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BooBear96Cameron Elizabeth   47d ago

[i "I know Dad. I'm really happy for you... It's just really sudden. I didn't even know you were that serious about Lisa."] she spoke into her phone which was connected to her car. [i "Give me a night to sleep on it and I'll let you know tomorrow sometime. I will, love you too."] She let out a breathe that she had been holding since she'd answered her Father's phone call.  

Charlie was getting remarried. He had of course invited her to the wedding, but more than that, he and Lisa wanted her to come to Forks and stay with them for months- while planning their wedding. Lisa was a nurse who basically kept the community hospital up and running, or at least that's what her father had told her.

It was honestly really surprising. She knew that Charlie and Lisa had been seeing one another... But apparently Lisa had moved in soon before Charlie proposed.

Was she crazy for even considering moving to Forks again? Yes. Her Mother would completely loose her mind, but besides that, she didn't really have anything holding her to Jacksonville. She was basically working a dead end job that thought she had no potential..  And she had been thinking about starting her own company. Having free reign of Lisa's wedding would be just what she needed to get her own business up and running.. She could possibly get business from all over the state of Washington. 

It was less than a week later and she was driving past the Welcome to Forks sign. 

Renee, her mother was all but speechless- for a moment or two at least- when she had told her that she was temporarily moving back to Forks. After that they argued for hours and said arguing was still going. 

She took a deep breathe as she pulled into Charlie and now Lisa's home. She hadn't been back here since she was at least seventeen. It looked pretty much the same. Lisa had told her that she redecorated her room into a young woman's room, but of course she had free reign since interior design was her own hobby.

She was supposed to freshen up as she was going to some hospital fundraiser with Lisa and Charlie tonight. From what Lisa had told her, the town's big shot doctor was putting it on.. She wasn't sure why. If the doctor was rich, couldn't he pay for such himself?

She had quickly retouched her curls added some fresh makeup to her face before she changed into her dress. Finishing just as Charlie walked in the door.

[ dress]
MourningGloryCole Alexander   43d ago
Lady of the Night

Forks again. It seemed a never ending cycle. Move, make some sort of life for a few years and then move again. Every twenty or so they made their way back to a place they had been before. And this time, it was back to Forks Washington.

[b "Yes Carlisle. I know what you have said. Everyone deserves the chance to be happy and to find that someone. But that is just not for me. The fact that you thought it would be a good idea to make me 'come home' makes me wonder if you have not finally lost your marbles."] Cole loved his adoptive father...he loved all the family really. But he just never felt as if he truly belonged. He was even worse than Edward had been. Which was a real shocker but the truth. And for that reason, Cole had been on his own for so long and he had even changed his last name from Cullen to Alexander.

[i "All I am asking for is for everyone to come home Colton. It would be nice to have everyone back together. And you know that Forks is one of the best places for us. Hardly ever is there sun."] Carlisle was beating around the bush about something. Cole could always tell.

[b "You mean you have other plans in mind taking up the hospital..."]

After a couple of months and mostly because of Esme, Cole agreed to come home. Agreed to fall into whatever life game that his family wanted to play. And if the man were less stubborn he would even admit to the fact that he had chosen to come back because he missed everyone and was tired of being on his own.

Carlisle was the head doctor of the hospital in Forks. But Cole was his second. And as such, the "young" man was stuck going to the charity fundraiser that they could have very easily funded themselves. But he had been told they were doing this as a way to meet people and to try and be part of the community.

Cole was just finishing with the black tie he was supposed to wear with the suit Alice had forced him into when Carlisle and Esme appeared at his door. [i "Remember to try and be nice. This could be a good thing for you. And it may even surprise you of who you could meet."] Those soft words were spoken before Carlisle and Esme motioned Cole follow them.

What should have been half an hour for the drive only took ten because they loved to drive fast. Well that and because they were running late. But ten minutes and the Cullens and the one Alexander were walking into the hall where all fundraiser guests were to enter. And as he was the last, Cole let his eyes scan all those there. Bright blue orbs seeming to fall on the young woman with the police chief and nurse...a beautiful young woman he had not seen before. Before he could even try and slip away, Carlisle was walking him and Esme over to greet Lisa, Charlie and apparently Charlie's daughter Cameron.
BooBear96Cameron Elizabeth   44d ago

[b "I'm nervous."] she told Charlie as he drove them to the hospital. She had only spoken to Lisa on facetime a few times in the previous months. She would be meeting her for the first time tonight... at the hospital fundraiser. 

Of course all of her fears and worries were put to bed as soon as she had met Lisa. She had never met such a warm and caring woman before. She could tell that they would get along just great. She was so thankful that Charlie now would have someone to take care of him when she went back to Jacksonville. She loved coming and visiting Charlie when she was younger, but she always hated leaving him alone more than anything. That was always the hardest part.

She was reintroduced to everyone that her Father was friends with, and then introduced to Lisa's friends, coworkers and supervisors. It was quite boring, as she figured it would be. 

Cameron looked down as Lisa had taken her hand. [i "Cameron, dear. I want you to meet a few more people."] she said as she pointed to a group of three who were walking toward them now. [i "Dr. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen, and Dr. Cole Alexander, this is my Cameron."] she told them. [i "She came to stay with Charlie and I, She's planning my wedding since Dr. Cullen doesn't know what days off are."] she joked.

Cameron watched as the young man studied her. He was quite attractive, young and very well put together. Though he didn't really look like the doctor or his wife. [b "Hello. I'm Cameron. It's very nice to meet you all."]
MourningGloryCole Alexander   41d ago
Lady of the Night

Carlisle merely chuckled as Lisa spoke. The man was old enough to know the joke. God knew the "good doctor" had heard it more than any could count. [i "You know all you have to do is ask for the days, Lisa and I would be more than happy to give them. As you know I take family seriously as they are the most important in our lives."] Came the almost honey-like words of the man as his fingers laced with his wife's.

Esme gave a warm smile but she stayed by Carlisle's side. As much as she had learned her control, the new young woman's blood spelled absolutely magical and could sing to anyone. "It really is a pleasure to meet you. We have heard so much from Carlisle and from Lisa."

Good God all Colton, well Cole wanted to do was run. He had wanted to since entering the fundraiser. The male had only taken up his old role as part of the family because he very much respected Carlisle and Esme. They had been the ones to save him during his darkest days and so he owed them everything..or that was how he saw it though it was never held over his head.

The male had been studying Charlie's daughter and was fighting himself. For as controlled as he was with blood, Cole still struggled from time to time. Never did he seem to in the hospital because that would expose them. But he did when it came to the streets and certain other places of fun and pleasure (going to leave that to the imagination ;D). But good God did this girl's, Cameron's blood sing to him as a siren sang to a sailor. And though he had not had a taste, he was both enchanted and hooked.

Only the soft words that had come from Cameron after everyone else had spoken was enough to cut through the fog in his mind. It did take him a second but Cole was able to offer a faint smile of his own. [b "Hello, it is very nice to meet you, Cameron. As my mother and father have said I have heard quite a bit from Lisa during the late nights. She is more than happy to have you here.. And I think the rest of us will be as well..."] The man's words were soft, velvety even as he spoke them. And as an after thought, Cole added [b "And as was said... I'm.Colton, Cole Alexander...the pleasure in meeting you I am sure will be mine."]


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