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ShieldHero-     13d ago

[center [h3 Everbloom Top]]

[center Upon first reaching Fey Wood a Paladin of the Ancients will approach the party.] (LV 10)


Charlotte Williams (Introduces herself as Charlotte) she will take the party to go meet the council. They will talk of how the infighting was rather mild and that Straus hasn't really made much of a move to Starkwood. That a few spies were caught looking for a "Move" but nothing serious was planned against Starkwood. This peace will push people of Starkwood to isolate itself and only worry of stepping in when it is needed. Crushing a worn down empire after facing the world if Straus is to somehow win against Burguss and Terra.

Galan wants to close the borders off.

Florian wants to destroy Straus Haven

The Arch Druid wishes to close the borders as well. (LV 16 Circle of the Moon Druid)

Volo's will wish for Starkwood to venture a path to find peace.

The Sumia Shogunate had offered Starkwood a hidden alliance away from the other nations. Which looks down to the wisdom of Burguss and Terra leaving Starkwood unsure how to respond to this Shinobi messenger as it seems underhanded. 

There is infighting as well as spies from Straus Haven. (Some spies are even from the Sumia Shogunate as Shinobi)

In the meeting is Edith Lainsberry an Imperial Knight sent to tell Starkwood that not all of Straus Haven desires war. That the purist have riled imperial matters up and that Cereluen Wingstride and his most loyal men are working on reducing the resources sent by the imperial court that voted against him. That if they would come and plead with the court to stop and share their own findings on the purist they could work together. (They will refuse her) 

She will see the party and Volo's wants peace and will desire to help.

In the castle if the party chooses to explore the stealth from guards etc is DC 15. (Can group stealth) can find a Shinobi skulking around. (He is wearing a Straus Haven badge) this man is a full Tabaxi. Amelia Amaris can be stalking this man, she is a former Shinobi herself now turned merc she believes she can prove this man a Shinobi and gain a bounty for it. 

DC 16 stealth to sneak on him. If that fails leads to an encounter. If it succeeds you see he uses.. A special crystal to contact the Sumia shogunate. (Perception DC 14)

If noticed he will stealth and ambush the party! (CR 8 Assassin)

[center [h3 Hunters Academy]]

Where youth and old alike come to train, functions much different from the usual academy or school with much more freedom. 



Name: Lilith Everpetal

Class: Druid LV 14 Druid of the land

Race: Changeling (Disguises as a Wood Elf)

Vice Principal:


Name: Amy Everpetal (Adopted)

Class: LV 12 druid of the coast

Race: Human

Fighter Teacher


Name: Sehressh Plume (Plume for a nickname)

Race: Human

Class: Echo Knight LV 10

Barbarian Teacher


Name: Bree (Grew up without a family or last name)

Race: Human

Class: LV 10 Totem of the Wolf

Rogue Teacher

Name: Elizabeth Grim (Tiefling Name Grim)

Race: Tiefling

Class: Rogue, Inquisitive LV 10

Monk Teacher


Name: Aidan Shock

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Monk 4 elements LV 10

Paladin Teacher

Name: Charlotte (Knight introduced on early)

Race: Eladrin Elf

Class: LV 12 Paladin of the Ancients

Ranger Teacher (MIA)


Ranger Teacher went on a hunting mission so Walter Surewind takes their place.

MIA Ranger stats below

Name: Gilear Everpetal

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Fey Wanderer LV 11

Druid Teacher


Name: Astra Oakwood

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Druid of Shepard LV 11

Cleric Teacher

Name: Lucil Brimpetal


Race: Wood Elf

Class: Nature Cleric LV 10

Warlock Teacher

Name: Grace Duskfall

Race: Human

Class: Archfey Warlock LV 10

Sorcerer Teacher


Name: Leon Von Wilhelm

Race: Half Elf

Class: Wild Magic LV 10

Bard Teacher


Name: Vince Amberdeen

Race: Human

Class: Bard college of lore

Blood Hunter Teacher

Name: Kristen Bloodlily (Last name is a subject name she kept)

Race: Reborn

Class: Blood Hunter order of the ghost slayer

Wizard Teacher


Name: Emma Miller

Race: Changeling

Class: Wizard school of illusion

Artificer Teacher


Name: Thuldur Struck (Thul for short)

Race: Hill Dwarf

Class: Artificer Armorer

At the school each character will meet their teachers etc.

