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Burning love. (Yaoi 1x1)

By Aerialacebabe77

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In an alternate universe where technology is primitive and so our minds... stands a brilliant young man. He's vindictive, masochistic, and cruel. Definitely heartless. He's after one thing... power. But the kind of power that he's after no one knows that he has.

It's dangerous to have talent for black magic. When the ruling religion says that he would be a dark worshiper. To keep himself hidden, he decided to work for the ruling religions Church. If he wanted his power to grow, he had to find a way to do it discreetly. Burning people at the stake was how the church did away with dark worshippers. It forfeited their souls of course and he found that he could absorb them.

This exponentially strengthened his dark magic! This greatly advanced his own powers! It did not help that he was a pyromaniac. It definitely didn't help the situation. Anyone who came accusing another in the local village or neighboring towns of being a dark worshiper of course went to the pyre without even a trial.

The church never questioned his judgment, they said he was gifted at finding the evil in people. But then one day another vile individual joins the church, another man. Who seemed to enjoying torturing "dark worshippers". His victims screams was what strengthened his own dark magi.

The two looked to each other and saw that they could benefit from one another. That they had much in common. As the accusations ramped up and so did the torture and burning's, the two were starting to become suspicious to the church.

Something was off about the two of them. The two sick and twisted men also falling in love while they enjoyed their sport and power. How will this end role player? Will your character, the newcomer of black magic be able to stop the church from finding out? Will they make it out alive or will you the two of you end up at the stake together? Only you can decide!

*** I'm looking for somebody who has decent grammar, is on frequently, and over the age of 18. If anything related to certain
scenes happens in the bedroom- those scenes will be time skipped or taken to another website. I respect the, no cybering rule here on cloud roleplay. Please PM me if interested. Do NOT pose below.***
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Jeremy- a highly intelligent man though young, lived in a small village with a simple Church. He had been ordained to live here by the head Church in the far off cities. He had been sent many years before to lead and maintain this church. Cities didn't suit him, even though he could easily get lost in them and nobody would know him. He liked the smaller towns and villages because it made it easier for him to absorb magic. More room, more natural energy from the Earth.

He walked quietly down the stained glass hallway of the church. Sunlight streaming in through the colorful glass streaming rainbows on the Velvet carpet. He did like the design of the church, but he hated what it stood for. He stepped forward on as he walked. He clutched what look like to be a Bible, but secretly it was his Grimoire. His supposed Crucifix that hung around his neck was a protection amulet imbued with black magic.

Energy... basically dark magic, was what he was after more of. He was no man of good faith. It was all a sham, a ruse to keep himself safe. At this time it was dangerous to be a dark worshiper. Because the church had a tendency to burn them at the stake. They were against God after all. 

Most of the time the church burned innocent people who were just different. But for someone like Jeremy...this suited him just fine. He was a pyromaniac and he enjoyed that part immensely. He hummed softly under his breath as he made his wall to his office. But something felt off a bit in the walls of the church.

Though he loved fire desperately, he himself didn't want to be the one on the pyre. He'd  rather be burning someone to absorb their life energy. He hummed even more, happily to himself having a very good day. Even with the odd feeling about. But as a minor monk handed him a letter from the head church he frowned. Here was the feeling he had sensed. The monk and letter were it It was rare to hear from them, the head church. He opened the letter.

 There was a supposed up rise in dark worshipers. He tried not to snort out loud in disgust. This was not true, his people were actually dwindling out. This was because of the church and incest. Most dark worshipers we're trying to keep family magic alive. Magic in general was dying and that was why he was so desperate to get as much as he could.

He needed to make himself powerful enough to defend himself.  Maybe even rule the land if he could. But then he read another section of the letter. Another paragraph. What was this!? He was going to get an assistant to help run the church here in his small little village!? His church!?

He looked to the monk annoyed. "Why is the head Church doing this!?" He demanded. The monk shrugged. "I do not know, sir. I have not read the letter, so I do not know what you speak of." He bowed his head.

 "Why is the head church sending me an assistant!? I am perfectly capable of running our holy monastery! God has gifted me with ability to judge sinners and dark worshipers! You know that Zachariah!" He spat. The monk gulped frightened. 

Ah, there it was! "Somebody" had open their mouths to the head of the church. To the Pope. Jeremy smiled gleefully. This was going to be fun! He looked down on a monk in disgust but smiled wide. Being a tad taller than him. "Zachariah, are you defacing my name to our leaders? You do know that that's considered blasphemy? Only dark worshipers blaspheme." He said seriously. 

Zachariah froze and backed away horrified. He knew what would be happen if he was accused of being a dark worshiper. "Sir, I swear it I never said anything to the head church!" He bowed several times sniveling. "I believe you." Jeremy raised his chin smirking.

 "But do you think that the rest of the church would believe that?" Jeremy turned and walked away smirking in his revelry. It was a false threat of course. He needed every person in this church to run it. Even disgusting tattletales. "He might become useful one day." Jeremy muttered under his breath. "More than just mopping and sweeping the floors." 

He would just have to tolerate the assistant that would be arriving soon. Apparently the assistant was a expert torturer. Someone who could get any dark worshiper to admit to God that they were a dark worshiper and sinner. He laughed at this internally. No dark worshiper would even under torment and torture admit that they were evil. 

Because most dark worshipers enjoyed pain. "Those fools!" He muttered about the church.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   23d ago

Milo- A very mysterious man, though bright. Lived in a city not quite to his liking. The people were very loud, and fought a lot. Sometimes he wondered why people had the impulse to get physical with their own kind, or any kind at all. Yet it gave him the perfect opportunity to think on his feet.

He packed his case very lightly, only packing three shirts, and three pairs of pants. All dress clothes of course, he didn't care much for casual clothing even if he did prefer a shirt that wasn't very tight. Making sure that his ring was well wrapped and packed in a small pocket on the inside of the case. It was a very special thing, his mother gave it to him just before some dark thing had killed her and his father when he was young. 

