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Um, just the family.

By Aerialacebabe77

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This is a fucking weird family, but meh. I don't understand most of em', but here you go. Yammer till your brains melt like ice cream in a microwave. While you're at many frying pans does it take to make a single drying pan? Heh, Pokemon reference. Jelly donuts are the best! I'm moderator for mom and dad Leo.

-NO fighting one another. Unless it with pool noodles and epic. Dammit Daddio use pool noodles!

-No drugs or booze, Marc that means you farttard. Marc got found out ooohhh!

-No being pissy...too much. doesn't match the title. The title is fun to change a shit ton.

- No accusing anyone of anything. I will yeetus the fetus as uncle Don says if you break my rules. Yeet ya'll by the feet!

Let's play game bitches!
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*Both El and Donnie jumped startled at the situation. Donnie looked up wide eyed at Joey gulping. El backed up pursing her lips.* Um, Donnie it's your turn to deal with his crazy. *She blurred out of the lab.* Thanks El! So awesome of you! *Donnie called after her.* Okay, Joey I'll shoot. What pissed you off this time? Us talking about you or El willing to smack down Lily?
GuardianAngel     30d ago

[i *Joseph went over to the punching bag, and punched a hole clean through it, and the floor, before crying out in pain at his shredded arm*]

Sorry... Just letting off steam.

*Donnie winced seeing Joey needed help. He sighed and carefully inspected Joey's arm. He didn't look at Joey. It was obvious Ritsuko was his dopple gangers.* Only you... Look, I am sorry for my behavior last night. I got goaded by a teenager and stooped to his level and shouldn't of. I have no excuse for my behavior.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

I'm not mad or upset about that.

[i *Joseph winced at his arm's state. Focusing on it, it began reconstructing itself.*]

It's just been one thing after another. Don. After everything, I got some limited merchandise I ordered half a year ago. Except 3/5 of the order isn't in the box. Box was ripped open and taped shit back together. On top of all of this crap with Lily, and El, and Bishop... I needed to blow odd some steam. I'm sorry.

*Donnie quietly backed away and he let Joey reconstruct himself.* I'm sorry about all this. I really am. I should of warned you when you returned to the family things had...fallen apart. But Sheba was so adamant to have you back I scrambled trying to help her. *El had returned hearing some of it but said nothing handing Donnie case files. He looked confused as he opened them and his eyes widened.*!? But that's impossible! *El faintly smiled.* Jacobs here. Once he heard about sensei's condition he healed him. Now they're both in a pretty comical fight over, "We love you old man." and "I told you, child not to do that."
GuardianAngel     30d ago

It will be okay. I'll make it work. I always do...

[i *He sighed, and as he went to relax Friedrich hugged him from behind*]
Aerialacebabe77Willow Elric   30d ago

*As Willow walked in Donnie smiled relieved to see her.* Artic bitch. *Willow smile Ed back as she offered a hug.* Stick wielding bastard. *Donnie hugged her. She eyed Joey with a raised brow amused as she pulled from the hug.* Ice cream truck boy.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

Welcome back, Willow. How have things been?

[i *Friedrich leaned down, and kissed the top of Joseph's head*]

Thank you, my child, for the merchandise.
Aerialacebabe77Willow Elric   30d ago

*Willow walked over to Joey ignoring the woman. She narrowed her eyes.* 

Me? I move to the Artic circle to get away from my family. You know- the biological ones that threw me out because I was married to a human. Sadly, my husband passed. Then my brother was thrown out for dating someone they did not like. A vampire.

*El rubbed her neck.*

 Yeah, that's my fault. Leo accepted him. We've been poly for a couple years now as a couple. It's easier  on so many fronts. If I'm busy Leo can run to someone else and vice versa. So neither of us are alone. But there has not been one damned man or even woman I date or marry my father likes. He says our line is too good for commoners.

  *Donnie looked questioning to Willow.*

They kicked him out indefinitely because of El!? We saved their asses from the Shredder last time! Varnic owes my dad and El! I thought they said they were going to give him a chance to come back!

*Willow shook her head.*

 No. Strictly no in the clan is supposed to date anyone outside the clan or even marry. I was the first in the clan to do so.  Well, you see what happened to me and James. My brother being the stubborn idiot that he is doesn't  want to go back anyways. When he started dating outside of the clan they gave him one warning, "Don't act like your sister." I was an example, literally to my brother.  

*El looked up apologetically." 

