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BATIM/Bendy and the Ink Machine

By probably_working

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Please follow ES rules.
No killing off characters unless both parties agree. Same goes for ships.
No forced ships, incest, etc.
Blood and limited gore is allowed, along with some minor dark/mature themes.
Be nice to your fellow roleplayers, please.
Newcomer friendly!


Pre-game, around the time that Henry left the studio/when Dreams Come to Life takes place. Not a lot of plot, just pretty chill (I'm pretty new here myself, so I'm really just trying to learn the ropes.)

PM me to join!


Henry Stein (open)
Joey Drew (open)
Sammy Lawrence (open)
Susie Campbell (open)
Wally Franks (open)
Jack Fain (open)
Norman Polk (taken by probablyworking, me)
Grant Cohen (open)
Shawn Flynn (open)
Thomas Connor (open)
Allison Pendle (open)
Buddey Lewek (open)
Dot/Dorothy (open)

If there's any characters that you wanna be that I've missed (I'm a bit tired as of right now), please tell me!
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