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The Missing Boy [1x1 Yaoi]

By _Greg_

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There’s a lovely little cafe your character likes to go to.
It’s convenient, because it’s located across the street from your character’s apartment. On top of that, it has a nice atmosphere, and it’s quite cozy. Plus, it’s quite, so your character often comes by to chill and get work done. They even made friends with some of the staff that work there.

One day, on their way to the cafe, your character notices a missing person’s flyer posted on the cafe window.
On the flyer, there was a picture of a teenager sitting in a chair with an unhappy expression. Your character figured that the teen was probably just a run away, since he seemed so unhappy. However, upon entering the cafe, your character noticed someone he had never seen before. Dressed in the cafe uniform was the boy they saw on the poster. He was a bit older and his hair was longer, but it was clearly the boy. "Or perhaps it was just a coincidence?" your character thought as they sat at their usual spot by the window.

I will be using my character Yuri. If you want to join, please pm me. Tittle your pm "The Missing Boy." Then, please put a description of your character. :)

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_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   48d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri had just moved into an apartment recently. He had been homeless for a while, since he had ran away from home a few years ago. He’s been saving up money for long. However, he didn’t have enough to buy any furniture, so he applied for a job at the cafe across the street. The owner was…well strange, to say the least. She hired him without a second thought.

The next day, Yuri quickly got dressed. He was ready for his first day at work, swiftly leaving his apartment. As he approached the cafe, he noticed the missing person’s poster. The boy in the picture was him. He growled softly as he continued inside. [#55a1ec [i "Ugh, it’s been four years and NOW they do something..?"]] he mumbled to himself in an irritated tone. He grabbed his apron and visor from his locker in the back and put them on. Then, he returned to the front of the cafe, turning the sign on the door to say "open."

[i "Yo, newbie,"] a voice called out from behind him. It was Yuri’s manager. [i "You’re taking orders,"] she commanded. Yuri sighed as customers came in and he started taking orders.
SwiftkillAlaric   48d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric yawned as he got out of bed. It was hard getting up this morning because the bed was so warm and cozy. He sighed softly as he walked into the kitchen. He was about to make a cup of coffee only to find that he was out of coffee. Which cause him to mutter under his breath [#d3030a "Damn"]. 

He was going to have to go out and get coffee. He really didn't want to go out today. He simply wanted to stay home and do nothing but relax, it was his day off after all. The brunette haired male sighed as he ran a hand through his messy hair. 

He quickly got in the shower. The hot water felt nice on his skin. He stood there a while before he finally started cleaning himself. He had to smell nice if he was going out in public. Despite wanting to have relaxing day of nothing, he really should go grocery shopping and do a load of laundry. There was lots to do but the first thing was to get coffee and maybe a small bite to eat. 

Once he was done showing he brushed his teeth. He quickly got dress in something simply. He didn't have to be work so what was the point in dressing formal. He put on a pair of black pants, a long sleeve white shirt. That was it, plain and simple expect for his sock that no one could see. They were decorate in cats but no knew that. 

He used to have a cat name Lucy. He loved, he still did even thought she had been gone for over a year. She had lived to grand age of 18. He had he since he was 10 years old. It was hard to think about getting another cat. Lucy would often pop into his mind. He knew he was never going to see her again. Even when he went to look at kitten or new cats he still look for her. 

Alaric slipped on a pair of shoes and headed out the door. He went straight to his favor cafe. Cafe Diem was what it used to be call it was something else. As he was about to open the door a strange poster caught his eye. It seem a young boy had run away from home. As he step inside and made his way to the counter. 

He notice that person on that poster was standing right before him. He debated on wether or not ask the clerk at the counter but he just couldn't help himself. [#d3030a " Apparently someone things you are missing..."] he said as he looked at Yuri with a small smile. [#d3030a "Also I will take a large black coffee, and bacon and egg sandwich, please."] he said with a soft smile.
_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   48d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri sighed as he noticed the cafe doors open once again. A bell that hung above the door rung loudly. The sounds of the bell and the chatter from the other customers gave him a headache, but he simply dealt with the pain.

Yuri stood up straight as a male approached the counter. He eyed the male up and down, his fluffy ears twitching as he listened to what the male had to say about the poster outside.

[#55a1ec [i "Uhh, yeah… I wouldn’t pay attention to that,"]] Yuri told the guy. He really hated that poster. He wasn’t missing, and he didn’t understand why his parents would put out a poster about him.

