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ShieldHero-     36d ago

[center [h3 Blue March Academy]]


Grant Sprakstone/LV 14/Fighter Eldritch Knight

Also knight commander in the war (Busy and will work with the heroes)


Vice principal/Rogue Swashbuckler/LV 13

Carol Willowdrop


LV 9-12

Wizard Teacher

Divination Wizard/Human/Lucy Starwind/LV 10
(Nathaniel Will also Step into Class to "help")


Artificer Teacher

Robin Dimwell/LV10/Alchemist


Blood Hunter Teacher

Order of the Lycan/LV 11/Kage Sakomori



Barbarian Teacher

Galath RavenCrest/Berserker LV12


Fighter Teacher

Kidoshi Sakurai/LV 11/Champion/Lance


Paladin Teacher

Flynn Rolando/LV10/Oath of Crown


Ranger Teacher

Beast Tamer LV 10/ Maria Wight


Rogue Teacher

Leonard Ashbluff/Arcane Trickster LV10/Human

Age: 17 Prodigy

Monk Teacher

Daniel Muller/LV 10/Way of the open Fist


Druid Teacher

Luna Nightfeather/Circle of the Moon/LV 11


Cleric Teacher

Lawrence Francois (Pernounced Franswa)/Human

LV 2 Fighter (Starter)
LV 9 Cleric


Sorcerer Teacher

LV10/Draconic Sorcerer/Half Dragonborn/Lisa Skywing

(Half Sister to Giovanni Skywing)


Warlock Teacher

Archfey Warlock/LV11/Bright Snow (Snow)


Bard Teacher

College of Whispers (Says Eloquence however)/LV11/Anna Whitestorm


Artificer Student Lily Flutterbloom (Armorer)

Paladin Student/Amenthist/Warforged

Sorcerer Student: Adalinda/Eladrin elf

Anastasia White Song/Bard Student

Cynthia Woodheart (With Danvir as well)

Emila Wellheart: (Eugene/Chizuki as well)

Have the Warlock teacher Bright Snow talk of how they knew Klaus before and that they were sorry to hear he was gone (To Evie) they also come into Evie's class for an extra lesson on "Fey"

A tale of the "Kind King"

A Fey who had given everything in hopes to appease it's people. Allowing even mortals to cross the Fey to dance and sing. The Kind King had a mortal mother and a Fey Father. The King King was a benevolent spirit. Who had once served Shroud Veil the first god of Straus that had built up the empire.

"The Kind King had wanted the two worlds to live in honesty and in peace, giving the mortals and the Fey all they could ask for. Wanting greater and greater heights of happiness and peace for his people this ambition burned bright in him for the world to know unity. Shroudveil had offered him the power to unite the world changing his form into a hidden veil with a shadowy visage offering happiness and love to others. Mortals and grown greedy and the wishes taken had begun to hurt each other and the Fey. Instead of taking responsibility for their own wishes and desires they planned the Fey King. His shadowy visage had proved how truly evil he was! The Fey had rallied around the guardian of the Fey. As well as the Satry's to craft the Flute of Silence and the Fey Blade to enrapture this creature to the Fey Wild.

The Fallen King had been persecuted cruelly by the guardian of the Fey. In a battle that decided the fate of the Fey Wild.

The Fey Guardian had abandoned her people after this battle crushed by the guilt of defeating such a beautiful creature. Now the Satry's pass the Flute down each generation in a reincarnation. "The Guardian of Dance."

Insight: DC15 shows she has admiration for that god and this Fey.

[center [h3 William's Phials]]

Alchemist potions shop as well as certain magical items (Scrolls of spell levels till 3rd level)

William Sorius (Goes by Sorius)


Healing items are up double in price due to the impending battles and fighting.

Nathaiel will visit here a few times curious of the oddities and materials to be found here.

The Artifier Student will also be here! Lily Flutterbloom and the Artificer Teacher Robin Dimwell.

Robin Dimwell suspects that more is going on from the south but it is off limits to most civilians. Robin isn't trusted enough for this info

[center [h3 Divine Blade]]

Weapons can be bought and made here! Can make ranged melee weapons but don't have +1 or +2. Can begun to craft better and superior weapons with money and time alongside the blacksmith.

