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Quest of the Kraken

By Creek

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Pirates? Adventure? Sea beast? Definitely!

Legend speaks of an ancient shrine dedicated to the all powerful, mythical Kraken.
The Kraken is something that all kingdoms greed for. Having one could mean more for them.
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akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal would be running from guards smiling with a nice pouch of gold he stole from some royals which was an amazing find being a more common thief to mosts knowledge and so he snuck into an alley using parkour to get himself over a wall and heading out to a dock that held some just took a random one going to an island and would leave it there getting on his own boat and sailing off in the opposite direction alway from the island he robbed smiling looking at his parrot. 

“Well flakes another successful robbery again I’d say I robbed them completely blind this time” the parrot would nip at his ear affectionately and he would scratch under there chin.

Cal would be counting his gold keeping his wheel tied with a rope so he could get to an island to spend his stolen gold for more weapons and probably stuff for his boat hopefully nothing would be to expensive today that spending money on something would be to much for him and if it was cheap he was mostly likely gonna buy himself food but bread was definitely a must for his parrot flakes
Creek     51d ago

It seems during this pirates journey out to sea, passing jagged rocks poking out from the depths of the ocean, and seemingly touching the sky of the gods. Also passing islands with the common chicken and snakes around the tropical tall grass and coconut trees.

Out in the distance, near a smaller island. A ship sailed out from the side of it.

What seemed to be a small ship was coming near the other ship. But upon closer inspection, the ship seemed to grow 3 times in size.

The boat itself was massive. A dark chocolate brown wood with details of black and red. The front of the boat had a large devil like skull hanging off of it, shining with not a single hint of seaweed or barnacles.

Below the large pirate ship a figure moved from under the water, something resembling the common ray. But more…Magical?

The Ray seemed to hear something from above. It dove deeper down to be unseen.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal looked at the area he was in checking the map not recognizing where he was since he did stray away from his normal route which was obviously now a mistake and upon seeing a small pirate ship he was ready to go and take there treasure since it looked quite easy and he expected this to be one of his easier gold grabs but then he saw the ship grow and seeing it was way bigger than his own boat he ran to turn the other way. 

But something caught his eye under the ship making him grow in curiosity thinking it might be okay to linger a little longer even if his parrot would tug at his hair to snap him back to reality but he was to lost in thought on what the creature could be.yes it looked like the common ray but it seems different and he would see it disappear being his cur to leave but then he saw something that frightened him to his core being the devilish skull hanging off the front of the boat. 

Cal would turn the wheel frantically to go the other direction away from this massive skull that seemed so flawless
Creek     51d ago

The ship came closer to his, a large shadow looming over his big yet much smaller one.

A slim figure with long pony tail like hair, aimed a harpoon gun at his shop and fired, hitting right at the edge of his ship.

Two came down onto the rope. One smaller and one larger.

The smaller one was similar to a mushroom. A flat red mushroom cap and wearing brown and black clothing.

The other was similar to a coconut  crab in tropical red and blue and white colors.

Both approaches the pirate. The coconut humanoid crab snapping its crab like hands at him.

The mushroom one held a long sword in its numb like hands.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal wasn’t necessarily scared of the mushroom since well it was small but then again what the hell was he looking at? He had never seen pirates like this before even if he had heard story’s of pirates like this.

Cal would grab his sword it being a gold colored with diamonds encrusted into the handle something he had stolen from a pirate he tricked recently by sneaking onto there ship and pretending to be a deck hand

Cal would back up from the crab and swing the sword at them some looking behind him once he reached the back of the ship cutting a rope on his sails and flying upwards towards the Crows nest running towards the other ship and sticking the sword into the wood using it to jump up and start climbing the bigger ship hoping they had a way to get away from these pirates
Creek     51d ago

The mushroom and crab watched him go to the other side and onto their boat.

The male pirates boat started to shake, it slowly crumbled from the bottom and the manta ray came up. It was just as large as the dark ship itself. The two humanoid creatures got off quickly before the manta ray crushed the middle of it.

