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My “brother’s “ keeper (1x1 TMNT Turtlecest)

By Aerialacebabe77

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It is well documented in many files that the turtles of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not biologically related. When they were “oozed” as infant pet shop turtles they were just four random turtles that coincidentally were mutated under the splash of the is
mutagen. The four were adopted by splinter, a rat who is also mutated along side them. They had made themselves a family together.

After their enemy the Shredder’s defeat, the turtles learned through detailed files of a science lab called TGRI that created the mutagen that they weren’t biologically related. The lab had been keeping tabs on the turtles over the years and had been backing the Shredder in his war against the four turtles!

The four boys don’t know how to take this revelation. What did this mean about their family they had formed!? Their father Splinter tries in vain to comfort his four “sons”. But his “sons” had their own lives and he couldn’t make every choice for them. As the turtles grew older they grew distant from one another. Splinter was becoming quite worried with each passing day. He was getting older and more elderly, he knew the boys would have to make their own choices eventually. But these choices of the “family” growing distant wasn’t something he expected.

Now a young adult, Leonardo is starting to question his decisions. His “brothers” are starting to stay home in the den less and less. Their chasing their own dreams and aspects of life. But Leonardo‘s dream is a lot more dicey then he wants to tell anyone. He keeps it close to his heart, he wants to find true love. He wants to find romance. But it’s not like a human would date him and their aren’t any female mutant turtles...

While his “brother” Donatello wants to become a scientist and to defeat the accursed TGRI. The same lab that had created the mutagen in the first place and been watching them. Unfortunately tTGRI labs were still in existence harming humans and other mutants alike. Michelangelo wanted to integrate into the human world and start his own party business or even an arcade!? Raphael though... there’s the problem. He doesn’t seem to have a dream.

Or as far as Leonardo can tell. In fact, Raphael still keeps up the old vigilante habit with his friend Casey Jones! Leonardo knows that this is not safe for Raphael! Leonardo just wishes that Casey Jones would stop encouraging Raphael’s rash decisions and dangerous behaviors. These tendencies have always came from Raphael’s aggressional problems.

Leonardo and Raphael have always had trouble with each other over who was stronger, brighter, faster, and could be a better leader. Leonardo being the oldest of the turtles always was the “bigger brother”. He was more responsible than Raphael was. He was made responsible of the team of his “brothers”. But every time he tries to address the situation of the vigilante issue and his “brother” not having a goal it only ends in a screaming matter.

He tries to address what Raphael is doing with his life, but all his “brother” does is butt heads with him. It was getting to where Leonardo was wondering if it’s just a “brotherly connection of concern” or something more. Why is it every time he got around Raphael that he was angry that his brother wouldn’t listen? Is there something more than just “brotherly affection” or is the fact that they are not biologically related playing into it?

Raphael one night after a fight with Leonardo get depressingly drunk for the first time in his life. Raphael had never drank before, at least a Leonardo’s knowledge. That’s when it comes out, Raphael in his drunken stupor admits that he has affectionate feelings towards Leonardo! He made it clear even in his slurred speech his feelings we’re in the romantic region towards his “brother”. When Raphael sobers up the next morning, he remembers everything! How was this all going to play out between the two!? Only you get to decide.

***I am currently looking for someone to play Raphael. I already have the aspect of Leonardo. I need somebody who is over the age of 18, who can write multiple paragraphs with good grammar, and is a fan of the ninja turtles. The turtles are ADULTS in the role play! It’s years later after they find everything out. If you don’t like this role-play then please do not post anything nasty. Just be about your day and leave. Yes, it is cannon the turtles are not biologically related. There is a genre called turtlecest about it.***
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Aerialacebabe77     57d ago

The 3 turtles stared down at a tattered document horrified. They had just found this document at TGRI lab, that had created the ooze that had mutated them. Donatello was speechless looking at the DNA patterns. "We're... not biologically related?" Mikey whimpered looking deeply upset. Leo was speechless.

 Splinter looked on quietly but sad. He had always had a feeling that the turtles were not genetically related. They were all 4 pet shop baby turtles when they had been mutated after all. Leo looked up at the others finally. Where was Raph? Why wasn't he here to see this?  This was something that Raph would have wanted to know.

 Leo had to go find him. He had to tell his brother, if he could call him his brother. What were they now even? He wondered. As he walked away from the two others. Are they still a family? What were they besides mutants? He wanted to talk to his father about this all. But first he had to go make sure that his brother Raph was okay.

 Something in him urged him on to make sure that his brother was at least safe. The shredder had been defeated. But they were still enemies out there that would definitely want to take down a turtle that was by themselves. The turtles reputation as, "heroes in a half shell" of New York had spread amongst the darker criminals of the underworld. The turtles were a challenge that anybody would want to cut their teeth on when it came to being new in New York City.

 The turtles were no longer teenagers, they were in their early twenties now. But Raph hadn't changed. He was still a hit head and liked having things his way. Leonardo bit his lip, he just wanted to be a normal family for as far as mutants went. "Raph? Raphael?" He called out as he stepped outside the den. He looked this way and that down the sewer pipe wondering where his brother had gone.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   57d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael was punching a wall. After he was done he sank to the ground and hit his head lightly against the ground. 'Of course, it had to be like this.' He thought.

"At least I got to have brothers while it lasted." He said out loud with a smile. "Just wish it could've lasted longer." He was talking to himself but he didn't care. 

He glanced around and got up. He needed to do something. 'Dammit!' he thought as he kicked a wall and began walking farther down the pipe. Anger was bubbling up inside him quickly. He only knew this because he was listening to them while they were looking over the document.

Leonardo's sighed relieved. He could hear his brother just a further bit down the sewer pipe. He headed slowly down that way he heard his brother banging. It sounded like Raph knew. "Oh, boy. This was going to be fun." he cringed sarcastically.

 Knowing his brother was upset and pissed was not an unusual thing. Leonardo rubbed the back of his neck. "Raph!" He called out trying to get his brother not to run. "We need to talk. I need you to just be patient with me. Just this once. We're still a family. You're still my little brother." He called out. 

Could Leonardo really believe what he was saying himself? He didn't know he wanted to. He wanted to tell his little brother that everything would be okay. But he didn't know if it would be or not. Raph had a temper and he had a tendency to explode when it got even a little above normal. "Please Buddha, let him listen to me." He prayed. "Just let him listen just this once."  

He hoped to God that his brother wouldn't go topside. He didn't need to chase his brother down. He was too tired. After all the stuff they'd been through the last couple of days. From fighting tgri, destroying the rest of the ooze, and then finding this document. Two days of chaos and now this...
-Pr3ss-Raphael   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

He stopped and leaned against the wall, letting Leonardo catch up with him. "What do you want?" He asked as he glared at him.

"Things will never be the same again. I don't even know what to think anymore. Are we brothers or are we not? Nothing makes sense!" He yelled as he threw his arms up.

'I still need to listen to what he has to say.' He thought as he looked at the ground and waited for him to talk. He didn't want to cut them out of his life completely. They could still be close, right?  He hoped so. 

He sighed as he looked back up, meeting Leonardo's eyes. "Just say what you need to say." He said with a light shake of his head.

Leo was good at hiding the hurt that Raph caused him. His face was unchanging as always. He wanted to hug his brother and tell him that nothing had changed. But he wasn't even sure about that. So he would try to be honest without causing Raph pain.

