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The Aftermath [An ENHYPEN Fanfic] [In Progress]

By AkiraSanogame

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Jay thought having a soulmate was awesome, until he ended up losing his soulmate. After ending up in the hospital after trying to dull the pain Jay ends up back in the US with the intent of moving on. After meeting two of Beomgyu's friends he decided to stick with them. Will Jay be able to move on?



Hai~! Author-nim here with another soulmateau :D

Jay's here with his story! To be honest I was stuck between doing Jay's, Jake's or Sunghoon's after Beomgyu's but I think I'll start with Jay's story first.

Also the vote was for him, so I'm doing Jay's story now!

Just be warned this story may be triggering to some people, as some content may be sensitive to some people.

How did Jay lose his soulmate? It is explained in chapter 8 of this story so please go read it to get an idea of what happened up to this point.

Anyway, onto the characters~!


Jay: A college student who ended up back in the states after losing his soulmate. He refuses to talk about what happened, but his soulmate mark had been one where he always felt the pain of what his soulmate was doing to themselves. He at least goes to therapy for it now, but he knows that the pain he feels daily will never go away. He is currently enrolled into UCLA and is majoring in psychology with a minor in art history.

Yunho: A friend of Beomgyu's who was asked to keep an eye on Jay for a while while Jay was finishing his studies in the states. He works for King Arthur and is his bodyguard. His soulmate mark is immortality until he eventually finds his soulmate. He became the older brother figure to Jay, offering words of advice and simply being there for him.

Dongmyeong: Another friend of Beomgyu's who was asked to keep an eye on Jay while Jay was finishing his studies in the states. He works for King Mujin and is his bodyguard. He wasn't born with a soulmate mark, but it may have had to do with the fact that his twin brother ended up with it as he is going through the reincarnation stages like Beomgyu had done. He doesn't talk much to his brother anymore, but still keeps in touch with him. He also takes up the older brother figure role, though he takes a more passive approach to it than Yunho does.

Keonhee: A college student who had been sitting next to Jay for pretty much the whole semester in one class. He had also lost his soulmate, but that had been years ago. He never got the chance to meet his soulmate, but is trying to learn everything he can about them as a way to remember them. His soulmate mark was a timer, though he covers it up with a leather bracelet on his wrist. He is majoring in psychology with a minor in nursing.

Dongju: A college student who transferred from Washington state to be closer to his twin brother, Dongmyeong. His soulmate mark is reincarnation and he is currently on his third life according to his brother. He is only at UCLA for one semester before transferring again to Korea to finish studying before coming back to intern at Google. He is majoring in computer science, with a minor in engineering.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to ErrorMacro713 for the poster~!
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AkiraSanogame     49d ago
Playing ONEWE's End of Spring [English Version] on repeat

[center Chapter 1]

Jay's wrist started to feel like it was burning, causing him to pull the sleeve of his hoodie down over his hands to try and ignore it as much as possible.

"Are you okay?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Jay.

"It's that time of day again," Jay mumbled in explanation, earning a sympathetic nod from Taehyun.

"You guys good?" Asked Soobin as he walked over with Jake, the both of them looking somber as they stood in front of Jay and Taehyun.

"We're good," reassured Jay as he nodded. "Just waiting on Heeseung, whenever he decides to show up," he added.

"I'm here I'm here," called Heeseung as he ran over, panting as he stopped in front of the others. "Sorry, I was caught up with something, but I'm ready to go now," he added.

"You're late," sighed Taehyun. "These two got here a few minutes before you did and they're leaving tomorrow," he added.

"Jake and I had to pack, what took you so long?" Asked Soobin.

"Sunghoon wanted to have a chat," responded Heeseung. "He was needing someone to talk to since Jungwon wasn't able to at the time," he explained.

"Is Sunghoon okay?" Asked Soobin as he turned to Heeseung.

"He's okay," replied Heeseung as he nodded in reassurance. "Sunghoon tends to be closed off most of the time, but he felt like he really needed to talk to someone this time," he explained.

"He still has friends in all of us, so he can talk to us at any time," reassured Soobin.

"I know, I told him that and he thanked me for it," reassured Heeseung.

[center ~]

Jay stood leaning against the car as he watched the others prepare to leave. Soobin and Jake had already gone ahead, since their flight was earlier that day, but Heeseung and Taehyun were almost late, and Jay had reminded them to get to the airport before they were stuck in the states for another day at the earliest.

"Next time bring Kai will you?" Asked Jay. "I know he wanted to come along to try the food," he added. "And Niki, I wonder how the kid's doing now," he added.