The night was the last memory he had of the both of them. They were arguing like any other night, thinking he was asleep in bed. His father had come home drunk again and was about to go straight to his room before his mother yelled. She always tried her best to protect her only child. Then they began to argue. He snuck out of bed and his behind a wall that lead to the living room, peaking around the corner, and in a flash a dark shadow swept over the room and they were both gone. He took care of himself from that day on.

He sighed. Moving wasn't his thing, but the head church seemed to be having a problem with one of the representatives. From the way they described the man, he was very much intrigued. Many days that liking the same gender as your own is a sin, but that's why he went to the city, to hide from those watching eyes. 

He sighed again and left. "This better be worth my time." He mumbled

Jeremy was far from taking the church's shenanigans. He had been behaved, had not raised any alarms to himself. He didn't believe for a second that they were sending an assistant help relieve him from stress. He respected them because he had to keep his cover. "Why do I get stuck with such imbeciles!?" He muttered as he entered his office, slamming the door behind him.

 Very simplistic surroundings for an office, but then again he had to keep it that way. He wished he could have surrounded himself by his own people's relics. Relics were not just that of history. But held ancient magic that you could only dream of holding yourself. He would have been a straight giveaway for a dark worshiper if he was found  with any of these items. He rubbed his temples annoyed by the very notion of an assistant.

"An assistant, really!?" he muttered to himself. The church might be suspecting him, he wondered. He looked to his grimoire in his hand and he stroke the cover. He felt a massive headache coming on it's only meant one thing, his powers were low again. What was he supposed to do!? Absorbing the magic from the earth took too long. It was light energy that took his body days to convert into dark magic. 

"I need a faster way of doing this." He muttered. "Show me." He commanded his grimoire. His grimoire flipped open, blurring the pages as it did. The book stopped dead at something that surprised him. "Oh really, my pet?" He mused to his book.

He began reading, the picture in the center showed someone burning at the stake. "So if I can fool the church that innocent humans are dark worshipers... by doing this I can absorb their souls. That's easier to transfer into black magic. You also took into mind that I love to play with fire! Such a lovely book!" He was impressed by his own book's brilliance.

 "This should be quite amusing to the church. Not only could this happen to benefit  me, but I could gain their trust back without them realizing it. The church is always hungry to purge any darkness from the land. With the supposed uprise of fake Dark worshipers this actually comes in hand to me." He dusted himself off again.  Heading to his desk as he sat down.

 "But for now until I can start this new plan, I need to meet this foolish assistant the church is sending me." He muttered. The book closed shut while resting on his desk in front  of him. He sat patiently waiting in his seat on with eyes on the door over steepled hands. "This better not be a waste of my time." He narrowed his eyes.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   23d ago

He took a breath, the trip to this stupidly small town was painful. He had many encounters with women who wanted there way. But little did they know, he liked men. He never thought of women in any way. But all those aside.

He looked at the building he stood at. It was indeed quite impressive. But not as impressive as it could be. The large doors and stained glass windows were a nice touch, but if only the walls had engravings on them, then it would be at its finest. 

He opened the doors and walked in. His head held high, his stare unmoving, and his steps proud and sure. He learned that if he were going to be here for five months he might as well present and assert himself accordingly. Looking at the man sitting in front of him. The man did look quite good, his hair seemed to look healthy, he didn't look like he needed any help, but you can't let looks decent you. He stopped a good six feet away, a slight glare on his face.

"Hello, I am Milo Draz. I am here on behalf of the head church to assist you." He said giving a slight bow. He had a feeling the man would tell him to leave or clean something. But he was no maid, and doesn't take being bossed around well. 

He's a bit of a hot head if anything, bold and fierce bit a complete wimp in the face of someone that holds any kind of dominance over him. So he did what he could to keep a single look and good posture.

Jeremy raised a brow, viewing over his steepled hands. The stranger had come into his office so boldly. This was something new that Jeremy didn't care for. But he had to put on a facade as always. He was in charge around here. He was the pastor. He was the boss.

 So the man, Milo was good looking. He shook his head quietly trying to get the idea out of his head. He didn't have time for such carnal thoughts, he said internally. He stood holding out a hand, forcing a smile to his face. "And I am Jeremy Gallant. This church's holy leader. Or as they call me pastor. It's nice to know that the head of the church is concerned about me and my stress. But I think they have the idea wrong. I'm perfectly fine. I don't need assistance." His voice was as dripping sweet as he could make it. 

Maybe the man would go back to the city, report that he was perfectly fine to the church. That would be a great dream if that could happen. He narrowed his eyes just a tad. Something was off about this man, he was slowly starting to get inklings. He looked him up and down before pulling his hand back. He casually looked down at the letter he still had in his hand.

 "So I guess you've heard about the dark worshiper uprise in the towns around here? Horrid isn't it, when somebody could turn against our holy God and worship evil beings. Apparently the church is wanting to purge all of them again. I'm sad to say that I agree with that. The land does not need to be tainted by such vile people." He felt sick inside saying these words ,speaking against his own people for his own personal gain.

This was not something he was proud of. "But then again... you know how dark worshippers are who worship evil creatures. They'll do whatever it takes to get what they want." He added quietly. He raised his eyes to look to at the new man. "Don't you agree, Mr. Milo? It isn't safe around here to be letting them just run amok. We have to save our people, the chosen people of God." He was putting on a good act.

"Did the church tell you of my talents? That I can tell if someone is a dark worshiper just by simply touching them? By listening to their story? Sometimes they lie and blaspheme. I hate to say this, but I'm not good at torture to make them tell the truth. I never have been talented at harsh things." Again Jeremy was saying another lie.

 Lies had become second nature to him to protect himself. He rested a hand on his grimoire. Of course it still look like a Bible. He was assessing Milo and his facial reactions. He would decide if the man stayed or not. Even if he had to cast a spell on the man to make him leave.

 He was hoping he didn't have to waste any more black magic. When he only had a little left to spare. He was hoping that the man would just go back on his own to the head of the church. He was exhausted already thinking about the ramifications of casting a spell.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   23d ago

He chuckled. This man sure is amusing, and great flying, he thought. He wasn't sure of he should acknowledge that he knew these things yet. But he can hold off if needed. He was curious as to what the book was. 

