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The Aftermath [An ENHYPEN Fanfic] [Complete]

By AkiraSanogame
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[center [pic]] Jay thought having a soulmate was awesome, until he ended up losing his soulmate. After ending up in the hospital after trying to dull the pain Jay ends up back in the US with the intent of moving on. After meeting two of Beomgyu's friends he decided to stick with them. Will Jay be able to move on? [center ~] [center [b WARNING: COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS]] Hai~! Author-nim here with another soulmateau :D Jay's here with his story! To be honest I was stuck between doing Jay's, Jake's or Sunghoon's after Beomgyu's but I think I'll start with Jay's story first. Also the vote was for him, so I'm doing Jay's story now! Just be warned this story may be triggering to some people, as some content may be sensitive to some people. How did Jay lose his soulmate? It is explained in chapter 8 of [ this] story so please go read it to get an idea of what happened up to this point. Anyway, onto the characters~! [center Characters:] Jay: A college student who ended up back in the states after losing his soulmate. He refuses to talk about what happened, but his soulmate mark had been one where he always felt the pain of what his soulmate was doing to themselves. He at least goes to therapy for it now, but he knows that the pain he feels daily will never go away. He is currently enrolled into UCLA and is majoring in psychology with a minor in art history. Yunho: A friend of Beomgyu's who was asked to keep an eye on Jay for a while while Jay was finishing his studies in the states. He works for King Arthur and is his bodyguard. His soulmate mark is immortality until he eventually finds his soulmate. He became the older brother figure to Jay, offering words of advice and simply being there for him. Dongmyeong: Another friend of Beomgyu's who was asked to keep an eye on Jay while Jay was finishing his studies in the states. He works for King Mujin and is his bodyguard. He wasn't born with a soulmate mark, but it may have had to do with the fact that his twin brother ended up with it as he is going through the reincarnation stages like Beomgyu had done. He doesn't talk much to his brother anymore, but still keeps in touch with him. He also takes up the older brother figure role, though he takes a more passive approach to it than Yunho does. Keonhee: A college student who had been sitting next to Jay for pretty much the whole semester in one class. He had also lost his soulmate, but that had been years ago. He never got the chance to meet his soulmate, but is trying to learn everything he can about them as a way to remember them. His soulmate mark was a timer, though he covers it up with a leather bracelet on his wrist. He is majoring in psychology with a minor in nursing. Dongju: A college student who transferred from Washington state to be closer to his twin brother, Dongmyeong. His soulmate mark is reincarnation and he is currently on his third life according to his brother. He is only at UCLA for one semester before transferring again to Korea to finish studying before coming back to intern at Google. He is majoring in computer science, with a minor in engineering. I hope you enjoy the story~! [center Thanks to [ ErrorMacro713] for the poster~!]