"I don't think Dann will pay for this trip, but we'll see, yeah?" Asked Taehyun. "I still have to thank him for doing that, speaking of," he added as an afterthought. "You better head back to your bodyguards, they'll be looking for you at some point," he demanded, earning a sigh from Jay.

"They mean well, you know this," grumbled Jay. "But yeah, I better head back," he added, turning and walking around to get into the driver's seat. After waving to Taehyun and Heeseung Jay started the car and pulled out, driving back towards home as soon as he was good enough to do so.

[center ~]

Jay entered his small apartment, letting out a soft sigh as he took off his shoes and put them by the door after closing and locking the door. It was hard to say goodbye for him, as he really wanted them to stay.

His mind wasn't in the best of places lately, but seeing Taehyun and the others reminded him of home. The home he had come to know anyway.

Jay walked over to the couch and flopped down on it, laying down on his back and staring up at the ceiling. He brought up his left arm, turning to look at his wrist where the burning always started.

"What did you do, to warrant something like this huh?" He asked, dropping his arm onto his chest with a heavy sigh. "I'm sorry I couldn't meet you sooner, Sunoo," he whispered, covering his eyes with his right arm and trying to get some sleep before Yunho and Dongmyeong returned from wherever they went to on days where he didn't have classes.

[center ~]

Loud knocking woke up Jay as he sat up abruptly, looking towards the door in confusion before getting up and walking towards it, leaning against the door and looking through the peephole to see Arthur standing at the door. "Oh, it's you," commented Jay as he went to unlock it, opening the door to let Arthur in before closing the door behind him and locking it.

"What brings you to my apartment?" Asked Jay as he turned to Arthur who looked around the apartment.

"I've gotten you a better place, in a better part of town," responded Arthur as he shrugged. "Pack your clothes and tablet, I've already furnished your place," he added, shutting down any form of protest as Jay sputtered in surprise.

"I- I am fine here," protested Jay as he tried to back out of living somewhere else.

"Kid," sighed Arthur. "I know when you're not feeling well, come on, a change of scenery will do wonders for your mental health, trust me," he added. "Now, go get packed and let's get going," he demanded, earning a grumble from Jay as he went to do so.

[center ~]

After driving to the new place Jay was surprised to see a small but modern looking house, getting out of the car once he parked it and looking at it in awe.

"Don't worry about bills, and you have rooms for Yunho and Dongmyeong, if you want them to stay with you," explained Arthur as he got out of his car and smirked at the awed look on Jay's face.

"Y-Yeah, I don't mind them staying with me," mumbled Jay as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Thank you," he added, turning to Arthur.

"It's near campus too," explained Arthur. "Enjoy your stay," he added, dropping the smirk for a soft smile. "It is one of my houses, so please keep things clean," he demanded, halfheartedly.

"I'll do my best," mumbled Jay as Arthur handed him the keys before getting back in his car and backing out of the driveway before driving off. Jay hooked the keys to his lanyard holding his car keys before going to grab his clothes bag and closing the back door and locking his car. He then headed into the house, closing the door and noticing the automatic lock on it as he heard a faint click. He took off his shoes before going to explore, choosing his room and going to flop facedown on the bed after throwing his bag in a corner.

"Even the bed feels nice," Jay mumbled to himself before drifting off to sleep, noticing that the burning in his wrist had gone away for the first time in months before he fell unconscious.

[center ~]

Jay woke to the smell of food, sitting up and looking around the room before moving to get up, going to sift through his bag to find some clothes to change into before going to take a shower in the connecting bathroom.

After getting dressed Jay headed out of his room and down the hallway, heading into the kitchen to see Yunho cooking some food.

"Welcome back to the world of the being awake," greeted Yunho as he looked up from cooking before checking on the food.

"Whatever you made smells delicious," commented Jay as he went to see what was in the fridge to drink. He ended up getting a bottle of water and opening it, drinking it as he closed the fridge door and turning to the stove to see what Yunho was making.

"It's just chicken teriyaki," Yunho explained as he moved the food around in the pan. "Go and sit down, the food will be ready in a bit," he added.

"Where's Dongmyeong anyway?" Asked Jay as he sat down at the kitchen island, moving the bottle back and forth between his hands.

"Mujin needed him for something, he should be back tonight," replied Yunho as he shrugged. "Also his brother is around for a couple days, so," he added. Jay hummed in response, nodding.
AkiraSanogame     26d ago
Playing ONEWE's End of Spring [English Version] on repeat

[center Chapter 2]

Jay left his therapist's office, letting out a breath as he stood in front of his car. It hadn't been that long since the last session but it still hurt. Part of him still wondered about the what ifs and what he could've done to meet his soulmate sooner.

