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probably_workingNorman Polk   44d ago

Norman Polk grumbled quietly, rubbing a hand over his face as he leaned back in his chair. 

It was one of those rare occasions nowadays, where Mr. Drew hadn't demanded overtime from everyone in the studio. He half-expected that just thinking about it would jinx him, that Drew would pop out of nowhere and add another four hours to the nine he was already working. 

Norman sighed, grimacing. He could hear Sammy's shrill voice coming from below him, in the music room. God, part of him wished he could get up and leave, just follow in Henry Stein's footsteps and leave the studio.
CreekHenry Tellers   44d ago

A male ran through the streets, bumping into people and muttering a quiet ‘sorry’ before continuing on his run.

He was rushing. A messenger bag swinging behind him and papers in his arms, his suit wrinkled and flexing around his arms.

He huffed as he arrived at the studio. Joey Drew Studios.

He fixed up his suit and his papers before he took a deep breath and walked inside of the studio. He said he was to be given a tour, but, when inside he didn’t see a single soul around. He could only hear faint music from somewhere.

“Um…H-Hello? It’s…Henry! Henry Tellers? The new…Intern…?” He muttered the last words as he felt awkward standing around and possibly yelling to nobody but himself.
probably_workingNorman Polk   44d ago

Norman frowned a little, sitting back up in his chair. Then he stood up and quietly slipped out of the projector booth, down the stairs and out of the Music Department. Sammy was so busy yelling at those musicians, he [i probably] wouldn't notice if Norman disappeared for a second to go see what was going on. 

And besides, Norman knew his way around the studio. He could be there and back quickly and quietly, and no one had to be the wiser.
CreekHenry Tellers   44d ago

Henry sighed and looked down at his messenger bag. He opened it up and took some designs out.

He was recognized for his creations. That being the only reason he was really here. He use to be in another studio. He ran one. But stuff had happened and…

He shakes his head and stuffs the drawings in his bag. He’d rather not be reminded of the past and mistakes. He starting a new, as an employee making cartoons for children…again.
probably_workingNorman Polk   44d ago

Norman slipped around the corner, and frowned once he spotted the man standing in the front lobby. [i Huh?] He'd never seen this man before, and Norman liked to think he'd gotten familiar with the faces of all the employees, even down to the gofers that ran around and delivered things.

So who was this? A new hire?
CreekHenry Tellers   44d ago

Henry still seemed glued to his bag, as he was searching through it again for the hundredth time in a row.

He looked back up and stared at the details around him, large, small, anything, until his eyes landed on Norman.

He jumped back and gave a nervous smile. “I—I didn’t know someone was watching me.”

“I’m Henry! Henry Tellers…New hire for the studio! I was suppose to get a tour but…I don’t think anybody is available to…” Henry shrugged and then looked down at his bag once more.
probably_workingNorman Polk   44d ago

Norman furrowed his brow, then nodded a little. Well, alright, then.

"I'm Norman Polk," he said, moving towards Henry. "And ya'd be right about that, ain't many people here right now, Drew's been makin' some budget cuts."

He paused, just for a second, and his face soured. He known some [i damn] good people that Drew had cut, and he still hadn't gotten over his mild grudge against him for that. Or for driving Stein away. Really, he just didn't like Joey Drew, and it was obvious on his face.
CreekHenry Tellers   44d ago

“Oh…I…I’m sorry…” Henry seemed confused to why there would be any sort of budget cut.

The place looked decent enough and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. Or did Norman mean budget cuts of people? Henry mentally shook his head at the thought.

That, felt like too far. But, he needs the job. Badly.
probably_workingNorman Polk   44d ago

Norman just grimaced and shook his head. 

"'S fine," he grumbled, before making a snap descion. "Here, c'mon. I'll show ya 'round the place."

Sammy and the musicians would be fine for a few minutes (or hours). Norman needed some peace and quiet for a little bit- and this seemed like it would be the best he would get right now.
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

Henry nodded and followed behind him close.

He would only hear shoes clicking on the floor as they did not speak at all. So, Henry spoke first.

“I don’t think your boss told you guys anything of me…” Henry glanced around and licked his lips. “But…I owned my own studio! Rainbow Inc Studios? We competed with your studio heavily for a few years I belive!”

“Our studio went down though after we had some events unfold…” Henry shrugged. “But I love your characters a lot! Bendy, Boris, Alice angel! All of them!”
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

Norman glanced back at Henry, raising an eyebrow. Chatty fella, wasn't he? Or maybe he was just nervous. [i Or] maybe Norman was just used to people being too tired and stressed to want to make polite conversation.