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AkiraSanogame     174d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 1] Jay's wrist started to feel like it was burning, causing him to pull the sleeve of his hoodie down over his hands to try and ignore it as much as possible. "Are you okay?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Jay. "It's that time of day again," Jay mumbled in explanation, earning a sympathetic nod from Taehyun. "You guys good?" Asked Soobin as he walked over with Jake, the both of them looking somber as they stood in front of Jay and Taehyun. "We're good," reassured Jay as he nodded. "Just waiting on Heeseung, whenever he decides to show up," he added. "I'm here I'm here," called Heeseung as he ran over, panting as he stopped in front of the others. "Sorry, I was caught up with something, but I'm ready to go now," he added. "You're late," sighed Taehyun. "These two got here a few minutes before you did and they're leaving tomorrow," he added. "Jake and I had to pack, what took you so long?" Asked Soobin. "Sunghoon wanted to have a chat," responded Heeseung. "He was needing someone to talk to since Jungwon wasn't able to at the time," he explained. "Is Sunghoon okay?" Asked Soobin as he turned to Heeseung. "He's okay," replied Heeseung as he nodded in reassurance. "Sunghoon tends to be closed off most of the time, but he felt like he really needed to talk to someone this time," he explained. "He still has friends in all of us, so he can talk to us at any time," reassured Soobin. "I know, I told him that and he thanked me for it," reassured Heeseung. [center ~] Jay stood leaning against the car as he watched the others prepare to leave. Soobin and Jake had already gone ahead, since their flight was earlier that day, but Heeseung and Taehyun were almost late, and Jay had reminded them to get to the airport before they were stuck in the states for another day at the earliest. "Next time bring Kai will you?" Asked Jay. "I know he wanted to come along to try the food," he added. "And Niki, I wonder how the kid's doing now," he added. "I don't think Dann will pay for this trip, but we'll see, yeah?" Asked Taehyun. "I still have to thank him for doing that, speaking of," he added as an afterthought. "You better head back to your bodyguards, they'll be looking for you at some point," he demanded, earning a sigh from Jay. "They mean well, you know this," grumbled Jay. "But yeah, I better head back," he added, turning and walking around to get into the driver's seat. After waving to Taehyun and Heeseung Jay started the car and pulled out, driving back towards home as soon as he was good enough to do so. [center ~] Jay entered his small apartment, letting out a soft sigh as he took off his shoes and put them by the door after closing and locking the door. It was hard to say goodbye for him, as he really wanted them to stay. His mind wasn't in the best of places lately, but seeing Taehyun and the others reminded him of home. The home he had come to know anyway. Jay walked over to the couch and flopped down on it, laying down on his back and staring up at the ceiling. He brought up his left arm, turning to look at his wrist where the burning always started. "What did you do, to warrant something like this huh?" He asked, dropping his arm onto his chest with a heavy sigh. "I'm sorry I couldn't meet you sooner, Sunoo," he whispered, covering his eyes with his right arm and trying to get some sleep before Yunho and Dongmyeong returned from wherever they went to on days where he didn't have classes. [center ~] Loud knocking woke up Jay as he sat up abruptly, looking towards the door in confusion before getting up and walking towards it, leaning against the door and looking through the peephole to see Arthur standing at the door. "Oh, it's you," commented Jay as he went to unlock it, opening the door to let Arthur in before closing the door behind him and locking it. "What brings you to my apartment?" Asked Jay as he turned to Arthur who looked around the apartment. "I've gotten you a better place, in a better part of town," responded Arthur as he shrugged. "Pack your clothes and tablet, I've already furnished your place," he added, shutting down any form of protest as Jay sputtered in surprise. "I- I am fine here," protested Jay as he tried to back out of living somewhere else. "Kid," sighed Arthur. "I know when you're not feeling well, come on, a change of scenery will do wonders for your mental health, trust me," he added. "Now, go get packed and let's get going," he demanded, earning a grumble from Jay as he went to do so. [center ~] After driving to the new place Jay was surprised to see a small but modern looking house, getting out of the car once he parked it and looking at it in awe. "Don't worry about bills, and you have rooms for Yunho and Dongmyeong, if you want them to stay with you," explained Arthur as he got out of his car and smirked at the awed look on Jay's face. "Y-Yeah, I don't mind them staying with me," mumbled Jay as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Thank you," he added, turning to Arthur. "It's near campus too," explained Arthur. "Enjoy your stay," he added, dropping the smirk for a soft smile. "It is one of my houses, so please keep things clean," he demanded, halfheartedly. "I'll do my best," mumbled Jay as Arthur handed him the keys before getting back in his car and backing out of the driveway before driving off. Jay hooked the keys to his lanyard holding his car keys before going to grab his clothes bag and closing the back door and locking his car. He then headed into the house, closing the door and noticing the automatic lock on it as he heard a faint click. He took off his shoes before going to explore, choosing his room and going to flop facedown on the bed after throwing his bag in a corner. "Even the bed feels nice," Jay mumbled to himself before drifting off to sleep, noticing that the burning in his wrist had gone away for the first time in months before he fell unconscious. [center ~] Jay woke to the smell of food, sitting up and looking around the room before moving to get up, going to sift through his bag to find some clothes to change into before going to take a shower in the connecting bathroom. After getting dressed Jay headed out of his room and down the hallway, heading into the kitchen to see Yunho cooking some food. "Welcome back to the world of the being awake," greeted Yunho as he looked up from cooking before checking on the food. "Whatever you made smells delicious," commented Jay as he went to see what was in the fridge to drink. He ended up getting a bottle of water and opening it, drinking it as he closed the fridge door and turning to the stove to see what Yunho was making. "It's just chicken teriyaki," Yunho explained as he moved the food around in the pan. "Go and sit down, the food will be ready in a bit," he added. "Where's Dongmyeong anyway?" Asked Jay as he sat down at the kitchen island, moving the bottle back and forth between his hands. "Mujin needed him for something, he should be back tonight," replied Yunho as he shrugged. "Also his brother is around for a couple days, so," he added. Jay hummed in response, nodding.
AkiraSanogame     150d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 2] Jay left his therapist's office, letting out a breath as he stood in front of his car. It hadn't been that long since the last session but it still hurt. Part of him still wondered about the what ifs and what he could've done to meet his soulmate sooner. Jay shook his head before walking over and getting in his car, closing the door and taking his phone out of his pocket. He put it on the phone mount attached to his side vent and pushed the button to start his car. After making sure it was clear Jay backed out of his parking spot before driving off, heading back towards campus to head to the first of three classes for the day. [center ~] "Classes are so annoying aren't they?" Asked Dongju as he sat down beside Jay at the cafeteria. "I already regret transferring here," he whined, digging into his food with gusto after he got settled. "Why did you transfer here again?" Asked Jay. "Don't tell me your brother asked you to," he sighed. "No, he didn't," dismissed Dongju. "I was wanting to be closer to him anyway, and this school had what I was looking for anyway," he explained. "It's weird how you're the one going through the stages of reincarnation, but then your brother is stuck without a soulmate," commented Jay as he tilted his head to the side. "Well, I don't mind it too much," hummed Dongju. "But this is my, what? Third life?" He asked. "From what I've been explained anyway," he added. "My soulmate has stayed away for this long, I think I'll be fine," he hummed. "It's only for a semester anyway, then I'm going to Korea to finish studying," he explained. "Really?" Asked Jay. "Didn't think you'd have it in you to go to Korea to finish studying," he remarked as he ate his food. "Mm, it's only for one more year, I'm coming back to do an internship at Google afterwards," explained Dongju. "I know, I was surprised too when I got accepted," he added when Jay looked surprised at the information. "Damn, you got friends in high places or something?" Asked Jay. "I would like to see if someone would be able to get me somewhere," he mused, looking at his phone when it pinged. He tapped it, seeing an email from one of his professors. He quickly typed up a reply before sending the email, getting up once he was done and going to throw his food away. "Leaving already?" Called Dongju. "I have to get to class early to finish something with one of my classmates," Jay called back as he continued walking, heading to his next class. [center ~] "Why is this class so complicated today," whined Jay as he struggled with the assignment given. He tapped his pen against his cheek in thought as he looked over the paper. "Having trouble again?" Came a voice from beside Jay as his seatmate looked over to see the progress made. "Wouldn't you believe it," grumbled Jay as his tablet pinged, causing Jay to tap the screen to see who was messaging him. "Sunghoon," he sighed out, typing up a reply before getting up and excusing himself. "I need to have a chat with a friend in need, I'm sorry," he explained, bowing before grabbing his stuff and leaving the classroom. [center ~] Jay sat in his car after setting up his tablet on the dash, waiting on Sunghoon to start the call. He felt his wrist start to burn again and he took a breath to try and ignore it. Sunghoon was hurting again and Jay had promised to be there for him. "[i Sorry, no one else was free to talk]," greeted Sunghoon after Jay picked up the call. "[i I know you were in the middle of classes but I didn't know who else to talk to]," he sighed. "It's okay," reassured Jay. "I wanted to help in anyway I can," he added. "Besides, it's just an assignment I'm stuck on, so I'm glad for the break," he explained. "[i I don't know what's going on with Jungwon and I]," confessed Sunghoon as he let out a soft sigh. "[i Jungwon is being the supportive boyfriend and all, but I feel like he's not- he doesn't want to be with me anymore]," he explained. "How long have you felt like this?" Asked Jay. "Is this a new feeling you have or has it been in your head for a while now?" He asked. "[i I think it's a new feeling]," replied Sunghoon as he thought about it. "[i I never had to deal with it before though, this doubt]," he mumbled. Jay hummed, jumping in surprise when someone knocked on his window. Jay quickly rolled down the window and looked at who was at his car window. "Can I help you?" He asked, recognizing it as his seatmate from his class he walked out on. "The professor asked for me to hand you your homework," replied his seatmate as he handed Jay a folder. "It's just coincidence that we happened to be parked next to each other," he commented with a shake of his head as he motioned to the car next to him. "Ah, thanks...?" Asked Jay as he took the folder. "Keonhee," Keonhee finished with a friendly grin. "Don't worry, I understand your situation," he added. "My- I had a timer and well," he mumbled in explanation. "Anyway, see you around Jay," he added quickly before he walked around to his car and getting in the driver's seat. He waved to Jay before backing out of his parking spot and driving off. Jay huffed out a sigh as he rolled up his window, turning and putting the folder in the passenger seat. "[i Forgot your homework huh]?" Snorted Sunghoon as he changed the subject. "For the record you were a priority," sighed Jay as he looked at the time. "I need to head to my next class, I'll talk to you later okay?" He asked. Sunghoon nodded before hanging up the call. [center ~] "Jay," called Dongmyeong as Jay entered the house after returning from university for the day. "What's up?" Asked Jay as he entered the kitchen where Dongmyeong was rolling out dough for pizza. "How was classes today?" Asked Dongmyeong as he looked over at Jay. "It went fine," responded Jay as he leaned on the counter to watch Dongmyeong roll out the dough. "I saw Dongju during lunch," he added. "He seems to like it here so far," he explained with a shrug. "I told him it'd be better to transfer here before his overseas trip to Korea," sighed Dongmyeong. "I guess since he has that internship to look forward to he was a bit hesitant," he mused, turning back to the pizza and going to grab the sauce to spread around it. "Is he staying here until he has to go?" Asked Jay. "Did you want him to?" Asked Dongmyeong as he looked up at Jay again. "I don't mind it," hummed Jay. "We do have an extra room so," he added, shrugging. "I'll see what he wants, okay?" Asked Dongmyeong as he finished adding the sauce, grabbing the cheese to spread across the pizza. "Where's Yunho anyway?" Asked Jay as he changed the subject, walking around the counter to the oven and making sure to preheat it. "He went to do something with Arthur, he should be back within a week," hummed Dongmyeong as he moved the pizza into a pan to get ready to bake. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Sunghoon is fighting with Jungwon again it seems," sighed Jay. "I just hope they'll be okay, Sunghoon doesn't- he's hurting," he mumbled. "Ah," hummed Dongmyeong as he nodded in understanding.
AkiraSanogame     148d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 3] Jay opened his eyes, finding himself in his bed as he looked up at the familiar ceiling. He could barely remember the night before, and half wondered if Dongmyeong had drugged his drink so he could get some sleep. A knock on the door caused Jay to sit up and look at the door, watching as Dongmyeong opened the door. "Breakfast is in the kitchen if you want anything," Dongmyeong stated with a shrug before he turned and left, closing the door behind him. Jay let out a huff, getting up and going to get ready for the day before wondering into the kitchen to get breakfast. Dongmyeong was sitting at the kitchen island sipping on some coffee while checking something on his tablet. "Your plate is here," hummed Dongmyeong as he pushed over a plate for Jay. Jay sat in front of Dongmyeong and started eating, being silent as he ate. "What's the plan today?" Asked Dongmyeong as he put his tablet on the table and focused on Jay. "I have some work to make up for one of my classes today," responded Jay as he let out a sigh. "Sunghoon asked to talk to me yesterday as you know, so I have to work on the stuff I missed for that class," he explained. "You're going to the library?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I think it'd be better if I did," responded Jay as he nodded. "Someone from class said they'd help me catch up so," he explained. "You're finally making a new friend huh?" Teased Dongmyeong as he smirked at Jay who started sputtering, covering his mouth as he coughed. "I am, I guess," mumbled Jay as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "I've known this guy for the whole semester so far, we've always sat next to each other," he added. "What's his name?" asked Dongmyeong. "His name's Keonhee," replied Jay as he shrugged. "He seems to understand my situation, but I've never mentioned it to him before," he hummed. "Hm," hummed Dongmyeong as he looked thoughtful. "Did he say what kind of soulmate mark he had?" He asked. "He said he had a timer," responded Jay. "That can only mean one of two things, his soulmate rejected him or his soulmate died," he mused, looking thoughtful. "He may think you have a timer, since you're always covering up your wrist," explained Dongmyeong as he thought about it. "None of your professors know of what happened to you though, so this Keonhee person shouldn't know about your soulmate mark," he added as an afterthought. "I'll be careful," reassured Jay as he finished eating. "I'll be back after I'm done okay?" He asked. "Ask Keonhee to come along," encouraged Dongmyeong. "I'd like to meet him," he added. "Don't overanalyze things yeah?" Asked Jay. "I don't want you scaring away someone again," he sighed. "Me? Scare someone? Nah," Dongmyeong reassured with a chuckle. "I'm not [i that] scary now," he whined. "Says the one person who could easily flip someone over his shoulder and onto their back," scoffed Jay as he finished eating and went to throw his plate into the sink. "I'll see if he wants to, okay?" He asked, turning to Dongmyeong. "Sure, be careful," hummed Dongmyeong as he nodded, drinking the rest of his coffee. Jay nodded and went to get his things for the class before leaving the house and heading towards campus. [center ~] Jay entered the library, looking around for Keonhee as he waved to the librarian sitting at the desk. He soon spotted Keonhee sitting nearby with books spread out around the table he was sitting at. Jay immediately went to sit down in front of Keonhee, taking his backpack off and putting it in the chair next to him before grabbing everything he needed and putting it on the table in front of him. "So what did I miss?" Asked Jay as Keonhee looked up at him after a few minutes. "Ah, just the usual stuff, we have to analyze the person we chose as a subject of our final paper," responded Keonhee as he shrugged. "The professor wants us to go over what we know of the person we chose and sort of come to our own conclusions of who that person is and what their life was like before their death," he explained. "Ah," hummed Jay as he looked thoughtful. "Who did you choose as your subject?" He asked. "Well," sighed Keonhee as he looked at the papers and books on the table. "I chose to go with my soulmate," he explained after a minute, a sad look appearing in his eyes before he shook his head. "I never got to meet them, so," he added with a small huff. "I figured I'd try to use what knowledge I know of them and come to my own conclusions you know? I would've loved to have known them when they were alive, but alas I'm only stuck with whatever information I have of them," he explained. "Who did you choose?" He asked, looking curiously at the papers that were on Jay's side of the table. "I-" started Jay as he paused to look at his papers. "I did my soulmate too," he mumbled in explanation, looking away. "He- I never got to meet him either," he explained. "But I got permission from his family to do this so," he added, shrugging. "Ah..." Mumbled Keonhee as he looked sympathetic, reaching over and patting Jay on the shoulder. "It's gonna be okay, alright?" He asked, moving his hand back when Jay turned to look at him. "I've had my timer at a standstill for years now," he sighed. "It hurts still, but I promise you, it'll be better," he explained. "You don't have a timer, right?" He asked, earning a nod from Jay. "At least you don't have that sort of reminder?" He asked. "I guess so," mumbled Jay as he let out a sigh. "Let's just focus on this, yeah?" He asked, changing the subject and looking down at his papers again. Keonhee nodded and started to work while Jay did the same. [center ~] "Thanks for helping out," commented Jay as he stood with Keonhee outside the library one they were done with their work for the day. "Not many would go out of their way to help out," he added, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. Keonhee smiled softly, nodding in understanding. "Yeah, I understand that," he said with a shake of his head. "There's no shame in asking for help you know?" He asked. "And, I'm here, if you need someone to talk to okay?" He asked, nodding in reassurance. "Thanks, Keonhee," Jay mumbled sincerely as he smiled slightly, earning a grin in return from Keonhee. "I'll see you around then," Keonhee said in goodbye before walking off. Jay was left to stand there for a second, watching Keonhee before he remembered something. "Oh!" He exclaimed suddenly as called to Keonhee. "My um, roommates wanted me to invite you over!" He called. "Are you up for meeting them?" He asked as Keonhee turned back to him. "Maybe another day, yeah?" Asked Keonhee. "I'll see you around Jay!" He called before turning and continuing to walk away. Jay nodded, turning and walking the other direction, heading to his car. He put his bag into the passenger seat as he opened the door and got in before sitting there for a few minutes, feeling the burning in his wrist again. "What is wrong with me?" He asked himself as he put his seatbelt on before starting the car. Once he knew it was clear he backed out of his parking spot and drove home.