I didn't mean to gey him in trouble. It's my fault-

 *Willow raised a hand quieting her.*

 It's not your fault, things happen. Our clan has been like this forever. They're dwindling out. They're going to end up losing family ties with each generation. People get fed up with the old rules. You're not to blame for this.

 *She went back looking to Joey.* 

Basically not much has changed. *She shrugged.*
GuardianAngel     30d ago

I'm sorry to hear that, Willow.

[i *He smiled weakly, rubbing the back of his neck. Friedrich pulled him into her lap as she sat down*]

Might I ask what brings you to these parts?
Aerialacebabe77Jacob Pythos   30d ago

*Before Willow could answer, Jacob strode in answering the question of the stranger. If El trusted him, then he did. Leo was with him* 

The artic is crumbling. Ash Ketchum was shattered. We lost our home. We came for help. 

*Donnie was stunned.* 

Even the forest of silence!? 

*Willow nodded as El tackle hugged Jacob.* 

Yes, we are losing the mind in leaps and bounds. Bishop is losing his temper and now just killing to kill, the original alters. Supposedly he's announced his war on them and their mind tamers. Bonders because of the blood shortage, original alters, and now mind tamers are in danger.  

El looked freaked out as so did everyone.* 

I couldn't even fucking remember my cousins phone number this morning on the outer world. I have to check my phone. This shit is starting to affect my memory!
GuardianAngel     30d ago

Guess we can't wait. Do we have his compounds location?
Aerialacebabe77Jacob Pythos   30d ago

*Jacob nodded handing the coordinates to Joey as he held El close. His eyes bore into Joey's for a moment and then he looked at Joey questioning. Leo gave a soft nod.* 

I see. Well, I was told sir, by Splinter himself to side line you. In the state you are in...I agree. *Jacob snapped his fingers rescinding the coordinates.* 

Out of sheer respect for you, I cannot let someone my El cares about be harmed.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

Thank you for your concern. By tonight Bishop will be no more. What defenses does he have?

[i *He held up a copy of the coordinates*]

No use trying to cut me out now. Once I've rested i will begin my assault.

[i *He leaned back into Friedrich, smiling confidently*]
Aerialacebabe77Jacob Pythos   30d ago

*Willow look to Joey quietly as she folded her arms.* 

We have for defense a 5 layered Diamond shield. Made by myself, Elektra's sister, Mahado who arrived with us, Sheba, and surprise- Kyron. Bishop has the same, but made by this one Jeremy. Basically this man is insanely strong.

*Jacob looked to El and Leo.* 

I see what the two of you and moron meant. Stubborn.

*Jacob looked serious at Joey.*

Please don't make this difficult, sir. You are too overworked by Splinter's and Elektra's description. Stand down. Elektra cares about you enough to be concerned for your welfare.

*El gave Joey a dirty look, knowing him all too well.*

Stand down knight in tinfoil.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

5 diamond layered shields, hmm? Tell me... How well do they stand up to 2,700 lbs of steel traveling at about, oh, I don't know... 2,500 ft/s?

[i *Joseph gave a small smile as he rose to his feet*]
Aerialacebabe77Jacob Pythos   30d ago

*Usagi, Donnie, Sebastian, El, Jacob had all met in the family meeting room
 All eyes were angrily on Leo. Donnie growled at his brother.* 

Are you serious, Leo!? You could have gotten me in serious trouble and even Jacob here! Why!? Why did you do it!? That's against the HIPAA rules!Jacob is a doctor, so am I! What you did was went behind sensei's back! How could you!? How do you think that's going to make him feel when he finds out!? That it was you who had him healed!? He thinks it was one of the kids or something! That's going too far!

 *Leo refused to look at his brother.*

 I didn't want to lose our dad... 

*Jacob coughed quietly.*

 Leo, I understand. I really do. But you lied to me. When we met all those years ago as friends, before I even started dating Elektra... You promised me that you wouldn't lie to me or use me. You said we had each other's backs. When I healed splinter, I was surprised he was angry at me. I thought he already knew that I was going to heal him when I shook his hand.

 *Elektra couldn't look at her husband, she was trembling. She couldn't believe how far he stooped.*

 You think I want to lose him either!? He was the first altar out of anyone, besides Tucker and piglet to reach out of the darkness when the mind was first forming.  He  told me, "Everything is going to be okay. I will  protect you." I want to go out there and scream at him! To jump up and down and tell him, that he's not okay! I can't  protect him! Leo,  you can't just go and be selfish like that.