"Well I certainly don't think it is wise, and it was acknowledged that they are starting and up rise. And none the less i believe that our land is nothing more than punishment for past sins created by our ancestors. And they did mention many many things about you sir, nothing about torture though." He said.He looked the man over again. 

He saw the restraint in his face. He had to be talking about his own kind. Or could he have family that are- no, thinking like that wouldn't help right this moment. Though the way he tries to make it known that he doesn't need help is hot. 

"Sadly sir, your desperate attempts at getting rid of me are useless. They sent me to stay for five months, no longer and no less. I hope you don't find my presence... Threatening." He smirked as he stepped closer to the man, dating him to try something.

After all that is his game. Then he finds out the truth and holds it over his victims head until they can't take it anymore. And eventually admit to their wrong doings or end their lives themselves.

Jeremy took a step back from behind his desk. Milo has stepped closer , to close to his desk for comfort. He grabbed his grimoire up off the desk quickly. Trying to make it look like he was not afraid with him. Having such low amount of black magic, one hit was all he could do. If he had to with a spell, and it wouldn't even be that strong of a spell either.

 He forced a bigger smile on his face. "Sir, I'm going to say this only once, do not try to intimidate me in my own church. I have been faithful to this church for 4 years. I have given everything that I have to our God. Even things that I should not have given up. So do not test me." Jeremy knew it was a bluff.

He knew that he had no way to defend himself if he had to. He gritted his teeth behind his smile. What did this man want from him!? Did he suspect that he was a dark worshiper!? Had the church actually figured it out? He had a feeling that they suspected him. Had the church actually figured him out? Was this man here to test him!? He could easily lose his life on the pyre!

 He took a chance and looked to the wall clock chiming softly in the distance. "Sir, it's getting late. Why don't I show you to your room? You'll be staying for 5 months. As you say no more than that." He reminded him of his own words. Jeremy went around the opposite side of his desk trying to avoid Milo.

 His crucifix jingled slightly, it almost never moved against him like that. He knew what it meant, there was something very off about this Milo. His crucifix, was secretly an amulet for protection and to keep any normal human from feeling his immense power when he had a lot of black magic within him. 

His crucifix amulet was alarming him to the situation. He glanced back at the Milo when he got to the door. "Are you coming? Unless you want to sleep in my office? But it wouldn't be quite comfortable. I only have my desk,chair, and if you bookshelves. You'd have to sleep on the floor like a dog." He taunted.

He wondered exactly what was off about this man. He couldn't place his finger on it and this disturbed him. He needed to know what was off about this man for his own safety. His grimoire next  slightly trembled too now! He froze as he walked down the hall a few feet. He narrowed his eyes. If his grimoire and his amulet were acting this alarmed, there was something very dangerous about this Milo. Though Jeremy loved danger, this was not a time with the church on the hunt for his kind. For him to be playing around with fire of the wrong kind.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   23d ago

He loved the reaction, the man will be like putty in his hands soon enough. He endless rambling trying to hide whatever his secret was. He followed him out the office none the less. His plan was certainly working to his liking. 

His frantic movement made it easier to examine his body more. The way his hips swing when he walked and the power in his every step. He shook his head to keep his thoughts under lock and key.

He did wonder what was with the book though. He grabbed it quite quickly when he got scared. And his crucifix hadn't moved until he got close. So what was his deal? Was he a dark worshiper? Had he found answers to what happened to his parents at last? Or was it an misunderstanding?

Once he came back to reality he had realized they stopped walking. Was he really thinking for that long or had the walk just been short? He wasn't entirely sure. All he knew was that this guy was completely off, and teasing him a bit more was something he really wanted to do. So without a second thought he pinned him to a wall, his lips dangerously close to the others neck. "Tell me sir, what are you hiding from me?"

Jeremy yelped in surprise as he was abruptly pinned to the wall. He looked up at the taller man as he glared angrily. "What is the meaning of this!? Let go of me!" He struggled, but it was in vain. Even his struggle was weak, his magic was almost gone.

 It terrified him to be completely defenseless, almost ordinary in his eyes. His grimoire had clattered to the floor. Jeremy's heart skipped a beat, he had to protect his grimoire! Nobody could touch, it if they did horrid things would happen! He struggled more against the Milo's firm hold. His book trembled again and his crucifix amulet kept jingling harsh against his chest. 

Both were alarming him to the Milo, this man was no ordinary person! He was definitely sent by the church! He knew Jeremy was keeping a secret! Jeremy had to get away from him, otherwise he was doomed! "Let go of me!" He cried out. He had to get out of this man's hold! He never felt this much fear before!

 Jeremy glared up at him defiant. "The church will find out about this! This is assault!" he gritted his teeth trying to seem strong and threatening. Without black magic, he felt worthless. Like he was nothing, a mere commoner. How could he have let in his magic get this low!? He'd been so busy trying to make sure the church was running straight. Maybe he did need an assistant. He averted his eyes not realizing that he was blushing. The man was handsome, but right now he was in a dangerous spot! "Let go of me!" He warned agai.n If Milo didn't let go soon, he would have to use the last of his little bit of magic to get the man off of him! Which would only expose himself as a dark worshiper!
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   23d ago

He gave a low chuckle. This man was indeed interesting. He struggled but was too weak to break free. His grip wasn't even at its fullest. And he was blushing. So he does have feelings.

"What's the matter? Scared? Or is there something more that you Want?" He questioned, wanting to get under the man's skin more. He couldn't help it, in a way he wanted him. But again he had to hide. That's what a lot of people have to do these days.

He looked a the crucifix around his neck, seeing that it has an odd glow to it. And the book on the ground no longer said 'holy bible'. But it could also be a trick of the light. He knew that there was something off about this man.

"So a dark worshiper? How clever, i must say you have done a marvelous job staying hidden. But you? You're mine." He growled as if he were an animal wanting to devour his very being.

Jeremy looked up horrified, his eyes widened. He trembled in the Milo's hold. "What!?" He said  almost speechless. He couldn't believe his ears. Milo knew what he was! He was found out! His life was over!