Jay shook his head before walking over and getting in his car, closing the door and taking his phone out of his pocket. He put it on the phone mount attached to his side vent and pushed the button to start his car. After making sure it was clear Jay backed out of his parking spot before driving off, heading back towards campus to head to the first of three classes for the day.

[center ~]

"Classes are so annoying aren't they?" Asked Dongju as he sat down beside Jay at the cafeteria. "I already regret transferring here," he whined, digging into his food with gusto after he got settled.

"Why did you transfer here again?" Asked Jay. "Don't tell me your brother asked you to," he sighed.

"No, he didn't," dismissed Dongju. "I was wanting to be closer to him anyway, and this school had what I was looking for anyway," he explained.

"It's weird how you're the one going through the stages of reincarnation, but then your brother is stuck without a soulmate," commented Jay as he tilted his head to the side.

"Well, I don't mind it too much," hummed Dongju. "But this is my, what? Third life?" He asked. "From what I've been explained anyway," he added. "My soulmate has stayed away for this long, I think I'll be fine," he hummed. "It's only for a semester anyway, then I'm going to Korea to finish studying," he explained.

"Really?" Asked Jay. "Didn't think you'd have it in you to go to Korea to finish studying," he remarked as he ate his food.

"Mm, it's only for one more year, I'm coming back to do an internship at Google afterwards," explained Dongju. "I know, I was surprised too when I got accepted," he added when Jay looked surprised at the information.

"Damn, you got friends in high places or something?" Asked Jay. "I would like to see if someone would be able to get me somewhere," he mused, looking at his phone when it pinged. He tapped it, seeing an email from one of his professors. He quickly typed up a reply before sending the email, getting up once he was done and going to throw his food away.

"Leaving already?" Called Dongju.

"I have to get to class early to finish something with one of my classmates," Jay called back as he continued walking, heading to his next class.

[center ~]

"Why is this class so complicated today," whined Jay as he struggled with the assignment given. He tapped his pen against his cheek in thought as he looked over the paper.

"Having trouble again?" Came a voice from beside Jay as his seatmate looked over to see the progress made.

"Wouldn't you believe it," grumbled Jay as his tablet pinged, causing Jay to tap the screen to see who was messaging him. "Sunghoon," he sighed out, typing up a reply before getting up and excusing himself. "I need to have a chat with a friend in need, I'm sorry," he explained, bowing before grabbing his stuff and leaving the classroom.

[center ~]

Jay sat in his car after setting up his tablet on the dash, waiting on Sunghoon to start the call. He felt his wrist start to burn again and he took a breath to try and ignore it. Sunghoon was hurting again and Jay had promised to be there for him.

"[i Sorry, no one else was free to talk]," greeted Sunghoon after Jay picked up the call. "[i I know you were in the middle of classes but I didn't know who else to talk to]," he sighed.

"It's okay," reassured Jay. "I wanted to help in anyway I can," he added. "Besides, it's just an assignment I'm stuck on, so I'm glad for the break," he explained.

"[i I don't know what's going on with Jungwon and I]," confessed Sunghoon as he let out a soft sigh. "[i Jungwon is being the supportive boyfriend and all, but I feel like he's not- he doesn't want to be with me anymore]," he explained.

"How long have you felt like this?" Asked Jay. "Is this a new feeling you have or has it been in your head for a while now?" He asked.

"[i I think it's a new feeling]," replied Sunghoon as he thought about it. "[i I never had to deal with it before though, this doubt]," he mumbled.

Jay hummed, jumping in surprise when someone knocked on his window. Jay quickly rolled down the window and looked at who was at his car window. "Can I help you?" He asked, recognizing it as his seatmate from his class he walked out on.

"The professor asked for me to hand you your homework," replied his seatmate as he handed Jay a folder. "It's just coincidence that we happened to be parked next to each other," he commented with a shake of his head as he motioned to the car next to him.

"Ah, thanks...?" Asked Jay as he took the folder.

"Keonhee," Keonhee finished with a friendly grin. "Don't worry, I understand your situation," he added. "My- I had a timer and well," he mumbled in explanation. "Anyway, see you around Jay," he added quickly before he walked around to his car and getting in the driver's seat. He waved to Jay before backing out of his parking spot and driving off.

Jay huffed out a sigh as he rolled up his window, turning and putting the folder in the passenger seat.

"[i Forgot your homework huh]?" Snorted Sunghoon as he changed the subject.

"For the record you were a priority," sighed Jay as he looked at the time. "I need to head to my next class, I'll talk to you later okay?" He asked. Sunghoon nodded before hanging up the call.

[center ~]

"Jay," called Dongmyeong as Jay entered the house after returning from university for the day.

"What's up?" Asked Jay as he entered the kitchen where Dongmyeong was rolling out dough for pizza.