His brown eyes met Raph's amber eyes. "We are brother's. Remember, what Sensei said? That family chosen was stronger at times then blood family. As long as you have my shell- I have yours. I grew up with your ornery shell. I have put up with a many of your tantrums. You think one paper changes. If you do then you are a real hot head " Leo crossed his arms.

He took a step closer to Raph wanting to rest a hand on Raph's shoulder. But with how volatile he was being right now...that was probably a bad idea. He glanced back towards the den. "Please, come back home? Let's all talk this out with Sense. He seemed worried." Leo knew Raph has a weak spot for their father.

He didn't need Raph to go play vigilante with Casey Jones tonight. He just wanted his brother to make better choices. He needed Raph to be safe. "He looked back to Raph quietly but pleading. "Please?" He had let a bit of his worry slip into his voice not meaning to.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael glared at the ground and stormed back to the den. 'I am not a hot head.' He thought as he walked in, still angry.

'Maybe he was right. Maybe we can still be brothers...' He thought with a small nod. He liked the idea. He had grown up with them. He needed them.

'He's treating me like a baby.' He thought as he has down and crossed his arms. he had listened to him. That's all he was willing to do right now.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down but it was only making him angry. 'This isn't working.' He thought as he swung his leg absently and opened his eyes, glancing around.

Leo sighed exasperated. Raph would have to learn that acting like that, made him look like a child and a hothead. Leo slowly followed him back to the den. He gave him a little space out of respect. At least he listened this time. Why was being his older brother so hard!? Why couldn’t Raph just make it easy for him!? When they got back into the den,  Donnie raised a brow at the two of them. 

“So what are we gonna do about TGRI labs?” he asked quietly. Mikey didn’t say anything, he was still staring at the paper wide-eyed. Leo rubbed his neck thinking again. “Well, before we make any plans and go bouncing into the situation headfirst. Or tell April or Casey about it - we are going to talk to father. Sensei will know a way to deal with this. Maybe we can even shut down TGRI indefinitely.” He said hopeful. Donnie pumped his fist excited. “I’m game for that one. I don’t want them turning anyone else into mutants either. Humans can barely handle being human.” he shrugged.

 Mikey looked up and he tried a weakly smiled trying to cheer Raph up. “Maybe we could you know- after talking to dad get some pizza?” he offered. Leo and Donnie groaned. “Mikey, there’s other foods in the universe besides pizza.” Donnie explained very slowly trying to get it through Mikey‘s thick skull. Mikey crossed his arms and frown pouting. “But video games, comics, and pizza are life. We’ve been through this a million times, dude!  So if you don’t like that, you can just kiss mah shell!” He rolled his eyes grinning. 

“Enough.” splinter raised his voice and had been watching his sons. All three turtles looked up. “The situation at hand does not need to be worried about. All of you not being genetically related means nothing. You are still brothers and you are to act that way.” Splinter looked softly at Raphael as he spoke.

Then to the rest of his sons. “I want you all to work on a plan together to infiltrate back into TGRI labs and shut down their lab once and for all. Like Leonardo stated, we are family. We will not let what we have discovered change that. I still love each and everyone of you. You are my children no matter what.” Splinter leaned on his cane exhausted. He knew that his children had a lot more energy. More than he would ever have any time soon.

Leo nodded and then glanced at Raph quietly trying to reassure him. “See, I was right. I told you nothing changes.” He nodded. Mikey frowned. “It does change though. Since...I don’t wanna say this but...but how do I know if...” his voice trailed off not wanting to say anything else. He was almost too afraid to say anything.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael glanced up and shook his head. He was still angry. How were they supposed to still act like brothers? They weren't. That's the truth.

He got up and glanced at sensei before walking out again. This time, he did not intend to come back. He walked until he found a ladder, but stopped before going up. 

'This will make Leonardo mad. Wait, why do I care?' He asked himself as he threw his hands up and sat there torn on whether to go or not.

He glanced around and sat down, not sure of what to do. He didn't think anyone would come looking for him so he was safe at least for now.

Leo sighed as he looked off towards the den door. Raph had bolt it again. Why couldn't Raph just act like a normal turtle? But then he blinked at that thought? Where were any of the four of them normal!? 

They were family, they had grown up together. Up until today they had always thought that they were brothers. That didn't change. He still loved Raph, his little brother! Donnie rubbed his forehead. "Okay, I don't know how to get through to him. Leo I wish you luck on that." He snorted. Mikey threw his hands up. "Dude, I did a major joke and it went over his shell! I tried man, I really did dude! I don't know what to do to help him!" Mikey said hurt. 

Splinter look down worried for his son. "He just needs time. Let him be. Let him work his feelings out. Leonardo, this time don't go after him. He needs to process himself." Splinter ordered. Leo looked worried to his father and helped his father sit down in his easy chair. "Sensei, what if Raph leaves and doesn't come back?" He asked quietly.

 His two other brothers froze stunned at the idea that Raph would actually leave. "I mean we are no longer teenagers. Do you think-" Splinter raised a hand to quiet Leonardo. "He will not leave yet. But eventually the four of you will wanted venture off on your own. When that time comes we must accept it. I know you care about your little brothers just like they care about you. Raphael is hurting right now and he just needs time. He's not going anywhere, my son. He loves the three of you and that's why he's upset." Splinter sighed

 "He doesn't want to think about the fact that you are not biologically related. He's left so he doesn't lash out at any of you. But he will return once he has calmed down. I know him very well." Splinter explained, which seem to put the three other brothers at ease. Leo look towards the door again. He still had the deep instinct to go after it Raph to make sure he'd be okay. But he didn't on a request of his father. Splinter was right, Raph needed time.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

"It isn't fair!" He yelled as he stood up and began punching the wall. His hands hurt and wounds opened up on his knuckles as he finally stopped and sank to the ground, staring at his bloody hands.

"I wish things would go back to normal." He mumbled. Things were easy when everyone thought they were all still related. 

A few hours later he stumbled into the den, looking at the ground. His hands were still bleeding as he kept his eyes on the ground and sat down on the sofa. His hands hurt and he felt defeated as he avoided eye contact with anyone who happened to be in the room.

Leonardo said nothing as he had grabbed a medical kit off the counter. Knowing that Raph probably would have hurt himself. He crouched down in front of his little brother and began bandaging his hands. He said nothing, not wanting to start a fight. Mikey looked over concerned. But again, he too said nothing knowing Raph would probably still be upset a little bit.

  Donatello headed to his lab. His safe place where he hid most days. He not want to mess with Raph. He was far from good at socializing. Splinter watched his two sons carefully with ears raised. He muted his soap opera. This was a turning point for Raphael. He need to learn patience and self-control. 

Leonardo was helping him. He need to learn that sometimes even though people were upset that they need to accept help. It was called being humble. Self pride wouldn't get you anywhere if when you were upset. Mikey watched out of the corner of his eye as he headed into the living room where everyone was at. Except for Donatello.
Mikey grabbed for his old beat up Xbox. Splinter gave him a very very stern look. "Michelangelo, if you think you are hooking that thing up whild I am watching my shows. You have another lesson coming." He warned. Mikey looked protestingly to his father. "Sensei, dude you've been watching a All my children Marathon for hours now! Can I please play my video games!?" He begged. 
Splinter shook his head. Whose older?" he asked very proudly. 