He didn't know what to do or what to think! His grimoire, now that his magic was low could no longer keep itself hidden. It showed it's true form, a black spell book. His amulet was no longer a crucifix, but a silver skull holding a ruby in its teeth. He hung his head in shame. "What are you going to do with me? Turn me into the church?" He whispered. 

Of course the man would! That was his job obviously. Jeremy been found out, after all the work he had done to keep himself safe. He was exposed so easily. He was such a fool. Jeremy closed his eyes admitting defeat. "Wait... yours?" He processed the last part looking up completely lost. 

"Sir, I don't believe I know what you mean ." But then he froze hearing the how Milo had said it. His blush deepened ang Milo said it possessive. For some reason, this only quickened Jeremy's heart making it race already harder from fear into something else. "What do you mean by mine!?" He choked out. 

"The church sent you to find me didn't they? To find me out, so what do you mean by mine!?" He hissed. "You're not going to turn me in!?" He demanded to know. He tried squirming a bit more since struggling was not working. His book was no longer responding to an alarm or his amulet . He stopped, panting breathless. He needed to go absorb more magic from the earth as soon as possible. He was tiring easily.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   23d ago

He pressed his body against his. "I mean you. Are. Mine. No other woman or man can have you." He muttered. Kissing his neck lightly. He was only going to tease the man until he wanted more than light kisses.And he couldn't help but laugh. The man was insane. 

"I wouldn't dream of turning you in. Especially since you can give me everything i need answers to." He smirked even more when he realized that his little jeremy was having slight problems in certain areas. But he wasn't going to do anything unless he asked.

No matter how flirtatious he is. His respect for others is much stronger. He didn't want to be accused of assault again.

But god did this man drive him crazy. Even the attitude. But he knew that he couldn't do much, especially since the head church was suspicious about him. "You need to pretend to have a lover." he whispered. "It has to be female though, the head church is skeptical about you since you aren't married or widowed." He mumbled. His breath fanning across his neck.

Jeremy was in disbelief of this man! He squirmed feeling the Milo's breath on his neck and he squeezed his eyes shut. "You can't own me! I am not a pet!" He growled out, sounding exactly like a pet to himself. "I don't know what you're talking about with answers! I've just met you! I think you have lost your mind!" He was disgusted with this Milo.

 He might be handsome, he might even be on the same level of masochism as he was. But he did not like people bossing him around. It was bad enough the church did. It was bad enough he had to use the church to hide. It was bad enough he had to hide in the ranks of them. "I'd rather be turned in, than be owned by anyone! I will not marry! I despise relationships. They make you weak!" He gritted his teeth.

 Look what had happened to his mother and father. His father had left for war after abandoning his mother. They had fought over finances constantly. His father had died in the war and his mother had gone insane due to this. She had began to massively abused Jeremy as a young child. So he burned the house down with his mother inside. That taught her not to mess with him anymore.

 But this memory always reminded him that relationships could either make you want to run or make you insane. He wouldn't do either. But his body and breathing betrayed  him. His breathing hitched as he was feeling Milo's body close to him. "Anybody could see us at any moment like this in the hallway! You fool, any of the damn monks could see us! You want to expose your homosexual ways and me being a dark worshiper!? This is the perfect spot to do it then!" He said sarcastically. 

"Get off me!" He honestly didn't want the Milo to do it, to get off of him. He'd rather stay like this for the rest of his life. But he had to be rational, this wasn't safe. He closed his eyes enjoying the second until the man got his common sense back and got off of him.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   22d ago

He pressed one last kiss to the man's neck then backed away. He couldn't help but chuckle at the statement. "You mean our homosexual ways, sir." He corrected.

"You can't deny it anymore." He smirked. And with that he turned and went into his room. Once the door was closed he let out a breath. That man would be the end of his if he didn't control himself. But at this point, it's getting harder.

"You'll be mine." He groaned. He looked around the room. It wasn't big but it wasn't small either. The space he had left was just perfect. As he unpacked his case to get more comfortable.

Then his case started to vibrate. He set it down and opened it quickly, taking out the ring and unwrapping it. It was unusual for it to vibrate so much. "There has to be real magic here." He whispered

Jeremy panted against the walls the Milo left him against. He clutched his amulet to his chest, looking down stunned. He was almost shocked beyond belief. What had that just been!? The man, Milo knew that he was a dark worshiper and wasn't going to report him!? Was he mad!?

 He was sent by the church! How could he betray them!? "That means that he's one... of one of us." Jeremy grinned narrowing his eyes as he picked up his grimoire. He tucked it into his cloak with his amulet. There was no way to keep them safe out in the open like this until he could absorb magic from the Earth. 

He headed to quickly to his room, taking off his amulet and putting his grimoire in a trunk. Locking it to keep them safe. "I will be back my pets." He nodded. He just needed to go out into the woods to get what he needed. As he locked the door to his room, the monk Zachariah approached him. "I see... that you have met your new assistant." Zachariah seemed very smug for a moment.

 Jeremy tensed pocketing his keys. "Yes, I have. What does it matter to you? Why aren't you at your post?" He demanded . Zachariah leaned in, his pudgy little body pressing almost against Jeremy.  "I'd be careful if I were you, it's one thing to be a dark worshiper. But to be homosexual is almost as worse as a sin. Be careful pastor." Zachariah walked off smugly hitting his shoulder into Jeremy's.

 The monk might have been older than Jeremy, but Jeremy was far smarter. The threat meant nothing. He headed out to the forest. With each tree he touched, he absorbed its life essence. Killing the tree instantaneously, it dissolved in the soot. After an hour or so and seven or eight trees were gone- he felt relief. His strength was back. He narrowed his eyes, looking to the church. 

"Zachariah, I warned you not to mess with me. As soon as my body has processed the Earth's white magic to Black in 3 days time, you will regret what you said to me. I am the pastor of this church. In one way or another you will feel my fury of my flames."
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   22d ago

He watched the two. He was determined to have Jeremy to himself. And this Zachariah character got too close to what was his. He usually doesn't get like this, but his secret was being threatened. 