"How was classes today?" Asked Dongmyeong as he looked over at Jay.

"It went fine," responded Jay as he leaned on the counter to watch Dongmyeong roll out the dough. "I saw Dongju during lunch," he added. "He seems to like it here so far," he explained with a shrug.

"I told him it'd be better to transfer here before his overseas trip to Korea," sighed Dongmyeong. "I guess since he has that internship to look forward to he was a bit hesitant," he mused, turning back to the pizza and going to grab the sauce to spread around it.

"Is he staying here until he has to go?" Asked Jay.

"Did you want him to?" Asked Dongmyeong as he looked up at Jay again.

"I don't mind it," hummed Jay. "We do have an extra room so," he added, shrugging.

"I'll see what he wants, okay?" Asked Dongmyeong as he finished adding the sauce, grabbing the cheese to spread across the pizza.

"Where's Yunho anyway?" Asked Jay as he changed the subject, walking around the counter to the oven and making sure to preheat it.

"He went to do something with Arthur, he should be back within a week," hummed Dongmyeong as he moved the pizza into a pan to get ready to bake. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Sunghoon is fighting with Jungwon again it seems," sighed Jay. "I just hope they'll be okay, Sunghoon doesn't- he's hurting," he mumbled.

"Ah," hummed Dongmyeong as he nodded in understanding.
AkiraSanogame     24d ago
Playing ONEWE's End of Spring [English Version] on repeat

[center Chapter 3]

Jay opened his eyes, finding himself in his bed as he looked up at the familiar ceiling. He could barely remember the night before, and half wondered if Dongmyeong had drugged his drink so he could get some sleep.

A knock on the door caused Jay to sit up and look at the door, watching as Dongmyeong opened the door.

"Breakfast is in the kitchen if you want anything," Dongmyeong stated with a shrug before he turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Jay let out a huff, getting up and going to get ready for the day before wondering into the kitchen to get breakfast.

Dongmyeong was sitting at the kitchen island sipping on some coffee while checking something on his tablet. "Your plate is here," hummed Dongmyeong as he pushed over a plate for Jay.

Jay sat in front of Dongmyeong and started eating, being silent as he ate.

"What's the plan today?" Asked Dongmyeong as he put his tablet on the table and focused on Jay.

"I have some work to make up for one of my classes today," responded Jay as he let out a sigh. "Sunghoon asked to talk to me yesterday as you know, so I have to work on the stuff I missed for that class," he explained.

"You're going to the library?" Asked Dongmyeong.

"I think it'd be better if I did," responded Jay as he nodded. "Someone from class said they'd help me catch up so," he explained.

"You're finally making a new friend huh?" Teased Dongmyeong as he smirked at Jay who started sputtering, covering his mouth as he coughed.

"I am, I guess," mumbled Jay as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "I've known this guy for the whole semester so far, we've always sat next to each other," he added.

"What's his name?" asked Dongmyeong.

"His name's Keonhee," replied Jay as he shrugged. "He seems to understand my situation, but I've never mentioned it to him before," he hummed.

"Hm," hummed Dongmyeong as he looked thoughtful. "Did he say what kind of soulmate mark he had?" He asked.

"He said he had a timer," responded Jay. "That can only mean one of two things, his soulmate rejected him or his soulmate died," he mused, looking thoughtful.

"He may think you have a timer, since you're always covering up your wrist," explained Dongmyeong as he thought about it. "None of your professors know of what happened to you though, so this Keonhee person shouldn't know about your soulmate mark," he added as an afterthought.

"I'll be careful," reassured Jay as he finished eating. "I'll be back after I'm done okay?" He asked.

"Ask Keonhee to come along," encouraged Dongmyeong. "I'd like to meet him," he added.

"Don't overanalyze things yeah?" Asked Jay. "I don't want you scaring away someone again," he sighed.

"Me? Scare someone? Nah," Dongmyeong reassured with a chuckle. "I'm not [i that] scary now," he whined.

"Says the one person who could easily flip someone over his shoulder and onto their back," scoffed Jay as he finished eating and went to throw his plate into the sink. "I'll see if he wants to, okay?" He asked, turning to Dongmyeong.

"Sure, be careful," hummed Dongmyeong as he nodded, drinking the rest of his coffee.

Jay nodded and went to get his things for the class before leaving the house and heading towards campus.

[center ~]

Jay entered the library, looking around for Keonhee as he waved to the librarian sitting at the desk. He soon spotted Keonhee sitting nearby with books spread out around the table he was sitting at. Jay immediately went to sit down in front of Keonhee, taking his backpack off and putting it in the chair next to him before grabbing everything he needed and putting it on the table in front of him.

