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Life After Love {Mpreg for _Greg_}

By Kuro_Rosey

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All he wanted was love, but upon becoming pregnant that love fell apart. Shipped off to a school for pregnant males he must now learn the reality of boys like him and what becomes of them in the end, but when his new roommate starts showing affection towards him and his unborn child will he truly get his life after love or be left even more broken then before?

Katashi played by Kuro_Rosey

Noah played by _Greg_
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_Greg_Noah Foster   47d ago
Beware Greg

Noah glanced down in shock as he stared down at a positive pregnancy test. He let out a long sigh, as he knew his ex— the man he literally broke up with two weeks ago —was the father. He decided he wouldn’t tell his ex, but he was basically forced to tell his parents.

[#fc2003 [b "What the ACTUAL FUCK, Noah?"]] his father questioned in a irritated tone. Noah grew up in a Christian household, so he wasn’t surprised by his father’s anger. He never argued or anything, just simply shrugged. He knew his father was upset, but the only thing he could do was apologize.

In the end, Noah had two choices. He could either 𝓎ℯℯ𝓉𝓊𝓈 𝓉𝒽ℯ 𝒻ℯ𝓉𝓊𝓈, or go to the school for pregnant male teens. Of course, he chose the second option. And so, one month later, he got ready to get going.

After hugging his mother goodbye, he let out a long sigh as he left. With his head held up high, he got into his older sister’s car. [#f78de7 "Ready to go?"] his sister asked softly. Noah simply nodded, and his sister backed out of the driveway.

Upon getting to the dorms, Noah waved to his sister and walked inside. He found the room he was supposed to be going to. Being the first on there, he was happy to be able to choose his bed, and he had time to unpack. He organized his books into the bookshelf that was already there. He had A LOT of books and a few sketchbooks. On the bed, he set a cat plush by his pillow.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi   45d ago

It was a dark night Kat had once again run away from his abusive father and was hanging out in the last place the ass would look for him, a gay bar, sipping a beer he had acquired with a fake id, since he was only 19, but being 183cm {6ft2} probably helped. Hearing the jingle over the door Kat paid it no mind until a high pitched voice pierced his skull.

[#ff0070 “KATASHI! There you are!”] the girl wearing a hot pink cold shoulder top over hot pink camo leggings her shoulder length platinum blonde hair tied up in pigtails making her look much younger than she was. Kat sighed and turned his head to glare at her as she glomped onto his arm.

[#0500db “Did Kaname call you?”] Kat growled causing the girl to flinch and back off a pout now sitting on her pretty face.

[#ff0070 “Yes but only because he was worried about you he said you could stay over at mine until your father calms down.”] the girl said her voice that fake valley girl tone that made Kat want to grind his teeth.

[#0500db “Could you cut it with the voice Felix I know my brother thinks it’s cute and you are the way you are but as long as you force me to continue to use your deadname I’ll force you to be real with me Kapiche?”] Kat growled and the girl’s innocent and sweet persona immediately dropped along with the fake voice, which dropped several octaves down to that you would typically find on a teenage male.

[#ff0070 “Fine whatever jerk… and I only don’t let you cause you’re the only person I don’t want seeing me as a girl... now are you gonna come back to my place or what? And before you ask no my parents aren’t home they’re on yet another ‘anniversary vacation’ so they won’t rat you out to the ass.”] Felix said and Kat rolled his eyes then sighed nodding and Felix smiled taking Kat’s hand in his and brought it up to his lips causing Kat to flinch slightly as he used his free hand to take out his wallet and pay for the beer, before getting up and letting Felix lead him out of the bar and back to her place where they watched a movie and drank.

Kat woke early the next morning with a massive hangover and tried rolling over to sleep more only to come face-to-face with a naked Felix and he paled and moved to sit up only to feel a heaviness in his gut and a lightning bolt of pain shoot up his back and he groaned before a wave of nausea hit and he got up rushing to the bathroom just in time to puke in the toilet. After puking out what felt like his entire life’s worth of stomach acid Kat finally registered the feeling of slime running down his legs and he paled and dry heaved once again into the toilet before he felt a hand on his back.

[#ff0070 “Hey you okay?”] Felix asked and Kat flinched quickly spinning on the girl and slapping her hand away glaring daggers at her and she sighed standing up and crossing her arms. [#ff0070 “Do you want my reasoning or do you wanna be mad?”] Felix asked and Kat growled causing Felix to sigh and walk over to the tub turning it on so that it could warm up, before allowing it to fill the bath.