Mikey raised a brow at his father. "Are we talking about out of us four turtles or we talking about you, sensei?" The next thing Mikey knew is he was being whacked quite hard in the head with a cane end. Mikey yelped and rubbed his head.

 "Gotcha no video games" He backed away slowly. Leonardo glanced over at Mikey and chuckled. He found it hilarious that Mikey still hadn't learned that soap operas came before video games, always in the family.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael sighed. He wanted to pull his hands away but sat there quietly as Leonardo bandaged them. He glanced at sensei but quickly averted his eyes.

Once Leonardo had finished he mumbled thank you and stood up. He walked off, wanting to be alone. He went to his bedroom and sat down on the floor.

'I can't believe Sensei still wants us to work together.' He thought as he glared at a wall and looked down at his hands. 'I shouldn't be punching things.' he thought as he looked down again. 

He didn't know what to do. He was conflicted in so many ways. Go. Stay. Keep being brothers, or refuse. It was so confusing!

Leonardo smiled weakly relieved. Hey, at least Raphael had said thank you for bandaging his hands. He watched his brother head towards his room. Yep, this was enough drama for today. He looked to Mikey and nodded to his room. 

"Why don't you go read comics or something? Quit giving Sensei a hard time." He suggested. Mikey huffed crossing his arms. "Okay dude, you win! I'll give in!  Big brother, just do me a favor don't go over romancing Raph!" Mikey was teasing. He had always made comments like that since they were kids. 

But this time... it hit different. Leo averted his eyes. "Mikey go to your room." He added one last time. The last couple of days of drama with TGRI had had him and Raph fighting as a team. Like Mikey and Donnie were another team. Raph always had his shell and he always had Raph's shell. But he was hopeless and helpless in this situation. He just wanted to help Raph.

 But he just didn't know how. He closed his eyes heading to his own bedroom where he laid on his bed. He was staring up at the ceiling. "Be nice if somebody could give me the answers." He sighed. "I know Raph needs his own time, but..." Leo let that word trail off.

 There had to be a way to show Raph that they were still a family. He just needed to figure out how. Why did he feel so odd when Mikey had made that comment though? But what Leo didn't realize is as he was wondering about it a deep shade of green had passed over his beak. He was blushing. 

What was wrong with him!? Why was he feeling so warm inside!? So nervous!? What was going on with him!? He wasn't quite sure. But something was changing. He never had been this much concern for Raph. His instinct to make sure his brother was safe had not been this deep before. "What is wrong with me!?" He said muffled under a hand now that he had placed over his mouth completely lost.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   56d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael got up and lay on his bed. He quietly thought the situation over. As he did he glanced around and sighed. Why does it have to be me-

Why do I have to have a temper and be stupid? he thought as he held his hands up and looked them over. 

He wanted to talk to sensei but he didn't want to go out there. He ran his hand down his face and rolled over, swinging his leg up and down.

'I'm tired and don't want to deal with this.' He thought with a small sigh of resignation. He let his anger slip away as he stared at a wall.

Leonardo fell asleep exhausted by the last few days events. He had a fitful sleep as always, dreaming that the shredder had returned. He tossed and turned in his sleep. After an hour or so of nightmares he woke up bleary eyed with bags under them. He was unable to sleep any further.

He got up pulling his blue doji back on. "Well, let's go see if I can find a snack or something. Maybe leftover pizza Mikey had left in the fridge?" He muttered hopeful. Yeah, that was not going to happen.

 Mikey was usually one to scarf down anything Pizza relate. There's no way that Mikey would have left any leftover pizza. So Leonardo would have been lucky to find any snacks this late at night. His stomach rumbled. He needed to get a snack to get his mind off this nightmares. 

He'd been speaking with with splinter trying to understand why he was still having them. It had been months since the shredder had passed. The Shredder had passed by Leonardo's own hand even. So he didn't understand why he was still having these nightmares.

 He rubbed an eye under his doji. He tried his best to ignore the fact that he was exhausted as he stepped into the kitchen. He saw Donatello was there making himself some top ramen. "Anything to eat?" Leo look hopeful. Donnie smiled faintly wincing. "This is the last bag of top ramen. Sorry, April called and said she'd bring us down some more groceries as soon as she could. The antique store has been kind of having her swamped." He explained.

 April O'Neil had been running an antique store after losing her job at the as news reporter. Leo groaned closing his eyes. "So we just wait I suppose for snacks" He muttered. Donnie nodded. "You know Mikey might not like that or Raph even. Raph not getting his twizzlers, that's scary." Donnie joked.

 Leo didn't want to talk about Raph right now. The memories of how he had felt before he went to bed started to race through his mind. He didn't want to think about that or nightmares right now. "You know, Donnie if you're not careful I might steal your top ramen." He smirked. Donnie quickly left the kitchen. He  left Leo there just to scrounge for whatever bits and pieces he could find for snacks.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael woke with a start as he pushed himself up out of bed. He sighed and walked out of his room and back to the main room, unaware Leonardo was up. He quickly slipped out the door and walked down the old sewer pipe, rubbing his neck.

He glanced around out of reflex as he climbed up a ladder, leading topside. When he climbed up into the fresh, cool air he glanced around again, letting it hit his face. 

He began walking around, avoiding anybody he saw and mostly sticking to back alleys. He was glancing around for suspicious behavior but wondered if e should stay out of things for once. 

As he walked, he kicked a few stones here and there and kept his head down. He walked the block several times, glancing at the familiar sights and sighing. He kept having flashbacks of him with his brothers. If he could even call them that anymore. 'Of course, you can.' 'No. You can't-' He thought back and forth for a while but ended up groaning and punching a wall.

"Why does it have to be so difficult?" He asked himself out loud as he glanced upward toward the sky and shook his head slightly. "Why can't everything stay the same..." He mumbled as he leaned against a wall and looked off into space.

Raphael was not the quietest Ninja. Leo had peeked out of the kitchen. He had heard him leave. How many times was he going to go and just pop out of the den!? Didn't he know it wasn't safe!? Especially at night! Leo's sighed. "I want to go, but I know I shouldn't. Nope, I'm going." Leo ignored the rumbling in his stomach and headed towards the den door.

 Splinter who was up going to the restroom looked to his son. "If you must go after your brother, be careful. You know it's unsafe. You know the purple dragon gang is out there. You know TGRI is patrolling the streets for you. You also know that if they get a hold of you either one of you that they will kill you ." He was being honest with his son.

 Now that the shredder was gone the, big crime syndicate that controlled New York. All the smaller villains and gangs were vying to take the turtles out. Whoever took the turtles out... it was almost like it was a trophy. Leonardo looked up quietly. He was well aware of the situation. 

"I'm just hoping he got smart and he decided to go find Casey. His best friend. Not that that's much of a smart move anymore. Because him and Casey have been pulling vigilante stunts trying to take out our enemies. Just the two of them and not the entire team." Leo muttered frustrated with that situation too.