"Nope, Drew hasn't told us anythin," he confirmed, looking forward again. "No one knows [i what's] goin on in that man's head nowadays, I swear. And I mightah heard of a 'Rainbow Inc Studios' once or twice." He paused, then chuckled darkly. "Our studio just might be followin in y'all's footsteps soon, with the way Mr. Drew's runnin it."
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

“O-Oh uh…” Henry glanced around some more then took a deep breath. “It- didn’t go down as you think it could’ve…”

“We were an older studio…Worked on animations and cartoons like you guys are now- but…We tried colored cartoons…Not a popular thing around and we had to shut down due to…other things…”

Henry then smiled. “But I’m sure this will be much better! Just give me story, ideas, anything and I’ll get working!” Henry’s smile grew with his words. “I even have some of my drawings while I worked in the studio…Thought I should bring them with me!”
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

Norman glanced back at him again. Oh, so he was an artist? An artist named Henry who, in true Joey Drew Studios fashion, needed the job due to his own studio failing. 

[i Huh.] Well, they had always thought Mr. Drew had a certain type of people he liked to hire. The down-on-their-luck folks, the ones who wouldn't look too close at any contracts they signed or anythin strange goin on. Poor Tellers here didn't know what he was gettin into.

Instead of voicing any of these thoughts, Norman just huffed a little and settled for, "Colored cartoons?"
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

“Yes! Colored cartoons.” Henry stopped Norman and went through his bag. He pulled some drawings out.

One was a young lady, black Bob hairstyle that covered her eyes. Small lips with black lipstick, and an outfit in all sorts of blue. Her heels were a sparkling red.

“This is one of my favorites! Mrs.Underwood, No demon or angel but she’s cut for the job of digging up graves! When she isn’t I imagine her working day shifts at the local coffee shop…” Henry smiled. “I do have some more but the rest are either redesigns or unfinished sketches…”
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

Norman raised an eyebrow, then nodded a little at the drawings. "It's nice work," he said, glancing up at Henry. "And these cartoons didn't work out? I don't see why, 's a genius idea- the public would eat it up." And that was certainly high praise coming from him.
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

“Well…” Henry shrugged. “It’s more the production of it…We just didn’t have enough money to fully produce episodes and shorts…And with multiple other events that came up we just couldn’t handle it any more…We did earn some money- at least enough to live…” Henry then sighs and placed the drawing back. “But it just wasn’t enough…The company that helped produce our stuff got rid of us quick…”
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

Norman scratched at the stubble on his chin. "Huh," he mumbled, nodding a little. Money problems? Joey Drew Studios certainly knew that. Seemed to him the poor fellow was just getting back into whatever he'd left behind, really.

"Well..." He tried to- what had Jack Fain called it? Find a silver lining? But he didn't want to lie to Henry, their studio wasn't doing too hot either.
Creek     43d ago

“And then there’s the incident with my own kid and wife…” He stopped and shook his head. “I’m sorry! Got lost in my own for a second buddy! It’s personal…Way more personal…L-Let’s just continue the tour!”

Henry now seemed much more nervous, not looking Norman in the eyes at all, seeming ashamed of the words he even said.
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

Norman gave him a wary, questioning look, then nodded slowly. He filed that information away, though, planning to figure it out later- it seemed suspious, and Norman was [i nothing] if not incredibly nosy and curious.

"Alright, then." He mumbled, turning around and gesturing for Henry to follow him. "Now, I assume you'll be workin in the art department, but if ya'd like I can take ya up to go see Drew."
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

“I’d like that a lot! I think I am working in the art department…I am not good with a lot of other things…Definetly not!” Henry chuckled. It was like he completely forgot about the small parts he had hinted at, or not.
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

Norman nodded a little, picking up on that as well. [i What was going on with this guy?]

“Right, well,” he paused by the elevator. “That means we’re going all the way up— an’ these elevators are rough, so just try not tah bite yer tongue off when we stop.”
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

“Oh I’ll be fine!” Henry gave another smile.

He took a quick glance at his bag again. “I do hope it’s fine for me to…Um…Dump all my previous work where I’ll be working at right? Or is it best to not?”
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

“Eh, ‘s prolly fine.” Norman shrugged, pressing the button for the elevator and leaning back against the wall, crossing his arms as he waited. Eventually the elevator thumped to their floor, the doors screeched open, and Norman stepped inside, gesturing for Henry to do the same.
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

Henry nodded and stepped into the rusted and terribly old sounding elevator.

“What do you do here? Is it…Fun? Your job…?”
probably_working     43d ago

“I’m the projectionist,” Norman’s lips twitched up into a proud smile. “Damn good one, too. Ain’t nobody here know as much as I do about the projectors. They need me fer whenever they wanna sync up sound to the animations.” 

He paused, thinking over the other bit of Henry’s question. [i Fun?] 

“I… guess it’s fun.” He shrugged. “It’s hard work, hurts yer back after a while. But eventually ya’ve got a solid project, job well done. Don’t get much credit, though, mainly that all goes to Drew.”
CreekHenry Tellers   43d ago

“Why would all the credit go to him? Didn’t you do half that work for the cartoons? I wouldn’t want to do something like that to somebody…”

Henry then glanced down at Normans back. He was mostly staring at his back after hearing his words. He couldn’t see his spine but he’s sure he would be able to feel his spine if he touched his back.

