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In a different universe, but very similar to ours- exists Earth. But instead of just 9 planets, there are 10. On this other universe's Earth several years ago out of no reason but for the sake of insanity- cartoon characters from TV started to show up. As living entities on their own! Supernatural creatures from shows and reality plots started to show up beside them also! This ranged from cartoon characters such as Tweety, Bugs Bunny, and even the Ninja turtles to anime characters! Then the supernatural creatures ranged all the way from werewolves to vampires!

The humans were shocked and revulsed by this new development! Was this the next version of humanity in evolution!? We're these creatures going to take over their planet with their odd new way of life!? The humans grew frightened of these creatures and wanted nothing to do with them. Whereas these creatures, these cartoons and supernaturals wanted nothing more but to exist with the humans in peace and harmony.

But you know how humans are. How quick they are to judge without getting to know anyone. To make snap judgments and fatal mistakes. Finally the human said, "Enough was enough". They could no longer handle being in the existence of these...odd creatures. The humans just simply for a bit dubbed as, "supernaturals".

Next to their version of earth was a neighboring planet that was quite similar to their Earth. But quite smaller. They called this smaller planet "inner world". The thought process was that it was "within" their limits to send the "supernaturals" there to live away from them. World's divided, to do away with the creatures. Out of sight, out of mind so to speak. This travel to this neighboring Inner world, was based on their science of short space travel.

The humans forcefully rounded up all the supernaturals and ported them over to this new world. Which was of course, barely habitable. But it wasn't like the supernaturals had much of a choice. They had to make due. The supernaturals over time began to thrive there and flourished. They created their own version of governments, schools, and made it home.

But as idiot humans go- several years passed with nothing from the them. No responses from Earth, nothing. Everything was "peaceful" or so it seemed. But then one day, news came out of nowhere that the humans had polluted their home. Their Earth was so badly polluted and ruined, that it was quite uninhabitable. They were desperate to find a new world to survive as a race.

Their planet was dying. The supernaturals were dismayed to find out that the humans wanted to come live on Inner world with them. But the supernaturals misunderstood, the humans wanted Inner world strictly for themselves. Inner world was already a small crowded planet. It was clear the humans were coming for their home after only a few political meetings gone wrong. The humans started to move in on Inner world slowly but surely. Now the divide has begun again. Now the once Earth dwellers aka humans are now known as the "outer worlders" to the inner worlders.

The outer worlders were slowly invading the Inner world. The humans brought along their old discrimination, hatred, and even mass murders of supernaturals. It was absolute slow genocide. The humans are slowly taking over once again. The Inner world supernaturals have to fight to survive! What will happen!? Will you help a certain family survive!? This a family that has banded together due to discrimination, hatred, and fear. To help one another.

You'll be shocked at the twists and turns this take takes!
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Bugs Bunny slid over a vanilla case file over to Leonardo across a desk. An old scratched up desk that Bugs had been using for quite some time now on the Inner planet. He did wish he had something new, but there was nothing much he could do. His people came first and the district's budget had nothing for new things for a mayor. 

Leonardo with confused brown eyes looked down at the case file. Then back up at the mayor, ever since Bugs Bunny had been elected mayor a few years back things had become better. But now... he had called Leonardo in to the Mayor's office. Just a random citizen for some odd reason. Leonardo didn't understand, he asked quietly- "What is this about? Why are you asking me here! I don't understand."  "Well..." Bugs said sighing heavily. "Earth has responded to us and it's not looking good. It looks like Inner world is going to be seeing some humans."

 Leonardo shrugged. "What's the big deal? It's been years since we've seen them. Maybe they've changed? I don't see the big deal." he repeated again. Bugs Bunny shook his head looking over to a stock fold of carrots on his scratched up desk. "The political meetings we had with them... didn't go well. At all. We were welcoming them here Daffy and I...but they didn't care. We were actually told that they were coming in droves. It looks like they might try to invade." 

 Leonardo looked shocked and opened the file in his hands. Bugs Bunny wasn't kidding. "Why!? Why would they do this!? They put us here and now they want our planet!?" He looked down at papers of declaration of war in the file. Bugs Bunny shook his head grabbing a carrot finally. "Not just our planet, but us gone. They have polluted their planet to the point where it's no longer livable. We are basically going to be exterminated. All the other mayors of the other 26 districts already know. District A here, is at risk of being annihilated first. I called  you in because your family is the biggest in our district. I'm alerting all the bigger families first. Your father, splinter is too elderly to leave your guys's home. So... I wanted to tell you. You're the oldest of your brothers." Bugs depressedly crunched into the carrot.

 "I'm pretty sure your wife is going to want to know about this. You know, being one of the very first vampires to appear on Earth years ago." The mayor pointed out. Leonardo froze. Oh no... his wife!? "She's not going to like this!" He muttered back. Their children were at risk! What else could he do but to take the file and nod numbly. He headed out the door shaking head feeling knots of dread twisting in his stomach.
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Aoiro had been standing outside the door, listening. She had had enough of the humans pushing them around. It wasn't fair. They preached about loving your neighbor or even just loving each other no matter what, but they didn't follow it at all. They hated us and moved us to a different planet for being different. It's not fair.

She eventually got so angry that she burst into the office. There was pure anger etched into her features. "I say we fight back! There's no reason to stand by and let them take our world. Kill our families! Our kids!" She yelled as she crossed her arms and stared at the two people in the room.

'I don't see how anybody could be so cruel. We were so nice to them. Now it's time to fight back.' She thought. "They want to take the things we worked so hard to build. They want to take our happiness." She said, sounding calmer than the first time she had spoken. 

She believed they could win. Between their powers and smarts. If they started training in combat and with their powers they could be unstoppable. Not to mention if they started making things like bulletproof armor to protect themselves against their guns.