"Also now that my brother is of age Casey's been offering him alcohol. Which I wish he wouldn't." Splinter raised his ears at the last bit of information. "Looks like I need to have a conversation with Casey Jones again" Leo nodded as he headed out to go find his little brother. "Please Raph."He said aloud. "Don't do anything stupid. I love you, little brother. I don't want to see you get hurt!"
-Pr3ss-Raphael   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

As he stared into space he heard a noise and began walking back towards the sewer drain he used to go topside. He wasn't far away. He glared at everything around him, anger clouding his thoughts.

As he crawled down the ladder, he looked around, spotting Leonardo coming towards him. 'This will be good.' He thought as he crossed his arms over his shell and looked away. 

As Leonardo came to a stop in front of him, he waited for him to speak. Raphael sighed and looked up at him, not speaking. 

He wondered if he was mad. He was only gone for a little bit... or so he thought. He didn't think he had left that long ago- he quietly mumbled something that sounded like "Just get on with it." as Leonardo began speaking.

"Raph, you know you can't go out at night. Sensei and I have had this conversation with you a hundred times before!" Leo crossed his arms. What would it take for his brother to listen!? "I've been incredibly patient with you. All the way from your vigilante bull shell to your attitude. Please tell me at the very least your not drinking when Casey offers?" He said sternly. Leo wasn't angry but frustrated with his brother. 

He grabbed Raphael by the wrist. Leo pulled him to him narrowing his eyes. "Promise me, you're not drinking! You know better as a ninja! That is dishonorable to drink alcohol when other people are depending on you!" Leo growled. He was trying to get through to his brother.

 His brother Raph only seemed to understand anger. Well, if he pretended to be angry maybe he could get through to him. "I'm not going to sit here and let you throw your life away. Just because you're upset we're not biologically related. I love you, little brother. No matter what you think. Even if you think if I'm a bad guy for ruining your life. Just by keeping an eye on you. We are family and you're stuck with me. Do I make myself clear!? Now let's go home and you have a lot of explaining to do to sensei." he turned pulling his brother behind him.

He knew it wasn't right to be  dragging him. But no matter what Raph wanted, he wasn't going to take this attitude anymore. He wasn't angry as stated before, just disappointed in his brother and frustrated. Raphael had to learn. If this was the only way that Leo could get through to his brother, he would do it this way.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

He pulled away and stopped glaring. "Why would I drink!? You're sitting here lecturing me over something I didn't even do! Don't touch me. Or talk to me." He said as he walked back to the hideout. 

He stormed in rubbing his wrist and glaring at the ground. He knew it was wrong to get so angry at his brother, but he didn't care anymore! He didn't want him talking to him. 

Sensei gestured him over and he walked up, stopping in front of him with his head still down. He waited for him to begin speaking. He was angry and didn't want to deal with this right now. He wanted to go see Casey.

"My Son..." He had gestured for Raphael to come over to him as he returned to the den. He wasn't going to lecture him. He pulled his son into his arms. He hugged Raphael and smiled softly. "I love you, my child." Splinter knew each one of his son's knew he loved them. 

But sometimes when someone was hurting it took a time and a soft touch. Leonardo returned and he refused to look at his father and Raphael. Nothing he did made Raph happy. He tried being nice, that didn't work. He gave him space, that didn't work. He was just as nasty as Raph was, big surprise- that didn't work either! 

He went to the dojo. He need to punch something. Or meditate. He'd figure that out when he got there. Donnie peeked out of the lab sensing another fight going down between Raph and Leo. 

Did this ever stop!? At least he and Mikey weren't this bad with one another. He glanced back over in the lab and Mikey was softly snoring on a med bay bed. Donnie smiled softly. He was someone who didn't mind wherever Mikey decided to crash. Mikey was the youngest of the four turtles and took a bit of patience.
-Pr3ss-Raphael   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael's eyes widened as he was pulled into a hug. He sat there silently as Sensei hugged him. He didn't quite know what to do. He hadn't been hugged in so long. When he let go, Raphael took a few steps back and glanced at him. 

He rubbed the back of his head and sighed before wondering if what he had done had been right. 'Why can I accept him as my father but not them as my brothers?' he thought as he scrunched up his face, looking confused.

"Thank you, sensei.' He mumbled as he walked out the door. He went topside and walked to Casey's house. He needed to get away from things.

Kasey Jones and April O’Neil had recently gotten married. They had a baby on the way. April opened the door not at all surprised to see Raphael on her doorstep. Their home was a two-story refurbished apartment building. She let him in and raised an eyebrow. “You’re here for your best friend right?” she touched her bulging stomach smiling softly.

“Well,  he’s up top on the roof as always. All that I ask is that you make sure he keeps the drinking to a minimum. I’ve asked him, but he never seems to listen to me. He listens to you, not me and you’re younger than him. Amazing!” She smiled teasing Raph. 

April waddled her way back into the kitchen as Kasey sat on the rooftop downing a beer. He was watching the landscape of the city. “This is getting ridiculous!” He sighed. “All the crime and what I’m supposed to raise a kid in this!? I’m supposed to protect my wife!
 Yeah, good luck to me.” he muttered.

“You know what we should do?” He asked himself. “We should move out of New York. Buy I can’t do that to Raph. He needs me and he’s my best friend.” He shook his head. Back in the den, Leonardo was meditating deeply. But his mind kept going to his brother. He was so angry and so hurt that his brother would reject him like this. 

He was trying to comfort Raph and project their family! He opened his brown eyes as tears raced down from under his blue dojo.”I think I’ve had it. If he wants to ignore me, then I’ll ignore him.” He whispered closing his eyes again sniffling. That was the only reasoning he could think of it.

It would keep him from fighting with his brother. It also would keep his brother from being angry at him. He couldn’t see any other way around it. Donnie and Mikey were listening in. They both look to each other perplexed. Mikey whispered to Donnie so Leo couldn’t hear them. “Donster,  I think this is  going to break up the family! Raph was perfectly OK before all of this! I mean dude, you still see me as your brother...right!?” Donnie rubbed Mikey‘s head affectionately.

 “Yeah, definitely! Nobodies ever gonna change that! Just give Raph time, dummy.” He nodded and turned his smile faded. Mikey was right Raph was going too far with it. Donnie had to figure something out to take TGRI labs down. Maybe that would make him feel better? He just didn’t want see Raph or Leo. Leo didn’t like when the team saw him cry.

If Leo was hiding in the dojo crying, this was something Donnie had to fix. He had to get rid of the place that had ruined their family like this. He had to do something!
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Raphael walked up to the roof and sat beside Kasey silently. He stared off into space, occasionally glancing at him. It was so confusing. Everything was. It made him angry.

He sighed. "Life is too hard." He said after a minute as he looked at Kasey. 'I need to do something to get everything off of my mind.' he thought but didn't say it out loud.

He wanted to try something new. Show everyone he could loosen up every once in a while. He grabbed a piece of ice from the nearby cooler and threw it as hard as he could.

Kasey offered Raph one of the beers out of his cooler. He raised in brow. “Ya got that right, bud. But it just keeps getting harder as you get older. Hate to tell you that. Big news flash alright.” he nodded off towards the skyline. “So I heard you heard some bad news from TGRI labs. You know I would have been there to help you. But today was an ultrasound with April. “ He explained. 

“Apparently, we’re having a boy. Mozeltof!” He rolled his eyes but I got back to the matter with TGRI. “I spoke with Donnie on the phone and he said he didn’t wanna touch that subject with a 10 foot pole. So I tried to talk to April about it. She won’t talk about it either.” Casey swung back his fifth beer for the night. 