"So what did I miss?" Asked Jay as Keonhee looked up at him after a few minutes.

"Ah, just the usual stuff, we have to analyze the person we chose as a subject of our final paper," responded Keonhee as he shrugged. "The professor wants us to go over what we know of the person we chose and sort of come to our own conclusions of who that person is and what their life was like before their death," he explained.

"Ah," hummed Jay as he looked thoughtful. "Who did you choose as your subject?" He asked.

"Well," sighed Keonhee as he looked at the papers and books on the table. "I chose to go with my soulmate," he explained after a minute, a sad look appearing in his eyes before he shook his head. "I never got to meet them, so," he added with a small huff. "I figured I'd try to use what knowledge I know of them and come to my own conclusions you know? I would've loved to have known them when they were alive, but alas I'm only stuck with whatever information I have of them," he explained. "Who did you choose?" He asked, looking curiously at the papers that were on Jay's side of the table.

"I-" started Jay as he paused to look at his papers. "I did my soulmate too," he mumbled in explanation, looking away. "He- I never got to meet him either," he explained. "But I got permission from his family to do this so," he added, shrugging.

"Ah..." Mumbled Keonhee as he looked sympathetic, reaching over and patting Jay on the shoulder. "It's gonna be okay, alright?" He asked, moving his hand back when Jay turned to look at him. "I've had my timer at a standstill for years now," he sighed. "It hurts still, but I promise you, it'll be better," he explained. "You don't have a timer, right?" He asked, earning a nod from Jay. "At least you don't have that sort of reminder?" He asked.

"I guess so," mumbled Jay as he let out a sigh. "Let's just focus on this, yeah?" He asked, changing the subject and looking down at his papers again.

Keonhee nodded and started to work while Jay did the same.

[center ~]

"Thanks for helping out," commented Jay as he stood with Keonhee outside the library one they were done with their work for the day. "Not many would go out of their way to help out," he added, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

Keonhee smiled softly, nodding in understanding. "Yeah, I understand that," he said with a shake of his head. "There's no shame in asking for help you know?" He asked. "And, I'm here, if you need someone to talk to okay?" He asked, nodding in reassurance.

"Thanks, Keonhee," Jay mumbled sincerely as he smiled slightly, earning a grin in return from Keonhee.

"I'll see you around then," Keonhee said in goodbye before walking off.

Jay was left to stand there for a second, watching Keonhee before he remembered something. "Oh!" He exclaimed suddenly as called to Keonhee. "My um, roommates wanted me to invite you over!" He called. "Are you up for meeting them?" He asked as Keonhee turned back to him.

"Maybe another day, yeah?" Asked Keonhee. "I'll see you around Jay!" He called before turning and continuing to walk away.

Jay nodded, turning and walking the other direction, heading to his car. He put his bag into the passenger seat as he opened the door and got in before sitting there for a few minutes, feeling the burning in his wrist again. "What is wrong with me?" He asked himself as he put his seatbelt on before starting the car. Once he knew it was clear he backed out of his parking spot and drove home.
AkiraSanogame     19d ago
Playing ONEWE's End of Spring [English Version] on repeat

[center Chapter 4]

It took a week before Keonhee agreed to meet Jay's roommates. It wasn't like he didn't want to, he did, but Keonhee had been stuck with visiting family and was too busy to even get to classes.

It was fine with Jay, as his mind was in a dark place again. He barely got up to go to classes when he did have them, and on his days off Jay preferred to stay in his room and sleep when he wasn't putting in minimal effort to at least work on his assignments.

[center ~]

"You okay?" Asked Keonhee as he sat down beside Jay in the class they shared. "You look like a wreck," he remarked with his head tilting to the side in concern.

"I haven't been in the best place mentally," mumbled Jay as he let out a sigh. "I'll be okay though," he reassured with a nod of his head. "My roommates are keeping an eye on me at home," he explained. "So I'm okay, really," he added.

"I-," started Keonhee as he blinked in surprise. "Okay," he finally mumbled after a minute of contemplating what to say.

"Don't worry too much," sighed Jay. "I'm okay, really," he added. "It's just been a tough time for me," he explained. "But I'm getting through it," he added as a reassurance.

"If you say so," hummed Keonhee as he turned to the board when the professor called for everyone's attention.

[center ~]

"I can come see your roommates with you after class today," Keonhee stated with a shrug, turning to Jay who nodded.

"I have one more class today, but we can eat lunch at the cafeteria," Jay muttered, nodding as he took notes. "After class I am heading home so we could meet up later," he added.

"Sure," agreed Keonhee as he nodded. "We can meet at the library after your last class," he added.

Jay nodded, cementing the agreement to meet up before turning his attention back to the professor who droned on and on about the lesson.