And he doesn't care much for threats. He knew that Jeremy was confused about him not turning him in, and to be honest so was he. He'd usually turn someone in as soon as he saw trouble. But this someone is different. He wasn't as easy as the last one, infact he's quite the opposite.

Pushing all of those thoughts aside he quietly followed his new thing. Wondering why he'd be out at this time of day anyway. He should be at the church, or even at his home. Maybe summoning something, or manipulating someone. He had a strange encounter with the boy that cleaned the church though. As if he were nothing but a mere bug, he even threatened to get rid of the wretched  thing.

He went back to his room focusing on what he had learned in so little time. The man they call, Jeremy Gallant is no ordinary man. He's a dark worshipper, and a pastor. One of the most important ones to the head. He's well known, and well trusted. His down fall will be both painful and satisfying to witness.

The next few days in church were the same as usual. But Milo hadn't stopped watching Jeremy. It sent shivers down his spine. It was taking time for his body to run the course of turning the magic, black inside of him. He felt stronger with each passing moment.

 Monk Zachariah had been watching him like a hawk too. But Jeremy wasn't worried about  this fool. He wrote a letter laced with a persuasive spell bound in it, to the head of the church. He was smiling, of course  it was easy to accuse the Monk of blaspheming. It wasn't far from the truth. The monk had questioned him multiple times of his decisions within the church. Now was threatening him. 

After Jeremy had gotten a letter back from the church and his magic was full up again he grinned. Holding the letter of conviction against the monk he headed out of the church. His grin was wide and amused. "You shouldn't have moved against me, sir. That was a dangerous move." He went to the Constable's office and showed the man the church's order. The Constable looked confused and shocked.

 "But monk Zachariah has never been proven to be a dark worshiper! He's helped the community out in several ways over the years! Even before you became pastor, Gallant!" He protested. Jeremy gave a forced smile. "But the church has investigated him with myself. He uses his dark magic against our people. The people of God. He's being sentenced to death. There's nothing I can do. Maybe the flames of God will cleanse his soul as he is taken down into hell.* He said in fake earnest.

 The Constable stood. "Let me go get him myself from the parish housing next door. We grew up together." He said tense.  Jeremy nodded, he didn't have to be there for this. He just knew that Zachariah was going to pay the ultimate price for going against him. "Bring him to the church holding cells when you are done." Jeremy said quietly as he made his way back to the church triumphant.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   22d ago

It was all the same to him really. Watching and not touching. But saying something to perfect Jeremy's standards, or his tone. Especially when talking to his staff.

He'd only been there a few days and everything was running quite smoothly. Well except when that monk. He'd seen him watching his man, plotting against him. When he had heard he'd been moved to the holding cells he was delighted. He even went and had a small chat with him.

After the lovely, painful, chat they had her went to go find his sweet Jeremy. Pinning the man to a wall with his eyes. It was his job to make him better, smarter, faster even. But without touching. Even if the man begged he wouldn't touch him. Not unless Jeremy himself, grabbed Milo's hands and put them on him. It's his punishment.

All he could do was smirk and imagine. Remembering how the mans heart speed up when he looked at him. He heard the way his breathing changed, and how he tried to avoid his gaze whenever they were alone. It was quite funny.

Jeremy had returned to his room after a very long day of dealing with imbeciles. He was exhausted mentally. He knew that Milo was trouble. Suddenly, he felt himself being pinned to the wall and he looked up seeing that Milo was in his room. Being pinned by simple magic, using his eyes was not something Jeremy enjoyed. He tossed a hand releasing the power off of himself.

He glared at Milo and his emotions confused him. He couldn't figure out if this man excited him or revolted him. "We're going to make some ground rules. Just because I enjoy your presence because of your looks. Does not mean that you could touch me, even with your powers! You dare to even gaze upon me without my permission and you'll regret it! Do I make myself clear, assistant?" He thoroughly enjoyed reminding Milo that he was lesser than him.

 He held his grimoire to his chest and raised his chin. "You and I both have something to lose if the church finds out about our homosexuality. Or you being a dark worshiper yourself. So let me remind you- not only are you playing in hot water, little boy with me. But you're playing in it with the church too. I would rather live another day than to piss them off." He reminded him.

 "I don't have all the magic in the universe to combat an entire church of thousands of people. One word and the pope would have both of us dead. I'm starting to wonder if you even have wits about you in your head! Use them if you do!" He spat. Jeremy shoved Milo out of his room and locked the door behind  him. Jeremy turned his back to the door sliding down it.

 Yes, his heart was racing again. Yes, this man did things to him mentally that he never thought anyone could. But he had to focus on the fact that if he was going to be able to survive the church he had to keep his eye on the prize. Which was getting his grimoires plan underway. "Consuming souls would be a quicker source of black magic absorption." He muttered to himself as he looked to the floor thinking to himself.

 His grimoire on the bed began flipping pages open again. He looked up curiously, he got up and walked over to his bed as the final page flipped open. He raised a brow reading the page. "My pet ,you can't be so cheeky!" He said stern. There was a spell to create a collar like device. "A command collar?" he raised a brow reading aloud softly "Is a regular dog like buckle, but the device forces the person who wears it to do exactly as you tell them to. Only those who spelled the collar hold command  over it. If the wearer fights a command then a nasty shock is issued." Jeremy frowned highly annoyed.

"Why didn't you show me this before!?" He threw his hands up and the book trembled it almost like it was laughing. "I could have been using a command collar on every monk around here! Not just on some assistant who doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself!"
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   21d ago

He stood there at the door listening. "So he thinks I'm just some lowly assistant." He chuckled. He was far more than some low class boy. And certainly wasn't going to let the man think that either. He had no idea what he meant by him being a dark worshipper either, but i guess the powers do resemble in a way.

He walked away but stopped feeling a presence following him. It was neither human nor magical, but he couldn't place it. It was the feeling he felt when his parents died, and it stayed for about two years before it suddenly left. But he had no idea why it was back now. Could it be the same thing that killed his parents? Could it be because he was in a church? No that couldn't be it, he'd been in and out of churches everywhere. There would be no logical explanation as to why he was feeling it now.