Leonardo turned back around as he was leaving and looked to this stranger. Bugs raised an eyebrow crunching on his carrot and now leaned against his desk. "And you may be, doc?" He liked the kid's spunk. But war was not something to take lightly. He flicked his glance to Leonardo. 

Leo was seemed to be reminded of his brother Raphael by this but of idea. He stepped back in the office. "Miss, no disrespect you know one thing it takes to fight? I do...I was there when we tried and failed on Earth to fight to stay. Humans are...not kind. They play dirty." He wanted to tell the young lady that she could be getting in way over her head. 

"Also with what little money the 26 districts each have...where do we house our injured, disabled, sick, and even young during all of this? What resources can we use." Leo was now asking the mayor and the new person. "Bugs frowned pinning his ears and looked down thinking. "Good question. Batman may know of some places and maybe even Edward Elric. But talking them into fighting the humans might be hard. Cuz they are human based looking Inner worlders." Bugs muttered. 

Leo folded his arms narrowing his eyes. "Elric lost his brother Alphonse to the humans during the relocation war. He'd have no problem helping us. It's our villain toons like the Shredder or even the Joker I'm afraid who might help the humans. I mean they like commiting crimes against their respective enemy good guys here...this is just another way to get back at us for their own benefit." Leo sighed as he looked down at the file in his crossed arms. 

The Shredder had already taken out part of his family like Casey Jones. This would be just another way to go after his children and most of all, father Splinter. "My father won't admit it...but he is getting too elderly to fight and the Shredder knows this. Plus...we need to protect what original ones of us that are left. We need to preserve our history as a people." He looked painted. 

Bugs glanced at the girl quietly. "His dad is one of original Inner worlders that was...once human. A human that woke up one day as one of us with no recollection of being his previous human self. The same with his wife. It was extremely rare for humans to become us. Most of us just...started existing. We're still trying to figure out how that happened." Bugs snickered amused.
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"My name's Aoiro Hikari but that's not important. I know what it takes to fight. I know it's a risk, and I know it's dangerous. People in my family were killed too. I don't want anyone else to grow up as I did." She said as she glanced around.

"It's not fair that they get to treat us like they do and kill off our people. They kill children and act like they have any type of ethics. If there's even a chance that we can fight them and take back what's ours, I want to take it." She looked determined as she said this. She looked Bugs straight in the eyes. She had a fire in her eyes, that might stop any regular person in their tracks. 

She was tired of standing by as people were killed. People she loved and people that others loved. This needed to stop. She would give her life fighting for this cause.

"Plus, who cares if they fight dirty? We can fight back. If we can get the villains on our side then we'll have plenty of harsh ways to bring them down. If they're going to treat us like trash then we can treat them the same way."

She looked at Leonardo and then back at Bugs. "I know we need to protect the people we have left, but if they're going to take us out anyway then why don't we go down fighting? Showing them that we are not pawns in their game that they can just remove whenever they feel like it. They're attacking us without reason and if we're not prepared then there won't be any of us left."

Bugs nodded to Leo who only looked down thinking more. As he was thinking bugs look to the Aoiro. “I totally agree with what you’re saying. We need to fight for what we have have. At least this planet. We’ve made families here. We’re into our second and third generations of toons on Inner world here. We have every right to be here. They don’t. They put us here so this is our planet.” Bugs finished his carrot and grabbed for another. “To tell you the truth... they destroyed their own planet. That’s their problem, not ours. I’ll get a hold of the other district mayors and come up with ideas for the elderly, kids, and sick. Edward Elric will find this interesting.” He chuckled.

Leo huffed as he wanted to just think this were all a very bad dream. “They threw us off Earth and now it’s uninhabitable. So even if we wanted to go back, there’s no way we could. If the humans can’t live there then I can tell you for a fact we can’t either.” Leo kind of snickered as Bugs nodded pulling a lab coat on out of nowhere. A pure imitation of his brother Donatello. There was Bugs again, the mayor trying to be a scientist. “But he’s right, there’s no way we could live there. The humans need oxygen just like we do! Luckily, this planet has just enough oxygen to get us by.” Bugs said in a perfect imitation voice of Einstein. 

“Well, at least that’s what my brother Donatello says. Come on, I’ll introduce you to my family. I need to head home anyways. I need to tell  my wife about this.” Leo winced. Bugs cringed “Well, Elektra isn’t going to like this! I wish you luck Leo!” Bugs was mutual friends with this pretty big family. Leo gulped grimacing as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Not just my wife.  I’m going to have to tell my father,  Splinter. That’s not going to be a pretty one to say either. ‘Oh, by the way dad we’re having a war. How was your afternoon?’ Yeah...” he said breathless. 

The two old friends looked at each other wryly after a few pats on the back and laughs they departed. Leo lead the new companion Aoiro with him out of the CIty hall building that looked like the great pyramid.In the cracked pavement parking lot he walked up to what look like a turtle shell painted van beat up industrial van. “This is the shell hauler” Leo explained embarrassed. “Don’t brothers named it, not me. Oh, and don’t mind the diaper bags in the back or even the car seats. We kinda have kids. There’s an empty seat up in the passenger seat if you want it.” Leo was trying to be as hospitable as possible.

He open the passenger door seat for Aoiro and headed around to the other side climbing in the driver seat. He toss the manila file on the dashboard. His anger was flaring up again, he thought he had been being called to city hall for some crazy antic his kids had pulled, but not this time. It was far worse. “Stupid Outer worlder humans. That is bull crap! I thought we were done with this. It’s been seven years since anything has happened. You would’ve thought they would’ve given up! No response from them seven years! I hope that they get what’s coming to them in this war!” he growled gripping the steering wheel and took a deep breath. He began using tai chi breathing techniques.