He turned away, clearly annoyed. [#55a1ec [i "Hey, this guy wants a sandwich,"]] he said to one of his coworkers. His coworker nodded and began making the sandwich, while Yuri started making the coffe.

Once done, he took the sandwich and coffee in hand and set them on the counter. [#55a1ec [i "Here you go. That’ll be 4.98…"]] he muttered.
SwiftkillAlaric   48d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric was scrolling his smart phone. When the man said to simply ignore the poster. As he waited for his quick meal. When he was told the amount, he put his hand in his pocket and pull out a black card that he held out to Yuri. He didn't often carry cash around since the prices on everything went up. He let out a soft yawned.  

[#d3030a "Sorry I don't carry cash on me"] he said as his fingers brushed up against Yuri's. A strange feeling hit him like a shock wave. The thoughts of love and desire started to creep into his mind. He quickly pushed those thoughts to he back of his mind. 

That didn't stop his cheek from turning a light shade of  pink. He quickly took the tray after he was given his card and receipt. He went to his normal spot by the window. He took a sip of the coffee. The slight burst of caffeine felt great he need it.

He pick up his phone again before putting it back down. Hunger too over, he picked up the frisco sandwich took a bite. It tasted great like always. The bread was was golden color and toast light enough to have a small crunch.The bacon was crispy the egg and cheese and frisco sauce tasted nicely together. It was all good until the very last bite. Once he was done eating he went back to read something on his smart phone. His eyes would sometime avert back to the counter were Yuri was working.
_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   48d ago
Beware Greg

Since there was no other customers at the moment, Yuri’s manager came out and had him clean the tables. His coworker Cindey could take over if anyone else showed up before he was done.

So, with a sigh, Yuri grabbed a bucket of water and a rag, begging to clean any empty tables. Many thoughts went by as he scrubbed on of the tables, and he wasn’t really paying attention to anything else.
After a moment, he suddenly heard one of his coworkers call out to someone. [#faa8eb [i "Oh, hey Alaric!"]] she greeted the male who sat by the window. It was one of Yuri’s coworkers, Leah.

The blonde haired girl skipped over to the table. From the few times Alaric stopped by the cafe, she was usually the one to take his order, and even gotten to know him a bit. She seemed excited to see him again, for whatever reason.

Yuri stopped what he was doing. He listened to their conversation as he returned to the counter, the bell above the door rung loudly.
SwiftkillAlaric   48d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric looked up for his phone. His strangely colored eyes locked onto he feminine figure.[#d3030a "Oh hey Leah"] he said softly as he looked at the blonde haired woman. He come here so often that some of the staff that worked her knew him by his name.

 [#d3030a "How are you doing today?"] he said. He did he best a small talk. It was clear the girl had take some form of liking to him. He didn't mind but she wasn't his type. Alaric notice the cafe was starting to get crowed. [#d3030a "It seems that it's getting crowed in here...I should let you get back to work."] he said as he finished the last sip of his coffee. He slowly stood up and carried the tray over to the trash can. He place the tray and plate on top the trash can. He threw his paper coffee cup away and his napkins. He then waved goodbye to Leah as he head to the door. 

Before he left his strangely colored eyes wonder back to Yuri once more. He yawned as he step out side. It was a nice cloudy day. He enjoy the rain but the cloud were might too light to hold any sign of precipitation. Alaric walked to the store which was only about a block away. He bought a few things here and there. He would probably forget something since he didn't write a list. At the moment it didn't matter. Once he was done shopping after buying more than he need he head back to his apartment.
_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   48d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri watched as Leah waved as the male left the cafe and happily returned to the counter. [#55a1ec [i "How do you know that guy?"]] Yuri asked, tilting his head curiously. [#faa8eb [i "Oh, he comes here often! His name is Alaric,"]] Leah replied happily. Yuri nodded, though he didn’t really know why he asked in the first place. Alaric seemed interesting to him.

After work, Yuri felt at ease as he took off his apron and put it back in his locker. He hummed softly as he left the cafe. He wouldn’t get paid until Friday, so he still didn’t have an furniture in his apartment.

Returning to an empty appointment felt depressing. He huffed as he sat on the floor. After a moment, he decided it might not hurt to try to see if his neighbor upstairs might have somewhere he can sleep.

