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Not for the Brokenhearted

By Skylarose0422

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They were the dream couple, the true fairytale. All their friends believed it was a happy ever after! But as everyone knows; one mistake, one accidental touch and the dream broke. She did everything she could to repair it, but he gave up to fast. He walked out of her life forever and left her behind. What happens years later when they find their way back to each other again because of their friends? Will they fall back in love or is their happily ever after really over?
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Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

Her alarm going off jolts Sabrina awake, she felt like she had just laid down. Sharing an apartment with her best friend, meant both of them had to work a couple extra jobs to pay the rent. Sabrina's night time job kept her out most of the night and her daytime job kept her out most of the day. Her only break would be tonight, since she don't have to go in to the night time job. Pushing herself up out of the bed, she grabs her dress clothes and walks into the bathroom. She hops into the shower, immediately relaxing as the warm water hits her body. Thoughts of wanting to just go back home and admit to her father that she can't do it, start flooding her mind. Her father had always believed she wouldn't make it on her own, and it wasn't that he was a bad father, he just didn't believe in his girls. He thought they would be with him forever and his sons would be the ones to make their living and be able to move out of the house. But Sabrina was stubborn from the moment she was born, she was determined to prove him wrong. Even if working two jobs with no break were killing her. After a while in the shower, she finally got out, got dressed, brushed her hair and teeth, and walked out of her room. 
Addy or Adriana, her best friend, looks up from her spot on the couch and groans. "You're going to work today?" "Yeah, kind of have to Addy. If we want to keep this apartment." Sabrina rolls her eyes, grabbing the rest of her stuff to take to work. "But, I invited a bunch of people tonight for a little party. I don't want you to be exhausted. What if there is a cute guy, Derek knows plenty and he is coming so he may bring one of his friends??" Adriana stands up and walks over to Sabrina, grabbing her arm. "Don't go to work, call in sick. Please. We aren't behind on anything and I'll make it up to you. Please." Sabrina sighs and watches as Adriana does her normal puppy dog eyes and pout. It has bothered Adriana that Sabrina hasn't been with a guy, and almost every weekend she has tried to throw these kind of things and set her up with one. It has never been successful, but the way Adriana was looking at her right now was making Sabrina cave. 

After a couple hours and Adriana finally convincing Sabrina to take off work, Sabrina was now stocking the fridge of all the alcohol they had bought and putting the taco dip in the oven. She was now wearing a black tight short dress with fishnet stockings, courtesy of Adriana, who was currently in her room straightening her hair. She was always jealous that Sabrina was born with straight hair. 
Sabrina hears a knock on the door and lets out a sigh. "Addy the first guests have arrived." She puts on a smile, opening the door to Derek and another guy she didn't know. "Hey Der, Addy will be right out." Derek smiles and walks in, hugging Sabrina. "Thanks Bree."

[+red "Charlie!"] Derek's voice rang through Charlie's apartment, making the messy haired boy shoot up from the couch where he apparently passed out on. He looked around confused for a moment, sitting half way up on his elbow and looked around. "What the hell?" he mumbled, rubbing his tired eyes for a second before Derek came into view. He looked over at the other as he moved into the livingroom, giving an annoyed sigh to the sleeping boy. [+red "Would you get your ass up? We are going to a party in like an hour, man."] he grumbled, walking over to Charlie and practically picking him up off the couch. [+red "Get your ass in the shower and get ready."] he demanded, shoving Charlie into the bathroom before closing the door. Charlie stood there for a moment before shaking his head to wake himself up. He must have fallen asleep shortly after putting a movie on. He had been exhausted from work the past few days but he promised Derek he'd join him at this party. He didn't realize the time until Derek came by. 

After a little while, Charlie was out of the shower and awake. He walked out of his bathroom and walked towards the kitchen were Derek was helping himself to some left over pizza in Charlie's fridge. "How the hell did you get in here?" Charlie asked, a bit annoyed. 
[+red "One of your neighbors let me in. Your door was also unlocked.. you should really lock that."] Derek replied, finishing off the slice he had started. Charlie rolled his eyes at the other and let out a sigh. "Guess I should. It would stop the weirdo's from coming in here and waking me up." he grumbled, walking to his bedroom to grab a change of clothes. He pulled on a sweater, going back to the bathroom to fix up his hair that was still dripping wet. After drying it up a little and pushing it back from his face, he walked out and looked over at Derek. 

[+red "That's what you're wearing to the party? A hoodie? It's going to get so hot in there with all the people that are going."] Derek spoke, looking Charlie up and down. Charlie shrugged and pulled his sweater up slightly, revealing a dark red graphic t-shirt underneath. "I'll just take it off if I get too hot. I don't know your friends.. I want to be comfortable." he mumbled. 

Charlie had just moved in from out of town. He had finally gotten to move away from his parents, after they had practically begged for him to stay. He was the youngest out of his brothers and the favored child.. but he was getting too old to still be living with his parents. He was new in town but he and Derek had met through work and the two clicked instantly. Thankfully, since he didn't really know anyone else other than work friends. He spent a lot of time working and unpacking his apartment, so he hadn't gotten a lot of time to go out and enjoy himself. Derek was dragging him to this party to meet new people. He wasn't the most social person, but he didn't mind meeting a few more people to fill up his time. 

Once the two were ready to go, Charlie followed Derek out of his apartment and into his car, clutching the bottle of vodka he had with him. He would need a bit of liquid courage to get through the night. He just had to remember not to go too crazy on his first night out in a long time. Once they got to the location of the party, Charlie followed Derek like a lost puppy. He felt nervous to be meeting new people, but also knew if Derek's friends were like him, he'd be fine and comfortable in no time. Charlie kept his eyes on the floor until he heard someone opening the door, looking up to see a female on the other side. It seemed like they were the first ones there. He had hoped at least some more people were there or at least the people they were meeting with were already intoxicated. It made for an easier transition, but Charlie just stood behind Derek, biting at the inside of his cheek.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

As Derek made his way into the girls' house, Sabrina looks up and sees Charlie behind him. Her head tilts slightly to the side, as she never remembers meeting this friend. As she goes to introduce herself, Adriana walks out and immediately goes over to Derek kissing his cheek and smiles. "Hey Derek! First as usual, we have your favorite in the fridge, Bree just got done stocking it." She explains, before turning and seeing Sabrina looking at a guy that even she didn't recognize and she knows all of Derek's friends. "Hey who is this?" She looks between Charlie and Derek. 
As Derek introduces him, Sabrina smiles politely. Realizing she had been staring, she reaches out her hand. "Hello Charlie, I'm Sabrina. You can call me Bree. Are you new here?" She asks, curiously. 
Adriana looks at Sabrina and Charlie, before smiling at Derek. Could this be the guy she has been hoping for, for Sabrina? She smiles and walks over to the door as the doorbell goes off and a few more people come in. 

