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You fell in love with Tsuki not long after meet him. Over the years you grew closer to him finally decided it was time to make a move. You told Tsuki your feelings, admitting you had fallen in love with him. Tsuki seem so happy but hurt at the same time. He rejected you saying it wasn't the right time. Little did you know Tsuki had a stalker named Taiyo.

Taiyo was heartless and always jealous of you. When he seen the two of you together he would threaten Tsuki. Tsuki had did everything in his power to keep this dark secret from you. It didn't take you long to figure out what was going on. You told Tuski that you would protect him. You would take him away from all this drama. Things weren't that simple as you hope it seemed no matter where you ran Taiyo would show up. Each time he was much more aggressive....

(Okay this is the rough idea I have so far. Here what is I need from you.)
Need someone who can write 1000+ characters
This rp is MxM
Anime pictures only.
Also need to be18 or older this is a yandere rp.
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LukiTsuki   33d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Loving Tsuki came easy over the years. You first met each other when you were only 10 years old. At first the two of you really didn't get a long. Tsuki was always so shy and quite. He was just weird for a kid his age. People often made fun of him for his ivory color hair and pale sink. You had a change of heart, you stood up for him since then the two of you were inseparable. When the two of you were 16 you learned that Tsuki family was moving. It hurt having to watch your closes friend leave. The two of you often talked on the phone and texted each other. 

It was then that Tsuki told you he had some good news. He and his family would be moving back into town. You were over joyed. It had only been 3 years since your friend had moved away. What excited you the most that you would be attending the same college as him. You were so excite but when you and Tsuki finally got together something felt off. 

There was something that Tsuki wasn't tell you but you didn't know what it was. He was acting distant told you he was happy to see you but that you could no longer be friends. Your heart sank you felt like you could vomit. Since that day you hadn't seen Tsuki even though you went to the same college. He was voiding you it hurt. 

Months passed finally you ran into Tsuki. You pulled him into a tight embrace  and told him your feelings. His rose colored eyes seemed to swell with tears that soon stained his pale cheeks. [#dadbdd "I-I can' I told you before I can't be your friend any longer..."] he said dryly. You just couldn't accept those words now could you? See the love of your life leave you once again. 

You  kissed Tsuki passionately which cause his pale cheeks to be stained with pink. Tsuki couldn't help but to kiss you back he quickly pushed you way.  [#dadbdd "Look I am sorry...we can't..."] he said as he backed way from you.
H4ppyp1llzZukon   33d ago

Feeling as though his heart was being torn from his chest in the most brutal way possible. Begging the only one he can love to not leave him again. Hoping g he'd come back. But once he saw the look Tsuki gave him he began sobbing uncontrollably. His breathing getting heavier and heavier as thoughts started to invest his mind.

Had all those years not meant anything? Had he never cared? Did someone love him better? Did someone bribe him? His thoughts running wild, creating reasons why they couldn't be together. Unable to stop them. Holding his hands over his ears as an attempt to stop them, before letting out a sad groan.

He gathered all the courage he could go look him in the eyes "I love you Tsuki... I'll wait." And with those words he walked away fighting the urge to run back to him.

He knew something was wrong and Wanted to find out who made his baby scared. Making a silent promise to find out the reason he's scared. He could hear it in his voice and see his lips tremble as he spoke, not being able to hold eye contact. He knew that Tsuki loved him, he felt it when they kissed, how Tsuki melted into his arms for a split second and their bodies fit together. "This isn't over" he whispered to himself as he kept walking with silent tears streaming down his face.
LukiTsuki   33d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Tsukiyami sighed softly as he shook his head. He knew deep down Zukon wasn't going to give up. Tsuki sighed again as he walked way in the opposite direction hoping that Taiyo hadn't seen a thing. Taiyo was always watching him, it was hard to get out of his sight.

He didn't get too far when he felt a strong pair of arms grab him from behind. Taiyo's slender finger dance across his chests until they slipped under his white color t-shirt. Tsuki shiver as he knew where these fingers were going.

It didn't take long for the slender finger to find their targets. They pinched the soft rose colored bud harshly which caused Tsuki to groan as he did he best to hold in a whimper. It was then he heard a callous voice speak to him. Telling him he need to know his place if he didn't want anything to happen to his friend. 

Tsuki knew this wasn't going to end well on his part but if he was lucky maybe he could keep Tayio distracted enough to leave Zukon alone. [+Grey "Look I am sorry...please forgive me..."] he said he turn to look at Taiyo. Squeeze the pale pink buds harder which cause Tsuki to whimper and keep looking away. It was embarrassing that this was happening out in the middle public but that was what Taiyo like. Making people suffer and feel humiliation. 