[center ~]

After class Jay and Keonhee walked to the cafeteria, meeting Dongju on the way there as he was also heading to the cafeteria to have lunch. He took one look at Keonhee and they instantly clicked, Dongju pretty much talking Keonhee's ears off as they waited in line to get their lunches. Jay could only watch in amusement as Keonhee nodded along to whatever Dongju said, providing commentary every now and again as he continued to converse with Dongju.

"Ah, sorry, I'm Dongju by the way!" Dongju said in introduction after they had sat down with their food. "I'm brothers with one of Keonhee's roommates," he explained as he started eating. "I recently moved into the house with them so I could continue school here so," he added.

"Keonhee," Keonhee responded in introduction, digging into his food with gusto. "Ah, you're one of the roommates I'm meeting then," he remarked with an amused look.

"I- I guess," mumbled Dongju as he shrugged, looking embarrassed. "I recently transferred from Washington State, so I'm finishing my year here before moving to Korea," he explained. "I'm finishing my last year there and then coming back to intern at Google," he added.

"How did you manage to get an internship to google?" Asked Keonhee as he looked surprised. "That seems like it'd be almost impossible to get into," he remarked.

"I don't know," sighed Dongju. "I just know that I got the internship thanks to my brother," he explained. "Apparently the king he works for knows the hiring guys at google and recommended me," he added.

"Your brother works for a king?" Asked Keonhee as he blinked in even more surprise.

"His brother and my other roommate do," chimed in Jay as he ate his food. "We're currently living at one of the king's houses," he added.

"Which kings do they work for?" Asked Keonhee, looking genuinely curious.

"One works for Arthur and the other works for Mujin," responded Jay as he shrugged. "I don't think you'll see them today, but my roommates are there," he added.

"Don't you gotta be like... Immortal or something to work for them?" Asked Keonhee. "I've heard so much about what they do, it makes me curious," he explained.

"Immortal to an extant," explained Dongju. "Dongmyeong is only immortal because he's my twin and he doesn't have a soulmate mark, we're linked in that sense," he added. "You have those going through reincarnation, and then you got those who are just stuck at a certain age until they meet their soulmate," he explained.

"Reincarnation sounds like it'd suck," commented Keonhee. "I've heard stories, though I've never met someone who's going through it," he explained.

"Soobin is dealing with it now," hummed Jay. "It was his soulmate at first, then they switched places," he added. "I don't know about the others, though Dongju here is on his third life apparently," he added.

"Yeah," sighed Dongju as Keonhee looked perplexed at the idea, turning to Dongju for an explanation. "It's why my brother is immortal, I guess," he explained. "My soulmate is apparently somewhere in Europe, waiting on his king to be reborn," he added.

"Interesting," hummed Keonhee. "Who's the oldest?" He asked.

"Uh, I think it's Seoho?" Asked Jay. "I haven't met the others to really know, but I do know that Seoho is one of the oldest members," he explained.

"Funnily enough he currently works for the youngest of the kings," chimed in Dongju. "Dann is the oldest, and Soobin is working for him," he explained. "Though when Louis is reborn he'll be the youngest, and my soulmate will be working for him," he added.

"Who is your soulmate anyway? Does your brother resent him for causing you to die two other times before this? Does he even know you're [i alive] right now?" Asked Keonhee as he blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry, I am genuinely curious," he mumbled in explanation.

"I don't know who my soulmate is," replied Dongju as he shook his head. "I just know they're in Europe, because my brother is in a group chat with all the bodyguards," he explained.

"I don't think he resents my soulmate? I don't know," mumbled Dongju, answering Keonhee's second question. "I never bothered to ask, but I'm [i pretty] sure that my soulmate knows I'm alive," he added. "He's just in Europe right now waiting on his king to be reborn, so that they could possibly save him when Ivan, who is his king's soulmate, eventually meets him again," he explained.

"Louis right? That's the king with reincarnation?" Asked Keonhee. "Ivan is on the other side of the coin, being stuck alive?" He asked.

"Yeah," hummed Dongju. "I don't know why but Louis is taking a [i long] time to be reincarnated," he sighed. "This next life, whenever that happens will be his second life, apparently," he explained.

"I should get going to my next class," Jay chimed in as he finished eating. "I'll see you after class, yeah? Also Dongju don't go causing trouble now," he added, getting up and grabbing his things and lunch tray.

"Oi," whined Dongju.

"Sure, we'll meet in the library," replied Keonhee. "I have to do a bit of studying anyway," he added. Jay nodded and walked off, going to throw leftovers away before heading to his next class.
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[center Chapter 5]

Jay let out a deep breath as he stood in front of the library. Dongju had already gone home by then, having needed to get home to let Yunho and Dongmyeong know that Jay was bringing home a guest.