A while later, the party was finally in full swing. Sabrina was running around like a crazy person, since Adriana was too busy with her tongue down some guys throat. She wanted to make sure everyone has what they needed, when she finally gets a chance to sit down she plops down next to Charlie when she sees Derek had left him alone. "Having fun? Sorry it's so crazy. This is Addy and Derek's usual." She smiles.

Charlie watches the exchanges between Derek and his friends, standing quietly behind him until one of the girls asked who he was. He looked up towards Derek as he introduced him, looking over at Sabrina as she held her hand out and introduced herself. He moved his hand out and clutched onto hers lightly. "Yeah, I just moved here about a month ago." he replied, pulling his hand back slowly and shifted slightly. He was thankful that Derek's friends seemed nice. He wasn't sure how tonight was going to go, but as long as the people were nice, he figured he'd be alright. 

As the night progressed, Charlie kept to himself a bit. He wasn't exactly a wild person, but he was still having fun. He had spoken to a few people with Derek around, getting some introductions and having a few drinks. He kept telling himself to take it easy, not wanting to get too drunk or embarrass himself in front of new people, but he kept a good buzz going. Derek had moved off to another group of people, but Charlie kept himself on the couch. He probably looked like an antisocial weirdo, but he didn't mind. He needed a minute away from introducing himself to various people anyway. Charlie looked up from his phone and over to Sabrina when she sat down next to him. He looked at her for a second while she spoke before putting his phone down on his leg so he could focus on her. "Yeah, this is fun." he admitted.  He was having fun, even if he was just sitting on his phone at the moment. "It's alright. I'm not really used to parties.. but it's fun finally going to one." he smiled slightly, trying not to be awkward like he typically was. The buzz was helping, thank god. "Are you having fun? You look like you're running around a lot." he commented, looking around the people filled room for a moment before looking back over at her.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

When Sabrina made sure that the other guys were taken care of, she looks around. Taking a minute to take a breath, before she sees Charlie on the couch by himself. Her eyes roam the party and she finds Derek with another group of friends. A small smile crosses her face, she was the same way when she met Adriana. She was never the party girl, she was the one who hung back and stayed to herself. Until about a year ago when she finally moved out of her house and decided to have a little fun. But never would she ever be like Adriana, she was a little too wild especially with guys than she was. 
Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she finally decides to sit next to Charlie and get to know him. For some reason she wanted to know where he moved from and how the hell he met a crazy guy like Derek and clicked. She listens, as he says about having fun and the smile returns on her face. "I'm glad you're having fun. I know how your first party, especially with Addy and Derek, can be. I've been there and it can be pretty intimidating." She giggles, before hearing him ask if she is having fun. Sabrina shrugs and leans back against the couch. "Oh yeah, that is my job for all parties. Addy gets to make out with whoever she wants and I have to play host. I'm kind of used to it at this point. Speaking of, would you like another drink sir? Since you know, that's only what your second?" She teases, looking over at him.

Charlie looked over at her as she mentioned it was basically her job to do this. He raised an eyebrow at her for a moment. "That doesn't sound too fun.. you don't get to enjoy it?" he asked, watching her intently. He usually did the hosting as well at other parties back at his old place, but he always made it a point to stop and enjoy everything too. Maybe it was just at these parties were things got so crazy she couldn't relax like she should, but of course he didn't exactly know anything about the girl. He was pretty happy she decided to join him and talk to him. It wasn't like he hadn't talked to people all night, but she seemed pretty chill compared to the rest of them. He looked over at Derek as she offered another drink. He was with another group and likely wouldn't return for a little bit. Even with the buzz he had going, he could use another one. "Yeah, sure." he smiled, accepting the offer. "I don't drink that often.. so I'm a bit of a lightweight." he admitted, bringing a hand up to rub the back of his neck lightly. It was a party, Charlie had to loosen up a little bit. As long as he didn't go crazy, he figured there was no harm in another drink. 

So far, he really liked Sabrina. He liked that she wasn't as crazy as her friend was, who he noticed at the moment had her tongue down another guy's throat. Of course, why not. It was a party after all. Alcohol was flowing quickly through people, so by nature, single people found single people and did that. Charlie didn't judge.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

"Not usually, though I prefer not having too much fun. I like to remember exactly what I did the night before, more than waking up in my underwear in some stranger's bed." Sophia  giggles, pulling her legs up underneath of her. "Plus Addy is the one to go off with a stranger and I normally get a phone call in the morning to come get her at some guys house, so I need to make sure I don't wake up with a hangover..." She explains, shrugging. "I'm surprised Derek has not done that you yet, there both famous for it." 

When Charlie agrees on another drink and admits that he is a lightweight, Sabrina laughs and looks at him. "Trust me, you're not the only one." She pushes herself off the couch and holds out her hand. "Come on, I hear I make a pretty damn good mixed drink. Well, first I should ask, do you like fruity drinks?"

Charlie listened to her and let out a short breath of relief. Thank god she wasn't one of the wild ones. He didn't mind usually, but it was nice to know someone else here was like him in the fact they didn't drink too much too often. He wasn't the one to get completely trashed and wake up with a hangover.. unless he accidentally drank too much. When she mentions she was surprised Derek hadn't done it to him yet, he laughed lightly and shrugged. "It's probably because we've only been friends for around a month now. We are pretty decent friends and he's invited me to other parties but I've been so busy with work and unpacking I usually don't feel like going out. He's good at understanding that..but he saw an opportunity tonight where I'm pretty much unpacking my apartment and I didn't have to work today so he dragged me here." he laughed a little, not really minding right now. He was enjoying himself for the first time in a little while. 

As she stood up off of the couch and held her hand out to him, he looked down at her hand for a moment and reached his own hand out, grabbing hold of it and getting up off the couch to follow her. He watched her as she asked about the drinks, nodding his head before giving a shrug. "Yeah, well I mean... one or two is fine. Sometimes they make me a little sick." he laughed. He sounded like a complete bitch right now. He bit his lip to quit talking. This was surely not making a good impression on her. "Yeah, whatever you make I'm sure I'll enjoy." he finished, mentally slapping himself in the face for acting the way he was acting.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

Keeping in the back of her mind that she did want to ask him where he was from and how him and Derek met, Sabrina listens intently to him explaining Derek and his friendship so far. "Oh well, then it is definitely coming. It would be nice to have someone else around that I can have a straight conversation with, who doesn't look at me like I have two heads because of how bombed they are." She giggles, even though she was being serious. It would be nice to have someone who didn't drink to get drunk, just like her. The parties are fun, but she wasn't a teenager anymore. She knew she was still young and this what usually happens, but she liked having someone around who could have fun without the drunk part. 
Sabrina keeps her hand out, watching Charlie curiously to see if he would take it. She didn't know why she was acting this way already, but something about him was pulling her in. When he finally puts his hand in hers and stands up, she tries to ignore the sparks and the butterflies in her stomach. What the fuck was wrong with her right now? Once they got into the kitchen and she listens to him explain about how if he has more than a couple fruity drinks it makes him sick, she giggles in relief. Though, she realizes it probably sounded like she was laughing at him. She lets go of his hand, and starts mixing them both a fruity, little strong drink and looks up at him. "Fruity drinks are known for that, unfortunately for me that's all I like. I've tried beer but it taste awful to me. Addy has tried to get me to try other stuff, but I like the fruity stuff. Guess that makes me pretty boring huh?" Sabrina shrugs, a smile on her face, before she passes him the drink and takes a sip of her own. Her eyes were glued to him, nervous about his reaction to her drink.