Yuri let out a long sigh as he stood up and step out of his apartment. He stumbled down the dark hallway and went upstairs. He approached the door to his neighbors door and knocked lightly.
SwiftkillAlaric   47d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric was in the middle of cooking dinner when he heard a knock on the door. He put the spoon he was using down on the stove top. He walked to the door letting the smell of pasta slip out. He was only cooking something simple. Spaghetti and meatballs just sounds perfect. It was simple dinner but he still like to add things to the sauce like extra garlic and sage. Sometime even chill powder for a little extra spice. The meatballs he used were normally spicy as well.  

When Alaric open the door he was a bit surprise to see the familiar face. [#d3030a "Oh it is you again..."] he said softly as he looked at the Yuri. His periwinkle colored hair really dod stand out. Long with his cat like ears. 

It was normal to see cat people and what not around. He wasn't exactly sure what Yuri was. Since he only just met him today.  [#d3030a "What are you doing here?"] he said with a small smile. 

Alaric glance back at the stove making sure the pots where not boiling over. He then looked back to Yuri.  [#d3030a "Sorry You can come in if you want. I was just in the middle of cooking dinner."] he said with a small smile.
_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   47d ago
Beware Greg

Apart from the landlord, who lived on the same floor as him, Yuri didn’t really know any of his neighbors. Though he wasn’t that shocked that Alaric lived above him. Obviously, if he comes by the cafe often, he probably lives nearby. Either way, it didn’t matter, as long as he had somewhere to sleep until he could afford furniture.

Yuri’s ears twitched as he entered the apartment. His fluffy tail hung low as is swayed from side to side. He glanced around a bit before returning his attention to the shorter male that stood in front of him.

[#55a1ec [i "Uh, sorry to bother you. I was just, well... I don’t really have enough money to buy furniture right now, so I was wondering if I could sleep here for now, until I have enough money for at least a decent couch?"]] Yuri explained, rubbing the back of his neck. He then glanced at the floor.
SwiftkillAlaric   46d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric stood there a moment before nodding. He really didn't know Yuri but he couldn't just turn him away now could he? His apartment wasn't anything fancy. There were two bedrooms. The walls were a dual white expect for when you got to the living room. There were a few painted pictures here and there. A black leather sofa, tv, and bookshelf that seems to be over flowing with books.

[#d3030a "Sure you can stay with me until then....Are you hungry?"] he said as he walked back to the stove. He always cook more than he needed too. [#d3030a "Do you like spaghetti and meatballs?] he said with a smile. 

[#d3030a "I always make more than I need so there is plenty if you are hungry"] he said with a soft smile. He turn off the burner and strained the noodles. Once the water was drain out he put them back into a pot. He stirred the meatballs and turn the other burner off. 

He then walked to the small dark colored table that maybe seat three. He placed a few hot pads down as he walked back to the stove top and placed the pot of noodles down on hot pads. He did the same with the meatballs. He almost forgot about the the garlic bread. That wasn't the first time. He placed the warm bread down on cutting board. He cute off a few pieces and place them on a small plate. He put the plate in the center so they could both easily reach for the bread. After the table was set with plates, forks, and napkins he sat down across he smiled at Yuri. 

[#d3030a "Why don't you tell me more about yourself"?] he said with a small smile. As he fixed himself a plate of pasta.
_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   45d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri sniffed the air as he watched Alaric set the table. His tail immediately shot up above his head, and quickly whipped back and forth. He looked a lot like an excited puppy, who was about to get a treat. Spaghetti was one of his favorite meals, so he wasn’t about to turn it down.

Yuri promptly served himself a heaping pile of spaghetti after he sat down. He allowed himself to calm down a bit, so his tail would stop wagging, and curl behind the chair so he could sit comfortably. Only then did he hear Alaric ask about him.
[#55a1ec [i "Oh, uhh, I’m Yuri,"]] he began as he took a bite of his food. [#55a1ec [i "I’m twenty-one and…I like spaghetti,"]] he said with a mouth full of noodles. That’s all he could think to say anyway. [#55a1ec [i "What about you?"]
SwiftkillAlaric   45d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric smiled softly as he listen to Yuri. He was happy to to see him eat. [#d3030a "I am glad you like it, hopefully it not to spicy for you "] he said as he cute the meatball in half before shoving it into his mouth. He smiled softly as he reach for a piece of bread. He picked the bread up and dipped into his pasta. 

