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Love Bites

For the longest time vampires seemed to rule over almost every creature that lurked amongst the humans. Neko seemed to be there favorite things to dominate over. What would happen if there was neko that stood against these powerful creatures?

That is where our story begins ~

You don't remember too much of what happen that faithful night. Other than waking to your new master. You being a mix between vampire and humans made it easy for Kurayami to take you down. Just the though of being beaten by a neko was the worst. You would of rather died, then to put your kind to shame. Despite how much you long for death. Here you were taking your next breath serving the man that beat you in battle as if he were a king.

Everyday you were forced to cook and clean.Suffering the same fate as those cats normally did. How would you know that? Your family never had a neko. You see them many time before when you were out for special occasions. Most the vampires all had neko, even your father did at one point and time. They were normally weak and docile creatures. Some of the other vampire would often talk about how feasting off a neko was the best. It was like a rare delicacy, it was dangerous getting addicted to drink neko blood. Especially since they didn't live as long as vampires. Just as falling in love with a human was taboo to fall in love with nekos as well.

Here you were in a very embarrassing situation. You weren't allow to even touch Kura with out his permission nor did he feed you well.

(Pm me if you are interested!)
* Anime picture only!
* Also need to be able to play male character
* Also need to be able to post 1000+ characters
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Kuro_RoseyLiam Ironius   46d ago

The night had been dark and rainy Liam had just started his night shift at Macho Taco when it happened and the next thing he knew he was waking up chained to a basement with a neko standing over him telling him he was now Liam’s master and if Liam wanted to live he had to do everything this new master said, before spending the next several months ‘training’ Liam.

It’s been a year since that day and Liam hissed as he rolled over to slap off the alarm that was going off in his ear as he slowly rose to his feet and stumbled over to his closet and covering his pale malnourished body in today’s rags that the house called a uniform before slowly making his way up out of his basement room and towards the kitchen to start breakfast for the master. The 20yo barely glanced at the other servants before getting to his station and started peeling potatoes, but he could still feel their eyes on him as he was a vampire half-breed who in any other house outside this one would have been the head of the household, but no not Liam… Liam was a slave that was sold to this family of Nekos after the death of his mother all because his bastard of a father wanted to keep his ‘bloodline pure’ and Liam was a stain on that record, and the man thought it best to give Liam to the lowest creatures as he figured Liam would die quickly from embarrassment that he now had to serve what once served him. In all honesty though Liam didn’t truly care that he worked for a race seen to be even weaker than humans, what he cared about was the looks he got from the other men around him, hungry looks that more than one of them had acted upon, but recently he had thought to have seen that look on the master’s face as well and it terrified him because Liam had a secret he had never shared with anyone, a secret that would completely destroy him mentally if anyone ever found out the truth, and that secret was that after the ‘training’ he received to become a slave Liam had drank a potion he found in the torture room hoping it would kill him, but it hadn’t no… it… it had turned him into a true half-breed, but not on the side of his vampire-human liniage no… Liam was now a true half-breed in genetics and if found out he could one day give birth to a child. Of course none of the men had yet to find his 3rd hole as it seemed to have a complete hi-men covering it and had yet to start having periods, but rumor had it that if the Master took someone to his bed they wouldn’t leave until every part of them ‘had a taste’ of the master, and that was the thought that completely terrified Liam as he rather liked his job as it was now despite the beatings and ‘nightly visits’ and he truly didn’t want anything to change unless that change came with his death.

Finishing his tasks in the kitchen Liam moved out to the dining hall to begin setting the table when he heard the door open and he glanced up and froze seeing the Master standing there. It took Liam a moment to react before falling into a bow knowing better than to try and speak, though his body had paled even more than it was and was trembling with slight fear that he would be beaten for having the audacity to not have finished his tasks before the Master had woken.
SwiftkillKurayami   46d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Kurayami yawned as he walked down the grand staircase to the dining hall. Kurayami didn't live in a castle or anything it was simply a mansion. He narrowed his icy blue eyes at Liam. Something smelt off about him, it was like he was in heat or something which only cause Kurayami to let out a small hiss.  [#c7b3ef "Hurry up and get breakfast on the table."] he hiss out of agitation as his tail flicker.   

