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JJBA - Rise of the Next Generation

By P0rshulz

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"Finally, you are awake... I am grateful... You must be confused... Well, my name is Nikolai Rambuschka, the year is 2189, but before you start to ask questions, let me explain... 200 years ago, you fought against a vampire named DIO, only for you, it was an hour ago, in the original course of history, you died but DIO would have been defeated, but we were able to figure out time travel, and I saved you before you could be killed... The reason being is because we need your help, after 200 years of preparing and training, he returned, his power being close to that of a god, which is why we need you. We were only able to save you because Time travel isn't instantaneous, it takes a couple seconds, yet we were far too late... DIO has returned, not only coming back to rule the world, but to rule the universe with thousands of his evil goons, you and a few other Stand Users have been brought to take him down. You can either help DIO take over the universe, or help defeat him for good, but I know you'll choose the right decision... but until then, get familiar with each other before heading to Japan, the place where he has started his evil doings."


1 on 1 Roleplay in PM's, will have to play multiple characters, preferably OC's, Must be somewhat realistic, at the minimum, 1 paragraph with 7 sentences, OC's must be given a description of in PM's, will also give descriptions of characters including Stand, or Hamon. If Interested, PM me and make the title your favorite song, if you don't have a favorite song for whatever reason, make the Title, "Kentucky Fried Chicken".
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