He shook his head. Maybe he was only tired, so he went back to his room. As he laid down darkness took over the corners of his vision just for a second, then he fell asleep.

Jeremy looked relieved as the man walked away. He raised his chin proud of himself. Jeremy took this as a triumph, just another one in his belt for today. Now he had some work to do. He headed off towards the lumberman in the village and even the stables. If he was going to get rid of the monk Zachariah in the way his book had suggested he had a few supplies to order to have sent to the church. 

"This is going to be fun!" He used to himself as he walked. He had noticed an odd presence for a few moments following Milo. He frowned as he looked down at his grimoire. "Please tell me, pet... you know what that was?" He hopefully inquired. His grimoire did not respond. "I take that as a no." He sighed.

 "This Milo has done nothing but bring me stress and the church wants to say that they send him to make sure I was not stressed. Odd way of doing distressing." He rubbed his temples irritated as he sat down for a moment on a rock in the center of town. He rested his grimoire in his lap. It was a small village and it had just enough for everything that a person would need. Nothing spectacular, he liked this place. It was easier to deal with people here. 

People were easily intimidated by his presence and power. They knew that he could simply make them disappear if he wanted to. It wasn't something anybody spoke of openly, but it was heavily implied. After all the church had a tendency to get rid of people that could be vile or nasty. He looked over to the lumber yard. "Well, better start there. I'm going to need a stake and platform." He smiled at the notion. He got up and strode carrying his book. "Grimoire ,my pet. We need to keep an eye on that Milo. Something is following him. I'm not worried about him. It's the thing following him in my church that could hinder my plans."
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   12d ago

He awoke a good three or four hours later. But the feeling of being watched was still their just faintly. But the room seemed to be empty of everything possible living thing besides dust bunnies. He shook his head as he stood but he couldn't stand straight. His head feeling dizzy and the taste of bile in his mouth. 

Well that's quite odd, the last time he had felt like that was when his old friend had came to visit him in the city for a few days. The man had gotten Milk drunk. The next morning the man was gone and Milo had a very stressful day trying to navigate himself. But he hadn't had anything but water to drink in the past 13 hours.

He shrugged it off and headed to his little spot in the office. Not caring who was there at the moment. He went straight to the book shelf and started looking, he didn't know what he was looking for, but he was looking for something. He'll know when his hand touches it. 

He heard football steps but they were louder than usual. But it sounded like one of the helpers, since their walking patterns were different from those of Jeremy's. But he could have been mistaken, his senses were off so it could have been someone else.

Jeremy returned to his office. He was a bit off put to see Milo there. He cracked his door open, narrowing his eyes. Why was the man looking for on his bookshelf!? He hadn't given him permission to go through his things! He may of not had much, but at least the man shouldn't have the audacity to go through his personal effects!

 He watched for a little bit before finally opening the door and striding in. "You know... that's a big audacity to do in MY church no less. What is with you thinking you can just prance around here like you're an innocent little soul? You're just like me, as black as black gets." Jeremy said annoyed. He sat his grimoire down on his desk. "Looking for this? I don't just leave it out on a random bookshelf. That would be stupid of me. Absolutely foolish." he smirked amused just a tiny bit with the man. 

"There's a creature following you. I can't place my finger on it. But it is definitely something I've felt before. You need to be careful. It's almost like a shadow beast. I don't want to say it's demon. Demons are nastier than this creature and I've played with demons." Jeremy looked to some paperwork on his desk

 "I'm getting rid of a monk tonight. You know... your stereotypical burning of the stake. If you understand what that means. He was a threat to my standing in the church and I cannot have that." Jeremy didn't understand why he was being so open with Milo. He supposed it was because Milo was supposed to be his assistant. 

If he was going to gain this man's trust. Not have Milo report him to the church, he would have to give him some form of small trust too. Milo had just as much as Jeremy did to lose. Especially with them both being homosexual. "Can I ask you a vague question?" He asked stacking his papers carefully. 

"Why are you so damn determined to flirt with me?" He said the last word almost like it was poison in his mouth. His tongue felt slimy at the idea. He had no time for romance, it was too dangerous for him. He had to survive the church that was far more important.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   11d ago

He stopped and held his head, groaning at the man's words. What does he have against him? Why does he think he's looking for his book? A book he could care less for.

He sighed, "not looking for your stupid book Jeremy." He mumbled out, tired of his babbling. But obviously Jeremy didn't understand that. So Milo had to get a bit violent. Pushing the man down on his own desk and holding him there.

"SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP JEREMY!" He yelled. Once the man was quiet, he let go. "It's not my intention to flirt with you. It just happens. Now leave me alone, I'm not in the mood to deal with you're idiocy right now." He said going back to looking for the book he was looking for. 

He could care less about a shadow monster or whatever it was, following him. Monsters and demons were stupid and childish. Vengeful and manipulative. Just like Jeremy was. But sadly Jeremy would never notice that on his own.

He got own from the latter he was on and headed to a stack of books in the corner. Flipping over book after book, he had to. How could he lose the one thing he has to document everything in? Was he that irresponsible?

Jeremy was startled to be screamed at in his own church and even pinned to the desk. When Milo let him be, he watched him return to the books on his bookshelf. Jeremy felt odd... but not in a way he understood. This was almost as if someone had
ripped him apart. He didn't feel like screaming at him. He was actually hurt, extremely hurt
He had been trying to...

Jeremy looked away coldly and swallowed  thickly. The emotion of hurt and disgusting romance sat heavy on him bow. He had been trying to look out for the man. Trying to be kind to Milo. That was extremely rare for him. He wanted nasty? Well, Jeremy could be nasty.

 "Get out of my church. Don't you come back here. Fuck the head of church! You come in my church again and you'll be the next on the pyre."  Jeremy snarled. He stormed out after grabbing his grimoire. Why did he feel like crying? He hadn't cried in God knows how long. Why did this hurt his feelings so much!? Why did this bother him, the damn man's reaction!? 