Possibly upgrade the weapons the group has on hand! Will impress the blacksmith plenty. A water Genasi named Jessica

Amenthyst is here trying to find a way to "Upgrade" herself this also being a mercenary guild many are looking for work. Also a great place to gain intel!

Lisa Skywing is here (Drinking apple juice as she is too young to drink any ale or mead)

(She hasn't received any letters from Giovanni in awhile and didn't know he was going to be trying to change things in the manner he had. She did see him only once recently. Telling her not to worry but she will hide this. She isn't part of Giovanni's plan though.)

(Background stuff, Giovanni and Jack Howl had battled before Jack Howl had defeated Giovanni causing Giovanni to lose in some sort of negotiation forcing him to pay Jack a whopping 5000 gold for the job and a "Favor")

Possible Barfight can break out here. Old time merc Jack Howl who spends lots of time in the port took a contract (Secret) He was going to take out the kids by "Mistake" in a bar fight. (He had to provoke a fight someway somehow)

Jack has 8 of his mates in a "Crew" (All bandit captains) they use shortswords instead of the dagger on the side (Dual wielding short swords)

Defeating them they can question them about Giovanni Skywing. He wanted Jack to help him look in "Clara's Lost Tomb" after he was beaten it had proven he was strong enough to help shape the world. Jack didn't wanna shape the world he just wants women/wine/money but Giovanni had promised those but he won't die for Giovanni or anyone for that matter. (Has a legendary reputation as a "former" pirate)

[center [h3 Royal Knight's Barracks]]

Armorer is the Artificer Teacher and his student Lily helps in such things.

Fighter Teacher is the Knight captain and works on pushing back the invasion from the south. He seems to have known Adam Frankford and was close to Evie's mother he is a religious fighter and says he misses her often.

[center [h3 Bard College]]

Bard Teacher is a professor here (Anna Whitestorm)
Anastasia Whitesong volunteers here as a intern.

The party can perform here!

Insight DC 20: Show's a group of "Adventurers"

[ Linky]

Use this for their layout. They are watching Nari's group closely.

The Bard Teacher will be eyeing and flirting with them bit by bit.

Perception DC20 shows she is gesturing at the party. If they pay attention she will begin to motion for the party to follow these suspicious individuals (Grant has let her know much he doesn't warn the party as she is a spy of sorts)

Those who fail the perception think she is signing toward the adventurers instead! (This will lead to Snow Haven!)

DC18 Stealth to follow them (Or whatever the NPC's drawn up by random are)

Performance Lessons

DC10: Get a D4 inspiration for that day and 50GP

DC 15: Get a D6 inspiration and 100GP

DC 20: Get a D8 inspiration and 200GP

DC 25: Get a D12 inspiration and 500GP

DC 30: Get 2D12 Inspiration and 1000GP!

[center [h3 Radiant Sun Guild]]

See the other five students here looking for work too handle some infighting in the city. There appears to be a drunk and rude pirate Jack the quest doesn't say to fight him as much as tell him to calm down. (Lead to the Jack encounter they will handle 5 of his men if taken)

The Paladin and Cleric teacher run this guild!

[center [h3 Glowing Stream]]

After the arc is over can here a rumor that a massive levithan lurks here! A side quest perhaps?

But until than here at the Glowing Steam appears to be a river that leads to the port and not much else.

[center [h3 Snow Haven Forest]]

Multiple leads can end up here, if they end up here by "Random" however the snow will only grow worse and worse as they venture. (Those they follow have a badge that allows entry)

Survival DC 20 to make it through the Snow. Those who fail will take exhaustion.
But if they are following someone no need to worry. As they can follow them through the openings.

Snow Mountain Encounter

Brightsnow will try to convince you to help her fight this girl as she is Giovanni's sister. (Roll against deception's etc)

[center [h3 Burguss Research Institution]]

Nathaniel will avoid this place at first before coming again only to learn the research on divine is still forward and crass. He is looking into the shadow sect of the church but after the war they seem to be gone.

