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A World of....Wonder? {Yaoi Isekai for Swiftkill}

By Kuro_Rosey

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A villain rough and evil gets killed for his crimes, but nobody knew he had a final trick up his sleeve as the world turns back ___ years, but the forbidden magic he used has pulled in an unintended victim from another world!? Can Kat find his way home or will the Villain's evil ways cause the 19yo endless irritation and maybe even his life?

Katashi played by Kuro_Rosey

_______ played by Swiftkill
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SwiftkillJade   27d ago

[size20 [google-font][Handlee [center Jayce never seemed to get a break from pain. At home it was lot of mental and physical abuse from his mother. When she way her from home. His mother fiancee would do terrible things to him. He would beat him, sometimes even rape him. When Jayce turn 16 he decided to run away from home. Luckily he got away, his mother never did bother to look for him. Jayce decided that he would find his father. Perhaps if he was lucky maybe he would take him in. Unfortunately his father was just as heartless as his mother. Jayce father did take him in but the pain didn't stop. Jayce wasn't allowed in the house. He had to stay outside in a shed. Jayce was often put to work. Work was most painful thing of all, his father was a scientist. He would test awful things on him. Drugs and other chemical that often made Jayce body burn with agony. Jayce stayed with his father for at least two years suffering his father's wrath. One day Jayce had finally lost control, his body had take another form. All this thoughts were still there and feelings. This form wasn't very forgiving no matter how much his father begged. Jayce killed him. Along with his father's heartless wife. He left his step brother alive after he torture him for a little while. Jayce decided to change his name to Jayden but Jade for short. Jayce was happy to get away from his horrid life but other killer instincts often came back to his mind. He had a hard time controlling himself, he often had an out break and killed seemingly innocent people. 

With his step brother on his tail. His death seem like a blessing? A young popular artist murder tragically. Would he really be missed?  A corrupted soul finally put out of its misery. Was it really the end? Jade really didn't want to die yet? Did anyone? It seemed that his pity cried were heard by a tiger demon named Byakko. This demon made a deal with the young artists.  He would save the boy from the depth of hell for a price. 

Part of the deal was to be thrown into a different time period and control the urge to mane people. That was still hard for young artist that only seemed to know pain and suffering Could he really stop his ways?
In this life he was someone of power, a lord of sorts. He had a large house with several servants. People feared him but they also respected him. He still had a secret. He still  loved to paint and sculpt. He did in secret, his favorite thing to paint was Kat. The lovely red hair vixen remind him of his step brother.  One point Jade actually like his step brother. He maybe even loved him but that was all in the past now?  In this world his brother didn't exists. This was his new life now being a lord of a small manor. 

Jade sighed softly as he closed his emerald colored eyes. [#89d1a3 "Hold still"] he barked at the half naked Kat who was hold a rather uncomfortable pose. Jade emerald colored orbs darted back from the small slender male then back to his canvas. The sound of his paint brush stroking the canvas could be heard. 

Jade had forced Kat into a rather uncomfortable and lewd outfit. It hardly covered his chest leaving his small pink buds partical exposed. It was a toga of sorts long with a golden leaf crown that Jade a made out metallic material. Jade had Kat leaning on a sofa velvet sofa. There was a skeleton wrapped around the boy in a loving manor. What made rather uncomfortable was the provocative scene. The skeleton was mostly behind the small boy. The skeletons slender fingers slipping in the front of the open toga. The skull so delicately resting on his boy shoulder. What made it most uncomfortable was not knowing if the skeleton was real. It sure seem if it was actually bone. Jade kept insisting it wasn't, the foul scent the came from the bones said other wise. 

(I hope this post is okay if not I can change it. I just thought I give you the honers of meeting my psychopath Jade)


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