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Helluva boss Roleplay

By Creek
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HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

H e l l i o s))
Creek     43d ago

Hello! Would you please start first?)
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

sure!))It was a normal day in hell, Ellios Skullbane/Skullios was polishing his kitanas,his Kunais,his arrows and smoke bombs. He yawned and chewed some gum
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

you alr with one liners?))
CreekMoxxie   43d ago

(I apologize but I’m not a one liner person- sorry!)

It seems he had gotten a call from his boss, aka Blitzo, owner of the company I.M.P.

“Skeleton bitch— get your ass over here! We have a…Major situation.” Blitzo seemed to be whispering as something rang throughout the phone. It sounded like a woman crying?

“Maybe we do got a delusional client but we need some backup IMMEDIATELY! Moxx has been trying to calm this psycho down for the last hour!!” Blitzo then hung up.

“I-I don’t understand! I am speaking the truth I really am! I am a ruler of Lust but just from…Somewhere else!!”

“I-I’m sorry but…A-Asmodeus is miss? I don’t know what you could’ve taken but—“

“No! I am speaking the truth I’ve told you already! Oh!- my poor bodyguards must be scared and afraid of what’s happening!” She continued to sob and her grip on moxxies hand became much tighter, making him squeak and hiss.

“This is all just…Crazy miss…Y-You first thought our boss was one of YOUR bodyguards- then…Just all this other information-“ Moxxie huffed and Millie came up to the lady.

“Hey…It’ll be fine! We can help you I’m sure of it!” Millie gave her a smile. “Just- Clam down and tell us more…”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

Maybe not too long-))Skully got up and looked at the woman,then at blitz saying in japanese, "Watashi wa kono shimu no tame ni jūbun'na shiharai o ukete imasen(I don't get paid enough for this shit..". He got an idea. He turned into his ball form to comfort the woman with a cuddlable ball. He appeared in the ruler of lust's arms and squeaked
Creek     43d ago

The woman looked down at his form and sighed. “Thank you but…I am not better. Not until I find my bodyguards! Or- they find me…Dammit I’m such a terrible!—“

“Calm down sweetie…We will find them and bring them back to you!” Millie gave her another smile and pat her shoulder. “Me and little skelly here can search for em! Just give us a description!”

The lady smiled and nodded. “O-Okay…”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

He turned back into his regular form and said "Im rank 21 on assassins..I can merc anybody you describe.." and saluted
Creek     43d ago

Her smile seemed to grow and she nods.

“They are…Around the size of imps…They look like your boss also but wear black suits and black sunglasses…Their horns are also well- not there either…”

“It should be easy to find them as they also have pins. The pins are like my diamond shaped earrings with a star on the end.” She showed the earring hanging off the golden cuff around her horns. “It represents our family but also me.”

Millie and Moxxie nodded in understanding. “Me and Moxxie can go help your newest assassin to find them for ya!”

“But this will cost ya!” Blitzo glared at the woman while making a hand gesture.

The woman nods. “I can definetly pay you guys…I’m sure you take the same currency as we do- and humans-“
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

Skully looked at her and said "And You gotta pay me a gumball..and some pocky.." as he looked into the lady's eyes, making a angy face that was too cute to be an angy face
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

He got up and said "Wheres the basterds bossu?.." and grabbed his kitana with the carved phrase of Lil Blady <3
Creek     43d ago

She chuckled but also nods. “I’m sure I can come up with something…”

“You just stay here then and we’ll come back with em! Any idea where they would be?”

“Well…Most likely where I would be staying- if they even know how to use the transport here?” She shrugs.

“Well…Moxxie could you check around here with Loona and Blitz? Me and skelly can check around the Lust ring!” Millie had already grabbed her axe and was making her way out.

“But— Lust isn’t…” Moxxie muttered. He was met with a short kiss to his lips.

“Moxx…It’ll be fine…” Millie kissed him one last time and was heading to the elevator. “Come on skelly!”

“Of course you leave us with the crazy bitch!” Blitzo shouted. 