[#0500db “Why… Why me Felix you have Always had my brother so why me and why BOTH holes!?”] Kat asked refusing to look at the other, who was now perched on the side of the tub.

[#ff0070 “...because your my best friend and… because I have my first appointment for GRS next month… as for why both… Kat you’re a PeIx and Kaname… is not… I… [i sigh]… I want to leave something behind something that’s truly mine… as for why both… this way I took both of your virginities and you know what they say you’ll never forget your first.”]

[#0500db “So you drugged my drink and raped me so you could have a child!? Seriously? Felicity you’re trans not terminally ill, go cum in a fucking cup and hire a surrogate! And anyway how can you guarantee I won’t go murder it! Why didn’t you just tell me the truth!?”] Kat screamed finally looking at the blonde who’s face was cold and dark and she stood up and walked over to Kat and knelt down beside him placing her hands on both of Kat’s cheeks and smiling before digging her nails in causing Kat to flinch and try to hold back a scream.

[#ff0070 “Do. NOT. Call. Me. Felicity. Katashi my sweet Katashi why are you so stupid? I’ve had the goal to impregnate you from the moment I learned what you were since we were five and I’m not worried about you killing our baby because your not leaving this room.”] Felix said before locking a cuff around Kat’s wrist that was connected to the wall, then she dead lifted Kat and dropped him into the bathtub causing Kat to cry out in shock, before crawling in after him.

Months passed with Kat locked up in that stupid bathroom with nobody knowing or caring that he was missing and he watched in misery as his stomach started to bulge out as the creature inside continued to grow no matter how many times he threw himself at the tiles, or refused to eat. It was at the 15 week mark when Felix finally took Kat out to go get an ultrasound done was Kat freed as to the boy’s shock Kaname [b had] actually been looking for him and after getting shoved into Kaname’s car and watching the two fight for over an hour did Kaname finally take him back to the main house only to be beaten by their father upon the man learning what had happened. After the beating Kat was told to immediately pack his bags as he was being shipped off to Saint Oliver’s University for the Wayward Gentleman, or more commonly known as Male Pregnancy Conversion Hell and at the moment Kat just did as he was told just happy to have gotten out of that damned bathroom.

The ride there was quiet though Kaname tried to make small talk with his traumatized twin, but it was no use, and as soon as they arrived Kat just grabbed his bags and went inside not even bothering to say goodbye because what good would it really do? Heading to the front desk Katashi told his name and got the key to his dorm room a bit miffed that for a school that was literally built to force boys to give birth and raise children, that he had to share a room with another like him, but considering the fact that he was transferring in 3 weeks past the start of classes he figured that he would at least get most of the day to himself before having to meet whatever poor pregnant soul he would be rooming with for at least the next 34 weeks minimum. Katashi just hoped he wasn’t a clingy one.

Upon getting to the room Kat took the unused bed and started unpacking flinching as he accidentally hit the edge of the crib that sat just beside the bed, and the reality of everything finally set in as he collapsed onto his knees and placed his hands over his mouth to muffle the sobs that racked through his body and he eventually collapsed on the ground and fell asleep not even having the strength to move himself onto the bed as exhaustion completely flooded his system.

Several hours passed and Kat woke to the sound of a door opening and he sat up rubbing his eyes and looking over to the other red haired male who didn’t look nearly as far along as Kat was which kinda pissed him off, but he didn’t show it on his face as he forced himself to his feet and continued unpacking as if he hadn’t just sobbed himself into a 6 hour exhaustion nap.
_Greg_Noah Foster   45d ago
Beware Greg

Noah finally noticed the male that had apparently been in the room the entire time. He tilted his head, surprised that he somehow never noticed, even though they had been literally sleeping on the floor when he came in. As he finished unpacking, he glanced at the male across from him once more.

[#91121a [i "Uhh…"]] He wasn’t sure what to say. He knew by their expectation that the boy across from him was very unhappy. Keeping silent, Noah just stared at this person.

Noah thought for a moment and decided to stand up and help his new roommate unpack. It was the least he could do, since the guy was clearly having a shitty time. Plus, they were definitely farther along in pregnancy, so it must be hard doing anything alone. 

Noah smiled as he unpacked a few things beside his new roommate. [#91121a [i "Where do you want these?"]] he asked, glancing at the male with a warm smile.


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