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High School Hell for Sinth_The_Hyacinth

By Kuro_Rosey
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High School Roommates

Katashi Paytah played by Kuro_Rosey

Rhya O’Conner played by Sinth_The_Hyacinth
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Today, Rhya woke up early to his dog— a pure white Samoyed —licking his face. As he opened his eyes, he smiled. "Good morning, Fushi," he greeted as he pets the dog’s head. The dog hopped off the bed and waited for him to get up. The boy got up and started to stretch. Meanwhile, Fushi ran up to the dresser. Opening the bottom drawer, she pulled out a hoodie and jeans with her mouth, then ran back to Rhya.

Rhya took the clothing Fushi brought for him and got dressed. Afterward, Fushi helped him pack up his stuff. Rhya was going to be moving into his high school. Once he was certain he had everything, he put on Fushi’s harness and left his room. He traveled down the hallway into the kitchen, where his mother was making breakfast.

Rhya sat at the dining table with Fushi sitting at her side. "Good morning, sweetie," his mother greeted as she handed her son a plate of pancakes. "Morning, mom," Rhya greeted back. Once he was done eating, he hugged his mom and attached a leach to Fushi’s harness.

Leaving the house, Fushi leads Rhya to the high school dorms. Once there, the dog opened the door to the dorm room with her teeth, letting Rhya inside. After, Rhya let out a sigh. He found one of the beds and sat down. There was only one hour until class started. As Fushi helped him unpack, he could only leave his stuff out on the floor if he wanted to make it to class on time. He figured he would clean up and organize when school was out.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi Kitazawa   63d ago

SLAP! [b [#a64700 “YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS FAMILY! GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU WRETCHED WASTE OF SPACE! IF I EVER SEE YOUR FACE IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU!”]] a very angry man yelled as he assaulted a teen of about 15 who glared up from where he had fallen his long red hair a mess and his cheek cut and bleeding. The two men glared at each other for a while before another male stepped in between them. [#04a600 “Hey pops I had a question about the Ik-72 forms I can’t figure out what belong in section 12.”] the other male said drawing the assaulter’s attention away while signaling the other to leave.

With the attention away from him the redhead got up and made his way to his room where he grabbed a suitcase and his bookbag, which he had packed days ago to get ready for the all-boys boarding school he was being forced to go to, and headed towards the front door planning to walk to the school despite it being a good 400 miles from his current location. Before he could start out the door a hand grabbed his arm and Kat whipped around ready to fight when he saw it was just Kaname his twin brother and the man who had distracted his father earlier.

[#0500db “What do you want Kaname? I have to get out of here if I wanna make it to the dorms by the time classes begin.”] the red-head said only to be pulled into a hug.

[#04a600 “Sorry baby brother I just couldn’t let you leave without a hug and I called you a cab so wait for it at the gate and I’m sorry I can’t do more for you but trust me the moment I graduate and get a secure spot in the company I promise I’ll bring you home. I love you Kat.”] the older twin said and Kat sighed wrapping his free hand around the male.

[#0500db “I know and thank you… I love you to, please pay my respects to mom when you can.”] Kat said before pushing at the make to make him back off before he walked down the stairs and headed for the front gate knowing that the moment he left the property he wouldn’t be able to come back until the day his father died… or worse the day his father forced him into a marriage.

Kat waited at the front gate as he was told for the taxi and took it the 400 miles to Saint Christopher’s School for Gentlemen arriving a week early not that he cared as he found his room and settled in he knew he would get a roommate, but didn’t truly know when nor did he really care as long as they just left him alone. A week passed by and Kat was starting to get hopeful that his predicted roommate wasn’t actually going to be coming, but on the day classes began Kat walked out of the bathroom after changing into his uniform to find another boy and his dog sitting on the empty bed unpacking and he bristled unconsciously putting up his guard as he walked over to his desk to grab his bag, but then he spotted the state of the other boy’s eyes and paled but also sighed in some sort of relief.

[#0500db “Of course he’s blind… good means he should be in special ed.”] Kat muttered under his breath before turning to the door not bothering with even a hello or an introduction as he had no interest in the boy and didn’t need the boy taking interest in him, and he was sure the dog would be able to guide him to the cafeteria by smell alone.

Rhya sniffed the air as he noticed a boy had walked past him. Due to his blindness, he couldn’t see the boy, of course, but he could see somewhat of an outline of the boy’s stature as they left the room. Despite him being unable to see most things, he can see a sort of white outline that forms around people and animals, of they are close enough to him.

He watched until the boy’s outline was no longer in view. That mist’ve been his roommate, but Rhya wondered why they never greeted him. He let put a sigh and shrugged it off before standing up. He gripped Fushi’s leash tightly. [i "Bring me to the cafeteria, girl,"] he said softly. The dog barked and sniffed the air before leading Rhya out of the dorms and down the hall.