“Be greatful I’m even paying you guys.” The woman hissed out and crossed her arms.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   43d ago

He faced palmed and said "Its skully..But LETS GO MERC THOSE MOTHAFUCKAHS!THEY STOLE MY FUCKING 10 GIGABYTES OF SPEEDWAGON IMAGES! HOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa..." As it faded away as he went into the portal. he drank 2 bottles of vodka before that
Creek     42d ago

“Uh- we are just gonna find them skully…Not Merc anybody for…Whatever you said-“ Millie glanced around and sighed. “So imps like blitz but wearing suits and horns and pins.”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully already found them and he knocked them both out. he brought him back to milly and said "No need -.-" in a tired tone
Creek     42d ago

The two of them were as described. Something similar to blitzo, wearing black suits and also having cut off horns.

One was a pinkish red with light pink scars around his cheeks and horns. He seemed smaller though to the other one.

The other was a dark red and had more yellow spots on him like some sort of carnival thing. He was also bigger and seemed to be more muscles.

The smaller one opened his eyes with a light croak. He wiggled out of his arms by buttheading him and also biting his arm.

Once he was let go he slithered off.

Millie immediately ran after the imp. “I got this one!” She climbed up on the buildings to find the Imp easier.

The larger one also woke up and growled at skully. He also got out of his grip without having to do anything and glared down at skully.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully looked at him with his very scary menacing stare and knocked him out again and again as he yelled "SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!(DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)"
Creek     42d ago

It seems he didn’t stay down for long and only came back up again. “You think knocking out the bodyguard to a fucking royal will work…?” The imp attacked quickly, swiping him down into the ground and grabbing his neck.

“The hell are you and where are we? Where’s my buddy?” He growled louder, his tail swishing behind him with a…Jingle?

On his tail was a bell decorated with a blue ribbon and light blue bells. Something similar to the woman and her earring also.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully then let out a smirk and said "Pal..You do know I was the greatest assassin right?..You think I'll lose?...You fucking idiot?.." in a chuckle,then he started to laugh like a maniac
Creek     42d ago

He didn’t seem to care and hummed. “Tell us where we Are. And my partner will stop choking out your other friend.”

The smaller one wrapped around Millie and was shoved against multiple walls by her as he slowly started to choke her out.

“I got her! I actually got her!” He hissed seemingly into a mic. “You- you there X?”

“Yes. Im Here. I always come with a plan B…And C…” He shrugged. “Best assassin ain’t nothing to me. I’ve seen better…Much…Better.”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully started to glitch and dissapear. The real skully actually moved so fast it looked like he stopped time and quickly knocked out one of them who was choking millie. he was holding millie and said "You dare lay a finger on my friend?..." he setted millie down by a corner and said "Now you're gonna see my skills..". He then moved so fast it looked like there were many of them and then said "MADE IN HEAVEN!" and knocked the rest out with just his finger. he picked up millie, put the bodygaurds in a wagon and he took the bodygaurds back to I.M.P and said "Bagged your targets for ya..Millie was almost choked out.." as he gave Millie to moxxie
Creek     42d ago

Moxxie gasped and held Millie close. “Millie! Oh thank satan you’re alright!” 

Millie smiled. “They are slippery guys…Definitely are…”

“Holy shit they do look like me!” Blitzo stared down at them but got shoved to the side by the woman.

“X. O. Up with you two.” She spoke in a much colder tone to them.

Both got up quickly. “Amor!” They both spoke at the same time.

“Amor? That’s your name? Doesn’t that mean?—“ Moxxie was cut off by her. “Yes. Love. Our mother gave most of us names in…Either French or Latin. Her favorite kinds of languages to study and learn.”

“Also…Please apologize X and O. It was quite rude just for an attack.”

“I am sorry to interrupt you and speak against you, miss.” O spoke. “The assassin started it first. Could’ve communicated first instead of knocking us out.”

“I do agree…Seems…Over the top? Stupid?—“

“Hey! You don’t tell my fucking assassin to do shit or fix shit!” Blitzo glared at her.

“Im only saying he should learn more manners instead of always playing bad cop.” Amor shrugs.

Millie and Moxxie looked between them all just with stunned eyes.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

He suddenly had a pissed off look on his face,he walked up to her angerly and said "You listen here...sometimes playing the bad cop is the right idea..I've lived in the gutter pre-teen till now..So guess what..Sometimes TaLkInG iT oUt doesnt work..So I use my method.." in a pissed off tone. he walked away to his room at I.M.P angerly
Creek     42d ago

“Maybe take some anger management classes also. I will be on my way now…Oh right. Money and chocolates.”