On the boat, there were more humanoid creatures, some already coming at him, being hulking crab like creatures.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal would use his sword to fend them off or at least keep them back as he would tell flakes to fly off in which they reluctantly did leaving cal there

Cal would get to a room and just barge into it pushing a desk up against the door and taking deep breath's to calm himself knowing his usual blend in and run tactic wouldn’t work when it was a bunch of crab like creatures so he had the dummest idea ever and jumped into the water looking around trying to swim off without dying even though he had no sense of direction whatsoever 

Cal was a good swimmer but then again he was at the mercy of the giant manta ray in the water with him
Creek     51d ago

A figure slowly came to the deck, taking a whistle out with seemingly a feathered wing and blowing into it.

The manta ray went away from the ship and left the crab creatures to fall in, by command of the other figure, and grab any supplies they can from getting wet.

The manta ray came at him, going on top of him and dragging him down into the water, squeezing him and suffocating him in the water.

It would wait until he would finally be close to passing out, bring him back on broad and dive back into the water.

The figure slowly came to him while the crab creatures dealt with the supplies and ship. a claw and also a peg leg tapping on the floor. They looked down at him and hummed in a cold tone.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal looked at the manta ray that was currently drowning him at the moment as he struggled trying to cut the manta ray to no avail his vision going blurry and he could feel the life draining from him about to go unconscious as he was thrown up onto a hard surface coughing up water and looking around still weak from almost being drowned to the point of going unconscious 

Cal looked around and then realized he was on a ship but it couldn’t be his since it was destroyed by the manta ray meaning he must be on the ship that attacked his so he then decided to look up and saw the thing looming over him hearing there cold humming that chilled his core not sure who they were and what they could have possibly wanted from him 

He tried to rush to his feet to run and or escape them “who the hell are you!?”
CreekCaptain BlackBird   51d ago

His clawed foot pressed down on his back. “I am Captain BlackBird…And you human…Are my new prey.”

Captain BlackBird is a pirate known around the seas. He is a humanoid bird creature. Fierce, cold hearted, and shows no mercy.

The crab people already stayed to come up onto the ship, carrying supplies and gold up onto the deck and down below the ship.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal would struggle some more “oh fuck hey man I didn’t mean to run into you here I was just got to buy myself something you can keep the gold and just let me go!” He knew this was dumb the bird being a cold hearted pirate

Cal would hope his bird flakes took the bag of gold and got themself the bread or help knowing his parrot was a very smart parrot in deed but maybe help wouldn’t even help him now him being kept by the cold hearted bird

“I have nothing really valuable besides some measly gold and my sword is nothing but an antique really nothing special!”
CreekCaptain BlackBird   51d ago

“Hmm~….What about that bird of yours? Seems…..Nice…~” he chuckled and licked his lips, a long purple tongue ran over his beak.

“Maybe we will wait for that dove to come back for you~” He chuckled. “I’ll decided what to do with you both later. Much later.”

The crab people laughed and went back to work quickly, with a stare from their captain.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal laid there and would eventually wait for flakes to come back who stayed right on his shoulder nipping at his ear to get up looking at the pirate and pecking there legs to try and get them off cal

Cal would try and get flakes to go since it was dangerous and he didn’t know what they were gonna do with him and flakes but  soon he realized flakes wasn’t gonna be able to leave and swore kind of quietly struggling some more 

“Leave flakes alone you feathery bastard!” He would know he shouldn’t try anything since well the other could probably use there talon like feet to send him to hell
CreekCaptain BlackBird   51d ago

BlackBird watched the small bird peck his foot. It didn’t hurt at all and felt ticklish.

His clawed foot on cal grabbed flakes. It brought him to his wing and right up to his face. One of his eyes was covered by an eye patch, a large scar running from over the eyepatch and under it around to his beak.

“You won’t do at all…right now…” he picked up cal and walked off through another door, opposite of where the crab people were moving everything.

They passed a long hallway from the door and went through a black and golden lined door. The room seemed to be his quarters.

