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He was supposed to just be my brother's best friend forever. These feelings were never supposed to come for him, he was your typical bad boy. Detention almost Friday when we were still in high school, a new girl every day, and he was known as the prom heartbreaker, because of what he did to Sally Holmes at Senior Prom. A horrible experience causes me to move in with my older brother, but nobody warns me how many times he will be there. What happens when he decides to start crashing on the couch, to get away from some of his latest conquests.
I hope I don't regret the day I moved in with my brother....
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Blowing a strand of hair from her face, Sophia Hardwell looks around her brother's apartment. Well, now her apartment too. The memories start to creep up in her mind again, causing her eyes to shut tight. She promised herself, once she was out of what was once her childhood home, she would never let herself think about [I him] again and the things he did to her again. 

She remembers the phone call she had made to Andy, her brother, begging him to take her away. If he hadn't of driven back and pushed passed the asshole, Sophia doesn't know how he would of found her in the bathroom. But, thankfully she was just crouched in the corner with her head in her hands and her eyes swollen and red from crying. She felt like a little kid again, shaking in her brother's arms as he carried out of that treacherous house they once knew as home. 

Sophia blinks and pushes the memories far back in her mind again, walking over to the small kitchen, she grabs a cup and fills it with water before splashing the cold liquid in her face to calm her nerves. She was ready to start her life over and be a different person, thoughts flooded her mind as she stares out the window at the apartment complex's courtyard.

It didn't take long before Eli's latest fling blew up in his face. Everyone knew how he was and everyone couldn't expect him to change any time soon. He wasn't going to. Eli went through a lot of high school in a relationship so when he finally got out of it, he decided to do his own thing and have his own fun. He was with a different girl basically every weekend. He wasn't one for relationships anymore and all he wanted to do was have a good time and do what he wanted. When he ended his fun time with a girl, the girls usually were good about it. A lot of them didn't want anything more than a weekend of fun just like him but others didn't take his leaving so lightly. 

His latest one was no different. Basically stalking him, blowing up his phone and trying her best to get back with him. He wanted nothing to do with it. He had to get away from his own apartment. There was one person who he knew would help him out and that was his long time friend, Andy. 

He knew Andy from high school, the two of them clicked nearly instantly. They were into the same things, did basically everything together and were both a couple of shitheads together. He knew Andy would help him out even for a little while. He'd just need to get away long enough for his clingy fling to leave him alone. He called the boy up, telling him what was happening and asked to stay at his apartment for a few days. Hopefully this girl would go away. 

Andy graciously accepted, telling him he could crash on the couch. At first Eli was confused because Andy had a spare room, but when Andy told him that his sister was in a situation and needed the spare room, Eli acknowledged it and accepted the couch. He didn't care, as long as he could get away from his own apartment for a couple days. 

Eli and Andy's sister had nothing in common. She was the type to never do anything fun, never get her hands dirty and always followed the rules. Eli usually never talked to her. Every time Eli came around, him and Andy would head into their childhood home's basement and play video games or do whatever they wanted to do, or go out and hang out with their own friends. He wasn't sure how this housing situation would go, but he didn't really care at the moment, he just needed to get out. Eli packed a bag of things he needed for a week and heading off to Andy's apartment.

"Soph?" Andy's voice, startles Sophia's thoughts and when she turns to face him, she already doesn't like what he is going to say next. "What's up?" She asks hesitantly, watching him over the glass as she takes a sip of water. Andy blows out a sigh and scratches the back of his neck. "I just got off the phone with Eli. You remember him right?" 
Psh, does Sophia remember him? Of course she did, Andy's friend who she never spoke to but always heard what a major asshole and player he was from her friends. She could recall all the times, Andy would ask her to cover for him so he could sneak out with Eli to go hook up with some girls. 

Sophia places the glass on the counter and rests her hand on her hip. "Yeah, why?" Her head tilts to the side, and she hated the nervous look in Andy's eyes. "Well," he started. "He has some trouble going on, and asked for a place to crash. Just for a while until things blow over-" Sophia puts her hand up and narrows her eyes at him. "Andrew... You didn't..." "Sophia, he needed my help just like you did. I told him he could crash on the couch." "And you didn't think to ask me first??" Sophia's voice raised a couple octaves and it was Andy's turn to narrow his eyes. "It's my apartment... Why would I have to talk with you about it?" Him and his sister rarely argued, in fact they were actually pretty close, but the way she was being really worked his nerves. Sophia's eyes widen, before she holds her hands up in front of her. "Oh oops, you're right... How could I forget this is your apartment...? Don't worry Andy, it's perfectly fine. I'll deal with my trauma myself, and will be out of your hair as soon as I can." She turns on her heel and speed walks to the spare room she was staying in and slams the door. 

"Soph, now come on... I didn't mean-" but she had already disappeared and he tenses at the bang of the door against the frame. "Well this should go over well..." Andy groans and walks into the family room,plopping down on the couch. He pulls out his phone and texts Elijah. -Hey bro, just ring the bell when you get here and I'll let you up.- Once the message sends, he hides his face in his hands and hopes this doesn't turn into a disaster because the two most important people in his life right now truly need him and he intends on being there for both.

It didn't take long for him to arrive at Andy's place. He checked his phone, seeing the text from Andy saying to ring the bell when he got there. He leaned back against his seat, stuffed his phone into his pocket and looked ahead for a moment. He could feel his phone buzzing again so he pulled it back from out of his pocket and looked it over. A heavy sigh escaped him when he saw who it was. The same girl from the previous night. He ignored the call and pushed his phone back into his pocket before grabbing his bag and got out of the car. 

Walking up to Andy's building, he rang the bell and waited for the buzzer to indicate he could open the door. Once he heard it, he opened it and walked up to the door to Andy's place, knocking and waiting for the other to open the door. He just wanted to get himself out of the situation he created, maybe tell the girl another time that he wasn't interested in a relationship and get it handled so he could go back to his own place. For now, he was happy Andy let him crash there for a while just to avoid any other issues. 

He just hoped this would blow over quickly and everything could go back to the way it was. Once Andy opened the door, he looked at the male on the other side and let out a deep sigh. "Oh man.. thanks again for letting me crash here. This chick is stalking me and blowing up my phone. I should know better than to bring them back to my place by now." he groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb to show his annoyance. "She's knocked on my door three times today. I've just had to pretend I'm not there..." he spoke, walking into the familiar apartment when he was let in. He moved into the living room, putting his stuff down by the couch and out of the way before plopping himself down on it. "No matter how many times I tell this girl I don't want a relationship and that I just wanted to have fun, she insists she can try and change me and that she's not like the other girls and blah blah blah.. but she still hooked up with me the same night?" he spoke, looking up at the other male who usually was around for his little late night hook ups. "She's exactly like everyone else." he spoke before letting out an exhausted laugh. 

"How've you been? It's been a minute since I've seen you." Eli spoke, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees as his eyes met with the other male. He seemed distracted and vaguely upset about something. Eli squinted his eyes for a second and tilted his head. "What's going on?"

Keeping his face in his hands for a few moments longer, Andy decides that he won't let Sophia make him feel guilty. They could all make this work, and yes even though he knew Eli could be a jerk he knew he wouldn't make this hell on Sophia on purpose. The bell going off in the apartment pulls him out of his thoughts, and he pushes himself up off the couch and presses the button that unlocks the door to the building. He leans against the wall, and crosses his ankle over the other as he waits for Eli to get to the door. 

Once Andy hears the knock, a smile appears on his face and for a moment his anxiety with Sophia dissipates as he opens the door and sees the man he has considered a brother for years. "Hey man!" He was unable to get anything else out, as Elijah dove right into thanking him and explaining in more detail exactly what is going on with this crazy girl. Of course Andy knew of Eli's many conquests, but this one had to be the creepiest. No girl has ever stalked him this bad, he definitely wouldn't let Sophia make him feel guilty for helping Eli now. At just the thought, Andy's mind started slipping to the situation Sophia got out of and wondering how this would play out. He knew it was traumatizing for her, and he wished he could have saved her sooner... But he saved her now and could be there for her now, even with Eli being here with them for now.

Realizing that Elijah was talking to him, he lets his mind come back to the current and runs his hand through his hair, breathing heavily. "Huh? Oh sorry buddy, it has been a while. These girls have been taking up all your time, you don't have time for your boys anymore. We've missed you buddy." When Eli asks what is going on, Andy hesitates and clears his throat. "Well, as you know my little sister is staying here too... She went through some shit back at home, and I guess she was just nervous about having someone else here while she tried to process it... We fought before you got here, but that's no big deal. She'll get over it, would you like a drink or something to eat? So we can really catch up?" He asks, the smile for having his best friend back, spreads on his face again.

Eli looked the other over. His mind was somewhere else and he could tell it was weighing on him a bit. Once the other told him what was going on with his little sister, his eyes moved to the floor for a moment. He knew Andy and Sophia's home life hadn't always been exceptional. It was one of the things he and Andy bonded over, but hearing shit was still going down with all that made Eli a little pissed off. Sophia was Andy's little sister and Andy was Eli's best friend so seeing Andy in that upset state sucked. Even if Eli hated that messy home life stuff, he still wanted to hear about it so he could try and do what ever he could to help out. At this point in time, Andy had it covered and he got his sister out of a shitty situation at home. Eli lifted his eyes once again to meet Andy's as the boy's smile returned to his face. Suddenly, his problem with the stalker didn't seem relevant any more and he'd let it go for now. 

As Andy mentioned something to eat or drink, Eli leaned back again and let out a deep sigh. "Honestly, if you've got something strong, I'll take it." he mentioned putting his hands over his face. At any inconvenience, Eli turned to alcohol to numb the feelings he had.. any feelings. He had done it since they were in high school and that's enabled a lot of his issues he had now but he had no plans to stop. 