[center [h3 Dearly Departed Cemetery]]

Andrew Veiss has taken over for the retired man here as a spy and gravemaster and is visited by Gawain often as Andrew pray's over him. Over a life that he has taken.

[center [h3 Lunar Rose Cafe]]

The Warlock teacher Bright Snow will be here talking to Gremory and Jin. (Trying to recruit them for Jack's job) they'll refuse but promise to honor the pirates code.

[center [h3 Sweet Treat Bakery]]

The Druid teacher and the Rogue teacher eat here a lot (Also roll a dice for a third either a student or a teacher)

Eating her gains the party a D8 for inspiration the Druid teacher will be telling Leonard he is young to be a teacher.

He will tell her she is old to be an adventurer.

[center [h3 Royal Blockade]]

A massive naval fleet preparing to face off with Straus Haven can here of troops talking that the king and queen are talking to Gremory about moving the fleet out. Gremory is pushing for an offense in the war.

[center [h3 Luminous Bridge]]

A way to cross back to the capital easier to and from without going all the way around. (May add here more later perhaps)

[center [h3 Shimmering Forest]]

A forest with shimmering tree's that reflect and soak in sunlight.

Survival 15 and you'll find a pirate talking to the general Gregory Brightwing. Jack and his boys head to the Divine Blade to wait.

[center [h3 Fort Bright Feather]]

Talk to Grant Sparkstone he will inform you the enemy general wants to speak in a important meeting and they may attend if they so desire. Though the enemy general ask for Nari in question. (Though they hadn't known Nari left White Hold. Only have heard of the events in White Hold.)

During this talk with him (Social Interactions) the Purist army encounter will be triggered warned by a soldier bursting in.

[center [h3 Invasion]]

After the purist attacking Fang may propose peace for a bit (Distrust in Burguss due to the false calm before.)

Grant will suggest in private to break the peace first to get the upperhand against Fang.

End of the arc encounter (Two Battles) will be here

[center [h3 Valiant Castle]]

At Valiant castle there is a welcoming for them to be held all social rolls will be a straight DC16. For info etc

Gregory Brightblade couldn't come as he's working at the Navy Port again. Talk of the young general rising quickly and perhaps being trusted too quickly.

The king and queen are parents of Rex Rider and they can be asked questions about the town.

[center [h3 Hunting Grounds]]

Flame and Violet will open up a hunting grounds shop here! Hunting and hanging out here gains the party a D8 inspiration for the rest of the day!

Can see the Ranger teacher hunting here often (Maria) and with the monk teacher as well. The Druid Teacher comes here often to mediate and commune with nature.

[center [h3 Church of Clara]]

Paladin and Cleric teacher come here often. Rose will clash with the Cleric teacher here often on lore of Clara but the two will grow closer.

Rose Highwind can also give information if asked here.

[center [h3 Clara's Lost Catacombs]]

Dungeon Crawling system

At first have to start Excavating
95 Points needed for the first breakthrough.

Every day you make 6 separate checks (Each Guidance can only help one check) Each member can only be assigned to one check

Strength Check:

Arcana: Check

Investigation Check:

Survival Check:

Religion Check:

Perception Check:

After first break through do the catacombs encounter.

Leading to a door with holy divine energy. Need Giovanni's Arcane claw and the Warlock teacher's Badge to enter through the door. (Side NPC's can catch Giovanni's clone if they got the badge and did enough encounters etc) and gather the claw.

Can do a timeskip to crack the seal pushing the party to LV 10.

[center [h3 Windcaster Tavern]]

Jack is known to spend much of his time here, as well Elizabeth Gremory and Jin

Jin is a veteran stat sheet and Elizabeth is a LV 13 Gunslinger. Can fight them but not needed, if they are fought and beaten can take a +3 weapon from one of them. (They have it hidden.) Per the pirate code but they won't try and fight the party. It's a stone that takes the form of said weapon they hadn't decided it's form however.
EXP: 2000

Jin and Elizabeth are eyeing the party with deception rolls separately.