BlackBird put Cal in his bed but continued to hold flakes. “What kind of bird are you? I have not seen something like you around….~”
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal would look at flakes and try to get up and get the blackbirds clawed foot off his precious bird and well flakes would peck quickly at them trying to be let go but on seeing there was no affect even the bird was smart enough to quite

Cal would still be trying to get the blackbird to put flakes down or get them out of the blackbirds clawed feet not trusting them since they were a pirate and because they looked very shady and he could barely trust flakes when he first got them since flakes was a handful but they got used to each other quickly mostly because cal got them the best bread he could when he could afford it

Cal struggled to get out down and get out of the birds grasp but they were surprisingly strong even if cal was pretty strong to the bird outmatched him in strength but in sword skill that was left to be determined 

When cal was let go of he rushed and quickly snatched flakes away from them and flakes would look at the bird his head tilted “of course flakes is special!” He would mean sentimentally special since they were best friends
CreekCaptain BlackBird   51d ago

BlackBird went closer, taking Flakes back and going further away. “What species? I’ve only ever seen a few seagulls and such…Maybe he would make for something more…”

It seemed he opened his mouth, close to flakes, but instead of him being ripped to shreds, he gently preened him and fixed his feathers up. 

“He barley takes care of your poor feathers…No wonder you couldn’t fly so far…~” he muttered and continued to almost mother hen the bird.
akuma4longCal Mari   51d ago

Cal would almost jump up to go stop them from what what he thought was gonna be a slaughter on his bird but when he saw them mother his bird he would hesitate a bit and think more about escaping the place he was in not understanding why he was here maybe knowing apparently why they wanted flakes

Flakes himself would move around some it being a bit uncomfortable but soon he stayed still enjoying it since well it was true cal didn’t really take much care of the birds feathers but it was mostly because he never thought of the bird as a pet and stuff like that as cal inched to get up and inch off the bed checking around it for any sharp objects 

Cal slowly started to get off the bed and wanted to go and grab anything he could remotely use as a weapon
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

“I would not move.” BlackBird sneered and glared at cal. “If you don’t want my pet to take your feet as her new food.

“Right! Have you heard about my pet? The myths are fun to listen to!…One said a three headed snake…Another said something about a dragon! I know I’m one of the best out here…but that’s just taking it to far…~”

Soon, a large Komodo dragon came out, slithering along the floor and glancing around. It’s rough skin was similar to a tropical snake pattern but had neck fluff around its long neck but also under its belly slightly.

“Kiki!~ good morning my little poisonous Komodo!~”

Kiki, the Komodo dragons tongue flicked and she slowly walked around. She stared at Cal and a small hiss came from her throat.
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal would stay still and back up onto the bed looking at flakes who would stay on black birds shoulder wanting to fly down but he knew better and would watch as the Komodo dragon comes in and immediately fly up to a higher point what he hopefully thought was out of reach

Cal saw the Komodo dragon and would back up to the head of the bed knowing that he had no Chance whatsoever if that thing was gonna be in the room since it would absolutely rip him to bits one way or another

Cal would gulp and just look at blackbird “why in the hell do you need me!?” He had seen how the bird shows dislike to him already so it wasn’t a stretch that he probably could just get let out and all that but he had heard about the pet and he always thought the story’s were just plain stupid

Cal had no purpose to be here and was sure he wasn’t gonna like the purpose since it was most likely getting eaten by there Komodo dragon or the thing that happened to be under the dam boat
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

“You are Cal Mari right? Greatest, lone thief to exists around the seas?” BlackBird gently pet the Komodo dragon.