“Look I’m not gonna force you to talk about it, buddy. Ya know I’m not like that. But something tells me if the nerd won’t tell me and the wife won’t tell me then the leader doesn’t want anybody to know. Especially   me. I bet he’s still afraid that I’m gonna take you out on a vigilante run again. He doesn’t get that that’s the way you and I get rid of our anger. We’re trying to make the city a better place. I don’t see him racing around on rooftops like he used to with the rest of the team anymore. We were all taking out baddies and slamming bodies.” He sighed.

 “Leo’s gotten too stagnant. I guess that’s the word for him? He’s getting older, you guys used to be so much fun when you were teenagers! I mean yeah, you stayed fun! But the rest of them kinda got boring.” Casey shrugged and jabbed Raph in the arm playfully smirking. “At least I got one turtle left that can take a punch!” Casey laughed amused. 

He watched Raph throw the ice cube and it pinged off of a car, setting off it’s car alarm.Casey burst into laughter even more. “There we go! There’s my best bud! Starting something that could turn into an interesting situation! Wonder how many people are gonna freak out over a car alarm?” He watched hiccuping. 

Within minutes several people had come racing out of the apartment building trying to figure out what caused the car alarm to go off. “There you go, there’s my point!” Kasey said smugly. “Everybody in this city is nosy. Can’t keep to their own business. Bet you only one person in that whole entire crowd owns that car.” Obviously he was right. But Kasey was starting to become drunk, so he was starting to make a little sense.
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Raphael glanced at the peer and shrugged. He took it and opened it, taking a sip. After a while he began to drink more and more, getting drunk.

"Congrats on having a boy." He said, his speech a little slurred. "They did get a little bit boring, didn't they? All they think now is that I'm hotheaded and immature. Leonardo is always getting angry at me." He said as he rubbed his forehead and tried to keep his words separate.

He watched the situation with the car alarm go down, listening to Kasey as it did. "Yeah, people can't just mind their own business." He commented, his words flowing into one another, making it hard to understand him.

April sensed something wasn’t right. She walked up the stairs carefully to the roof top. She saw the two were getting drunk. She sighed disappointed in the two. This was not good. This was exactly what she had asked Raph not let happen. They were slurring their speech, laughing loudly, and they could’ve easily attracted to attention to a large mutant turtle sitting on the rooftop in plain sight.

She hit Leonardo‘s number which was on speed dial on her cellphone. She walked down the stairs closing the door quietly behind her. Leonardo’s shell cell rang on his end. He answered confused as to why April would he knew why. Raph had gotten out of line again some how. 

He had gone to Casey’s. “Yes, April? He’s there isn’t he?” he said annoyed. April nodded as she sat down in the living room in her rocking chair. “Yes, he is. The one thing that I asked Kasey not to do was to get drunk. The other thing I asked Raph to do was not to let my husband get drunk.” She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Well, guess what? The one thing I didn’t ask of them was to make sure Raph didn’t get drunk.” She groaned. Leonardo growled and narrowed his eyes livid. “So I was right? He took up drinking didn’t he?” April frowned worried. “I think this is his first time. Every other time that he’s been over here he’s been perfectly sober. The only reason I know that he’s drinking now it’s because he’s acting just like Casey does when he’s drunk. You might wanna come get him.” Leonardo stood up, he was still in the dojo.

 “I’m on my way.” He sighed as he hung up his shell cell. He stormed out of the dojo ready to bounce his brother off a wall. He gritted his teeth. Why!? Why did Ralph have to act up like this!? Why did he have to do this!? Why did Kasey have to let him drink!? At least they had gone out vigilante hunting drunk! Leo’s heart stopped at that idea, he froze for a second midstep. 

If Raph ever did something like that...there was no way the he would come out of the fight alive. he growled again as he kept going. He had to go get his brother and he had to keep a calm, cool, collected attitude about the situation. Exploding on his brother was only a tactic that would make the situation worse. Donnie looked up as he was leaving. “I wish you luck. I’m pretty sure that he’s going to be at Kasey’s.” Leo nodded quietly and narrowed his eyes.

 “It’s gonna take everything I have to get him back home. But don’t worry Donnie, I’ll get our brother to come home. One way or another.”
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Raphael laughed as he glanced at Kasey and faintly wondered where he was going to go. He was not planning on going back to the den any time soon. 

Soon this thought disappeared from his head and he continued laughing and joking with Kasey. He didn't notice Leonardo standing on the roof behind them until he was pulled up and turned around. 

"Whaddaya want?" He asked slowly ad he shook his head. He kept staring at Leonardo, beginning to get angry. He had to ruin his time with Kasey. He couldn't just leave him alone and mind his own business.

Leonardo was holding his arms and he tried to shake them off but it was no use. He glared at the ground and waited for the most likely long lecture that was coming.

Leo had made his way upstairs to the rooftop after greeting April briefly. He glared down disappointed and angry at his little brother. After a bit he let go of his brother's arms after he had some what calmed down. He turned and headed towards the door. Kasey watched wide eyed sensing the tension. "Let's go home. Now." Leo said in a low commanding voice. 

It was a voice he hadn't used in quite some time. It was only reserved for orders that was given to him by Splinter he was meant to relay to the team. Kasey recognized that tone of voice. He winced knowing Raph was in big trouble. He felt bad even in his booze induced stupor. "Raph, I think there's a storm brewing in Leo." He whispered. 

Leo started to head down stairs saying nothing more. He was seething inside Raph had disobeyed Sensei's rule of, "No drinking." Leo didn't care if Raph disrespected him. But how dare he disrespect their father and put himself at risk. Kasey would definitely hear about this later too. If not from Leo then he knew he could depend on April to lay the line to her husband, so to speak. 

Leo was expecting Raph to follow him down the stairs. He was shaking with anger and something else. Hurt, deep raw hurt. Disappointment was another good word for how he also felt. April looked at him when he got to the bottom of the stairs. "I'm sorry." She whispered still holding her stomach. 

Leo pulled her into a hug, shaking still. April could feel his upset. "I just don't know why he does this. After everything sensei for him." Leo was ready to break down and cry again. But he had to be strong in case Ralph was coming down the stairs still.
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Raph came down the stairs and walked out the door, heading in the opposite direction. He was stumbling slightly, desperately trying to steady himself. It didn't work but he still kept going. 

"I'm not going back!" He yelled as he walked. All of his anger had come back and maybe this time he would have the strength to actually leave. He glanced all around and kept stumbling forward, completely ignoring Leonardo. 

He knew this was dangerous. He knew he had disobeyed sensei's rule. He knew he was in big trouble. He didn't care. He didn't have to listen to them anymore. Why couldn't they just leave him alone!? he yelled inwardly, glaring ahead.

Humans were watching Raph confused and whispering to one another. It was closer to Christmas, than anything else. Why was this weird person wearing a giant green bean or turtle suit doing out in public when it was way past Halloween!? Leo growled livid. They were reptiles. If the cold didn’t get Raph, then it would be some villain. If the police got a hold of him and found out that he was a real mutant... Raph would be done for. 