 “It’s not worth it to get angry. I’m not my brother Raphael. My temper is my own and I can control it. You can do this, Leonardo” He looked apologetic to Aoiro. He then clicked his seatbelt over his yellow plastroned chest and smirked. “Well, are you ready to go? I want you to meet some of the people that we’re going to be fighting for now. Mind you, the Hamato family is kind of unique. We range all the way from inner world tunes to vampires too well... you’ll see. One rule, though we don’t talk about humans as humans. They’re  called outer worlders in my family. It’s kind of a derogatory term. But it’s better than calling them humans. They used to call us all supernaturals back in the day.” He shrugged.

“But now they call us inner worlders so if they can be cruel to us then we can be cruel to them. At least...” Leonardo froze stunned into silence mid sentence as he saw two humans coming out of City hall. It had been seven years as he had stated since he had seen humans. He was speechless seeing their realistic looking forms walking across the toon landscape. “They really are here... those are two politicians. I don’t know who... but I know a politician when I see one.” Leonardo whispered. The two men were in gray suits and seem to be happy. But they’re smug looks and laughter were brimming over there in a toxic and nauseating manner. Leonardo started the engine after slamming his key into the ignition. “Pieces of shit! Now I’m all ready for a war! These guys are worse than the Shredder! At least the shredder lets everybody know that he’s an asshole. They seem to look like they are playing a game and think they’ve got everyone fooled!” Leo hissed as he drove passed the two foreigners.
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Aorio Buckled up and nodded when he asked her if she was ready to go. She sensed his anger but didn't say anything about it as she didn't want to anger him further.

'His family seems interesting.' She thought as he went on about the different species. She couldn't wait to meet them. They sounded wonderful. 

'I can't believe they're getting caught up in a war.' She thought. He had kids. It wasn't fair that the Outer Worlders decided they wanted to screw up their world so they needed our world.

When he started to speak about the politicians, she glanced at them. She seemed perfectly calm about it. She knew how to contain her anger.

 'Idiots.' she thought as she watched them. Anger flashed through her features so fast it almost seemed as if it had never been there in the first place.

'They have no idea what's coming for them.' She thought with a smirk as she nodded to herself. She probably looked crazy, but she didn't care.

She stayed silent as they drove and looked out the window, observing her surroundings. She always tried to be aware of her surroundings.

After only a 20 minute drive, they pulled up to what look like a three-story Victorian style farmhouse right off Main Street on a dent size plot of land. Outside in the front yard was a bunch of kids of every shape, size, and sort playing. They were running around laughing and smiling. There were some odd looking and adults from various shows, outside watching them from the front porch.

Leonardo got out and opened the door for Aorio. The adults looked over still smiling and amused at the children. But we’re curious as to who the new person was. There was always somebody joining the family. The inner world people had learned that banning together into what they called families was the easiest way to survive. This was due to very little resources and financial aide on their planet. Leonardo nodded to a couple of the adults and smiled at the children. “You’re going to realize we have a few hundred kids. Now they’re not all mine and my wife’s, I can tell you that!” Leo joked to Aorio “And you’re gonna also realize there’s a lot of people here too. But you’re welcome to crash here if you have no other place to go after meeting my father. Well, least my wife.” He added. 

A couple of the teenagers that were sitting on the front porch with the adults look to the new girl. One of the boys in goth attire grinned entertained. “Hey, Pops did you bring home a new girlfriend for yourself?” He teased. Leonardo rolled his eyes. “No, Zander I didn’t. Don’t you have a homework to be doing or something?” He said trying to avoid the question his son asked. “Nah, pops I don’t!” Zander retorted back still with a wicked grin. 

Beside the teen goth was was a completely look like boy who seemed a lot shyer. It was obvious the two were identical twins. Leo ended up heading inside still leading the way. “Those two are our identical twins trouble makers. Pretty well known here in district A. That’s Zander and Nikolai. They’re the second generation here on inner world. Obviously they’ve never been to earth. They have no clue what a human is. Besides what we’ve told them.” Leo explained.

“They haven’t seen any of the humans yet. I dread when they start seeing children of the human world. I hear that the children of the humans have only gotten more spoiled and vain. But that’s just rumors. I’d hate for my kids to run into one of those brats.” Leo sighed. Just as he was about to head into a hall down the way,  a blurred figure crashed into a smiling amused. It was Elektra, his wife. “What the hell took you so long?” She asked as he was careened into a wall as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She hadn’t seen the new person yet. She seemed pretty happy to be able to kiss him on the cheek on her tip toes only standing at 5ft 6” compared to his 5ft 9” self. Leo turned a dark shade of green on his face smiled embarrassed . “Um, love we have company.” He whispered, kissing her back on the forehead. Elektra turned and was flushed from embarrassment now hereself. She dusted herself off after letting go of her husband’s neck. “Oh, hello!  I’m sorry I didn’t see you there! My named is Elektra Williams! What is your name? Do you need help? Our  family is always willing to-“ she was stopped as Leo grabbed her shoulder. 

She looked to him confused. “I can introduce you two. But we have to step into the family meeting room. It’s serious.” He said tense now. He was holding the manila folder in his hand still. Elektra looked down at it and her smile faded. She looked to the new companion and Leonardo both now. “You weren’t called up there because of one of the kids were you?” She panicked. Leonardo shook his head being honest. “No, I wasn’t and it has nothing to do with Splinter’s health either. It has to do with the humans. We’ve actually had contact with them.” He gulped. 

Elektra looked stunned. “After all these years!? What!? Hasn’t it been like 7 or 8 or something!?” She choked out. Leo nodded knowing why she was upset. “So what did they have to say!? Did you hear from my parents!?” She asked pained. Leo again shook his head. “Unfortunately, no we didn’t. It was only politicians. Please love, let’s step into the family meeting room. It’s not good.” Leo whispered. Elektra nodded numbly as she looked and headed down the hall leading the way. Leo seemed to be wary to let anyone in the family, especially the younger children hear about the situation. He didn’t want panic to spread and obviously neither did his wife.