Any issues at home, Eli sought alcohol to forget about them for a moment, any relationship issues, Eli turned to alcohol. It helped, even for a few hours before he had to return back to reality and face whatever was bugging him. He was honestly just happy to be out of his apartment and with his best friend again, even if Andy was preoccupied by family issues.  "I wont cause issues.. I'll practically be invisible." Eli mentioned, though that was easier said than done. Eli's presence usually caused a disturbance. He couldn't help it. He was raised in a home with narcissistic, abusive assholes and he turned out just as destructive as everyone could expect. Thankfully, he had a bit of mind not to treat people how his own family treated him, he just had his own issues. 

Eli waited on the couch, his head leaned back as he stared at the roof of Andy's apartment. "Again, man.. I really do appreciate you letting me stay. It'll only be for a couple of days until I get get this one off my back." he spoke. He felt even more grateful knowing Andy had his own situation going on that he still let him crash there for a while.

Andy watches Eli's reaction, as he explains what's going on with Sophia and feels a little guilty dumping it on him, with Eli having to deal with this stalker lady. Which is why the smile quickly reappears on Andy's face, and he decides to drop it for now because as he said Sophia will drop it and things will go smooth eventually..  He hopes. 

When Eli accepts his offer for a drink, Andy nods and walks over to the kitchen and grabs two glasses, before turning to the refrigerator and pulling out whiskey. He pours them both a glass and when he returns in the living room, he hands Eli his glass. "Listen, you don't have to worry about it, you know how girls can be. She's just being over dramatic about this situation, not what happened at home but with you. You stay for as long as you need to." Andy states, before sitting down on the arm chair and crossing his leg over his knee. "I mean it, don't let her make you feel like you have to leave. It is no bother at all, it's been forever since we hung out. Plus, it sounds like you definitely caught a crazy bitch this time." He chuckles and relaxes, taking a sip of the drink. 
"You definitely need to learn to not show these girls where you live, especially when you know they are never the one." Andy teases. 

"This is why I decided to stay single forever. Haven't found the right one, plus the bar has all my concentration right now. I can't let gramps down and let it crash and burn." Andy's eyes sparkle, when he speaks about the bar Sophia and Andy's grandfather left in his name when he passed away. "Maybe you should take your life seriously now that you have a stalker and come work with me? It would help business, with all the girls you attract." He laughs again, before his breath stills in his chest when he heard the guest room door open. 
Sophia steps out of the room, freshly showered, wearing a black tight and short dress that hugs her curves and her hair is down and curled. Her eyes look up from her phone, the hint of previous crying still evident in them as they widen when she sees Eli. 
Andy clears his throat and sits up straighter. "Sophia, you remember Eli right?" He gestures to the other male, hoping his sister plays nice. 
Sophia thinks for a moment, before a small smirk plays on her lips. "I actually do not remember him, I remember hearing about his asshole ways but not ever meeting him. Sorry, but it's nice to meet you. I've got to run, Mandy invited me out to the club tonight." She turns and grabs her bag, before rushing out the door and shutting it behind her and walks down the stairs of the apartment building. Her mind still reeling about how cute Elijah Powell has gotten with age.

Eli chuckles at Andy's words. He would definitely not be bothered if Sophia gets on his case. He wasn't worried about it in the slightest. He took the glass from Andy and took a sip of the dark liquid, letting it warm him from the inside and let out a content sigh. He finally felt relaxed after the crazy lady from earlier. As Andy joked about his situation, he grinned himself. He knew better than to bring girls back to his house, well he should, but he just couldn't help it. There was one place he wanted to be. He liked being at home, waking up in his own bed, having his own things around him. Usually he could just call a cab for a girl, say his goodbyes and that was the end of it, but with this one, it didn't seem as simple. "I know.." he groaned, but had a smile on his face about the situation.

Eli looked over at Andy when he mentions the bar. He knew the other loved it and wanted to make his grandpa proud of it. Eli went there on occasion to visit when Andy worked and he really liked it there. It was a nice place. At the mention of working there, Eli gave off a slight laugh but fell silent. It wouldn't be too bad. He'd been a bartender before and he liked it. The bar was always a good place to meet girls and who didn't like a bartender? "Might take you up on that if you've got a bartender position open." the male smirked, raising his glass to his lips again and took another drink. The liquid seemingly calming him down instantly. 

As the door opens to the room, Eli's eyes instinctively dart towards the young girl emerging from it. He couldn't help but look her up and down, his eyes moving along the small frame of Andy's sister that sported a tight, short black dress standing in front of the two. She looked exactly the type that Eli would normally go for and she definitely didn't look the same as when Eli saw her last in passing. The moment Sophia's smirk emerged onto her lips, Eli knew something good was going to come out of her. He listened to her words before lifting his glass to his mouth again,a smirk hidden behind the glass before raising his shoulders and watching her walk out. 

His eyes moved back to Andy, letting out a short laugh before shaking his head slightly. "She's a feisty one, isn't she?" he spoke, looking back towards the door. He hoped this wouldn't get him in trouble, but he had to remember this was his best friends little sister and she really wasn't like the other girls he's pulled before. He had to tread very lightly in this situation he's gotten himself into.

Andy looks over at Eli, as they talk about the situation he had gotten himself into. Chuckling the whole time, he asked his head. "I mean, what was so different about this one that you broke your number one rule? Did she boost your ego, was she beautiful?" He teases, though he seriously wondered what made Eli break his number one rule with this now crazy stalker chick. 

When Eli accepts his offer, Andy's eyes widen. "You're kidding?! I didn't think you'd actually agree. I've been looking for another bartender for weeks, I fired my old one because he got into a fight with one of my frequents... Police were called and everything... Would you be up for giving it a shot tonight? Our shift would be in about an hour? I'll go easy on you, your first night and help out but once I see that you have the swing of things I'm going into the silence and comfort of my office." With an eager face, he looks at Eli hopeful. Otherwise he would be screwed tonight when Angie left. 

Andy's eyes widen when he hears Sophia's snide comment toward Eli and narrows his eyes, before finally catching sight of her dress. "Woah, what the hell happened to my little sister? Why are you wearing that and acting like that?" He asks, in the typical older brother voice. 
Sophia rolls her eyes and ignores his questions, before rushing out the door. Thoughts flood her head, that no one would understand that she needed this. She needed to change who she was and how she acted, otherwise she might drown. A smile paints her face when she sees her best friend from years ago and gets in her car and they head out for the night. 

Andy stares at the door, his mouth open and his hand rubbing his stubble on his chin. He hears Eli's question and lets out a huge sigh. "Not usually, I don't know what the hell that was. But, I'll talk to her about calling you names, even though she was spot on." He teases. "I am sorry for that though. But, seriously what do you say? Feel up to getting the hell out of here and helping me in the bar?"

Eli laughed at his questions. "She was so hot. Nice body, dark hair..I couldn't help myself." he groaned, leaning forward again. "We were just so drunk and I needed any excuse to get her in bed." he commented, looking down at the glass. "She said she had a roommate that wouldn't enjoy the fact she brought someone home so I told her we could go back to my place, but I mean.. who knows if that was even true. She could have just wanted to see where I lived so she could stalk me." he laughed. "She was following me around like a lost puppy at the club." he commented, shaking his head. "I saw her a few times, but I didn't really pay attention to her until I was drunk and wanted someone to go back with at the end of the night." he laughed. "Serves me right. Won't be doing that again." he sighed. 

At the mention of Andy actually needing a new bartender, Eli sat in silence for a moment, mulling it over. He really did hate his current job and was looking for any excuse to get out of it. He shrugged and nodded. "yeah, why not." he laughed. He wanted to get out and get his mind off his clinger anyway. Andy's comment on his sister's attitude only made Eli grin. He didn't mind the sass from her and shrugged it off. "It is true." the male laughed before shaking his head. "Don't worry about it, Andy. I really don't care what she says to me." he spoke. It never bothered him when people told him their opinions of him. He even knew they had truth to them. Eli was what he was and how he acted.. he sure as hell wouldn't change any time soon. 

When Andy said their shift was in an hour, he nodded and finished off the rest of his whiskey. "Alright, I'm going to go shower and change. I'll be good to go soon." he smiled, standing up off the couch to head to the bathroom. He was actually excited for the night. He hadn't gotten to bartend for a while and he really did enjoy the job. He loved the bar scene, he loved making drinks and he definitely liked seeing all the girls dressed up and ready for a good night. Even though this stalker was on his mind, he wanted to get out and flirt a little bit. 

Once Eli was out of the shower, he pulled on a plain black t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. He knew Andy's place had a slack dress code and only required non-ripped pants and a black shirt for the sake of spilling and staining. He made sure his hair sat just right and walked out, looking over at the other male. "Alright, man. I'm ready when you are." 

Once the two got to the bar, Eli hopped out of the car and looked the place over. He loved the look of it and the familiarity of it. He hadn't been there for a while, but all the memories of why he loved that place came flooding back. He walked in with Andy, re familiarizing himself with his surroundings. Bartending was like riding a bike, he was sure he'd get right back into it with ease.

Letting out a breath of relief once Eli accepted the job, Andy chuckles as he feels like a little kid. "You are seriously a lifesaver dude! This will definitely help the bar out, well as long as you like it. I know we're like brothers, but be honest with me if you don't want to do it. I'll completely understand." He smiles, before watching Eli head to the bathroom to shower. Wondering if he should mention this to Sophia, or just keep his mouth shut for now. Well she was being overdramatic, so he will definitely keep this to himself for now. 
A smirk crosses his face, as he gets up and gets changed into his outfit for the bar. Once he finishes, he walks out and pours himself another drink before downing it and putting the glass in the sink. 
Once Eli walks out, Andy nods and grabs his jacket and the keys for his truck. "Then let's go, thank you again buddy." 