AkiraSanogame     144d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 4] It took a week before Keonhee agreed to meet Jay's roommates. It wasn't like he didn't want to, he did, but Keonhee had been stuck with visiting family and was too busy to even get to classes. It was fine with Jay, as his mind was in a dark place again. He barely got up to go to classes when he did have them, and on his days off Jay preferred to stay in his room and sleep when he wasn't putting in minimal effort to at least work on his assignments. [center ~] "You okay?" Asked Keonhee as he sat down beside Jay in the class they shared. "You look like a wreck," he remarked with his head tilting to the side in concern. "I haven't been in the best place mentally," mumbled Jay as he let out a sigh. "I'll be okay though," he reassured with a nod of his head. "My roommates are keeping an eye on me at home," he explained. "So I'm okay, really," he added. "I-," started Keonhee as he blinked in surprise. "Okay," he finally mumbled after a minute of contemplating what to say. "Don't worry too much," sighed Jay. "I'm okay, really," he added. "It's just been a tough time for me," he explained. "But I'm getting through it," he added as a reassurance. "If you say so," hummed Keonhee as he turned to the board when the professor called for everyone's attention. [center ~] "I can come see your roommates with you after class today," Keonhee stated with a shrug, turning to Jay who nodded. "I have one more class today, but we can eat lunch at the cafeteria," Jay muttered, nodding as he took notes. "After class I am heading home so we could meet up later," he added. "Sure," agreed Keonhee as he nodded. "We can meet at the library after your last class," he added. Jay nodded, cementing the agreement to meet up before turning his attention back to the professor who droned on and on about the lesson. [center ~] After class Jay and Keonhee walked to the cafeteria, meeting Dongju on the way there as he was also heading to the cafeteria to have lunch. He took one look at Keonhee and they instantly clicked, Dongju pretty much talking Keonhee's ears off as they waited in line to get their lunches. Jay could only watch in amusement as Keonhee nodded along to whatever Dongju said, providing commentary every now and again as he continued to converse with Dongju. "Ah, sorry, I'm Dongju by the way!" Dongju said in introduction after they had sat down with their food. "I'm brothers with one of Keonhee's roommates," he explained as he started eating. "I recently moved into the house with them so I could continue school here so," he added. "Keonhee," Keonhee responded in introduction, digging into his food with gusto. "Ah, you're one of the roommates I'm meeting then," he remarked with an amused look. "I- I guess," mumbled Dongju as he shrugged, looking embarrassed. "I recently transferred from Washington State, so I'm finishing my year here before moving to Korea," he explained. "I'm finishing my last year there and then coming back to intern at Google," he added. "How did you manage to get an internship to google?" Asked Keonhee as he looked surprised. "That seems like it'd be almost impossible to get into," he remarked. "I don't know," sighed Dongju. "I just know that I got the internship thanks to my brother," he explained. "Apparently the king he works for knows the hiring guys at google and recommended me," he added. "Your brother works for a king?" Asked Keonhee as he blinked in even more surprise. "His brother and my other roommate do," chimed in Jay as he ate his food. "We're currently living at one of the king's houses," he added. "Which kings do they work for?" Asked Keonhee, looking genuinely curious. "One works for Arthur and the other works for Mujin," responded Jay as he shrugged. "I don't think you'll see them today, but my roommates are there," he added. "Don't you gotta be like... Immortal or something to work for them?" Asked Keonhee. "I've heard so much about what they do, it makes me curious," he explained. "Immortal to an extant," explained Dongju. "Dongmyeong is only immortal because he's my twin and he doesn't have a soulmate mark, we're linked in that sense," he added. "You have those going through reincarnation, and then you got those who are just stuck at a certain age until they meet their soulmate," he explained. "Reincarnation sounds like it'd suck," commented Keonhee. "I've heard stories, though I've never met someone who's going through it," he explained. "Soobin is dealing with it now," hummed Jay. "It was his soulmate at first, then they switched places," he added. "I don't know about the others, though Dongju here is on his third life apparently," he added. "Yeah," sighed Dongju as Keonhee looked perplexed at the idea, turning to Dongju for an explanation. "It's why my brother is immortal, I guess," he explained. "My soulmate is apparently somewhere in Europe, waiting on his king to be reborn," he added. "Interesting," hummed Keonhee. "Who's the oldest?" He asked. "Uh, I think it's Seoho?" Asked Jay. "I haven't met the others to really know, but I do know that Seoho is one of the oldest members," he explained. "Funnily enough he currently works for the youngest of the kings," chimed in Dongju. "Dann is the oldest, and Soobin is working for him," he explained. "Though when Louis is reborn he'll be the youngest, and my soulmate will be working for him," he added. "Who is your soulmate anyway? Does your brother resent him for causing you to die two other times before this? Does he even know you're [i alive] right now?" Asked Keonhee as he blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry, I am genuinely curious," he mumbled in explanation. "I don't know who my soulmate is," replied Dongju as he shook his head. "I just know they're in Europe, because my brother is in a group chat with all the bodyguards," he explained. "I don't think he resents my soulmate? I don't know," mumbled Dongju, answering Keonhee's second question. "I never bothered to ask, but I'm [i pretty] sure that my soulmate knows I'm alive," he added. "He's just in Europe right now waiting on his king to be reborn, so that they could possibly save him when Ivan, who is his king's soulmate, eventually meets him again," he explained. "Louis right? That's the king with reincarnation?" Asked Keonhee. "Ivan is on the other side of the coin, being stuck alive?" He asked. "Yeah," hummed Dongju. "I don't know why but Louis is taking a [i long] time to be reincarnated," he sighed. "This next life, whenever that happens will be his second life, apparently," he explained. "I should get going to my next class," Jay chimed in as he finished eating. "I'll see you after class, yeah? Also Dongju don't go causing trouble now," he added, getting up and grabbing his things and lunch tray. "Oi," whined Dongju. "Sure, we'll meet in the library," replied Keonhee. "I have to do a bit of studying anyway," he added. Jay nodded and walked off, going to throw leftovers away before heading to his next class.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 5] Jay let out a deep breath as he stood in front of the library. Dongju had already gone home by then, having needed to get home to let Yunho and Dongmyeong know that Jay was bringing home a guest. Jay wasn't sure why he was hesitating, but he was hesitating hard, biting his lip and debating whether to go through with it or not. It seemed that it'd be answered for him as Keonhee walked out of the library after grabbing his things, smiling in greeting at Jay. "Hey," he greeted. "Hey," mumbled Jay as he forced a smile to appear. "You okay?" Asked Keonhee as he looked concerned. "It's- I am fine," mumbled Jay as he shook his head. "Nothing to worry about," he added. "Are you sure?" Asked Keonhee. "Yes, I promise," replied Jay as he nodded reassuringly. "Let's head out, yeah?" He asked. Keonhee nodded and motioned for Jay to go ahead, following after him. [center ~] When they reached the house Yunho was standing on the landing that led into the house, his hands in his pockets as he held a relaxed stance. "Welcome home," greeted Yunho as Jay walked over with Keonhee after they both got out of their cars and locked them, Jay having his bag over his shoulder as he walked over. "Also hello, you must be the guest Dongju mentioned," he added, turning to Keonhee who looked sheepish. "Keonhee," Keonhee said in introduction as he bowed before straightening. "I've heard from Jay that you've been requesting my presence?" He asked. "It's the first time that Jay's made a friend," explained Yunho. "Well, a friend that isn't us," he added. "Oi, I have other friends," whined Jay as he lightly slapped Yunho on the shoulder, grumbling as Yunho snickered at his expression. "You're the first friend he's made since coming over from Korea," explained Yunho. "Jay's not [i that] introverted, but he hesitated to make new friends for a long time since moving back to the states before you came into his life," he added. "Don't make it sound like I'm antisocial now," grumbled Jay as he headed into the house, taking off his shoes and immediately going to his room to throw his bag into the chair near his desk. Yunho and Keonhee walked in after him, though they stayed in the livingroom area and watched as Jay walked back into the livingroom with Dongju and Dongmyeong who was walking in from the kitchen. "Welcome to our place," Jay commented as he turned to Keonhee who had a look around. "It's a nice place," remarked Keonhee as he took in everything. "A bit small though," he added, turning to Jay. "It's got enough room, plus Arthur doesn't use this house too often, so he let us stay here," explained Jay as he shrugged. "Most of the time we're not even here," chimed in Yunho. "Dongju just came around recently so Jay's not always by himself," he added. "Well, it's a nice place," commented Keonhee as he looked around the livingroom. "Even if it's a bit small for four people," he added. "We don't need much, and Dongju and I aren't even from LA so it's fine," explained Jay as he shrugged. "I see," hummed Keonhee as he nodded. [center ~] As the day went on Keonhee got to know Yunho and Dongmyeong as they told him about their adventures with their kings, the four of them sitting around the kitchen island talking after dinner. He had learned that they weren't part of Beomgyu's group, it was Soobin's now since Soobin had taken Beomgyu's place, but everyone had met each other at some point due to Dann bringing everyone together to form an alliance. "Was this before or after Louis's death?" Asked Keonhee as he took in the information he was told. "Literally just before?" Asked Yunho. "I don't remember much of what happened that day, but I know that both Ivan and his original bodyguard found their soulmates and well, you know what happened afterwards," he explained with a shrug. "Who was his original bodyguard?" Asked Keonhee. "It was Hwanwoong," replied Dongmyeong. "He was, well [i is], Dongju's soulmate," he explained. "Ivan removed him from his guard when he decided it was a good idea to commit treason," he sighed. "We were in the talks of peace between all the kings," he explained. "I can see that even with everything that happened, you still got to have the peace," remarked Keonhee as he looked thoughtful. "Peace is a strange thing though," commented Jay as he leaned back, stretching as he fidgeted in his chair to get comfortable. "It could be broken at any time, but because of how your soulmate marks work you can't even harm each other," he explained, looking thoughtful. "Well, we can't be harmed in general," explained Dongmyeong. "Its why we never strayed too far from using swords," he added. "All of us have training in all sorts of weapons, but our main weapons of choice are swords, simply due to to our ability to not get injured," he explained. "Who's considered the swordmaster now?" Asked Keonhee as he looked curious. "It [i was] a tie between Beomgyu and Seoho, I think," responded Jay as he shrugged. "I don't remember if Soobin's officially taken that title yet, since he hasn't had a chance to spar with everyone," he added. "From the updates I get from Soobin he's been winning more of his spars with Seoho," he explained when Keonhee blinked in surprise at the information. "It's getting late," came Dongju's voice as he walked into the kitchen after showering and changing clothes. "You can stay over if you want," he added, turning to Keonhee who checked his phone for the time. "Are you sure? I don't want to intrude," Keonhee responded, looking at Jay before turning to Dongmyeong and Yunho. "You can stay," reassured Yunho as he nodded. "We don't have a spare room, since the only other room is Arthur's but you can stay with Jay," he added. Jay blinked as he was suddenly saddled with Keonhee, shaking his head when Keonhee turned to him. "It's okay," he reassured quickly. "My room isn't too big, but we can share my bed," he explained. "If you don't mind of course," he added quickly. "Sure," hummed Keonhee as he nodded. "I don't have anything to do tomorrow, so it's fine," he added. "I'll just let my roommate know I'm not coming back to the dorm," he explained, going to message his roommate. Jay waited until Keonhee was done before leading him to his room, going to his dresser and looking for clothes for Keonhee to change into. "The bathroom is over there," he stated, throwing a pair of pants and a t-shirt at Keonhee who caught it. "I'll be a few minutes," Keonhee stated before going into the bathroom to shower and change clothes. [center ~] After Jay left the bathroom after getting dressed he found Keonhee fast asleep in the bed, noticing the leather bracelet Keonhee wore sitting on his desk. He covered Keonhee with the blanket before going into the hallway to get a spare blanket and pillow from the hallway closet before going downstairs to settle down on the couch. "Sunoo," mumbled Jay as he looked at his wrist, feeling the familiar burning. "I'm sorry," he whispered, dropping his arm on his chest before closing his eyes to try to sleep.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 6] Jay woke the next morning to someone shaking him, opening his eyes to stare up at Dongju who looked down at him in concern. "You okay?" Asked Dongju as he moved away when Jay sat up. "You never just sleep in the livingroom," he explained. "Keonhee was sleeping on my bed and I couldn't be bothered to wake him to get him to move over," explained Jay as he shrugged. "It's okay, I was comfortable though," he added. "I don't mind sleeping on the couch sometimes," he explained. "Both my brother and Yunho were called out for something important, so it's just us three for a while, if Keonhee decides to stay around," stated Dongju as he walked into the kitchen with Jay following after him after folding up his blanket and setting it on top of the pillow he had been using. "Right," sighed Jay as he shook his head. "Looks like we'll be making our own meals from this point," he hummed, going through the fridge to see what he could make for breakfast. "You know how to cook?" Asked Dongju as he went to get an apple that was sitting in the basket of fruits by the stove. "I know a little bit," responded Jay as he grabbed what he needed and went to put it on the counter. "I had to learn to cook some things other than ramyeon back when I was in Korea because not everyone could cook, and I had the luxury of cooking most of the meals," he added. "You didn't cook [i all] the time right?" Asked Dongju as Jay prepared breakfast. "No," replied Jay as he went to grab a pan and put it on the stove, turning on the burner to let the pan heat up. "Sometimes it was Heeseung, or Taehyun when he came over, but most of the time it was either me or Niki," he explained. "It was either one of us when we didn't have anything to do the next day, so it wasn't too often," he added. "Who cooked the other days then?" Asked Dongju as Keonhee stumbled into the kitchen after waking up, yawning as he covered his mouth before going to sit down at the kitchen island. "Also morning Sleeping Beauty," he added with a snicker. "It's too early," groaned Keonhee as he laid his head on the kitchen island. "Mostly Heeseung, sometimes Jungwon, when he wasn't trying anything exotic," explained Jay as he threw the ingredients together for an omelet before pouring the egg mixture into the pan. "Also it's 10 am, this is early?" He asked, chuckling at Keonhee's grumbling. "I should get going after breakfast," sighed Keonhee as he lifted his head up to watch as Jay put the first finished omelet on the kitchen island for Dongju to grab and start eating. "My roommate is moving out all of the sudden so I need to get back and help him out," he explained. "I forgot about that completely, but something urgent came up at home and he needed to move back," he explained. "Do you think you'll need help?" Asked Jay as he got the next omelet onto a plate, passing it over to Keonhee before starting on the last one, keeping an eye on the egg while looking to be deep in thought. "I think we got it," responded Keonhee as he ate his omelet, chewing thoughtfully as he eyed the red numbers on his wrist. He quickly switched which hands he was eating with, keeping the bottom of his wrist on the kitchen island and ignoring the questioning look he got from Dongju. Jay turned to the kitchen island after getting his plate and turning off the stove, putting the pan in the sink before going to put his plate down and start eating. "Okay," hummed Jay as he ate his omelet. [center ~] Keonhee had to leave after getting changed and making sure his timer was covered up by his leather bracelet. "I'll see you around then!" Keonhee called in goodbye before he backed out of the driveway and drove off, heading back to his apartment. Jay watched him go from the front door, waving as Keonhee drove off before closing the door and turning to Dongju who was sitting on the couch watching tv. "Something about him seems very familiar to me," remarked Dongju as Jay went to sit down in the loveseat. "I don't know, it could be that weird feeling us reincarnated folks get when we're around people who have lost their soulmate," he mused, looking thoughtful. "Beomgyu explained it to me once," chimed in Jay as he looked at his phone to look through his emails. "Everytime he's around someone who feels [i really] familiar to him his heart starts beating weirdly or something," he explained. "When he's around people who lost their soulmates he feels an overwhelming feeling of sadness," he added. "Like his chest feels constricted or whatever," he explained as an afterthought. "Which feeling do you have?" He asked, turning to Dongju who looked thoughtful. "A bit of both?" Asked Dongju as he tried to put it into words. "Like I should [i know] him from somewhere, but I don't really know him, you know?" He asked. "But I get where the feeling of sadness comes from, I felt the need to just try and cheer him up," he added. "I think he was okay with it though, considering I nearly talked his ears off and he seemed okay with that," he added, chuckling at that before turning serious as he looked thoughtful. "Maybe you two knew each other in another life?" Asked Jay. "It's certainly possible," he added. "Considering the way reincarnation works anyway," he explained. "From what I know when you find your soulmates and die you get reincarnated with a new soulmate mark," he added. "It's very weird like that though," he hummed, blinking when his phone pinged. He checked what he was being messaged about before getting up and going to get his tablet. He came back with thousands of messages from Sunghoon, looking increasingly worried for his friend as he read through them. "What's wrong?" Asked Dongju as he took in Jay's expressions. "Sunghoon is in the hospital," mumbled Jay as he finished reading through the messages. "I wasn't even looking [i at] my tablet until now, I-," he whispered, closing his eyes. "Are you going to be okay?" Asked