He was happy that learned Yuri name and a little bit about him now it was his turn. [#d3030a "I am Alaric, I am 28 and I work in accounting at a small firm. I hope to get a better job soon. I also am a part time painter... well that is about it... Unless there something else you want to know."] he said with a soft smile. 

Once he was finished eating he started cleaning up. He started by picking up the pots that sat on the table. Then the hot pads. He put any left overs he had in the fridge. There wasn't much but there was a some. The left over bread he had he put in the off. He left a note on the over door to check before turning on. 

He only done that a couple times. Forgetting something in the oven. Whether it was cake or bread. Once he had put things away he started cleaning the dishes. He wished the dishwasher worked but it had broke a few month after he moved in. [#d3030a "I will take your plate if you are done with it."] he said from the kitchen. The kitchen was mostly open except for the counter that divided it from the small dining area. 

[#d3030a "You can go sit down in the living room if you want. You can watch tv if you want."] he said as he continue to wash a few plates. Once he was done with dishes he wipe down the stovetop, counters and the table.
_Greg_Yuri Satsujin   45d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri shook his head and was quick to finish his spaghetti. With pasta sauce still splattered across his face, he stood up from his seat. His tail hung low, swaying from side to side once again. Swiftly, he grabbed a small package of wet wipes he kept in his pocket and cleaned his face with one of the wipes. Afterward he threw it away.

Yuri then hummed softly as he watched Alaric clean up and he handed him his plate. He turned to face him with a soft smile, his ears twitching lightly.

[#55a1ec [i “Thanks for the food, and letting me stay here,”]] Yuri said as he quickly bowed in front of Alaric, before heading into the living room. Instead of sitting on the couch, he sat on the floor, holding his knees against is chest.
SwiftkillAlaric   45d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric smiled [#d3030a "Thank you"] he said as he was handed the plate.  [#d3030a "You are welcome."] he said as he finished up in the kitchen. He walked into the living room and seen Yuri sitting on the rug. He tilted his head. [#d3030a "You a can sit on the sofa if you want? Is there anything you need? You can a shower if you need to, I might have a pare of shorts that will fit you....Also did you want to stay in the guest bedroom or on the sofa?"] He said with a small smiled. 

The guest bedroom was nothing fancy. There was a twin bed in there and a few pictures on the wall. There was also desk, and lamp. The room was rather bare in lack of vibrance. 

[#d3030a "I should say the bed is a bit small but it is comfy at least. Sorry the room is kinda bare."] he said with a small smile. Alaric did he best to keep his apartment clean and simple. There were a still a few things he couldn't get rid of. Lucy's things, in the closet was her cat tree and bed. Even some of her toys were in there. Those were his treasures he just couldn't let them go.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   45d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri shook his head. [#55a1ec [i "I normally sit like this when I have nothing I want to do at the moment,"]] he explained as he glanced back at Alaric. His tail tapped on the floor as it swayed from one side of him to the other. He couldn’t help but wag his tail, even just a little bit when he’s around Alaric. He didn’t know why, since he himself didn’t know much about what he was.

As a Vivix, his tail tail only wags when he’s excited, or when he’s near his soulmate, sorta like dogs. Nobody taught Yuri that. With his parents being gone all the time, nobody really taught him anything. The only thing he did know is that he felt this strange conversation to Alaric that he couldn’t explain.

[#55a1ec [i "What- I’d suppose I’d like to stay in the guest room. Why would I want to sleep on the couch? That’s like giving a kid the choice between cake and broccoli,"]] Yuri said jokingly, chuckling softly at his own joke. His tail wagged faster, causing it to hit the floor harder.
SwiftkillAlaric   45d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric laugh as he rubbed the back of his neck. [#d3030a "Well I guess you are right.... It just kind of a dual room. Out here is a tv and books."] he said with a small laugh. He couldn't help but notice Yuri tail flickering about happily. It made him smile it felt good for some reason. 

Perhaps in some way or another it made him think of Lucy. She always use to flicker her tail happy when Alaric would pet her. Or when he would bring her home a new toy what not. 

[#d3030a "Well it's getting late so I think I am going to head to bed."] he said as he looked at the clock that was hang on the wall. It was only 7:45 but Alaric had an early day tomorrow at the office.  [#d3030a "Well Yuri your room is over here to the left."] he said as he open the door and flicked on the light to reveal the room. 