There were a lot of different people in the family with medical conditions that they were obviously taking care of. Their family the Hamato clan have been taking in different Inner worlders who obviously couldn’t survive on their own. They had been adopting children who were abandoned because their families couldn’t care for them due to financial situations that were out of their control. Most of the children and teenagers were disabled from mental to physical conditions. It was obvious that the family was a patchwork of those who needed help and had nowhere else to go.
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Aoiro smiled at all of the people she saw. She was aware they didn't know who she was and she didn't want to make them think she was disrespectful. Everyone seemed so nice. The family was amazing, filled with people of all shapes and sizes. 

She listened but didn't speak as they encountered Zander and Nikolai. One seemed like quite the trouble maker and the other one just seemed shy. She made sure to try and remember their names just in case she needed them later.

She nodded when he started talking about the human children. "Yes, I've heard the same things." She said to let him know she was indeed listening. She had heard it though. She had a few sources so she got information and rumors that were spread.

His wife seemed amazing and she immediately liked her. They seemed very happy together. She didn't mind the displays of affection. She thought it was amazing that they loved each other so much. Once they were finished she was peppered with questions by Elektra but she didn't mind. She didn't get to answer them, though because the situation soon turned tense at even the slightest gesture towards the manila envelope.

She followed them quietly as they walked into the family meeting room. She didn't want to interrupt their conversation.

In the family meeting room was a long narrow wooden table that looked like it had seen better days. Elektra set down at the very end usually where splinter would sit. There was a big over stuffed easiest chair sitting in its place that had been there for what seemed like years. Leo sat down beside her and offered their Aoiro a chair on the other side of the table. 

He nodded to the file he handed her as
Elektra opened it. she gaspec absolutely stunned at what she was reading. “They’re going to take over our planet!? But they put us here! Where are we supposed to go!?What the fuck!?” She growled flashing fangs. Leo nodded and Elektra  was completely flabbergasted.

She had known the humans were going to get worse, it was only a matter of time. “I guess it only took seven years.” She muttered under her breath. “I never thought that they would do this. Oh, fuck! That means my parents are coming too!” She looked to their new friend and she sighed. “ I bet you’re wondering why I have human parents. I have a secret... that a lot of people don’t know about. There were a few select humans that had a genetic abnormality of some sort. They went to sleep one night human and the next morning woke up as supernaturals or toons. With myself- I went to bed as a human... in the next morning I woke up as a vampire. Unlike the others like me... this is where my secret comes in to play.” Elektra averted her eyes.

Leo knew this wasn’t something his wife like to divulge easily. “The others who became toons do not remember their previous lives as humans.  They don’t remember who they were. They don’t remember anything, not a single thing... but me. I’m the only one documented who remembers their previous life.” She took a breath biting her lip. “Toons who just showed up out of nowhere don’t know where they came from. But me? When I was a human? Yeah, I remember all of that. I was actually an asshole. I showed no mercy and no kindness to the toons that were showing up out of nowhere. I found it weird, almost freakish. That is... until I met Leo here.” 

She smiled at her husband and then rested her hand on his as he looked down smiling. “He saved my life while I was human and changed my perspective. I was one of the hated humans that ended up dating a toon.” Elektra shrugged and shook her head. “I think that’s why I became the way I am. Maybe it’s because we had intimate relations?” She raised a brow and Leo looked ready to sink into his shell with embarrassment. 

“Bbbuuuttt, that doesn’t explain the rest of the humans that became toons. tMost of them weren’t dating toons. They weren’t having intimate relations with them. It makes no sense.” Elektra was trying to hide a entertained grin at teasing her husband. 

“But now the humans wanna come here, after putting us here !? If we have anywhere to go...what are they gonna do slaughter us !?” She said sarcastically getting back on topic. Leo flipped over a paper in the file in front of her and nodded pointing out different districts on a map. “They've already started to move in across inner world. Yeah, they’re pushing us out. If we bother to even say anything or protest... there’s been 12 toons already shot dead on site. This was for even raising their voice.” Leo whispered seeinghis wife’s face pale seeing the red dots representing each death on the map. Most were in their district, District A.

 “One was an elderly lady who was being forced out of her house. She wanted to go back in to get her cat. She was shot 6 times.” Leo winced reading one report and Elektra gasped at this news. “Why the fuck would they do something like that!!?? That makes no sense! Why shoot somebody that’s elderly!? They just show up and think they’re gonna take everything!? What are we supposed to do!?” Elektra was panicking and Leo sighed and clasped his wife’s hand now.

 “I don’t know... besides fight for what is ours.” Elektra looked frantic to the young Aoiro. “And what do you have to say about this? Do you have a plan? I mean obviously you had to come here to for a reason. We have a lot of disabled children. Some even disabled adult.  Leo usually doesn’t bring people home unless it’s a serious reason. Someone who needs help or they wanna help us. Do you need help or are you going to help us? Whatever it takes... we will help you if it’s needed.” Elektra without a bad of an eye rested her other hand on their new friends hand.

 “Trust me... once we adopt a family member they usually don’t  go anywhere anytime soon.” She snickered a little bit trying to calm down. Leo chuckled softly relieved his wife was trying to remain calm. “Trust me, we are a bunch of loug and boisterous people.” Elektra began as Leo patted her hand. “I’ve already explained that to her. She’s really quiet except, when she’s talking about wanting to fight the humans. I haven’t really heard of much of a peep out of her.” Leo smirked at Aoiro.

 “She seems very perceptive and she’s probably going to end up getting swamped by the kids. Quiet in this family... yeah, that’s not a thing that we usually are.” He shut the file now as Elektra face palmed groaning. “He’s not joking. My kids... our kids can talk you out of a room . They like to ask “why, what’s going on ,how’s everything going?” Every question that they can ask they will ask. That’s when I tell them to go read a book. I run and hide in the bathroom, trying to eat M&Ms. Because Gods forbid mother get any form of snack to herself. Or candy that they can’t have.” She sighed and Leo stood nodding.