When they get to the bar, Andy gets out of the truck and walks in next to Eli. Smiling at the crowd that has accumulated on this Friday night, his eyes immediately find Angie and the poor girl is red in the face and looks exhausted. "Looks like we came right on time. Poor Angie is going to pass out... You remember my ex, who was too tough to handle right?" Angie and Andy, the double A couple, the one who everyone thought would work since high school, but they decided they were better off as best friends.  But they both did hell of a good running the bar, now hopefully they can do even better with Eli's help. Andy chuckles and puts his hand on Eli's back, walking toward the bar. "Alright, let's go hot shot. I don't mind you flirting, but please nothing physical until after closing time. I don't need more puke on the bar than normal." He laughs, before walking around the bar and starts helping Angie out with the people. 

Angie's eyes widen and she runs her hand across her forehead, wiping the sweat off. "Wow, Elijah Powell... It's been a long time, never thought I'd see you without a girl draped around your arm." She teases him, before hugging him. 

Sophia keeps dancing to the beat of the music, some guy had joined their group and was taking turns dancing with each girl. A smile was on Sophia's face, as she felt different. This is what she needed. She looks over at the door and groans, hiding behind the guy. "Shit, I didn't think Andy worked tonight and why the hell is Eli with him??" 

Mandy keeps shaking her hips and looks at Sophia, rolling her eyes. "Soph, you should've expected your brother to show up. This bar is everything to him, which is why he won't look twice at any girl who comes his way. And wait, Eli?? As in Eli Powell?? Wow, when did the troublemaker step into town?"

Eli was actually ecstatic to get back into the bar scene working. He walked in with Andy, seeing everyone dancing and having a good time. It felt right. He noticed Angie, Andy's ex girlfriend struggling to keep up. Andy reminds him who she was but Eli remembered her with no issues. Everyone thought they would last but they ended their relationship on such good terms they stayed really good friends. "Of course I do." As the two walked to the bar, he chucked at Andy's comment. "You got it, boss. I'll wait till after." 

 Eli smiles, hearing Angie's teasing comment and wraps his arms around her as she did with him. "Well the night's still young.. I've got plenty of time." he laughed lightly and let the shorter girl go before reading the cards of the bars drinks. He read them over quickly, getting it back into his head the ingredients and measurements. Thankfully, Andy's bar had some typical drinks that were usually made the same as every other place and some inventive drinks that Andy and his staff typically made up on their own. It didn't take long for Eli to get into a groove. Soon, he was able to help Angie out and take some of the drinks off her plate. 

Eli felt at home, being behind the bar, serving whoever came his way. He felt like a natural and he just seemed to melt into everyone else. He'd happily flirt with any single girl that came up to him and respected any coupled girl. He wasn't that much of a dickhead. He always had fun serving some drinks and having a little fun behind the bar. He wanted to make sure Andy was comfortable with him being there and he was always down to help his friend in his time of need. 

While he was pouring some drinks, Eli's eyes scanned the room. He was looking for a potential next victim but his eyes landed on the same black dress that emerged from the room a few hours prior. Of course, Sophia was here. The town was small and there was only a few choice bars to go to, plus this bar was also under her name. He could recognize a few people she was hanging around with but for the life of him, their names were coming up blank. He had been away from the small town for a little while, only coming by to visit Andy a few times once in a while but decided to return to his hometown after a fall out with his parents. It came no shock that Eli would have another falling out with his parents and return to his home town, he was just surprised how much everyone changed, despite the town itself staying basically the same. He peeked over at Andy, wondering if he spotted his sister but went back to work, trying not to stare at his best friends sibling.

Andy stayed and helped Angie and Eli, until he looked over and noticed that Eli was smiling and even making some of the regulars laugh. He was doing good and fast, with a pat to Eli's back he hollers over the sound of the music. "I think you've got it down, I'm going to get some paperwork done in my office. Get me if anything gets too crazy, thanks again man." He turns to Angie. "Just make sure he doesn't get lost in some girls eyes and forget his duties." He nudges her arm, before heading into the back of the bar where his office is, not even noticing his sister. 

Angie keeps up with her share of pouring the drinks and passing them to the people, she giggles at Andy, before turning to Eli when Andy disappears. "He is right, you got the hang of it pretty fast and these girls are desperately throwing themselves at you. Just like high school Powell. He really needed this though, the bar was being threatened of shutting down if he didn't find someone else soon. His sister works here twice a week, but he isn't even sure she still will with what their asshole father did to her... Poor girl, it's a good thing Andy didn't notice her, she's been acting completely different, that man their with is a regular I sent over there to keep an eye on her, but she's going to end up getting herself in trouble she keeps acting like she is." 

Sophia jumps at the hand wrapping around her wrist, and gasps as she is pulled into another male and he starts dancing with her. "Hey sweetheart what's your name." Sophia's nose crinkles, as the smell of liquor hits it. "No thanks, I've got somebody over there." She points to the regular Angie spoke about, but the other guy wasn't having it, he kept his hands firmly on her. "Oh come on honey, I can show you a good time with a real man." 
Sophia's body was tensing up, but she remembered that is what the old her would do and decides to cave a little and dances against the man.

Eli looked over at Andy as he felt the pat on his back. He listened to him over the music and nodded his head. "We got this." he motioned to Angie with a quick, harmless wink. He watched Andy move into his office before hearing Angie's voice begin to speak. He looked over at her as she explained some things he had missed out on and shook his head. "I knew that man was an asshole I'm not surprised." he commented back, continuing to the few more drinks that were coming in. Everyone was content, a lot of them had their drinks and it was starting to slow down on the orders from the rush that was happening when they arrived. Eli looked up towards the regular Angie mentioned and nodded his head. "That's good. As long as someones keeping an eye on her." he spoke again. He knew Sophia's attitude before from what Andy said but now that she had changed, he wasn't sure how she acted now.. and apparently from Andy's comment before back at the apartment, her own brother didn't know either. 

"As long as there's no trouble, we'll be good." he smiled back at the girl. Eli had always been the one to be in the middle of fights. He usually started them but in this case, he wanted to make sure Andy could rely on him to take care of the bar. He knew he had to keep himself on the right track tonight, even more so since it was his first night helping Andy out. He looked up again, finding Sophia in the crowd of people with some guy grabbing her wrist. He just had to keep his eyes on the guy and make sure things didn't get out of hand. He hoped if things went sideways, the regular keeping his eyes on her would step in and he wouldn't have to. "I can see her from here.. if anything escalates I can be a bouncer too if need be." he half joked to the other. Above all else, he wanted to make sure Andy's sister would be alright. Alcohol mixed with testosterone was never good and Eli knew better than anyone, it could quickly go downhill. At least there was enough people there that if any bad things were to happen, he knew a lot of people would make sure everything got sorted quickly. 

Eli watched as Sophia danced with the man who seemingly made her uncomfortable before and shrugged it off, but still kept an eye on her, making sure to look over between orders and making drinks to make sure nothing kicked off.

Angie lets out a sigh, before nodding her head. "I think anyone who knew the Hardwell siblings knew about their father... He was awful, some of us only went over there house when we knew he was away on his "business trips..." "  Angie mixes a martini and passes to an older woman who stepped up to the bar, before turning back to Eli. "Whatever he did to her this time, has made her into a crazy party girl.. Instead of acting twenty-four she acts like she is fifteen again... She used to be shy and quiet and now there isn't a guy here who hasn't at least gotten a kiss from her... If Andy ever found out he'd kill her. I think it's just a phase to forget her father, but I make sure to always have someone watching her because this is the only place she really goes to party." She shrugs, before focusing back on making her specialty drinks. 

Sophia keeps dancing with the guy, until his hand travels a little lower. Her entire body freezes up and she tries to pull away from him, but he tightens his grip. "Are you being a tease sweetheart? Because, I don't like to play..." He growls in her ear, and goes to grab her throat. 
The regular walks up and grabs the guys hands and twists them behind his back. "Walk away, walk away and don't look back or I will kill you myself." The regular growls, before the guy surprisingly turns and punches him in the face. "She isn't yours. Not dressed like that." His words slur, as he looks over at Sophia again. "Come on girl, I don't play and I'm not going to take this asshole trying to keep me from my fun." He walks closer to her and wraps an arm around her waist tightly.

Sophia is normally used to guys like this and hell most nights she fights back, but tonight she had frozen, memories torturing her mind. "P-please let me go!"

Eli could remember all the shit the kids went through with their father. He remembered Andy tell him all the things the man would do and half the time Eli wanted to knock the man out but was too little to do any real damage. He knew if he'd try, nothing good would actually come of it, so he had to keep himself in check. Eli let out an inaudible sigh and shook his head. "He was an ass.." he mumbled and heard Angie go on about Sophia. He looked up towards her, still seeing her dancing with the other guy as Angie spoke. "Everyone deals with trauma in their own way." he commented. There was nothing wrong with a little fun as long as you didn't get yourself in a whole lot of trouble, but from the sounds of it, Sophia was on that path. He couldn't judge. Nothing Eli did was morally right and he did the same. He went out partying every weekend, slept with tons of girls and dealt with it in the same way. However, the sudden change in demeanor was a slight red flag. 

Eli looked at Angie with a shrug of his shoulders. "Hopefully it's just a phase and Andy doesn't figure it out." He commented before hearing a commotion near the back of the bar where Sophia was. He looked up to see the regular get knocked on his ass and instantly straightened up. Well shit. What he wanted to avoid seemed unavoidable now. One guy is on the ground and Sophia is being handled like a rag doll at this point and looking very uncomfortable. "Are you good?" he asked Angie, stepping out from around the bar and not giving it another thought or waiting for another word from the girl. Andy's sister was in trouble and there was no one around to stop the guy. Eli pushed through the crowd of onlookers, half of them not even knowing what happened and some of them helping the regular off the ground. 