Dongju. "I don't know," mumbled Jay. "But I think I want to make a trip back to Korea for a little bit," he explained with a sigh. "I'll go with you," demanded Dongju. "You don't need to go alone for this," he added. "Do you have the money to even go back?" He asked. "I can ask Arthur," replied Jay as he went to make a phone call. "He knows how much my friends in Korea mean to me," he explained, speaking with Arthur when he picked up the phone, getting up and going into the kitchen to talk with him. [center ~] Jay found himself sitting in first class on a plane bound for Korea, Dongju sitting next to him as he fidgeted in his seat. Seoho would be getting them from the airport when they landed, so all they had to do now was wait. He had asked Yunho and Dongmyeong to pass on a message to their professors and Keonhee when they got back so that Jay and Dongju wouldn't be falling behind in their classes and becoming friends with Keonhee. That last part was more on Jay's conscience due to how friendly Keonhee had been. "I don't know if you're okay," remarked Dongju as he watched Jay carefully. "I'll be fine," mumbled Jay. "I want to be there for Sunghoon, even if I won't be able to do very much," he explained. "I don't want to lose someone else," he sighed, closing his eyes in a small grimace. "I know I don't talk about the friends I made back in Korea, but Sunghoon is someone important," he explained. "I get it, I think," hummed Dongju as he reached over and patted Jay on the knee. "I wouldn't want to be separated from my friends either, especially during times like this," he added, moving his arm back and staring straight ahead in thought. [center ~] When they landed in Incheon Seoho was waiting there at the gates, dressed in his guard clothes due to Jahan using his influence to let Seoho get through security to escort Dongju and Jay out of there as quickly as possible. Seoho didn't carry his sword, but he was keeping his sword wielding hand to his side like he was out of habit. "Seoho," greeted Jay as he entered the terminal, Dongju right behind him with a curious look on his face as he looked around the airport. "Jay," greeted Seoho, his voice flat and expressionless. "Dongju," he added, nodding to Dongju who bowed in respect before straightening. "How is he?" Asked Jay as he walked beside Seoho on his left while Dongju followed alongside them on Seoho's right. "Not much info I can give you now," responded Seoho as he shook his head. "He's recovering, but Jungwon's not doing so hot either," he explained. "It's a mess, I tell you," he added. "What caused this in the first place?" Asked Jay as they left the airport after getting their bags from baggage claim. "A fight apparently," sighed Seoho as he led them to the car, Jay getting in to the passenger seat while Dongju got into the back. Seoho got into the driver's seat and started the car, making sure it was clear before backing out and starting the drive back to Seoul. "I'm not even sure what had even caused the fight in the first place, but Jungwon's beating himself up over it, so go easy on him," he explained. "If I didn't know Jungwon as well as I do, I would've punched him until he was black and blue," mumbled Jay as he looked out the window. "This wasn't entirely his fault I'm sure," he explained. "Something in Sunghoon snapped, and caused this," he added with a sigh.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 7] Jay was fighting jet lag as he [i insisted] on checking on Sunghoon first, refusing to do anything else until he got to see his friend. Dongju could only follow along, as he didn't want to get lost in a country he had no travel experience in. Seoho eventually relented, taking them to the hospital Sunghoon was in and escorting Jay to Sunghoon's room. When they got there Jay wasn't allowed into Sunghoon's room, since he wasn't family or his soulmate, but he put a hand on Sunghoon's door and mumbled something that sounded like a prayer. Once he was done he stepped away from the door and turned to Seoho and Dongju who watched him with their eyebrows raised in question. "It's nothing," mumbled Jay as he shook his head. "Let's head out of here, yeah?" He asked. "I'm quite tired," he added, sighing as he rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand. "Follow me then," Seoho demanded, leading them both out of the hospital and to the car. Once everyone was comfortable in the car Seoho drove off, heading to the house they would be staying in for the time being. "Whose house are we staying in this time?" Asked Jay as Seoho drove through traffic. "Soobin's house," responded Seoho as he shrugged. "He said it was fine for you guys to stay around anyway," he explained. "Taehyun and Kai aren't going to protest, as they know about the situation, and Soobin's not home at the moment, as Dann needed him for something," he added. "But he's aware that you're here," he explained. "Soobin said it was okay?" Asked Jay. "He did, I made sure to ask since Arthur only paid for the plane trip," responded Seoho as he nodded. "He gave us some money to spend on food and such though," explained Jay. "Just enough for a couple weeks before we have to head back home," he added. "Do you think you'll need more time?" Asked Seoho. "No," sighed Jay. "I think I'm fine with the two weeks we're here," he explained. "It gives me a little bit of time to catch up with everyone, again," he added. [center ~] When they got to Soobin's house Taehyun had met them outside, Heeseung by his side with a somber expression on his face. Jay got out of the car first, going around to grab his bag from the trunk before turning to Taehyun, nodding in greeting as he stepped away from the car when Dongju came over, moving out of the way when he was done. Seoho waved to Taehyun and Heeseung before he backed out of the driveway, driving off and heading to where he needed to go. "Jay," greeted Taehyun as he walked over with Heeseung, smiling slightly in greeting. "I wish you had been able to visit under better circumstances, but," he sighed, shaking his head. "I was meaning to come visit at some point, but not to something like this," agreed Jay. "It came up unexpectedly, that's fore sure," he added. "Also, this is Dongju, he's Dongmyeong's twin brother," he explained, motioning to said person. "I don't know if he knows Korean, but you should be good enough in English to speak with him?" He asked. "Ah, my apologies," Dongju said in apology. "My Korean is a little rusty, but I hope you can understand me?" He asked, speaking Korean now. "It's alright," dismissed Taehyun as he chuckled, waving Dongju off. "We were expecting just Jay, but the more people the merrier right?" He asked. "We- we knew each other before right?" Asked Heeseung as he studied Dongju with his head slightly tilted to the side in question. "I don't know?" Asked Dongju. "This is my third life so," he added, shrugging. "According to my brother anyway," he explained. "We probably did," he remarked, looking to be in thought as he thought about it. "Let's take this inside yeah? I'm sure you both need to get some rest after all that's happened," commented Taehyun as he turned and walked back to the house and entered it. Heeseung followed after him, and eventually Jay and Dongju followed after them, entering the house and going to take a much needed shower and get some much needed sleep. [center ~] Jay woke to his wrist burning more than usual, causing him to jolt awake and open his eyes. He was on his stomach as he brought his arm into view, looking at his wrist and seeing red marks on his wrist. He blinked in confusion before recognizing the letters that the marks turned into, sighing as he let his head hit the pillow. "Great," he groaned, pushing his arm under his pillow and trying to ignore the burning that reminded him of his soulmate's last words. "What's wrong?" asked Dongju as he sat up in his bed and turned to Jay. "I got the last words that my soulmate carved into his wrist on my wrist as a permanent reminder now," mumbled Jay, a small sob escaping him as he realized what the words meant. "What were they?" asked Dongju as he got up, immediately going to Jay's side. "He- He wrote "I'm sorry," and I-," sobbed Jay as he felt Dongju pull him into his arms. He sobbed into Dongju's chest, clutching desperately at the back of Dongju's shirt as the weight of Sunoo's last words finally hit him. "It's okay, everything is going to be okay," Dongju whispered reassuringly as he tried to comfort Jay. He could only [i imagine] what Jay was going through. It just pained him to see him like this. "I'm sorry Sunoo, I'm sorry," sobbed Jay as Dongju continued to try to comfort him. Kai had walked into the room when he heard the crying, Taehyun and Heeseung not too far behind. When they saw the state Jay was in everyone surrounded the two of them and put comforting hands on Jay. Dongju just looked up at the three of them, looking lost. Taehyun just let out a soft sigh, unable to do much more. Heeseung and Kai looked just as lost as they didn't know what was going on with Jay.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 8] Jay had somewhat expected when the last marks of his soulmate would appear on his wrist, but he didn't expect it to show up when he had been [i determined] to get to Korea to check on Sunghoon. Dongju had been given a briefing on what Jay had gone through by Dongmyeong but he didn't expect for Jay to experience that. Whatever [i that] was. Taehyun, Heeseung and Kai were stuck in the middle of everything, though they tried to keep things normal for their guests. Soobin wasn't home, but it didn't mean that they couldn't be courteous to their guests. [center ~] Jay let out a shaky breath as he sat down in front of Dongju at the cafe near the university that Jay used to attend. It was the morning time, and most of the morning crew was around. That had included Seongmin, Kai's soulmate, and Heeseung who moved to the morning shifts once he joined the upperclassmen ranks and got all afternoon classes. "So you're stuck on morning shifts now huh?" Asked Jay as Heeseung walked over with their coffees and sat down. "It is something I didn't want to do but," sighed Heeseung as he shook his head. "At least I'm no longer living in the dorms," he added. "I saved up enough money to start living with Taehyun at Soobin's house," he explained. "I guess I'll be looking forward to the afternoon classes then," mused Dongju as he studied the way Jay and Heeseung interacted with each other. "How's Jake been?" Asked Jay as he wondered about how Jake was coping with everything happening. "I don't know," sighed Heeseung. "He moved out of the dorms at the beginning of the year," he explained. "No one has really seen him except for whoever's working the afternoon shifts," he added. "I see," hummed Jay. "I'm assuming it's chaos in the dorms now with everything that's happened?" He asked. "Niki is really the only one who updates us on everything," explained Heeseung. "They've had new people move into the dorms recently from what I've heard but they've all been transfers," he added. "So many transfers lately," remarked Dongju as he tilted his head to the side in thought. "I don't know why," hummed Heeseung as he shrugged. "I just know that ever since Jake and I moved out things started changing," he explained. [center ~] Jay was still unable to see Sunghoon as he stood outside Sunghoon's hospital room. He felt frustrated that he couldn't just [i be] there for his friend, but he understood why they wouldn't let him. Sunghoon probably didn't want to see him again after ignoring his pleas for help. "They wouldn't let me see him either you know," came a familiar voice as Jungwon walked over and stood beside Jay who turned to look at him. "You I can understand," grumbled Jay, shaking his head as he Jungwon blinked in surprise. "I understand why they wouldn't let me in either, don't worry," he added, letting out a sigh. He turned and put a hand on the door for a second before turning and walking away before he got kicked out of the hospital for doing something stupid. Jungwon was left to stand there in shock before he turned back to Sunghoon's door with a sigh. [center ~] Jay found himself in front of Seoho who held out a wooden sword for him to take. "You think this will help me vent my anger?" He asked, looking at the sword before taking it and testing the weight before nodding to Seoho who picked up his own sword. "It's a good way to vent your frustrations," explained Seoho as he nodded. "I'll go easy don't worry," he added, initiating the spar as he immediately brought his sword down. "This is easy?" Jay asked in exasperation as he countered the attack, quickly moving back and quickly following up with a lunge as he swung his sword down. "This is practically amateur level," retorted Seoho as he blocked the blow, following up with a counter as he made sure to hold back as he knew that Jay wasn't immortal like he was. Jay grunted as the sword hit his ribs, managing to deflect some of it as he blocked part of the hit with his sword before sticking it into the ground to keep his balance. "I think you may need to reevaluate your definition of [i amateur]," he grunted as he moved away from Seoho, keeping a hand on his ribs as he wheezed, trying to catch his breath as Seoho moved back in concern. "J-Just give me a second," he managed to say, taking a deep breath to try and even out his breathing. "I think even with me holding back it didn't help," remarked Seoho as he went to help Jay sit down. "You don't say?" Jay asked with sarcasm, grateful for the break as he sat down with a sigh. "You forget that I'm not like you," he added, shaking his head. "Do you need to go to the hospital?" Asked Seoho. "No, I'm fine," responded Jay as he stretched, wincing slightly at the pain. "It doesn't feel broken, but I can't do this again," he sighed. "Dongmyeong and Yunho are gonna kill you," he added, shaking his head. Seoho scoffs. "Okay, if only," he responded with a shake of his head. "Okay, true," hummed Jay as he got up. "Let's get back to Dongju yeah? Before he dies from the stress," he added, jokingly. "Yeah yeah," sighed Seoho as he helped Jay walk back to where Dongju was waiting. [center ~] Jake stood face to face with Jay as he slouched slightly, his hands in his pockets as he studied Jay. "You seem more stressed lately," remarked Jay as he studied Jake with a raised eyebrow. "School, you know?" Asked Jake. "Ever since I came back from Australia things haven't worked out well for me back home," he explained. "My dad is on the verge of getting fired from his job as a mechanic and it's stressing everyone out," he added, sighing as he shook his head. "I just want to finish school so I could provide for him, and make him proud of me," he explained. "I get that," hummed Jay as he nodded. "Is that why you moved out of the dorms?" He asked. "Or was there another reason?" He asked. "It was cheaper to live elsewhere," mumbled Jake as he shrugged. "I'll live with it though, I've been through worse," he added with a small sigh, turning away from Jay. "Let me see if I can pull some strings yeah?" Asked Jay as he put a comforting hand on Jake's shoulder. "I know it's a long shot, but maybe I can get you some help," he explained. "You think a king would be able to help me?" Asked Jake as he turned to look at Jay. "I got two helping me, you know?" Asked Jay. "I'm sure I can manage to convince someone to help you and your family," he explained. "Just, hang in there yeah?" He asked, letting his arm drop to his side. Jake nodded, turning and walking away. "Well, I know that struggle all too well," came a new voice as Seoho walked over, Dongju right behind him with a curious look on his face. "I'll talk to Jahan, see if he can do something about it, okay?" Asked Seoho as Jay turned to him. "Thanks, Seoho," mumbled Jay as he smiled in relief. Seoho nodded, smiling in return.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 9] A soft sigh escaped Jay as he stood in front of Sunghoon's room again. He had been requested to go see Sunghoon by Sunghoon, which had honestly surprised him. He knocked on the door before entering, closing the door behind him before turning to face his friend. "Jay," greeted Sunghoon as he turned to look at Jay. "Sunghoon," greeted Jay, looking relieved to see that Sunghoon seemed to be doing better. He soon walked over and sat down in a chair by his bed, looking down at his lap. "I'm sorry to have dragged you from school to deal with this," mumbled Sunghoon as he looked away from Jay. "I'm sorry for not answering your pleas for help when you needed me," muttered Jay. Sunghoon shook his head. "I knew you were busy, and I forgot about time zones," he mumbled. "It's okay though, you didn't have to come," he added. "I would've felt bad if I didn't," sighed Jay. "Please understand that I didn't ignore you on purpose," he explained. "I understand that," reassured Sunghoon. "Don't blame Jungwon for what I did okay?" He asked. "The fight wasn't even what caused this," he explained, motioning to the room and himself in general. "What caused it, huh?" Asked Jay as he looked up at Sunghoon. "You two [i have] been fighting a lot more lately," he explained with a shake of his head. "Niki told me about the big fight that happened a few days before your hospitalization," he added. "It was the anniversary," sighed Sunghoon, as if it explained [i everything] as he turned to Jay. "For people like me we got to see color for the whole day, up until the time of death," he explained. "I only got to see it for an hour, as the crash happened a bit after I usually wake up," he added. Understanding dawned on Jay's face as he subconsciously rubbed at at his wrist, which was now covered up by a leather bracelet. "Ah," was all he could muster up, looking sympathetic as he leaned back in his chair. "The grief hit me hard after that," huffed Sunghoon as he turned away, looking at the wall and away from Jay. "I got into a fight with Jungwon because he didn't understand," he explained. "He [i wouldn't] understand, thankfully," he added. "I see," mumbled Jay. "This makes more sense now," he remarked, sighing as he got up. "Thank you, for letting me see you," he added. "I hope, that things get better with you, and I promise to not ignore you next time," he said in goodbye before turning and walking towards the door. "Bye Jay," Sunghoon muttered, loud enough for Jay to hear. He looked down at his lap as Jay paused at the door before opening it and leaving the room, letting the door close behind him. [center ~] "Are you okay?" Asked Niki as he stood beside Jay as he browsed the refrigerated section of a convenience store. "I don't know," Jay replied, honestly. "I know I must seem like I'm sulking," he added with a sigh. "It's just- I wish I had more time," he explained with a shake of his head. "You're due back home soon?" Asked Niki as he blinked in surprise. "I can't put off my classes any longer, and Arthur only paid for a two week trip," explained Jay as he grabbed a drink and walked over to the counter to pay for it. "Also according to my roommates we have a new roommate," he added, shrugging as he paid for his drink. "Who is it?" Asked Niki as he walked over after grabbing something to drink and paying for it. "I've told you about him, his name's Keonhee," replied Jay as he stepped away from the counter after grabbing his drink and opening it. He took a sip and walked out of the store with Niki following after him. "Um, also is it normal to not have a soulmate mark? Mine never appeared," commented Niki as they walked down the sidewalk. "You could be one of those odd cases where you don't have a soulmate," hummed Jay as he thought about it. "It does seem likely, but don't worry," he added. "You'll find someone I'm sure," he explained. "I'm sure Taehyun or someone would've mentioned something if your soulmate isn't, well," he added, shaking his head. "Yeah, I get that," sighed Niki. "I just thought I'd get something cool," he whined, earning a chuckle from Jay. [center ~] "Look, I'm sorry," apologized Jungwon as he finally got to talk to Jay. "I didn't think of what he meant by it was the anniversary," he tried to explain as he ran a hand through his hair. "Why are you apologizing to me?" Asked Jay as he stared down Jungwon with a blank expression. "You should be apologizing to your [i boyfriend]," he added. "It's no wonder Jake moved out of the dorms huh?" He asked, scoffing at the surprised look on Jungwon's face. "Niki's close to moving too, from what I hear," he added. "Just mend things with him before you lose [i everyone] yeah?" He asked, turning and walking away. Jungwon lunged at him in anger, getting ready to throw a punch as he grabbed Jay by the shoulder and reared his arm back to throw a punch. Jay was quick on his feet, as Seoho had started training him in dodging attacks, moving out of the way of the punch and grabbing Jungwon's arm. He pulled Jungwon forward before bringing up a knee to Jungwon's stomach and hitting him hard enough for Jungwon to wheeze in pain before moving away and leaving Jungwon to slump to the floor in defeat, coughing as he clutched at his stomach. "Watch it," spat Jay before he turned and walked away. "Get your act together and then we can talk," he added as an insult. [center ~] The plane ride back to the US was expected, but it still left Jay feeling sad to be leaving the place he had come to call home after spending his high school years and the start of university in. Sunghoon was out of the hospital after getting an all clear from his doctors and Jungwon had promised to try to make amends with him. Jay promised to bring Keonhee along next time, if he was up for it of course, and of course his bodyguards if their kings didn't need them immediately. Dongju would be transferring at the end of the year so Jay promised to come along with him to visit at least. For now it was back to the grind of homework, dealing with the burning in his wrist, and a budding friendship with Keonhee.