[#c7b3ef "If you do well today I will have a proper treat for you later."] he said with a small smirk. Surely the Liam mind had to of wonder elsewhere. That wasn't what he meant but why did he care what this bastard thought. This brat should just be happy he kept him live. 

He supposed it had been a while since he last Liam eat anything or drink blood tonight he was going to treat him well. Kill to bird with one stone you might say. Kurayami sat down at the table. His slender finger reached for the silverware. 

He smiled softly as the plate was set down before him. He started to eat his breakfast. He wouldn't admit but he always did enjoy every bite. Liam knew how he liked his eggs and potatoes. Of course he knew just how to sneak a little bit fish in the dish maybe that was why he loved it. Kurayami ate his breakfast silently. His eyes blue eyes seem to be locked on something he was reading. He let out soft sigh after finished his breakfast. He pushed his plate to the side since it was now empty. 

He stood up from the table. Headed up stairs towards his office. He had a lot of paper work to do and later there was going to be visitor that he had to prepare for.
Kuro_RoseyLiam Ironius   46d ago

Liam immediately finished his work and quickly went back to the kitchen upon hearing Kurayami’s words and quickly put together a plate of eggs and potatoes just how the master liked it and took it out to him before backing into the corner of the dining hall out of Kura’s line of vision with his head tilted down at the floor waiting for the moment he could move in to clean the table thinking back on the Master’s words from earlier and flinching unconsciously, he knew the man had just been making a false promise to give him blood, but Liam knew better than to hope for it, even if the lack of blood was the main reason he was so malnourished.

Once Kura left the room Liam moved in to start cleaning and made quick work of it before heading back to the kitchen where he swiped a piece of half-molded bread from the trash and ate it as he made his way upstairs to the Master’s bedroom to start on his cleaning duties for the day. The room was large and beautiful and very, very rich looking it always amazed Liam how different the class system was to what his stupid vampire of a bastard father taught him because here he worked in a mansion of someone his father had no qualms spitting on and assaulting if he felt like it, sure it wasn’t a massive castle or even half the size of his father’s hellhouse, but the clan Kurayami lived in was pretty well off compared to most humans Liam knew, hell his own human mother had lived in an apartment that was half the size of this place’s cleaning closet even AFTER having Liam. Shaking himself free from his thoughts Liam just focused on his work. Replacing the bed sheets he picked up the old ones and headed down to the laundry room and was just starting on the wash when Dylan one of the mansion’s guards came in and told Liam the master was looking for him, but one look at his face told Liam that this was a lie, and he swallowed hard and nodded getting up and following the man hearing snickers from the servants left behind.

Liam followed Dylan to the broken down shack that sat in the woods just behind the main house his body trembling as he knew this meant he was probably not going to be able to finish his work today, earning him time in the Red Room. Dylan pushed Liam into the shack where several of Liam’s bullies stood sneering and ‘hungry’ as they stripped the young half-breed and chained him up before beginning their ‘playtime’.

A couple hours later Liam hung in the shack bloody, bruised, and dripping with fluids, but they still hadn’t found his secret so as he hung there he sighed in relief and just watched out the tiny window as the sun reached it’s peak over the trees wondering when they’d come back to set him free this time. A part of him also wondered if the master would even notice he wasn’t there to serve him his lunch after all he had a very important guest due in today and that usually stressed him out. Liam’s breath caught in his throat at that thought because if Master was stressed by a guest he usually ended up calling for Liam for stress relief especially if he wanted to show off to the guest the fact that he had made ‘one-of-them’ his bitch.