He had to play this right. If he started off too hostile, there would be a full blown fight, but if he acting too weak, the guy wouldn't take him seriously. This was Andy's bar and he had to act as professional as he could. He stepped up to the guy, putting a hand to his shoulder and tugging on him a little. "Alright, man... you've caused enough shit. It's time to head home and go to bed." he spoke sternly but still professionally, even though he wanted nothing more than to grab the guys head and smack it into the nearest bar table he could find. He just knew he had to do anything to get him away from Sophia.

Angie listens to Eli, about mentioning everyone deals with shit their own way. "I know that's true, someone else I know used to do it too. Which caused his behavior in high school a lot of the time." She hints, nudging him in the arm. "Maybe it's a good thing, you are staying at Andy's apartment, I have a feeling he is going to need a lot of help with that girl and you have the experience to do it." She smiles, Eli was always her favorite friend of Andy's, disregarding his reputation. She could see below the act and knew exactly who he was, just like Andy could. She knew just what the two boys would get into when they were in high school, but she knew they always had each other's back so she never worried. 

When the commotion happens, Angie curses under her breath. "Fuck, if Andy hears this, there will be hell to pay for all of us." She smirks when Eli doesn't even wait for her response when he asks if she is good. "Yeah sure. Go be the dark knight in shining armor." She mumbles under her breath, before trying to distract the other customers with drinks and shots, so it doesn't turn into a huge thing like it could. 

Sophia watches with wide eyes as the guy she was with gets knocked to the ground by the guy tormenting her. She looks over at Mandy, who tries to walk up to her to get her out of the situation before the guy comes back and grabs Sophia. He sees Mandy walking up and glares at her. "Jeez, would everyone relax... She is fine." He grumbles, his hold on Sophia tightening, until Eli grabs his shoulders. He drops his hands from Sophia and tightens his hands into fists, glaring at the many who was just a tad taller and definitely a lot more built than he was. "Who the hell do you think you are tough guy? I was just having fun with this lady, and she was having fun too. If I'm leaving, she's coming with me." He puts his fists on Eli's chest and pushes him as hard as he could, before swinging his fist and coming just short of punching him in the face. 

Sophia gasps and backs away slightly, as much as she was scared at this guy, she sure as hell didn't want Eli Powell of all people to come and save her.

Eli watched as the male turned around to address him. As he spoke, Eli let out a small huff and waited for the inevitable to happen. He knew how this all played out. He'd been in plenty of fights in his life and knew that no good thing would come from this. Drunken men were always the worst. Especially when people confronted them about their shitty behavior. They always wanted to be the toughest in the room. Eli was no different. He acted the same way. He had to make sure he handled this in the best way possible. He had to respect Andy's bar to the best of his abilities. 

Once he felt the guys hands on his chest and shoved him back then swung at him. Luckily the guys fist just missed his face as he moved back. Eli stumbled back a bit, feeling hands on his back of the other people to keep him up. Eli, albeit a little stunned, was fuming now. That push pushed him over the edge enough where he moved back towards the guy, grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling him towards the door. He didn't slow down until he had the guy outside before shoving him out the door. He walked back into the bar and let out a loud sigh, moving back behind the bar and shook his head, rolling his shoulders before looking at Angie. "Sorry about that." he spoke, clearing his throat to calm himself down. In any other situation, he'd have a couple of drinks to calm himself down.

Sophia watches with wide eyes, knowing Eli's reputation and knowing he could kill this guy if the moment presented itself. When the guy pushes Eli back, her breath catches. This could end terribly and her brother would be pissed. 

The guy keeps his eyes narrowed at Eli, and straightens himself up. His hands still balled into fists, when Eli grabs the back of his shirt and pulls him to the door. A growl escapes his mouth, when he is pushed out the door. "My lawyer will hear about this, I have never been kicked out of this bar since I started coming here. Go screw yourself!" He yells and spits on the ground, before walking away in the night. 

Angie watches as Eli comes back in and right back behind the bar. "Wow, I'm shocked... That guy didn't leave with a bloody nose. You must really care for Andy that you didn't end up killing that guy. I did see him take a swing though, are you alright? Do you need a few minutes to go to the bathroom and calm down?" 

Sophia lets out a sigh, once that guy was completely out of her sight. Great, now the guy who has the worst reputation believes he can be her knight in shining armor. She stands up straighter, her body no longer shaking and walks toward the bar, she looks at Angie. "Ange, can I have a Twisted tea raspberry please?" "You got it Soph." Angie smiles and turns to get the drink for her, leaving her and Eli alone for a minute. 
Sophia narrows her eyes at the man. "I guess I should thank you. But I had it handled, I can take care of myself... Please don't try to be like my older brother, just because you live with us now. You'll still be an asshole to me."

Eli shrugged again and looked over at Angie. "I'm trying a different approach." he lied. He knew if he had his way, that guy would have been leaving in a body bag but he couldn't do that to Andy. He loved the job already and wasn't about to screw it up now. Not to mention, the favor of Andy letting him stay at his place only made it easier to take the highroad. Eli tensed his jaw a bit, shaking his head at Angie's question to leaving in order to cool down. "Nah, I'm alright. Dumb prick didn't get a hit in.. " he commented, looking down at the drink he was preparing for a customer. "I'm alright, just need to keep working and not let it bother me." he spoke, giving a faint smile to the girl. He wanted nothing more than to follow the guy and knock his teeth in. 

As Sophia steps up, Eli's eyes moved up to her before looking down again at what he was doing. When she started speaking to him, he stopped for a moment, putting his hands on his side of the bar and looked across at her. He wasn't surprised at her comment. She was this "big tough" girl now who didn't need his help. 

"Yeah, you looked like you had it handled." he commented sarcastically. He wasn't about to get into it with her and he wasn't going to sugarcoat anything to spare her feelings.. no matter who she was. "I'm not acting like your big brother and I never will. I'm doing my job and I'm helping Andy out. Didn't want to see his sister treated like that.. plus, that guy needed to go. I'm doing all of this for Andy, not you." he snapped back. He was still pissed about the interaction with the guy and still had a hot temper going. "Look, darling.. just because you think you're tough now, doesn't mean you can handle some drunken idiot twice your size. Pick your battles." he spoke, leaning against the bar slightly before pushing off of it and looking down at what he was doing. "If I see an interaction with anyone else, I'd be doing the same. You're not special." he spat, moving slightly away from her to take another order. The alcohol was looking really good to him right now.

Angie walks back up to the bar and passes the bottle to Sophia, noticing the current tension between her and Eli. Not saying a word, she goes back to making drinks again. Sophia keeps her eyes narrowed at Eli. "I did have it handled, I know what happens with guys like... Oh wait a second, that's right... Guys like you. Because believe it or not Eli, he is just like you. Scoping out girls to take to bed and have a good time with, so I'm actually surprised he got such a rise out of you, instead of you two becoming the best of friends!" Sophia spat back, knowing she was probably striking a nerve, but at that moment she didn't care. It annoyed her that he thought she was still that innocent girl from high school, she was going to have a long time of convincing everybody she's not. "Maybe to really thank Andy and do your job, you should stay out of other people's business, the only reason the guy acted the way he did was because that other guy and you went after him. I could have gotten him settled and out of the bar, far better and a lot quicker than you did." She puts the twisted tea bottle to her lips and takes a sip, her hand now resting on her hip, as she watches Eli, anger radiating off her.

Eli looked over at her with an eyebrow raised. "He's like me, huh? The difference between us two is that the girls I take home actually want to come with me.. you didn't look like you quite wanted to go home with him but what do I know? I only do this every fucking weekend." Eli replied. He knew he shouldn't be entertaining this back and forth with her. He should just walk off, continue with his job and keep his mouth shut. "I already know those types of guys. Get so drunk and aggressive they leave people no choice or they force them home and they do whatever they want with them." He went on. "If you so capable, fine. I'll leave you alone. Whatever happens is not on me. I can let Andy know I'm not watching out for you and you can deal with your brother then." Eli spoke, rolling his eyes at the girl. "Excuse me. Some of us have people to serve drinks to. Run along with your friends and enjoy the rest of your night." Eli spoke, tossing the cloth on the counter of the bar and moved away from her. He could feel his heart rate increasing and he was no longer going to fight her on this. If she wanted the drama, he'd get her brother involved. 

Of course Eli wouldn't throw Soph under the bus, but he did want to let Andy know he handled a situation so he didn't find out from someone else.. also, if Soph thought Eli was going to have a chat with Andy when he wasn't, maybe that would make her shut up and back off. 

Eli moved to Andy's office, giving a quick knock and poking his head in. "Hey, bud. Wanted to let you know there was a drunk guy causing issues. One of the regulars got punched but I handled it. I got him out of here. If you hear about it later on, I just wanted to warn you what happened." He commented, not daring to mention why the drunk guy got kicked out. Andy didn't need to know about his sisters antics. "Also, love ya bud... but I'm heated as hell and I'm going to have a shot.. or two." Eli spoke with a devilish grin. The shots wouldn't affect his work. It would only calm him down from the fight previously and the one that just broke out with Andy's sister and him.

Sophia scoffs when he mentions about the girls he takes home wanting to go with him. "I find that hard to believe." She mumbles under her breath, before listening to the rest of his argument. Hearing that he knew those type of guys and what could have seriously happened, if Eli hadn't stepped in Sophia rolls her eyes again. "I would have been able to stop anything before it happened, I don't need a prince or a knight in shining armor." When Eli threatens getting her brother involved, she bites her bottom lip. Knowing that Eli totally just checkmated her. She narrows her eyes and shakes her head. "Don't tell him, don't get him involved. I don't need a lecture from him and I don't need him acting like he knows what I'm doing with my life... Seriously, thank you for taking care of it." She grumbles, hating that he won this round. 
She pushes the bar stool back and grabs her bottle, as she stands. "You're still a dick." She says loud enough for him to hear, before they go their separate ways and Sophia makes her way back to Mandy. 