BlackBird went to the bed and put Flakes down and onto cal. Flakes was much cleaner looking now with all his feathers nicely done. “You steal whatever is of value and sell it to those who want it? Or you keep it for yourself for other times?~”
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal looked at the bird and would then stroke flakes feathers gently making sure not to ruin them since well flakes did just get them done nicely and enjoyed them done nicely as he let cal stroke there feathers 

But he had never thought that some pirates like blackbird would ever care about capturing him but maybe they were gonna hand him in for a reward but then again they would also try capturing blackbird to but he knew very well they could just fight back and most likely win “and what about it!? And I’m not as great as people think really!”
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

“Well we are preforming a…Heist you could say…We were going to hire somebody but seeing as we found you—“ Blackbird went closer and smirked. “You can just aid us instead!~ and you’ll aid us if you don’t want to become food or torn to pieces by my crablings…~”
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal would look at the bird and back up some “ok I’ll help you out with your dumb heist!” Cal didn’t want to be to close to the bird being super aware of the talons on the birds feet and that they could definitely sick that Komodo dragon on him and he’d be absolutely devoured and then thrown into the ocean to give whatever’s down there leftovers to enjoy.but he didn’t have a plan for when the heist would come around.
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

“Good! Get some rest then. You know not to touch anything already!~ I’ll bring some food down.” BlackBird walked off and out of his room.

Kiki watched the two closely, flicking her tongue and tilting her head. She was curious.

Just then something rang through the wall. A child crying? It sounded very close and just on the other side of the wall.

Kiki got up and went to the wall, then looked at Cal and up to him, whining and nudging his leg while looking at the wall.
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal would stay there as blackbird left and just stroked flakes beak until he heard the child crying and saw the Komodo come closer as he would move away but it nudged his leg and looked towards the child’s crying 

So cal got up and went to the door looking out for pirates and got up sneaking his way to the room next to him and peaking through the window to see what might be inside eventually trying to open the door

When he got it to budge and open he walked into the room having left flakes on a high up shelf in case that Komodo got any ideas about eating them and then he might actually be mad enough to try and kill the fucking Komodo dragon but not at the moment.definitely not at the moment.

Cal went up to what seemed to be crying and started to comfort it “hey it’s ok”
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

The room being next to blackbirds made it a very short journey. The room was the same size as Blackbirds but filled with things for babies, possibly stuff there for a prince.

The baby cried in a crib, seemingly crying icey tears?

The baby turned over to reveal an icy head of a child, it’s eyes closed with icy tears coming from his closed eyes.
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal would look around the room but saw the crying baby and went up to them hugging them and would hum a soft gently tune that his mother used to sing for him before he had left to start his journey,he would then sing softly trying to calm the baby

Cal knew lots say there mothers the best but he truly thought his mother was the best

Cal focused most of his attention on calming the baby not knowing why the pirate legend blackbird would have a child of all things on board
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

The child cooed and yawned, snuggling into him.

“The fuck you doing in here?” BlackBird loomed over cal and his feathers puffed up in annoyance. “I thought I told you to stay in the room.”

BlackBird saw cal holding the child and he sighed, looking at the child and backing up.
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal looked down at the child picking them up and placing them gently into bed and looked at blackbird nervous walking past them out into the hall

“I heard a child crying and I didn’t want to hear it cry anymore so I went in and calmed it down” he would sigh and look dead into blackbirds eyes “surely you wowing punish me for something like that? Let alone kill me”

Cal didn’t care if the bird had no heart he didn’t think they would do something rash to him because he calmed a child they were keeping in the boat anyway
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

“No I won’t…Usually it takes me longer to calm him down…You have some sort of experience with it?”

Blackbird closed the door to the child’s room, going to his again and to his desk to look through some papers.

“And being busy I sadly can’t always check on him…”
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal went back to the room looking at the Komodo dragon and sitting down calling flakes who came and perched on his shoulder

“Why do you even have a child on a pirate ship?” He looked at blackbird and would stroke flakes beak again keeping an eye on the Komodo dragon still not trusting it

Cal still didn’t even know what the heist would be as he laid in bed wanting to get some rest soon
CreekCaptain BlackBird   50d ago

“He was entrusted to me you could say…Ever hear the tale of the ice kingdom? A place of glaciers, ice, and snow? Terribly cold place it is…” BlackBird hummed. He didn’t wait for cal to answer.

