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Nervous... (1x1 Yaoi)

By Aerialacebabe77

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So Venus, a 18 year old high graduate was finally free from High school! Freedom! Now he was definitely a serious adult! He'd been going to high school with his best friend for most of his life. After graduation he and his friend slowly started to plan their futures together. You know, as best friends do? They wanted to get a home together so they could start college. Venus knew that this was the best option financially for the both of them.

His family wasn't exactly high to do when it came to money. Nor would he ever ask them for any. He actually was desperate to try and get away from his family due to behind closed doors abuse. He had secretly came out to them as bisexual and they had disowned him. He was too ashamed to tell his best friend.

When he looked at his best friend and all of his plans, he started to realize something. He hadn't realized before his friend had his whole entire life planned out. Venus on the other hand...all he wanted to do was get away from his family. He sighed and closed his eyes most days and tried to take a deep breath. To pretend he had a perfect family. But it didn't always work.

As they sat numerous times, planning out their first place together.. all they could ever find was cramped one bedroom apartments in their area that they could afford together! They both were baristas at a local coffee shop. They didn't make much, so they both came up with an agreement. They would get a one bedroom apartment and save up for something better. But they would have twin beds on either side of the one bedroom in the apartment.

Finally the day came when they moved into an apartment together. They slowly started to unpack. Venus started to learn things about his best friend that made him feel more endeared to him. Or was it something else? Venus tried to ignore it at first. No way, not his best friend! But he did wonder... His parents were quite angry he had moved into a one bedroom with his best friend.

He tried to explain the whole situation, but they never listened. So they currently weren't talking to him. Good riddance! But with his best this more than just endearment of a best friend? His best friend started to get more and more closer to him. When this happened all, Venus could think about was his best friend. He started to realize he was slowly falling in love with his best friend and there was no way to deny it.

Sadly, one day his friend came home with a girlfriend. Venus didn't like this the girlfriend. He refused to admit it was jealousy. It was definitely because she was abusive physically and mentally! She was using his best friend for what little money he had. His friend being a gentleman never would do anything about it. He would just play it off.

Venus's best friend was always so kind and sweet. Venus couldn't allow this to happen. His friend to be taken advantage of! He began doing all the house work and cooking in the apartment. Trying to show his best friend how a girlfriend should really act. But something changed.

His best friend stopped bringing the girlfriend over slowly but surely. Venus was seeing less and less of this girl. This made him pretty happy. But his best friend seemed very hesitant to touch Venus. Even to touch his shoulder. He always turned red, fumbled his hands, seemed very awkward tongue-tied, and even... nervous. Just how Venus felt inside. Did his best friend feel the same way about him!? What had happened with the girlfriend?Where was she?

***You get to decide that! I'm looking for someone to play Venus's best friend. They will be the masculine character in this rp. Venus is more feminine and is bisexual. This will be yaoi and where it goes from here who knows? All naughty scenes will be taken elsewhere or time skipped. I am looking for someone who can post as often as they can, do multiple paragraphs, and be somewhat literate with proper grammar.***
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Venus stood outside a McDonald’s waiting for his friend, his best friend to be exact. Not like he had any other friends. He had plenty of bullies though. He clutched the handle to his umbrella over him. It was pouring down rain around him in their decent sized city. He seemed anxious though. High school and just graduated them out only three weeks ago. He was relieved it was over so he could get away from the before stated bullies.

His parents were more a problem though. They were bullies he lived with. They were being horrible about his bisexuality. Just the most current reason they were enraged with him. He had come out finally and it was not a good response. His siblings wouldn’t even look at them during last night’s dinner. 

He bit his lip looking down fidgeting a bit. He was naturally a nervous person who had no future planned really. Well, except to go to college and get away from his family. He had kept putting any form of true future planning off for unknown reasons to himself. He closed his eyes, he was glad that his friend still cared about him even after everything that they’d gone through in high school together. 

His best friend didn’t know he was bisexual though. That was something that he didn’t wanna touch yet for a subject. He was afraid he’d have the same response his parents had had. His friend was so strong and masculine, where Venus wasn’t. Venus had tried dating girls over the years. But...they were just too dramatic. Too much emotion. 

He had his own emotions he was still trying to process. He was trying to figure himself out. He had trouble doing that, so he really hadn’t dated much. He had secretly tried dating a guy. The guy seemed to always have his eyes casted somewhere else. Again towards a girl. It didn’t work out.

So Venus was alone right now. Basically single. He didn’t know even if he wanted to dat...again because he was horrible at planning things. He only had one best friend too. He guessed the reason he only had a one friend was because he was so  quiet and timid. Something his father always found annoying about him. “Why can’t you be more loud and masculine like your brother!? What the fuck is wrong with you!? That’s not normal to want to wear!! That’s not normal to-“ and slap! 

His father would backhand him across the face so hard that he would send his son careening into a wall or to the floor. His parents were abusive and homophobic. Again something he never told his best friend. He closed his eyes as he waited for his friend. Why did he have to be so late!?He might be masculine, but at least he could be on time! He groaned throwing his head back! Okay, now he was being dramatic he supposed! 

He didn’t want to wait much longer outside in the rain and cold! He didn’t want to go inside alone either. His older sister worked there and she was the manager! She didn’t want him inside less he was ordering something. He was secretly was hoping his best friend would be a block against his older domineering sister.

 Like his parents she loved making his life miserable and unhappy. She just couldn’t leave him be. If his parents weren’t training her to be nasty and homophobic, he didn’t know what was wrong with her. But he was pretty sure it was the whole, “Let’s train our daughter to be evil!”

Venus opened his eyes again looking ahead and around the busy streets bustling with cars. Where was he!? “Come on! I’m hungry!” He thought to himself aloud. His stomach gurgled so loud it could be heard over the rain. Venus grimaced embarrassed as people walked by looking at him.  “Great! Now my stomach has its own voice loud enough to talk!” He joked. He laugh softly nervous. Yeah, he was not a people person and always seem to make a fool of himself.
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Katsu was inside ordering, but it was busy. He waited quietly with a tilted head, glancing around at the customers. When they finally called his number he stepped up and grabbed the food. With a quick "Thank you." He ignored his sister and walked out. 

"Miss me?" He asked with a crooked smile as he stood in the rain. His hair was getting wet so he quickly shook it out and stepped under the umbrella so the food didn't get ruined. 

As they began walking he kept stealing glances at Venus. He had seemed different lately. Like he was hiding something. Or things. He wanted to know, just in case, it was something bad. He wanted to help him.

He ran his hand through his hair and wondered if he should ask. 'No, you might scare him. Or make him mad.' he thought with a sigh. 

He and Venus were walking in sync. When he put his foot down, so did Venus. He smiled again. and looked at Venus. "Perfect sync! Guess we're compatible~" He said, teasing him.

He laughed and ruffled Venus's hair to show him it was a joke. He didn't want him to get offended. He had always assumed he was straight as he had only known about his girlfriends. He had never mentioned any guys.

Venus turned relieved Katsu had ordered his food. "Thank God! I was getting worried! You were taking forever! Did my sister give you a hard time? I don't know why she does that." Venus sighed as he looked down at his shoes beat up sneakers. Like he really had enough money for new ones.

 He wasn't going to tell katsu that he couldn't even afford them or that he didn't have enough money for McDonald's. How do you even bring up that your poor? It was an odd conversation. He smiled as they started to walk in unison. He kept quiet, but smiled even more at the in sync comment.
"Yeah, seems like we're always in step together. Neither of us ahead of the other you. So what are your plans now that high school's out? I know we're both going to the same college. You know, the one here in town?" He added quickly at the end. Hoping his friend hadn't changed his plans and decided to go somewhere else.

 He flicked his eyes towards Katsu again wondering if maybe it would be reasonable to get a place together. "I heard the college dorms are already full up. I don't see a point of getting a dorm that is already going to be crowded anyways. Why... don't we try to find a place together? Maybe a two bedroom to split bills on? We should start looking if we want to find anything open. While we're at it, you need to tell me about your next adventure in the dating world. Me.. it's been stagnant of course." Venus smirked.

 Venus didn't want to tell Katsu that the last guy had been a flop. That he was a disloyal and dishonest piece of trash that couldn't stop looking at girls. He just didn't have the heart to tell his best friend that girls wasn't his thing anymore either. He wanted to tell Katsu about his life at home and even in the dating realm. But he was afraid that his friend would laugh at him or be disgusted.

 Look at the fool who can't even date a girl let alone get his parents to like him! He had heard that from bullies in high school who knew his secrets. He closed his eyes for a second while the approached his house. He didn't want to go inside. He didn't want to even step on the property. The two story dilapidated place always felt foreboding. He knew when he went inside that his father would only strike him.