“X, Money?”

X nods. “Yes miss.” He snapped his fingers and a suitcase appeared on the ground. He grabbed it and clicked it open, revealing stacks of money.

Blitzo hummed and took the case. “All of It’s mine?- I mean ours?”

“Yes. A big thanks for finding my bodyguards. But now…I need to find a way to get home…Find a place to stay without perverted demons being around me.”

Blitzo seemed to have an idea. “If…You can pay us just a little more…? I got somewhere you can stay! Just pay us some more and we’ll be good to go!”

Amor hummed. “Fine. I accept. But I wish to stay in contact with you people in case anything happens.”

Blitzo shrugged. “Fine by me! I honestly don’t give a fuck!”

Millie and Moxxie went after skully. 

“Sweetie! Try and calm down…it’s…Uh…”

“Its just what she thinks…She definitely isn’t from around here…So it’s possibly different?”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully was bandaging his cuts up and didnt even say anything. he was too pissed off to say anything. All he could think of is the anger and addrenaline running through his head
Creek     42d ago

“Skully! Hey! Buddy!” Moxxie snapped his fingers in front of Skully. “Don’t. Think about killing them, seriously. You need to think for a moment and calm down.”

Millie nodded and moxxies words.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

He looked at them and said "I need to go punch something rq.." and pulled out a mannaquin,placed it on his table and punched off the mannaquin's head off really loudly and really hardly
Creek     42d ago

Moxxie and Millie didn’t step back.

“Nice shot honey!” Millie smiled with a thumbs up.

“Millie…” Moxxie sighed. “Are you better now Skully?”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully sighed and used the hand gesture to wait. he pulled out another mannaquin and started beating the hell out of it and breaking the head off with a chop
Creek     42d ago

Moxxie sighed and Millie shrugged. “Just give him some more time sweetie…First time anybody’s ever said anything about it.”

“M&M!! Come on we’re dropping these guys off!!! You come along also Skully! Loonies holding the fort down!”

“stop calling me that stupid fucking nickname!!!” Loona screamed from the main room.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully sighed and calmed down. he took his anger pills and then said "Im fine now...I'll stay here boss! Somebody's gotta help loona hold down this fort!" as he walked down stairs and grabbed his vodka
Creek     42d ago

“Well aren’t you a sourpuss right now? Alright let’s go!!”

“You…W-What?!” Stolas stood there, his mouth open and staring at Amor and her bodyguards.

“Well I was thinking….They needed a place to stay right? So I was thinking…Royal to another royal…..???”

Stolas sighed and shakes his head. “You think I will just take them into my home? I just got Stella out of my home and you expect—“

“We can help around the place. Clean up if you’d like.”

“I have servants for that…” Stolas raised a brow at them while crossing his arms.

“Well what about company? I don’t believe your servants interact with you?”

Stolas finally nods after actually considering it.

“Fine. You can stay. I’m only doing this for my Blitzy though~ and…Maybe the company…” he simply shrugs. “Come along.”

Blitzo came back in and laughed. “Hell yeah! He actually did it!”

Moxxie sighed. “Are you sure stolas will be fine with them?”

“Yeah bird brains got this! I’m sure!” Blitzo shrugged. “Now come on we got some more clients!!!”

Millie smiled. “Hell fucking yeah!!”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully was with loona,just explaining the entire jojo lore. "So turns out DIO wasnt dead,He stole johnathan's body and rests for many years..He awoken when some pirates found a casket and opened it!" He explained adorably and happily.
Creek     42d ago

Loona just hums and typed on her phone. “Yep…Sounds cool.”

They all seemed confused.

“Uh- what are you all doing?” Millie glanced between them.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully looked at them and said "Im explaining the entire lore of JJBA to loona!" and then proceeded to explain more of it to loona
Creek     42d ago

“Well it’s gonna have to be for much later then! We got another client who want a family dead! Come on!”

“A-Again sir?!” Moxxie followed Blitzo out. Millie smiled. “Come on!”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully was confused since he never had a family so he innocently asked "W-Whats..'Feemolee?' " as he got up and tilted his head
Creek     42d ago

“Uh…Like a mom? A dad? Sometimes siblings?” Millie shrugged. “Like my family?”