[#009dcf “Oh Fuck.”] Liam muttered under his breath before letting out a stress laugh that turned into a full blown cackle as Liam fell into a full on panic attack. Liam’s panic attack was so bad he didn’t even notice the door of the shack flying open until he fell from where he was hanging. Having the breath knocked out of him Liam snapped back into reality until he looked over and saw a very expensive looking pair of shoes with a very annoyed tail swaying behind them, which caused him to start laughing again as he rolled over to be able to look up at the man. [#009dcf “OOPS Guess ya found me, ya cat bastard!”] were the words that came out of Liam’s mouth in between the laughs of the man in the middle of a severe mental break. [#009dcf “Shall I give you release MaStEr I’ve been told I’m vErY gOoD.”] Liam said his voice dripping with sarcasm as he forced himself to his knees and moved his numb hands up to the blurry figure’s pants while also partly protecting his face from whatever hit he knew was about to come.

{Sorry I couldn't resist, also I really wanted to get him into that bitchy slave kinda state... please don't hate me..if it's any consolation you remind me of a friend of mine who also roleplays so I kinda am showing my 'true self' with this one because you make me feel comfortable so sorry}
SwiftkillKurayami   46d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Kurayami eyes were burning orbs of anger. He already knew one of who had done then. Not only did he fire them be left them with a nasty scar. They should be been grateful that he did claw their eyes out. [+orchid "Shut the fuck... Don't you dare touch me with your dirty hands"] he said as he grabbed a hold of the chain that was around Liam's wrists. 

He yanked the man to his feet roughly. He dragged the naked Liam back into the mansion. He picked the brat up and carried him up the stair to his room. He walked straight to the bathroom. He put him down in the large tub. After snapping the chain with his bare hands.  [#c7b3ef "Make yourself presentable... Or I will make you wish you didn't leave that shed"] he said as threw a bar of soap at Liam head. 

The hot water was already fill with bubble and rose petals. There was even a fresh pare of clothes and a clean towel for him to use. Kura snarl as he slapped the door closed behind him. Thankful the bastard hadn't noticed the blood stain on his shirt that he was going to have to change out of. Of course it was his good shirt too. Kura walked towards he large walk in closet. He took the fancy what shirt of and put on a clean one.

Kurayami wasn't like the rest of the nekos that roamed around he was different and dangerous. Most the nekos knew this and even fear him. They seem to know what he was. It was funny how strong and mighty the vampires thought they were. Yet here he was owning one.   

[+darkred (You are okay, I'll let you if there is something I am uncomfortable with. (I mean baby and small children scare me so I can tell you this your character wont be having one anytime soon.) XD Don't worry  I have a spicy scene coming. (nothing to bad XD still a little spice) Aww. )]
Kuro_RoseyLiam Ironius   13d ago

{{So Sorry for being gone for so long}}

Being yanked up instead of slapped shocked Liam but he quietly let Kurayami lead him away, though he did stop and couch every once in a while which ended up with him almost falling on his face a few times, but he somehow managed to keep his balance when yanked. Everything was blurry of course, but Liam recognized that Kurayami was leading him though the secret tunnel that doubled as an escape that lead directly to Kurayami’s bedroom and he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as though the man probably didn’t want people to see Liam, he found this kind of risky for if Liam ever got the notion to rebel showing him the secret passage all but ensured the man’s demise.

Once inside the bedroom Liam only got a glance at the place before he was pulled into the bathroom and thrown into an already full tub and ordered to ‘make himself presentable’ before Kurayami broke the chain and stormed off and Liam coughed again and sighed wondering how long he could make the master wait before he came in to beat the snot outta him.

