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Nervous... (1x1 Yaoi)

By Aerialacebabe77
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Venus, a 18 year old high graduate was finally free from High school! One of the places he dearly hated to be for obvious reasons. He was smaller and more slender then most guys his age. Which lead to bullying, of course. But now...freedom! Now he was definitely a serious adult! He'd been going to school with his best friend for most of his life. After graduation he and his friend slowly started to plan their futures together. You know, as best friends do? They wanted to get a home together so they could start college. Venus knew that this was the best option financially for the both of them. His family wasn't exactly high to do when it came to money. Nor would he ever ask them for any. He actually was desperate to try and get away from his family. This was all to due with behind closed doors abuse from his father who was a drunkard. He had secretly came out to them as bisexual and they had disowned him. He was too ashamed to tell his best friend about any of this. When he looked at his best friend and all of his plans, he started to realize something... He hadn't realized before his friend had his whole entire life planned out. Venus on the other hand...all he wanted to do was get away from his family. Especially his father most of all. He sighed and closed his eyes most days and tried to take a deep breath. To pretend he had a perfect family. But it didn't always work. Reality was always staring his nastily back in the face. As they sat numerous times, planning out their first place together.. all they could ever find was cramped one bedroom apartments in their area that they could afford together! They both were baristas at a local coffee shop. They didn't make much, so they both came up with an agreement. They would get a one bedroom apartment and save up for something better. But they would have twin beds on either side of the one bedroom in the apartment. Finally the day came when they moved into an apartment together. They slowly started to unpack Venus started to learn things about his best friend that made him feel more endeared to him. Or was it something else? Venus tried to ignore it at first. No way, not his best friend! But he did wonder... His parents were quite angry he had moved into a one bedroom with his best friend. He tried to explain the whole situation, but they never listened. So they currently weren't talking to him. Good riddance! But with his best this more than just endearment of a best friend? His best friend started to get more and more closer to him. When this happened, all Venus could think about was his best friend. He started to realize he was slowly falling in love with his best friend and there was no way to deny it. Sadly, one day his friend came home with a girlfriend. Venus didn't like this the girlfriend. He refused to admit it was jealousy. It was definitely because she was abusive physically and mentally! She was using his best friend for what little money he had. His friend being a gentleman never would do anything about it. He would just play it off. Venus's best friend was always so kind and sweet. Venus couldn't allow this to happen. He couldn't a friend to be taken advantage of! He began doing all the house work and cooking in the apartment. Trying to show his best friend how a girlfriend should really act. But something changed. His best friend stopped bringing the girlfriend over slowly but surely. Venus was seeing less and less of this girl. This made him pretty happy. But his best friend seemed very hesitant to touch Venus. Even to touch his shoulder. He always turned red, fumbled his hands, seemed very awkward tongue-tied, and even... nervous. Sometimes he wouldn't even look up at him as they had a conversation. Just how Venus felt inside. Did his best friend feel the same way about him!? What had happened with the girlfriend? Where was she? ***You get to decide that! I'm looking for someone to play Venus's best friend. They will be the masculine character in this rp. Venus is more feminine and is bisexual. This will be yaoi and where it goes from here who knows? All naughty scenes will be taken elsewhere or time skipped. I am looking for someone who can post as often as they can, do multiple paragraphs, and be somewhat literate with proper grammar.***
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