Charlie watched her as they walked towards the kitchen, still mentally slapping himself. As he heard her reaction, he looked down for a second then heard her follow up. He looked up towards her as she started making their drinks, explaining how she tried other things but nothing worked for her. At least she drank for the taste and not to get drunk. He nodded his head and leaned his hands against the counter beside her, watching her pour the alcohol and mixtures into the cups. "Yeah.. beer is alright for me. Once in a while. It has to be ice cold or it's pretty gross." he laughed lightly. "I'm more of a vodka mixed guy though. Not too much vodka where you practically choke on the alcohol, but a nice mix of that with nearly anything works really well." he chuckled. 

As she handed him his drink, he watched her take a sip of hers before bringing the cup to his own lips, taking a sip and bringing it back down. He tilted his head slightly to the side and nodded. "That's pretty good!" he smiled. The best people to make drinks were the ones doing it for taste. Anyone who drank alcohol just to get drunk were the worst for making drinks, he couldn't allow people with that mindset to make his drink. "I guess you'll have to make my drinks for me from now on." he joked, taking another sip of the alcohol. It was cold, but it warmed him up nicely.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

"Ahh, you just ruined this whole thing. How could you like that urine tasting stuff?" Sabrina teases, looking up at him. "Vodka's pretty good, I guess I can forgive you on the beer." She smiles and hands him the glass. Sabrina was actually nervous for his opinion, probably because she was actually getting along with him. He definitely was a lot like how she used to be, before Adriana ruined her and brought her to every party. When he takes a sip, she chews on her bottom lip. Until she sees him smile and then compliment her, her face lights up and she smiles. "Really? You like it? It's not too strong or too weak for you? I'm not a heavy pourer with the alcohol, I'd rather get the fruity taste than the alcohol taste, so I'm sorry if it's too weak for you." She rambles, actually nervous that he is just saying that he likes it. 
Sabrina looks at Charlie when he says about her making his drinks from now, and her smile grows even bigger. "If you promise you'll come with Derek every time, so I'm not left alone. I promise I will make your drinks all the time, I'll even make you new ones each time to try." She smiles, drinking more of her drink and leans her hip against the counter, looking up at him.

Charlie shook his head at her doubts. "No no.. this is perfect." he smiled. It wasn't too strong and he could taste a bit of alcohol so he knew it wasn't too weak. He found it pretty perfect on all levels. "It's really good. I really like it." he assured her, taking another sip. He listened to her agree to make his drinks if he came with Derek more often so she wouldn't be alone and smiled a little bit more meakly, nodding his head. "Yeah.. I could do that." he replied. He was actually extremely happy that Derek brought him to this party, especially now that he got to meet Sabrina. 

"That sounds good to me. If you make your other drinks like this one, I guess I'm going to have to try them all." he laughed lightly, looking down at the cup filled with the alcohol. This was surprisingly going really well. He had forgotten Derek had left him to go hang out with other people and was actually happy that he did. He got an opportunity to get to know Sabrina and that really worked for him. She was one of the only people he found interesting. Everyone else was just interested in getting drunk and hooking up. Sabrina actually wanted to enjoy her night and remember she enjoyed it the next morning, like he did. "So.. is this.. uhh..Addy's place?" he asked, temporarily forgetting the girls name. "Do you live here too?" he asked, looking up towards her, setting his cup down beside him on the counter for a moment so he could focus on talking to her. He might as well try and get to know the girl. As long as she didn't run off to her other friends like Derek did.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

Sabrina's smile grew, as Charlie complimented her again. She had learned how to make drinks when she would visit her mom's bar and would just watch in amazement as her mother would look like a witch as she conjured some of the best mixed drinks in town. She wanted to look like her mom and amaze people to, so her mother had taught her everything she knew. So the compliments actually meant the world to Sabrina. Realizing she must look like an idiot at the moment, since she was just staring at him with a huge goofy smile on her face, she clears her throat. "Well thank you. I'm glad you like it." When Charlie agrees to come with Derek more often, Sabrina puts her hand on his arm. "Well I promise, you'll never be alone when you go to the parties. I'm sure the losers will find their way to each other." She teases about herself and him, before she realizes her hand was on his arm. She pulls it away and takes a sip of her drink, she was letting her guard down with this guy and she didn't know how she felt about it. 

Thankful that Charlie changed the subject and started asking her questions, Sabrina nods. "We actually both bought it together. She was running away from her parents and I was trying to prove my dad wrong. We've known each other since school, so we thought it was safer than living alone. That's before I knew how much of a party animal she was." Sabrina giggles, before she looks up at him. "What about you? Where did you live before you came here and what made you come here?" Her eyes widen, when she realizes she could be overstepping. "I'm sorry, you don't have to tell me. It's none of my business."

Charlie chuckled at her comment about them finding each other. He looked down at her hand as it rested on his arm, a weird warmth that wasn't from the alcohol washing over him as she touched him. He was already so nervous around her and that just heightened it so much more for some reason. He didn't even understand why he was so nervous, the two of them JUST met. He took in a soft breath as she pulled her hand from his, hoping he didn't come off as some awkward guy who got nervous at just any girl's touch. He was usually so calm and collected, he didn't understand why this was so different.