He would be given to TGRI labs in minutes! Leo grabbed his trenchcoat that he left at April’s usually and pulled it over himself. This was getting ridiculous! He stormed out the front door apologetic to April. He was off to go race after his brother! “Raph, you get back here! I am going to be telling splinter about this! You’ve gone too far! You’ve hurt too many people! I’ve done too much to keep you safe!” Leo yelled after his little brother.

“You’re irresponsible, selfish, entitled, a hothead, unreasonable-“ Raph kept going even though Leo was trying to get him to come back. This was unbelievable! All Leo wanted was to keep his brother safe! He tried being kind. He tried being patient. He tried giving him space. He tried being a hothead just like Raph! What did it take to get his brother to listen!?

He was even worse now that he was drunk. Lecturing was not going to help so Leo stopped . Finally catching up, he grabbed his brothers shoulder. He held on tight to it as he whispered with people looking. “Please, come home. If you have any problems we can talk about it as a family. Even if you don’t wanna see us as a family . We grew up together. At least seem somebody who cares about you. Or do you not care about me?” Leo sounded deeply hurt.

 He hadn’t  meant for his raw emotions, his insecurity, and his hurt to run into his words . His expression was one of deep hurt. He was more devastated by his brother’s rejection of him and their family. Then he was angry. “Please stop this.” he whispered.
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Raphael sighed and turned around, walking back. He enter the sewers again and walked back to the den. He walked in and went to his room, shutting the door. It was obvious he was drunk, as he stumbled and kind of fell against his door while closing it. 

Why had he listened to Leonardo? He asked himself as he sat there. He didn't plan on coming home in a million years until he asked. Was it because...? No... he loved Leonardo. 

'I'm in love with Leonardo? He asked himself over and over again, rubbing his head as he did so. He couldn't believe this was happening.

Leo had slowly followed Raph back, taking off his trenchcoat when they gotten into the sewers. He ended up going to his father and reporting that Raph had returned. Splinter said that he would go talk to his son in a little bit. But he suggested that Leonardo go talk to him first. Leo didn’t want to talk to Raph.

 Leo was too hurt, he was afraid he was going to say something he’d regret. So he sat on the couch in the living room staring ahead at a TV that was blank. Completely  turned off. Mikey was back in bed sleeping and Donnie as always was in his lab. Leo didn’t know what to do with his brother Raph anymore. “He doesn’t even see us his family...” He whispered.

“He doesn’t care about this family. He doesn’t care about sensei. He doesn’t care about me...” He choked out. Out of the entire situation, Leonardo was hurt about the last part the most. He closed his eyes and looked away. Why? Why did that part hurt the most!? The family was what mattered above all.

 Them staying together in a world full of darkness. It was full of nasty people like TGRI labs and people like the purple dragons. So many other villains out there. “Why can’t he see that we do care about him!? I care about him!? Why can’t he just see that all we’ve ever wanted to do was be a family!? Why can’t he just let me take care of him!? I’m his older brother, he is my responsibility!” Leo broke into tears finally. 

Donnie had to come out of the lab and he glanced over at Leonardo. “You know, Leo . You take care of everyone and we rely on you a whole lot. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe somebody needs to take care of you Leo?” Donnie stepped closer. Leo tensed. “I’m the big brother...the team leader...” Hr began and Donnie put a hand up making him quiet.

“You may be the big brother, but you also have a big thing of self pride. You’re not responsible for his feelings. You don’t need to go running after him every time a melt down. Raph needs to be responsible for himself.” Donnie nodded quietly.

 “Why do you think I don’t always sit there and comfort Mikey? Mikey needs to learn what about his feelings too and how to deal with them.” Donnie explained. Leo looked down not knowing what to say next. Donnie came over and crouched down in front of his older brother looking him eye to eye. Donnie’s hazel eyes met Leo’s brown eyes. 

“You’re not responsible for the world,Leo. You’re not responsible for everything. People are going to have to back off and quit depending on you so much. One day you’re going to have to depend on someone else. Let someone else take care of you. Don’t get to the point where you’re going to break down, big brother. Don’t fall apart please.” Donnie said softly holding Leo’s hand in his.
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Raphael lightly hit his head against the door then stumbled over and sat on the bed, holding his head. 'I love him...' He kept thinking over and over again as he closed his eyes.

"Why does all of this have to happen to me!?" He yelled as he got up and punched a wall as hard as he could, wincing when a sharp pain shot through his arm and his hand started bleeding.

"Son of a shell-" He mumbled as he held his arm. He had done something to it. He sat back on the bed, feeling completely defeated. All of the others still thought of each other as brothers. They might think he was weird if he admitted his love to Leonardo. 

He glanced at the door and then looked at the ground. Leonardo had probably gonna and to Splinter what he had done by now. He was going to be in huge trouble. He sighed and kept cradling his arm, ignoring the sharp pains that shot through it at random intervals.

Leo was trying to keep himself from crying anymore. He nodded to Donnie as they sat and talked for a little bit longer. He glanced at Raph’s bedroom door. He had heard a punch. So he definitely wasn’t going to go in there. Not while he was intoxicated. Leo after a while thanked Donnie for his help and his comfort. Leo went back to the dojo and began practicing his ninjitsu. 

High kick, low kick, tonzi kick. He had to do something to keep himself busy. Going  to bed was not an option. He was exhausted, but he didn’t wanna deal with the nightmares. Between Raph and nightmares. He didn’t know which was worse right now. He sighed as he flop per down on the mat.He thought maybe meditation would work...again.

Splinter came walking in quietly. It seemed his father couldn’t sleep either. “Your brother has hurt himself in his bedroom.He thinks that I cannot sense it. He forgets that I can sense his aura. It’s not hard to do with the four of you. You all burn so brightly in this world.” He smiled weakly.

 Leo looked up quietly and for the first time ever he counteracted his father’s words. “Sensei, I have to say this...but I am not responsible for this tonight. He needs to learn to deal with his own emotions. He needs to learn to calm down.” Leo said quietly. Splinter lifted his chin impressed. “You’re right, my son. Your brother does need to. I told you to give him time. You know he feels things much more strongly than the rest of three do. So when his pride burns out with his anger and intoxication, he’ll go get his arm taken care of by Donatello. Then you can speak with him if he is willing.” Splinter nodded sitting beside his son to meditate.
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Raphael paced/stumbled around his room in a weird pattern. He kept his head down, ashamed he had treated everyone the way he had. He eventually walked over to his bed and sat down, falling asleep a few minutes later. 

He dreamed about a lot of things. Training with his father, playing with his brothers, and especially Leonardo. He slept peacefully, waking with a start every time he rolled onto his arm. 

"I need to get this checked out..." He thought with a sigh as he woke up for the sixth time. "I'll do it in the morning..." He mumbled as he laid back down and fell asleep again. 

This time, he slept and woke up early the next morning. He had a pounding headache. 'This is why you don't drink.' part of him thought, scolding himself.

Donnie sipped on a cup of coffee raising eyebrow. He waiting for the lab door to open. He had been alerted by Splinter that Raph had hurt himself. Which he already knew. Plus, it didn’t surprise Donnie really. Raph had a tendency to do stupid things when he was angry. 

Being intoxicated as much as he was probably help himself sure enough, He looked over at Mikey who was playing on his Nintendo switch. “So broken bone or broken ego?” He asked his little brother. Mikey looked up thinking for a second from his Nintendo switch before returning to it. 

