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Error, Unknown Entry into the House of the Architect. Need more information

This is Nigel, House has been entered, met little resistance from Denizens, mostly ran away. Few fights with swords, others seem to run away calling out for Mister Monday. or one of his unknown assistance. Called Dawn, Noon, and Dusk. Not yet met any. Watch out for the Fetchers, Dog like creatures that stand on two legs and look more human than animal accept in the face.

Silent went the Radio, but only the sound of Screaming after This is Nigel, everyone else is dead. The Man known as Noon showed up with his group of fighters and hunted us down like crazy. I somehow managed to hide for now, but I fear the Fetchers will find me soon and with them Noon. I have found some basic description. Each day of the week we have is a kingdom within the House. Each holding their own territories and armies. We just happened to drop into Monday. Must find a way to capture these Kingdoms and take their powers held within the "keys" as they called them. Each Key is held by the Ruling Member.

This is where the Transmation cuts off, however more and more Humans from earth and the other realms have invaded the House establishing a small, fortified base around the Portal. It is known as Unit Base. Each Kingdom however has concluded they must work together to prevent those of the other realms from breaking farther into the house then what they already are. Working together with the other forces can the Days stop the invading force of unknown creatures or will they perish in trying to stop them from completely taking over? To do this each Kingdom Calls upon its people to aid in defeating these people, be them common, Soldier, or even the renowned Hero.

What also happens when those who answer the call find out their enemy is after the "keys" and even after the Lifestones found in each Kingdom?

Rules and Regulations

1. No God moding, Everyone is going to be on the side of the Days, so sorry no "human" side of this just yet

2. Pics are to artish (if you need help finding one let me know)

3. Posts are going to be a minimum of at least 500 characters, This is not a hard goal to reach

4. Send me a Character skeleton and I'll review it this is not a first come first serve (even though I'm hoping it'll be a group Rp)

5. Ultimately Have fun here, if you feel like you lose interest let me know please.

6. This Rp will be made up as we go which means Landscape ETC is all free game (unless already made up)

7. So, this RP will have adult themes in it such as Blood, Drugs, cussing etc. don't take it overboard

Details to know

1. So each Day of the week is a Kingdom in this world (that means there are only Seven Kingdoms Sunday to Saturday.)

2. Each Kingdom has a Ruling body (be it a High priest, a King, a Queen, an Empress, etc)

3. Right under the Ruling body is Dawn, Noon, and Dusk.(Unless asked to be changed these are their Honorary Titles.)

4. A Link to the Map has been provided.

Puppetmaster: Who are you?
photo: a photo of your character
Kingdom: What Kingdom do you come from? Monday? Saturday? Which one?
Spot: Who are you in the Kingdom you come from? Ruler? Dawn? Dusk? Noon? Commoner? Hero?
Name: Last, First
Nickname: what do those who know you call you?
Other info: Some useful Info if necessary, or if you want us to know more info about your character.
Kingdom Details: Give us some details about your Kingdom, unless your from one that is already made up then add more details?

Accepted Characters

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