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Looking for a MLP RP! (plots in desc)

By Mercuri
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Like the title says, I'm looking for someone to make a MLP RP with as I have some characters I would like to use.
I have some plots in mind (and I'm still thinking of more lol), but you are free to throw some of your ideas at me too ^.^
It can be a 1 on 1 RP but if more people just so happened to be interested, I could possibly turn it into a group RP.

Here are some plots I have thought of (and yes, ik, some are silly haha):

1. You and your friends go to explore a forest but upon arrival you all immediately notice some strange hoofprints...pawprints? They seemed to be a mixture of both. With no second thought, you go and investigate.

2. There have been many tales told, but one strange story had always caught your attention; the tale of the Orrosa. It was a mixture of a deer and a wolf. Razor sharp teeth they say. And very, VERY, aggressive. It was said the Orrosa lived somewhere deep in White Tail Woods. You've always wanted to try and find this creature. See if the legend was true. Of course, you weren't going alone. You decide to take your best friend along with you on the journey (against their better judgement).

3. It's going to be Hearth's Warming (Christmas) soon and you and your assistant are tasked to give every family a present... except it won't be easy. Krampus WILL try everything in his power to stop you.

4. You and your friend are known to be the best bounty hunters, until you both are captured by the most wanted criminal in the world.

Still currently thinking of more and will add them onto here, but like I said, feel free to tell me your plot ideas too! :D

Thank you for reading

(if you are interested PM me)
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