As she answered his question, explaining what her and her friend had going on, he nodded his head. It was definitely better to have a roommate in some instances than to live alone. "Oh, that's cool. At least you two get along enough to live together. I know some people who have been friends for years and it never works out for them." he chuckled. It was one thing being best friends with them, but another when you decided to live with each other, he was happy it worked out in her favor. Once her question came out as to why he was living there and where he was before, he opened his mouth to answer before she apologized. He shook his head and laughed lightly. "It's alright." he replied, grabbing his cup and taking a sip before answering. "Well I used to live a few hours away. I moved away from my parents because they were a bit overbearing to me. They were amazing.. but I'm the youngest out of three boys so I'm the favorite." he laughed lightly. "They just.. felt suffocating. I thought about moving away a few years ago but couldn't afford anything on my own so I waited. They loved the fact that I hadn't moved and when I told them, I accidentally made my mom cry." he laughed. "Of course they were happy for me getting out on my own but they were upset I chose to move so far. I found this place and I liked it so I chose it." he shrugged. "I don't know anybody here.. and it's kind of nice to basically start fresh." he laughed lightly.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

"Trust me there have been plenty of battles, especially when she decides to go way too late with these parties and I have work the next morning." Sabrina explains, giggling slightly, before taking a sip of her drink. "But I wouldn't change her for the world, she got me through some pretty rough times and can be actually caring when she isn't trying to be the bitchy party girl." She laughs, before she turns the questions on him. Feeling bad that she had probably overstepped, her cheeks turn even brighter. She hears him try to make her feel better that she didn't overstep, and takes a breath of relief. 
Sabrina listens intently, as he explains where he was before and why he moved, her eyes never leaving his. She giggles when he mentions about being the favorite. When he says about accidentally making his mom cry, she fake gasps and puts her hand to her mouth. "Wow, how dare you, you mean cold-hearted person. And just when I thought you were actually one of the only decent guys I know." Sabrina teases, laughing. "I understand that though my parents are divorced. My mom couldn't handle my father anymore and left my sister and I to deal with him... He believes women are weak and can't do anything by themselves. He never supported our dreams and he laughed in my face when I told him I was getting a house. So this, this is all to prove him wrong." She explains, before another couple decides to interrupt their conversation and as they are making out they bang into Sabrina causing her to fall slightly into Charlie. 
She grabs his shoulder, trying to catch her balance again and looks up at him, not realizing how close they were now. "Sorry about that... Looks like they've made their way in here. Want to try to continue this outside? By the pool looks pretty empty?" She suggests, moving away from him and grabbing her glass.

Charlie laughed at her reaction to him leaving. He nodded his head and shrugged. "I know.. I'm a pretty bad person." he joked a little, looking up towards her as she explained why she had left. The fact her dad didn't treat her like a person made him frown. As she finishes off, saying she wanted to prove him wrong, Charlie's smile reappeared. "Good for you.. you need that." he smiled but let out a small huff as Sabrina was shoved into him. His hand instinctively moved to her waist as she steadied herself again. He looked over her shoulder at the couple then down towards her, holding his breath at how close they were. When she interupted his thoughts and asked if he'd like to move their conversation outside, he nodded. "Probably a good idea." he chuckled, grabbing his own drink and moving away from the couple who decided to take over their spot in the kitchen. "Apparently, they don't know what's happening around them anymore." he laughed, walking with her outside near the pool. He looked down at the water and looked over at her, taking another sip of his alcohol to calm his nerves. 

The night was warm with a slight breeze to keep it cooled off and it was honestly the perfect temperature. "It's nicer out here anyway.. it was getting a little warm in there." he commented. He hoped it wasn't just because he was nervous to talk to her or the fact they were just inches away from each other and it was actually warm inside their place.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

Sabrina's cheeks immediately turn a brighter red at being pushed so close to him. Her breath halts in her throat and she risks looking up at him, taking a moment to actually look him over. 
She tries to calm herself, when she realizes how cute he actually is. She has never felt this way about a guy before and it felt like an hour passed by before she realizes she should probably move away. 
Sabrina looks over at the couple, before apologizing to Charlie. "Apparently they don't, they're to engrossed in themselves..." She responds to him, before moving away to walk outside. 
She hears him follow her and turns to face him, taking a sip of her drink, walking backward along the side of the pool. "It definitely feels a lot better out here. A bad part about parties is the amount of people and how crowded it gets." She explains, before she pauses and looks up at him. "Now, I have another question because I'm seriously curious. How did you and Derek meet and click so fast? You are the complete opposite of him, and to be honest I am very very thankful for that." Sabrina admits, smiling at him.

It felt like a long moment before the two finally pulled away. He wasn't complaining in the slightest, but now he was nervous. He had let go of his breath as she had moved away. He needed to calm down, it was the first meeting. He definitely couldn't come off this way.. but he couldn't help it. 

Charlie followed her slowly as she walked backwards, bringing his cup to his lips again to take another drink. As she paused, he stopped dead in his tracks, listening to her question . "Well..." He thought for a moment. How it happend, he didn't know..but the two just worked. "I guess opposites work well in friendships too." He laughed lightly. "He helped bring me out of my shell at work. I'm a bit on the quieter side.. but he definitely helped me transition into work a lot smoother. Derek is such a social butterfly. He's so easy to talk to and he helped me be a bit more outgoing. Even on my first day." He shrugged. It was the best explanation on how they worked he could give. Charlie was usually a quiet type of person, but with Derek, he just opened right up. He felt comfortable with Derek around.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

Sabrina looks at him, as he explains how Derek and he met and how they actually worked as friends. She smiles, as it reminds her completely of Adriana and her. "Wow, that's crazy how similar it is with Addy and I. I was more on the quiet side too, very shy and me introducing myself to you first and the  coming up to you on the couch would never happened had you met me a couple years ago." She explains, before turning back around and walks over to one of the lounge chairs by the pool. She sits down on the edge of it and looks up at him. "I'm glad he made your transition at work easier though. I'm sure it would have been rough without him, so as much as he is wild, he is also very caring." She smiles and looks up at him. 
"So probably another question where I am overstepping, but did you leave a girlfriend back home?" Chewing on her bottom lip, she wonders how she would feel about the answer. She likes how easy it is to talk to him, and even when they are alone she doesn't feel uncomfortable.

Charlie smiled as she explained her similar experience. "It just works." He agreed. He liked the fact she had come out of her shell too just like he did. He still had a bit of work, but at least she was a bit better. If not, the two probably wouldn't have met. He watched her sit down on the lounge chair and took another sip of his drink, listening to her next question. He looked towards the pool then back at her. "I guess... I did? I mean we broke up before I got here. We weren't really as compatible as one would like. It was mutual so it's alright. I'm not heartbroken." He laughed. "Just figured we worked better as friends. We only dated for like a month before figuring it out. We used to be good friends throughout school." He commented, then decided to ask a question he wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer to. "What about you? You got a boyfriend?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. He sure as hell didn't need to be flirting with her if she had one.. he couldn't do that. He just hoped she said no so they could continue this.
Skylarose0422Sabrina Rivers   33d ago

Sabrina bites on her bottom lip, as she waits for his answer. She was truly liking him already, but if he had a girlfriend there would be no point in doing anything else besides talking. Once he answers and starts it off with saying he did, she lets out a sigh before he finishes the rest of his statement. Hearing him say about not being heartbroken, makes her laugh a little. "Are you sure? Not even a little bit? Jeez I should call you Charlie the heartbreaker, first you make your mom cry and then you break another girls heart." Sabrina teases, laughing. When he asks her the same question about having a boyfriend, she smirks and plays around, "Yeah, I'm a real wild child. I have two and neither one knows about the other." She says, before cracking up laughing again. "Nope, I am single myself. My last relationship was about two years ago and it ended pretty badly so I wasn't really in a rush to jump back into it, even though it drives Adriana crazy... She's been trying to set me up for months." Sabrina admits, looking up at Charlie.