 “Wait until you end up meeting some of the pets. I think you’ll get the gist of how crazy this family is.” Leo looked to his Elektra who was exasperated by them trying to explain all of this in one fell swoop.
-Pr3ss-Aoiro Hikari   60d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

She had been listening with a look of pure calm on her face. She nodded at the moments she thought necessary and took in the information. She glanced around the room and her eyes never seemed to stop moving. 

"I will admit, I have not formed a plan yet. I can fight quite well, though. I know what it means to lose and I am not afraid to die. I might be young but I can help, and I will help wherever is needed. I am aware that there are disabled, but I think we can find a way to use them to our advantage if we think hard enough."

She had grown up learning to fight. She had taught herself and others. As she talked she gestured with her hands indicating she felt strongly about the topic at hand. She would do whatever it took to avenge her family; even if it meant dying for the cause.

She had learned to be quiet and completely aware of her surroundings. Showing fear was not something she did often. She had trained for this and she was determined to help.

"I can train anybody that needs it. If my information is correct Outer Worlders are killing off all sick, elderly, and insane. Basically, anyone that can hold them back. This will bring their numbers down severely. Their heartlessness could be their downfall." 

She said this with a fiery determination in her eyes. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, seeming to just take in the noises around her.  Her eyes were usually a startling shade of blue but when she opened them they were a pale white color. She didn't seem to notice them and rubbed the back of her neck as she glanced around the room.
Aerialacebabe77Lucas Hamato   59d ago

Leo and Elektra nodded as they stood and everyone definitely agreed to the same thing. They had to fight, there was no other option if they wanted to survive. As soon as they stood up though, there was a knock at the door. Before either adult of the couple could say anything, in wheeled an odd looking child in a motorized wheelchair. He made creaking noises as he moved. It was evident that he was not like most of the other children. Who as evidence showed were already extraordinary.

 Elektra froze and flicked her eyes to Aoiro. She didn't know how she would take this little one. There sat a living BJ doll child, who was only about 12 years old. He was made out of pure resin with elastic joints. He  looked wary of the new person but willing to meet them. He was inquisitive about them and it won our. 

"Hello, who are you?" He cocked his head and pushed the knob on his arm rest towards her as he met her halfway. "My name is Lucas. I heard from the other kids that there was a new person coming in. I'm the one who comes in and made the official greeter. I'm kind of a test, you know." He said warmly and very confident.

 His mother face palmed, she knew exactly what he was sayin. He had said that so many times before to new people. "See, I'm on of  the weirdest of all the kids. I'm a life sized living BJ doll or a living doll in general. I made out of resin and I have elastic joints. I'm in a wheelchair because I break easily." Lucas explain he pointed to a cast on left leg. Leo folded his arms smirking.  "Yes sweetheart, I'm pretty sure she can tell that's why you're in a wheelchair." He was amused unlike Elektra who seemed worried. 

Lucas ignored his father completely for the moment and went on so. "I heard that you're going to help us fight someone called humans?" He seemed even more curious now, but quite knowing in a way. His mother cringed again, because again the child had been listening in on their conversation through the door obviously. "How on Earth do you always seem know what we talk about!?" She asked exasperated. It was beyond her. 

Leonardo snickered. "He wasn't listening in, love. He can read minds." He reminded his wife. Lucas giggled as he looked to the new friend. "Yeah, I kind of have that tendency to have my power kinda of go haywire. I can read people's auras and I can read their minds sometimes too." He rubbed his neck. His mother looked relieved, they had not had him for long. 

He had shown up only weeks before. But there have been so many people after his coming, he was now the greeter and  reader of the family. He loved seeing people's faces when they met him. It always ended the same way. People were always were weirded out by an actual walking and talking doll. But in Lucas's case wheelchair bound doll. He always seemed to have a knack for weirding people out. The boy didn't mean to though. All he wanted to do was make friends. 

But he kept on. "So you're going to help us fight against these humans? What are they even like? Mom won't talk about them. Apparently they're really bad. That's all I know. But they can't be that bad us this planet all our own. I like this planet. We seem to be safe here. Nobody ever messes with us here. So why are they wanting to come to our planet? They can't be bad. I mean can they?" Lucas looked worried, his brow scrunched in concern. "I mean why would they be bad? There's no reason to be why are we fighting them?" He wanted answers.

 But his mother didn't have the heart to tell him. He as before stated had only been with them for a few weeks. His history was unknown. He showed up on their doorstep one day ,cracked to oblivion shaking terrified, and scared His history was a blank. He was going to therapy and refused to talk about about his previous life and how he had become so damaged.
-Pr3ss-Aoiro Hikari   59d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

she listened to the questions carefully so she could answer them when he was finished. She liked this one. Curious. She nodded and smiled when he was finished.

"I am Aoiro Hikari. Lucas is a lovely name." She said with a nod as she stood and ran her hand through her hair. This child was odd, yes, but she liked odd. She also thought that one should not be judged for looks, shape, or size in life, but rather for the kindness they give back to the world.

"A test? Hmm, that makes sense," she said with a small nod. He reminded her of someone, but she shook her head and went on speaking. 

She nodded when he gestured to his leg. 'Something must have happened to him.' she thought as she glanced away and met his gaze once again.

"I am going to help fight the humans. As for what they're like... well, they are unique. Some are kind and some are bad. Some like to act. In their world, they do not like sharing. Or things that are more powerful than them. Threats. Sometimes, when people get really scared, they throw ethics out the window and chaos settles in. That's where we come in. They are weirded out by us, and I think you understand that all too well. Not a good feeling." 

She paused and shook her head then continued. "Chaos has settled and they have ruined their homeland, so they want ours. They will fight to get it and I am going to be completely honest with you. War is not a good thing, something to fear even, but humans do not fear war and that is why we are here. They couldn't play nice on their homeworld, so now they will fight us to get ours."