“You should just rest now. Questions and answers much later!”
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal was gonna say something since well his mother told him story and fantasy things about that place so it was hard to believe,just about as believable as the story’s about the cracker and the Norse story’s things like that he thought were just story’s but maybe not after seeing that ice like baby

But now wasn’t the time and he just fell asleep
Creek     50d ago

BlackBird soon woke up cal and gave him a plate of food. “You have not eaten yet so I got you some food for you and your parrot…” He pushed a plate of food to cal and got up. “We will give you more information later..Right now you eat.”
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal looked at them and would grab the food splitting it so flakes could eat whatever he wanted and he could eat his portion as he stared at blackbird “well why can’t I get the information while I’m eating?” He didn’t see why it would be a problem since he was gonna be used to steal something for them anyway
Creek     50d ago

“I’d rather not explain it multiple times than I have to already…Those damn crablings don’t listen a lot already….” BlackBird sneered and leaned on the wall. He put his head up against it and sighed. “So, I rather only go over it once With everyone I can without interruptions…Hopefully.”

BlackBird heard some crying, sighing and walking out of the room.”I will be back.”
akuma4longCal Mari   50d ago

Cal would watch them leave the room and looked at flakes who was still eating from the food put in front of them so he would just eat a little and get up looking at the door waiting for the heist thinking he might have a way out of this mess he got in ass because he was a thief and because of the reputation he had gotten. Cal would sit back down and wait to be called to listen to the plan

Cal went to the top of the boat and waited for orders and had a pretty important question to ask
Creek     49d ago

“Now that we are all here. “ Blackbird looked around at the crab people and the mushroom creature. The manta ray also came up to listen, also making sure to not tip the boat.

“We will be taking the prized jewel of the Caligan family.”

One crab chirped and tilted it’s head.

“No! Not the daughters! We will be taking something more of value to them!” BlackBird showed a scroll to the group, this scroll having a picture of a statue of a whale with 6 fins, 2 tails and seemingly around clouds.
“This is one of several mythical beasts. Quite rare beasts, It doesn’t have a name but it is what we need for the first artifact.”

“Blue Team will sneak in through the sewers and into the back. They will take out any guards or maids around the palace. Then they will signal for team red.”

“Team red will then get inside and disguise themselves as humans, and also using the guard’s clothing. The actual guards will be placed in a room by red team. After red team disguised themselves, they will scout around for the room of the statue itself.”

“When you find it and give the signal, Green team will come in, and steal whatever you guys want with blue team. Not too much. Because after everyone is on board we leave immediately and don’t come back.”

“But then that’s where our thief comes in. It’ll most likely be in a high security room, and we want you to go through that room to steal it. Then get out as fast as possible. I’ll have my left hand and right hand assist you.”

The purple crab and mushroom come out from the crowd and nod.
akuma4longCal Mari   49d ago

Cal would listen to them tell about the plan not really paying attention thinking about the plan that he formulated to escape and get away from these pirates seeing how he might have found an easy way to do it but soon flakes tugged on his hair and he snapped back to listen and would nod “ok then” he looked at the helpers and sized them up nodding. 

The thing is the helpers didn’t seem to be the brightest since it was a crab and mushroom which will help him get out of here as cal needed a peek of the layout of that place and that was what he was gonna get. “Well” he walked towards his room and into the hallway “i just need some necessary stuff to get into that place”.

Cal would let flakes fly around as he talked to blackbird “I need a sword preferably the one you took form me and I need to see the layout of the place I’m sneaking into of course” he landed on taking one of the vents to get away from the crew and take the artifact with them while running further where guards will come from blending in as a civilian do there’s no suspicion and taking on of the faster ships they have to offer or going into the forest around the place if that is easier
CreekCaptain BlackBird   49d ago

Blackbird hummed and tossed the sword to cal. “I kept it on me…It is very nice to use during training. What material is it made of? Seems similar to bone in a way…” BlackBird smirked at cal.

“Oh and sorry! We don’t have a map of the palace. Only the outside. Done by one of our land dwellers! Best at sneaking around the outside for all the routes.”

“So you will just have to stay with my best~” BlackBird got up close to cal, whispering in a husky tone to him.

A crabling came and ruins the moment as it tapped BlackBirds shoulder and chirped at him.