Andy looks up from his paperwork and his eyes widen at Eli. "Jeez, is everything okay? Are you okay? You didn't have to kill someone did you?" He sort of teases, but knows Eli reputation when there is trouble. 
"Thank you for taking care of the situation." He smiles and goes to go back to the paperwork, before Eli makes his comment about having a couple shots. "As much as I hate agreeing to it, if you handled a situation I understand needing a drink. Just please control yourself and don't go too crazy, we still have a few hours and now is when the dee-jay comes so it's going to start getting even crazier.

Eli listened to her go on. He rolled his eyes in annoyance and shook his head. As she panicked about her brother getting involved, he smirked slightly, knowing that would get her off his back about this whole ordeal. As she spat her last insult, Eli chuckled and walked to her brothers office. 

Once Andy gave the go ahead for a couple of shots but warned him not to go too crazy, Eli put his hand to his forehead and jokingly saluted the other. "Yes, boss." He grinned before leaving the other to his paperwork and walked to the bar, grabbing a glass and some vodka. Eli took one shot then another and got ready for the rest of the night. 

As the next morning crept up, Eli laid up on Andy's couch, arm over his eyes to keep whatever light from waking him. It was probably one of the first Saturdays he's had in a long time where he actually wasn't hungover. Thanks to Andy's job position, he wasn't hungover, he didn't sleep with anyone and he had a pretty good night aside from the fights he endured with that one guy and Sophia. Eli even got a couple of numbers from girls, which he fully intended to keep for when he was ready. 

As Eli started to wake up, he slowly looked around the livingroom, letting his eyes focus up before sitting up slowly and rubbing his forehead. He wished he could say he regretted the fight with Sophia but he really didn't. He knew what he was doing. She was still a rookie at this new lifestyle she had. He just hoped she wouldn't go off on him again like she did. Eli let out a soft yawn and laid back against the couch, the covers draped across his lap as he sat in silence waiting for Andy to wake up. He wasn't sure what he was going to do today, but if Andy had the night off, he definitely wanted to go out and cause a little havoc like they used to. He had his friend back and he knew Andy would be down if he didn't work.

As soon as the sunlight creeped into Sophia's bedroom and onto her face, Sophia felt like she was going to be sick. She had been up for a couple hours, unable to move due to the room spinning. After the argument with Eli and all the shit that went down with that guy, she had somehow convinced Mandy to do several shots and some drinking challenges with some of the other guys in the bar, who knew to respect Sophia due to her being Andy's sister and none of them wanted to get kicked out of their favorite bar. She groans and pulls the blanket up over her face, her head throbbing. How can something that helps everything go away, be so punishing in the morning. 
Unable to fight it anymore, she runs to the bathroom and gets sick. 

Wiping her mouth, she stands up and looks at her reflection in the mirror, she had passed out with all her makeup on and her hair now looks like a rats nest. She sighs and grabs her toothbrush and the toothpaste and takes care of that first, before taking off her dress from the night before and hopping into the shower. 

After about twenty minutes, she finally emerges from the shower looking kind of better. Her hair was wet and not bad, and her makeup was completely washed off. She picks up her dress off the floor and heads back to her room, before slowly getting changed in her shorts and a tank top. Her stomach growls even though she felt sick and she decides on some very greasy bacon, now she just hoped that Andy had bacon and eggs. 
Sophia walks out of the hallway and sees Eli, she groans and rubs her forehead. "Before you even say anything, shut up. I don't need to hear anymore about last night, I am dealing with my punishment now. But I still say, I would have been fine even if you didn't step in. But, it looks like Mr. Player lost his touch, none of us Rosewood girls wanted to take you home with them huh? Looks like they all became smart and realized they don't want someone who is all used up..." She clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth, before walking into the kitchen to get started on her breakfast.

Eli played around on his phone before bearing something in one of the other rooms, he listened for a moment, but it had fallen silent. He shrugged and went back on his phone, waiting for someone to get up. He wasn't used to being the first one awake and it was boring. He should have just tried to sleep in a bit more but being sober and feeling fine had him up and ready to go. 

As Sophia comes out of her room, showered and hungover, Eli looks up from his phone, looking her up and down for a moment before slowly smirking to himself. She was hungover and struggling and he couldn't help but feel giddy about it. As she began speaking, Eli narrowed his eyes a bit. "I wasn't going to say anything. I told you what I wanted to yesterday." He mumbled, the silence filling over them once more before she piped up again. Eli leaned his head back with a dramatic sigh before putting his phone on the coffee table and stood up. He grabbed his shirt and slung it over his shoulder, leaving him in a pair of dark grey sweatpants that he changed in through to sleep in. He wouldn't just sleep in his boxers with Andy's sister a few feet away, it would be a bit weird for the both of them. 

Eli folded and placed the blanket on the arm of the couch, moving towards the kitchen rubbing the back of his neck which was undoubtedly sore from crashing on the couch. "Tell that to the girls who gave me their numbers last night. And before you say they are fake, they aren't..." He rolled his eyes knowing a sarcastic comment would soon escape her mouth. "Did you handle any more handsy guys last night or did you freeze like a deer in headlights again?" He chuckled. He had, to his annoyance, kept a slight eye on her for the rest of the night. Partially from being annoyed at her and he only wanted to see how drunk she was getting in hopes she'd fall or puke all over herself and partially to make sure nothing bad ACTUALLY happened to her. She was still Andy's annoying sister after all.

Sophia walks over to the refrigerator and opens it to thankfully find eggs, she opens the freezer and a satisfied smile covers her face when she spots the bacon. Pulling it out, along with the eggs, she gets started on cooking. Groaning when she realizes Eli had followed her, she looks up at him. "Hmm, and how exactly do you know they're not fake? Women are incredible beings, we know how to make anything look real. Even when a guy shoots his shot, who we don't even think is cute, but we just want free drinks. So you better prepare yourself for that, especially if you really are going to be Andy's bartender. The girls are going to stroke your ego, so they get one over on you to get free drinks." She states, not even for the argument at that moment, but to tell him the truth. 
That is until he makes his snarky comment about her being like a deer, her eyes immediately narrow and she stops stirring the eggs to glare at him. "I did not freeze! I had it handled, he got a little handsy that's true, but I was able to handle myself. You were the one who had to make yourself feel better and try to go against an even bigger asshole than yourself... Because you couldn't handle it that another manwhore was getting more attention than you were! But believe me [I Elijah] he would have beat your ass if he wasn't so drunk or if you hadn't caught him by surprise-" She goes to continue when she hears a loud yawn coming from behind Eli and looks over his shoulder to find Andy looking at them curiously. 

Andy leans against the doorframe, crossing his arms over his chest. "Jesus, seven in the morning and you two already down each other's throats? Can't you attempt to get along for a second, just until I get my coffee?" 

Sophia pours the eggs into the pan and starts frying the bacon, clearing her throat. "Sorry Andy, but your houseguest here walked in while I was in the shower and wouldn't get out until I threatened him with you." A smirk crosses her face, as she lies to her brother to get him started on Eli. 

Andy's eyes widen, before he looks over at Eli. Not sure if he believes Sophia yet, but still he walks up and keeps his arms crossed. "Eli?" He asks for his side of the story.

Eli laughed a little at her comments. "Yeah sure. Whatever helps, champ." He shook his head at the girl. Just the sheer assholeness she held. She called him an asshole but she was turning into him basically. She was just a shittier him. He laughed at the thought of it, loving watching her squirm with the mention of the night previously. He couldn't help but give her back what she gave him. It was fun, the comments that they were both hitting each other with. 

Eli looked back as Andy emerged from his bedroom, commenting on their talk but tilted his head slightly to the side and let her go off with another lie. "Me? Corner you in the bathroom? I'm not that desperate." The male laughed, rolling his eyes at the obvious fib from the girl. As Andy stepped up to him, he looked over at him and stood up straight, crossing his own arms. "You REALLY think I'd do that to YOUR sister? I've barely spoken to the girl.. Maybe she doesn't tell you the whole truth like she should.." He commented, giving her the side eye. If she wanted to try that, he had no issue in telling her brother what really happened the previous night. Eli scoffed and walked back to the couch, grabbing a new set of clothes before walking to the bathroom. "I'm going to shower.. why don't you two catch up? Maybe talk about how much FUN you two had last night." Eli dug before shutting himself in the bathroom and turning on the shower.

"Please Eli, you would be lucky to see this. But I'm sorry. Weak and used up, old assholes aren't my type. What a shame, your loss really." She spits back, as he laughs. Sophia goes back to cooking her breakfast, a satisfied smirk stuck on her face that Andy fell for her bait. That is, until Eli starts talking louder and becoming defensive. Her head starts throbbing even more and she pauses to glare at him, when he mentions about not telling her brother the whole truth. "Eli, if you value your life, you will shut the hell up! Don't try to get involved in something that is none of your business!" She ignores the spinning of her head to yell at him. 

Andy puts his hands up in a defense in front of him. "Eli, no I wouldn't think that right away which was why I was giving you a chance to tell your side of the story." He turns to Sophia at the mention of her not telling him the truth, and listens to Eli as he continues as he walks out of the room. "What the hell is he talking about Soph?? What did you do last night and how does he know about it??" He asks, getting more and more angry at her. 

Sophia swallows hard when Andy starts yelling at her, sounding more like their father. "Don't you dare yell at me like that! I didn't even see Elijah last night, so I don't know what the hell he is talking about! Yes I wanted to get a rise out of you against him because he was getting on my last nerve... But, I don't know what he is talking about with last night..." 