She nodded and glanced at Elektra. She hoped she wasn't ruining anything by telling him this. She just thought he deserved the truth, even if she had tried to water it down.

As she talked, little figures made of what seemed like blue sparkles danced around her, telling a tale. She had made them, it showed key elements in the tale she was telling. How humans had the heart to be nice, as they fell in love all the time. It showed the Outer Worlder's world burning, and how they were starting to come to their world now.

Her aura was a sad color, but it was a free one and seemed to roam freely, filling up the room. It showed things she would not say, like a certain darkness that was mixed in. Or maybe it was the light yellow color that was like a breath of fresh air. Brought to her by a certain person in her life. It felt like eons ago that she had seen that person.
Aerialacebabe77Lucas Hamato   59d ago

Lucas quietly listened with his hands clasped in his lap. He also watched this story unfold around her fascinated. After a while he sighed looking a bit sad. "Humans seem to be not good, I guess. But only for a few from what you're saying are good. Is there any way to make the rest of them be good without fighting?" Lucas looked down at his hands quietly for a bit.

 "I don't like fighting.. specially when my two older brothers Zander and Nikolai go at it. It can be really loud. It can give anybody a headache." He rolled his glass eyes. Leo softly chuckled and rubbed his neck. "Unfortunately Lucas, I don't think that they're going to listen to us and be nice. They weren't nice very long time ago when we lived with them." Leo tried to hide the deep red flaring in his aura, anger. It was pure anger.

 "They made us come here. We didn't want to." He added. Lucas looked up confused. "But... I thought they gave us this planet? So we can live away from them? I thought that our world was a gift!" He protested. Electra looked confused and deeply concerned. "Hunny, where did you hear that? We never told you that." She took a step forward. Lucas backed away with his wheelchair looking a bit wary all of a sudden. Which was odd, because he had grown very attached to everyone.

 "I- I don't remember where I heard it! But I did! I thought the planet was a gift to us! You know? Like a Christmas present or a birthday present!? Because we were so unique! I just don't want to fight them! It seems silly to fight over something like a planet. We could both live here together again. We could be friends!" He stammered. Both of his parents shook their heads. 
"Sweetheart, humans don't like sharing. Like our new friend told us- they don't want to. They want to take things that aren't theirs. They don't want to be around us." Elektra tried to softly explain. 

Lucas side and sounded frustrated as he spoke next. "Then what are we supposed to do fight them!? Really!? I just see no point to it!" He crossed his arms. Leo's expression softened as he tried not to be too cruel to the boy. Because he was so young. "Remember how I told you the shredder didn't like us turtles!? Because we had a long big disagreement with him over something that happened a long long time ago!?" He came over and crouched down to his son's eye sight. Lucas nodded seemingly to calm a bit. "Yeah..." he responded still frustrated a bit. 

"Well, the Shredder looks like a human right?" Leo's brown eyes met Lucas's blue eyes. Lucas again nodded. "Uh huh." He cocked his head. Leo rubbed his necks neck again trying to explain this part next. "Well, humans can be just like the shredder. They want to hurt us. They don't want to just take and not share. They want to hurt us really bad." He didn't want to say a certain word that would cause the child panic.

But Lucas gave him a knowing expression. "You mean kill?" He whispered. Leo looked to Elektra shocked. He had not even said that word. How did the child even draw to that conclusion!? Now Lucas looked upset angry. Even almost hurt. "They can't do that! We haven't killed any of them! We've never even touched them! Not like that! This this is too much! Mom how many other people know about this in the family!?" He gulped shaking a bit.

 Elektra look to Leo again as he had looked at her. They both looked hesitant. "No one. You're the only one who knows about it besides us three adults." She admitted. Lucas then look to his new friend. "If you think we can make them be nice without fighting, let's try. I don't want them to kill us and I don't want to kill them. That's just a bunch of violence and and playground bullying that nobody needs. I just hope that not all humans have become bad completely. I hope you're right that some are.. well kind. Some of them at least." He pulled his chair away frustrated, upset, and hurt from his father. Lucas backed out of the room as he said the last part.

Elektra rubbed her temples  shaking her head. "I never wanted him to feel that way. My kids don't know I was once human or even their grandpa Splinter. I don't want any of my kids to hate us. But the teenagers have already been tainted by us adults. Hatred of the outerworlders. All that these humans have done is hurt us adults. The teenagers have heard us talk about them and it is not good things we have said. We've tried to keep it behind closed doors." She huffed 

 "But you know how teenagers are, they get into the middle of things that is not their concern." She rolled her eyes thinking of a few of her kids who have been like that for quite some time. "Anyways... let's go to dinner. I'm tired and exhausted. Shit, I didn't take anything out for dinner!" Elektra facepalmed and groaned. She hoping to God that pizza would be good enough. 

"Leo, babe.. can we order in!?" She pleaded. Leo checked his shell cell and cringed looking at the family bank account. "We can, but it's going to not be a lot. Next time my love, can we just try to take something out before for dinner?" He teased. Elektra gave him a dirty look flipping him off. "Hey, while you were playing with Bugs Bunny I was sitting here babysitting kids was five other adults!" They looked at each other and burst into laughter.

 It could be chaos in the family, but not always. It was a good kind of chaos. Elektra led the way out of the family meeting room. She turned down the hallway and in the opposite direction once more. She stepped into a big gigantic what look like messhall. There were several children already running in past them. "Kids be careful don't-" and Elektra was swept away chasing after children. Trying to get them not to run so they didn't hurt themselves.