“Dammit. I’ll be right back.” Blackbird walked off and down to the child’s room once more.
akuma4longCal Mari   49d ago

“Yeah it’s from my fathers collection I took it before I left home and I don’t mean I stole it I mean he gave it to me and I just haven’t received it till I left” he would then turn to looked at blackbird “you don’t have a map of the place? Am I working with amateurs?” It was quite stupid for them to not have a map in his opinion if the artifact is so special then it’s probably heavily guarded

 It would make more sense if they got into the place using disguises and then mapped the area on a piece of paper so they could traverse it easier than just guessing on which directions to go but still it wouldn’t stop him from escaping since he had escaped much worse

Cal would back up some as he was whispered to blushing a tiny bit as honestly anyone would in that position but then again that fact is pretty embarrassing to say the least

Cal watched blackbird get called and watch as they walk off looking at flakes and shaking his head “not a chirp” and flakes would continue to fly

Cal went into his own room and went to sleep or well technically it was still one of blackbirds room but he stayed there so he practically thought of it as his
CreekCaptain BlackBird   49d ago

BlackBird went to the purple crab up at the deck and whispered to her. “You two watch him. I don’t trust him so much yet, plus he can prove to be quite useful. He doesn’t fully know it all, so don’t tell him anything.”

The purple crab nods. “Yes Captain.”

“What about me aye! Your lucky I even saw that guy!” The mushroom glared at BlackBird. BlackBird only chuckled.

“You too! If he does try to run off you can use…whatever you called it…”

“The big mama?! Oh hell yeah!” The mushroom cackled and rubbed his numb like hands together. “Oh this will be fun!~”
akuma4longCal Mari   49d ago

Cal would look  at flakes and would smile “well I have devised a good place and you just have to be my look out bird like usual flakes!” Cal had experience with things like this since well he had been captured by pirates before and the key is to act week talk little after you talk lots and then when there guards rather low you can get the hell out of there usually with some nice treasure but the best part about his crimes is he never does have to do it alone and he always has a back up plan in case things go seriously wrong

Cal laid in bed until he had to go to the place and they started the heist obviously he let things go smoothly and he waited for his cue finally when it came to start the plan he lead the mushroom and crab lead letting them take the leftover guards and things like that until he was to the treasure.

Obviously he had to go pretty fast not having much time until he knew gaurds really came from the king word probably already reaching the king but then his plan started having made the mushroom and crab stay outside the door to keep watch he quickly shut it putting wood in place having flakes open up a vent in the wall and hopping up to it starting to crawl
CreekCaptain BlackBird   49d ago

After some time the purple crab smirked and signalled for the other crabs to start searching.

They immediately got the hint and looked around in other areas. It seems they actually knew the layout of a lot of this place.

“Go shroom boy. I’ll catch up.” She muttered and walked off.

The mushroom creature laughed and took out his weapons, running off and around the place like a creature that just drank a bucket load of coffee, or a very bloodthirsty wolf.

Captain BlackBird looked around from the boat. He was panicking. He could not find his child anywhere.

Meanwhile, the ice baby was wandering around another part without the crabs, babbling and seemingly searching for somebody.

“C-Ca!” The baby babbled and huffed, sitting on the ground and playing with his feet.
akuma4longCal Mari   49d ago

Cal was obviously letting flakes lead the way to navigate through the vents and he followed them as flakes looked between vent openings looking down on the crabs making sure not to run cal into a bunch of crabs or into the mushroom and cal trusted them eventually reaching the room he looked around waiting some until he could see the kings men but there was one thing he wanted to do 

Cal had to wait till the kings men had distracted the crabs and he himself ran diving into the water swimming to the pirate ship and going around the back using his sword to climb the boat till he got to the top and went into the boat leaving the treasure and soon started to walk up and out of the ship till he heard the babbling.

Cal would look at the baby and smile walking up to them and listening to what they were saying holding them in his own arms realizing he probably shouldn’t seems quite stupid to think but then again this baby was babbling part of his name and that meant a little since he had only known that baby for a couple days
CreekCaptain BlackBird   49d ago

It seems BlackBird was mad. More than mad. Pissed off.