After a bit of time the darker hair male let go of Tsuki. He grabbed him by the wrists and pulled him into the shiny black car. The black car sped off  towards the near by city. Tsuki sighed softly as he glanced out the window at the blurry scenery.  He knew where they were going but choose to let his mind wonder anyway.
LukiTaiyo   33d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center The dark haired male had witnessed the whole scene play out before him. So his finance was seeing another man? How dare he! He was going to make him pay. He quickly walked up to Tsukiyama. He wrapped his arms around him. Sliding his hands under the slender mans shirt. He gave Tsuki pale buds a soft squeeze. He didn't stop until he heard the man whimper. That was more like it he thought as lead Tsuki to the shiny car. He shoved the slender boy into the car. He slipped inside and then sped to the city. 

 Taiyo pulled Tsukyami out of the shiny black car. The two of them walked into a luxury looking apartment building. [#f64d13 "So tell me my little minx what were you doing today? Who was that guy I happen to see you locking lips with today"] he said as sat down on leather love seat. 

Taiyo might of seemed calm but he was still very angry. He wanted to hurt Tsuki. He couldn't do out in the middle of public. He could tell Tsuki was very nervous like he should be. [#f64d13 "Come here"] he said as patted the spot beside him. He could tell Tsukiyama wanted to resist him. He glared at him the boy came over as he was told. He smiled softly this night was going to be fun.
H4ppyp1llzGale   33d ago

She watched as Zukon walked up to her door. She leaned against the frame as she crossed her arms and shook her head. She had told him not to do it seeing as she already knew exactly what was going on with Tsuki. Slightly feeling bad for the boy.

She sighed as he stopped in front of her. She opened her arms inviting him in for a hug that he gratefully Accepted.

She wanted to tell him everything but she promised tsuki she wouldn't tell him. So all she did was hold him as he cried and let out all his frustration. Leading him inside and taking him to sit on the couch. Then left to call tsuki hoping he had an idea of what she was supposed to do to help him feel better since she wasn't the emotional type. She stood in The bathroom waiting for him to pick up and got frustrated, nearly breaking her phone as she tried to reach him over, and over again. Tapping her feet and finally giving up she went back to Zukon and let him lay his head on her lap as he fell asleep still having her phone by her side incase he called back or even wanted to check in to let her know he was safe as hell usually did.
LukiTsuki   32d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Tsukiyama was lucky that Taiyo hadn't snatched his phone yet. He felt his phone ringing. He felt it ring again which cause him to shift a little. He sighed softly as he was pulled into a kiss by Taiyo. He had a feeling he wasn't going to be going home tonight. Taiyo was always aggressive. Pull away for a breath was roughly pulled back in. 

This was for his family right? They were engaged because this is what his family wanted. Taiyo family was not only rich but they had very powerful connections. It was great for his father's business. His family had no idea how Taiyo actually treated him. They probably would never know. 

Tsuki was happy after spending most the night there. He was finally able to go home around 2am. Once he got back to his house. He went straight to his room which was in the basement. It was a very spacious. There was even a bathroom down there so he really didn't have to go up stairs. 

Tsuki went straight to bathroom. He glance at the mirror seen his neck cover in small red welts and bite marks. Everything was sore. Taiyo was not gentle in anyway. He sighed softly as he got into the shower.  The water felt great on his sore skin. He had bruises on his back and wrists but no one would see them. He always wore long sleeves Taiyo made sure to threaten him. 

Once he was done showering he went to bed. Before he went to sleep he text Gale back. [+Grey [i "Sorry I couldn't answer your call things are getting worst...I am okay..."]] he said as sent the text. He yawned as he drifted to sleep. He was probably going to miss his classes today but he didn't care he was too tired to care.
H4ppyp1llzGale   32d ago

Waking up on Gale's couch. He groaned feeling soreness in his back as he sat up. Then he thought back on what had happened the day before. 

He still didn't fully understand it all. He set his elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands. "Why?" He asked himself out loud. Feeling Gale's phone vibrate on the floor so he picked it up reading the message over and over again. He set it down and left. Walking in the cold he thought about it all.

"He's with someone" he said to himself. Realizing everything. How Tsuki never wore his short sleeve shirts or shorts, how he always has his neck covered. All he could think was that his baby, his rightful property, was being hurt. 

As he grew angrier and angrier. He stopped by his car to get a few things then kept walking to see tsuki. Once he got there he was hesitant. Bringing his hand up to knock on the door but let his hand fall. 