 *Leo looked up at his wife frustrated .* 

How am I being selfish!? I found a way to get rid of Sensei's cancer and I did it!

 *El jumped up slamming  a fist into the stone table, cracking it in a radius of her fist with tear rimmed blue eyes searing into her bonder's.* 

And you used Jacob! You lied to him, you lied to me, you lied to us! To sensei! We've had this conversation a hundred times!  It's someone else's health, it's someone else's life! No matter how fucking much you love them! I am sick of using that damned command collar to shock the daylights out of you to listen! I hate doing it!!

*Sebastian shook his head folding his arms.*

 I have to agree with Elizabeth them. You shouldn't have done that. You shouldn't have lied to the moronic elf.  So what are you going to do when your father finds out that you're the one who had him healed?

 *Leo looked to Usagi for help with pleading eyes. Usagi  shook his head ashamed in his younger boyfriend.*

I'm disappointed in you, Leonardo. I'm not helping you out of this one. You have done a misdeed. You cannot decide someone's life for them. You must tell your father what you've done.

 *Donnie folded his arms angrily .* 

Everybody here agrees Leo. I don't  want to lose dad either, but we have rules we all have to follow. No matter how we feel. I would love for you to go tell Joey too by the way.

*Leo froze. He didn't know who to be scared of more. His own father or new boyfriend.* 

Joey said that he worked in a nursing home. That patients had a right to not want treatment. A lot of patients that he worked with felt the same way. They were tired...

*Leo closed his eyes pained with a tear slipping down his beak.*

 I just don't want to lose him. I'm not ready. 

*El stormed out of the room. She was absolutely pissed off. A crack was form on her chest. She needed to get away before she went completely out breaked on him. Larota was chomping  at the bit to kick his ass.*

Yeah, well we aren't either. we're not going behind each other's backs. No one does that in this family.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

I do not blame him. I was cooking up a way to cure him myself. Leo beat me to it.

[i *Joseph stood up , and made his way over to the table. Before looking over at Leo.*]

Ey Leo. You know what today is?
Aerialacebabe77Jacob Pythos   30d ago

*Leo looked up quietly trying to not be glared at by the other men.* 


*Jacob looked insulted by the two and shook his head. He got up leaving to try and comfort Elektra. Usagi gave Joey a stern look.* 

You're serious, Joseph? 

*Donnie rubbed his temples as Sebastian rubbed his shell.* 

I'm a turtle of reason... I'm a turtle of reason.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

Donatello. I know you are upset, but I need to wrack your brain for a moment. Could a diamond shield take a 1.25 ton chunk of steel traveling at 2.2 times the speed of sound?

*Donnie shook his head weakly after running calculations. Sebastian tensed seeing Donatello's tired state.* There's no way Bishop's Jeremy guy could hold that back. I need to go...lay down. *Leo stood but Donnie growled at him. Sebastian helped Donatello up.* Your scent says your engorged. When was the last time you relieved your blood amount? *Donnie winced. Now all eyes were on him accusing.* A week ago...
GuardianAngel     30d ago

[i *Joseph walked over, and grabbed Donatello by the belt. He pulled him to a chair by the table. Drawing a knife, he prepared to bloodlet Donatello.*]

Y'all wanna see some fireworks?

*Sebastian tensed. As a vampire he would have to avert his eyes and hold his breath. Donnie looked stunned as Usagi instinctively stood with hand on hilt of his wakatashi. Leo understood the situation.* Calm down Usagi, he's wanting to help Donnie. Yeah, Joey- fireworks. Bishops going to be a part of em'?
GuardianAngel     30d ago

[i *Joseph slashed at Donatello's arm, making sure not to knick an artery. He applied a bit of pressure to speed up the flow of blood a bit. The top of the table changed to an areal view of Bishop's compound, with Friedrich Der Grosse and Mushasi slowly approaching*]

Any civilian population nearby?

*Donnie yelped in pain cringing as he held still. Dark maroon blood raced from the cut. He panted trying to make a fist to even the flow. Usagi's brow twitched as Sebastian nodded holding his breath. He pointed at two surrounding neighborhoods.* Yes, two...populous of 200 give or take. April O'Neil lives 20 blocks from the location. She's been out spy for some time. 

*Leo muttered.* Even while pregnant...
GuardianAngel     30d ago

I see. Armor piercing munitions it is. Musashi, Friedrich. Open the gates.