Andy groans and runs his hand down his face. "Whatever the hell this is Sophia, I want you to apologize! He doesn't deserve this right now, he may not be going through what you're going through right now, but he is going through a lot of shit too! You will apologize!" 
Sophia rolls her eyes, feeling like she is going to get sick again. "Fuck that! I'm not apologizing for shit, he's the asshole! He's the one getting into something he has no right to get into!" She sighs and finished up her breakfast, deciding to go in her bed and have breakfast in bed and not deal with either boy right now. 

Andy groans and shakes his head, before walking over to the couch and plops down on it before taking a sip of his coffee. He stares at whatever weird show was on the television, while he waited for Eli to get out of the bathroom so he could apologize and make it up to him with a night of mischief.

Even through the sound of the running water, Eli could hear the sounds of the siblings arguing. He couldn't hear about what but he knew it was about him and that last comment he made. If she hadn't been such a little shit, he would have left it alone, but she deserved it. He could be just as nasty. He stood under the hot water for a while before getting out and wrapping a towel around his waist, running his hands through his wet hair. 

There was nothing but TV noises outside the bathroom now. Eli walked out of the bathroom, one hand holding the towel, the other holding the toothbrush that hung out of his mouth. "What are we doing tonight?" he asked, looking over at Andy for suggestions. He wanted to go out, get drunk and just have fun, preferably without the drama queen. "Should we go out and get fucked up?" he asked with a mouth full of toothpaste, running the bristles over his teeth as he spoke. 

Eli and Andy would always be out when they were younger. Of course they couldn't get into bars when they were in high school but they always found ways to get alcohol and chill at a friends place. The two would sneak out earlier in the night and sneak back into one or the others place to sleep off the drunkenness. He was fond of those times, but now that they were older,  they could do whatever the hell they wanted.

He waited for Andy's answer, backing into the bathroom again and finishing up the task of brushing his teeth before exiting the bathroom once more to look at Andy. All he wanted was to have fun, forget about everything going on and hang out with his friend. They both seemed like they needed a night of relaxation.

Still focused on the television, Andy's mind ran wild on everything. Mostly on what kind of trouble Eli and he could get into tonight, he pulls his feet up onto the couch and lays his head back staring at the ceiling. Also wondering why the hell ever since she moved in with him, Sophia and him have been fighting more than they ever did. Had their father really messed her up that bad, is there something he was missing? It frustrated him to no end, that he couldn't figure it out, and how Sophia seemed to go on the defensive when Eli brought up last night. He groans and closes his eyes. 
Lost in his thoughts, he doesn't hear the bathroom door open or even register Eli is in the room with him until he heard his voice. 

Andy opens his eyes and looks over at him. "Hey, I need to apologize for Sophia again. I definitely didn't believe that you did what she said, especially because I know she's not only my sister but you two are complete opposites. She'd kill you or die in shock for half the shit that you do, if she ever found out. I mean I could barely say hook-up without her cheeks turning red, so that definitely would not work or be a thing. So I'm sorry." He pauses, before a mischievous smile crosses his face. "A hundred percent yes, I need to get the hell out of this house and get bombed and forget my own name.  How about we go to Tito's across town? Word is the girls have been upgraded since we've been there last, girls and shots sound good to you?" He chuckles and stands up, walking over toward his room and looks at Eli, waiting for his reply.

Eli looked over at Andy as he started talking. He shook his head at the thought of Andy apologizing on Sophia's behalf. "Honestly, man... it's no problem. If I got upset over every shitty thing someone has said to me, I'd move my ass away. I'm really not bothered." he assured the male. He'd been called just about every name under the sun but he couldn't care less. He liked his life and he liked the way he was living it at the moment. He had no ties, nothing holding him back from doing whatever he wanted and it felt great. 

As Andy mentioned Tito's, Eli got even more excited than he's ever been. Tito's was always a wild night for the two and always ended so amazing. "Fucking Tito's!" Eli laughed excitedly. "I almost forgot about that place, damn!" he sighed. Once Andy mentioned girls and shots, Eli was in there like a dirty shirt. "Hell yeah!" 

When the time came for them to get ready and head out, Eli was stoked. A good night out at a good bar with his friend. They would get drunk, flirt and have the time of their lives. Eli got himself dressed. A white T with a pair of black jeans. Simple and effective. He did his hair just right and made sure he looked his best. He had to make sure he looked good to feel good. He had gone out to grab a bottle of vodka for a couple of pre-drinks to get their night started. "Andy!!" Eli shouted throughout the apartment, pouring a couple of shots for the two males. Eli was far too excited for what was to come and he had to get his buddy in on the pre-drinks so they could really get this night on the right track.

Andy listened to Eli and breathed out a sigh of relief, as long as one of the people that was closest to him was alright with him, he was okay for now. 

The smile widens on Andy's face when Eli's face brightens and he gets excited about Tito's. It had always been there spot, one of their friends worked there so they got served when they were underage and the girls didn't care how old anybody was, they always put on a good show and flirted the best. And they definitely looked better than the girls in their small town of Rosewood. He laughs at Eli's words and nods. "I had forgotten about it too, until Jesse called me the other day and asked if I was ever going to come check out the competition again. He said Hardwell Bar was stealing his customer's so he had to upgrade the women he used." Andy smiles, at the friendly competition they had always had with Tito's, even when his grandfather was still alive him and Jesse's grandfather had the same competition. 
"Oh my gosh! Wait until I tell him that you work for me now! He will for sure have to upgrade something else, because you did awesome last night and once all the girls find out where you work they'll be swarming our bar!" He laughs and leans against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. "Alright, I have a couple things I have to run around and do for the bar and then I'll come home for a quick shower. I'll see you later." He heads into his room. 

Sophia walks out of her room, wearing a black short skirt and a black lace tank top that the straps cross in the back. Her long brown hair was up in a high ponytail and she had slight makeup on, just the typical black eyeliner. "Ugh, do you have to be so loud and obnoxious?? He's in his room, getting a shower. Just knock on the freakin door, like a normal person..." She rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen to get a water bottle.

Eli looked up as Soph walked in, going off once again. This would not ruin his night. This was Tito's night. Eli just ignored the comment, taking the first shot without Andy and shaking his head. "Yes I do." he simply comments, practically bouncing off the walls. He was buzzing for their night out and not even Sophia's sour attitude would ruin this night for him. He was ready to drink, flirt and hopefully get a girl that made him forget the stalker. 

Eli looked her over once again. He wasn't sure if she was going out or not, but it almost looked like it. At least she'd be out of their hair. He almost wanted to ask where she was going, but he wasn't sure he wanted to know. She was a big girl and said she could handle things so he wasn't worried, he had no reason to be. He wasn't her babysitter, her guardian or even her friend so to him, it wasn't an issue. 

Even though the two of them had their issues, he was still riding on a high. He slid the shot glass he got prepared for Andy towards her without a word and poured himself another one. "I don't care that you don't like me and I don't care that we bicker. You're having a shot with me and we go our separate ways for the night." he spoke, leaning against the island counter, his fingers holding onto his shot glass as he waited for her to come around and grab hers...if she even did.

Rolling her eyes at his comment about having to be so loud and obnoxious, Sophia opens the fridge and grabs a water bottle taking a sip, before turning to watch him follow her into the kitchen. 

Her body ignites as she notices him looking over her outfit, but she ignores it. Going to say something else to test his nerves, before he offers her the shot glass and says his speech. Her eyes widen slightly, and she looks down at the shot glass. "Should I be worried that there is poison in this?" She actually teases, with a slight laugh, before walking over next to him and trades the water bottle for the shot glass on the counter. She holds it up and looks at him. "Here's to whatever has you in such a good mood, and for us both agreeing that we hate each other. Now if you and Andy bring home girls, I will personally kick both of your asses and tell those girls that they caught something! Just a warning!" She states, before clinking the shot glass with his and leans her head back a little. Sophia puts the glass to her lips and downs the shot, watching him the whole time over the glass. 

Being used to Vodka, she barely makes a face as she places the glass back down on the counter. "Good choice, one of my favorites. Andy will like it too." A small smile paints her lips, before she grabs her water bottle again and walks passed him, purposely bumping his shoulder with hers before looking down at her phone and walks out of the apartment when she sees Mandy texted her to let her know she was there. 

Andy finally walks out of his room, in a dark button up and dark jeans, he pushes his sleeves to his elbows and looks at Eli. He notices the shot glasses and quirks an eyebrow. "Get started without me, did you?" He grabs the other glass and motions for Eli to fill it. "Not fair, you can't get wasted before me tonight. That's not part of the rules." He chuckles.

Eli wasn't really expecting her to even take the shot with him, but when she walks over to him, he waited to see what she would do. To his surprise, she cracks a joke and takes the shot. It was alcohol.. who could resist that? His good mood must have slightly rubbed off on her because she only made one snarky comment before clinking his shot glass with her own. He tilted his shot glass back and once again let the liquid warm him. She actually accepted the shot from him and it was a nice moment. Then the shock of her complimenting his choice in alcohol. He nearly died on the spot hearing something other than negativity come out of her mouth and was practically speechless. 

Before he could react to the compliment, she had set the glass down and went on her way, but not without a slight bump to his shoulder before she left. He looked over his shoulder at her as she walked away and watched her walk out of the apartment, looking towards Andy as he finally emerged from the room. He looked at his outfit and smirked. "A button down? Good choice, bud." he chuckled, watching as the male commented on the shots that were gone. "Only two. Your sister surprisingly accepted a shot from me.. thought she'd throw it in my face." he joked, filling the shot glass as Andy wordlessly requested then proceeded to fill his own. "I'm two up on you, bud you gotta catch up." he smirked, clinking Andy's glass and throwing it back. 