They know of Jack trying to fight them but don't say anything. The Bartender is the Barbarian teacher!

But can try to persuade Jin and Elizabeth: Persuasion DC25

With 1000 gold it's DC15

2000Gold DC10

Can beat the answers out of them too!

Paladin student here throwing over some pirates that are still robbing in Burguss! Get a chance to bond etc and see he's with the Artificer student Lisa. (If Jin and Elizabeth fought they'll handle the goons)

[center [h3 Royal Navy Port]]

At the royal Navy port the King and Queen (Edward and Vanessa) are talking to Grant about the naval defenses and battles out on the sea with Strause Haven.

One General with them who has risen through the ranks quickly. Who is a fighter but likes to use scrolls often despite being a fighter samurai they use a greatsword. (Giovanni in disguise DC 20 investigation to see it's a disguise) if it's seen Purist will attack! The King and queen will fight many of them!
The alter Ego name is Gregory Brightblade (Half Dragonborn half human)

Giovanni with a +3 Greatsword will fight the party! After being defeated they'll see notes and other objects left behind.
An empty 3rd level spell scroll to use. And arcane claw

The Greatsword will stay behind as well and Giovanni leaves behind Plate armor (They won't need it honestly)

Gold: 2500

EXP: 2000

Investigation: DC 20: The claw has grooves similar to a large key

Arcana DC 20: Used for removing a seal and appears to be one half of a magical set.

[center [h3 Sea Dog's Tavern]]

A tavern where the Fighter Teacher likes to drink here, he is known for being kind but melancholy in his air. The Warlock teacher has a "Thing" for him (Trying to recruit him.) She pesters him at school a lot as well. Can follow her from here as she goes to talk to Jack about his deal with Giovanni trying to convince him to report to her instead of Giovanni.

The Fighter Teacher will tell the group she has been acting rather strange lately if they pester him about it (Leads to following her about Jack another day if this happens) the group can fight him if they end up not trusting him.

[center [h3 Berry's Meats]]

A butcher and a restaurant

Daniel and Maria are here on a "Friend" date but they are talking about the Warlock and how Jack has been acting weird at the Divine Sword.

Her snake will be devouring meat plenty.

Ethan and his group (Whoever came with) will play music here or Ethan will just play music here!

If you talk to Ethan here he can give the players a clue/hint. He'll suspect Daniel and Maria. Mostly the aura of these odd friend dates but nothing serious is happening.

[center [h3 Notes]]

Infighting has caused a few places to be destroyed and are being rebuilt. Researchers working to create new facilities here in Burguss as well. (Add markers later)

[center Roger Williams Wood Elf father Galan Williams who is the last clan leader and is secretly the head of Starkwood government.]

[center [h3 Arc 3 Aiding Burguss Divine Secrets]]

Our intrepid heroes come to the aid of Burguss. Burguss is already under invasion from the south while infighting has begun to spread down town.

Gawain meets with Grant Sparkstone as Grant informs them the invasion from the south is being downplayed as part of the infighting around but it is getting progressively more violent.

Gawain ask about a commander and Grant says they haven't had time to look for a commander or any spies with the fighting. Sumia Shogunate and Starkwood may close their borders here soon.

(Purist are acting up in town as well as Straus Haven spies that want war.)

Can learn in town the old fallen god of Straus had a mortal coil as a Black Dragon

Fang Wireblade is a talented Straus Haven general who was in the previous war as well. He was Okabe's Artificer teacher when he had lived in Straus Haven and was a researcher/assassin who has met Flame and Violet both on the fields of battle and espionage in their younger lives. He does not agree with bringing back the old god of Shroudveil but he does believe in a improved suppression that guides the world under Cerebrum. When he first meets Nari (Political meeting so cease fire) Purist will be trying to kill both him and the party.

The castle has a welcoming for those coming. As they speak with the royal family and Gawain.

The vice principal and the principal are both present along with the Paladin/Cleric teacher. The vice principal won't trust this help from White Hold

Cornello may be at the church or nowhere to be found.

Mention of Althea Northwind as the group researches etc was the head of the shadow sect and likely the man who chased Evie's mom.


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