[i *Friedrich summoned her rigging, turned to the camera, and bowed to it. She the pointed all 8 barrels of her 16 in guns at the compound, and let rip with a broadside. Eight two thousand seven hundred pound solid steel projectiles slammed into the barrier at a whooping two thousand five hundred feet per second*]

Don, how are you feeling?

*Donnie nodded jerkily, panting lightly. A priest stood on the steps of the office clutching a glowing red bible in hand. His eyes glowed an unnatural black as he raised a hand enforcing the barrier. Sebastian tensed watching the camera. Usagi tensed and Leo went to him.*  That is him, Joseph. That is the man who shattered Lily and I both for Bishop.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

Musashi. Your turn. Make them pay.

[i *She giggled, and summoned her rigging. Dwarfing Friedrich Der Grosse's, a massive demon made of lightning appeared behind her. In addition, she leveled all nine of her 18 inch guns on the barrier, pointing them in the general vicinity of the man*]

Knock knock.

[i *With a smile she fired off the first three barrels, initiating a reload as the shells slammed into the barrier. She then rotated through the other guns, making sure to keep munitions slamming into the barrier. If that didn't shatter the barrier, Joseph had one more idea in mind.*]

*The barrier began cracking and Jeremy held his head almost dropping his Bible.* 

Bishop, we need to get out! I cannot hold this! Mindra owes us! 

*He said into a comm link and teleported himself out. Usagi froze in Leo's arms.* 

GuardianAngel     30d ago

Break down the barrier, takes everything inside.

[i *He paused for a moment, before giving the next order*]

Kill anyone who stops you.

[i *The two women bowed, and got to work, dispelling their riggings*]

*Jeremy was now in an underground passage racing down the escape tunnel screaming on a cell phone.* You need to get us out of here! Mindra don't you hang up on me!!

*The phone blanked out and he cursed.*

So much for you becoming host m, Bishop! This Joseph hates you!

*Bishop laughed amused.* Wait until he finds my surprise.

*Usagi buried his face in Leo's plastroned chest trembling. Sebastian went to comfort Donnie. Seeing Bishop even on a screen brought back painful memories.*
GuardianAngel     30d ago

[i *The barrier was swiftly disassembled, and the compound breached. The clan home shook as a wing of aircraft flew overhead. Followed by another... And another... And another.*]

Akagi, Kaga. Find them. Donatello, how are you feeling?

[i *The aircraft peeled off, scouring the city and surrounding area for Bishop.*]

*Sebastian and Donnie greatly disliked one another. But seeing Bishop was triggering Donnie's PTSD from childhood. He jerkily shook his head squeezing his eyes shut. Sebastian hugged him trying to help. Jeremy abandoned the mad man, using the last of his Magick for the time being to teleport to a castle nearby. He crashed to the floor panting rapid.* If she abandoned me then I shatter her sister!!
GuardianAngel     30d ago

[i *An ominous female laugh filled the air as Jeremy hit the ground. Slowly walking down the castle steps was none other than Roon, her eyes gleaming with a malicious glint.*]

Lookie what the cat dragged in. What's the matter, out of magic?

[i *She partially summoned her rigging, two massive mechanical dragon heads sprouting from it.*]

Ey, Donnie. Stay with me.

[i *He held his brother, mending his arm*]

*Donnie growled in and out of flashbacks. He was trying to maintain himself. Sebastian looked pained seeing Donnie hurting. Leo looked over torn between his own frightened boyfriend or going to his brother. Jeremy scrambled up as he gritted his teeth. Artkele stood on a higher raise of steps behind Roon and raised her voice.* His death is mine to ensue with my mind tamers. He wants to remove me from my throne for my sister Mindra. Step away.
GuardianAngel     30d ago

[i *Joseph's voice took a firm, but soothing tone.*]

Sleep, Brother. May your dreams be as sweet as you.

[i *He touched Donatello's forehead, hoping this worked. If it did, he would try to do the same thing on Usagi*]

[i *Roon launched herself at Jeremy, hoping to use her mechanical heads to capture and or sever the man's arms and legs.*]

No can do, Lady! He has to have a trick up his sleeve. Allow me.

[i *Musashi and Friedrich had made it through the barrier, and were heading into the depths of the facility.*]

*Donnie's hazel eyes flickered to a calm dazed as he panted hard. He looked thankful to Joey and hugged him shaking a tiny bit. Leo looked relieved as Usagi was just fearful. Samurai we're trained not to show fear, but this was a shocked fear. Usagi had not expected to see Jeremy again so soon. Artkele frown.* You're in my realm and he's my enemy... *She tensed seeing the crucifix around Jeremy's neck flicker up a force field around him and glow red.* Shallow women deserve shallow graves!
GuardianAngel     29d ago

Finally! A challenge! Tell me, which will break first? The pest, or the shield?!

