurer who will keep the family honor alive. He doesn't want his son to be known as 'fragile', especially considering his own standing as an adventurer. So, much to his wife's displeasure, he sent Kuro to the academy in hopes of whipping the boy into shape.



Siri Ryuzan.

Had a friend in Starkwood before having a falling out with them was Kuro's one and only friend before

Father was an adventurer that helped in the greatwar and served Starkwood greatly a hero of sort's

[center [h3 Zephyro]]

Firstborn to a lesser noble house, Zephyro grew up in a life of luxury. Like most elves, his family was known for their skills with magic. Unfortunately, this trait was not passed to Zephyro... At least he would like them to believe so. While magic did intrigue him, he was always far more interested in learning other things. Hand to hand combat, history, logic, these are his passions. The longer he lived with his family, the more he realized that they did not back him in this endeavor. No matter, he was never one to wish for the duties of a noble anyways. Far too much boring paperwork. After realizing that he had no wish to follow in his father's footsteps, the young elf (to his parent's dismay) publicly announced that he would be leaving his inheritance to his younger sister. Appalled at their son's insolence, his family promptly disclaimed him and sent him away. Perhaps they hope he will come crawling back, perhaps not. It no longer long as they treat his dear sister kindly....

Basic character outline.

He's a very young elf. Probably 80yrs or younger. He is heir to some nobility (the equivalent of a lord). He gives up his title in order to follow what he thinks is his true calling, angering his parents in the process. While his parents are mad at him, they would except him back but only if he comes to them first (this wouldn't stop them from being pushy, they just aren't going to blatantly ask him to come back.)

Names of family:

Father:  Athyren

Mother: Fayla

Sister: Shaylin
ShieldHero-     27d ago



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