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 10] Keonhee was grateful that he was allowed to move into Arthur's house. Even if it meant he had to share a room it was better than being alone since his roommate had to leave. He knew it was going to be a while until he saw Jay again since he had rushed back to Korea to check on a friend, but he was still grateful for Dongmyeong and Yunho's company when they weren't busy with their kings. [center ~] Yunho had suspected that Keonhee was a reincarnation of someone he knew, as a confirmation from Dongmyeong had been proof that they had known each other before. "He was in Dongju's guard," explained Dongmyeong as he shrugged, leaning against the chair he was sitting in. "Back when Dongju was with Louis anyway," he added. "Keonhee's soulmate was with Chiwoo right? Or am I wrong?" Asked Yunho as he took a sip of coffee. "Yeah, Younghoon, I think," replied Dongmyeong. "It's a pity we didn't get to know them this life until now," he remarked, looking thoughtful. "Well, I don't even think we knew of Younghoon until, well," he added, humming in thought as he thought about it. "Well, we can only help Keonhee through this life as best we can until his next one," remarked Yunho as he looked thoughtful. "I wonder if they know how closely intertwined their lives are?" Asked Dongmyeong as he turned to Yunho. "Jay and Keonhee's? If only they knew," scoffed Yunho, though there was no malice to it as he nodded in agreement. [center ~] Keonhee returned from his classes, huffing as he closed his car door after grabbing his bags and getting out. He made sure to lock the door before walking towards the front door. He opened the door and walked on in, noticing how quiet it was as he took off his shoes. He put them away before walking to his and Jay's room and setting down his bag. He saw a piece of paper on his bed and went to read it, nodding as he read it. "Errands again, huh?" He asked with a sigh. It had only been a week since Jay had left and he was due back within the next few days he was sure. Keonhee looked around the room for a minute, spotting a familiar picture sitting on Jay's desk. He walked over and picked it up, his eyes widening in surprise as he recognized one of the people in the picture. He put the picture down before turning and quickly leaving the room. [center ~] Keonhee opened the door, blinking at the person who stood at the door. "Oh? Do I have the wrong address?" Asked the person standing at the door. "I don't know?" Asked Keonhee. "Who are you looking for?" He asked. "I was looking for Dongmyeong or Yunho, but it seems I may have gotten the wrong house," he responded with a shrug. "Oh, this is their house," Keonhee reassured quickly. "They're running errands," he explained. "I don't know when they'll be back though, they left a couple days ago," he added. "What is your name? So I can let them know you stopped by when they come back," he inquired, his head tilting to the side in question. "Hyunjae, they will know who you're talking about," responded Hyunjae as he nodded, turning around. "I'll be back in a few days then," he said in goodbye as he raised his hand in a farewell gesture before leaving. Keonhee was left to stand there in wonder, a sense of familiarity surrounding him as he watched Hyunjae leave. He soon moved from the door and closed it behind him, leaning back against the door as he brought up his wrist that was covered by the bracelet. He stared at it for a moment before pushing back from the door and letting his arm drop to his side. He then went to flop face down on the couch with a groan, not wanting to do anything else for the moment. [center ~] "Hyunjae stopped by?" Asked Yunho as he blinked in surprise, turning to Keonhee as he was making dinner. "Yeah, he said to let you know," hummed Keonhee as he focused on the stove, making sure things were still good. "You said [i Hyunjae] stopped by?" Asked Dongmyeong, making sure he heard Keonhee correctly as he leaned against the kitchen island. "Must I repeat myself?" Asked Keonhee as he huffed. "Yes, he said his name was Hyunjae," he explained. "He also knew who you two were so I assume you know who he is," he added, turning off the stove and going to move the food onto plates before throwing the pan into the sink. He passed along the plates of food to Yunho and Dongmyeong before eating from his own plate. "How in the world did he-?" Asked Yunho as he ate his food, looking thoughtful as he continued eating. "I don't know, okay?" Asked Keonhee. "I just know that he was looking for you and said to mention to you that he stopped by," he explained. "Right, sorry," apologized Yunho as he shook his head. "We didn't [i expect] him to stop by at all," he explained. "He was one of the kings's guards," explained Dongmyeong. "But this king found his soulmate already," he added. "So his brother took over, and Hyunjae was left to wander the world after his king's death," he explained. "But it's been [i years] since we last heard from him, so it surprised us, is all," he finished explaining as he set down his fork. [center ~] Yunho and Dongmyeong walked over to where Hyunjae was waiting, their stances neutral but Hyunjae knew to expect them to jump into action at any point. "It's been a long time, you two," greeted Hyunjae as he turned to them, bowing his head in greeting. "It has," greeted Yunho as Dongmyeong nodded in greeting. "What brings you this way?" Asked Yunho as he put his hands in his pockets, slumping his shoulders to adopt a more friendly stance. "Is the Keonhee I saw the same one?" Asked Hyunjae. "Yes, though he's reincarnated with a new soulmate mark, you know this," responded Dongmyeong as he shrugged. "I figured," hummed Hyunjae. "I met the Younghoon of this life just before his death," he explained. "And his brother, apparently," he added. "Before, well," he finished with a shake of his head. "Get to the point, Hyunjae," demanded Dongmyeong, causing Hyunjae to sigh and nod. "Well, I was following a lead on my soulmate but it seems they left the states," explained Hyunjae. "I was hoping to catch them before but it seems I lost my chance," he added. "I'll be out of your hair later, don't worry," he explained before turning and walking away. [center ~] Keonhee felt relieved to be picking up Jay and Dongju from the airport. He felt awkward as hell with just Yunho and Dongmyeong in the house despite reassurances from the both of them that it was okay for him to be there. "Sorry for moving in on short notice," apologized Keonhee as Jay and Dongju got into the car after packing their things into the trunk of Keonhee's car. "It's okay," hummed Jay as he shook his head. "The loneliness tends to be overbearing sometimes," he explained with a shrug. "Mhm," hummed Keonhee as he started the car and drove off once it was clear to do so.
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[center Chapter 11] Returning to classes was just annoying for Jay, though he knew he had to return to at least 3 of his classes. His fourth one didn't need him due to it being the class he was sharing with Keonhee. Their professor in that class moved the rest of the semester pretty much online, so that everyone could focus on the big project. For now it was midterms, and studying for them. Keonhee and Jay stayed in different rooms to not be distracted while Dongju spent his studying time in his and Dongmyeong's room. [center ~] "Well, at least this time our shared professor is fine with us putting off the project to focus on our other classes," commented Koenhee as he and Jay spent their break time in the kitchen to eat. "Mhm," hummed Jay as he ate his food, ignoring the burning in his wrist to the best of his ability. "What's wrong?" Asked Keonhee as he turned to Jay. "Just harder to ignore the burning today is all," mumbled Jay as he shook his head. "Ah," hummed Keonhee as he nodded sympathetically. [center ~] Jay stared at himself in the mirror in the bathroom, keeping his hands on the edges of the sink as he fought with himself. Part of him was itching to reach for the pills under the sink, but a bigger part of him knew that he shouldn't do this. He had to complete this project if it meant that he could tell his story and move on. "Are you okay?" Came Dongju's voice from outside the bathroom. "You've been in there for an hour now," he explained, concern clear in his voice as he knocked on the door. Jay turned away from the mirror and went to the door, opening it to look at a worried looking Dongju who thankfully didn't question more on the matter. "I'm fine," reassured Jay as he nodded. "When are you due for your therapist anyway?" Asked Dongju as Jay walked out of the bathroom. "I'm pretty sure you're due for a visit soon?" He asked, following after Jay as he walked towards the kitchen. "I've been having online sessions with them," replied Jay as he entered the kitchen and grabbed a drink from the fridge. "Are they helping?" Asked Dongju as Jay closed the fridge door before taking a sip of his drink as he turned to Dongju. "I don't know," hummed Jay as he shook his head. "My therapist thinks it's better on me if I continued this project, and that's helping a little," he explained. "Just- some days are harder than others, I guess," he added, closing the bottle and setting it on the counter. "I get that," hummed Dongju. "Well, sort of," he added, shaking his head. "Just- if you need someone to keep you company, well," he added as an afterthought. "I'm here, okay?" He asked, hoping Jay got the gist of what he was trying to convey. "Thank you, Dongju," Jay mumbled, sincerely as he nodded in thanks. He grabbed his drink and headed back to his room to continue studying. [center ~] Keonhee leaned against the headboard with a sigh, his notebook in his lap as he ran out of ideas to implement into his project. He didn't know what else to do with his project, but he knew one thing, he was close to completing it. He just had to figure out what to do in terms of visuals. A movie would work, but that would've required footage of his soulmate. Keonhee wasn't sure if his soulmate's family would even let him use any footage from that time. "A slideshow it is then," hummed Keonhee as he got up, going over to his desk and sitting down. He grabbed his laptop and opened it, turning it on and letting it boot before opening powerpoint and starting on that portion of the project. [center ~] Jay felt worse as the days wore on, his mind just not in the right place mentally. Each day he worked on his project like it was the only thing keeping him sane while also studying for his midterms. Dongju was keeping a closer eye on him as everyone finished their midterms and gradually went back to a normal schedule. Yunho and Dongmyeong were there as much as they could be, but both Arthur and Mujin needed them for some big annual meeting that all the kings had and they couldn't just say no. Jay had let them go because he didn't want to be a burden plus he still had Dongju and Keonhee so he wasn't [i alone]. [center ~] Jay stared at the computer screen in front of him, humming in thought as he went over where his progress was going with the big project. He hadn't gotten very far, but he was farther than Keonhee was apparently. He looked away from the computer screen to look at the picture on his desk, picking it up and looking at the picture of his soulmate and his brother. "What has my life come to huh?" Jay asked himself before putting the picture back in its place and getting up. He made sure to save his progress before shutting down his computer and walking away from his desk. "You okay?" Asked Keonhee as Jay bumped into him in the hallway. "I don't know," sighed Jay as he shook his head. "I'll be okay, I think," he added. "I need to go out and grab some art supplies, you wanna come with me?" He asked. "Sure," hummed Keonhee. "Let me grab my phone and wallet," he added, going to do so as he walked passed Jay. Jay went to get his shoes and put them on before leaving the house and getting in his car. He sat in in for a few minutes, contemplating what to get as Keonhee soon joined him getting into the passenger seat and closing the door. "Where's Dongju?" Asked Keonhee as Jay started the car, backing out of the driveway before driving off. "I think he's still in his classes, I don't know," replied Jay as he focused on driving. "I was asking if you wanted to come along because I didn't want to be alone right now," he explained. "Also I have one big final project on top of this one we're working on in our class so I need art supplies," he added. "I see," hummed Keonhee as he nodded. [center ~] As Jay was getting his art supplies Keonhee browsed a different part of the store looking for inspiration for his final project. He stared at the different model cars in thought, wondering if he should get one and try to repaint it. Or try his luck with a wooden airplane model he could put together and paint. "Any luck?" Asked Jay as he found Keonhee after getting what he needed. "No," hummed Keonhee as he shook his head. "I'll come up with something I'm sure," he added. "But for now," he sighed, turning to Jay who raised an eyebrow at him. "For now I'm leaving empty handed," he finished, huffing as he shook his head. "Did you get what you needed?" He asked. "I did, yeah," replied Jay as he nodded before turning around and heading towards the checkout lanes to pay. "It's all I need, really," he explained as Keonhee followed after him. "You have an idea of what you want huh?" Asked Keonhee. "It works out because I can incorporate this project into the final one for our class," explained Jay as he paid for his things. "Hey, that's a good idea," remarked Keonhee as he looked thoughtful. "I should think of something similar," he mused humming in thought as he followed Jay out the door after he paid for his things.
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[center Chapter 12] Jay struggled through his depression episode, taking time off from his classes to try and get through this bout of depression. He started going to his therapist in person again, ranting to them about everything and anything that came to mind. Jay dragged Yunho into his spars, as it seemed that he needed a way to vent his frustrations and sparring did help him with it. Yunho took it easy on him at first, but after Jay insisted on upping the ante on the spars Yunho took it up a notch, nearly throwing Jay into a wall after blocking and countering an attack that Jay almost landed. "Okay, don't go that far," wheezed Jay after he hit the wall, huffing as he leaned against it. "Just- don't take it easy but don't go that hard okay?" He asked, trying to catch his breath as he coughed, clutching at his ribs. "Let's take a break," demanded Yunho as he relaxed out of his sparring stance, appearing as neutral as possible as he walked over and inspected Jay. "Yeah, a break would be nice," wheezed Jay as he slid to the floor, relief clear on his face as he sighed. "What did Seoho do to cause you to start sparring anyway?" Asked Yunho as he grabbed a bottle of water and brought it over. He handed it to Jay who opened it and drank it. "He saw how much I was struggling to hold it together and suggested a spar," explained Jay after he put down his bottle when he was done drinking from it. "We sparred for a few days and he said I was improving so I had to continue the spars before I forgot," he added. "I was able to become faster with his help, but I still can't take a hit like that," he explained. "I won't be able to teach you what you need, but I do know who can," mused Yunho as he went to grab his tablet and went to message someone. [center ~] Keonhee opened the front door when the doorbell rang, blinking at who was at the door. "Are you here for Yunho, Dongmyeong or Jay?" He asked, looking curious at who was at the door. Yeonjun grinned at Keonhee before shaking his head. "I'm here for Jay," he replied with a shrug. "Though the other two are a bonus," he added. "Jay's home, I think, and Yunho and Dongmyeong are out with their kings at the moment," explained Keonhee as he let Yeonjun in before closing the door behind him. Jay came downstairs to meet them in the livingroom, blinking in surprise at who was here. "He sent for [i you]?" He asked. "I am the self proclaimed expert at training people who aren't [i immortal]," boasted Yeonjun as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I did train an entire platoon before," he added. "Even though it was a long time ago, I still use those methods to spar," he explained. "I didn't mean that in a mean way," sighed Jay. "But it's nice you came by," he added. "No, I get it," reassured Yeonjun as he shook his head. "Let's get me settled in then we can work on this sparring of yours yeah?" He asked. "Yeah," agreed Jay as he nodded. [center ~] "Okay, I am ready for you," started Yeonjun as he stood in front of Jay. "Come at me with everything you got, I need to know where you got with Seoho," he explained. "This will help me determine where I'm going to go with you," he added. Jay nodded, getting into a battle stance before launching himself at Yeonjun, attacking with everything he had as Yeonjun blocked the blows and encouraged Jay to keep at it. Jay continued until he got tired, panting as he finally fell to his knees. "Not bad, not bad," praised Yeonjun as he walked away for a second to get some water before coming back and handing a bottle to Jay who took it and drank it. "Seoho still remembers my teachings apparently," he mused, grinning as Jay finished drinking the water. "That's a good thing, right?" Asked Jay as he got to his feet, stretching to get warmed up for what Yeonjun had to teach him. "Oh yeah, this is perfect," agreed Yeonjun. "Now I can teach you [i my] way," he added. "Now, let's do this," he started, going through the steps of teaching Jay. [center ~] Keonhee eventually got dragged into the spars too, as Jay still couldn't handle sparring with Yunho and Dongmyeong. Despite holding back a [i lot] in their spars Jay still couldn't handle those two at their so called "amateur level" as Yeonjun had put it. "Pause," commanded Yeonjun as Keonhee and Jay paused mid attack, panting as they glared good naturedly at each other. Yeonjun fixed both their stances, moving away once he was done. "Okay, go," he commanded, and the spar continued. Keonhee and Jay didn't want to give up but someone had to give up as they continued exchanging blows. Eventually Jay had to give up though, letting one last hit get through before ending the spar as he stepped back, panting as Keonhee stepped back. The both of them bowed at each other before straightening, turning at the sound of clapping in surprise to see Ivan standing with Arthur and Mujin on either side of him. "You did well for the two days you've been under Yeonjun's teachings," remarked Ivan as Arthur and Mujin stood on either side of him. "Ivan," greeted Yeonjun as he bowed before straightening. "Arthur, Mujin," he added, nodding to them. "Yeonjun," greeted Arthur as he nodded in greeting. Mujin bowed his head in greeting before turning to Ivan who decided to speak again. "Sadly I must take Yeonjun home with me," explained Ivan. "My advice to you is to keep doing what you're doing and you'll do fine," he added. "I do look forward to the day you end up taking down Yunho and Dongmyeong at their amateur level," he mused, looking thoughtful before turning and walking away. "That's quite the compliment," remarked Arthur as Yeonjun bowed to everyone before straightening and following after Ivan. "I'm guessing Ivan doesn't give out many compliments?" Asked Jay as he walked over after grabbing his water bottle. "No, to get a "good job" from him is almost impossible," responded Arthur as he shrugged. "Yeonjun prides himself in training those who aren't immortal," explained Mujin as Keonhee walked over after grabbing his bottle of water. "It's how Dann got so famous back in the day," he added. "Huh," mused Jay as he looked thoughtful. [center ~] Jay leaned against the shower wall, the water cascading down his back as he took a moment to question what he was doing with his life. He could end things now, and eventually get reincarnated right? Was that how it worked? He let out a soft sigh as he turned off the water, opening the shower door and grabbing the towel hanging on the hook near the shower entrance. He dried himself off before covering himself with the towel and stepping out into the relatively small bathroom. As much as the sparring did help, Jay's mind still delved into dark thoughts. He went to Dongju for those problems but now it seemed like he couldn't. Dongju had to go back to Washington with his brother to visit his parents and Yunho and Keonhee were busy with their own things. He couldn't bother them anymore than he had to. He refused. Could he survive until someone came back? Who knew at this point.