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The royal and thief

By Creek
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AmberArcherAmber Yami   42d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber was running on top of roofs in a small town. She was trying to lose some of the guards that were scattered around the kingdom. She jumped down into an alleyway hoping to lose the rest of those chasing her. She listened for footsteps as they passed. She looked around the alleyway and saw a wanted poster with a picture of her face on it.
Creek     38d ago

The guards all ran around the kingdom looking for the thief. The queen was luckily not harmed and they couldn’t find whatever was stolen. 

The general grumbled and stopped her cream colored horse. “Dammit. Slipped past us again. The queen could’ve been hurt!”

“But she is not. Don’t overthink this ma’am. Good thing is the Queen is unharmed and is perfectly fine. Nothing seemed to be stolen either from when we searched around.” Another guard answered her.

She scoffed. “We are lucky on that part. Let’s head back.”
AmberArcherAmber Yami   37d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber sighed softly to herself and looked around making sure they had left before the left the alley. She had gotten so close to getting what she needed but they had spotted her just before. 

Amber walked around the city and put her mask back on.
Creek     37d ago

The city was filled with small housing and had markets in the area. People walked around the area, buying items and going in and out of their homes.

It was busy as usual, with the annual sun festival coming up. The festival where harvest is the best time of the year and where special fruits and vegetables can be obtained.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   37d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber walked around the town and looked around. She hummed softly to herself walking around trying to find something to eat. She had a very thin figure only ever being able to eat when she finds something or hunts.
Creek     32d ago

A lady had seen her and smiled. “Hey! Over here amber!”

When amber came over the lady’s smile grew. “Hey! How ya doing? It’s been a long time! Still stealing around these parts?”
AmberArcherAmber Yami   32d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber looked over and waved slightly “well yea I guess” she said softly “I haven’t been able to get much though” she shrugged.
Creek     32d ago

“Here! On the house!” She gave her three apples. “I got em myself this year near the harvest trees. Beautiful things they are really. Ans they’re good for you! No need to pay kiddo.”
AmberArcherAmber Yami   32d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber took them and smiled “thank you” she said softly placing them in her bag. She rubbed her arm “well… I’ll see you later”
Creek     28d ago

“Bye bye sweetie! Be safe! Oh! And could you get my usual order of blueberries from the merchant? He should be down the road!”

She yelled to her as she had left. The merchant was a frequent person around these parts, usually coming during festivals or other big events. Nobody knows how he gets them.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   28d ago
Artist + cosplayer

“Alright I’ll see get it” she smiled and waved. She sighed and headed over to talk to the merchant and spoke to them for a bit.
CreekMysterious fella   27d ago

“Look who It is…Who…Are you again exactly? Sorry sweetie business is bustling nowadays!” He chuckled and fixed his hat.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   27d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber nodded "its alright, well uhm one of my friends asked me to pick up an order from you"
CreekMysterious fella   26d ago

“Right! The lady who sells the pots right? She’s a sweetheart! She truly is!” He sighed and pulled out a box from his bag. “Here. Give this to her! She doesn’t need to pay me! She already pays me with those magnificent pots she makes!”
AmberArcherAmber Yami   26d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber nodded "thank you sir" she said softly "I'll make sure she get's these" she said and walked back to the womens setup (dik what to call it)
Creek     26d ago

The woman smiled and took the package. “Thank you so much dear! Is there any other way I could repay you for your help?” She put the package down and looked through her pockets for coins.
AmberArcherAmber Yami   26d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber shook her head "no its alright" She said softly and smiled. "you don't need to pay me anything"
Creek     21d ago

She smiled. “You are truly an angel sweetie…I don’t know why you’re still doing shady stuff like this…But this is all your choice.” Her smile grew into a saddened smile. “Now get going before guards start searching.”
AmberArcherAmber Yami   21d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber nodded and waved before leaving the town. She headed into the forest just for the nights. She knew she didn’t have to be this thief but then again she had her reasons.


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