Jay wasn't sure why he was hesitating, but he was hesitating hard, biting his lip and debating whether to go through with it or not.

It seemed that it'd be answered for him as Keonhee walked out of the library after grabbing his things, smiling in greeting at Jay. "Hey," he greeted.

"Hey," mumbled Jay as he forced a smile to appear.

"You okay?" Asked Keonhee as he looked concerned.

"It's- I am fine," mumbled Jay as he shook his head. "Nothing to worry about," he added.

"Are you sure?" Asked Keonhee.

"Yes, I promise," replied Jay as he nodded reassuringly. "Let's head out, yeah?" He asked. Keonhee nodded and motioned for Jay to go ahead, following after him.

[center ~]

When they reached the house Yunho was standing on the landing that led into the house, his hands in his pockets as he held a relaxed stance.

"Welcome home," greeted Yunho as Jay walked over with Keonhee after they both got out of their cars and locked them, Jay having his bag over his shoulder as he walked over. "Also hello, you must be the guest Dongju mentioned," he added, turning to Keonhee who looked sheepish.

"Keonhee," Keonhee said in introduction as he bowed before straightening. "I've heard from Jay that you've been requesting my presence?" He asked.

"It's the first time that Jay's made a friend," explained Yunho. "Well, a friend that isn't us," he added.

"Oi, I have other friends," whined Jay as he lightly slapped Yunho on the shoulder, grumbling as Yunho snickered at his expression.

"You're the first friend he's made since coming over from Korea," explained Yunho. "Jay's not [i that] introverted, but he hesitated to make new friends for a long time since moving back to the states before you came into his life," he added.

"Don't make it sound like I'm antisocial now," grumbled Jay as he headed into the house, taking off his shoes and immediately going to his room to throw his bag into the chair near his desk.

Yunho and Keonhee walked in after him, though they stayed in the livingroom area and watched as Jay walked back into the livingroom with Dongju and Dongmyeong who was walking in from the kitchen.

"Welcome to our place," Jay commented as he turned to Keonhee who had a look around.

"It's a nice place," remarked Keonhee as he took in everything. "A bit small though," he added, turning to Jay.

"It's got enough room, plus Arthur doesn't use this house too often, so he let us stay here," explained Jay as he shrugged.

"Most of the time we're not even here," chimed in Yunho. "Dongju just came around recently so Jay's not always by himself," he added.

"Well, it's a nice place," commented Keonhee as he looked around the livingroom. "Even if it's a bit small for four people," he added.

"We don't need much, and Dongju and I aren't even from LA so it's fine," explained Jay as he shrugged.

"I see," hummed Keonhee as he nodded.

[center ~]

As the day went on Keonhee got to know Yunho and Dongmyeong as they told him about their adventures with their kings, the four of them sitting around the kitchen island talking after dinner. He had learned that they weren't part of Beomgyu's group, it was Soobin's now since Soobin had taken Beomgyu's place, but everyone had met each other at some point due to Dann bringing everyone together to form an alliance.

"Was this before or after Louis's death?" Asked Keonhee as he took in the information he was told.

"Literally just before?" Asked Yunho. "I don't remember much of what happened that day, but I know that both Ivan and his original bodyguard found their soulmates and well, you know what happened afterwards," he explained with a shrug.

"Who was his original bodyguard?" Asked Keonhee.

"It was Hwanwoong," replied Dongmyeong. "He was, well [i is], Dongju's soulmate," he explained. "Ivan removed him from his guard when he decided it was a good idea to commit treason," he sighed. "We were in the talks of peace between all the kings," he explained.

"I can see that even with everything that happened, you still got to have the peace," remarked Keonhee as he looked thoughtful.

"Peace is a strange thing though," commented Jay as he leaned back, stretching as he fidgeted in his chair to get comfortable. "It could be broken at any time, but because of how your soulmate marks work you can't even harm each other," he explained, looking thoughtful.

"Well, we can't be harmed in general," explained Dongmyeong. "Its why we never strayed too far from using swords," he added. "All of us have training in all sorts of weapons, but our main weapons of choice are swords, simply due to to our ability to not get injured," he explained.

"Who's considered the swordmaster now?" Asked Keonhee as he looked curious.

"It [i was] a tie between Beomgyu and Seoho, I think," responded Jay as he shrugged. "I don't remember if Soobin's officially taken that title yet, since he hasn't had a chance to spar with everyone," he added. "From the updates I get from Soobin he's been winning more of his spars with Seoho," he explained when Keonhee blinked in surprise at the information.