Would he really want to see someone like me? He thought to himself. He pushed it to the back of his mind and knocked. Waiting outside for someone, anyone to answer so he could see tsuki at least one last time. He held his breath tapping his feet out in the cold air.
LukiTsuki   31d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Tsuki was still sleeping but his mother answered the door. She was middle age woman with dark brown hair. She was thin and her face still looked like a child's. She was dressed casually wearing her favorite pink color sweater. It was obvious where Tsuki got his looks from. She smiled softly as she open the door to see Zukon standing there. [+Pink "Good heavens dear where is your jacket?"] she said as she welcome Zukon in. She knew he was close with Tsuki they had been friends for many years. She smile softly [+Pink would you like some tea dear?"] she said with a soft smile. 

[+Pink "I am afraid Tsuki isn't awake right now.... He told me he wasn't feeling well..."] She said with a soft sigh. Tsuki mother was always kind. It was clear she had no idea how rough her son had it. 

[+pink "You can try knocking on his bedroom door to see if he will answer but I don't think he will"] she said with a soft sigh. 

Tsuki was still sound a sleep. He only woke when he heard heave foot steps coming down the basement stairs. Tsuki was thankful that the door was locked. He stay silent as he waited for the soon coming knock. He hope it wasn't his father or Taiyo.
H4ppyp1llzZukon   31d ago

He stood waiting silently, his foot tapping lightly. The coldness leaving his body. As he waited he thought about how long it's been since his and tsuki were in the same room.He started to feel impatient so he blocked out the rhythm only they knew.

He hoped that he remembered it. It was one of the many things that he needed him to remember. He sat down knowing that it takes tsuki forever to get out the bed once he lays down.

"Tsuki? Baby please, it's me" he begged silent tears falling again as he sat there. "Please I-I need you, just open the door."

The thought about the altercation a few years back with tsuki's father. How the man had shown such hatred to him for just being around him, just for looking his sons way. He didn't know he had fallen for him but his mother knew Zukon was head over heals for her son. But he never really cared if anyone knew, he just wanted to be around the boy even if he didn't know anything.

"Tsuki, please. I won't hurt you, you know that. I could never treat you the way your father does, the way your boyfriend does. I'd treat you so much better, love you so much better. Please just talk to me." He meant everything word he said.
LukiTsuki   30d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Tsuki sighed softly even with the pillow over his head he could still hear Zukon. He sat up slowly sighing. [+Grey "Please just go away... No you can't... You wouldn't understand."] He said as he rolled over in his bed. His bed was on the same wall of the stairwell door. So he could hear through the wall easily. 

He was happy to be here in his room. This was were he wanted to it was safe and dark. There were two small windows around the room that he had covered with dark curtains. His room was spacious enough it had tv, desk, dress and even a leather loveseat. Of course a small bathroom that was his sanctuary after visits with Taiyo. 

Tsuki was happy his door had locks on it but it wouldn't matter if his father was home. His parents had a hidden key somewhere. Last he knew his mother had possession of it. Knowing her it was lost somewhere in her collection of tea pots.

Tsuki always loved his mother's story. She told him about the first time she met his father. They went on date it had the most beautiful tea pot. Of corse his father being who is bought her the whole tea set from the restaurant. Back when his father use to know what love was.
H4ppyp1llzZukon   29d ago

Hearing tsuki's voice was enough for him, even if it truly wasn't. But he didn't want to see him so he decided to sit andean against the door. He ignored the cold empty feeling he gets when his best friend doesn't want to see him.

He sat there, soon drifting off to sleep. Dreaming of him and his one and only finally being together as he so often did, making him feel loved and happy. Sadly he knew it was just a dream. Tsuki would never love him, and it would've been worse once he found out he had accidentally killed a man in a car crash a few years back.

He woke up when he heard Tsuki's mom ask what he was doing outside his room. All he could say was that he was protecting him. Since that was, in a way, true, he was protecting him, he just didn't know from what. He got up and gave a sheepish smile. 

"Can you tell him i need to see him? It's very important." He asked her. "He won't let me in but it's urgent. I've been out here all night." He said rubbing his neck a little, looking down as if he was ashamed to even be telling her this, he is talking about her son after all, to him it kind of felt weird.
LukiTsuki   29d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Tsuki sighed softly as he fell back to sleep. He had a feeling Zukon wasn't going to leave easily. Tsuki sighed softly as he slowly sat up. He was still sore in place but he need to get ready for today. He was also getting hungry wished he stocked up on more snack but after leaving Taiyo all he could think of was a shower. 