It was just as bare as he said. There was a small bed, desk and lamp. There was also a window that faced the city. It was covered by a creamy color curtain. The bedding was actually colorful. The sheets that were hidden by an off white comforter. Under the comforter was a vibrant red sheets. They were soft cotton blend. At the end of the bed was another blanket. It was a mixture of grays and blacks. It was made of faux fur. It was obvious that it was cover in cat hair. 

[#d3030a "Well goodnight"] he said as walked into his own bedroom. He closed the softly it was open only a crack but Alaric didn't notice. He turn on he lamp by the bed. He then change into his pajamas. 

He took his white shirt off revealing a thin and fit frame. He then slipped his jean off and put on a part of light shorts. He kept a t-shirt at the end of the bed he normally slept shirtless. He clawed into bed and clicked the light off. He plugged in his phone and double checked his alarm. Once they were checked he lay his head down shortly after fell asleep.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   45d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri laughed a bit. [#55a1ec [i "Good night,"]] he said as he stood. He yawned as both his ears and tail drooped down low. It was probably best if he went to bed as well, but he chose to stay up.

He went to the guest room Alaric had pointed out. Glancing around, he noticed the blanket at the end of the bed. It was covered in cat fur, yet there was no cat roaming around as far as Yuri knew. But he just shrugged it off.

Yuri kept his clothes on, as he felt more comfortable in his hoodie and sweatpants anyway. He flopped onto the bed and pulled out his phone, spending a few hours scrolling through social media. That was probably a bad idea however. He passed out hours later, forgetting to set an alarm.

The next morning, Yuri was still fast asleep. It was definitely passed the time he was supposed to get to work, since he forgot to set an alarm.
SwiftkillAlaric   44d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric's alarm went off at 4:30 am. Which he ignored. It went off again at 4:45. He groan softly as he got up. He still felt tired, like he wanted to go back to bed. He almost forgot Yuri was still here. He quietly walked to the bathroom. He took a hot shower which consisted of about 20 minute. Once he had washed himself and scrubbed himself he dried off and wrapped himself in a large towel.

He quickly brushed his teeth. He went straight to his bedroom. Where he got dressed. Once he was dressed he brushed his hair before head towards the kitchen. He made himself a cup of coffee that he poured in a travel mug. He put the lid on tightly before heading out the door in a hurry. It was already 5:20 He need to a move on. Work was about 25 minutes away it need to be there by 6am. 

He forgot to say anything to Yuri. Nor did he have his phone number so it wasn't like he could just call him and ask him to lock up. The apartment complex was fairly safe so he wasn't too worried but the thought did weight on his mind.  [#d3030a "Damn"] was all he could mumble to himself. 

Once he got to work he got busy right away. The sounds of his cubicle was filled with clicking and clacking. The smile he had on his face never left. Inside he cubicle was a few picture of him and Lucy. A few of his coworkers were really worried about him when they heard that Lucy had passed way. The knew how much that cat meant to him.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   44d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri soon woke up at about 8:30. Two hours past when he should’ve gotten up. As he checked his nearly dead phone— that he had left with a video playing when he fell asleep —he was quick to get out of bed.

With no time to shower or even change, Yuri left Alaric’s appointment wearing the same exact outfit he had worn yesterday. Which smelt of sweat, since he wore them to bed as well.

After Rhya got to work and got yelled at for being late, he groggily slumped over the counter. He could tell today would be horrible. And he was right.

At the end of the day, Yuri immediately went back to Alaric’s apartment. Letting out a long sigh, Yuri flopped onto the couch. He laid on his stomach, with his face laying against one of the couch cushions. He let out a long, irritated groan.
SwiftkillAlaric   44d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric was so happy when his ten hour day was over. He had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be like that as well. He sighed softly as he walked home. He passed by the cafe that he normally went to and where Yuri worked at.  

Once he got home found the door was unlocked. He smiled softly when he seen Yuri plopped on the sofa. [#d3030a "How was your day today?"] he ask looking at Yuri. 
[#d3030a "If you are hungry I can get dinner started after I change. "] he said as he looked at Yuri.  [#d3030a  "If you need to shower or wash your clothes the washer is just behind these doors."] he said as he pointed to what looked like a closet. Behind the small french doors was the washer and dry. There was shelf above them that had all soaps and stain removers. There was even enough room for a small hamper that Alaric kept. 

