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Un Deux Trois

By WiseWolf
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WiseWolf|Venom|   169d ago
Wolf in sheep's clothing.

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Chise Ketsueki had a sweet alluring smile that made you want more. Deep down something felt wrong. The pink haired boy was just too lovely to let go. He was always so clam and quiet that you really didn't know anything about  him other than seeing him in a few of you culinary classes.  The young pink haired fox knew his way around a slab of beef and most meat for that matter. He was doing very well in the class, the teacher was always talking highly of him. Chise knew how to cook other things. His tarimisu was to die for.  Chise had a dark secret, he was the child born out of wedlock. His mother had fallen in love with a man. This man was no human, in fact he was vampire. Their love was taboo in the mix of it he was born. His mother died from a broken heart after this father left. When Chise was 13 he was forced to lived with his father family. He felt like an outside. His older brother hated him, they would often get into fights. Chise's father made sure the he lived a lavished life, despite all the fighting. He was able to finish high school was now attending college. Chise planned to open a restaurant when he finished college. Once he made enough he was going to move far way from his father and  step brother.  Chise had small problem which made it hard to leave. He still craved blood would often put off drinking blood. When doing this it cause him to lose his temper. He would often lure victims into a secluded alleyway. He actually never bit anyone but his cooking knife had often tasted blood. His father and older brother knew about this problem but there wasn't much they could do until Chise learned how to drink blood properly. It was hard being a dhampir, being hated by vampires and humans. The anger and hunger that flowed through his body was almost unbearable. It was about that time of month he went hunting. It had been about two months since his last vicim cross his path. Now it was your turn. You had followed Chise around for a while now. You were in most of Chise his culinary classes you would often work together. Tonight you had got up the courage to ask Chise out on a date. To your surprise he agreed to the date.  The two of you met a local restaurant around 7. It was already getting cold out so it was already dark by the time you got there. There siting in the booth alone was the pink hair beauty.  [#f0b2dd "Glad you could make it"] He said with a sweet smile. His ice blue eyes sparkled at they locked on to you. Chise smiled softly as you sat down a cross from him. His mouth water and the pounding sound in his head was growing louder. He would feast on  your blood tonight. [center [pic]]
WiseWolf|Charmed|   169d ago
Wolf in sheep's clothing.

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Being related to that abomination was difficult. Every fiber in his body hated his half brother. No matter how many time he would get into a fight with Chise he father would intervene. Someday his father wasn't going to be around to stop him from killing that half breed.  Lou was a pure breed vampire. Despite being a pure vampire would sometime find himself out matched by his younger brother he honestly didn't understand why. The thought of that disgust him. Chise was a mutt yet he could keep up with him. Maybe that was why father ended up keeping him around. Despite how mad it made his mother. The four of them lived under one roof.  Of course their house was more of a mansion. So there was space between them all. What frustrating was their father told him to help clean up Chise messes. Lou hate it, why should he help his brother. A brother he didn't even want.  [#e907be "Damn it."] he mutter as he silently followed Chise to a restaurant. It was that time of the month that Chise hunger grew out of hand. Of course his father sent him out to clean up his brother mess. Shouldn't his brother learn how to clean it up himself? No, his father didn't care so here was was sitting alone at the bar watching the pink hair brat as he chatter so calm and sweetly with his victim. He took a drink from the wine glass trying his hardest not to break it. His lavender eyes looked as if they burning balls of fire. He and Chise got their father lovely pink hair which alway made them stand out.  Lou kept his longer than his brother. He still hated the fact that their father blood pulse through his half brother veins. That they both look so similar. Lou skin was much lighter than his brothers. He let out another sigh as he order another glass of red wine.  [pic]
WiseWolf|Neko|   169d ago
Wolf in sheep's clothing.

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Somewhere in a different part of the world was her. A sweet girl by the name of Kurayami often call Yami for short. She had long ebony hair that was often streaked with red. Her golden eyes sparkled as she looked at you. She was there drinking with you. The two of you shared a few laughs as you both drank the cheep beer your friend had brought. The two of you were close Yami really did have feeling for you. She wanted to be your but you were often with others. Now you were here with her. At this moment it was the two of you.  Your friend had passed out. Before you knew Yami was in your arms the two of you share a passion kiss that was shortly followed by another one.  [+red "I-I Like you"] she mutter as kissed you again. Everything seem to be going smoothly. The three of you were out in the woods drink carelessly. Little did they know they were being watched. Eventually the creature that was watching them let out a low growl. Which caused Kurayami grab tighter to you. It seemed that the three of you were being watched by a lone wolf. It was odd to see a wolf in this part of forest since this was were people usually camped.  [pic]


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