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Undertale roleplay 1x1

By Undertale_lover_
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Undertale_lover_Crane   163d ago

Crane was walking in Snowin as the snow would fall every so often in his 'eye,. His with jacket blew in the wind, it has been a while since Frisk fell down to the Underground so that seemed to keep Sans busy for a while anyways.  So like any good friend he took over the job of looking for fallen humans.  Everyone spoke like humans was okay, yet Crane wasn't so sure about that. Of course he would never hurt them less they tried to hurt him or other monsters.  He paused at the lamp and chuckled.  Then keep walking slowly..  [Pic]( without the mask ) Meanwhile Morgan was walking around Mtn ebbot and soon fell over his own two feet. Luckily they flowers sone how saved him. The follows seemed to glow from how yellow they was. The young boy would look around worried.  He called for help but no one showed. He stood on his own two feet and slowly started to walk hus arms crossed.  A later in stone it was so anyone could see it.  hello my child,   Do not be afraid I know you must be so scared. This is a new place for you, but please come in I promise I mean no harm to you.  When I do see you I could help with the puzzles if they sone how got un-done. Is that right? I hope so.    ~ Toriel The Stone read, so the young boy would start to walk into the ruins. " hello?" He called out still shaking. (So sorry it long its so you can choice witch character of mine you want me to start with.)
Cat22Vaan   162d ago

Vaan was currently sleeping within one of the leaf piles within the ruins. While he had ended up traveling here from the Hotlands, the route of travel had left him rather exhausted and as a result, he had opted to take a nap in a pile of leaves. While it probably wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep in, it was comfortable enough for him to actually take a nap within said pile of leaves although he was also curled up within the center of the leaf pile as well. However, he had also outstretched one of the dragon wings on his back and was using it to cover himself as if the wing itself was a blanket. Meanwhile, within the waterfall, Tidus could be seen staring at one of the echo flowers from the water. While he didn’t feel like getting out of the water for the time being, he was also slightly curious about the flower itself although after a few moments, he dove back underneath the water and remained there for the time being. Bartz was currently wandering around the ruins and had stopped to look at one of the walls which had been overgrown by plants. While he was still slightly confused about how all of the bricks within the ruins were… purple, he also didn’t question it too much either. Firion was currently somewhere within Snowdin and had preferably hidden in a spot where he thought that nobody would bug him. He was currently not in the mood to interact with anyone  and would rather remain hidden away so that he could watch what happens without anyone bugging him.
Undertale_lover_Crane   162d ago

Morgan would walk deeper into the ruins. His heart would stop when he saw something moving to him. He would see that it was just a frog and calm down.he could hear his own footsteps and heart beat. He would try to keep himself calm. His eyes looked left to right. He was just ready to run but forced himself not to. His eyes looked to rhe wall confused by the color but keep going.  " Hello?" He would call out again a bit louder than before. " is anyone else here?" At the waterfall  rabbit like monster walked out. She was unable that anything was wrong or anyone was in the water. She walked to a nearby echo flower, " oh hello." She said  to the flower then it would repeat that.the rabbit hoped over to the waterfall and put her hand under the water. Then the rabbit would sit at the edge humming a tone of some song that she heard. One of her ears turned as she heard a splash but she choice not to get any closer. Crane would sigh, he knee if he wanted he could very quickly go to the door from whereever he was. So cran would start to walk back to Snowin for the time being anyways. Starts would shine brighter as he walked into town. The wind would ease up when he got into town so he choice to go into Gribys and sit and warm up. He would just look out the window for now watch others pass.

Bartz (Alternate Outfit)
“Why are there so many plants overtaking the brick here… It’s almost as if the structure is being covered by a blanket of green which both kind of brings to mind a distant past and also, a future where relics of the past slowly crumble until they are no more…” Bartz muttered softly as he continued to stare at the bricks. While he had gotten used to the various aspects of the ruins over time, seeing some of the plants overtake the purple bricks seemed to remind him of a distant past that he couldn’t quite explain. However, in the midst of his wondering, he ended up hearing an unfamiliar voice which caught his attention. “Is there someone else here?” He said as he tore his attention away from the overgrown wall. While he remained under the water for several minutes, Tidus eventually poked his head out of the water once more and continued to stare at the echo flower that he had been staring at before. While he had gotten used to seeing them for the most part, since he spent so much of his time in the Waterfall region actually being underwater, he seemed to have a natural curiosity about the flowers themselves as if he wanted to know at least a little more about them. Firion continued to remain hidden in the shadows of a structure within Snowdin however, after a few short moments, he walked over to a nearby tree and then sat down against the trunk of said tree.


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