 [#d3030a  "I should got find  you some clothes to change into. "] he said he went to his room. He changed quickly as he looked into around. He found an old t-shirt and shorts that were slightly too small. He smiled softly as he brought them to Yuri.  [#d3030a "Here is some clothes to change into if you want. You know where the bathroom is if you want a shower or bath... I will get dinner started soon."] he said softly.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   44d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri turned his head, so that his face was not planted into the couch cushions. He gave Alaric a glare as he walked in. However, his tail immediately started to whip back and forth, tapping the couch lightly. Obviously he was happy to see Alaric, despite the sour expression.

Yuri let oit another long sigh as he stood. [#55a1ec [i "Today was awful…"]] he muttered as he stumbled towards Alaric. His ears drooped, pinning against his head. He took the clothing from Alaric and without saying another word, he stumbled off to the bathroom.

Yuri then slammed the door shut, which startled him since he didn’t mean to. He yelped as his tail stood up straight. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath as he calmed down. [#55a1ec [i "Sorry!"]] he called out.

With a sigh, Yuri turned on the bath faucet, and started undressing while waiting for the bathtub to fill up. Once full, he got into the bath. He never really liked bath. However, for some reason this one was relaxing.
SwiftkillAlaric   44d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric noticed Yuri express but all he could do was sigh soft. He honestly didn't know what he did wrong. [#d3030a "Well I am sorry your day wasn't good. Hopefully tomorrow  will be better."] he said as he walked into the kitchen. He was startled when the door slammed. Alraic shook his head. He quickly cook dinner. 

He made something simple again. It was soup or more of stew. It had beef and potatoes and a few other vegetables. Alaric ate a lone in the kitchen. Once he was done eating he his soup he washed his bowl after devouring a piece of garlic bread. He left a bowl and spoon out on the counter for Yuri. A long with a few pieces of left over garlic bread. 

Alaric walked past the bathroom. He knock on the door. [#d3030a "The food is on the stove top. I made soup there a bowl spoon out for you. If there any left over you can shove the pot in the fridge please. I clear a spot out for it.. Thank you... I am going to bed... I have a long day tomorrow probably wont be home until late."] he said as he walked way from the bathroom door.

Part of felt  bad for not waiting for Yuri but something told him he wanted to be left a lone. The boy expression where always different for what his tail or ears said but that was none of his concern right? 

The two of them really knew nothing about each other. This was only for a few more days right? Why did Alaric feel sad suddenly? He sighed softly as he closed his strangely color eyes. 

Alaric had made sure to organize before leaving the kitchen. He threw out a few old dishes for the most part the fridge was fairly clean. It consist of some leftovers that were neatly stack. There was some pop and juice shoved towards the back.  

There was only one thing that Alaric hoped Yuri wouldn't notice. There was draw that was fill with dark red bags. Alaric had made sure to throw towel the bags cut curiosity kill the cat?  Alaric really wasn't sure what Yuri was he didn't bother to ask. It wasn't like people like him were uncommon. Now a days there were people like him all over.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   44d ago
Beware Greg

[#55a1ec [i "Okay, good night,"]] Yuri said softly. He heard Alaric walk off as he got out of the bath. As the bath water drained, he started getting dressed. Afterward, he picked up his old hoodie and sweatpants and left the bathroom. He decided since it was late, he would just do laundry tomorrow after work.

Yuri threw his clothes onto the floor of the guest room, then went to the kitchen. He sighed, not really feeling like eating. He put the bowl left on the counter back and started putting the soup in the fridge.

Yuri sighed as he went back to the guest room. This time, he made sure to set an alarm and immediately went to bed.

The next morning, he actually woke up to his alarm. It was 4:30 in the morning, and he hummed. He felt much better than yesterday, so when he sat up, he smiled as he stretched.
SwiftkillAlaric   43d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric had gotten up around the same time. He honestly didn't feel well at all. He looked rather pale as he left his room. He was shirtless and still in his sleeping shorts. He wished he could just call in but he knew better. 

Alaric waited for Yuri to finish in the bathroom before going in their to shower and brush his teeth. Once he was all clean he came out in nothing but a towel. He quickly went back to his room. He got dressed and head out the door.  [#d3030a "Have a good day"] he said to Yuri as they bother went their separate ways. 

Once Alaric got to work he was very busy but his head was throbbing. He decided to only work a half day. Luckily for hims his boss was understanding. Alaric went home quickly once he got home he went straight to his room. He decide he was going to try sleeping more to see if it help his throbbing head. 