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 13] A weird feeling overcame Dongju as he sat at the dinner table with his parents and brother. He knew better than to chase after that feeling right away, but he did send a discreet look at Dongmyeong who dismissed himself from the table before going to message someone. He soon rejoined them at the table, sitting down and picking up his chopsticks and continuing to eat his meal. Dongju talked rather excitedly with his parents about his plans after the school year, which was a few months away at this point. He looked forward to spending the next semester in Korea, where he would learn everything he could about the field he was trying to get into. [center ~] After dinner Dongju waited on the news in his and Dongmyeong's room from whoever could get to Jay but it seemed like nothing was happening yet as Dongmyeong hadn't gotten any news from any of the others. "Still no news?" Asked Dongju as Dongmyeong entered their room after taking a shower. "Sadly no," sighed Dongmyeong. "But no news is sometimes good news," he added. [center ~] Jake stood in LAX, wondering how the [i hell] he was going to get to where Jay was staying. He wished he had at least announced his arrival, but Jahan had insisted that it was easier to head over in this way. He wasn't sure why he didn't just announce his presence but Jahan assured him that someone would be waiting for him. As Jake pondered what to do next someone approached him, wearing what looked to be clothes that belonged to a guard or a soldier of sorts. "Jake?" Asked the person who stopped in front of him. "That's me," responded Jake as he bowed his head in greeting. "I'm guessing you're the one who's picking me up?" He asked. "The name's Yunho," responded Yunho as he nodded. "Yes, I'm picking you up," he added. "We need to hurry home though, I got a message from Dongju about going to check on Jay," he explained as he quickly left the terminal. Jake quickly followed after him. [center ~] Jay let out a soft breath as he stood in the bathroom. He didn't want to do what he was about to do. Part of him screamed at him to not attempt what he was about to do but he couldn't keep fighting anymore. Before Jay could do anything he heard the front door open and frantic footsteps running to his location. "Jay?" Called Yunho as he stood outside the bathroom. Jay hesitated as he turned towards the door. "...Yeah?" He asked, hoping his voice wouldn't sound strained. "What are you doing in the bathroom?" Asked Yunho as he prepared to knock down the door if Jay didn't give a decent answer. "...I was using the bathroom," Jay eventually replied as he went to flush the toilet before walking over to the sink and washing his hands before drying them. He went to open the door, blinking at Yunho before noticing Jake standing behind him, looking concerned for Jay. "Jake," he breathed out, blinking as Jake moved around Yunho who stepped back and tackled him, bringing Jay into a hug. "Don't scare us like that?" Jake mumbled into Jay's shoulder. "I don't know what you're talking about," muttered Jay as he pulled away. "I was just using the bathroom, like I said," he explained with a shrug. "Right," sighed Jake. "Right," he repeated as he grabbed Jay by the arm and dragged him out of the bathroom and down the hall. They headed downstairs with Yunho following behind them a few minutes later. [center ~] "Looks like they got to them in time," commented Dongmyeong as his tablet pinged, causing him to look at it. He read through the messages before sighing and putting his tablet down on the bedside table. "Good," sighed Dongju as he leaned back against the headboard with a relieved look on his face. "I want to head back tomorrow," he muttered, shaking his head. "Jake is there, but just him and Yunho isn't enough," he explained. "Keonhee had to do something back home I think," he added. "But I don't know, he seems more closed off than Jay does," he mused. "We'll head home in the morning," reassured Dongmyeong. "Get some sleep okay? I'm sure Jake and Yunho are capable of keeping Jay above the water," he added. "Okay," hummed Dongju as he nodded. [center ~] Jake looked [i very] lost as he sat with Jay in the livingroom watching a movie. Yunho had left the two alone when Arthur called him about something important so it was just the two of them at this point. "What brings you here anyway?" Asked Jay as he turned to Jake. "I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get out of my situation," replied Jake as he nodded his head. "Did it help?" Asked Jay as he blinked in surprise. "It helped immensely," replied Jake as he shrugged. "I got to move into Seoho, Yeonjun and Allen's house," he explained. "Well, Allen is still at the dorms, but," he added with a shrug. "I took his room for the time being," he explained. "Allen actually offered to let me move into his dorms but I declined," he added. "I couldn't move back into the dorms after everything," he explained with a soft sigh. "How is everyone anyway?" Asked Jay as he checked his tablet for anything new. "Seems to be fine," mumbled Jake as he shrugged. "The only person I really talk to now is Heeseung because Taehyun often visits Yeonjun," he added. "I don't work at the cafe anymore, but I can guarantee that Sunghoon and Jungwon have mended their relationship a bit," he explained. "Sunghoon is in a couple of my classes, so," he added. "He seems happier anyway," he explained with a relieved huff. "Yeah, Sunghoon messaged me a few days ago thanking me for getting Jungwon to finally reconcile with him," hummed Jay. "He's one of the few people I still talk to, other than Niki," he explained. "He's still trying to figure out what his soulmate mark is," he added with a shrug. "I don't think Niki has a soulmate mark," remarked Jake as he looked thoughtful. "I didn't think so either," agreed Jay as he nodded. "But I guess we'll see when his shows up, if it does," he hummed. "Mhm," hummed Jake.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 14] Keonhee stared at the timer on his wrist, the numbers stuck on "14hr30min01sec" in blood red. He let his arm drop down to his stomach before throwing his other arm over his eyes and trying to fall asleep. [center ~] When he woke up again Keonhee sat up and looked to his phone when it started ringing. He picked it up and blinked at the panicked voice on the other line. "Whoa whoa slow down Dongju what's wrong?" He asked with concern in his voice as he tried to calm down Dongju. "[i Y-You need to get back to LA a-and quickly]!" Sobbed Dongju as Keonhee heard Dongmyeong try to console his brother. "What happened?" Asked Keonhee as he got up and went to grab his things while pressing the phone to his ear while leaning his head against his shoulder. "[i Jay's in the hospital]!" Replied Dongju, his voice sounding desperate and full of worry. "[i We're still a good 10 hours away and I'm pretty sure you're closer to him than us]," he explained. "Yeah, I'll see what I can do," reassured Keonhee as he grabbed his jacket and put it on before grabbing his bag and leaving the room. "I'll get there as soon as I can," he added before hanging up and running out the door. He stopped to write a note for his parents before leaving the house after grabbing his shoes and putting them on. He got in his car and started it, soon backing out of the driveway and heading back to LA. [center ~] Jake sat in a chair outside of Jay's room, looking down in his lap as he tried not to let his emotions overwhelm him. He [i had] to stay strong for Jay. He [i had] to make sure Jay was okay. Yunho stood leaning against the wall opposite from Jay's room with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked everywhere but at Jake, who had been the one to [i find] Jay after... That. Sure Yunho had seen his fair share of grief by this point, but nothing hurt worse than an attempt at one's own life in his opinion. He had seen it happen a few times throughout the years but it didn't mean he didn't [i care]. Arthur had been the one to force him into an emotionless façade when Yunho himself had found his own half brother San dead via hanging after his soulmate rejected him. "How are you so calm?" Jake asked, looking up at Yunho who had turned to look at him. "I'm not calm to be honest with you," replied Yunho as he let out a soft sigh. "Years of this emotionless façade has kept me from outwardly looking more stressed than I already am," he explained. "Arthur was the one to force this on me when some things had happened," he added. Footsteps were heard and Yunho turned towards them, standing straighter as he pushed away from the wall before bowing in greeting at Arthur who just arrived with Mujin beside him and Hyunjae right behind Mujin to his right. "Arthur, Mujin, Hyunjae," greeted Yunho before he straightened. Jake turned and stood quickly, bowing to the two kings and Hyunjae before straightening and looking curiously at Hyunjae before turning to Arthur and Mujin. "What happened?" Demanded Arthur, his tone softer than the serious expression on his face. "I-I heard a crash from Jay's room and ran to find that he had tried to hang himself," Jake mumbled in explanation as he looked down at his feet. "I-I saved him- an-and he-here w-we are," he added, stuttering as he tried to keep from sobbing in front of Arthur. A sigh came from Arthur's direction, causing Jake to look up at him with questions visible in his eyes. Arthur shook his head before turning and leaving. "Your orders sir?" Asked Yunho as he almost took a step to follow after Arthur, stopping when Arthur raised a hand for him to stop. "Keep an eye on the kid, the both of them," replied Arthur as he turned his head to look at Yunho before facing forward and continuing on. "Dongmyeong and Dongju should be here soon," added Mujin. "I've told them to keep you and Jake company," he explained before he too turned and walked away, following after Arthur. Hyunjae was left to stand awkwardly in the hallway before he went to join Yunho who went back to leaning against the wall. Jake was left to flop back down in his chair and cover his face in his hands as he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. [center ~] Keonhee was the next person to show up, looking first at Hyunjae then Yunho before turning to Jake who lifted his head to look at Keonhee. "I don't know what's going on yet," mumbled Jake, answering the unspoken question. "I'm just here," he sighed, leaning back against the chair he was sitting in. "His parents aren't here yet?" Asked Keonhee as he furrowed h8is eyebrows in thought. "I think they've been informed but haven't been able to come over due to being stuck at home for some reason," explained Yunho. "The twins did go and let them know what was happening but I haven't gotten much out of it after that," he added. "A sad reality," mumbled Hyunjae as he kicked at dirt on the floor while looking down at the floor. "Sometimes these things just [i happen]," he explained when Keonhee and Jake both looked at him. "I'm not saying it to be [i that person]," he added quickly as he tried to explain himself. "It's just- sometimes people just end up [i doing] things like this," he explained after struggling to find words to explain his thought process. "What he's probably trying to get at is, is that some people just end up [i giving up]," explained Yunho as he thought over what Hyunjae explained. "We've seen our fair share of it, as members of the bodyguards for our kings," he added. "I see," hummed Keonhee as he looked thoughtful. [center ~] Dongju was the next person to appear, Dongmyeong having to return to the house to drop off their bags before heading back to the hospital. Jake had left to pack after Dongju was dropped off, as he was due back in Korea the next day, so Keonhee was occupying his chair while Yunho and Hyunjae refused to look at each other. "No news yet?" Asked Dongju as he eyed Yunho and Hyunjae before turning to Keonhee. "No," sighed Keonhee. "But sometimes no news is good news," he added.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 15] "Keep me posted yeah?" Asked Jake as turned to Dongmyeong who had accompanied him to the gate in the airport. "I'd stay longer if I could, but classes and stuff," he added. "I get it," responded Dongmyeong as he nodded, adjusting the sleeves of his guard outfit. "I'll keep you posted, you're in our guard chat now," he explained. "But even then, I'll make sure to personally message you," he added. Jake nodded, turning towards the gate with a resigned huff. "Back home I go," he sighed before walking towards the person at the counter with his plane ticket and passport in hand. Dongmyeong watched him go, waving when Jake turned to look at him. After Jake entered the jet bridge Dongmyeong turned and left, heading back towards the main terminal. [center ~] Keonhee sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Can you two [i stop] looking like you're about to just go at each others throats?" He asked, fixing a glare at Yunho and Hyunjae. "This is a [i very] delicate situation and we can't afford to look like this," he emphasized. "[i You] shouldn't even be here," snapped Yunho as he crossed his arms over his chest as he continued to glare at Hyunjae. "You [i know] the reason I'm here," remarked Hyunjae as he glared back at Yunho. The three of them turned to Jay's door when they heard some sort of alarm going off, and Keonhee immediately rushed into the room while Yunho ran to get a nurse. Hyunjae looked apprehensive as he stood in the doorway, moving when the nurses came back and soon took his place again as Yunho stood behind him. Jay was sitting up, coughing as he clutched at his neck. The nurse was trying to soothe him and get him to drink some water, gently moving his hands away from his throat. Keonhee went to help, putting a gentle hand on Jay's shoulder. "Hey," he greeted gently. "Let the nurse give you some water okay?" He asked, encouraging Jay to bring down his hands. Jay looked at Keonhee, slowly putting down his hands and letting the nurse hand him the cup of water. He brought the cup to his lips and tilted his head back slightly while he drank the water. There was movement outside the door and Yunho and Hyunjae moved, letting Dongju through as he nearly ran through them to get to Jay. Jay moved the cup down and the nurse took it from him. "What the hell were you thinking huh?" Asked Dongju as the nurse checked Jay's vitals before leaving the room to let everyone get their time to talk to Jay. "Why didn't you let me die?" Asked Jay as he looked down at his lap. "Jake was the one who found you," chimed in Yunho as he shook his head. "You know he wouldn't just let you [i die]," he added as he walked into the room, going to stand in front of Jay's bed. "If you really wanted to die that badly I think you should've done something else," remarked Hyunjae as he shook his head. "Not that I condone doing this in the first place," he added quickly. He moved from the door and closed it, standing against the wall next to the door as he glared at the space in front of him. [center ~] Jay looked down at his wrist, seeing the red marks on his wrist again. He almost wished that they had the right mind to cover his wrist up for him, but Jay knew that asking for that kind of thing would raise questions so he turned his wrist over and tried to ignore the burning as best as possible. "Are you okay?" Asked Keonhee as he sat down in a chair beside Jay's bed. He tilted his head to the side as he looked at Jay, fidgeting slightly with the leather bracelet on his wrist. "I don't know honestly," mumbled Jay as he let out a soft sigh. "The burning is still there, but I'm trying my best to ignore it," he added. "Do you think you can finish this project?" Asked Keonhee as he looked genuinely concerned for Jay. "I have to right?" Asked Jay as he let out a dry chuckle before falling back against the bed with a sigh. "I have to," he breathed, throwing an arm across his eyes to try to ignore the world around him. "I'm here," reassured Keonhee as he reached over and patted Jay on the arm. "You know I'm here," he repeated before moving his arm back and sitting back in his chair with a sigh. [center ~] Jay stared at the sketchbook in front of him, a look of concentration on his face as he furrowed his eyebrows in thought. He was drawing an outline of his soulmate, using a picture he had as reference. They weren't going to release him from the hospital yet, but that was fine with him. Jay needed time to be [i sure] he was okay. His other classes weren't that important, but he knew the big projects for the end of the semester were due soon. Jay just hoped that he managed to get them done in time. "Kid," came Arthur's voice as Arthur entered the room with Yunho standing behind him like he usually did. "Yes?" Asked Jay as he stopped drawing, putting his pen down and turning to Arthur. "How are you feeling, really?" Asked Arthur, pulling up a chair and sitting down beside Jay's bed. Yunho closed the door to Jay's room and leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets. "I don't know," mumbled Jay as he let out a soft sigh. "But I hope that finishing these projects will help me at least move on," he added. "Well, I have a proposition for you," started Arthur as he nodded. "Do well and finish this semester," he explained. "And I'll send you and whoever you want to Korea to visit your friends," he added. "For a month," he added as an afterthought. "But you have to finish the semester and these projects of yours," he explained. "I just have to survive?" Asked Jay. "Survive and finish this project?" He asked to be more specific of what Arthur wanted. Arthur nodded in response, and Jay took a minute to let it sink in. "Okay," Jay finally decided, nodding to Arthur who gave him a gentle smile. "I'll try," he sighed, looking down at his sketchbook again. [center ~] Jay sat in front of an easel, an idea in mind as he sketched out what he wanted to do. It had been a couple weeks since he was released from the hospital now, and Jay felt like it was time to finish the first major project and that was to paint something he considered important to him. "Did you know that both our soulmates are related to each other?" Asked Keonhee as he stood behind Jay, watching him work. "I did," hummed Jay as he nodded. "I was about to start on a painting of all four of us, do you mind?" He asked, turning to Keonhee. "I don't mind," reassured Keonhee as he nodded. "I guess we're connected in a way thanks to them," he mused. "Maybe we were meant to meet at some point hm?" He asked. "Maybe when this is all over we'll head to Korea to drop a small picture of us at their gravesite," mused Jay as he turned to the easel again and continuing his sketching. "Yeah, I'd like that," mused Keonhee before he turned and left the room, leaving Jay to his devices. Jay let out a small chuckle, a small but sincere smile appearing as he glanced at the picture of his and Keonhee's soulmates on his desk. "Yeah, we'll definitely go visit soon," he mumbled, turning back to the easel and getting lost in his own world as he sketched out what he envisioned in his mind.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 16


