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Shouta_AizawaShōta Aizawa   63d ago

FatalDestiny     63d ago

Heya peep)
Shouta_Aizawa     63d ago

FatalDestiny     63d ago

Shouta_Aizawa     63d ago

(How does this start?-)
FatalDestiny     63d ago

We can just start anywhere really, manly going with the flow)
FatalDestiny     63d ago

Want me to start?)
Shouta_Aizawa     63d ago

FatalDestinyDagger   63d ago

Ight) Dagger was in a alleyway smoking a cigarette, just minding her own business. She was a mysterious person...everybody has heard her before but never see what she looks like, Dagger sighs as she looks over at the street watching people walk by.
Shouta_Aizawa     63d ago

(Man, I wanna be v. Aizawa-)
There was a strange man in the alleyway across from Dagger. He looked familiar but no one knew who he was.
FatalDestinyDagger   63d ago

You can if you want =w=) Dagger hums when smoking her cigarette, she loved singing or listen to some music that she likes. She looked over seeing the man across from and didn't pay to much attention...people do wonder what she looks like and see how she acts around people, to be honest...when coming face to face with her...she can be intimidating at first but is nice when getting to know about her.

He had piercing red a villain. But they weren't blood red. It was Shouta Aizawa. Well, formerly Shouta Aizawa. Now he was Ravage, the most feared villain in Japan.
FatalDestinyDagger   63d ago

There was a rumor that people was saying that Dagger was a mafia boss, it was never confirmed but to tell the truth...she was a mafia boss...the number 1 of the most dangerous person to come across. She heard the rumors when her men was reporting it to her and she didn't care, Dagger flicks her cigarette and steps on it.

Ravage mercilessly killed a poor passerby. And he looked like he enjoyed it.
FatalDestinyDagger   63d ago

"Welp..." Dagger said mumbled softly when witnessing it, she does kill people for a reason so it didn't bother her. She walked away when going through the end of the dark alleyway...but had a feeling that somebody was following her from behind.

Aizawa flicked the butt of a cigarette away and he crushed it.
FatalDestinyDagger   63d ago

She looked over seeing some drunk people that was behind her, looking forward as she spawns big black spikes off the ground that killed the drunk people. "stupid drunk people..." she stated when continuing walking away, which made the black spikes being seen

He leaned against the wall behind him and sighed. Oh, how badly he wanted to see Mic. But he knew the rules. And the rule was he couldn't until UA was out for the day.
FatalDestinyDagger   62d ago

Dagger flew up to a building and sits there for a while when seeing a kid that she knows of, she smiled softly when jumping of the building and lands behind the little girl. "Heya there kid" she greeted.

Aizawa sank down to the ground, bringing his knees up to his chest. He looked...lonely.

The little girl turned around. It was Eri. "Hi!" She replied, smiling. "I'm Eri! What's your name?"
FatalDestinyDagger   62d ago

"Eri huh? Well it's the pleasure to meet you then, the names Dagger kid" She said when kneeling down infront of eri. She has a soft spot to kids but can be stern to adults when not trusting them..."what are doing here eri?" She asked.

She smiled. "I'm looking for someone! He promised to babysit me while my papa's at work!"
FatalDestinyDagger   62d ago

"I'll stay here with you until that person comes and gets you, it's best to have someone with you" She smiled softly when laying back against the wall.

Aizawa appeared. "I'm that caretaker. C'mon, Eri."

"Hiya, dad!" Eri skipped over to Aizawa.
FatalDestinyDagger   62d ago

Dagger saw the man that she met before, she does a nod and walks away. She waves at the kid when walking away, she sighs when spreading her wings and flies away.

He nodded back and picked Eri up, who giggled. He smiled and took the little girl to a park.
FatalDestinyDagger   62d ago

She Land on a building as she watches people doing whatever, Dagger is like a lone wolf...she tends to be by herself all the time. Hearing the rumors about her which she founds out that villans and the pro heros where getting interested about, that's why it's hard for people to see her since she always hides at the time.