[#009dcf “Could have at least given me some blood so I can heal up… bastard.”] Liam muttered under his breath as he pulled in his knees to his chest and undid his braid spreading his hair out so it looked like he was covered in a wavy black dome, then he just sat there in the warm water surrounded by bubbles and rose petals meant not for people like him who if lucky got a ten minute session in the servant shower block once every couple days…

The water was so nice and comfortable Liam didn’t even notice he had fallen asleep until he was inhaling water at which point he shot out of the tub and stood over the toilet coughing out the water and puking up small bits of blood. Once calmed down Liam wrapped his arms around himself shivering and flinching as he looked around the room. Spotting a set of clothes on a stool Liam crawled over to it and picked them up frowning as they weren’t the usual servant uniform and he sighed. [#009dcf “Guess I’m playing doll today..”] Liam muttered before shakily forcing himself to his feet and glancing at his blurry form in the mirror and flinching seeing the damage to his body and he looked down trying to see what he might need to patch up before dressing. Noticing a few spots actively bleeding Liam walked back over to the tub and fished out some petals and placed them on the open wounds holding them down and using the small bit of fire magic he had seared them to his skin, he could deal with the damage later once he wasn’t needed, after all the master didn’t care about the forest behind the house, and though Liam was mostly forced into living off mostly Kurayami’s blood, blood was blood and any kind would still heal him, if only a bit.

Once all holes were patched Liam dressed and retied his hair glad to see the master had found his glasses. Glancing around the room again onced dressed Liam flinched seeing how much damage he had done and he quickly looked for something to clean up with, having a feeling he didn’t have much time left before the master came back to drag him to wherever it was he was needed. Finding a small cabinet with old rags full of holes Liam sighed grateful and quickly got to work, cleaning up all his blood, fluids, and bloody water from the room until it was as white and pristine as it should be. Liam then drained and cleaned the tub before stuffing the used rag into a pocket to wash later and stepped out of the bathroom back into the bedroom and looked around for Kurayami.
SwiftkillKurayami   12d ago

[center [size20 [google-font][Handlee Kurayami walked out of the large closet. His shirt was still unbutton revealing his scarred chest and abdomen. There was a time when ever Kura was beaten down. He learned from his many mistakes. He had become much stronger and was now a fear creatures. tonight was surly going to be fun. He slowly started to button up the black shirt.  He walked over towards Liam he nodded in approval. [#c7b3ef "Come a long"] he said as he pull the young boy out of his bedroom. 

It was finally time to punish a trader the lurked amongst them. Lucky some of his trusted allies had caught the boy. Kurayami lead Liam into his office which he hardly allowed anyone in. [#c7b3ef "Sit here for now"] he said as he pointed toward a chair. It wouldn't be long before his guest arrived. 

Kurayaumi sigh the flickering lights of a car in the distance. Before to long there was a knock on the heavy wooden door Kurayami open the side door that lead to the large garden. There was a small path that lead to the house.

There were two stronger looking nekos that pull in a smaller neko, his name was Yuri. It seemed his wrist were bond tightly causing a small red burn to appear on his fair skin. The small boy was shaking as the two men leaving him alone in the room with Kurayami and his servant. Yuri shivered as he looked at the both of them unsure of that danger that he really was in.
The small brunette ear were flatten against his head. Kurayami forced him into a chair. The shake young boy sat there confused as Kurayami pulled open his shirt revealing his soft skin along with two pink buds that seem to have been pierced. Kurayami smirked softly as he pulled at the piercing causing the young boy squirm in his seat.  

The frantic young boy tried to please with Kurayami but that was when he told Liam to come over. Kura snarl [+Orchid "You can feed off this bastard today..."] said as he made a small cut on Yuri neck. Yuri golden eyes were filled with tears as he tried to please with Kura to let him go. It seem that Kura plan to make sure he suffered. Yuri really didn't want another vampire at his throat. 

[+pink "Kurayami... I swear I didn't do it..."] but before he could say am more. He could feel Liam's sharp teeth latch on to his bleeding neck. It caused him to let out small moan of pleasure.  Which only seem to make Kura angry. Kura had no plans to kill Yuri. He only wanted to strike fear in the young boy. He would let Liam feed well. The boy would be going home but on strict watch of course. From what he was told Yuri had told some vampires something about plans to rebel and free more Nekos from them. It wasn't the brats fault that he fell for a vampire's charm but he need to know who he cross who kept him safe.

(It is okay. XD I hope this post was okay I kind had this spicy idea but I also kind of forgot it so I hope it turn out okay.)


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