 Nikolai looked up seeing the new girl again and he grinned from a battered dinning table. "Looks like the babes with dad again." He snickered to his quiet twin who didn't look up. Leo facepalmed and groaned. "This is what you get when you come out to the family as polyamorous. I guess we are going to always hear about this one every time someone comes home with me. He's got to make that comment." Leo looked apologetic to Aoiro. "I'm sorry, you're going to find out that there are a couple of kids who like to be smart asses."
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Aoiro saw the whole argument go down and nodded slowly. She also sighed. She hadn't meant to cause this. As she listened she heard something. This unsettled her and she began glancing around, looking worried. As the conversation neared its end, she had been going crazy. The noise was one only she could hear. Or she thought so at least. The others didn't seem to hear a thing. 'I need to check it out.' She thought as she watched Lucas leave and followed the others quietly to the mess hall. She glanced around and then her eyes rested on Nikolai who had just made another comment about her dating Leonardo. She just smiled softly and shrugged. "I don't mind. I used to be like that too." She then pivoted on one foot and began walking towards the door. Whatever that noise was she had to check it out. She didn't want anyone getting hurt if it was dangerous.

As she walked out someone grabbed her arm. This startled her and she quickly twisted it and grabbed the unknown person's arm, flipping them and pinning them on the ground.

Her face softened as she saw who it was. "Hayate, what brings you here?" She asked as she let him up and glanced around.

"More Inner Worlders have been killed." He said as a sad look crossed his face. He was holding his arm that now hurt because of Aoiro. She looked sad as he said this. "That's not good. This is why we need to fight." She said as a determined look crossed her face again.

"Aoiro, Redi was killed..." He said as he began crying. Aoiro's face suddenly fell and she fell to her knees. Not Redi. "Fuck!" She screamed as she dragged her hands through her hair. 'Don't start crying.' She thought as she pinched her arm hard.

She looked up to Hayate and shook her head. "It will be okay, we can get through this." She said, but her voice was shaking. Hayate looked at her and shook her head, "How!? It isn't fair! Why can they take everything from us?! You should know!" He yelled.

"Don't bring that up." She warned as she stood up and walked over to him. She wanted to comfort him the best she could, but she felt ready to cry.

'Tears don't fix anything, stop.' She thought as she shook her head and put her hand on his shoulder. He shook it off and looked at the ground. "Hey, we need to stick together," she said with a sad look in her eyes. 

"Your one to talk! You ran off and found a family!" He yelled. His sadness had turned to anger. "I am trying to protect you! We need to defeat the humans and protect the families here." She yelled the first part but mumbled at the end. 

He nodded and looked away. "I just miss her." He said as sorrow filled his face and he looked at her again. "I know..." She said as she rubbed her eyes and ruffled his already messy hair.
Aerialacebabe77Dezerah Yami   59d ago

Elektra's brother, Dezerah was busy helping out in the front yard corral and herd in the younger children who couldn't make it inside to dinner by themselves. He looked off to the corner confused. He saw the new female was now being confronted by a strange male. "Well, this isn't good. We already have a family member who's in a combative fight? Wonder if she needs help." He sighed. He strode over and listened a bit trying to keep himself hidden behind one of the garden rose trellises.

 He raised a brow listening in. Dezerah was concerned about what was going on. Why were they talking about somebody passing!? What was this about the outer worlders attacking the inner worlders!? The humans had not been seen for years! Seven to be exact! Why would they kill them!? They  had thrown them off of Earth! There was no reason for them to be here on Inner World!! But then he froze, remembering when he had been to City Hall. Mayor Bugs Bunny had said something about having guests from a distant land were there. 

Was the mayor hiding the fact that humans were coming to their planet!? He needed to go talk to his sister, this was not good! He narrowed his eyes. If his sister was hiding the fact that humans were coming to their planet too that meant that they're biological parents could actually be coming. He knew that this would mean that his sister was in danger. 

He stormed back inside and into the mess hall quite angry. In the shadows hidden behind him were chains that slithered after him that came out of nowhere. He was a world tamer. A policeman of sorts, a person who kept everyone else doing their job and in line. A law enforcer and this this was something he couldn't accept. Even from his own sibling, Elektra. "We need to talk!" he growled clenching fangs when he confronted her. 

Elektra jumped almost a mile high spinning around. She had had her back turned to him. "What's wrong!?" She said confused and startled. "What is this about the humans or Outer Worlders coming here!? What is this about them killing off our people!?" Dezerah yelled down at her. All the adults looked up wide-eyed, shocked and confused themselves with this new bit of information. Elektra looked livid and was ready to back hand her brother. 

She didn't need a panic forming through the family. She grabbed his arm jerked him off to the side quite a ways out of ear shit of the family. "Look, I don't know where you heard that but that is between me and my husband. We are the ones besides Splinter in charge of this family! You might be a world tamer, but you have no room to be telling me what to do in my family! You need to calm down!" She narrowed her eyes back at him. Dezerah was refusing to listen. He pushed Elektra hard and away from him disgusted tearing her hand from his arm.

 "You have no room to talk yourself! I asked you a question! Are the humans coming!? Are our biological parents coming!?" He demanded seething. Elektra looked weary holding her sore hand and then looked down. "I think so. It sounds like all the humans are coming, all of them. Earth is no longer livable and they're coming here. They want us gone." She choked out looking up at him scared. Dezerah froze. "But that means that you're in danger. You know our parents wanted to kill you when you became a toon!" He threw his hands up.

Elektra looked at him annoyed. "They wanted to kill you too!" She shrilly reminded him. "Yes, I know they wanted to kill me! But guess what!? You also were dating a toon before becoming a toon! I wasn't before I became a toon! They have double the reasons to be pissed off at you and to want to obliterate you! Grand, they probably are going to be at the front line ready to destroy you!" He face palmed. 

Elektra shook her head. "Again you think I haven't thought about this!? You think I haven't been worried about that!? That was the first question I asked Leo when he told me all this!" She rolled her eyes. Dezerah looked pissed even more now. "So you're telling me our mayor, Bugs Bunny told Leonardo? But not me, one of his world tamer police force!? The head of the police force might I add! Nothing about any of this was told to me by my boss! We've had murder after murder unsolved here in District A! He said nothing to any of us, not once!" Dezerah was now pacing and fangs bared. His chains were arching livid up the wall behind him.
"I think I have every single right to be pissed. So after I flatten our mayor, then Leonardo my brother-in-law, I'm going to go flatten every single goddamn human. You better tell the family about this!" He hissed at his sister jabbing her now on the chest with a finger. "Because our "family" has every right to know that the humans are coming for us and we stand no chance! We are a group with all the physically and mentally disabled clientele that could be the first to go! Easy targets!" He spat. 