Charlie looked up towards her, hearing her comment about him being a heartbreaker. He laughed lightly and shook his head. There was no way Charlie was considered anything of the sort. He barely went out with girls and pretty much only allowed them to break up with him if the need came around. He never minded. Relationships weren't for everyone. He figured at some point the girl he knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with would come around but he was happy to wait for it. 

As she spoke about having multiple boyfriends, he laughed lightly and crossed his arms, resting the cup in his hand on his forearm. "Sounds tough." He joked around with her a little before she told him the truth. He nodded and took another sip. "Yeah.. I guess friends will do that." He chuckled, tilting his head to the side slightly. So her friends were trying to set her up with someone.. it wasn't a coincidence Derek really pressured him into coming was it? He let the thought go, knowing they needed to get to know each other beyond the physical attraction first anyway if this really was a plan from their friends. If they didn't and they hooked up, it would likely turn into a one night stand.
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Sabrina laughs as Charlie mentions that it sounds tough having two boyfriends. "Oh, you have no idea. The worst is when you have to remember their names, because you definitely don't want to screw [I that] up. So I usually stick to babe, it's easier to remember." She laughs harder, loving that she can mess around with him and he plays around back. 
"Addy and Derek are the worst with trying to get me with somebody. Derek wasn't so bad in the beginning, then Addy somehow convinced him I was going to die alone and never find someone... She's a little dramatic, I'm not even thirty yet." She giggles and looks up at him, before moving her gaze to the pool. Thoughts were running through her head, this was the first time she actually clicked with a guy besides Derek. All the others have either been douchebags or more concerned about themselves. Charlie was down to earth and actually not as crazy as the others. And as much as that would bother Adriana, Sabrina loved it and needed it in her life. "So because I'm the type of girl that asks a million questions, are you close with your brothers-" 

"Hey guys, we need two more people to play beer pong? Can you join?? Come on Bree? I need your skills." Adriana, of course, interrupts their conversation. Pleading and looking at both of them with a smirk on her face. 
Sabrina pushes herself up and looks at Adriana. "Who's it with?" 
"Derek." Adriana smiles, making Sabrina giggle. "Oh this sounds like fun, but I'm not torturing Charlie like that. If he wants to play, I'm on his team." She giggles, looking over at him.

Charlie laughed as Sabrina spoke about having the two boyfriends and the name mix up. "Oh, see that's smart.. you couldn't mess that up." He chuckled. He listened to her explain how her two friends were and nodded his head. "That's about every story I've heard about friends trying to hook their friends up." He laughed, running his fingers through his hair. He looked up at her as she began to ask her next question but was interuppted. He looked over his shoulder at Adriana who asked if they wanted to play beer pong. He looked back at Sabrina, watching her for a moment. 

Charlie shrugged and nodded. "I'm down." He commented. He had to at least attempt to be social and Sabrina was helping him out a bit with it. She was down to Earth and it was really refreshing. He was enjoying his time with her. He was a bit upset that it was cut short but there was still plenty of time in the night to go back to talking with her. He smiled and turned around, walking back into the house to start their beer pong game. He wasn't half bad at beer pong, so he hoped his skills came through and he could impress Sabrina a little bit.
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When Charlie agrees to play, Sabrina smiles and nods. "Alright, then yes I am going to be on Charlie's team because you know if we did girls versus boys that game would be over before it started." Sabrina teases, pretending to be cocky. She follows Charlie into the house again, the music had somehow gotten louder and it felt more crowded. She was just thankful she didn't have work in the morning. 
Adriana smiles and follows both of them in the house and over to the table, where Derek was waiting. 
Derek looks up at smiles at Sabrina and Charlie. "Ah, that's where you went. I came back to bring you a drink and you were gone. I see Bree kidnapped you?" He chuckles. 
Sabrina shrugs and walks over to the other side of the table, setting up the cups, looking up at Derek. "You left him all alone, i was done being your and Addy's servant, so I wanted to get to know him better and we tried to stand in the kitchen, but one of the other couples banged into me, so we went outside." She explains, looking over at Charlie, handing him a ball. "We are first. Derek drinks for you and Addy drinks for me. Your goal is to get Derek bombed." She giggles.

Charlie walked inside, hearing the music had increased and most people were in the surrounding area again. Sabrina explained where they had gone and nodded his head. "It was fun." He responded, looking around at all the surrounding people, now feeling like the whole room had gotten smaller. Thankfully, he was in the mood where he really didn't mind. He was having a great time with Sabrina and really hadn't been thinking about anything else. He looked over at Sabrina as she explained they were trying to get them bombed and nodded. "Gladly." Charlie grinned, spinning the ball in between his fingers. He really just hoped everything went in his favor tonight. He tossed the ball, watching it bounce off the rim of one of the other cups and land in one of the back cups. He let out a breath and smiled brightly. He felt so much better now that he made the first cup. He just hoped he could keep that up for a little bit. He sure as hell didn't need to make every cup, but he wanted to at least do decently and show off a little bit, plus getting Derek drunk would be a sight to see.
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Sabrina watches, as Charlie goes first. As the ball hit one of the rims, her breath stops until it goes into one of the back cups. She smiles and nudges his arm, as Derek takes the first drink of the game. "Nicely done." She giggles, before getting into position. Taking her aim, she shoots the ball and makes it into one of the cups on her first try as well. 
Addy groans from the other side of the table, and takes her drink. "Ugh, who put them together. They weren't supposed to get anything on their first shoot." 
Sabrina laughs and shakes her head at Addy. "This isn't my first game, and by the looks of it as much as you pretend to be so innocent and quiet, it doesn't seem to be your first game either Charlie?" She turns her attention to him and smirks, tilting her head to the side curiously. 

After he answers, she watches Addy throw the ball and sighs as she makes it. "I forgot you were pretty good too." She laughs,  before taking a drink.

Charlie looked over as Sabrina's turn came up. He watched the ball intently as it leaves her hand and goes into a cup. He let out a content sigh, laughing lightly as he looked over at her. As she mentions it wasn't her first game and mentions it's likely not his, he shook his head. "No, not at all." He laughed. It helped that he was only slightly drunk too, but he had gotten quite a few games back in his precious hometown. "I used to play often with my friends back in my old place." He chuckled. He was happy they got at least the first ones in. 