Jay looked at the finished painting of himself, Sunoo, Younghoon and Keonhee for the last time before covering it with a sheet. He turned away from it before walking away and putting his hands in his pockets.




Keonhee let out a soft sigh as he watched through his final project, suddenly feeling almost nostalgic in a way. He knew that with this project being officially done it meant he was finally moving on. He just hoped that his heart was ready to move on by this point.




Dongju smiled encouragingly at Jay who fidgeted with the paper in his hand as he waited on his art professor to walk over and judge his final project. "You got this," Dongju exclaimed while throwing his hands up in a cheer.


"I got this," repeated Jay before he took a deep breath to steady his nerves. As the professor walked over to Jay's painting Dongju moved away to let Jay explain his painting to his professor and why he chose to draw what he did. When the professor gave a pass Jay grinned in relief and happiness. He immediately asked if he could take the painting to his next class, as it was part of another project the professor gave him permission.




Keonhee took his spot and noted that Jay's chair was empty as he turned to the seat beside him before blinking in surprise as Jay entered the classroom rather quickly and set up his project in the corner by the professor's desk before going to sit at his place next to Keonhee.


“You were almost late to class,” remarked Keonhee as he leaned back in his chair.


“I know, I almost didn't have any time to head over after the presentation was done for my art class,” sighed Jay as he shook his head.


“How did that go anyway?” Asked Keonhee as he looked curious.


“Very well,” responded Jay as he nodded. “Luckily the professor let me take it with me after the presentation, but I got nice marks with it,” he explained. “Not sure if I passed the class or not with just that but I guess we shall see,” he added.


“Well, good luck to you,” Keonhee said with an encouraging grin, earning a soft smile from Jay.




The presentations for the others in their class was honestly boring for both Keonhee and Jay as they listened to the others in their class drone on and on about the people they chose.


When it came time for Keonhee to present his project he went up to the desk and set up his laptop. He took a moment to hook up the projector before starting the movie.





My name is Keonhee and I decided to do my final project on my soulmate.


Not many people know this but I never met my soulmate before he died. I am pretty certain we knew each other from before, but I wanted to focus on the person known as Kim Younghoon of this life.


As the voiceover went through there were pictures of Younghoon through his life, his accomplishments and various little bits here and there.


I don't know how he died, but I found out about his death way before I knew about him due to my soulmate mark. I had a timer and we were 14 hours 30 minutes and 1 seconds away from meeting each other. Though I was fairly certain that we were going to meet sometime before his death because the timer had been going down before stopping.


The movie stopped at the obituary and a final picture of Younghoon smiling at the camera before fading to black and ending. Keonhee let out a deep breath as he steeled himself, shutting the lid to the laptop before stepping around the desk to face the class.


“Now, I don't know what he would've done because I think he was still in high school when everything went down, but,” explained Keonhee as he clasped his hands together in front of him, trying not to fidget as he looked around the classroom. “I do think that we would've met that day, and who knows, we would be here in this very classroom together or something going through the same project,” he mused, shaking his head.


“Anyway, that is my project, I'm sorry my actual presentation isn't what most people did but I didn't have very much to go on,” concluded Keonhee as he bowed. When everyone started clapping Keonhee straightened, blinking in surprise at the support from the entire class. Keonhee grinned, going to unhook his laptop and going back to his seat. Now it was Jay's turn.




Jay steeled himself as he got up, walking down the stairs and passing Keonhee who patted Jay on the shoulder in encouragement before going to sit down. Jay walked over to his covered painting and brought it over, setting up the easel and putting the painting on the easel.


“Now, just like Keonhee I also did mine on my soulmate,” explained Jay as he turned back to the class. “I never knew who he was either,” he added. “But I knew that in the months before his death he wasn't feeling well mentally,” he explained.


“You see, my soulmate mark is one where you feel the physical pain your soulmate is going through, and I wondered why my wrist kept feeling like it was burning every other week or so,” explained Jay as he subconsciously rubbed at his leather covered wrist. He looked around the room, making eye contact with Keonhee who gave him an encouraging nod.


Jay took a calming breath before turning and uncovering the painting, turning back to the class as everyone took in the painting for the first time. “You see, after the death of my soulmate's brother my soulmate fell into depression," he explained as he shook his head. “But he tried to push through it you know? I think he was in Korea the same time I was, because when I found his obituary it was in a Korean newspaper,” he added. “I don't know what caused him to snap, but from what I understand he- well,” he managed to say, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand.


“I know I would've done everything to find him, and he would've done the same, and if I found him in time I think we would've worked through it together, who knows,” he eventually managed to say after taking another breath to steady his nerves. “I think we would've stayed in Korea to finish studying and I would've taken him to the states to meet my family,” he added.


“The reason I have Keonhee here and his soulmate is that both his and my soulmate were brothers,” explained Jay as he motioned to Keonhee and Younghoon in the painting. “My soulmate's name was Seonwoo, but everyone called him Sunoo so I just continue to call him Sunoo,” he added as an afterthought. “I don't know what he would be doing today if I'm honest with you, but I'm sure we would also be in the same school, doing our day to day things,” he explained.


“And that's all,” concluded Jay as he let out a sigh, bowing before straightening when everyone started clapping. Jay smiled, feeling relieved before he covered up his painting and moving it out of the way. He then went to sit down and Keonhee smiled at him before turning his attention back to the front of the class as the teacher congratulated everyone on their projects.




Jay and Keonhee entered their home after the last classes of the day with Dongju right behind them.


“You did a great job on your project," commented Keonhee as he turned to Jay.


“You did too,” retorted Jay as he grinned at Keonhee.


“Now we gotta get ready for that trip!” Chimed in Dongju as he brought the two of them together in a hug as he slung his arms around their shoulders. “We'll get to see your friends, and go see your soulmates' resting places!” He exclaimed.


“Have they really been asking about me though?" Asked Keonhee as he looked at Jay.


“Mostly Jake has, but Niki has wanted to meet you too,” explained Jay as he nodded.


“Huh,” hummed Keonhee.

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Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 17


Jay stood in the airport with Keonhee and Dongju, waiting on the plane that would take all three of them to Korea. Yunho and Dongmyeong would've seen them go but Arthur and Mujin had gone ahead due to the kings having a yearly meeting at Dann's mansion outside Seoul. That was where they would stay for the duration, at least until Dongju got registered for his classes at the university that Jay had attended.


“Are you sure everyone is looking forward to meeting me?” Asked Keonhee as he turned to Jay.


“Of course,” responded Jay as he nodded. “Also Seoho is expecting a spar between the three of us,” he added. “I hope you're ready,” he added.


“Ugh, I hope I don't end up bowing out immediately,” grumbled Keonhee.


“Come on, it's time to board!” Exclaimed Dongju as he ran over and dragged Jay and Keonhee to the gates.




When they landed in Incheon a familiar face was waiting for them as Jay exited the jetbridge, and a grin appeared on Jay's face when he saw who it was.


“Soobin!" Called Jay as he ran over, Dongju and Keonhee following after him.


“Hey,” greeted Soobin as he grinned. “You're definitely looking better,” he remarked, the grin turning into a soft smile as Jay nodded in confirmation.


“Did you just overlook the fact that I was here too?” Came a new voice as Jake walked over, wearing similar guard clothes to Soobin with one difference being the emblem on the sleeve of his long sleeve shirt.


“You did get into the guard!” Exclaimed Jay as he turned to Jake who grinned in pride at the exclamation.


“Yeah, it took some convincing, but I'm in it for the long run now,” explained Jake as he nodded his head. “Who knew that Australia had a king right?” He asked.


“Is your king here already?” Asked Keonhee as he looked curious.


“Oh yeah, he let me accompany Soobin to pick up you guys,” explained Jake as he nodded. “I'll be headed back to Australia after this big meeting to finish negotiations and if all goes well I don't have to worry about a thing,” he added.


“Well, shall we get your bags and go then?” Asked Soobin.


“We already have everything, so we're good to go,” replied Jay as he nodded his head.


"Alright, let's go then," Soobin commanded, turning and walking towards the entrance of the terminal. Everyone followed after him after making sure they had everything.




Jay and Keonhee stood face to face with Seoho who eyed them with a calculating look. It was finally time for that long awaited spar and the person overseeing it was Jahan while the others had joined in to see who would win this hand to hand combat spar.


“Alright, try not to destroy them in hand to hand combat yeah? I don't want you responsible for someone's death,” Jahan announced, the last part in a joking manner as he let out a light chuckle. “Let the spar begin!” He shouted, bringing his hand down.


Seoho was quick on his feet as he rushed forward, quickly going for Jay who moved as fast as he could to dodge the hand that was thrust towards his chest in a strike. Seoho immediately followed it up by throwing a punch, something that Keonhee quickly moved to grab Seoho's arm and pushed it down.


Jay took a half step back before jumping in to deliver a kick, Seoho quickly moving to block it with his arm that wasn't held by Keonhee. Jay was quickly thrown back as Seoho threw up his arm and turned, going to throw a punch at Keonhee.


Keonhee jumped out of the way before moving to sweep Seoho off his feet in a low sweeping kick, keeping up the momentum as he pushed forward to slam into Seoho and send them both tumbling to the ground.


“Hah,” huffed Seoho as he let a chuckle escape him as he laid on his back with Keonhee hovering above him, panting as he looked down at Seoho. “This is the Keonhee I know!” He exclaimed as he brought his legs up and kicking Keonhee off him, being mindful of his strength as he got to his feet.


Keonhee landed on his back with a grunt, moving to stand after a few seconds, clutching at his ribs. He huffed out a laugh as Jay moved to tackle Seoho from behind.


“And this is the Jay I've come to know too it seems,” Seoho claimed as he felt arms circle around him and pin his arms behind him. “I concede,” he called, feeling Jay move away as Jahan declared Jay and Keonhee the winners of the spar.




“I see your guards trained them well,” commented Ivan as he turned to Arthur and Mujin who shrugged at his words.


“They were training for months to try and beat Seoho, at least Jay was,” responded Arthur as he shrugged. “Keonhee only joined in when Yunho mentioned off hand about his previous life as a part of Louis's guard,” he explained.


“Ah, that's why he seemed familiar,” remarked Dann as he hummed in thought. “And Seoho's comment just before the end of the spar,” he added, looking thoughtful.


“Ah, I miss Chiwoo sometimes,” sighed Jahan as he shook his head. “It seems we won't be seeing him for a while at least though,” he commented, looking thoughtful.


“I know it seems like I'm taking his place but you know that was never my intention,” came Hwon's voice as he walked over after having a talk with Keonhee and Jay and congratulating them on their win.


“We know," reassured Dann as he turned to Hwon. “We do appreciate you becoming more social around us even after everything,” he added.




“So what are your plans after this anyway?” Asked Dongju as everyone gathered around a bonfire outside in the backyard after dinner. “I know what Jay and Keonhee are doing, but what about everyone else?” He asked.


“Well,” hummed Soobin as he looked thoughtful. “I still have a year to go before I'm officially finished with school, but I'm wondering what's going on with Sunghoon and Jungwon,” he added, looking thoughtful.


“Jahan needed me for something so I'm not going to be around,” sighed Seoho as he shook his head. “I'll come visit one of these days, as soon as Jahan doesn't need me for more than a week,” he added, nodding to Jay and Keonhee.


“I'm around for a while,” responded Yeonjun as he shrugged. “I don't know what Ivan's plans are at the moment, but he's not returning to Russia for a while,” he explained. “I'll see what's up with Sunghoon and Jungwon, okay?” He asked, turning to Soobin who nodded.


“We're returning to the states, well Arthur and I,” explained Yunho. “I don't know what's happening with Mujin but it seems like he was needed back in Japan,” he added. “So Dongmyeong had to go with him,” he explained.