Why? For being 10 minutes late, that's why. He wore long sleeves even in the summer. Japan had a tendency to have very overbearing heat in the summers making his life miserable. Thank goodness, it was Winter now. With the rain going on it was easy to hide his bruises and scars under his clothing. He looked up at Katsu smiling weakly. 

"Well, this is my stop! I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe we can start looking for a place then if you want to. That is- I mean I'm pretty sure you have a pretty girl hiding somewhere you could move in with." He teased. Katsu always had his eyes on the prize. He was organized and planned out. That's why all the girls wanted him. He wasn't bad looking either. He was the kind of masculine guy who had the world at his feet. Even with low finances and being a barista. Now if only Venus could be like that. 

He aspired to be to be just like Katsu, he looked up to his best friend. He admired him in every single way possible. he wished he could be even as tall as he was. Venus was only a very short 5'3 and his friend was quite taller than he was. Katsu was larger and could probably pick up his entire house and throw it into space. Venus smile wickedly at that one. But it quickly vanished from his face. He didn't want his friend to think he was crazy by thinking things like that. 

He turned and headed towards his house down the cracked pavement. The rain plopped around him and his umbrella.  "Don't look back, Don't look back. He doesn't need to see the panic on your face. That you have to go deal with your parents. Everything's fine. You're only 10 minutes late. Maybe they forgot that you'd gone out. Maybe they'll be surprised. Maybe they magically changed and they love you now? He thought. The last part was him daydreaming partially. Also him and denial about his family being complete jerks.
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Katsu glanced over. "I just ignored her. No reason to talk," he said with a shrug. He would've just held up the line anyways. 

"Yup! Still going to the same college!" He said with a smile. He was excited. 'Me and Venus will have so much fun!' he thought with another smile.

"Sounds amazing! I already looked into this, though. There's only a one-bedroom apartment. We could still do it though if you want. Just have twin beds on either side of the room. As for the dating world... I found a girl. She's a little clingy but nice." He said as he turned to his friend and ran his hand through his hair.

Katsu ran up and grabbed him by the arm before he could go in. "Hey, if there was something wrong... you would tell me, right? Or if something changed?" He asked these questions with a sad look in his eyes. He wanted Venus to trust him.

For some reason, Venus like the idea of the two of them living together in a one bedroom. A lot of the apartments around their city were quite small and cramped. So he hoped to God that they wouldn't be stepping on each other in more ways than one. He didn't want to lose his best friend Katsu. He bit his lip as he walked down the sidewalk to his house. They could use the time at the one bedroom to save up for a bigger two bedroom if one opened up.

 He was surprised to be turned around and grabbed by the arm. There was katsu so close to his home. He panicked hoping his father wouldn't open the door and get the wrong idea. Katsu had never grabbed him before and they look on his face when he asked the question had him confused. Venus turned a bright shade of pink blushing hard and averted his eyes.

"N-nothing's wrong. I just.. I'm kind of excited that you want to move into a one bedroom with me. Sure, we could definitely get twin beds and shove them in a room. I just hope you're not going to think it's kind of weird." He looked hopeful. He seriously wanted to get away from his family. He glanced back to this house, the lights were out. So that meant his parents went out to dinner. 

Good, he wasn't in trouble. He knew his brother would be out on his motorcycle for most the night. Plus, his sister was still working so he was off scott free. There was a big sigh relief that echoed through his body. Then he got an idea. He looked back at his friend. "So what are you up to tonight? Want to have a sleepover? I mean at your place! My parents aren't big into that kind of thing." He shrugged. 

His parents would think he was doing things at a sleepover. He looked hopeful. If he didn't have to see his family tonight that'd be one more stress off of his shoulders. He was extremely excited at the idea of actually seeing the inside of Katsu's home. He'd seen the outside plenty of times. 

But he definitely wanted to see Katsu's bedroom. He blushed harder. Wait a minute...did Katsu say he found a girl!? A pang of what oddly felt like jealousy rang through him when he heard that katsu had a girlfriend now. Why was he jealous!?That was weird and right after he asked to sleep over at Katsu's!? 

He looked down frowning and humiliated at himself. "Never mind, on the sleepover. I- I need to catch up on a book I'm reading." He softly pulled away from Katsu. He headed up onto the front porch. It made no sense to him. Why he was jealous of some girl he hadn't met? "Maybe, we can go look at that one bedroom you were talking about tomorrow. Okay, I'll see you in the morning." Venus bolted inside and shut the door. 

He slid down the door holding his face in his hands. He was too embarrassed to admit. But that was jealousy all right. It did not suit his nature. He didn't like that feeling. He trembled confused and lost. He knew that katsu was popular with the girls. He knew that Katsu could have whatever he wanted. But that wasn't an option for Venus. Venus didn't have the money, the good looks, or the courage to even ask someone out. It was everybody else who always asked him out. He was an introvert is what he was told.
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Katsu looked slightly confused. He didn't get to tell Venus that he had already rented the apartment so they could move in as soon as possible. He thought something might be going on at Venus's house and he didn't like it. His gut told him something was wrong.

He wondered why he decided to not do the sleepover with him. Had he done something wrong? Of course, he had. He always did with Venus. The one person he actually wanted with him probably didn't want to be with him.

He turned and began walking towards his house, where his parents were only nice to him if he was doing great in school and/or in sports, or if someone was over.

When he walked in he walked straight upstairs to avoid his parents. He quietly locked the door to his bedroom and sank down on his bed, pulling out his phone. 'I should text Becca.' He thought with a smile.

Katsu : -Hey 🤗-
Becca: -Heyy, how are you?-
Katsu: -Eh, I'm alright. How are you?-
Becca: -Great! I just need a little money to buy the new purse I want...-
Katsu: -Oh! How much?-
Becca: -100-
Katsu: -I'll give it to you tomorrow when I take you to meet Venus.- 
Becca: -Great, thanks.-

When they had wished each other good night he put his phone on the charger and went to sleep.

The next morning Venus was covered in bruises. His father had known that he'd come home 10 minutes late. His sister had ratted him out. That he was at McDonald's, outside waiting on his new "boyfriend" as she put it. She had stated what time he was there exactly. It was laughable that she had described his lifelong friend as his "boyfriend". 

His dad knew who Katsu was. But Venus just come out so Katsu might as well have been enemy number one to his father. His sister took pure joy in watching him walk down the hall covered in bruises. She took the light in his misery ever since he had come out.

So he had to wear long sleeves again today. Even though it was actually nice outside. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat due to being overheated. He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt, blue jeans, and of course as always his scuffed up sneakers. He had his messenger bag around his shoulder. out. That he was at McDonald's, outside waiting on his new "boyfriend" as she put it. She had stated what time he was there exactly. It was laughable that she had described his lifelong friend as his "boyfriend". 

His dad knew who Katsu was. But Venus had just come out so Katsu might as well have been enemy number one to his father. His sister took pure joy in watching him walk down the hall covered in bruises. She took the light in his misery ever since he had come out. So he had to wear long sleeves again today. 

Even though it was actually nice outside. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat due to being overheated. He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt, blue jeans, and of course as always his scuffed up sneakers. He had his messenger bag around his shoulder. 

Venus was extremely depressed.  He had tried to text Katsu last night to apologize for his stupid behavior. He should have never been jealous of a girl. He never should have even asked for a sleepover. That was all extremely rude of him to do. But Katsu had not answered and he still hadn't answered this morning. 

Did this mean that Katsu had changed his mind about going to look at the apartment with him today? Venus sighed with even more depression filling him. He couldn't stay at the house. Not with hiw angry and drunk his father was now. This early in the morning for a drunk? Yeah, not a good idea to stay home. He looked down the road. Might as well go to the library. Like he had said to Katsu, he liked to read.  

This could get him out of the house and mind off of things. His stomach grumbled, always hungry. His dad didn't like buying groceries, instead he liked buying booze. Venus didn't have money for even a meal while he was out.

 "Maybe if I just drink a lot of water at the fountains at the library that'll work?" He thought aloud bitterly. He pocketed his cell phone. "If I lose Katsu, my best friend.. I have no one. I don't even have money to get a place. I guess I might have to wedge myself somehow into a dorm. Even if I have to sleep on the floor." he thought miserably. 

He began to trudge down the road with hands in his pockets. He was dragging his feet and he hung his head. "My life cannot get any worse than it is right now." he muttered. He had had to steal his sister's makeup to cover a bruise on his face

 It was rare for his father to bruise his face. His father was extremely careful where he hit him. He liked to keep up appearances that he was the most amazing father in the world. That his family was perfectly normal. That his mother wasn't schizophrenic. That he wasn't a drunk. That his sister wasn't an evil jerk. That his brother didn't have a motorcycle obsession. But most of all that he wasn't gay.
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Katsu saw him walking and ran to catch up with him. Once he had he glanced at him and looked away glaring. He stopped in front of him and grabbed his arm lightly, pulling his sleeve up. "I knew it. Those assholes." He said angrily.