There are a few noteworthy Students as well.

Rogue student: Flint Sparx (LV 4) Swashbuckler rogue flirt

Bard Student: Halfling Valor Bard Mary Rhapsody LV 4

Bloodhunter Student:

Order of the mutant LV 4
Name: Daniel Dandelion

Sorcerer Student: Kit Willowwind
LV: 6 Clockwork Soul

[center [h3 Fairy Tavern]]

The Fairy Tavern is bustling and booming despite the outside world stress. It has a very "Fey" look to it with Goblins,Fairies and changelings freely changing shape! The bartender is a Changeling known as "Jaune" though she takes several shapes!

[ Linky]
For stats on NPC's you don't got

She see's Rain around the tavern a lot asking around and skulking in the shadow's. DC 14 insight to tell she seems to be honest about this.

[center [h3 Roger's Home]]

If you visit here Roger will be trying to come up with ways to meet up with his father. Volo's has told him he couldn't learn anything for Roger (This is a lie Volos wishes for Roger to not be unhappy and more focused on the mission at hand)

Dahlia can get a flat D20 roll (Don't tell player it's for insight) DC 15
Roger gets a +1 roll if either makes it they can feel something is off with Volos.

[center [h3 Rei's Home]]

Rain Ashton may wish to visit multiple times, he will speak of a time when Volos was married to an "Ayumi" he will tell Rei the vampire was cunning in it's pacts. Fooling his mother and the vampire had taken in interest in Fey like creatures including Eladrin. Rain Ashton was able to come and help Rei just in time however while he was unconscious. (This is not true the vampire wanted Rei to escape to gather great data)

To earn Rei's trust he'll ask if he remembers the name of the vampire. He was out of it and badly hurt at the time. "Wilhelm Dolares"

Volo's will be trying to get into contact with the other ambassadors. And will also now have a dossier on Roger hidden in his room. (Lockpick DC15 fail twice and it'll jam up warn after the first fail)

[center [h3 Veil's Home]]

Veil's home his parents had managed to come from Straus Haven.
Light Peak (Light)

And Ebony Peak (Ebony) they will tell Veil they worry for him and wanted a more peaceful life for him to have but understand and support his choice. They will tell him Straus Haven doesn't seem interested in Starkwood at least for the moment.

[center [h3 Edith's Home]]

If Edith's home is visited she has two Imperial Officers for parents.

Clark Lainberry

And Teresa Lainberry

[center [h3 Amelia's "Home"]]

Amelia doesn't know who or where her family is instead living in the forest surviving by stealing and other means.

[center [h3 Pride's Home]]

Riza is his mother and Valmir is his father, they are also now rogue Shinobi. Always on the lookout for danger and they warn their son to be as well.

[center [h3 Rain's Phials]]

Rain will sell potions and other magical oddities while taking a suberb interest in Rei. He will warn Rei that Roger is a coward and will try to turn Rei against Roger. (Was there the day of Reckoning under a different form)

[center [h3 Willow Carnival]]

If the party is too visit the carnival you a DC 15 perception check shows a man in a whitesuit. A tall slender man familiar to Veil if he see's. Insight DC15 shows that he is watching Veil keeping a close eye upon him.

The Carnival has many games here too play! (Use the arcade from arc 1 for mini games but re flavored not as video games. Can use same prizes however)

Upon coming here see the Fighter Teacher talking to the Druid Teacher. Stealth DC 15 and perception DC15. (Either one) to hear that the Ranger teacher had gone to Florian's "Mirror" and hasn't returned for a long while. That they are beginning to worry with that "Thing" skulking about.

See Kit Willowshard (Student) talking to Flint Sparx. Insight DC 18 shows he is holding a facade of flirty confidence and DC18 insight on her shows she is hiding behind great joy. He seems to be.. Nervous slightly scared. (She is black mailing him.)

She is using him to stealth around the castle to find this.. "Mirror" for her. Can follow her if you desire. If you do so she will head to Lost Mire forest.

[center [h3 Flutter Wing Fort]]

Flutter Wing fort had done much to stop any infighting from the outside, many were persuaded by Straus Haven and the Ambassadors that came from there. One such general Fang Wireblade had turned many of Stark Wood's citizens against one another. Charlotte Williams watches the fort often and she is rather somber around Roger Williams it seems. For she knows his tale she may share such a thing with the group if certain conditions are met and will give them updates of the worlds happenings.