Moxxie glanced back. “We should get going! Loona is going to open the portal up in a second!”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully blinked and said "What the hell are those miss millie?...". it was very a very messed up and concerning childhood he had
Creek     42d ago

Millie sighed and pat his shoulder. “I’ll explain it later okay?”

Loona already opened the portal up to a wooded area. Something somehow similar about one of their few clients.

Moxxie and Millie walked out, blitzo following and taking a shout gun out. “Let’s kill these fuckers! Skully come on! You’re with me!”
HouseOfGoldenSkully   42d ago

Skully got up and ran into the portal and dropped down and said "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKYYY!" He looked down and saw the father and sung "EVERYDAY AND EVERYNIGHT THEN!...I FIND A DUDE AND I STAB HIM!" and dropped on the dad and murdered him with kitana and said "Oh yus B)"
Creek     39d ago

Moxxie and Millie came right in afterwards, blitzo had broken a window and went inside from somewhere else.

Something flew by them, knocking things over and things being grabbed, a sludge like substance covering the walls and counters.

Millie investigated it, carefully moving forward and sniffing the substance. “Smells…Off. Looks like mud?”

“Mud? Did you track mud in?” Moxxie looked at Skully.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   36d ago

Skully:*wiped his feet on the mat* I have manners U-U
Creek     36d ago

Moxxie then looked back at the sludge on the walls.

Millie touched the substance and hummed. “It ain’t mud but…Looks like it? What is going on in this place?” Millie had lots of questions and sadly no answers at all to what this was.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   35d ago

Skully took a closer look, it was blood. "That's blood ya dumbfucks-" he said as he face palmed
CreekMoxxie   32d ago

“Tell me why the blood is brown then!”

The ‘blood’ then came off the walls, slowly morphing into a large creature of mud. It’s body having spikes on the side and a large star on the second layer of mud. Around it were dark spikes, becoming sharper by the second.  It’s large glowing eyes under a white mask glowed. It shrieked at the group, making the imp couple jump back.

Before it could Strike, Blitzo fell on top of it. “Oh hey— AH!!!—“ Blitzo was thrashed around but he held on strong to the creature.

It shrieked and yowled, knocking into walls and loosing some of its form in the process. Though, the splattered blobs grew into smaller ones, lunging at the other three.

Millie sliced them to bits and Moxxie shot at them with the handgun.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   32d ago

Skully's eyes widen with fear. "EAT THIS YOU DISGRACE!" he threw a grenade into the creature
CreekMoxxie   28d ago

The grenade got stuck into the creatures mass.
Blitzo jumped off as fast as he could but was pushed back by the explosion.

The mud covered the walls and floors, also getting on their clothes. Moxxie gagged while Millie got to work cleaning herself up.

“Okay! Who what the fuck is that sludge- mud monster…Shit?!” Blitzo didn’t have any words and groaned at the mud getting on his clothes.

“We don’t know sir!“ Moxxie and Blitzo retorted back at each other.

The mud slowly started to slip away into the middle of the room, moxxie and Blitzo not noticing.

Millie smacked them both and pointed to the sludge forming. Both immedietly backed up.
HouseOfGoldenSkully   28d ago

Skull's eyes widen and said "Dude, fuck this lets bail!" and grabbed his katana. He didnt want to see anymore
CreekMoxxie   28d ago


Millie sliced the mud creature in half, making it panic.

“Hey! Hey! Wait!” The mud creature formed again and slid away from them. “Wait Im friendly honest!”

“Wha…? You- you just attacked us!” Moxxie shrieked and aimed his gun at the creature while backing up to Skully. Blitzo was already jumping out the window.

“I…Did?” The creature saw the mask on the ground and sighed. “I’m sorry fellas! That…Mask. Let’s just say that…The magic on it ain’t good for a royal. Or anybody for that matter.”

“Royal?” Millie tilted her head.

“Yes! I am the ruler of Gluttonty, Mulcro! Pleased to meet you!”

“Oh no…is…Do you know the ruler of Lust?”

“My sister, Amor? Yes of course I do! I know all my family! Also do you have any food? I’m starving…”

Moxxie and Millie both look confused and suprised, while Blitzo was already calling Loona to open the portal.


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