"You're moving out today, The apartment is already furnished, courtesy of my grandma. Let's go get your stuff." If Venus's father even tried laying a hand on him he would beat the shit out of him. He didn't care at this point. How long had this been going on!?

He turned around with Venus and walked back towards his house. He glanced around as he did. He needed to make sure his sister wasn't around. Once they got to Venus's house he barged in, standing in front of Venus. Protecting him.

Venus yelped startled in surprised as his friend Katsu had just abruptly showed up in front of him. Grabbing his sore arm he winced as his sleeve was pulled up in pain. He hung his head defeated and humiliated. "I'm sorry, I didn't tell you. I didn't want you to think I was weak. My dad..." he tried tochoke out he was fighting back tears.

 But then looked up surprised when he heard that the place had already been rented and furnished. "Your grandma!?" But before he could even ask any more questions his friend was dragging him back to his place! "No, don't do this!" He was trying to tug his arm and wrist out of his friend's hold.

 "I don't need my things! I can replace them! I don't want you to get hurt by my dad! He's ex military if you remember! Are you absolutely crazy!?" Venus cried out. But too late! They were up his stairs, crossed his porch, and inside within seconds. 

His mother looked up, her eyes glazed over from her medication for her schizophrenia. She didn't say anything as she had her hands deep in dish water doing the dishes. They had entered the kitchen. His father on the other hand smelled heavily of Whiskey. He looked up drunkenly from the newspaper angrily. "So it's true you are his boyfriend! What a disgusting sight to see!" His father started spewing multiple homophobic slurs at the two of them.

He began screaming and  going toe to toe with Katsu.  He was trying to intimidate him.  Well, he was definitely intimidating his son Venus! Who was trembling terrified behind his friend. This was exactly what Venus had not wanted! He didn't want his friend to get in the middle of this! He didn't want Katsu to get hurt! 

His father could see his tactics weren't working on Katsu. So he swung a hand to strike him. It was as if time was going at snail's pace. Venus suddenly had courage and cried out. "NO!" He shoved Katsu out of the way. Right as the hit struck him hard in the face. He saw stars and fell to the ground crumpling into a mess. 

He was swimming in a world of pain as he hit the stone tile floor hard with his head. He  was unconscious, the world was gone and he had blacked out. He couldn't let his best friend take his abuse. It was his and his alone to deal with.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   56d ago
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Katsu's eyes lit up with anger as he stepped up and kicked his dad in the knee, punching him in the face. "Go sit the fuck down, you're drunk." 

He then picked up Venus and carried him to his room, beginning to collect his things. Once he was done, he walked out, carrying his stuff along with his friend. 

He carried the stuff to the apartment and set everything up. The apartment was decent-sized with light blue walls. The kitchen was small, but the sitting room was a good size along with the bathroom. 

After he was done he got a wet washcloth and put it on Venus's head. He wondered if he should take him to the hospital or not. 'Fuck, I should've protected him.' he thought angrily.

He was always there for his friend and now he found out that his friend was Bi. 'Why didn't he tell me?'

After a while, Venus felt like he was being carried. But that couldn't be right. He'd been going to the library. No...that couldn't be right either. Something had happened before he even got to library. He couldn't remember. His head was in enormous pain. He was starting to panic. He couldn't wake up!

 It was taking him forever! But finally, when his eyes opened he didn't recognize where he was. He sat up on a bed lost and confused. "Where... where am I!?" He looked around a few more times. His head was covered in a cold washcloth. He held it there and felt his jaw crack as he opened and closed it a couple of times.

 "Man, Dad's getting better with the hard hooks." He winced. It was rare for his father to hit him in the face. But the few times that it did happen, his father was getting stronger and stronger with his strikes. "That's going to bruise." he muttered as he got up and the world spun like a carnival ride. He quickly sat back down. "Okay, so not eating for a day and a half. Plus, trying to stand after being being hit. Not a good idea." he reminded himself grimly.

 "Still this doesn't make any sense. Where am I?" He looked frustrated. Had he been kidnapped? Wait a minute, his father had hit him! Now his memory was coming back in leaps and bounds! His eyes one widened horrified. Had  his father actually hit Katsu!? He had taken the initial hit. But what had happened to Katsu afterwards after him being unconscious... Venus didn't know.

 He had to get up.. he had to find Katsu! Venus had to make sure he was okay! He had to know where he was! Venus determinately got up wobbling. He grabbed on to furniture to make his way out of the room. "I can do this ,I can do this. God, I wish I could do this." He panted sinking to the floor finally unable to keep himself upright. 

The last memory came into play and Venus looks sick inside. He hung his head. His father had called Katsu his boyfriend. "Great, now Katsu knows that I'm either gay or bisexual. Either way, there goes my last friend. I'm totally and irreversibly fucked. Either I'm in a psychiatric ward because he dropped me off here or I've been kidnapped. Either way Katsu probably is disgusted by me. I mean... being bisexual is disgusting." He sniffled holding back tears. 

He had heard it enough in the Japanese culture. They were not a fans of the lgbtq and never has been. He also knew that someone as popular as Katsu wouldn't want to be seen with someone like him. His life was over. Not that there was much for one for him.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   56d ago
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"Hey. You need to get back to bed. You're in the apartment." Katsu said quickly as he lifted Venus up and held him a little bit too close as he set him back down on the bed. 

"You need rest. You took a nasty punch." He said with a worried look on his face. He stared down at him and his heartbeat quickened. 'Huh? What was that?' He asked himself as he stepped back and went to go make Venus food. 

'I'll introduce him to my girlfriend later.' He thought as he walked into the kitchen and pulled out a pot to make some Tonjiru. It was his favorite soup, made with pork and vegetables. He hoped Venus would like it.

He put the pot on the stove and began chopping vegetables. He put some mild spicy Japanese seasonings in the soup along with some plain chicken broth as he went to cut up the pork.

Venus yelped in surprise as he looked up. Katsu had been the last one who picked him up by. “You brought me to the apartment!? You already rented it right it!?” he looked down  thoughtful with m more still a bit foggy. His head was killing him. He had a knot on his cheek and was clearly a little disoriented still.

 He realized that he had been picked up by Katsu. He turned a deep shade of red, there was that odd pang of jealousy again. He averted his eyes not looking up at Katsu anymore. “Thank you...” he whispered back. “Thank you, for saving me from all of that. I’m sorry.” he whispered even more as he was sat on the bed. He was ashamed. “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to judge me. I was afraid I was going to lose you as a friend. I don’t know if you’ve noticed over the years. But I don’t exactly have the greatest track record with making friends.” He fiddled with the edge of his shirt.

“My cousin used to tell me I was a introvert. I looked it up. Yeah, I’m an introvert.” he pushed his bangs out of his face. He still had a deep shade of pink on his face. “I don’t know what my dad said and meant by boyfriend. I’m sorry he said that.” He was trying to back out of his friend knowing that he was bisexual. He still didn’t want his friends judging for that either. 

Abusive families were common in Japan. But being bisexual wasn’t. Being LGBTQ was not common. You were supposed to have a husband and wife sort of family. A son to carry on your name. Well, his father had a son all right, with his mother. But now Venus after all this...didn’t want that kind of life. He may have not had his life planned out for him. But he certainly didn’t want to have a family and carry on his parent’s name. 

 His last name would end with him. He didn’t want to carry on the generational abuse. He closed his eyes and sighed quietly. He took back what he had just said. “No, my dad‘s right I’m gay.  At least in the sense of being bisexual. But no girl wants to really date me. Because I’m too quiet, I’m too feminine, they say- and most of all I’m too short!” He was quite embarrassed by that part. At 5 ft 3’, Katsu towered over him. But he was quite used to that part.

It was the girls that were taller than him  always seem to bring up the fact he was short. He watched Katsu walk away and he looked worried. “Katsu, I’m sorry.” he said again trying to make it evident that he didn’t mean for any of this to happen. “I really am.” he finished.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Once he was finished he put in a bowl and grabbed a spoon. It looked great, at least he thought it did. He brought it in to Venus and helped him sit up and handed him the bowl.

"I would never judge you for being gay or anything else. I don't care if you're feminine or shy or short. You're perfect the way you are." 

He then said, "Now eat." he gave him a crooked smile and ran out to grab an icepack for him. He ran back in as soon as he had gotten it and set it on the bedside table for him to use later if needed.

He then sat down beside him on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. His heartbeat was quickening again. 'What is this? Am I falling in love with Venus?' He asked himself as he looked back down at Venus and blushed slightly. He quickly looked away and shook his head. 'I have a girlfriend though-' he thought as he heard a knock at the door and went to open it.