After getting a nice buzz on the two call for a taxi to officially get their night started. It was time for Tito's. Eli couldn't be happier, he was more pumped now that they were finally heading out and on their way. "I can't wait to see what Tito's has to offer tonight. It better be damn good." he chuckled, staring out the window as his excitement built up just from getting minutes closer to their favorite spot.

Andy looks down at his outfit, as Eli comments on it. "You think so? I know it's probably too dressy for this bar, but it was all I have for now." He chuckles,  before walking up to the counter and stands next to Eli. 
His eyes widen when Eli mentions about Sophia actually accepting a shot from him. "Really? And there were no words or anything thrown at you? How the hell did you pull that off? She's been acting like a bitch since she moved in here..." He sighs, before watching Eli fill his glass. 

Laughing at Eli challenging him, he downs the shot and narrows his eyes. "Don't you worry bro, may have been a couple years since we have last done this, but I guarantee I can still drink your ass under the table!" He jokes, before reaching for the bottle and pouring them another shot. 

Once they were in the taxi, Andy was feeling pretty damn good. He was definitely pumped for tonight, he had been too focused on the bar and his other job to have fun like this and he has missed his best friend. He laughs at Eli's comment. "I agree, if we don't leave with girls on our arms and we're not fucked up I am definitely writing Jesse a bad review." He states, semi-serious. 

Andy leans forward and pays the driver once they arrive at Tito's. He slides out of the car and cracks his neck, smiling as the booming of the loud music coming from the bar surrounds the area. "Are you fucking ready dude?" He asks, before walking toward the doors.

Eli laughed and shrugged. "She's warming up to me." he joked, shaking his head at the entire situation that had occurred. No one could resist alcohol. It was a nice buffer. At Eli's challenge of drinking him under the table, Eli shook his head. "No way. I think you've gone soft running that bar. You don't have a chance." he laughed, watching Andy pour another shot for the two of them. 

As they finally pulled up to the bar, Eli looked out of the window and his smile widened even more. There was absolutely no way he was going to make it out of this alive, but he couldn't be more ready. He got out and walked up next to Andy, looking at the building in front of them in all its glory. He looked over at Andy with a happy laugh and followed him inside. 

It was absolutely insane. People everywhere, loads of hot girls, drinks flowing everywhere. It was even more amazing than the last time they were there. "Holy shit!" Eli exclaimed over the loud music, wrapping an arm around Andy's neck and looked around. They were back in their playground and Eli couldn't be more excited. "First things first. Drinks!" he yelled over the music to the other, practically dragging him over to the bar to order a couple of drinks for them. This night was going to be one to remember and he was ready for the massive hangover the next morning. He wanted to go all out tonight and there was no stopping the two of them now. They would destroy this bar like they had in the past. 

Eli got the two of them drinks and handed one to Andy. He could feel the bass of the music through his entire body and it was like his body was on a full blown high. He looked around the bar, scoping out the talent for the night. Whatever happened at Tito's, it had definitely been upgraded.

Looking around, Andy's eyes widen and a huge smile spreads on his face. "Wow, this place definitely has had an awesome upgrade! This is awesome!" His eyes scan the room and he sees the girls dancing on tables and around the bar, the bartenders barely had anything on. This place was incredible and now he was even more thankful that he brought up the idea. "We may have to get our bar some of those girls, they are fuckin hot man!" He laughs, as Eli drags him to the bar. He watches the main bartender, start fluttering her eyelashes and shaking her chest in front of Eli. "Looks like you've already got a hook in one bud!" He nudges his arm, before accepting the drink and taking a few drinks. "Now that's the stuff! Jesse has outdone himself for sure! I'm kind of nervous about Hardwell's." He admits with a half smirk. 

As a couple hours pass, Andy could feel himself getting more and more bombed. The atmosphere was the ultimate high and the girls put on such great shows and even came up to dance in front of them multiple times. Right now, Andy had his arm wrapped around a girl who was wearing something very revealing but she was hanging on his every word, no matter how slurred they were. 

The doors open and Sophia walks in with Mandy and their crazy friend Melinda. She looks around and smiles, Tito's being their normal spot to scope out hot guys and a one night stand. "Fuck... We need to leave!" She groans and tries to hide behind Mandy. "What?? Saturday night at Tito's is always a good time, you better be kidding Soph!" Melinda yells over the music, wondering why Sophia was hiding. "Is it an ex? That outfit will surely make him jealous girly... Don't worry about it..." Mandy clears her throat and shakes her head. "Not an ex, more like a brother and his hot best friend. Chill out Soph, we got this. This bar is huge and there has to be a million people here. They'll never see you." She smiles, reassuringly, before ordering them a round of shots when one of the walking bartenders goes passed.

Eli laughed at Andy's comment on his bar. "That would definitely spark things up, but I might not be able to work for you if you've got hot girls dancing on tables." Eli states, half joking and half serious. It would cause major problems for him if Andy got dancers. It would be too much of a temptation for Eli. Eli's eyes focused on the bartender for one moment, watching her basically throw herself at him already. He's just started the night and he was already getting some luck. His eyes focused back on Andy, blowing out some air to imitate getting hot. "It's a good thing I don't work for Jesse, I'd get fired in an hour." Eli spoke over the music, giving Andy a laugh before heading off to find some girls to hang out with. 

It wasn't long before Andy and Eli both had girls. Andy's under his arm and Eli's sitting on his lap. Eli's arm draped around her waist to keep her from falling off him and he other hand holding his drink. She was a hot blonde with a tight pink dress that basically covered nothing. He knew what she was there for and he was all in. Even Andy's girl didn't leave much for the imagination but it worked for them. It was perfect for one night of fun which was all they needed. They were single and it worked for them so that's how they'd stay. He noticed Andy getting progressively more drunk and was definitely feeling it himself. This night was going better than Eli ever expected. 

Eli ordered a round of shots for the 4 of them and a couple of the girls friends who lingered around. He couldn't believe how many people were crowded in this bar. This made everything so much better. He felt like he was truly back and being with his best friend made it all the better. He and Andy were striking gold right now and there was no doubt they'd be coming back with them. Even if Eli was crashing on the couch, he needed this.

Whispering in the girl's ear and watching her blush, made Andy realize how much he has missed girls. Not necessarily for a relationship but for fooling around. Before Angie and him decided to go official, his reputation was not much better than Eli's. It felt good to be back in the game and to know that even though they are adults now, they've still got it. Andy starts kissing the girls neck, with his hand on her knee. Before he hears Eli order them another round of shots. "You're trying to kill me tonight aren't you?" He slurs out with a laugh, calling over the girls shoulder to Eli. "It's not going to work, I'm still pretty sober and I still can drink you under the table!" He jokes, leaning back while the girl starts giving him some attention back. 

The bartender that Eli orders the shots from, walks back over and bends down so her ass is in his face, she pulls something out of her very tight and slips it onto his leg. "When you're done with her, I'm quite interested." She whispers in his ear, before strutting away. 

Sophia realizes that Mandy is right and there are too many people here for the boys to notice her, so she lets loose and giggles when the other bartender drops off their shots. She grabs one immediately and throws it back, wiping her mouth. She feels a tap on her shoulder, she looks up and sees a pretty decent looking guy smiling down at her and handing her a drink. "Want to dance beautiful?" She nods and accepts the drink, though being a little smarter than that she places it on the table, pretending she will drink it later and looks up at the guy as he pulls her gently to the dancefloor. They start dancing, and moments later Mandy and Melinda join them with their own guys and hands Sophia a drink not from a stranger.

Eli looked up towards Andy as he shouted at him from around his girl. Eli laughed when Andy told him he was still sober. "Well if you're still sober you wont mind having another one!" he called out to his friend, waiting for the bartender to come back with their shots. As she does and practically crawls onto his other leg, he watches her walk off, tilting his head to the side as his eyes followed her. Well now he had more options. His arm outstretched before grabbing Andy's shoulder. "I fucking love Tito's!!" he yelled, leaning forward and grabbing a shot and letting everyone else grab theirs. 

He took his shot, setting the glass back down on the table and looked towards the girl he had on his lap as she spoke to him about something he barely gave a shit about but acted interested anyway just so he could do what he went there to do. He was getting drunk and he was feeling great and this whole night was just absolute bliss. This night couldn't be going any better. As he was listening to this chick go on and on, his eyes moved through the crowd aimlessly before they stopped dead right on the one person he didn't want to be there. 

His face dropped instantly and whatever this girl was talking about just got completely drowned out. There was no way Sophia was there. Was he seeing things in his drunken state? If so, why was he seeing her? Eli reached his free hand up to rub his eyes before he could hear the girl continue talking. Eli looked back over at Andy who was far more concerned about what he and his girl was doing to even notice that Eli's face had dropped..thankfully. 

Eli looked up at the hot blonde sitting on his lap and stood up, gripping his arm around her before setting her down. "I'll be right back" he told her, giving her a quick peck to keep her preoccupied before moving towards Andy. "I'm getting us more drinks at the bar, I'll be back." he called to him before moving through the crowd to the bar. His eyes moved towards Sophia every once in a while, hoping she'd change into someone else and not really be there. It seemed like his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. She was actually there. Eli let out a groan and moved up to the bar, placing his hands on the top and leaning against them, waiting to order some drinks for him and Andy.

Andy laughs at Eli's response and watches the bartender drop off the shots before whispering to Eli and a smirk covers his face. He leans down and grabs a glass along with his girl's and hands it to her, before feeling Eli's hand on his arm. When Eli yells, Andy laughs and raises his glass. "Fuck yes! Tito's is still the best!" He yells, before downing his shot and pulling the girl closer to him and finally starts showing her exactly what he is interested in doing tonight. 
Andy barely hears Eli talking to him, but he raises a thumbs up and calls over his shoulder. "Sounds good. Make mine another strong one!"