“I have the dorms to keep an eye on, but I'm going back with Jake to see this thing through,” explained Allen as he nodded. “I wanted to see what he would do and it seems like it was a good choice,” he added. “Hwon is still new to this thing, but I'm sure with time the others will come to accept him as they did Chiwoo,” he mused, looking thoughtful.


“Yeah, I have to head to Australia for that,” sighed Jake. “I think I'm ready but who knows,” he hummed. “I'm coming straight back to Korea afterwards though, because of classes and such,” he added.


“I think we're going to catch up with the others,” chimed in Jay. “Let Keonhee meet the group I was a part of,” he added. “Then we're stopping by where our soulmates are buried,” he explained.


“I need to learn Korean it seems,” sighed Keonhee as he rubbed the back of his neck, looking sheepish as the others who also spoke English chuckled at his antics.


“It's alright, I didn't speak Korean either when I moved here to finish high school,” reassured Jay as he spoke English. “Everyone here can speak English, but old habits die hard,” he explained. “Well, except Soobin, but he has time to learn,” he added.


“Oi,” whined Soobin. “I can too speak English,” he exclaimed, speaking English with a heavy Korean accent. “I'm just not as good at it as everyone else," he mumbled, pouting as everyone laughs at his antics.




Meeting the others was an experience for Keonhee that was for sure. He had learned a bit about everyone from Jay, and so far the only person who really accepted him from the old dorms Jay used to live in was Niki, who looked up to him like an older brother like he did with Jay.


“I guess we knew each other from before or something?” Asked Niki as he studied Keonhee. “I don't know much about past lives or anything but,” he added, shrugging. “Don't worry about Sunghoon and Jungwon though! They'll come around eventually, they just have to work through their problems first,” he reassured as Keonhee asked about those two.


“Sorry, we're normally more welcoming,” apologized Sunghoon as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. “It's just a bit of a hard time at the dorms right now with all the new transfers I'm hearing about,” he explained, with Jay translating for Keonhee.


“It's okay,” reassured Keonhee as he shook his head. “I'm sure it's a stressful time for everyone, my old roommate should've been at these dorms I think," he mused, looking thoughtful. “Do you know him?” He asked.


“What was his name?” Asked Niki as he blinked in surprise.


“Kevin,” responded Keonhee as he shrugged. “I think he transferred here anyway, along with his two best friends," he added.


“I know Kevin!” Exclaimed Jungwon. “He apparently dropped out though, couldn't handle it but his friends are still around I think,” he explained. “I don't know what happened to him but he probably returned back to the states,” he added.


“Huh, I wonder why he hasn't reached out to me yet,” mused Keonhee as he looked thoughtful.




The trip to see the resting places for both Younghoon and Sunoo was a quiet one, with Soobin having been the one to take them to the site where their ashes were. He was only there to provide support, as there wasn't much else to do but that.


“I guess we made it huh?” Asked Keonhee as he stood in front of the marker for Younghoon's resting place. Sunoo's was right beside his and Jay was standing right next to him.


“I guess so,” hummed Jay as he took out a picture and put it in front of the marker. “I'm glad we made it though,” he added. “I think we would've ended up here sooner or later anyway,” he hummed.


“Maybe,” commented Keonhee before he stepped away, looking back at Soobin who kept a respectable distance away.


“Are you ready to go already?” Asked Jay as he turned to Keonhee.


“Yeah,” sighed Keonhee. “I know, we should be here a bit longer but we didn't really know them you know? I feel awkward because it's like we're mourning for complete strangers,” he explained.


“I get it,” reassured Jay as he nodded. “We can go then,” he added, stepping away and walking towards where Soobin was standing.


Keonhee took a second to compose himself before turning and walking after Jay.




“Well, it's time to go then,” remarked Jay as he stood in the airport terminal with Keonhee and Jake. “Good luck in your inauguration or whatever,” he added, turning to Jake who nodded.


“Have fun in your last year of school, come visit sometime again soon yeah?” Asked Jake as he grinned at Jay and Keonhee.


“We'll try, you do your best in whatever the hell you're doing,” retorted Jay.


Keonhee nodded in agreement as he shook his head in amusement. “We'll see you then,” he added.


Jake waved before running off to his gate, leaving Keonhee and Jay alone.


“Well,” sighed Jay as he turned to Keonhee who turned to look at Jay. “Let's head home yeah?” He asked, adjusting the pack on his shoulder.


“Yeah, let's,” breathed out Keonhee before he walked towards the gate that would take them home, with Jay following after him.



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Rest in peace, Moonbin



Jay and Keonhee depended on each other throughout the years, using their shared experiences in losing their soulmates to lean on each other for support.


Finishing school was something else, as Keonhee decided to go for a PhD while Jay finished his degree but decided to start his art career to see where it was going to go. He had gotten nice reviews on the art projects for his last year of school so he would see where it went from there.


As the years went by Yunho and Dongmyeong were there as much as they could be, less so after Dongju was killed after his soulmate appeared on complete accident and Dongmyeong had to kill him when Hwanwoong couldn't bring any news about Louis being reincarnated.


After that incident, well Mujin had to move back to Japan and Dongmyeong had gone back with him. They did visit when they could though, and that was fine with Jay and Keonhee.


Arthur's home was the US and that was why Yunho was around a lot more, but after Jay got a job offer on the east coast he couldn't turn down the chance for a change of scenery. So after a decade of living together Jay had moved to Boston to continue living his life as best as he could.


Keonhee remained on the west coast, but he had moved back to his home town of Sacramento to start his career of a psychologist and was able to live rather modestly. He supported Jay from the sidelines as best as he could by buying art pieces that he made whenever they released.


Hyunjae was there the most out of the guards, as he really didn't have much to do except wander around until he found his soulmate. He repaired his relationship to most of the other guards and continued to live the rest of his days in relative peace.




As more time passed Jay had eventually started a family, getting married to someone he had met at an art show and having two boys. He raised them well, and was living life the best he could despite still mourning for the loss of his soulmate all these years later.


Keonhee continued to be alone for the most part, though he had been there for the wedding and the birth of Jay's first child. He spent most of his time helping people who lost their soulmates deal with the grief, hoping that with his help and understanding it would help them through the pain a little bit easier.


Keonhee never started a family, but that was fine with him as far as he was concerned. He knew that one day his legacy would live on, as his past life did when he had been living happily with his soulmate. According to those who knew him back then anyway.




The first to die between the two of them was Jay, who after losing the ability to do much of anything due to a stroke ended up dying from brain cancer a few years after the stroke. His wife had reached out to Keonhee who immediately took the next flight to Boston with Hyunjae, who would make sure that he got there safely.


“I'm sorry for your loss,” mumbled Keonhee as he bowed to Jay's wife and oldest son. Hyunjae stood nearby, looking stoic and expressionless as he tried not to draw attention to himself.


“Jay was a good man,” reassured Keonhee. “I knew him for a long time, thank you for reaching out to me,” he added, straightening as he turned to Jay's casket at the back of the room. After excusing himself Keonhee slowly walked over to the closed casket and put a hand on the lid, letting out a soft sigh before deciding to speak.


“We'll see each other in the… Next life,” mumbled Keonhee before he turned and walked away. Hyunjae bowed to Jay's wife and oldest son before leaving with Keonhee.




Keonhee lived out the rest of his life in relative peace after that, with the occasional visit from Hyunjae and Yunho when they weren't busy. He enjoyed retirement when it came and spent his time trying to draw, at least to have a memory to pass on to his next life. Eventually.


Death for Keonhee came peacefully, as he spent the last day finishing the drawing he was doing before going to sleep for the last time.


Hyunjae had been the one to discover his body and a note, asking whoever found it to keep the drawing to pass on to his next life. He took a look at the drawing before calling the emergency services to come take Keonhee away, promising to take care of the painting until they met again.




Jay sighed as he adjusted the pack strap on his shoulder, looking up at the building to the dorms he would be staying in for the first year of university. “Why does this feel like deja vu?" He asked himself before stepping into the dorms to find someone waiting for him in the common area.


“Jongseong right? The name's Heeseung and I'm also first year,” greeted Heeseung as he grinned in greeting.


“Ah, yeah, but you can call me Jay,” responded Jay as he smiled back, feeling a bit more at ease as he relaxed his tense posture.


“I heard we were getting a new person at the dorms!” Yelled a voice from down the hall, said person running down the hall and into the common area. He slid to a stop, almost knocking Heeseung over as Heeseung caught him.


“Can you calm down a bit Dongju? I know we don't get many new residents but don't scare them now,” sighed Heeseung as Dongju moved away.


“Sorry,” apologized Dongju as he didn't look the least bit sorry for his predicament. “I'm Dongju! I'm in my 2nd year, but we have people from all over here,” he explained. “I think Keonhee's the oldest here, he's almost in his last year!” He added.


“What's all the ruckus?” Shouted another voice from the other hallway, footsteps being heard as someone else entered the common room. “The school year hasn't even started yet,” sighed the new person as he noticed Jay. “Oh, we are getting someone new, huh,” he remarked with a raised eyebrow.


“Keonhee, lighten up will you?” Whined Dongju as he pouted. “Just for that Jay can stay in your room!” He exclaimed, grinning when Keonhee sputtered, any form of protest dying out when Heeseung pointed out that his room was the only one that was free.


“Fine,” grumbled Keonhee. “Just don't do anything stupid yeah?” He asked, turning to Jay.


“I'm not like most people now,” retorted Jay as he shook his head.




Jay cursed when he felt something hit his arm, taking a look at his arm to see if there was anything serious happening as he grumbled at his soulmate again.


“Again?” Asked Keonhee as he looked up from the book he was reading on his bed.


“I swear my soulmate is clumsy,” sighed Jay as he leaned back in his chair, his drawing forgotten as he turned around in his computer chair to face Keonhee. “How's your timer?” He asked, looking curious as Keonhee checked his timer.


“Huh, 14 hours, 30 minutes and 1 seconds,” hummed Keonhee. “It looks like it's going down too,” he added, blinking in surprise as it started going down.


“Wanna go out to eat?” Asked Jay as he got to his feet.


“Are we going to that one restaurant that serves people the owner knows for free again?” Asked Keonhee as he bookmarked the page he was on before closing it.


“Yep!" Exclaimed Jay as he grinned.


“Well, we're lucky the owner knows us then,” remarked Keonhee as he got up, grabbing his phone and wallet.


Jay went to grab his phone and keys before running out the door with Keonhee following after him.




“Seonwoo,” sighed Younghoon as he looked at said person. “What have I told you about bumping into people?” He asked.


“My hand was cramping up,” mumbled Sunoo as he waved his hand around to get feeling back into it. “Apparently my soulmate has been doing a lot of drawing recently,” he added. “And please stop calling me that,” he whined. “It's Sunoo, you know this,” he added, scowling up at Younghoon who shook his head.


“Come on,” sighed Younghoon. “We're about to board our plane,” he added as he turned to walk towards the gates.


Sunoo grumbled and followed after him. “Why are we going to Korea again?” He asked as he caught up with Younghoon.


“We both got transferred to a university in Seoul,” reminded Younghoon. “You always wanted to go there when we were younger remember?” He asked.


“Yeah, I guess,” hummed Sunoo as he looked thoughtful. “I hope we meet some good people at the dorms," he added.


“I'm sure we will," reassured Younghoon as he smiled reassuringly at Sunoo.




“Things have been quiet since Heeseung moved out huh?” asked Keonhee as he and Jay returned to the dorms after they were done eating.


“We're getting transfers again,” called Dongju as he walked into the common area.


“Who is it this time?” asked Keonhee as he blinked in surprise.


“Two brothers from the states!” Replied Dongju as he nodded. “One of them's got a timer apparently from what I've heard,” he added.


“Don't get my hopes up now,” mumbled Keonhee before he walked down the hall into his and Jay's room.


“Dude, the last time this happened Heeseung and Beomgyu found their soulmates, don't do this again,” sighed Jay as he shook his head.


“Hey, I was just saying,” grumbled Dongju.


“Yeah yeah,” sighed Jay as he shook his head before walking down the hall into his and Keonhee's room.




Younghoon and Sunoo stood outside the dorms, wondering what to do next as their taxi drove away.


“My timer is almost up,” remarked Younghoon as he looked at his wrist.


“Your soulmate is here then? Maybe mine is too!” Remarked Sunoo as he hurried into the dorms with Younghoon shouting to be careful before following after him.


Younghoon entered the dorms when there was a crashing sound, sighing at his brother's antics as he found Sunoo on the ground. “Seonwoo,” he warned.


“I'm sorry,” mumbled Sunoo as the person he crashed into helped him up.


“It's… okay?” Asked Jay as he blinked at Sunoo. “I'm Jongseong, but you can call me Jay,” he greeted, smiling at Sunoo.


“I'm Seonwoo! But you can call me Sunoo, I'm sorry for running into you,” greeted Sunoo as he looked sheepish before brushing himself off. “The grumpy one is my brother! His name is Younghoon!” He added, motioning to Younghoon.


“More clumsy people?” Came a new voice as Keonhee walked into the common area, taking a look at Younghoon before his timer burned as it stopped at 0:00. “Oh,” he breathed, looking surprised.


“Oh indeed,” retorted Younghoon as he looked at Keonhee after his timer stopped.


“Well, let's leave those two be,” interjected Jay as he grabbed Sunoo and dragged him down the hall to drop his bags off in the first empty room. “They need to have a talk, and it seems so do we!” He exclaimed as he soon left with Sunoo being dragged behind him.




“Soulmates huh? I never thought I'd find mine this soon,” hummed Jay as he sat with Sunoo in a coffee shop by the university.


“I never thought I'd find mine either to be fair,” retorted Sunoo. “I'm sorry if I've made your life hell with my clumsiness,” he apologized with a shake of his head.


“It's okay, I knew you were still alive and kicking anyway so that was a plus,” reassured Jay as he shook his head. “Let's make the best of it yeah?” He asked.


Sunoo nodded in agreement.




“I feel like I've waited like 2 lifetimes to meet you,” remarked Keonhee as he and Younghoon took a walk around the university to get Younghoon acquainted with the various places the university had to offer.


“Yeah, and a friend left me a drawing,” hummed Younghoon. “I don't know who drew it but it looks exactly like you,” he added. “So I guess I knew who you were for years now, I just didn't know your name,” he explained.


“Hm,” hummed Keonhee as he looked thoughtful. “Maybe my past life left it or something,” he explained. “I don't know, really,” he added. “But let's just focus on this life, make the best of it yeah?” He asked.


“Yeah,” sighed Younghoon before he smiled at Keonhee who grinned back at him.


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