"Hey, Becca," Katsu said with a smile when he saw her. "I see you got the bag." He wondered if she was happy with him.

"Yeah, thanks for the money. Where's your friend? Vernon or Veran or something?" she said as she pushed past him and walked into the apartment.

"It's Venus and he's laying down in our room. I'll take you to him." He said as he led her to the room.

Venus looked up from eating. This was amazing and he was quickly devouring the food! He clutched his bowl like he was afraid it was going to disappear. So this was the girlfriend? She couldn't even get his name right! Katsu was her boyfriend and Venus was his roommate after. She should of tried to remember his name if they'd be around each other!

 Venus frowned in disappointment, Katsu gave her money!? Katsu barely made any money at all! She didn't seem really enthused about the purse. Like it was a participation trophy. Just for weaseling money out of her boyfriend. Venus looked down at the purse. Good Lord, it was ugly! He was a guy and even he didn't want to look at it! 

So great- selfish, entitled, a gold digger more than likely, and she had horrible taste. "Katsu, what were you thinking!?" Venus thought mentally. He could obviously tell that the pang of jealousy was what was running him with this thought process. But in the moment, he didn't care.

 This was his best friend and this girl was rude. He forced a smile on his face. "Hi, I'm Venus and you are?" He offered a hand and smiled warmly. Even though his jaw was hurting him. He had to put on a show. He knew his best friend needed a little backup. "Be nice, be nice. I mean it. Be nice." He thought mentally to himself. "We'll talk to Katsu about this later. Try to get him to think straight for once. Instead of just seeing a pair of pretty-" He flicked his eyes at her chest. 

Venus wasn't going to think about that. He didn't want to think about what Katsu thought of the girl. Again the pang of jealousy was racing through his whole entire core and being. "So why don't you tell me about yourself? Venus offered her conversation. "Do you go to college? We're going to Westminster. I know there's a few dorms there for girls. What's your major if you're going?" he was trying to find out and information about her.

 Yes in a pleasant way he was being very nosy. But again, he had to vet her to make sure his friend would be okay. He glanced at Katsu. He did not realize that Katsu was a pushover. Seemed like Katsu was too busy trying to please her to realize he was being used. Well, Venus was going to have to show Katsu exactly how a lady was supposed to act. 

So he came up with a few plans on the fly. This was a first for him. He actually cwas oming up with ideas. Even though they weren't for himself. He was plotting already while smiling at Little Miss attitude.
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"My name is Becca, and no I don't go to college. Katsu is the brains." She said as she flicked her eyes to him and rolled her eyes. Katsu was too busy staring at Venus to notice. He knew he was starting to get a crush on him. H eventually glanced away and smiled at Becca. 

"Y'all seem to get along, that's good!" He said with a smile. He then walked out to get the snack he had made for them. It wasn't Japanese, but it was still good. He had made cupcakes.

He brought them in along with some plated and handed them out with a smile. "Hope y'all enjoy." He said with a little bow.

Just like Becca, Venus looked at Katsu stunned. Was he that brainless? He didn't want to think that about his best friend. Katsu had been staring at him the entire time weirdly. Was Katsu okay? Venus looked to the girlfriend and gave her a funny look. 
He was mentally trying to display to her- "Am I the only one who saw that or is your boyfriend broken?" 

When Katsu came back with the cupcakes Venus had already finished his food. He set his the bowl down beside him thankful. "Thank you! You didn't have to go that far and make me anything!" He smiled softly up at his best friend. Now he was being catty and smirked the girlfriend wickedly. Venus was trying to seem as innocent as possible. 

"Thank you, so much for the cupcake! That was really sweet of you!" He wondered if Becca would catch on. But then again he noticed she didn't really have much for brain cells. Yep, Katsu was definitely the brains. She was right about that and their relationship. Venus wondered how far he could get away with this without her starting to catch on. 

He bit into the cupcake and blushed. Holy cow, this was GOOD! He genuinely smiled. "Oh my God, this is amazing! You're really great baker, Katsu! I didn't know you were that talented!" He teased as he looked back up at his best friend. He was speaking to Becca now. "You ever tried any of his baking? He's was pretty good in high school when it came to Home Ec. I mean he didn't set the place on fire like I did." Venus kind of laughed at the last part blushing more 

 He looked down at the cupcake. "Not my fault that the teacher got her apron stuck in my oven. She sat there for a good 20 minutes lecturing me on how to stir a pot counterclockwise. When it's supposed to be stirred clockwise." Venus went on, pretty sure he was boring the hell out of Becca.

 That pang of jealousy just had him going. Even though his jaw hurt, he kept talking. "So we have to work tomorrow! Becca, I have an idea! They're looking for another barista! Maybe you should come work with us! It'd be great for you! You could make your own money and be working with your boyfriend!" he grin sweetly. 

He was trying to look as innocent as possible again. "Yep, shove it in hard." He mused to himself. "That she doesn't have her own money." He wondered how much her parents were paying her too. But he wasn't going to keep thinking about that. He had to focus on the point of driving her crazy. Getting the point across to her in subliminal messages that he knew what her game was with using Katsu.
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She glared at him and walked over. "Just shut up and stop hitting on my boyfriend you stupid hoe!" She yelled, making Katsu raise his eyebrows and glare at her.

He stated silent as he walked out, to try and calm down. He was going to hit her if he didn't do something. He walked out of the apartment and hit a brick wall as hard as he could, hurting his hand badly. He winced and ran his good hand through his hair.

"Look what you did, you gay idiot!" She yelled. She could only tell by the way he blushed. He had a crush on Katsu. That wasn't going to fly with her. 

She stormed out of the room and locked herself in the bathroom to think as Katsu walked in holding his injured wrist. He walked back into the room and stood in front of Venus. "Sorry..." He mumbled as he winced again.

Venus jump surprised at her behavior. He had been nice as far as she knew. He depressedly looked up seeing his friend walk away. "Katsu..." He whispered. But then watched Becca storm into the bathroom. He froze wide-eyed at her words. Great, now she knew he was gay! Well, bisexual.

 He stood up wobbly and grabbed the ice pack putting it to his sore jaw. This was a bad idea. Moving in with Katsu was horrible idea. He was ruining his relationship. He grabbed his messenger bag and opened it. The only thing in it was his journal and his camera. He started to grab his things the Katsu had put in the room. 

There was no point in staying there. He didn't want to start a fight they couldn't win. He looked up as Katsu came in and apologized. Venus looked to his wrist. He had injured himself over him!? Now Venus felt worse! 

He dropped the ice pack on the bed and stopped what he was doing. He grabbed a first aid kit that had come with him. He gently pulled Katsu to the bed by his good hand and sat him down. He began managing his wrist. He then placed the ice pack on Katsu's bandaged wrist. 

"No, I'm sorry. I was just trying to be friendly with her. I didn't think she'd act like that. I don't have a crush on you. I don't know where that came from." he shrugged. But the truth was, he wasn't even sure if he had a crush on Katsu. He was leaning more towards yes on that one. But he couldn't let Katsu know that.

 He just wanted to show Katsu what it was like to be cared about by a genuine person. Someone who did. She was using him and he didn't want to see Katsu get hurt. "I wish you were a lot more smart  as you were handsome." he thought mentally. He turned beat red at that thought.  "She's going to hurt you in the end ." He mentally had to stop himself from saying that.

 He thought back to his last ex. The guy who kept watching girls when they were out together. The guy he had tried to keep secret from pretty much everyone. Because he knew how his father would have reacted. Venus remembered the feeling of feeling like he was almost a toy. His ex really hadn't cared about him. The moron was only with him for one thing...

Venus averted his eyes blushing. "Look, I don't think this is going to work out. Your girlfriend already doesn't like me. She automatically knows that I'm..well, you know." Venus didn't even have enough courage to say that he was bisexual right now. "I don't want to ruin things between you and her. That wouldn't be fair to you." Venus sniffled. He refused to cry. Why was he so upset, why did this feel like a break up!?

 "I'm going to go ahead and try to find a dorm to crash and on the floor or something. I just go back home to my parents place. If they'll let me." He whispered as he looked up at Katsu. Tears rimmed his eyes as he added one more thing.

 "Do me a favor? Just be careful. Don't get yourself hurt again or abused in any way?" He didn't want to be honest. He didn't want to say to his best friend that he was being gold digged. He just didn't have the heart to say it. He wanted to knock on Katsu's forehead to see if someone was home. Maybe some common sense. But he just didn't have the heart to be that mean to such an amazing person.
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Katsu shook his head quickly. "No, I'm breaking up with her. She only asks m for money. And no one gets to be rude to you." He said as he got up and hugged Venus. 

