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Spring cleaning: This site will self destruct in 2 months, March 17.
It will come back, and be familiar and at the same time completely different.
This does not necessarily mean downtime, it means a blank slate.
All content will be deleted. Backup anything important.
--- Staff
Ask NJ, Talk shit to him, talk about random shit, do business, have fun. Rp, goof off. Idrc. Welcome to my chat. Follow ES's rules and we'll have a great time!
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Shoju2663   52d ago

For NJ.
DamascusKlies     47d ago
I am the poison

Shoju2663   46d ago

Hello. Welcome to the County. How may I assist you?
DamascusKlies     46d ago
I am the poison

umm,i dont know,what is this county rules??
Shoju2663   46d ago

There's no rules besides ES standard rules.
DamascusKlies     46d ago
I am the poison

Shoju2663   46d ago

Yuppers. ^^


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