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My “brother’s “ keeper (1x1 TMNT Turtlecest)

By Aerialacebabe77
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It is well documented in many files that the turtles of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not biologically related. When they were “oozed” as infant pet shop turtles they were just four random turtles that coincidentally were mutated under the splash of the is mutagen. The four were adopted by splinter, a rat who is also mutated along side them. They had made themselves a family together. After their enemy the Shredder’s defeat, the turtles learned through detailed files of a science lab called TGRI that created the mutagen that they weren’t biologically related. The lab had been keeping tabs on the turtles over the years and had been backing the Shredder in his war against the four turtles! The four boys don’t know how to take this revelation. What did this mean about their family they had formed!? Their father Splinter tries in vain to comfort his four “sons”. But his “sons” had their own lives and he couldn’t make every choice for them. As the turtles grew older they grew distant from one another. Splinter was becoming quite worried with each passing day. He was getting older and more elderly, he knew the boys would have to make their own choices eventually. But these choices of the “family” growing distant wasn’t something he expected. Now a young adult, Leonardo is starting to question his decisions. His “brothers” are starting to stay home in the den less and less. Their chasing their own dreams and aspects of life. But Leonardo‘s dream is a lot more dicey then he wants to tell anyone. He keeps it close to his heart, he wants to find true love. He wants to find romance. But it’s not like a human would date him and their aren’t any female mutant turtles... While his “brother” Donatello wants to become a scientist and to defeat the accursed TGRI. The same lab that had created the mutagen in the first place and been watching them. Unfortunately tTGRI labs were still in existence harming humans and other mutants alike. Michelangelo wanted to integrate into the human world and start his own party business or even an arcade!? Raphael though... there’s the problem. He doesn’t seem to have a dream. Or as far as Leonardo can tell. In fact, Raphael still keeps up the old vigilante habit with his friend Casey Jones! Leonardo knows that this is not safe for Raphael! Leonardo just wishes that Casey Jones would stop encouraging Raphael’s rash decisions and dangerous behaviors. These tendencies have always came from Raphael’s aggressional problems. Leonardo and Raphael have always had trouble with each other over who was stronger, brighter, faster, and could be a better leader. Leonardo being the oldest of the turtles always was the “bigger brother”. He was more responsible than Raphael was. He was made responsible of the team of his “brothers”. But every time he tries to address the situation of the vigilante issue and his “brother” not having a goal it only ends in a screaming matter. He tries to address what Raphael is doing with his life, but all his “brother” does is butt heads with him. It was getting to where Leonardo was wondering if it’s just a “brotherly connection of concern” or something more. Why is it every time he got around Raphael that he was angry that his brother wouldn’t listen? Is there something more than just “brotherly affection” or is the fact that they are not biologically related playing into it? Raphael one night after a fight with Leonardo get depressingly drunk for the first time in his life. Raphael had never drank before, at least a Leonardo’s knowledge. That’s when it comes out, Raphael in his drunken stupor admits that he has affectionate feelings towards Leonardo! He made it clear even in his slurred speech his feelings we’re in the romantic region towards his “brother”. When Raphael sobers up the next morning, he remembers everything! How was this all going to play out between the two!? Only you get to decide. ***I am currently looking for someone to play Raphael. I already have the aspect of Leonardo. I need somebody who is over the age of 18, who can write multiple paragraphs with good grammar, and is a fan of the ninja turtles. The turtles are ADULTS in the role play! It’s years later after they find everything out. If you don’t like this role-play then please do not post anything nasty. Just be about your day and leave. Yes, it is cannon the turtles are not biologically related. There is a genre called turtlecest about it.***
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