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body & blood

By bitter
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[center [i [size15 [u body & blood]]]][center [size13 [i by impius & bitter]]][center [pic]][center [size12 [i we are the cleaners.]]]
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bitterNyx   166d ago

[center [size12 In the Magic world, a lot of odd and curious things took place all the time. Whether it was the Devils experimenting their boredom away on Sorcerers or your casual cleaners were taking care of Black Market competition for a big name in the Magic World. But, Nyx always found herself in the middle of something that she never wanted to be a part of. Family was a thick connection, especially within the community that Nyx was a part of.]] [center [size12 Her brother was none other than Aries the Terrible. A ruthless gang leader that had been in the Black Market smoke trade for decades now and once Nyx had honed her magic skills, as well as her fighting skills to work for him. Without her consent, of course. Her brother was brutal and manipulative, basically black mailing her into working for him. She was not a happy person in her current life, but it was enough to live better than most. Aries did not really bother with her, other than when he had a job to do. Once he called, she followed orders. Mentally, it was like she could not tell him no.]] [center [size12 Nyx did have a nice apartment in the clothing district, unbothered by most of the lower tier Sorcerers, who would normally try to muggle and/or kill her with their pathetic magic. Nyx did not look down upon the lesser, but she definitely did not want to be touched by one. Her clothes were nice, her magic was clean, and her glasses were always polished. She took her job and her appearance seriously.]] [center [size12 But, the idea of being covered in someone’s blood head to toe made her stomach fluttered in joy. She did enjoy killing the lesser, as long as they never touched her. It made her thrilled when her brother called her for a job, but dealing with the [i asshat], which was Nyx’s nickname for the man, made her so angry. She wished he would in the positions of the many men that Nyx had tortured or brutally murdered.]] [center [pic]] [center [size12 Nyx was well taken care of, especially for what she did for her brother. He, even though he was a scumbag, he did set Nyx up in a very nice apartment, overlooking the clothing district and the entire apartment was furnished the way Nyx wanted. Reds, golds, and blacks. A soft Chinese vibe to her apartment with zero shoes allowed past the entry way. She was meticulous and a clean person. Everything had its own place, especially in her little shop or horrors, or at least its what her brother called it because he could not get within 30 feet of it without wanting to be sick.]] [center [size12 Nyx woke up normally in the wee hours of the morning before the sun peeked over the horizon. She sat in her bed for a moment, rubbing the sleep from her eyes before yawning softly. She pushed her blankets away from her body, swinging her legs over the edge of her bed and slid her feet into a pair of N embroidered slippers. There was a soft, but crispy chill in the air. As she stood, she pulled her long, black silk robe off of an antique chair that was in front of her vanity and slipped her arms in before pulling it around her body.]] [center [size12 Nyx was slower in the mornings, but she had plenty of time to take care of her needs and wants without being bothered by anyone especially her brother. He lived in the same apartments, but a few floors above her. She was thankfully of that. He rarely bothered her anyway, occasionally checking on her when he comes home, but most of the times, she ignored his knocks and pretended to be asleep or busy in the shower.]] [center [size12 Nyx made her way across her living space to her kitchen where she began to make a pot of coffee with a soft sigh, clicking the button to turn it on. The soft sounds of the water filtering through the coffee grounds were always a pleasant sound to Nyx and soon, the smell that followed made her smile with pleasure.]] [center [size12 With a cup of coffee, the newspaper, and a pack of smokes, Nyx made her way out onto the balcony as the sun began to rise. The cold air signaled that the snowy seasons were to come, Nyx enjoyed the colder seasons anyway. Her personality and clothing match the colder temperature more times than not.]] [center [size12 Upon placing things down on her small side table that had a chair sitting adjacent to it, she peered down below to the people beginning to start their day. Nyx did not necessarily believed she was better than most Sorcerers, but she knew, she had more going for her than some of the less fortunate people living in the same world she was.]] [center [size12 With a quiet sigh, Nyx sat in her chair and lit a cigarette. She leaned back into her chair, relaxing. The sun was finally up, beating down upon the people below. The temperature had raised a little bit, but not enough to make Nyx displeased.]]   [center [size12 As Nyx begun to read the newspaper, picking up her cup of coffee, there was a knock on her door. The only way she could hear it was because the sliding glass door to her balcony was cracked, her eyes averted its attention to the door with a disappointed face. She knew exactly who it would be.]] [center [size12 This was around the time that Aries got up and went out to take care of things for his illegal business, sometimes he bothered her and sometimes, he left her alone until the afternoon time. But, not today. She was not so lucky. She made her way to the door, cigarette still in her mouth with a disapproving look as she pulled the door opened.]] [center [size12 Aries was quite a bit smaller than Nyx. She definitely got the better body generics when she was born compared to her much smaller, lanky brother. He looked like a disgusting spice dealer more than a King Pin in the Black Market.]] [center [size12 Her eyes adjusted to the shortness before tilting her head as if she was asking what he wanted without opening her mouth.]] [center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I got some cleaning I am going to need you and your partner, what was his name?,”]] Aries paused for a moment to think about the man's name. He never paid mind to Nyx's partner ever, never liked how he looked at him. [i [#FF0000 "Yara, that's his name. I need both of you for a cleaning job this evening,"]] Aries huffed before he tried to reach up to grab her cigarette out of her mouth. Nyx just delivered a quick smack to his hand to get it away from her.]] [center [size12 [i [#992409 “I can make that happen, but don’t touch me,”]] Nyx’s eyes narrowed, looking down upon her brother, who pulled his hand back with an offended look on his face before he pouted and nodded. He knew he could not take on her in a physical battle or a magic battle.]] [center [size12 Nyx was not only blessed with the strength from the Devils, but also a way better quality magic than her brother. Honestly, Nyx had never seen him use his magic, so she had no idea what he had, but she did know it must be weak enough to never challenge her.]] [center [size12 [i [#992409 “I will take care of it,”]] with that, Nyx shut the door before turning back to head back out to her balcony with now cold coffee and a newspaper that had probably been blown off due to some of the wind that created an air tunnel on the balconies.]] [center [size12 Nyx’s face had disappointment written all over it with a hint of anger before she turned to go back inside. She poured her coffee out before refreshing her cup, stalking her way into her bathroom to get ready for the day.]] [center [size12 Nyx's mind wandered over to her partner, most likely still asleep at this hour. They weren't so different, but different enough to not to meet until they were older. She glanced over her thinning, but yet lean body in the mirror as she removed her sleeping wear to something a bit more presentable to go out in public.]] [center [size12 Dress slacks, black of course with a matte black button up. She had a gold and red tie that she carefully tied before pulling on a vest that had gold trim around the buttons and the bottom of it. She tucked her tie carefully underneath the vest before she equipped her rings, necklace, and other accessories.]] [center [size12 Almost complete, Nyx pulled on a pair of clunky and heavy duty boots and slid her glasses back onto her face before looking at herself in the mirror once more. She felt a bit better and then left the bathroom, turning off the light and shutting the door with a soft click. Before leaving, she paused at her weapons display. There were several swords, daggers, and a couple of other small, concealable weapons inside. Nyx pushed the glass door open, pulling out her dagger and slipping it inside of her coat, along with a knife that she had sitting on her hip. She felt like herself once more.]] [center [size12 Nyx exited her apartment after making a to-go cup of coffee, shutting and locking the door behind her. She was off to find where her partner could be. She never really knew his schedule, blissfully and purposely unaware most of the time of the man. A little unhinged for her to have casual after work drinks with, even though a small part of her would like to get to know him a bit.]]


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