She'll also warn them there was a strange man in a white suit that had fought her. He was looking for Veil.

[center [h3 Dancing Lights Cafe]]

Lilith Everpetal and Roger will be talking amongst one another it will appear to be one on one and rather.. Secretive in nature. She couldn't be too private as Roger is under watchful eye. The two pretend to flirt. DC 17 insight shows they are faking and the two are sharing other forms of intel.

DC 20 shows Roger is feeling immense inner pain.

DC 14 perception check shows a group of normal looking students watching at Veil alongside with Sparx. (Sparx seems shady and flirty and maybe even a creep) but he has taken learned of the Shinobi and for his first "Mission" he must help take down Veil. He shared info on Kit and her plans to help set up an invasion is how he earned trust fast but he doesn't wanna truly help the shinobi.

If the perception check fails he will approach the party. DC 16 insight to tell he doesnt' mean what he says when he tells them "I want Veil to come alone" all flirty.

Can lead to Shinobi Encounter

[center [h3 Lost Mire Forest]]

Kit Willowood encounter here.

However if the party comes here not because of that encounter they can hear Shinobi talking of trying to track down Pride. They will begin to scatter and run and hide if caught.

DC 16 perception and the group can catch one said Shinobi.

[center [h3 Market District]]

Weapon and armor shops etc also chart for character meet up! Roll D20

Also while here see Rain talking to Kit Willowshard. (DC 20 insight) to see they are being somewhat secretive as he tells her to head to the carnival. (They split up) following him is a DC 18 stealth or her is a DC 15 (Warn them) follow her and she'll go to the carnival to harass Sparx.

1: Fighter Teacher
2: Rogue Teacher
3: Barbarian Teacher
4: Monk Teacher
5: Paladin Teacher
6: Ranger Teacher
7: Cleric Teacher
8: Druid Teacher
9: Sorcerer Teacher
10: Bard Teacher
11: Warlock Teacher
12: Wizard Teacher
13: Artificer Teacher
14: Blood Hunter Teacher
15: Roger
16: Flint
17: Volos
18: Mary Rhapsody
19: Arch Druid
20: Florian

[center [h3 Griffon Ranch]]

Many mystical creatures are here! Can pet and ride them as you wish! The Arch Druid runs the ranch himself! He knows of Roger's past and feels sorrowful for him. But obey's Galan's Authority on the matter.

He'll ask the group how well they know Roger etc etc

[center [h3 Notes]]

[ Linky]
For stats on NPC's you don't got

[center [h3 Side Spiral Act 1]]

Upon entering Starkwood they will realize that Crystal service is rather spotty here. There appears to be some sort of phenomenon preventing outside contact to be more consistent.

The party will be invited to Everbloom Top except for Roger Williams will not be allowed.

Volo's will speak to Florian Frost (She is able to come fro and forth between the Fey Wild and is known as the Fairy Queen.) The Arch Druid know only by title. And Galan Williams will meet the party and talk here all social encounter rolls have a DC15. 

As the meeting ends one man in particular will wanna guide Rei home saying he had once served his family when he was younger.


Rain Ashton

For Veil he will meet a man that used to be his supervisor in Straus Haven and will ask him if he wishes to continue growing his powers in the Shadowfell. Veil can feel a counterpart to the Shadowfell here.. Something luminous and bright. (A hidden portal to the Fey Wild exist here)

Pride will be hunted by former Shinobi for disobeying orders.

In class (Sorcerer class) they will talk how in Fey Wood they could once freely go to the Fey Wild. Though it was rather dangerous and the Fallen Fey King had proven that many mortals were not ready for the Fey Wild. (Tell the fallen Fey King story if needed)
Kit however (Rolls deception) is not amused and even seems.. Angry by this story.

If the party follow's Rain he has a device to manipulate water. Heading to the lake near Edith's house as he makes his way to a underground lair.

Neil Gremory (Twin brother of Stephen Gremory from the hospital)

He'll be the man that was in Veil's experiments now with a hand mirror that has a stolen piece of Florian's mirror. A shadowy figure whispering to him in the mirror he will be leading this invasion in the final act/encounter. Upon being defeated he will vanish a note from Giovanni stating. "This is you're last favor from me mad scientist"

Will add more markers for arc 2. Many places are burnt and repairing from the infighting (The infighting they believe however was quickly quelled)


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