A strnwge thought he had. But he’s had stranger. And he’s seen stranger.
probably_workingNorman Polk   43d ago

"Yeah, but," Norman shrugged, staring ahead at the elevator wall. "He's the one who writes the checks, so... what he says goes, and we all just complain about it quietly an' hope he doesn't hear."
CreekHenry Tellers   42d ago

“That’s..awful…” Henry mutters. He would love to help them out with all of this happening to them. He didn’t know the studio was this bad either! 

But, He has other duties and his life to get back to. He will make his boss proud and hopefully make some new friends here. If he can even again.

Henry seemed quiet the rest of the time now.
probably_workingNorman Polk   42d ago

That was alright with Norman, who enjoyed the quiet much more than talking. For the rest of the elebator ride they were silent, before Norman stood up and grit his teeth, readying himself for when the elevator jolted to a sudden stop, gears screeching together.

"Alright, c'mon." He said, shaking himself a little before leading the way towards Joey's office.
CreekHenry Tellers   42d ago

Henry looked at the door they were coming so close to. He fixed up his suit and fixed any messed up wrinkles on his uniform.

He then fixed his hair. He did want to make sure he looked presentable in any way, even if he did look fine.
probably_workingNorman Polk   42d ago

Norman knocked sharply on the door, then stepped back and glanced at Henry. "Want me tah go in or stay out here and wait fer ya?" He soumded genuine, not grumpy or tired. No, he genuinely wanted to know which would make Henry feel safer, more comfortable. Norman knew how Drew could be; extremely jovial and friendly one minute,  seething and snappish the next.
CreekHenry Tellers   42d ago

Henry smiled. “If you want to come in with me I’d like it…Hearing about this guy…He sounds pretty scary…”

Henry has definetly dealt with worse people. His mom scared the crap out of him a lot! But he doesn’t know this guy and he isn’t family either, that is just what makes it more scary and nerve wracking.
probably_workingNorman Polk   42d ago

Norman gave him a curious look, but after a few seconds it softened into understanding and he nodded a little before carefully pushing he door open.

"Drew," he said, gesturing for Henry to walk inside first. "Yer new artist's here."
CreekHenry Tellers   41d ago

Henry slowly walks inside and clutched his messenger bag close to him. “Hello…Mr.Drew..” Henry stared at drew, a look of both happy, worry, a a rare hint of fear.

He felt like the room just got colder just staring at drew in the eyes.
probably_workingJoey Drew   41d ago

"Ah!" Joey looked up at him, and a small smile spread across his face. It wasn't a good kind of smile, though, and it didn't quite reach his eyes. "Please, sit down. Tellers, correct? Wonderful, wonderful."

Norman leaned back against the wall and Joey threw him an odd look, but quickly turned back to Henry.
CreekHenry Tellers   41d ago

“Yes. Henry Tellers…Sir…” Henry gulped and glanced away. Henry didn’t know what to say.

Did he have to answer any questions? Should he tell anything about his life he didn’t on paper? Wait, did he write anything on paper?
probably_workingJoey Drew   41d ago

"Wonderful!" Joey clapped, leaning forward in his chair. "Mr. Tellers, I cannot [i tell] you how excited Joey Drew Studios is to have you working for us. I'm sure your drawings will be a wonderful asset to our studio."

His strange smile hadn't gone away, or even made an attempt to look kinder.
CreekHenry Tellers   41d ago

“Uh…Well im happy to be here…I hope you do like my drawings and ideas…I mean I have plenty!”

Henry gave a nervous smile but it immediately faded away into a sad expression. “Anything else…?”
probably_workingJoey Drew   41d ago

"Oh, not much. You signed the contract the last time you were here, correct?" Joey's smile got even wider. "So there's nothing to do but get you settled in. There's a desk waiting for you in the Art Department. And I know animating work can get a little tough sometimes, so we've installed a little something called Artist's Rest. You can set your things there or at your desk, your choice. As for the tour we spoke about, well..." He paused, trying to think of someone he could spare to give the tour.
CreekHenry Tellers   40d ago

“Yes I signed the contract.”

Henry seemed confused about the artists rests. He doesn’t know what that it is.

“I think I’ll be fine without a tour for now!” Henry shrugged. “Yeah…I’ll be fine without one! Just need to know where the art department is and the exits…That’s about it!”
probably_workingJoey Drew   36d ago

Joey paused, then nodded. "Well, alright then!" He clapped a little, sitting back in his chair. "Polk can show you the way to the Art Department and [i then,"] Joey grit his teeth, smile fading, "he can get back to work."

Norman scowled, but just nodded.
CreekHenry Tellers   36d ago

“Um…Alright…Thank you…” Henry had already gotten up and was heading to the door. He wished to get over with this immediately.

It was mostly because of his cold and dead smile, then how it faded so fast. It’s been along time since he saw one like that. Reminds him of some he rather not remember.


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