"Why do I care?" Jeremy angrily  sniffled. "I have a monk to do away with." He knew he had to do away with Zachariah but he stopped in the hallway again. He stared down the hallway at the velvet runner down uts path. He was completely lost emotionally. 

"He better leave." Milo felt something wet slide down his cheek. He touched it shocked as he began to walk. Sure enough, it was a tear. "Am I sick or something? I better assess myself when I get back to my room." He sighed exasperated. His hand was trembling too. More so than usual. He hadn't used much magic so it couldn't be that. "Yes, I must be sick." He murmured.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   10d ago

After a few minutes his dizziness had settled down and his mood lifted. He hadn't meant to snap on the fragile man he cared for so dearly, he just wanted to find the book he'd lost that could fix his headache. But he went to find him anyway.

Pinning him down wasn't something he'd do to him if he didn't want him to, that's why he barely did. The man was too precious for him to just touch any type of way. But his heart broke hearing the tremble in his soft but deep voice. He knew all too well that Jeremy didn't want him gone, if he did he would've shoved him out on his own when he first came.

He walked down the hall, being hit with a wave of sadness. 'I did this, I hurt him!' He said to himself. He rushed to the room and lightly knocked on the door.

"Jeremy? I'm sorry. I truly am, I never meant to snap at you like that, i never meant to be that rough either. Please." He said. But when the door didn't open he got a bit scared. He felt the essence of Jeremy's magic fading so he started to freak out, knocking harder. "Baby? Baby what's wrong? Open the door." He said a bit rushed and with a lot more than a little concern in his voice.

Jeremy was changing clothes and he refused to open the door. He didn't want to talk to Milo. He didn't want to see Milo. He was too angry and too hurt. He raised his voice at the door. "Go to hell." He barked.

 "I have things to do." He growled. He wanted to be just as nasty and his cruel as Milo had been. He grabbed up his grimoire once again. "Shit..." He muttered to himself. There was no other way out of his room except to the main door. Where Milo was and he had it locked. 

He had a window, but he wasn't in the mood to have to climb through bushes that were right under his window. He winced, nasty rose bushes covered in thorns. Nothing he wanted to do today included being scratched up. He groaned throwing his head back. "Why can't I just have a normal life?" He muttered. He went to the door hesitantly unlocking it. 

But kept it closed with his own sheer body weight. "Move." he ordered quite serious. "I don't want to talk to you right now. I warned you to get out of my church!" He hissed. Sure, he didn't want Milo to leave. Most definitely not. He was growing  infatuated with the man. 

But he wanted Milo to hurt as much as he did. "Again, as I have stated I have a monk to get rid of because of your homosexuality!" He profusely reminded Milo. He didn't want to add that he also had plans to do with the man's soul converting it into black magic. No... he wasn't ready to tell Milo things like that yet. He didn't feel that quite safe around him yet to expose that part of his plans. He was very impatient to get this done. He was hoping Milo would move and get out of his way.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   9d ago

He refused to leave. Without a second thought he easily pushed open the door making the small fragile man he was so dearly concerned about, stumble back. He closed the door and locked it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." He whimpered. He leaned against the door and noticed the window. Why didn't he just go through the window? He asked himself wondering why the man had made it this easy to get into his room. He kicked himself up from the door.

He gently told the book our of Jeremy's hands and lightly pushed him against a wall, pinning him there. Jeremy could easily get free if he wanted to, Milo wouldn't even stop him if he did break free. He lightly kissed him, barely even that. His lips barely brushed Jeremy's. "I'm sorry." He whispered in his ear hoping he understood. 

As he laid his head on Jeremy's shoulder he continued to talk. "I wasn't feeling myself baby. I never want to hurt you, i never want to scare you, or make you cry." He lifted his head and wiped Jeremy's tears. "Never baby," he whispered. Then he actually kissed him, he didn't force it it was light and full of meaning.

Jeremy froze against the wall quite confused. What was this man going on about!? Milo had been a jerk to him since day one. But not as bad as this last few moments. Now he was being kind!? This was a tad off putting. 

But yet his face felt hot now. He most definitely knew he was running a fever. He had never been infatuated before, so he didn't realize this was what he was experiencing. He had a job to do. He shook wide eyed and his face was turning scarlet. "What are you on about!? Baby!? Why are you calling me that!?" He glared up at Milo.

 "You did so mean what you said! You have been cruel since getting here! I have returned the same exact treatment to you! You've been here for a few weeks and all you've done is be on the side of the church! There's a man in the holding cells ready to kill me by reporting me to the church for homosexuality! If they investigate further they will find out I am a dark worshiper!" Jeremy  reached for his grimoire and it shot off the bed where Milo had laid and into his hand like a bullet.

"I have to get rid of him. His soul can be converted into dark magic that will keep me defended against the head of the church! You so willingly work with them. How can I trust you with your nasty attitude and willingness to work with them!? You prove nothing but-"  He stopped abruptly as he was lightly kissed. 

His brain went to mush in a sense and he didn't pull away. But he stared his reddish brown eyes up into this man's. Maybe both of them were sick? He reached up a hand feeling Milo's forehead. "Oh God.." he blasphemed. "I have work to do and we are both unwell. If he gets out of that cell or breaks out... I am quite literally screwed." He muttered under his breath.

 This was not good, this was quite dangerous for them to be in a position like this. To both be unwell.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   9d ago

He sighed and followed him silently for a bit. But couldn't stop smiling to himself, Jeremy kissed him back. But thought that blushing was just him being sick. He chuckled a little.

He wasn't so bad, sure he was stuck up and caught in his ways but he meant well. He didn't even understand the simple name of a loved one. But Milo would be sure to teach him. "Jeremy, come to my room later." He said not giving anymore instruction. Once he said that he stopped walking g with the man and went on his own.

Heading outside for fresh air. He turned his head a little and saw a boy, he looked like a servant, perhaps a cleaner. He waved at the boy hoping to get the same reaction but was sadly  he was mistaken. The boy had pulled him back into the church and had him against a wall. "Get off of me!" He ordered. But the boy was determined for some reason. Looking in the small eyes he seemed to have been compelled, but he didn't care. His loyalties stand with Jeremy. He tried shoving the small thing away but he was surprisingly strong. He started tearing up when he felt lips on his, as he kept pushing.