Aizawa watched over Eri like a hawk, making sure she was safe on the playground.
FatalDestinyDagger   62d ago

Everything seems normal when sitting on the edge of the building, she was getting bored for a while since nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Sighs when her phone vibrates when getting a text from her men..."interesting..." She said to herself when that one of her man saying that a person wants to see her for a little talk, tonight. Putting her phone away as she waits for when it's midnight.
Shouta_AizawaEri   62d ago

Eri was running around on the play set and having so much fun.
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

Dagger was heading to her base, it was soon getting dark and manly she heads to the park where people won't be roaming around. Few minutes later, she had made it to the base and walks inside...seeing a one of her men walking up towards her. 

Men 1#: "Boss, the person is in your office and is waiting for you" the man reported.

"Ight, thanks for reporting" She said as she heads to her office to meet the person that is at her office.
Shouta_AizawaEri   61d ago

Eri had fallen and scraped her knee, but other than that, she was fine. The day was over and she was to go home with Hizashi.
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

Dagger had walk into her office and saw the figure sitting in the chair, she walks over and lean against on her deck...putting her hands in her pockets. 

???: "you must be the boss here right" the person ask when looking at her.

She nodded when responding the question, she felt that something was off but made sure that nothing goes bad or dum.

???: "my boss sent me here wants you to join the LOV" The figure said when feeling intimidated by Dagger standing there.

Dagger laughed when hearing this, "I don't work under for why don't you bring your boss here and then we can have a serious talk..." Having her tone sound serious and scary. Seeing that the figure nodded as they left her office, she sighs when making a slight chuckle.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand Aizawa was alone again. He sighed, flopping into the grass. He felt a little upset...
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

Dagger decides to go to the park for tonight, she teleports there and sighs. Looking around, seeing if nobody is around..."seems like nobody's here" she said to herself when walking over to a tree and sits under there. Dagger can be seen but barely since it's to dakr outside to notice, sooo people can only see a shadow like figure.

Aizawa sat up and sighed. Then he started to sing. "Thank you...I'll say goodbye soon...though it's the end of the world...don't blame if it's true...I will surround you...and give life to a world...that's our own..."
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

Her ears perked up when hear someone singing, she smiled a bit when spawing a guitar and starts playing it. Dagger hums softly when as she played her guitar and listened to the person that is singing.

"I fell by the everyone else...I hate you, I hate you I hate you...But I was just kidding myself..."
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

"Our every moment, I start to replace...Cause not that they're gone, all I hear are the words that I needed to say..." She started singing a long since she knows the song as plays the guitar.

"When you hurt under the troubled water running cold...well, time can heal but this won't..." He looked down at his arms, which were covered in scars.
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

"So!~...before you go!~...Was there something I could've  said...To make your heart feel better? If only i'd've known you had a storm to weather...So!~...before you go!~...Was there something I could've said, to make it stop hurting!~..." when setting her guitar down, looking up at the sky.

"It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless...So!~ Before you go..." He stopped there and looked down again.
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

"Would've we be better off by now! If I'd have let my walls come down!~...Maybe I guess we'll never know...YOU KNOW!~....OH!~..." She kept on singing when hitting the high notes.

"Before you go....was there something I could've said to make your heart beat better?! If only I'd've know you had a storm to weather!" By now, poor Aizawa was in tears and he felt worthless.
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

"SO!~...Before you go!~....was there something I could've said...To make it stop hurting!?, It kills me how your mind can makes you fell so worthless...So! go~" She stops there and sighs to herself when hearing someone crying, she got up heads to the sounds of sorrow.

[b -He held his head in his hands and just allowed himself to cry.-
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

She sees him as she sits down on the grass but stays close by, making herself invisible. Dagger takes a deep breath and thought of a song that might help, "And you say...As long as I'm here, no one can hurt you...Don't  wanna lie here, but you can learn to~...If I could change the way that you see yourself...You wouldn't wonder why you hear~ They don't deserve you..." she singed when crossing her legs.

[b -He just burst into tears and hugged himself. He began rocking back and forth, too.-
FatalDestinyDagger   61d ago

She gets up and and walks over to him, sits down beside them as she spread her wing  left wing. Putting her wing over him, she sighs as Dagger continues singing when voice can be heard.

[b -He was so upset that he didn't even notice Dagger put her wing over him.-


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