The cafeteria was where the staff would be handing out schedules. Since Rhya was blind, they had made a special copy made just for him. When he got to the cafeteria, he was greeted by a teacher from one of the special ed classes, who handed him his schedule. Fushi plopped down beside Rhya’s feet as he sat down to read his schedule. He needed both hands to do so, since his schedule was written in braille.

Only two of his classes were from the special ed unit however. This wasn’t surprising to him, but to anyone else, it might be very surprising. Considering certain circumstances. The only thing Rhya worried about was those who might torment him just for being blind.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi   63d ago

Kat got his schedule and a simple salad for breakfast and rolled his eyes as he glanced over the paper at what would be his classes, the only thing that interested him was Art 101, which he was thankful he was able to sneak in, of course looking over his other electives Kat almost choked on a leaf Breeder’s Health: Learning About your Body and Breeder’s Ec 1: How to cook to please your future spouse. Kat fumed silently and almost tore the paper but placed it down on the table and placed his face in his hands to muffle the groan that came out, because just as he feared he was being prepped for an eventual betrothal all because he wasn’t fully male and would one day be able to carry children. Letting out a huge sigh Kat closed up his barely eaten salad and stood up walking over to a trash can and tossing it out then he walked back to his table to grab his bag only to suddenly find himself surrounded by several upperclassmen.

[#ff0000 “Well, well, well what do we have here? Last I checked this was an All-boys school since when do they let in girls?”] the one Kat assumed to be the leader asked as he leaned in so he was close to Kat’s face and Kat hissed and glared suddenly wishing he had taken up Kaname’s offer to cut Katashi’s ass-length red hair.

[#ff6300 “Dunno boss but this one sure smells nice. Hey girly why don’t you come have some fun with us?”] another teased and Kat bristled trying to keep from lashing out on his first day at school.

[#0500db “I’m not a girl and can you move I have class.”] Kat asked before moving to push past them only to be grabbed and pushed back on the table.

[#ff0000 “Now, now we’re not done here. You either come with us so we can check if you are what you claim or we make your time here a living hell.”] the leader said and Kat hissed through his teeth again taking a quick look around the emptying cafeteria for a way to escape, but this momentary distraction caused him to miss one of the boys grabbing his schedule. The goon glanced over the paper and snorted before handing it to the leader who smiled a sick smirk causing Kat to pale when he realized what just happened. [#ff0000 “Well, well, well a Breeder huh? Isn’t that just perfect, tell me pretty boy is your baby room starting to grow in yet?”] the leader sneered as he ran a hand down Kat’s stomach causing the boy disgust and he reached to take back his schedule. [#ff0000 “Ah, Ah, Ah come on now answer the question Ka.ta.shi.”] the leader said keeping the paper out of the boy’s reached as he moved in to keep Kat pinned to the table, but this was the moment Kat was waiting for and though his stomach churned he brought his legs up to hit the leader in the crotch before snatching the paper and hopping over the table and taking off out the back door and into the main building just as the first bell went off, thankfully he still had 5 minutes to find his class before he was late, but his face was now in a pretty permanent scowl as this one incident told Kat that he was entering a high school hell.

Kat managed to make it to his first class on time, but due to still being so flustered and angry he didn’t notice that his new roommate was in this class or that the only available seat was right next to him.

Rhya stood as the teacher for his first class approached him. He wanted to help him get to class, since it was his first day. Rhya happily accepted this help, of course, making sure Fushi knew to follow him and learn the detection of the classroom.

When the two got to the classroom, Rhya thanked the teacher and Fushi helped him find a seat. As he sat at his desk, he heard the other students gossiping about him. [i "Why does he have a service dog? I don’t see anything wrong with him,"] whispered one guy in front of him. [i "Maybe he’s blind,"] another suggested. [i "I think he’s just faking for attention,"] one other said.

Rhya only ignored these comments, as he didn’t find them to be offensive. Since it was only gossip, he didn’t feel like it was necessary to get mad over.

Rhya only wrote in a small journal that he kept with him at all times. He in fact could write just as well as any other person, maybe his writing skills were even better than a normal high schooler. From his hand writing, to his choice of wording. He loved learning new words, and learning how to write them. Despite not being able to see what he’s writing, all he needs is muscle memory.

After the bell rang, he made sure to put his journal back into his pocket. He sat up in his chair and noticed an outline of someone he recognized coming closer. He remembered his roommate had the same outline, so he smiled. Maybe he could finally get to know this person he’ll be living with.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi   62d ago

When Kat moved to sit down he finally noticed who he was sitting next to and this caused him to flinch slightly considering the boy seemed to be smiling at him, but he held back a groan and just sat down taking out his sketchbook and a pencil out biting lightly at his nails as he watched the teacher come in and start give his opening speech the first class of the day was a simple Homeroom that allowed kids to socialize or finish any homework from the previous night, basically a free period for freshmen, though with harsher punishment for skipping and Kat made a decision that he would start skipping breakfast to be able to get a better seat. As the teacher began taking attendance Kat opened his sketchbook to a recent picture he had been working on of a panther in a tree and just fell into a sort of zone keeping only part of his attention towards the teacher so he wouldn’t miss his name, it was only the first day after all he had no homework and he refused to be social so unless the teacher decided to force a group activity Kat should have the hour to himself.