Tsuki walked to his bathroom. He left the door open since he knew no could get in his room. He stepped inside the small shower stall after turn on the hot water. He took a nice hot shower. He washed his ivory color hair and skin thoroughly. Once he was all clean he stood in the hot water. Once he had gotten done shower he wrapped himself in a fluff cream colored towel. 

He dried off and he got dressed it was then he heard his phone buzz. It seemed that Taiyo wanted him over asap.He sighed softly as he was about to open the door but then notice there was something against it. He sighed softly shaking his head. It seemed that Zukon had fallen a sleep against. 

Sighed softly he closed relocked the door. It seemed he was going to have to go out the window. He walked crossed his room. He slipped out one of the basement windows. He had his keys in his pocket.

He walked over to his blue colored sedan he quietly slipped inside and  started it up. He pulled out of the drive way head toward Taiyo. By the time that Tsuki's mom gotten the spare key to open his room. Tsuki was already gone. 

His room very neat and tidy except for one crumbled blanket on the bed. There were photos of him and you on his nightstand. Some hung on the wall. The two of you had been friends for a long time. There was a small box tucked way under his bed. It contained some of his most precious items. Most of them were small gifts from you.

Tsuki sighed softly as he made it to the city. He pulled into Taiyo apartment complex. He really didn't want to get out of his car. He forced himself to get out of the car. He slowly started walking towards the large modern building.
H4ppyp1llzZukon   29d ago

Zukon being who he is, decided to enter the room and wait. Knowing that since he asked Tsuki's mom not to tell him he was there, she wouldn't. He walked around looking at the pictures his best friend had kept.

Remembering each memory they held. Even the day they had first met, and the day Tsuki had ended up in the hospital and he wouldn't leave his side. He chuckled at the memory. "What have you done to me, my love." he said as he continued to look around but couldn't seem to find any pictures from when he had left.

"You never were that photogenic." he whispered. Noticing the box he slid it out, sitting on Tsuki's bed and opening it. He felt happy that he had kept them for so long. He picked up the little batman watch be gave him when they promised each other they'd be together forever. Then the necklace he gave him right before they moved. 

He sighed and laid back. "Why can't you see what I see." he mumbled to himself. Very unsure of if he should be staying or not. But ran his hand through his jet black hair and ignored the thought. "I'll be holding you soon. Even if it's only as friends."
LukiTsuki   28d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Tsuki sighed as he spent most the day with Taiyo and a few of his friends. He wasn't very happy about being there but had no choice. He was forced to cook and serve drinks. It was miserable but it was better than being lone with Taiyo. 

Tsuki didn't return home until late again. He was thankful that it was the weekend. When he got home his father screamed at him. Tsuki sighed as he went to his room. Which he noticed was unlocked. His heart was racing when he opened the door.  He was a little surprised seeing Zukon.

[+gray "What are you doing here Zukon?"] he said as he closed the door locked it. [+gray "If my dad catches you he is going to kill me"] he said as he shook his head. 

He was tired really didn't want to deal with anyone. He sighed softly as he crossed his arm looked at Zukon. [+grey "I thought I told you we couldn't see each other anyone..."] he said with a sigh. It hurt saying that but he had to be strong. 

He paced around his room anxiously. He knew his father was still wake he couldn't be too loud. He was frustrated but happy to see his friend in a way. He sat down on the bed beside him sighing softly as he laid back looking at the ceiling. He was getting really sleepy. He was sure Zukon had a lot to say.
H4ppyp1llzZukon   27d ago

He couldn't help but pin him down and kiss him for a few seconds. He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help himself. He got up and stood across the room to keep him from doing more.

"I don't care Tsu, you know I don't. Your dad always hated me but I need you." He said holding back tears. "Why don't you get that? I'm so much better than your dad and whoever you've been seeing." He sniffled. Then remembered the long sleeves. "L-Let me see your arms my love." He said gently, walking over and kneeled down. "Please?" 

He waited for a response, knowing he shouldn't have been there anyway. But all he needed was a simple answer and he's sure that Tsuki understood exactly what he meant. At least he hoped he did.

He took a deep breath and ran a hand through his jet black hair. He always knew how to wait for the one he loved, he had to since Tsuki was fragile. Then he noticed a small red Mark on Tsuki's ankle. He reached out and gently touched it, "Did your boyfriend do that?" He asked looking up hoping to catch the boys eyes, wanting him to say that he just tripped and accidentally got the mark.
LukiTsuki   22d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Tsuki snarled as he tried to push Zukon away. He was happy when the man walked over to the other side of the room. Tsuki rose colored eyes seem to burn with anger. [+Grey "Sure you don't care about my dad... You don't have to deal with him"] he said as he rolled over laying on his arms.