Alaric had a dark secret that he never told anyone. He was a Damphir. A mix between human and vampire. He was hate creature damn to live alone and in secret. Those hidden bags in the fridge were blood bags. He didn't have to drink blood very often. His craving seem to happen around the end of the month but it seem it had come earlier this year. It was hard to get blood bags so he need to wait at least another day or two before drinking them.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   43d ago
Beware Greg

When Yuri got home from work that day, he went straight to Alaric’s apartment, like before. He looked around and since he didn’t see Alaric anywhere, at first he assumed he might have still been at work. But just in case, he decided it might be better to check.

Yuri walked down the hall and knocked on Alaric’s bedroom door. [#55a1ec [i "Alaric? Hey, I’m back. You in there?"]] he questioned as he knocked.
SwiftkillAlaric   43d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric groan as he heard the knocking on the door.  [#d3030a "Yeah I am home... I don't feel so well so you will have to take care of yourself for dinner... I can give you money if you want to go out and get something"] he said softly. He slowly sat up and looked for his wallet. 

Once he found his wallet he pulled a $20 dollar bill. He slipped $20 dollar under door. He then crawled back into bed got under the warm blanket. He felt like he could sleep for anther hour. His head was still throbbing in pain. His throat felt so dried. He need to feed but he couldn't do it with Yuri being home. He let out a soft sigh. Maybe if the boy took him up on his offer he breaking into his stash.

Alaric sighed as he laid in bed. He looking up at the ceiling. It was already starting to get dark out. The curtain in his room were an off white. So he could tell the sun was setting. The walls in his bedroom were a dual white. He honestly wished he could paint his room blue. Of course that wasn't allowed. At least he had large blue rug in his room and matching bedding. It went well with dark wood flooring that was through the apartment.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   43d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri picked up the twenty dollars and sighed. [#55a1ec [i "Alright. Don’t die on me, okay?"]] he said jokingly, however his tone was more worried. He glanced at the floor for a moment before walking off. He decided to go to back to the cafe he worked at, since he didn’t know where else to go.

Reska sighed as he sat by the window. He had ordered a sandwich and some orange juice. Which, he loved orange juice. He couldn’t help but worry about Alaric. Though wasn’t entirely sure why. Alaric was a grown man, he could probably take care of himself.
SwiftkillAlaric   42d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][indie+flower Once Alaric heard the sounds of the door closing he left his room. He went to the fridge and open the cheese door. Under the towel were four blood bags. He pull one out and quickly sunk his fangs into it. As soon as he drank the whole bag he started feeling better. He was still thirsty. He pulled another bag out and quickly sucked the liquid down. 

Alaric a lot better. He quickly disposed of the bags hiding them in the trash can. He then lick his lips making sure there was no trace of blood on them. Sure of Yuri were to see this he would be disturbed. 

Alaric wasn't a normal vampire. Normal vampire had it easy. He on the other hand was an outcast. Hated by both breeds. Alaric sighed softly as he tuck the remaining two bags in the towel. He had to make sure they were hidden as well. 

Alaric sighed softly as he closed his strangely color eyes. He was lucky that no had any clue what he was. When Yuri got back Alaric had just gotten out the shower since his hair was still dripping wet. He was sitting on the sofa reading something. It was another novel about vampires what not.  [#2be3f3 "Hi"] he said softly as he looked up from his book.

[+red Lol I am glad you like it okay thank you")]
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   42d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri returned to Alaric’s apartment, and was pleasantly surprised to see Alaric feeling better. [#55a1ec [i "Oh, hey. You look better,"]] he said happily as his tail started to wag a bit. He smiled as he went to sit beside Alaric.

He glanced over Alaric’s shoulder, curious about was he was reading. [#55a1ec [i "What’s that book about?"]] he asked, leaning his head on Alaric’s shoulder. He didn’t even realize he was doing this.
SwiftkillAlaric   41d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric smiled softly [#d3030a "Yes I think that extra bit of sleep did it."] he said with another smile.  [#d3030a "Oh It's nothing really just one of the fantasy vampire novel just simple facts."] he said with a small smile.

It was hard to find things on damphirs. Most books stated that they never existed because love between a vampire and a human was taboo led to heartbreak. Alaric was only spared because his younger brother favored him. 

His brother was vampire. A pure vampire, yet here he was a flaw an outcast. He was hated by both species. If any vampire found him they try to kill. Alaric was use to being on the run but finally he found a town that didn't know him nor did there seem to be any vampires around to notice him.