He was more frantic running around and trying to find the child. His feathers were puffed up, his talons sharp and digging into the boards below him.

He glanced back and saw cal with the child, his feathers puffing up more and he jumped off the boat, grabbing cal with his talons and sending him to the floor. He caught the ice child before he hit the floor.

“C-Ca…!” The Baby whined and reached for him.

BlackBird didn’t listen to the child and tightened his grip on cals neck. His head tilted and he let out a small snort. “Really? My own FUCKING CHILD?! Your lucky I even let you on board my own damn ship, letting you eat and roam around, then you come along, try getting away and try TAKING MY OWN CHILD?!?”

The baby seemed a little scared of his loud voice and whined. “C-Cal…!”

BlackBird stopped but his grip stayed strong. “Of course you like him…Dammit…”
akuma4longCal Mari   49d ago

Cal would look at them and tried grasping at his throat and when he could coughed “I just got on the boat I wasn’t trying to steal the kid!”

Cal would stand up “I was getting on the fucking boat with the treasure after deciding to stay!” Cal would get up and sneer “I was calming the baby down and it’s your fault for taking your eyes off the fucking child!” Cal rubbed his neck and would get up sneering 

Cal would shake his head “you fucking thought I’d jump into dangerous waters with a baby that is trying to say my name!?” He would stare them down and sigh looking away “you fucking Asshole I did think about leaving and then I actually found some attachment to the kid but guess what now I think it’s better if I leave”

Cal would look at the kid and walk to the edge again and wave at the kid “now if you excuse me I’m fucking out of here because of your dam bullshit!”
CreekCaptain BlackBird   48d ago

BlackBird sneered and walked off with the child.

But, the baby started to cry again, making BlackBird stop. 

“No! Isbert no! He…” BlackBird sighed as Isbert continued to whine and cry.

“C-Cal!!” The Baby seemed to vanish in a thin layer of snowy mist and appear next to Cal. “Cal!!” The Baby whined and made grabby hands at him.

BlackBird watched but didn’t do anything. He feels like he’s caused enough. So he continued to watch this. He didn’t even know the child could ever do something like that.
akuma4longCal Mari   48d ago

Cal watched them and would sigh rubbing his head and looking to head off the boat having no reason to stay there and just wanting to continue his own stuff but he looked to his side to see the baby

Cal backed from the edge of the boat picking the baby up and smiling “your a magical little guy aren’t you?” He would continue to make some funny faces to try and get the baby to laugh and continued to hold them

Cal looked over at blackbird and would sigh singing to the baby gently a soft sea shanty a bit embarrassed to sing in front of blackbird but he wanted to calm the child down so he could hand them off to blackbird since it was there kid.but he knew he couldn’t leave of the kid might come to him to far away from blackbird and he couldn’t do that.he also didn’t want to have the baby cry.

Cal would finally hand off is Bert to blackbird and walked towards the room previously given to him calling flakes down who perched on his shoulder
CreekCaptain BlackBird   48d ago

BlackBird took Isbert in his hands. He wanted to say something but he decided against it to not make cal more angry and set Isbert in his room. “Alright— that isn’t the worst thing that’s happened…”

“Sir We have an issue.” The purple crab stood in front of BlackBirds desk in his room.

“What? What could be the issue?” BlackBird seemed confused and got up from his desk. He glanced at Cal but quickly looked away, still shameful for what he did.

“We have…another on board…”

“Let go of me you crab— things!!!—“ a girl huffed and squirmed in one of the crablings grips. She sighed and gave up, blowing some hair out of her face. “Could I get some water or…Something?”

“What the FUCK?! I thought I told you to take anything BUT one of the princesses?!?”

The crabling backed up and whined, placing the princess down and retreating into the small crowd of other crablings.

“Idiots sometimes I swear.” BlackBird pinched his beak and shakes his head. “We can’t return her now either! We are already so far from land!”

“Uh…” the girl glanced around. “So im not suppose to be here…That’s good to know…”


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