Tsuki really wanted to sleep now. He was so angry. He was pissed that his mother let Zukon in here. This was his room. His! It was the only place he had of his own. The only time he had peace. [+Grey "It Doesn't matter... I am sure I fell over sometime."] he said as his rose color eyes glance at Zukon. 

He knew his friend meant well but at the moment. All he wanted was solitude maybe he just wanted to sleep. [+Grey "Look things aren't as simple as they use to be."] he said as he looked away from Zukon focusing on something else in the room. 

[+Grey "You can stay the night...We can get lunch tomorrow but after that... no more... I know you don't understand...You probably never will... You don't know him....Even this is rather risky..."] he said with a sigh. Taiyo was dangerous, very dangerous. It seem that no but this father understood this. Tsuki sighed softly as he sat up. He pat the side of the bed gesturing for Zukon to come sit down.

This would be the last night they got to spend together. Taiyo had surprised him today. Taiyo had informed him that he was going to living with him after this week. It seemed his father had agreed. The mover were set to come start packing up his things in only a couple of days.

(sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been busy these past couple days.)
H4ppyp1llzZukon   21d ago

"Then stop avoiding me! I only want what's best for you and that only works if you start talking!" He whispered yelled. "I know your father doesn't, correction, hasn't ever liked me. But that never stopped us before."He started crying a little. 

Did Tsuki not understand that this was tearing him apart? Did he know and not care? He made a promise that he was going to keep whether he liked it or not."We promised Tsu, we promised we'd be honest, and trust each other, and protect each other. D-Does that mean nothing?" He has to know, all he needed was a yes or no and if it was a no then he'd leave. That boy was his everything ever since they'd met. They held each other up when the other was down. It wouldn't make sense for Tsuki to not want that now.

He slid down the wall with his hands running through his hair. "I-I can be so much better to you, you know that." He whispered hugging his knees and hiding his face. The last thing he wanted was for the one he loved to see him cry, that wasn't even an opinion at the moment. But if Tsuki wanted, Zukon would've had him pack everything he needed and took him far away, out of the city, country even. Just so he'd be happy and no longer in pain.
LukiTsuki   18d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Tsuki sighed softly as he shook his head. [+Grey "It's not that simple..."] he said dryly. [+Grey " I have try to run away many times but he always finds me."] he said with a sigh. [+Grey "If I had a choice I would chose you... but I can't now... We can't run we can't hide...he will find us."] he with a sigh. 

Tsuki sighed softly as he stood up. He walked towards Zukon. He wrapped his arms around him and embraced him for a moment. Before being pull way from him roughly. 

An eiree voice snarled at them. [+Orange "What the hell is this"] he said as he appeared out of the shadows. [+grey T-Taiyo..."] Tsuki said as he started to shake. [+Grey "H-How did you get in..."] he said 
[+orange "Do you really want to know that..."] he said with a snarl as he threw Tsuki to the floor roughly. Taiyo burning ember colored eyes locked on too Zukon. So this was thorn in his side.  

[+Orange "Well either was it's time to go Honey"] he said as he grabbed a hold of Tsuki as pulled into what looked like a mirror. It was a mirror a full body mirror at that. As soon as Taiyo slender fingers touched the mirror it ripple almost like water. In the vague reflection of the mirror it showed a different room. It was Taiyo room. He pulled Tsuki into the mirror and the two of them seemed to vanish. The only thing that could be found was an ivory colored feather. The mirror itself shatter into pieces before Zukon could even move towards it. 

The mirror portal took them right to Taiyo room. Where Tsuki was once again thrown roughly to the floor.
H4ppyp1llzZukon   12d ago

He sat in front the mirror, the shades of glass in his now bleeding hands. He wouldn't cry, he couldn't. Crying would solve nothing for him. Crying won't get Tsuki back.That guy was gonna pay for hurting him like that. Just throwing Tsuki across the floor like a old T-shirt. He was far from old clothing. In fact, he was fragile peace of art, the only one of his kind.

He opened his fists letting the blood run from his palms. Standing up he walked out the room and left the house. The cold moist air running through his hair, catching in his clothes as he thought of a way to get Tsuki back.  But he understood that there would only be one way, if he got the man's number and threatened him to let him go. It wouldn't make the man let the fragile creature go but it'd make him come after him for the threat. After all, he wanted a fair fight.

Turning a few corners he headed into the city. It's probably his best bet, maybe he'd be hiding in one of the flats or penthouses in the area or somewhere else, somewhere close. He just needed to look somewhere. A hospital and food was the least of his worries. He wanted the bottle to be fine, he wanted his precious flower to be safe, but he wasn't with that no good abusive boyfriend.


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