Getting blood bags was really hard. Luckily he found a way to get some here and there.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   41d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri nodded, [#55a1ec [i "Interesting,"]] he said softly. He glanced at the bookshelf. He wondered if Alaric had any books about Vivix. Since he didn’t know much about his own species, he was curious. He glanced back at Alaric, his tail still wagging from side to side.

After a moment, Reska stood and went up to the bookshelf. He began looking through all of the books on the shelf. [#55a1ec [i "Hey, do you have any books about Vivix?"]] he asked, looking back at Alaric as his tail swayed behind him.

There wasn’t much about Vivix online, and therre weren’t many books about them either. Reska knew this, but he’d figured he’d ask anyway. He wouldn’t be disappointed if Alaric said no. Though it wasn’t like he couldn’t have one. Since it was possible, why jot ask?
SwiftkillAlaric   41d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric smiled softly, he was glad that Yuri didn't judge him for having so many vampire books. When he ask about book about Vivix his smile faded. He sat the book he was reading down stood up. He walked to the bookself. [#d3030a "Well maybe...There's a book around here somewhere that is list rare creatures. It is really old. Some of the text is hard to translate."] Alaric ran his slender finger a crossed a row of books. He then stop when he found the worn book.

The book was a faded black color. When he pull it off the shelf it showed it's age. The font was a deep read color on the cover. 

Alaric open the old book revealing the yellowed pages. Some of the pages were torn held together with tape. Alaric flipped through the book until he got letter V. Once he got the Vi. He smiled softly as he found a page about Vivix. [#d3030a "Looks like I have one page about them."] he said as he eyes scanned the page. 

It was interesting to read that weren't like most animal hybrid. That they mated for life.  [#d3030a "Here"] he said as he handed the worn book to Yuri.
_Gregory_Yuri Satsujin   40d ago
Beware Greg

Yuri smiled as he took the book. [#55a1ec [i "𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜 𝕪𝕠𝕦. 𝕀’𝕝𝕝 𝕓𝕖 𝕤𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕗 𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕀’𝕞 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕖,"]] he said softly. He glanced down at the yellow pages, excited to read about his species.

[#55a1ec [i "𝕀 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕀 𝕞𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕥𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕞𝕪 𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕞 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕟𝕠𝕨, 𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖 𝕚𝕥’𝕤 𝕘𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕪 𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕖,"]] he said as he turned away from Alaric. [#55a1ec [i "𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥.’]] He then walked off to the guest room and plopped down onto the bed after shutting the door. Finally, he could learn a little more about himself.

He opened the book back up to the page about Vivix and began reading. "They are not dog, nor cat, or even a fox. Despite their pointed ears and long fluffy tails, they have nothing to do with any furry friends we know today. Vivix are simply magic. They are born from spells and need to follow a certain ritual to stay alive. They are very powerful creatures, but they follow man. Each and every Vivix has a "soulmate," who is most usually human or demon. They often only wag their tails when happy or when around their soulmate."

That last part made Yuri’s face turn red. He remembered that he’d wag his tail constantly when around Alaric. Even now, as he thought about him, his tail wouldn’t stop wagging. What the hell? He barely knew the guy and yet this book was suggesting that Alaric was his soulmate… Just because of a wagging tail?
SwiftkillAlaric   39d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Alaric nodded he need to do the same. Since he was going to have to make up for the work his missed   [#d3030a "I should do that too"] he said with a small yawn.   [#d3030a "Goodnight and sleep well."] he said with a smile. 

Alaric walked to his bedroom and closed the door. Once he was in his room. He took his shirt off. He slipped into his bed with a small yawn softly. He wasn't super tired but he need to sleep.

It didn't take long before he fell asleep. He groaned to the sound of his alarm. He gotten up earlier than normal. He yawned as he got out of bed. He made himself some coffee. He drank a little before getting dressed. Once he was dress, and brushed his teeth he headed out. Taking a his travel mug with him. 

Once get got to work. He had a ton of work to do. He sighed as looked at the large stack of documents. He started right way but it still took him hours to finish all his work from yesterday. He then started on his work for today. He finally finished work about 6pm. 

He was happy to be going home. On his way home he hear a little mew. He turn to see a small sandy color kitten. It came right up to him. He smiles softly as he picked the kitten up. He smiled softly as the kitten started purring. When he looked around he didn't see any other cats nor people. 

When he got home he smiled softly  [#d3030a "Yuri look what I found"] he said with a soft smile.


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