He looked across the table as Abby shot her first one, watching it go into their cup and let out a sigh. "Looks like we've gotta keep it up." He looked towards Sabrina and laughed. "We aren't ever going to get these two drunk if they beat us." He laughed lightly, looking up towards Derek as his time came to shoot his ball. He hoped he didn't make it in, for his and Sabrina's sake. Thank god they were doing something he was decent at. He felt a whole lot better.
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Derek goes after Adriana, the ball hitting the rim of a cup but unlike Charlie's it doesn't make it in. 
"Aww isn't that a shame. You guys missed one." Sabrina taunts, before she looks over at Charlie. "You're up partner." She passes the ball to him, before crossing her arms over her chest. 

A little while later, the game was coming to an end. Charlie and Sabrina were winning and Derek and Adriana were progressively getting more and more drunk, however Sabrina had also gotten a little bit more tipsy due to Adriana being good at the game too. She smiles at Charlie, before she makes the last shot of the game. The ball goes in and Sabrina smiles, wrapping her arms around Charlie. "And that is how you win!" She giggles, before she comes back down to earth and realizes what she just did. "Oops, sorry. Got a little excited there." She pulls away quickly, her cheeks turning bright pink. "Want to go back outside?" She asks, barely looking at him right now. 
Addy and Derek smirk and high five each other where Sabrina nor Charlie can see them. Their unknown plan was working out perfectly.

As the game progressed and Sabrina was shooting towards the last cup, Charlie watched in anticipation. He watched the ball head towards the cup and went in. He smiled brightly, having won the game with Sabrina. As he feels her arms wrap around him, he froze for a moment, his body heating up a little more again feeling her against him. Any normal person would have returned the hug, but of course he wasn't normal and he was such am awkward human. As she pulled back and apologized, he shook his head and laughed lightly. "It's alright, it happens." He smiled a little, nodding his head at her suggestion to go back outside so they could resume their plans to get to know each other again. That's what he wanted. He liked the game and the small break from leaving the party but he really did just want to head back outside and talk to her again. He grabbed his cup, giving Derek one last look before following Sabrina outside. "Good job." He complimented her, giving her a smile. "I'm so glad you've played and you're good. The amount of times I've had to carry my team because I always get stuck with people who aren't good at it or haven't played before. My friends liked to pit me with someone who wasn't great at it to see if they could beat me." He laughed lightly.
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Sabrina, though embarrassed, had to admit even though he didn't return the hug it still felt nice. She closes her eyes, as she faces the door and asks if he would like to join her outside again. When he accepts, she lets out a breath and her eyes open again. Good, she didn't fully make a fool out of herself. 
"Wait a minute, you're kidnapping [I my] friend again??" Derek playfully whines, before looking at Charlie. "And you're just going to let her? I see how it is man, fine but you owe me a couple drinks when you're done doing whatever you're doing. I told you I was definitely helping you loosen up tonight, don't think I forgot that." 
Adriana rolls her eyes at Derek and grabs his arm, pulling him away from Sabrina and Derek. "Would you shut up?" 
Sabrina laughs and looks at Charlie, before walking outside. She feels him follow her, before hearing him compliment her. "Thank you, having an older brother and sister I was kind of taught at a young age how to play. Plus it didn't help that my mom was a bartender at our local bar and I used to play with the regulars, even when I was fifteen." She giggles, listening to him mention about having to carry his team. "Wow, I wasn't kidding when I said Mr. Innocent and kind and shy, knows how to play. You definitely hide it well, you would be the best secret weapon." She teases.

Charlie looked back at Derek and laughed. He had to admit that even though he wanted to hang out with Derek, he wanted to get to know Sabrina more. He chuckled at Derek and nodded. "Alright, you got it." He smiled, following Sabrina out to continue getting to know her a bit more. As she explained everything, he laughed and nodded his head. "Yeah I guess that helps." He laughed. He never did anything like that with his brothers, just his friends. He usually fought with his brothers when they were younger but once they all got older, they started talking more and hanging out, but they never had played any games like that. He looked down for a second when she mentioned he could be a secret weapon. "I definitely don't let on that I know how to play." He laughed. "It's fun beating people after they think I'm not going to be good at it. Since I don't drink that much, people think I don't play drinking games, but I really like drinking games." He chuckled. "It really is a good way to shock people.. and sometimes piss off people if they are competitive." He laughed.
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After hearing Charlie explain how he tricks people, Sabrina giggles and shakes her head. "That's so evil, I like it." She looks at him, and nods. "I agree with you though, I may not like to drink but the drinking games that I have been introduced to have definitely been a lot of fun. Even truth or dare, though I'm normally the boring one and go more for the truths. I don't trust Addy or Derek very much and I have a feeling they would dare me to kiss any guy that was at the party." She admits. "I again would rather know who I'm kissing and going home with then be set up by one of my friends especially the two craziest ones." She laughs, before looking at him. "Hmm, I am curious though? What's the craziest thing you have ever done?" She asks, crossing her arms over her chest and tilts her head to the side.

Charlie laughed and looked at her as she spoke about truth or dare. "Oh I'm the same way. I'm not the most adventurous person.. I generally do the same." He laughed. "Hmm.. oh.. I've been skydiving before. That's the craziest thing I've ever done. It was horrifying and I will never do it again." He laughed. "I guess.. I'm a bit more adventurous than I said but still that was the one and only insane thing I've ever done." He laughed he typically played it safe when it came to activities but his brothers were a whole different story. Somehow, they got him to jump out of a plane.. he never understood how it happened, but he did it and promised he'd never do it again. 

"What about you, craziest thing you've ever done?" He asked, taking a seat on the lounge chair she previously occupied, finishing up the drink she poured for him earlier. He liked the fact he got to drink it slow, but he knew Derek was inside waiting for him to come back to have a few more drinks with him.
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Sabrina's eyes widen at the fact that he has been skydiving. "You're just full of surprises, just when I think I know you. I really thought you were going to tell me that you have never done anything crazy." She giggles. "How the hell did that happen? Did somebody pay you like millions of dollars? I could never, I am way too scared of heights." She admits, watching him as he walks over to the lounge chair. 

As Charlie asks her the same question, Sabrina's cheeks turn a slight pink. "Well I definitely haven't done anything as crazy as that, well maybe it was. I, um sort of let Addy get me drunk one night a couple years ago and convince me to jump off a dock and into the lake. Um without any clothes on..." She hides her face in her hands. "It was so embarrassing, I don't remember doing it, but Addy and Derek took photos and a video of me... It was awful..."  Sabrina lets out a sigh, looking over at him. "Now do you understand why I don't trust them with finding me a guy." She giggles, before walking over and sits next to him on the other lounge chair. "Okay, next question. First kiss, was it just perfect or embarrassing like most are?"

Charlie laughed and watched her as she shared her surprise. "No..I wish. It was for one of my brothers' birthdays. He really wanted to go skydiving. I urged that I didn't want to go but he somehow got me on there and got me to jump." He breathed out. "Like I said.. never again." He laughed. He really didn't want to do anything like again, but he supposed it made for a good story. 