"Don't leave me..." He mumbled as he hugged him. He didn't want Venus to go. He... loved him. 'I do.' He thought as he blushed.

He pulled away and looked at the ground. He then walked out and went to find Becca. When she walked out of the bathroom he broke up with her as gently as he could and sent her on her way. He might be mad at her but he wasn't going to be mean to her.

He then walked back into the room and sat on his bed, staring at Venus as he did so. He looked down at his bandaged hand and smiled. "Thanks for fixing me up, doc." He said with a small laugh.

Venus was crouched over on the bed holding his head. He should of never been born! He was so broken! He felt horrible even as Katsu had hugged him and stepped out to break up with Becca. He cringed knowing that this was his fault. He couldn't look up at Katsu when he returned and was laughing a little bit. "What is wrong with you!?" he snapped. 

He finally burst out as tears fell to the floor from his face. "You put your self on the line to get your ass kicked by my dad!? Then you sit there and break up with your girlfriend because of me!? This isn't you! You're usually the one begging the girls to go out on you with dates when they won't give you a speck of attention!" He sobbed closing his eyes tight.

 Why was Katsu acting like this!? Why was he being so kind and protective too him!? Venus wanted to punch something! He wanted to scream! He didn't like feeling like this! Like he was a burden, a problem, a nuisance. He felt like this at home with his parents. With his siblings. 

He finally looked up at Katsu and he was angry. "Why did you break up with her!? Why!? Be honest with me!" He folded his arms and his jaw started aching again. He winced, but he wasn't going to let this go either. "You tell me or I'm going to get it out of you some way or another!" He snapped even more. 

Man, this wasn't even his own behavior to be mean like this! He was usually so soft spoken! Raising his voice was so out of his own nature. Why did he want to smack Katsu!? But his demands were not going to go unnoticed. He stood back up again wobbling a bit. He marched over to Katsu and he backhanded him weakly. He barely was even a hit. 

"Go get back with her right now! Don't make me force you to do it! I won't be the one to blame when you're alone, lonely, and hurting!" He was trying to convince himself that even though Becca was using him, he didn't want Katsu to be lonely. Not like him, Katsu deserved better than being lonely. He deserved everything good in the world! 
Not to have a horrible roommate started fights between him and his girlfriend. Why was Venus like this? Why was he such a burden? He didn't know who to be more angry at. Becca, Katsu, or himself. This wasn't supposed to happen this way.

 His life wasn't planned out, but he wasn't supposed to ruin somebody else's. He glared down at Katsu. "I'm moving out and Becca's moving in once you get back with her. Do I make myself clear!?!I won't take no for an answer." he sniffled and turn back around as he began packing his things again.
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"I'm fucking in love with you! Don't you see it! I only got a girlfriend so you wouldn't suspect anything!" He yelled as he stood up.

He then realized what he had said and blushed, burying his face in his hands. 'Shit... he's gonna hate me now.' He thought as he sat down, looking at the ground, and began rubbing his temples. 

This is so stressful. He thought lightly as he kept staring at the ground embarrassed and worried. He wanted Venus to be comfortable with him. But he had ruined everything and he knew it. 'Ugh. Why can I just keep things together!?' he asked himself.

Venus froze dropping a piece of clothing that he had been trying to pack. He turned around wide-eyed and what had he just heard Katsu say!? "You have a crush on me!?" He yelped. He still hadn't got to the point of realizing his best friend had said the word "love" not "crush". His brain was moving at a snail's pace. "So you're bisexual like me!? You wanted to get on to me for not telling you about me being bisexual!? Wow, I've got a hypocrite for a best friend!" For some reason Venus started laughing hysterically and flopped on the floor holding his head.

 "You just amaze me every time I turn around!" Then the situation had finally registered in his brain. "Wait a minute... you didn't say crush. You said the "L" word." he squeaked sounding like a little mouse. 
"Katsu, I have a question for you. Are you completely crazy!? Why the ever-loving fuck would you have any form of love for me!? Do you not remember- I'm not popular. I'm not a girl and most of all I'm fucking short! I thought we just covered this!" He looked up at his friend. "You deserve way better than me." He threw his hands up being stern.

 "I don't mind that you're bisexual because I'm bisexual. So if I don't mind me being bisexual then why would I mind you being bisexual!? But if you're going to have love for somebody you should at least have somebody the same height as you! Or I don't know maybe the same personality type as you! An extrovert, not an introvert! Not someone who can put a dress on and pass for a girl!" Venus was nervously rambling. 

It was his way of trying to figure out a way to process all that had just been said by his best friend. "So what are we going to do!? Just push the beds together and start dating!?" He clapped a hand over his mouth stunt. Had he had actually said that!? Now he again had ruined the situation. "Forgive me." He said muffled behind his hand. "I think my brains broken." he said completely lost.
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"I don't care what we do. I don't need a girl. It never fits right. If I'm into you what's so wrong with that? There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Isn't that enough?" He asked as he stood up. 

He was confused too. He just didn't know what to do/ Venus seemed to be freaking out and he wondered if he even had the same type of feelings back. He glanced at a ball and rubbed his eyes. 

He then got up and lightly pulled him up by the hand, pulling him closer. He looked into his eyes, studying them. Venus was giving him so many mixed signals, it was insane. 

He sighed and glanced away, breaking eye contact with him. He was confused about everything. He still kept him close. though. It just felt right to him. He couldn't explain it.

He smiled as he looked back at him, "Didi I do something wrong?" He asked quietly as he looked into Venus's eyes. Venus deserved the world, and he wished he could give it to him.

Venus looked up wide eyed as he was pulled up off the floor and into Katsu's arms. His eyes couldn't stop meeting his best friend's face as he held him. Oh my God, he was against Katsu's chest! He was turning a deeper shade of red! He couldn't look away! Usually he was very shy was. He wasn't supposed to be this forward with someone!

 "Katsu..." he began but then his words left him for a second as his friend asked the question. Now they're more tears again. Venus was a emotional crier.

 Venus got frustrated with himself.  He was confusing his friend, but that's because he was confused about how he was supposed to feel. "No, you didn't do anything wrong! That's why I told you not to say you were sorry. I'm the one who's doing everything wrong. I hid stuff from you and I shouldn't have. I broke you up with your girlfriend. I care about you a lot. I want to say the "L" word but I'm very much afraid to say it. I do feel that way but..." He looked down finally.

 Every time he had said the "L" word to a girl or even to his ex they had laughed and told him he was cute. Later on they ended up breaking up. He was afraid that it was almost like an evil word. A curse that could be said and it would disperse his relationships. He continued. 

"I do care about you that way. But if I say that word it'll just ruin the relationship. If we have one!" He added the last part quickly. He didn't want to be rude and assume things! "You have to promise me, if we start dating that you're not going to go anywhere. Please!?" the last part was almost begging. He didn't think katsu would. But he didn't think any of his other girlfriends and ex would of either.

 He rested his side of his good face on his best friend's chest. "Thank you, for everything. You mean so much to me." He couldn't believe he had gotten found out and within minutes was potentially dating his best friend. His face was still blushing hard. He closed his eyes and listened to his best friends heartbeat. He faintly smiled. 

Maybe this could work? Maybe this was a good thing! He'd be the best boyfriend that he could be for Katsu! He bit his lip. "How many self-help guides did it take to be the perfect boyfriend?" he wondered to himself. He need all of them. Looks like the library was still needed!
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"I will never leave. I promise," he said with a smile as he leaned down and kissed Venus on the forehead. "I don't care if you can say the L word or not. The only thing that matters is our relationship." He said with a nod. 

Katsu was masculine, yes, but he could also be gentle and loving at times. He glanced around and smiled. He couldn't believe Venus felt the same way.

He rubbed Venus's back in slow rhythmic motions as he zoned out. He was thinking of all the fun times they had, had together. Now they could have even more.

'This is amazing.' He thought as he kept rubbing Venus's back and smiling. "Thank you for giving me a chance," Katsu said with a thankful smile.

Venus froze and he smiled at  promise. He was relieved. But it dawned on him, there was another problem in this situation. He glanced up at Katsu. "What are we going to do? Remember at work they have the big rule of you're not supposed to date a fellow employee!? Because a relationship can get you distraction!" Now he felt horrible for even suggesting that Becca work with Katsu.

He could have gone Katsu fired! "We're going to have to keep our relationship a secret from the manager." He bit his lip thinking harder. "We're just going to have to tell them we're roommates." He got distracted by Katsu's big warm hand rubbing his back. He closed his eyes wanting to melt.

As he muttered this next part. "We're going to college after work tomorrow. Its college assigning. We have to actually go to classes and see if we really want certain ones for base majors." he reminded Katsu. He was trying to focus blushing hard at the back rubbing. He wasn't going to lie, he had better grades than Katsu. 

