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The Foreigners [1x1 Yaoi]

By TukiYuki

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Your Character
is a high school student. They live in a fairly wealthy neighborhood in Minnesota. It was a quiet neighborhood where mostly old people and spoiled brats lived.
Your Character
attends the private school that is located not too far away. Only a certain few could attend such school, so they were one of the lucky ones.

It wasn’t until recently that the school started allowing students from foreign countries. That decision caused many exchange students to enroll, with many of them getting accepted.

When the day came for those who were accepted to show up for their first day, three young teens stood together in a row at the front of
Your Character’s
homeroom. One being a tall blonde haired boy with a bit of stubble on his chin and blue eyes. The other seemed to be a bit shorter than him and had fluffy brown hair that covered his eyes. He had slightly darker skin than the others and seemed more energetic. Finally, the last one had long red hair that was held up in a ponytail. They looked feminine and was a bit shorter than the other two, but nobody could really tell weather they were male or female. Either way, all three of them intrigued
Your Character
and they suddenly had this urge to get to know them.

Note: For this rp, I will be playing all three boys. You can choose weather your character falls in love with only one of them, or all of them. It’s your choice. :)
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