"It's getting late," came Dongju's voice as he walked into the kitchen after showering and changing clothes. "You can stay over if you want," he added, turning to Keonhee who checked his phone for the time.

"Are you sure? I don't want to intrude," Keonhee responded, looking at Jay before turning to Dongmyeong and Yunho.

"You can stay," reassured Yunho as he nodded. "We don't have a spare room, since the only other room is Arthur's but you can stay with Jay," he added.

Jay blinked as he was suddenly saddled with Keonhee, shaking his head when Keonhee turned to him. "It's okay," he reassured quickly. "My room isn't too big, but we can share my bed," he explained. "If you don't mind of course," he added quickly.

"Sure," hummed Keonhee as he nodded. "I don't have anything to do tomorrow, so it's fine," he added. "I'll just let my roommate know I'm not coming back to the dorm," he explained, going to message his roommate.

Jay waited until Keonhee was done before leading him to his room, going to his dresser and looking for clothes for Keonhee to change into. "The bathroom is over there," he stated, throwing a pair of pants and a t-shirt at Keonhee who caught it.

"I'll be a few minutes," Keonhee stated before going into the bathroom to shower and change clothes.

[center ~]

After Jay left the bathroom after getting dressed he found Keonhee fast asleep in the bed, noticing the leather bracelet Keonhee wore sitting on his desk. He covered Keonhee with the blanket before going into the hallway to get a spare blanket and pillow from the hallway closet before going downstairs to settle down on the couch.

"Sunoo," mumbled Jay as he looked at his wrist, feeling the familiar burning. "I'm sorry," he whispered, dropping his arm on his chest before closing his eyes to try to sleep.
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[center Chapter 6]

Jay woke the next morning to someone shaking him, opening his eyes to stare up at Dongju who looked down at him in concern.

"You okay?" Asked Dongju as he moved away when Jay sat up. "You never just sleep in the livingroom," he explained.

"Keonhee was sleeping on my bed and I couldn't be bothered to wake him to get him to move over," explained Jay as he shrugged. "It's okay, I was comfortable though," he added. "I don't mind sleeping on the couch sometimes," he explained.

"Both my brother and Yunho were called out for something important, so it's just us three for a while, if Keonhee decides to stay around," stated Dongju as he walked into the kitchen with Jay following after him after folding up his blanket and setting it on top of the pillow he had been using.

"Right," sighed Jay as he shook his head. "Looks like we'll be making our own meals from this point," he hummed, going through the fridge to see what he could make for breakfast.

"You know how to cook?" Asked Dongju as he went to get an apple that was sitting in the basket of fruits by the stove.

"I know a little bit," responded Jay as he grabbed what he needed and went to put it on the counter. "I had to learn to cook some things other than ramyeon back when I was in Korea because not everyone could cook, and I had the luxury of cooking most of the meals," he added.

"You didn't cook [i all] the time right?" Asked Dongju as Jay prepared breakfast.

"No," replied Jay as he went to grab a pan and put it on the stove, turning on the burner to let the pan heat up. "Sometimes it was Heeseung, or Taehyun when he came over, but most of the time it was either me or Niki," he explained. "It was either one of us when we didn't have anything to do the next day, so it wasn't too often," he added.

"Who cooked the other days then?" Asked Dongju as Keonhee stumbled into the kitchen after waking up, yawning as he covered his mouth before going to sit down at the kitchen island. "Also morning Sleeping Beauty," he added with a snicker.

"It's too early," groaned Keonhee as he laid his head on the kitchen island.

"Mostly Heeseung, sometimes Jungwon, when he wasn't trying anything exotic," explained Jay as he threw the ingredients together for an omelet before pouring the egg mixture into the pan. "Also it's 10 am, this is early?" He asked, chuckling at Keonhee's grumbling.

"I should get going after breakfast," sighed Keonhee as he lifted his head up to watch as Jay put the first finished omelet on the kitchen island for Dongju to grab and start eating. "My roommate is moving out all of the sudden so I need to get back and help him out," he explained. "I forgot about that completely, but something urgent came up at home and he needed to move back," he explained.

"Do you think you'll need help?" Asked Jay as he got the next omelet onto a plate, passing it over to Keonhee before starting on the last one, keeping an eye on the egg while looking in thought.

"I think we got it," responded Keonhee as he ate his omelet, chewing thoughtfully as he eyed the red numbers on his wrist. He quickly switched which hands he was eating with, keeping the bottom of his wrist on the kitchen island and ignoring the questioning look he got from Dongju.

Jay turned to the kitchen island after getting his plate and turning off the stove, putting the pan in the sink before going to put his plate down and start eating. "Okay," hummed Jay as he ate his omelet.

[continue tomorrow]


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