Jeremy had been preparing all evening. Even through the protests of Zachariah's fellow monks. They had been pleading for him, saying that whatever Zechariah had done he had not meant to do. But their pleas fell on deaf ears with Jeremy. He was preoccupied trying to get the pyre built around the stake. Even the base platform was slow building. 

The carpenters were not being reasonable with him. Everyone in the village knew who Zachariah was. But Jeremy was a new pastor. Zechariah obviously had more standing in the village than Jeremy ever would. He could feel his magic already waning again and he held his forehead. A nasty migraine spread throughout his forehead from temple to temple. He need to go back to the church and rest at least for an hour or so if he was going to get this done. 

Jeremy headed slowly back to the church. He saw the boy on Milo and was confused. Wasn't Milo infatuated with him? But then he heard the protests coming from Milo. Oh no, not on his watch. This was not happening. 

He tore the boy off of Milo as if the boy strength was nothing. He tossed him to the wayside glaring at the child. He snapped his fingers erasing the boy's memory as his eyes glowed dimly red. Jeremy glowered over him. "If I were you young man I would go to your mother. I would tell your mother what a naughty little thing you are. You touch my assistant again and I'll have you flogged in the village center square. Do I make myself abundantly clear? God is watching you. I don't think God would like to see what you have been doing with my assistant." He turned Milo and looked at him annoyed.

 "Can you stay out of trouble at least for one second!? Every time I turn around you're in some shenanigan or causing it! Now I have work to do and I don't want you in the midst of causing chaos!" Jeremy sounded stern and pretty much annoyed. But far from being angry as he headed back into the church. He groaned looking at the time on the center clock.

 "Well, looks like rest is out of an option. I have someone to get rid of." The annoyance was quickly gone and filled with glee as he headed to the cells. Calling on the constable along the way. "I need some help carrying the prisoner to the village square." But before he could even take another step the world began spinning.

 The migraine became far more agonizing than he could bear. What was going on!? His magic was vanishing from his body faster than he had ever felt it go before! Something was absorbing his magic right out of him! But yet nothing was touching him. Jeremy fell to his knees and crashed down unconscious in the middle of the church hallway. The Constable touched his forehead stunned, yelling down the hall for one of the monks or anyone. "The pastor Gallant has fainted! There's something deeply wrong with him! Urgent, call a medic please!" He begged for anyone.
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   9d ago

He lifted the man as gently as possible. "Please hurry!" He yelled as he rushed to his room laying himself on the bed. He knew that his magic was being drained from his body. But not how or by who.The way Jeremy acted towards the boy was stuck in his head. Why did he pull him away if he doesn't like me? He asked himself. This was new, Jeremy never gets jealous. I guess I'll text that theory though.But his focus was on the sick, drained man in front of him. He took a damp clothes and placed it on his head. Waiting for about 30 minutes before the doctor entered the room. He didn't too much like the old man, he was bossy, and very rude. Giving him a 'shut the hell up' look when he'd asked how high his temperature was. He hissed a little at him behind his back but the old man had said something about leaving the room. He couldn't leave Jeremy like this, vulnerable, oh he wanted to see him vulnerable. So he stepped back into a corner watching.About an hour later the doctor left and gave him a list of rules to follow for a months time. Then he heard a groan and shift. Rushing over to Jeremy's side he held his hand and the moving man spilled.

Jeremy's body felt like it was burning up. He was in so much pain and again he felt weak. This was what it was like to be mortal. To have no magic in his body. He heard a doctor as he was in and out of his consciousness. No, not a doctor! Please don't examine me, he thought mentally panicked. 

But his body was so heavy, like lead waits for laying on top of him. Finally he groaned coming to. He cracked his eyes open and seeing Milo brought relief. "What happened?" He whispered. "What caused me to pass out?" He knew what caused it somewhat. 

But he was hoping maybe Milo had seen something. Something had drained his magic that possibly Milo had seen? No, Milo had not been there in that moment. It had been the... constable! Realization struck him to the core. He froze horrified, the constable! 

That man was childhood friends with monk Zachariah! "He knows!" Jeremy said weakly. "The Constable knows that I'm a dark worshiper! he took my magic! Him and monk Zachariah are friends! He said so earlier when I asked him to-" Jeremy  was interrupted by loud noises. 

There was a noise that sounded like metal ripping. It was coming from down the hallway, from the cell block. The Constable was using the magic he had drained from Jeremy to get his friend out of the cell! "Hurry Zack!" He yelled at monk Zachariah. "We need to get you out of here! We need to report the dark worshiper priest to the head of the church!" Monk Zachariah nodded.

 "Oh, there's much more than just a dark worshiper between the two of those men! There's homosexuality! Two grave sins compared to mine! Which is not even a true sin! I threaten to turn them in and they say that I blasphemed! Their claims against me are false!" Jeremy's blood ran cold as his eyes widened. "It's over... if they get out of the church you and I are done for. They'll run to the city and tell the Pope! We'll both end up on the pyre instead of Zachariah!"
H4ppyp1llzMilo draz   8d ago

He disappeared for a second. As he stood blocking the two horrible men. "Return his magic right this moment" he growled lowly, a sinister look coming across his face."No one. And I mean no one will leave this building alive if you don't."The halls turning dark as if they know lead to hell. And to be honest, that wasn't even his power. He can sense emotion and see things through visions. Only when he was mad and being protective did this happen. 

It was very unusual. Getting attached to someone that could end his work. But it was also something he could get used to. He wouldn't call it love, but a will go protect him at all costs. He can turn himself in to save Jeremy. And that's exactly what needed to be done.

"Return his magic, let him be. Take me instead." He said as the halls cleared to their regular color and held out his hands. His ring draining of all colors as he transferred what little magic it had stored inside to Jeremy. Hopefully it has been enough to give him the energy to take backstage was his ass they two men threw Milk in a holding cell. "Return it all to him and you'll live to see another day."


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