[i *Cackling to herself, Roon began hammering on the shield. The mechanical heads attempted to open their jaws enough to pick up the barrier.*]

[i *Joseph smiled, and tried to use the same spell on Usagi, hugging Donatello*]

*Usagi calmed with Joey's aide. He looked ashamed and embarrassed for his fear. Leo smiled weakly as he nuzzled Usagi's cheek chirping softly. Donnie cracked his eyes open as Sebastian shied away seeing he wasn't needed. Donnie buried his face into Joey's neck feeling secure.* I love you. Don't leave me...
*Jeremy winced in pain as if he was being struck. Typo and Jayce stepped out of the castle  behind their mistress. Typo looked up at Artkele.* He finally showed up like the ninny he is. What a dummy. But whose that doing our job?
GuardianAngel     29d ago

I won't leave you.

[i *There was a thump behind him as he summoned his weapon to him.*]

Just in case.

[i *Roon kept battering at Jeremy, her eyes crazed as she craved the blood of this man. This man who hurt her love. The one she swore to be the sword who strikes down his foes*]

Awwww. Tired already?

*Jeremy glared up at Roon panting in pain. He snapped his eyes to Jayce!* NOW! *Jayce whirled around with glowing eye trying to use his mind tamer blood control on his queen.* I'm sorry, my ladyship, but you must die. *Typo froze him in time as Artkele snapped her fingers and he instantly shattered. Jeremy was horrified.* I knew when he went against my orders last time he would betray me. Typo, thank you for playing along with him to root out the betrayer. *Jeremy could no longer hold out the forcefield and collapsed as it shattered.*
GuardianAngel     29d ago

[i *Roon snatched up Jeremy between her mechanical jaws, and offered Jeremy to the Queen.*]

A gift from my Kommandant, Joseph. Slay him as you please. Or, may I strike him down?

*Artkele nodded softly.* I've changed my mind please do as you will with him. Typo, please clean up the refuse of my ex mind tamers. Looks like I will have to find another blood mind tamer. *She turned heading back into her castle. Typo looked indifferent about his assigned task.*
GuardianAngel     29d ago

[i *Roon got a sadistic look on her face as she had the maws bite into Jeremy's Limbs, and then pulled him in opposite directions. Once he was torn asunder, she began splattering his corpse, smashing him until there wasn't anything left.
Aerialacebabe77Typo Yowane   29d ago

*Typo cleaned up the shattered remains and watched the lady grossed out and disgusted.* You are a nutso lady.
GuardianAngel     29d ago

[i *Once there was nothing left, she dispelled her rigging and turned to Typo.*]

My apologies, Typo. I think I lost control there.

[i *She smiled sweetly, even though she was splattered in blood*]
Aerialacebabe77Typo Yowane   29d ago

You and my father's side need serious help. If you killed someone, do it in the most painful fashion. Watch the terror and agony in their eyes as the life flickers out of them. My heavens, get it right. *Leo looked stunned at the screen with Donnie.*
GuardianAngel     29d ago

I like your style. Next time I'll have to feed them themselves.

[i *Roon offered Typo a handshake*]

[i *Joseph held Donnie, and looked to his communicator.*]

Has anyone got eyes on Bishop?
Aerialacebabe77Typo Yowane   29d ago

*Typo wrinkled his nose and ignored the hand offered and turned heading into his lady's castle shutting the door behind him. Usagi grabbed Leo's doji tassek and he yelled wincing.* Come Leonardo, I haven't forgotten your I'll behavior. Let me show you what happens when you lievand sneak. *Donnie pulled away from Joey looking apologetic as his brother bwas drug out. Donnie blushed looking away.* Yay, for Leo. *Donnie staggered up and sighed.* Better go to the lab and get back to work with Bishop still out there. *Bishop had completely disappeared.*
GuardianAngel     29d ago

Mother fu... Nope. We got two of the three, and secured the compound. The money is going to dry up quickly now. Just gotta follow the money trail...

[i *Joseph whistled something, and slung a dufflebag over his shoulder. Roon had disappeared, along with the rest of the girls from his side.*]

So, what's up Don?


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