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Roleplay search thread ~ Romance

By Moonyhearts
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Looking for someone under the age of twenty-one, as the matter of romance roleplaying with someone that far above my age is rather sickening to my stomach.

I have multiple OC's I am willing to roleplay with. But, I would be more than happy if you don't try to roleplay with my OC's that are actual characters. The only exceptions are Gacha OC's. They make you look like a child when using them in a literate roleplay, so please don't ask or use a Gacha OC.

If you are interested, don't be shy, and shoot me a PM. I will be glad to write with all kinds of writers. I am open to any kind of formatting, and any roleplaying ideas!

Please, again, if we are going to roleplay, I want more than one-liners. Paragraphs even! Thank you, and have an amazing day.
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