As she shared her story of her craziest experience, he watched her intently. "Oh God..  skinny dipping?" He laughed. "I see why you don't trust them.. or get drunk." He laughed. He hadn't done that before. "That's a good one." He chuckled, watching her walk to the lounge chair beside his. Ad she asked her next question, he leaned his head back for a moment. "Hmm... it was pretty bad." He laughed. "We were so young we had no idea what we were doing. Basically just smashed our faces together, hoping something would happen." He laughed, covering his face slightly. "Didn't kiss anyone for years after that... finally figured out how to do it correctly eventually." He laughed. God he hated remembering that stuff.
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Sabrina smiles, when he mentions that it was for his brother. "Sounds like they were able to convince you to do things you didn't want to do quite often. Like typical older siblings, I'm sure they somehow got you to do their chores too. I have a lot of experience with that. My sister and brother were pretty mean about it." She giggles, before shaking her head. "It just looks so scary, I'd be so afraid that I would die... As I'm sure you were. Well for what it's worth, I'm very glad you didn't. It's been nice spending time with you." She smiles, before she asks her next question. 

When Charlie starts talking about her craziest experience, Sabrina hides her face in her hands again. "Yes, I'm the typical girl who decided going skinny dipping in a 20 degree lake was such a good idea... Like I said I don't remember it, but apparently in the video all I kept saying was how fucking cold my body was and how if I had a boyfriend then I would use him for warmth." She laughs, shaking her head. "Again, that was both my most embarrassing and craziest moment." 
She looks over at him, as she sits next to him and asks her next question. 

Sabrina listens as he explains how embarrassing his first kiss was, laughing once he finishes. "So it was the typical first kiss. That doesn't even sound half bad, mine was during truth or dare. I stupidly picked dare and was still fighting a cold and ended up sneezing all over the guys face... It was another embarrassing moment..." She laughs, shaking her head at herself. "Okay, I'm not asking anymore questions. I just keep embarassing myself by doing so." She laughs.

Charlie laughed lightly as she mentioned her siblings and what they would make them do. "Oh yeah, lots of that. I usually ended up doing all of their chores. We fought so much when we were younger.. we have better relationships now." He laughed lightly. When she goes back to talking about sky diving, he smiled at her when she makes her comment, looking down for a moment. "Thanks.." He said softly, a smile glued to his face. 

Once she explained her experience with skinny dipping, he gave a slight laugh, shaking his head at how he pictured it. "That doesn't sound fun. It seems like it was probably fun in the moment but... yeah I can see how you kind of.. regret that." He laughed. He wanted to not think about how she looked when she was doing it, but the thoughts flooded his head. He had to calm himself down. 

As she shared her experience with her first kiss, Charlie stared at her with wide eyes. "Oh damn... OK you win." He said, covering his mouth with his hand to try and stifle a laugh. At least they both had a horrible first kiss. "I'm enjoying this, really.. I like the questions. They remind me that I'm not the only embarrassing person around." He chuckled, looking over at her with a smile.
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As Charlie starts slightly picking on her about her first kiss, Sabrina narrows her eyes playfully and shoves his arm. "Shut up, it wasn't funny... I felt so bad and just like you it took me a long time to want to try kissing again... And when I did, I made sure I was no longer fighting a cold or was sick within a week or so before. I became very cautious, so it would never ever happen again." She lets out a sigh, laughing at herself. 

"Oh I'm glad that I could make you feel better with my embarrassing stories. So far I haven't heard one embarrassing story from you, well at least not embarrassing as mine." She pouts playfully, looking over at him. 

"Okay fine, if you don't mind me asking 20 questions, then I'll continue asking them. What's your dream first date? Even if it has already happened, how romantic are you? Your answer to this question will determine a lot for me, so... No pressure." She giggles, teasing him, but genuinely curious.

Charlie laughed as she shoved him. He couldn't help it. It was a great story to hear. He shook his head and held his hand up. "OK I'm sorry I'm sorry" he laughed again and shook his head. As he told her how cautious she was now, he nodded. "That's good. If that happened twice... man.."  He laughed and leaned back against the lounge chair, relaxing into it as she went on. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll hear one soon." He shrugged. "With all of these questions some embarrassing stuff is bound to come out." He laughed. 

As she asked what his ideal first date would be, he bit his lip as he thought. "Hmm.." He mumbled. "Well.. first would be dinner and some wine, get to know each other a little better.. make good conversations and get to know one another a little more. After that, we'd take a walk by a lake, assuming there's a lake nearby, as it got darker out..  then we'd set up a blanket and get comfortable, preferably with more wine and lay out under the stars and spend hours talking more." He laughed lightly and rolled his eyes. "I'm sickly romantic.." He mumbled.
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Sabrina listens to his ideal first date and she couldn't help the smile growing on her face. He sounded the complete opposite than any other man she had met from Addy and Derek's crew. It was a huge relief, and she couldn't help but start to like him a little passed the physical attraction she already felt. "Wow, that answer definitely won me over. You are unlike any other man I've met, and it's a huge relief. I'm sure you could imagine what half of these guys said theirs was. None of those things that you mentioned were even said, it was more involving a bed and only occasionally was dinner even mentioned." She rambles, before shaking her head at herself. 

"No skinny dipping in the lake though right? As tempting as it seems, I promise it's not worth it." She laughs, before swallowing hard. "I know Derek's going to steal you soon even though I don't want him to, so I'll ask my biggest question now. Would you be interested in hanging out besides at parties since they are very few and in between?" Sabrina's eyes widen at herself, before she turns and looks away from Charlie. "I understand if that's a lot to ask, but I'm actually having a good time with you and I'd like to continue to get to know each other, especially because I need to hear these embarrassing stories."

Charlie had to, once again, mentally slap himself for the lamest answer she's probably heard. He was a massive romantic and that was an ideal date for him. As she spoke about his date and what the others said, he laughed. "Not surprising. Most guys usually only have that on their minds. Not saying I don't have an occasional thought.. I just don't think about that stuff as much as I hear other guys talk about it." 

"No.. no skinny dipping. Maybe another time but not on the first date." He joked around a little and let out a soft laugh. As she reminds him Derek was likely going to take him away, he sighed lightly. He didn't want to leave Sabrina any more than she wanted to leave him. They were having a good time together. He looked over at her as she asked if he was interested in hanging out outside of the parties. He let out a content sigh and nodded. "Yeah.. I'd love to." He replied. "It's been really fun getting to know you. It would be nice to talk when we don't have the pressure of a party going on around us." He agreed, giving a slight laugh.
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"Oh oops and I probably gave you that occasional thought when I mentioned my craziest story huh?" Sabrina messes around, before she starts cracking up laughing. 