Sophia keeps dancing against the guy, her arms around his neck and his very tight around her waist. The sweat was glistening on her forehead and she had finished her drink a few minutes ago. She smiles up at the guy and leans into whisper. "I'll be back handsome, just going to get a refill." He nods and squeezes her waist. "Get me a Yuengling." He says, in a gruff cocky voice. 
She nods, and as she walks away, she sticks up her middle finger at him. "I'm not your slave." She mutters under her breath. Sophia reaches the bar, near Eli but not right next to him. Her eyes focus on him and she sighs heavily. "Well look at what the cat dragged in... Looks like you're still living up to your rep huh? You're still always going to be the manwhore..." As much as she hated him, the shit they throw at each other is fun. She likes riling him up, just as much as she is sure he likes riling her up. She catches the eye of one of the bartenders before Eli and smirks at him. "Guess you should up your game, [I darling]" She calls him the name, he called her last night. Then, she turns to the bartender. "Can I have the strongest fruity drink you have and a Yuengling, please?"

Eli looked over at Andy as he asked for a strong drink. At this rate, he won't even make it to the cab. He was already slurring and he was sure if he tried to stand up, he'd be stumbling around. Andy thought he'd be able to drink Eli under the table but he'd gone soft running a bar and having an adult life. Seemingly forgetting that Eli did this nearly every weekend and had built up quite a tolerance. 

Eli stands at the bar, rubbing his forehead for a second before Sophia eventually comes up to the bar to join him but kept her distance. He groaned and looked away from her for a moment before hearing the comment. "I see you're trying to keep up." he commented as he looked over his shoulder in the direction of the guy she was dancing with, deciding if she wanted to have a little fun on the banter, he'd happily join in. He looks back at the bartender and looks back towards Soph with her comment on upping his game, a smirk crossing his lips before shaking his head. "Two double jack and cokes please." he smiles at the bartender. "I can tell this night is going to get far more interesting.." he muttered under his breath and looked over at her as she ordered and received her drinks. "The fruity one for your man?" he joked a little, grabbing the drinks from the bartender once they were made and handed to him.  

For some reason, he just loved torturing the girl. As much as she annoyed him and pissed him off, he really did. Not to mention he loved the fact she threw it right back at him. Especially tonight. Alcohol flowing through him made him a lot happier continuing this string of insults and comments they threw at each other. It sure as hell wasn't healthy, but Eli loved a good challenge.

"Please, I'm sure I've spent more nights not alone in my bed than you have. And, I don't even have a stalker to show for it." Sophia knew it was a low blow, but this was too much for her to pass up. She watches, as the bartender once again flirts big time with Eli and rolls her eyes. When he finishes ordering, she shakes her head. "You two are going to be miserable tomorrow. I can't wait to torture the shit out of you two. Pots and pans are going to be my new best friends." She laughs mischevioisly, before taking the drinks once the bartender hands them to her. "Thank you. And don't waste your time with that one, he's for the same team unfortunately." She lies and watches, as the bartender's cheeks redden and she hands Eli his drinks a lot less flirty than before. 

Sophia smirks and goes to walk away, before hearing his comment about the fruity drink being for her man and pauses in her tracks. A smirk crosses her face once again, and she narrows her eyes as she turns to face him. "Oh yeah, tough guy? Let's see what you got." She walks back up to the bar, this time sitting in one of the empty seats next to him at the bar and places her drinks down and grabs the drinks out of his hands and places them on the counter as well. She turns back to the bartender, who has been listening to the whole conversation and knows Sophia. "Can we have three rounds of your strongest shots, Sandy? And don't go easy on him, he deserves this." She leans back in the chair and watches Eli to see if he is going to accept her challenge.

Eli looked over at her as she mentioned pots and pans and glared at her. "Don't you dare. I didn't do that to you." he scoffed and watched her interact with the bartender, who suddenly was not interested. "Goddammit, child. You're ruining my life!" he snapped, placing a hand to his face. Instant regret on even coming up to the bar. Oh well, one down. At least he had the blonde back at the table..which he was NOT mentioning to Sophia. He grabbed the drinks and let out a sigh, turning to leave before he heard her challenge. He had to assess this one. He'd been drinking all night.. he was already buzzed. He looked over at Sophia and looked her up and down. She seemed alright.. but hoped her much smaller body would take the alcohol much harder than his already on the verge of drunk body did. "Fuck it." he mumbled.

Eli moved back to the bar, letting her snatch his and Andy's drinks from his hands to set them down and watched her intently as she ordered the strongest shots they had. This was NOT what he had in mind when they were coming here. He had one thing in mind for Tito's but he supposed that would have to wait. There was a challenge presented to him and he had nothing else in mind other than kicking Sophia on her ass with alcohol. "If your brother leaves here without me, I'm going to be pissed off.." Eli sighed, placing his elbow on the counter. He looked over as their shots were being poured. This would end quick and it would end with both of them being too drunk to even stand on their own. This was going to be a disaster. Once they got their shots, Eli looked down at it, a sigh escaping him before holding it out, clinking her glass and taking in a deep breath. Eli prepped himself a little before leaning his head back and downing the shot.

A smile spreads on Sophia's lips when she sees that he is going to accept her challenge. She already had no doubt that he thought she wasn't going to be able to handle it, but little did he know she has been drinking these shots since she got back into touch with Mandy. So even though they are going to put her on her ass, she was sure as hell going to beat him. "Oh please, just call a taxi and go to that blonde's house afterward. Because there is no way in hell, I'm walking in and seeing you two getting sweaty on the couch. I'd rather die than experience your naked body Powell." Her tone was a little too sour when she mentioned the blonde, and she didn't like it. She hoped he didn't notice. 

Sophia turns her attention to the bartender who is pouring their rounds of shots and the smile appears back on her lips. The excitement was bubbling in her stomach and once the shots were placed in front of them, she clinks hers with his as well and puts the glass to her lips and downs it in one go. Not making even a face, but actually looks like she enjoyed it. "How was that asshole?" She asks, already going for another glass. "Want to just admit that you're a wimp now or are you going to at least man up through one more?" She teases, actually having more fun with this than she has in a while.

Eli looked at her at the mention of going to the blondes house. That wasn't the plan but he was crashing on a couch.. and he definitely didn't need someone stalking Andy's place as well as his own. The couch definitely wasn't the place to do any sort of business anyway so going to her place was the best option. And that tone? What was that about?  "You wouldn't be saying that if you saw it." he laughed and covered his mouth. That didn't really just come out of his mouth did it? To his best friends sister no less. Lord what was he doing. "No, I'm not getting into that.." he muttered, shaking his hand towards her. 

The shot was strong for sure, but he was sure he'd be able to handle a few more. He had thankfully taken it easy, knowing if he got too drunk usually it was harder taking anyone home. At this point, that was all at the back of his mind. He had a mission right in front of him and that was all he was focused on. "Nah nah... another one." he spoke, holding his hand out for another shot. He had to do this.. there was no way he could let this girl win. If she did, he'd be pissed... but he'd be extremely impressed. Eli could feel the alcohol hitting harder and harder but the feeling right now was so good he didn't even care. He was actually having a good time right now? With Sophia of all people? It was shaping up to be a good night. 

Eli grabbed another shot, clinking her glass like he did before and downed it, putting the glass on the counter of the bar and felt his body shiver slightly. How she didn't even make a face was beyond him, his whole body shook with the taste of it. The alcohol was flowing through him, giving him every ounce of happiness he craved throughout the day, EVEN if he was just with Sophia.

Sophia's eyes widen at his comment, and she almost drops the shot glass she was holding. Recovering herself, she clears her throat and smirks. "Was that an invitation Powell?" Her eyes widen even more, okay maybe the shot effected her a little more than she thought. "Yeah, let's forget that was even said." She runs her hand down her face, before handing him the shot glass. "Wow, maybe not so wimpish after all? I'm impressed." Once their glasses clink, she downs the shot. 

After their about sixth shot, Sophia could feel herself getting warm. She puts her hair back up in a high ponytail and unzips the small jacket she had put on, revealing the even more revealing shirt that she had changed into when she got into Mandy's car. "Oh my gosh, it's so fucking hot... And this music is awesome. How are you feeling over there, sir?" Her words are definitely starting to slur and she was definitely feeling tipsy now. She grabs two more shot glasses, handing him one and smiling.

Eli tried to forget the comment but her last comment about the invitation nearly made him drop to the floor. God he was treading in dangerous waters but these shots were hitting him like a ton of bricks. He couldn't help but get a bit more flirty when he was drinking but in his mind he had to keep repeating to himself that this was Andy's sister. This was not a way to go. When he got the compliment from her, he laughed and shook his head. "I'm more impressed you're not making faces at these. These are harsh." he spoke, squeezing his eyes closed for a moment to reel himself back in from the last one.

Eli leaned himself more against the bar, the alcohol definitely hitting him more than before. They had a ton of shots an they were going straight to his head. He watched her take off the jacket, looking at the outfit underneath and quickly looking away, once again, reminding himself who she was. He couldn't help but bring his eyes back to her. She was extremely attractive and it was hard not to. As she asked how he was, he was snapped out of his state and sat up a little. "It is hot as hell and I feel like I'm dying." he spoke, tugging on the bottom of his T-shirt. He purposely wore the thinnest shirt he could find because he remembered how hot it got in the bar, but tonight was different. With so many more people than before and the amount of shots the two just did, he was warm everywhere. 

As Sophia handed him another shot, he looked down at the liquid blankly before laughing a little. "What the hell are we doing this for?" he spoke, looking back up towards her with another laugh. "We aren't going to be feeling to good tomorrow." he laughed again, the giddy drunk feeling overcoming him. He was having a blast.


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