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-WolfsbaneAnimal   57d ago

[+red Old profile format]
[center [size20 [#f9c3f9 -Wolfsbane]]]
[Center 『 | [#c3ddf9 26] | [#c3f9d1 A Lady] | [#ffee94 Pisces] | [#f8ab63 In Love] [ [#f8ab63 His Wolf ]] | [#9063f8  Bitter-sweet]』]
[center [size20 ☆ ♢  ★ ♡ ]]
[center [pic]]
[size15 [center [font "century gothic" [#f8ab63  "I fell in love with you because you loved me  when I couldn't love myself..."]]]]
[center [size20  ☆ ♢  ★ ♡ ]]

[ [picr]]

(center (size20 (#f9c3f9 -Wolfsbane)))
(Center 『 | (#c3ddf9 26) | (#c3f9d1 A Lady) | (#ffee94 Pisces) | (#f8ab63 In Love) ( (#f8ab63 His Wolf ))| (#9063f8  Bitter-sweet)』)
(center (size20 ☆ ♢  ★ ♡ ))
(center (pic
(size15 (center (font "century gothic" (#f8ab63  "I fell in love with you because you loved me  when I couldn't love myself..."))))
(center (size20  ☆ ♢  ★ ♡ ))

( (picr
-WolfsbaneAme   57d ago

Holding on to this picture.
-WolfsbaneLady Luck   57d ago

[center [center [size20 [#df91f3 [font "century gothic" Lady Luck]]]

[center [size20 Real name unknown ]] 
[b Age:] 28
[b Birthday:] January 18th
[b Species:] Vampire/ or Witch
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual

[b Height:] 5'4'
[b Weight:] Slender build
[b Hair color / Length:] He hair is mixture of browns, He hair is very long but she keeps it tied back.
[b Eye color:] Copper

[b In love / Or out:] Out?
[b Family/ Friends:] She was an orphan, until a strange woman took her in, Not many
[b Personality traits:] Alluring, beautiful, dangerous
[b Strengths / Weaknesses:] Intelligent,Unknown

[b Extra ~]
[b Birthstone:] Garnet
[b Favorite color(s):] Black, Lavender, and silver
[b Favorite song(s):] Panic Room ~ Au/ra
[b Weapon(s) of choice:] Small pistol, daggers, anything she can get her hands on.

[b Additional information ~]
Soon to come...
[b Speaking color:] [#df91f3 Falling petals]
[b Pets:] White Crow, and two black cats (Ebony and Salem)
-WolfsbaneRicochet   57d ago

Hold on to this pictures and names.
-WolfsbaneTsurai   57d ago

[#ff0500[center [size20 Tsurai]
The bitter one
Age ~ 23
Species ~ 
Gender ~ Male 

Sexual Origins~ Unknown 
Hair color and length~ His hair is a mixture of blondes he keeps it mid-length
Eye color~ Chartreuse 
Height~ 5'8'
Weight~ Slender Build
-Wolfsbane偽造   57d ago

Gizō [+red 偽造] / Nise [+red 偽] [font "century gothic" [i Two-bit Counterfeit... Fake ]]

-Wolfsbane-Wolfsbane   57d ago

[Center [+red  Wolf / Akuma || 26 || Female || His Wolf || Feral but friendly at times ]]

[+red [size10 [B What I like in Roleplays]
 Anime pictures only
♢ MxM, FxF, MxF 
♢ 1x1
♢ Romance
♢ Violence
♢ Anything you want to know just ask. 

[b What I dislike in roleplays ]
 ★One liners 
 ★Real photos
 ★ Pregnancy of any type

[center  Anything else you want to know just ask]

[center [size30 [+red ☆ ♢  ★ ♡ ]]]]

[h3                          ]
-WolfsbaneUsagi   57d ago



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