"Aww damn, figured you'd need a little fun after all that romance!" She teases, before she asks if they could hang out again without having to wait for another party. 
Sabrina chews on her bottom lip, as she waits for Charlie's response. Was she rushing things? Would he say yes, what if it was a single sided feeling and he didn't want to hang out with her more? All her thoughts of what ifs paused, when she hears him agree to hanging out. "Wait really? You're up for it? Awesome. Let me give you my number, so you can text or call when you decide you want to hang out again." She smiles and reaches out her hand. "Now it's up to you, I can be a teenager and write my number on your hand or I can just put it in your phone. I don't mind either way." She giggles, before tilting her head to the side as she looks at him.

Charlie laughed lightly as she suggested she brought those feelings up for him with her story. In all honesty, yes... would he admit it? Hell no. He shook it off, trying to keep that bit a secret, of course until they knew each other a little more. 

She seemed so surprised that he was willing to hang out with her more. He really liked her and definitely wanted to spend more time with her. He was happy she suggested that they hang out together outside of a party setting. He wanted to be around her more and only her. 

As she holds her hand out for his phone, he grabbed it out of his pocket, letting out a laugh as she mentioned writing it on his hand. "I couldn't risk that..  It could wash off." He laughed, handing her his phone to put her number in. He was more than excited to hang out with her in a more personal setting. 

Once her number was in his phone, he let out a sigh. He supposed it was time to head back in. At least they got some time together before they had to to back in. He stood up and stretched himself out. "Well shall we join all the drunk people and get back to the party?" He sighed.
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"Oh yeah, definitely couldn't risk it washing off." Sabrina agrees, giggling. When Charlie places his phone in her hands, she puts her number in and saves her name as Bree (the only fun girl at the party) for now until they talk more and he knows who she is. She texts herself, so she has his number and then hands his phone back to him. "I already texted myself, so I'll know who you are." She smiles, before watching him stand up and stretch. Sighing just like he did, Sabrina nods and stands up herself. "Unfortunately, I think it's time before our two drunk friends come to find us." She mumbles, not ready to leave their privacy and getting to know each other. She loved how easy it was to talk to him and was not looking forward to going back to the party, where people were probably started to throw up and get even more rowdy. She follows him inside and immediately gets pulled by Addy into a different room. 
Derek smiles at Charlie, once he notices him. "There you are, let's go! It's time to get you even more loosened up buddy!" He shouts, waving with his hand to come over.

"Oh perfect." Charlie agreed, giving the girl a smile and took his phone back, setting his phone back into his pocket. As much as he loved sitting there and talking to her, which he could easily do all night, he knew it was time to head back in to see their friends again. He knew Derek would be waiting for him to come back in to get a few more drinks in him. 

The two walked in and Sabrina was instantly whisked away by Abby. He looked over at Derek as he waved him over, giving him a smile before making his way over to him, finally getting to him and looking around. "Alright... maybe a couple more drinks." He shrugged. He wasn't buzzed now, having nursed the drink Sabrina made him and figured it was OK to have a couple more now. He looked towards Derek as he was handed a drink of God knows what. He took the cup and took a sip. It definitely wasn't like Sabrina's drink and had a bit more alcohol in it. He made a slight face but shrugged it off, knowing Derek would let up if he didn't drink it.
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Derek chuckles, as Charlie agrees to drink with him. "Awesome, see I promised you I would help you loosen up a little and I don't go back on my promises." He states, pouring the drink and mixing it before handing it to him. "Enjoy!" He takes his own glass, and takes a couple sips. "You don't regret coming with me, now do you?" Derek smirks, nudging his arm. "Sabrina seemed to like stealing you from me, huh?" He chuckles, before sitting with him on the couch.

Addy smiles at Sabrina when she grabs her, shaking her arm. "Well?? Do you like him, is he finally the guy?" 
Sabrina rolls her eyes and pulls away from Addy, giggling. "Jeez Addy, I just met the man and I made the poor guy play twenty questions... How the hell am I supposed to know if he is it?" She laughs, before chewing on her bottom lip. "But I did get his number." She smiles, then puts her fingers in her ears when Addy squeals. "Aha!! I knew this day would come! I'm glad I told Derek to bring him when he explained to me about this new guy he met." 
Sabrina's eyes widen and she groans. "Another set up? Adriana, don't you ever stop."

Charlie looked up at Derek as he spoke, a smile planted on his face. He was definitely having a good time. As he asked if Charlie regretted coming, he shook his head. "No this had surprisingly been a lot of fun." He laughed, taking another sip of the alcohol filled drink. He really was having fun and he didn't mind that Derek's drinks were much stronger than he was used to. As Derek mentioned Sabrina pulling him away, he cleared his throat and averted his eyes with the male. "I... well yeah. We were talking outside and having a good time." He spoke, a little hesitant on what he'd say to Derek. If he told him he liked her, he didn't want Derek to blow it out of proportion. He wanted everything to happen naturally. 

Charlie sat down with him, leaning his back against the couch. "We are going to hang out away from the parties too." He spoke. He felt like he was telling his best friend about his new crush like in high-school. He really did like Sabrina but he didn't want to rush into anything like he had in the past. He figured it would work better if the two really got to know each other and figure out if they were compatible enough to start a relationship. He wasn't interested in a one night stand. Especially not with someone like Sophia.
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Derek smiles, as he listens to Charlie say that he didn't regret coming and how much fun he was actually having. "I'm glad, stick with me bud and I promise we will have you being a social butterfly just as much as I am." He smiles, before he asks about Sabrina. When he had mentioned Charlie to Addy and she brought up that Sabrina and him might be good together, he had argued at first. But now, seeing Charlie's reaction to Sabrina, he knew they had made the right choice. "Oh really? Did you get her number? Wow Charlie I'm impressed. The first party I bring you to and you already got a potential girl." He chuckles and slaps his back. "You definitely came out of your shell from when I first met you, and it definitely benefitted you. We need another drink to celebrate." Derek fixes them both up a shot and another drink, before passing the shot glass to Charlie. "To your potential new girl!" He clinks his glass with his and downs the shot, before chasing it with a gulp of his drink and looks at Charlie.

Charlie shook his head at Derek as he got excited about Charlie and Sabrina's connection. He looked around the party for a moment and laughed lightly. Once he mentioned "potential girl" Charlie bit his lower lip and shook his head. "Derek.. we just met." he laughed lightly, crossing his arms over his chest. "You're getting ahead of yourself.." he laughed lightly, looking down as Derek poured them shots. Charlie looked reluctantly at Derek as he clinked his glass and looked down at the alcohol with a deep breath. Shots were not Charlie's best friend... but for Derek, he'd do one at least. He grabbed a glass and poured some mix into it and made sure he kept it close. He tilted his head back to take the shot and felt a shiver course through his entire body as he swallowed it, shivering outward and grabbing the glass of mix and downed it quickly. He shook his head uncomfortably and looked at Derek. "Oh god.. why do you do these things to me." he laughed lightly, setting both the shot glass and the plastic cup on the counter again.


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