“Both, dude both. Knowing Raph broken ego and broken bone. Maybe a broken butt crack too.” He grinned. Donnie looked at him Wryly. “Mikey, a crack in a butt is a natural break! It’s a separation your buttocks. Us turtles have our butts covered by our plastrons!” Mikey frowned rolling his eyes. “

“Dude, it was a joke! When you have to explain a joke- it’s not funny.”  Donnie blinked. “Even before I explained it to you, I didn’t find it funny!” Mikey rolled his eyes again.”Big brothers, I swear you guys just can’t laugh can ya!” Donnie smiled trying to understand his little brother sometime. Which was not easy, he looked back towards the door waiting on Raph. “Well, now I know how Leo feels with his counterpart.” Donnie laughed softly to himself.
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Raphael walked out with his head down, still cradling his arm lightly. He nodded hello to Michelangelo and walked up to Donatello. "I was being an idiot last night and did something to my arm." He mumbled with a sigh. He could barely meet anyone's eyes. 

'I shouldn't have done that. I deserve this.'  he thought, as he shook his head lightly. He was ashamed of his actions and mad at himself for making such stupid decisions. Not to mention the situation with Leonardo.

'Everything is weird right now.' He thought as he glanced up at Donatello but quickly glanced away again. He didn't feel like a part of the family anymore.

Donnie smiled weakly at Raph and didn’t want to bring up last night just yet. What had happened during the night between him and Leo, that was between the two of them. But he wanted to let Raph know what Leo had done on his end. Mikey though butted always.

He grinned amused and tried to make Raph’s demeanor a little brighter. “So did you get to see April baby bump!?” He asked excited. “I call it Egbert!” He declared as Donnie was inspecting Raph’s wrist and arm. He even did a minor x-ray of it. Donnie rolled his eyes and his little brother. “Eggbert, seriously Mikey!? Could you not come up with a better name?” He shook his head.

“She’s naming the baby Cody. They already know it’s a boy.” Donnie rolled his eyes as Mikey frowned. “Why can’t she name the baby after one of us!? Like Michelangelo Junior!?” Mikey protested. Donnie gave him another dirty look. “You know Mikey...I’m starting to wonder if maybe your brain‘s name is Eggbert.” Donnie looked at Raph sternly but spoke softly like a brother would. 

“It looks like a minor fracture. Nothing serious, with the mutagen in your blood it will only take a day for it to heal. Just keep in the sling and don’t stress it out. Don’t use it a.k.a. Raph, don’t go do anything crazy. Please. This is advice from your brother and your doctor.” he put Raph’s arm in a sling gently.

 He then gave him some meat pain medication. “Takr one in the morning and one at night, that should help with the pain.” He then added the Leo information. “You might want to go talk to Leo if he’s still awake.” Donnie said the last part very softly trying to not upset his brother.  “What happened last night kind of upset Leo. Not from a team leader aspect, but you kind of hurt his feelings. As his brother. He was crying... twice.” Donnie added. He knew that would get through to Raph. Leo almost never cry in front of them.
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He ignored them as they talked about April. It reminded him of drinking. Of making a fool of himself. He sighed and nodded when Donatello told him about his arm. "Thank you." He said quietly as he took the pain meds and walked out, going to try and find Leonardo.

'I'm just hurting everyone around me.' he thought as walked with his shoulders slumped slightly. 'Leonardo probably won't even want to see me.' He thought again as he knocked on Leonardo's door.

He waited quietly for him to open it with his eyes on the ground. 'I need to apologize. I can't back out of this.' He thought as his heart started beating faster.

Leonardo had gone back to bed. He had not able to break the sleep fast that he had fighting. He was curled up in bed twisted in his blankets.He had all of his gear off and his blue doji. He was tossing and turning, it was another nightmare. He let out a faint cry as he was injured in his dream.

Splinter looked up worried from his spot in front of the TV in his easy chair. He knew his son was having nightmares. But there was not much he could do. He saw Raphael knocking on Leo's door. "My son, he is not having a good time right now in his sleep." He slowly got up from his chair and as he walked over. 

He was hunched over on his cane as he explained. "You defeated this Shredder almost a year ago. But what Leonardo has not been telling you or his other brothers is that he has been having nightmares of it. Where the battle does not go in your favor of the defeat of the Shredder." Splinter pinned his ears worried.

 "He does not want you all to see him as weak. I have tried to speak with him on the matter more the one occasion. I try to get him to speak with you all, but he refuses. Like you he can be very prideful and stubborn. Which one of you boys is not, is my question most days." Splinter chuckled trying to muse himself.

"Wait a little bit, he will be awake. Knowing his nightmares, Leonardo runs on minimal sleep these days." He sighed. Splinter nodded and rested a hand on his son's good shoulder. "You're not alone. I understand that you found out what you found out was upsetting. It was to your BROTHERS too. But that does not change the love we have for one another in this family ." He said softly patting his arm.

 Splinter walked away. "Now, since we have very little for breakfast and Miss April O'Neil has had little time to go get groceries. I am going to go get out my cheesecake. I know I still have a few frozen pieces in the freezer." Splinter hummed. Mikey yelled out from the lab. "You did, dude!" Splinter yelled back. "I better still have them!"
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Raphael glanced at Leonardo's door, worried. He rubbed the back of his head lightly, regretting what he had done even more. 'I'm an idiot.' he thought as he glanced away and walked back towards his room. 

Once he was inside, he shut his door and curled up on his bed. He didn't know what to do. He might as well just keep his feelings to himself, Splinter had made it very clear they were brothers.

He sighed and took a pain pill, so the pain in his arm would at least fade away a tiny bit. He rolled over onto his back and looked at the ceiling, wondering what he could do to make everything up to his brothers.

Leo woke up a couple of hours later, in a sweaty panting mess. His eyes were wide and terrified. The Shredder had run him through in his nightmare. He closed his eyes trying to rub his forehead. Yup, he needed a shower definitely. He got out of bed, not even bothering to pull his gear on.

 In turtle terms- he was naked. He glanced over to his own bathroom as he stepped into it. Yeah, he needed a shower and he probably needed to wash his bedding too. It's been a while since he had been this active in a nightmare. He just wished the nightmares would end. He climbed into the shower and began bathing. 

He cracked his eyes open thinking... he'd have to go talk to Raph. He really didn't want to. He was afraid it would lead to him getting angry with his little brother. He wasn't looking forward to lecturing him either. He sighed, maybe he could have splinter chaperone this one? He's just wanted his brother safe and happy.

 No matter what it took. That's all he wanted for his family. He trembled with frustration again! What would it take to get Raph to listen to him? What would it take for him to stay safe? What would it take... he froze looking down at the soap in his hand. As the shower piured it's water around him.

 Maybe Raph didn't want to be brothers like Leo was afraid of? Leo looked hurt at this thought again. Maybe that's what Raph always wanted? Maybe that's what Raph always wished growing up...that they weren't brothers. So he could get away from them. 

Raph had always been a hot head. He always been one to rebel and retaliate when he was upset. "Maybe he's had it..." He was quietly regretting the idea.
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He kept laying on his bed, wondering when Leonardo would wake up. He needed to apologize to tell him he would try and listen this time. To tell him he didn't want to fight and that he knew they were brothers now.