Venus was straight "A" student. Well, he was a strange student. He might not have plans for his future. But he did plan to have a good GPA! Venus smiled a little bit cocky up at his new boyfriend. "I didn't make it into college by the skin of my teeth like someone did." He giggled. "I know your sport scholarships got you in. But if it hadn't been for them you wouldn't be here in this apartment with me!" 

Venus got up on his tiptoes and barely made it to his chin and kissed  He squeaked as his forehead was kissed. He blinked several times blushing once again. "This is going to be the best year of college!" He was trying to be positive trying to support his boyfriend. He looked worried more. "Since we're might have to keep us a secret from our manager at our job, does that mean we have to hide it over in college?" He felt his heart sink. 

He didn't want to have to hide it completely anymore. Everybody was going to find out eventually. Venus was bisexual but this would probably ruin Katsu's reputation too. He was popular and in sports. Venus looked down. "I'm sorry this could ruin you. You know you're popular and everything and I'm not. I've drug you down through high school with you being friends with me."
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"Eh, we can find a different job if we need to and I don't care about the kids at school. If they have any common sense, they wouldn't mess with me, or you." He said with a smile.

He really didn't care about popularity. All he needed was Venus and he would be fine. He leaned down slightly and rested his head on Venus's. 

"I will never leave. No matter what." He promised again as his hands moved to Venus's arms and he gently started rubbing them. 

It was true, he had gotten into college through sports scholarships. That didn't bother him though. His coach speculated he'd be playing in the big leagues someday. He was already much better than all of the kids on his team. Venus was much smarter than all of the kids at his school.

He smiled at that. He was lucky he got to have someone as smart as him in his life.

Venus suddenly got a text message on his phone from the manager and he squeaked reading it. Because it was an embarrassing message. Also he was again being touched in such a soft way by Katsu. He read the message again and again beat red. 

" Well, you don't have to work tomorrow, Katsu. You have a paid day off." He mumbled. There was a picture of maid dresses along with the text message. It was maid day tomorrow at the cafe. All the smaller baristas that were male had to dress as maids. This made Venus turn beat red. Apparently all the female baristas had to dress as butlers.

 He was quite embarrassed. There was no way he wanted to be putting on a dress. But he had to. Katsu was too tall for a maid dress. At least his boyfriend wouldn't see him as a girl. He averted his eyes trying to seem calm. "You know every time I turn around and get told I look like a girl... It's kind of a crazy thing this happened..." he muttered to himself. 

Hoping that Katsu hadn't heard him. He knew that Katsu like to playfully tease him sometimes. He hoped to God the Katsu didn't want to pick him up tomorrow after work! He had to take a change of clothes due to college assigning after work tomorrow. 

He was fidgeting in Katsu's arms trying to seem normal. Like this text didn't bother him. He looked up innocently with wide eyes at katsu. Trying to butter him up."I am going to walk to the college by myself tomorrow and meet you there. Okay?"  He smiled. Hopefully Katsu didn't see the text message. 

He closed his eyes taking a breath and internally trying to seem normal like he wasn't panicking about this. His mother had put him in a dress in one her little schizophrenic crazes. She had swearing up and down he was born to be a girl. He wasn't going to tell his boyfriend about that. That was too far of an embarrassment to tell anyone.
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"You will look good in anything." He said with a nod. He didn't care what his boyfriend wore. It wasn't his business anyway. 

He would love to see him in a maid dress, though. He smiled and laughed softly at the thought. Once he finished he nodded and said, "If you don't want me to pick you up, that's fine."

He didn't want to make Venus embarrassed or uncomfortable. Their boss was just an asshole, that's why this day was even a thing.

he growled quietly at the thought of their boss. Maybe he could prepare a surprise for him to cheer him up at the end of the day, he thought with a smile.

Venus wanted to get his point across that this was embarrassing. He looked up at katsu trying to not seem annoyed. "Let me show you exactly what they want me to wear. Since you seem to have heard me." He sighed. Karsu was a really sweet guy. But sometimes he just didn't get the obvious. He stepped into the bathroom after grabbing his messenger bag. He had already packed a couple of things in it.

 After about 30 minutes of cursing muffled in the bathroom, he returned. What he was wearing- Well, it was maid outfit all right. With quite a short skirt ending right under his bottom in the back  He didn't seem to look too happy about it. Venus folded his arms. "Before you started working at the cafe last year... they had this- maids day." he pointed to the get up he was in.

 "This is what they made me wear for eight hours straight. Do I look like I am a girl in this!? No! I have short hair and I don't have a chest! They wanted us to wear a fake chest.  But I refused to because I'm not going to be that crazy. Of course I wanted to keep my job so I can keep myself financially stable. But this this is what I have to tolerate. So welcome to the insanity of being a barista and the manager being a complete and total d*ck." He huffed.

 Venus stood there with his arms crossed waiting for Katsu's reaction. He was hoping that he wouldn't laugh. That would have been a arrow to his heart. Venus was hoping for some reaction that was anything but a laugh. "You're just lucky that they don't have made costumes for you big guys." He rolled his eyes dramatically.

 "That's why you get the day off tomorrow. Because most maid costumes aren't made for men. But when it comes to me at 5 ft 3'. I'm the size of a girl so of course I can fit a stupid costume."
-Pr3ss-Katsu   55d ago
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"You look nice, but they still shouldn't force you to wear it." He said, getting slightly angry. He didn't want to lose his job either but he didn't want Venus to be upset. 

He sighed and walked over, pulling him into a hug. "Have a nice shift for me, okay?" He said as he looked down at him. He was definitely going to have to get a surprise ready for him. 

He smiled and wondered what he should do. I mean, the apartment allowed pets. So maybe... "What type of animals do you like?" he asked as he glanced down at him.

Venus returned the hug relieved that Katsu understood. He closed his eyes feeling for the first time truly wanted and accepted. He blushed again and found himself incredibly happy. He got up on tip toes in his maid costume. He smiled at him and softly pressed his lips to Katsu's.

That night he was changing in the bathroom out of his maid costume. He didn't want Katsu to see his scars left all over his body by his father. He smiled as he pulled his pajamas on. Even those were long pants and sleeves. It was a dark gray with victorian patterning on it. He stretched as he came out of the bathroom and put his maid uniform on a hanger to wear for work tomorrow. He glanced at his bed on his side of the room. 

He padded over exhausted and climbed on his bed. He closed his eyes stretching out on it sighing. It felt weird but amazing to be gone out of his parents home. Very much liberating. He grabbed his journal after turning onto his stomach and began a new entry. He hummed absent mindedly kicking his feet in the air behind him.

"Dear journal,
Today Katsu saved me from Dad's wrath. I'm now living with Katsu in an apartment. I sorta told him about maid's day. He seemed to support me in thinking that it was extremely stupid." He wrote on and smiled happily as he closed his journal after a bit. 

He went over to his messenger bag and grabbed some green frog fuzzy socks. His feet were cold and hr pulled them on. He hummed even more as he clipped his bag shut. He glanced over to Katsu's side of the room and his bed. He blushed tempted to climb onto his bed and wrap himself in Katsu's blankets. He blushed at the very idea!
-Pr3ss-Katsu   55d ago
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Katsu walked in behind him, not wearing a shirt. He got hot at night so he didn't wear one. He went over and climbed into Venus's bed with a crooked smile on his face. 

"Come on." He said as his smile turned into a grin as he stared at Venus, amused. He covered up with the blankets and patted the spot next to him. 

Venus was blushing hard and this made him laugh softly. "Come onnn." He said as he held his hands out to Venus. He closed his eyes, 'I am the luckiest guy in the world.' he thought, looking proud of himself.

Venus watched Katsu climb into his bed and under his blankets. His brain was going 1,000,000 miles a minute. “Katsu what are you doing!?” He squeaked. Every noise he made was high-pitched, like a mouse. “What are you doing in my bed!?” he asked again. He wasn’t used to this kind of behavior.

He had only ever dated a couple of guys before. None of them were so caring and so kind. None of them had ever climbed into his bed. Venus stood there wide-eyed, then he realized that Katsu was bare chested! His brain was melting. He fell to his knees even more wide-eyed. He did not realize that he was speaking to himself aloud. 

“Oh man, I’m going to hell. My brain is dong this again! I’m going to hell. Why do I have to have these kind of thoughts that I have!? I’m definitely going to hell!” He squeaked. Venus was far from a Christian and far from being traditional. But right then with what he was saying he had to be in a dream!

He blinked a few times and pinched his shoulder wincing. “Okay, so I’m not in a dream. That  means either I’m going crazy with my day dreams again or Katsu is going crazy.” He was babbling to himself and still very squeaky. He stood up after sitting there for a bit on his knees trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He fumbled over to his bed and sat on the spot Katsu had patted.