“Katashi Paytah?”

[#0500db “Present.”]

Once called Kat turned off his brain and focused on his drawing if anyone wanted to get his attention now they would have to touch him as he would not answer to anything until the bell rang.

Rhya’s smile faded only for a moment, until he heard his name. [i "Rhya O’Conner?"] His smile returned as he replied, [i "Present."] His name was the last to be called since his first name started with "R" and his last name started with "O."

Rhya glanced at Kat’s outline, wondering what he was doing, since he could only see the outline of living things. Though, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. [i "Hey, what are you doing?"] he asked softly. After a moment of silence and no answer, he tilted his head. Maybe he didn’t hear him?

Rhya asked again, but again, he was ignored. Finally, Rhya decided to tap his shoulder. [i "Hey,"] he said one last time.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi   58d ago

When touched Kat flinched away and slapped away the offending hand, which caused him to fall out of his chair which unfortunately drew everyone’s attention towards them.

“Mr. Paytah, Mr. O’Connor is everything alright?” the teacher asked and Kat’s face grew hot.

[#0500db “Yes sir I apologize I…. I wasn’t paying attention.”] Kat said before getting back to his feet and righting his chair before closing his sketchbook and turning a glare towards the boy he would be spending the next four years with. [#0500bd “Is there something you needed?”] he growled towards the blind boy who obviously hadn’t taken the hint that he hadn’t wanted to be disturbed. While waiting for the other to respond Kat looked down at the dog and wondered if it could smell his fear as he bared his teeth at it.

Rhya immediately froze, not expecting that reaction. He immediately felt bad and nervously held his hands together. As he tried to come up with a response, he noticed his dog’s outline sitting up. She was staring at Kat intensely. Rhya tapped Fushi on the back. "Leave it," he commanded softly. Hearing this, the dog laid back down under Rhya’s desk.

Rhya returned his gaze to Kat’s white outline. "Uhm, s-sorry… I was curious about what you were doing," he explained as he fidgeted with his sleeve. "I didn’t mean to startle you. I just thought it’d be nice if we got to know each other," he said innocently. He clearly didn’t mean any harm, and was unaware of how Kat felt.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi   54d ago

When the dog lied back down Kat smirked and sat back down before Ryha started speaking and Kat rolled his eyes he wasn’t a stranger to having people curious about his art, but the blind guy seriously?

[#0500db “I was drawing. No I won’t draw you. No I won’t draw something for you for free. My commissions start at $100 dollars for a sketch piece.”] Kat said it was a lie for the prices, but there was no way he was going to make something for someone blind who wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate it, yes it was ablest, yes he was being a brat, but he was also aware that most of the classes’ attention was still on them and from the disgusted whispers that erupted behind them after hearing his prices he figured that would be enough to keep people away, since this was technically the poorest boarding school in the city. Kat sat back in his chair and crossed his arms waiting for Ryha to say whatever it was he wanted so he would leave Kat alone and praying the boy seriously wasn’t hoping to get to know him because if that was the case he was going to be very disappointed.

Rhya frowned as he glanced at the outline of his own feet. "I-I wasn’t going to ask about that at all," he muttered softly. He felt as if that was kinda stupid to assume in the first place. Why would he ask for a drawing he wouldn’t be able to see?

Either way, Rhya still felt upset. "I just wanted to try to get to know you, since we’ll be roommates," he said softly. He poked his fingers together, like a shy anime girl and let out a sigh.

"But, I can tell you’re not interested, so I guess I’ll just leave you alone," he said. Rhya then turned to face forward with a huff as he pulled out his small journal. He began writing once again, ignoring the hatful comments other students were saying about him.
Kuro_RoseyKatashi   16d ago

{Sorry for the long wait please let me know if you want me to archive the thread for the inevitable turnover}

Kat scoughed when indeed the other male said he wanted to get to know him but flinched when he then immediately backed down and the redhead looked over at the blind boy as a pang of gilt shot through him the other looked like a wounded puppy reminding Kat of his brother back when they were little, and though he wanted to ignore the other his body spoke before he could make a final decision.

[#0500DB “You get two questions but I’m not here to make friends so don’t expect anything more.”] Kat growled before immediately wanting to get up and leave, but he kept his seat and waited to see if the boy would take the opportunity if he didn’t in the next two minutes Kat would take his leave and go find out where the library was.


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