He didn't want to fight anymore. He covered his eyes with his free arm and images of The Shredder flashed through his mind. 'Why had that happened?' He thought to himself as his eyes widened. Maybe he was feeling bad that Leonardo had to go through it. 

It wouldn't start happening to him too, right? It couldn't not just because it was happening to Leonardo. That wasn't possible, right...?

Leo stepped out of the shower shaking off some of the water. He knew he would clean it up later. He toweled off the rest and pulled on his gear. "Well, let's go get this over with." He muttered under his breath. He stepped out of his room shutting the door. 

He headed towards Raph's room. Splinter shook his head stopping him in his tracks. Leo groaned. Great, he was still in his bedroom. He hoped that his brother had at least been smart enough to go get himself taken care of by Donatello. He went towards the lab and Donnie shook his head. "Yes, he's been here." 

Leo nodded without a word. Well, that was good! At least Ralph was being smart enough to take care of himself. Just then he looked up and April had was walking away from the kitchen, she was holding her stomach exhausted. "Hey, April...again." He nodded and she snickered softly. "My husband's in trouble. Duct tape to the bed, not allowed to see Raph for a week, and I just dropped off your guys's weekly allotment of food." She smirked. 

Mikey zoomed past Leo and her at breakneck pace. "Pizza? Please tell me you picked up pizza!?" He pleaded perking in the bags. April nodded laughing hard. "Yes, Mikey- I made sure to pick up the twelve pizzas you asked for!" Leo groaned. "That's one more than last week!" He face palmed.

 "Mikey, you do know that we only get so much money a month!? Thanks to Donnie's job as a telemarketer? Donnie is working as a telemarketer!" Mikey frowned looking up at his big brother. "I know that this is a lot of pizza. But there's a lot of me who needs a lot of pizza." He began putting the groceries away. 

He was dancing happily when he picked up a frozen pizza to put it in the freezer. "🎶pizza pizza🎶" he sang happily twirling around with it. Leo looked wryly over at April, who just shook her head crossing her arms. "I'm starting to wonder if Mikey needs help." She snickered happily. "Do you mean physically or mentally?" Leo snickered back at her. "Both!" April said as she walked out the den door. "Both."
-Pr3ss-Raphael   53d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

He got up and rubbed his eyes with his good arm, walking out of his room. He glanced around and leaned on a wall with his head down. He didn't want to bother the others.

He looked up occasionally to glance around the room but always went back to looking at the ground with a blank stare. 'Just face him. It will be fine.' he thought, as feelings of nervousness filled him.

Every time he closed his eyes the shredder flashed through his mind. 'Sympathy pain.' he thought quietly. He couldn't imagine having to go through this for weeks. It had only been a few minutes and it was already bothering him. 

He met eyes with sensei but quickly looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. He didn't deserve to be in the family after what he did and he knew that.

Leo looked up seeing where his father was looking. He was surprised to see Raph and finally come out of his room. Splinter nodded to Leo who slowly approached his brother. He was wary of what Raph would say. How he would react. He sighed and averted his eyes. 

He saw that Raph seem to be feeling bad for what he had done. At least that's the way it looked. "Look, Raph. I'm sorry how I manhandled you last night. I'm sorry for how I acted." Leo said quietly. "I get it. We're not biologically related." He closed his eyes.

 "But that doesn't stop me for caring about you. You don't have to call me your brother. You don't even have to be around me. But whatever decision you make with your life... always know we care about you. You always have a home here. Your loved." Leo's brown eyes look deeply into Raph's amber eyes.

 "What I'm trying to tell you hot head- is that no matter what you do. Stupid decision or not, the reason we jump you about certain things... the reason you getting so much trouble with me is because I love you. You can't stop me from giving a shell about you." Leo pulled Raph carefully into a hug.

He was trying to avoid hurting his bad arm. "Now you are not allowed to drink again. Ever. Casey is grounded from seeing you for a week. His wife said so. I don't think you want to take that decision up with a pregnant April. I would just sit stay be a good turtle and not question a hormonal woman." Leo said quietly trying not to smile.

 Seeing his brother upset in any manner had washed away all the anger he had had. Sure he was still hurt by what his brother had said to him and how he acted. But he'd get over it, he usually did. "Now get your dumbshell in the kitchen and help Mikey put the food away. Before Mikey tries to eat a frozen pizza without cooking it."
-Pr3ss-Raphael   53d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael's eyes widened and he nodded as he walked to the kitchen to help put the food away. He silently vowed to never drink again. Leonardo's orders.

He smiled as he helped. "No eating frozen pizza." He said in a jokingly stern voice as he watched Mikey. He was back to his usual self, happy too. 

He was with his brothers and had been forgiven. What more could he want? He sighed as he knew the answer to that one, but the smile returned to his face and he was smiling once again.

'Thank you, Leonardo.' He thought as he smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. When they were finally done with groceries he went and sat on the couch with a calm face on. He wasn't angry anymore and was back to accepting them as brothers.

Leo look relieved that everything had returned to normal. That Raph seemed to be happy again. That's all he wanted was Raph to be happy any way possible. He didn't want Raph to go through what he went through. He didn't want Raph to be miserable. He didn't want any of his brothers to be unhappy.

 He sat on the couch and flipped on the TV. The news flashed onto the screen and he raised a brow. This must have been a off the Wall news report. The lady appeared on screen ,it was channel 23. April's usual channel, but since she was on maternity leave this lady was new. He leaned in curious. 

The lady straightened the papers out in front of her before looking up at the camera. "Hello I'm Dorothy McCain and today we have an emergency news broadcast. A break in happened to TGRI global labs three nights ago. Some documentation was stolen of private experimentations done with animals." Leo tensed as Donnie came quickly out of the lab. He knew that this was about them.

 "Yeah right! More than just animal experimentation! The jerks were making mutants! They were taking homeless humans, oozing them, and injecting them with animal DNA! Basically they were trying to recreate us!" Donnie pointed at his own yellow plaster on his chest. Leo raised his hand to quiet his brother. 

Mikey peeked out of his bedroom wide-eyed. "TGRI labs are looking for four men in green turtle suits. They are wanted by the police for stealing said information! They're in their early twenties." All three other brothers looked to one another and burst into laughter. 

Leo rubbed in his forehead chuckling. "Turtle costumes, now I've heard it all." But the lady went on. "There is a $3,000 reward for each young man that is turned in." Next on the screen popped up crude drawings of the turtles. The three turtles started laughing again. Donnie held his stomach. "Who the shell drew those!? They look horrible! Buddha,they didn't even get my good side!" Mikey blinked. "You have a good side?"
-Pr3ss-Raphael   53d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Raphael stared quietly, knowing he had fucked up. People had seen him on the streets when he was drunk. What if they had seen him go into the sewers?

His eyes widened slightly and he turned, walking into his room. He left the door open and sat on his bed, rubbing his forehead.

Could his foolish actions hurt the family? He sighed and took another pain med. If someone saw him go into the sewers they could be in serious trouble. 

"I can't believe I did this..." He said, trailing off. He had been so stupid. he lightly hit himself on the forehead with his good hand and tried not to get angry again. 

'Stay calm.' He thought even though everything was running in circles in his head and it was giving him a headache.


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