He reached out shakily and touched Katsu’s arm.No, this is not one of his dirty daydreams. “My daydreams are a lot worse than this when it comes to thinking about my best friend the last couple of days.” He muttered. He clapped a hand over his mouth speaking muffled now. “I’m saying all of this out loud and this is not a daydream!?” He kept squeaking.

Venus looked slowly at Katsu. “I’m not daydreaming am I? Please, tell me I am! Please, tell me that my brain is making this up!” He shivered now. He wanted this to be real, but he was not used to these kind of things. His face was glowing red at this point, it was far beyond blushing.

He tried to calm himself and be rational He was trying not to grin from ear to ear. “You know the smart thing to do would be to push both beds together? So we have a full bed? Instead of both of us trying to fit on a twin bed?Do you want one of us falling us off in the middle of the night?” he rambled on.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

"No, I want us to stick close together." He said with a teasing smile as he pulled him down next to him. "See? Comfy." He said, grinning.

He had been listening to what Venus had been mumbling but decided not to say anything about it in case it embarrassed him. He laughed softly as he wrapped his strong arms around Venus. 

"This isn't so bad, is it?" He asked with a careful expression o his face. He didn't want to ruin anything. This worry had just washed over him. He glanced around the room, waiting for his answer until his eyes finally came back to rest on Venus.

Venus squeaked again as he was pretty close to his new boyfriend. Now his chest was resting against Katsu’s chest. He averted his eyes blushing more. He wondered if he would ever stop blushing around his boyfriend! “No, this isn’t bad! I mean if you want to stay close, I’m fine with that!” He fidgeted a bit.

He was feeling timid and shy again. Would that ever end either!? He was careful this time not to say anything aloud. Venus looked up at Katsu and this time he kissed him, but it was longer than the last kiss . “Katsu, can I ask you a question and you not be mad at me?” He was unsure how to ask this.

So he buried his face in Katsu’s chest and muffle asked. “Have you know slept in the same bed as a guy!?”  Venus wanted to know and the looked up at him finally. He was now  very much honest with Katsu. “I haven’t. But I want to! I’m OK with it! I just...I’ve dated other guys before. But none of them ever really wanted to do anything with me romantically.” He averted his eyes.

 “All we did have was hold hands and hang out in public. They would call it a date. But when it came to kissing me... they didn’t wanna do that either. That kind of made me feel like I’m not really wanted anywhere most times. I feel like a burden in a relationship with a Guyana girl. Katsu, am I bothering you when I get flustered like this ?” Venus looked down quietly and looked at his own hands against Katsu.

“I just am afraid I am going to hide things from you again. I do stuff like that because I don’t wanna hurt anyone. I’m always a burden. I do really deeply care about you with the “L” word and everything. I’m just not really good with relationships from friendship to dating. I just mess everything up. He continued.

“The only reason I’m going to college honestly, is because it’s what everybody else does. The only reason I have a job is to keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I don’t have a plan for my future.” He finally admitted that part to his boyfriend. He wanted to just hide under the bed now. “The furthest plan that I have ever made was to get away from my family. Plus, not to have kids because I saw what my dad did as a father. I was always so scared that I would turn out the same way.” Venus closed his eyes. 

 “I’m afraid I’m going to end up being a drunk one day or I’m going to develop schizophrenia like my mom. Or an ego like my sister or even obsession with some weird shit like my older brother.” H rubbed his temples trying to explain. “My family is not exactly the best to use his role models and I don’t want you to see me like them.” He had no clue how he had gotten from sharing a bed to his family.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

"no, I have never shared a bed before." He said with a small laugh as he continued. "I will always want to do romantic things with you." He said as he kissed Venus and smiled. "If I got mad at you for being flustered and nervous then I would be taking a part of you away. I would never do that. I love you just the way you are." 

He paused and thought for a minute when he got to the part about his future. "That's okay. We can work together to figure something out." He said with a nod. He knew at least one job would have to fit Venus.

He smiled and rubbed his back as he looked into his eyes. "You can take your time and learn to trust me a little bit more. I won't force you to automatically trust me with everything." He whispered.

Venus looked relieve that Katsu was so understanding. He wished more guys were like him honestly. He smirked trying to seem as innocent as possible. “Well obviously one plan is to stay with you for the rest of my damn life. Looks like I’m kind of like a fungus. I grew on you.” He looked hopeful that Katsu felt the same way. He said he did, so that was enough for him! 

Venus closed his eyes yawning exhausted . “Well, let’s turn the light out the lights and try to get some sleep. You have things you gotta do tomorrow and so do I. Just promise me that if we ever get to the point of well... you know doing things. Give me a heads up!” Venus teased as he reached for the light. He had never been this close to another guy before. 

He was nervously joking, but he meant the last part. He didn’t want Katsu to think that he was kept a complete loser. He already was partially one in his eyes at least. He flipped the light out closing his eyes. Venus turned in back to Katsu and buried his himself under the blankets against him. In minutes he was sound asleep.

This was not usually happened to him when he had lived at home. His parents were constantly fighting when not screaming at him. They kept him up until the wee hours of the early morning. His sister would be blasting music from her bedroom which was right door. They shared a wall where his bed was in his bedroom. 

Her music vibrated their shared wall and his bed. Venus was not used to feeling peaceful. This was something that he could get used to definitely! His dreams were pretty much had come true so far!
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

"That's a great plan. That might be all you need." Katsu said with a smile. "Yeah, I agree with the sleep part, good night." He said with a smile.

Katsu soon fell into a peaceful sleep, dreaming about Venus, of course. He hugged Venus close all night long, making sure no harm would come to him.

He smiled as he dreamed about the time he and Venus had a snowball fight. Venus had won, but they had so much fun. Venus nailed him in the face in one great shot and the snow had gone down his shirt. They laughed so hard as Katsu sat there shivering.

Venus woke up early the next morning. He slid out of bed try not to make a noise. Venus tipped out to the kitchen and started getting utensils and supplies out. He wanted to make sure he could make a good breakfast for Katsu when he woke up. After he had whipped together a huge breakfast, he looked worried. He hoped an American breakfast would make Katsu happy.

 He was wearing a pink frilly apron he had stolen from my sister a long time ago. Eh, it worked for what he needed. He held a spatula as he flipped an egg. Frying it was easy. His mother had schizophrenia and could barely function most days. He did most of the cooking in the house anyways for the family. 

His sister couldn’t have been bothered to do anything, his father was always drunk, and his brother was almost never home. So he did most of the house work. He had a full range of food. Toast, waffles, scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, blueberry muffins, bacon, sausage, ham, orange juice, and even milk! Venus bit his lip again as he tried to figure out a fancy coffee machine that sat on the counter. This was far beyond his talent.

 He glanced back down towards the hall to the bedroom where Katsu was. Man, was he a hard sleeper! He smiled at that, he wonder if he could run a whole marching band through the bedroom without even waking Katsu. Probably, he thought amused. Next he went and pulled plates out, dishing up decent portions of everything.

So maybe he cooked a little too much. He forgot that he was only cooking for two people and not five. He hummed happily as most of the cabinets were above his head. He ended up having to get on tiptoes, until he foolishly looked in the corner seeing that there was a stepstool. He looked grateful, Katsu was so considerate. 

He looked at the time, he better go wake Katsu up. He headed back down the hall to the bedroom still wearing his fuzzy socks and his pink frilly apron. He touched Katsu‘s shoulder softly and leaned down whispering in his ear. “Hey, sleepyhead... breakfast is ready.” He tugged softly on Katsu’s earlobe playfully bouncing back amused. He wondering how fast Katsu would wake up!
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

He groaned, as he sat up slowly and stretched. He looked at Venus and pulled him in for a kiss before getting up and heading to make some breakfast. 

Once he got in the kitchen he saw Venus had made breakfast and it looked delicious. He had eaten plenty of American food, so it didn't bother him. "Thank you for cooking, it looks amazing," he said as he sat down and leaned back in his chair. 

'He's so amazing.' He thought with a smile as he glanced at Venus and waited for him to sit down. He pulled a chair over so it sat next to his and smiled.

Venus squeaked returning the kiss grinning. He ignored the groan that Katsu made...barely. When they returned to the kitchen he pulled off his frilly pink apron and hung it up. He sat in the chair that Katsu had offered. He began eating quietly and smiled up at Katsu.

"So what are you going to pick for a major? Besides football and looking at pretty girls." He was teasing at the last part. He knew that Katsu now would be busy looking at him. He looked down at his food blushing at that idea. Venus sippedd his orange juice next. "You do know I was teasing about the girl part? They'll be too busy having majors of looking at you." He shrugged again teasing harder.

 He  nudged Katsu's leg with his foot. "So after work and after you know- assignment of classes? You got any plans for the day?" Venus asked curiously. He didn't have much planned himself. Except secretly sneaking to the library to get self-help books for relationships.

 He wondered if there was one for shyness? How to start out a proper relationship right? Or even one that could tell him how to deal with people that were jealous of him? Or what about bullies that would mock him probably for being in a gay relationship? He frowned he didn't want Katsu getting bullied.

 He knew Katsu could handle himself. But the point was that he shouldn't have to handle anything like that. Venus looked up quietly. "I know some of your football friends are not going to like this. You and me being together. I know you said not to worry about your reputation. As long as you have me you were okay." He sighed.

 "But you're going to lose a lot of friends over this. You know how people here in Japan are. They're very very homophobic. It's not like over in America." Venus poked at his American breakfast. "They're more accepting over there. Not here at all." He shook his head. 

Westminster, the college they were going to be going to, seemed to be open and inclusive to all walks of life. But that didn't mean that some of their previous high School classmates that were going to be going to Winchester too we're going to be the same. "Katsu, I worry that we're going to be chased out of the college." Venus was not good at planning his own future. 

But he did worry about the future for Katsu. He closed his eyes pushing half of his food away. He was no longer hungry. Venus was feeling sick inside, worried about what could happen to Katsu.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

"I'm probably going to do public safety, you know, become a cop." He said with a smile as he looked back at his food and looked back quickly when he teased him about the girls. 

"There will be plenty of guys hotter than me there. No one will be looking at me. Well, except you~" He said with a grin. 

"Nope, no plans. Unless you want to work out with me." He said as he nudged him softly. He knew that Venus would say no, but he didn't mind. They both had their own things that they like to do, and that was fine with him.

"Look, nothing will happen to me. I can protect myself. I'm the fastest one on the track team and the strongest one on the wrestling team." He wasn't bragging, he was trying to comfort Venus. 

"I will always be there to protect you, so please, don't worry about me. I will be fine as long as I have you. I don't need friends, popularity, or anything else. As long as I have you." He said, with a sincere look in his eyes.

Venus felt secure and relieved in the words that his boyfriend was telling him. Though a bit worried a tiny bit, at the hotter guys there reference. He puffed his cheeks as he got up putting, his food in tupperware to eat later. Venus didn't like wasting food.

 Venus cleaned up the kitchen. It was his mess after vall he'd made.He squeaked as he looked at his watch, he froze wide-eyed. As soon as the kitchen was clean he rushed into the bathroom pulling his maid outfit on. "I'm late! How do I always seem to late no matter how early I wake up!?" he muttered under his breath.

 He had to get that stupid maid dress on work. He only had 10 minutes to get to work. He knew that the manager was going to say something. The dress eas taking him forever to get on! originally. With rushing out the door late, he quickly kissed his boyfriend on the cheek.I'll see you later this afternoon! We'll figure out something to do together!" he smiled happily.

 He wanted to do something with Katsu. Maybe have dinner? He could figure out something to cook! He could even stop by some shops on the way home and pick something up! After everything was said and done with the day. He rushed out of the apartment and headed towards work.

 Venus's heart felt a lot better, even lighter. Today would be a better day than it had been in quite some time. He hoped. He was extremely positive. His own place, his own boyfriend, and now independence from his family!? Freedom, he thought happily! Freedom! I won't ever have to deal with any of this hell again! Thanks to Katsu, he smiled at the last bit and almost had a skip in his run.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Katsu smiled when he kissed him on the cheek then jogged to the bedroom to change into some workout clothes. He pulled on some shorts and a tank top, then grabbed his most comfortable sneakers and some earbuds.

He connected his Bluetooth earbuds to his phone and slipped his phone into his pocket. Smiling, he walked out the door, making sure to lock it. 

After he had gotten out of the apartment building, he ran and ran, showing off his incredible speed. He ran for a couple of hours around the town and then began heading back toward the apartment. 

When he got home he put the food from breakfast away in Tupperware sets and showered, changing his clothes. He then stretched and decided to go get Venus a surprise. A giant teddy bear and some chocolate. 

He ran out to the store and bought them along with a card saying, 'I'm so glad I met you, Venus. My days with you have been the best of my life and I am glad I get to spend the rest of my life loving you and making memories. I love you.'

Work had seemed to go by a snails pace for Venus. He felt dirty and disgusting after getting done with it. He drug his feet back to the apartment building. There was no more happy skipping or an upbeat walk this time. He was wiping tears out of his eyes and had a tear stained face.

Venus was humiliated and heartbroken. He didn’t think his boss would let these kind of things happen to him! He didn’t even want to go back to the apartment! He didn’t want Katsu getting upset! How could he have let himself be touched like that!? Be grabbed like that, by adult men all day! He was 18, barely legal! He had only been 18 for about 3 months! 

Venus’s manager had just shrugged it off when he reported each incident! His ex had been there and has been one of the people to pull up on his skirt! He had thrown away the maid outfit and told his boss that he was not doing that again next year! The manager just laughed at him and walked away saying, “If you want a paycheck you will.”

Venus stopped at the stairs to the apartment building. He glanced away, he sighed trying to try to wipe all blurriness out of his eyes. He was trying to hope to the heavens that his face was not blotchy and red. “I have to fix myself up so Katsu doesn’t see me like this .” He muttered. “He doesn’t need to know that I was assaulted.” 

Venus had wanted to call the police, but it would’ve been his words against the managers. Hr definitely would’ve lost his job done. He just need to get inside and keep himself smiling. He needed to get ready for the college assignments here in a little while. He wanted Katsu to have a good day. Hr couldn’t ruin that. So he headed inside forcing a smile on his face. Venus could do it for his parents, he did it all the time. Smiling. A fake smile. 

But why was it so hard for him to fake smile right now, for Katsu!? He felt like he was going to be lying to him again! Why hadn’t felt it like he had been lying to his parents!? Why did this bother him so much? He was just trying to keep Katsu from getting upset! He didn’t want to ruin his first day with his boyfriend! He had promised it would be the best day ever!
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Katsu saw the look on Venus's face when he walked in. His face was red. He had been crying. He quickly set the gift down and rushed over to him. "What happened!?" He said, looking concerned as he held his arms and pulled him in for a hug. He was going to seriously injure someone for this.

He gently rubbed Venus's back, waiting for him to tel him what was wrong. He needed to know. He needed to protect Venus. He sighed and closed his eyes. "What happened...?" He asked again as he continued rubbing his back gently.

"You can tell me, I'm here for you." He said, trying to coax an answer out of him so he could go beat the shit out of the person or people who had done this.

Venus felt his resolve cracking and fell into Katsu‘s arms. It shattered as he broke into hysteria like sobs. Well, there went his plan of trying to keep the day perfect for his boyfriend! He buried his face in Katsu‘s chest, shaking hard. He felt pathetic and worthless. “Just dumped me, please! Just do it! I’m not worth your time!  I was at work! It started off okay, it was fine, really!” He hiccuped.

“But then the lunch rush-hour came in. Alot of your big businessman for the area saw that it was Maids Day at the café!  Most were already drunk! Some of them weren’t! They didn’t care! They were grabbing at us younger men in our stupid maid costumes! They literally grabbed my skirt pulling it up several times!” He panted between tears. My ex came in with his dad! I didn’t know he worked down the street! He grabbed on my apron and skirt lifting it! He saw my...” He couldn’t say the word boxers

Venus was devastated and felt filthy and disgusting all over again. “I told the manager! I told the boss! Neither of them would listen to me! They told me that I would just come back if I wanted to paycheck!  I threatened to call the cops, they said it would be my words against theirs! None of the other guys want to even back me up! They’re afraid to get fired too! They’re in the same situation that you and I are in! They need a job, they need to be able to cover bills!” Venus sobbed even harder now. 

He had not expected to be grabbed as he had been. “There were even a few women that grabbed at my chest looking to see if I really didn’t have any boobs!” he said exasperated. “My butt is not a squishmallow! Why do people not keep their hands to themselves!” He seemed bitter towards the end.
-Pr3ss-Katsu   54d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

He shook his head and held him. "I would never dump you. That is not your fault. That's their idiocy. I will find us a new job, and everything will be fine, okay?" He asked as he kissed him on the top of the head. 

"I'm here for you... let it all out..." He said, looking livid. He was going to beat the shit out of their boss. How could he do this!? Just let someone touch a person who was barely 18!? He was livid. He was not going to let this go.

He rubbed Venus's back and muttered comforting things to him as he thought of everything he was going to do to the man who had encouraged this. Who had let this happen. This would never happen to Venus again. He would make sure of it.


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