Elektra growled back at him bearing her fangs in return. "They are not clientele! They are family, get that through your damn head! Just because our earth family fell apart with mom and dad doesn't mean we can't have a family here! Quit closing yourself off to family!" She strode away livid that he dare talk about the family like that! She had worked and strived to protect their family and he had gaul enough to tell her what to do!? 

She'd been fighting hard to keep the family finances stable the last 7 years. Fighting hard to keep a roof over their heads. Fighting hard to make sure the family would be okay in general. Now he thought he could tell her what to do when it came to saving the family. Quite literally their lives. "Asshole! Grand, now Leo's going to want to slice him in half with his katanas for hurting my wrist. If Leo's brother's find out that Leo's been threatened they want to kick his ass with all their weaponry." She muttered. She was ready to pull her hair out.

 "Why can't I just have one minute of peace!?" Elektra stepped outside to get a breath of air. She raised her brows seeing the young man with Aoiro, but sighed rubbing her sore bruised hand and wrist. She didn't want to be rude and get into the middle of their new friends affairs. "I just wish Dezerah would do the same. If only he would just listen for once." She sat on the porch swing holding her head with her good hand. "Can I just get a moment in my life where shit doesn't hit the fan? I've had too muchbgood going on to have all of it fall apart!" She grumbled pissed off!
-Pr3ss-Ki Kirikabu   58d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Ki had been listening to the conversation between Hayate and Aoiro. She was wearing a black jumpsuit that covered her whole body up to her neck. 

She stepped out of the shadows and glared at Aoiro. They always hid things from her. She hated it. She stepped forward and went to slap Aoiro but she stepped to the side and grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her back.

"Don't touch me." She snarled as her eyes flashed white and her aura turned a deadly shade of red. She let her arm go after a minute and stepped back. 

"Why do you always hide things from me!? I'm not a baby!" She yelled as she stepped back. "You're not ready to hear the things going on right now," Aoiro said as she waved a dismissive hand. "Really? Then I'm leaving! I'll defeat the humans by myself." She said this as her horns which looked like branches grew a bit. They sometimes did that when she was angry.

"No, you won't," Aoiro said, with a warning tone in her voice. "It's too dangerous." She continued as she glared at Ki.

"Try and stop me. I'm not a kid and I don't have to listen to you." Ki said this with a smirk on her face. she then threw a rock at Aoiro who caught it and rolled her eyes, looking livid. "Look, Redi is dead! We lost an amazing fucking person today, I am not losing another." She had started crying. The first time in six years.

"Who says I'm going to die?" She asked as she turned and began walking away. Aoiro grabbed her arm pulling her back but Ki acted quickly turning and hitting her on the underside of her elbow making her drop her arm. She then swept her legs out from under her making Aoiro land on the ground with a loud thump.

She rolled backward as soon as she landed and got back up, assuming a fighting stance as she did. "Oh, so this is how you wanna do things?" Ki asked sarcastically as she went in and tried to roundhouse kick Aoiro in the head. 

Aoiro caught her leg and twisted it, hitting the back of her knee to bring her down. Ki got up and glared. "Don't forget, I taught you how to fight," Aoiro said as she took a punch from Ki and smiled. She then did a front aerial, landing behind Ki and kicking her in the back. Nothing broke but she landed on the ground face-first. Aoiro took this chance to kneel on her back. Her knee was digging into the middle of her back, pinning her to the ground. "I'm not letting you die." She whispered as she wiped a tear away and put a hand on her neck. She had pushed a pressure point, watching as Ki passed out.

She stood up and glanced around, gently prodding at her broken nose. 'She's gotten stronger.' She thought with a smile. She was proud of Ki. Hayate was nowhere to be seen. He must've run off due to the fight. He never liked to be around when the team fought.

Elektra watched curious as to who on earth these people were. She had never seen Outer worlders like them before. She was kind of fascinated and it seemed that they all knew each other. So she definitely didn’t want to intervene. She sat there with her chin kept in her hand watching. Well,  at least Aoiro had family. She didn’t have to worry about the young lady being alone.

 It seemed like they were getting along well as well as her and her brother were currently. she relaxed closing her eyes, but they suddenly flashed open in raw fear. A scent that she knew but couldn’t place wafted towards her. There was a shadow on her front lawn, looking straight at her. “ Hello, there! Is your name Elektra Williams?” A male voice rang out.  “ is and who am you be?” Elektra shakily asked the shadow. She had her cell phone now clutched in her good hand ready to call her husband.

She was tensing up and wondering who the hell this person was. “We’ll miss, I’ve come to deliver a letter to you. I’m a representative of Mr. and Mrs. Williams. You, know your parents from earth?” The shadow now sounded earring familiar too. Elektra gritted her fangs angry. She knew it was only a matter of time they’d try to contact them. 

“I don’t have any parents from earth. They specifically and willingly disowned me and my brother.” She hissed. The shadow chuckled as he stepped into the light of the porch. It was her uncle, in full detail! A human! She had not seen this sick bastard in seven years! “Well, you and your brother might wanna talk to me. You’re going to love what I have to tell you.” He grinned even more.

Elektra recoiled in fear. “Oh, I have nothing to say to you! No sir, no way!” Elektra’s fear was able to be smelled in the air even, palatably tasted. Leo looked up from his pizza that had been delivered. He was deeply concerned, something was wrong. His wife had been gone too long. This wasn’t like her at all.

 The family was here in the mess hall, but she wasn’t. She usually sat beside him and ate meals. He got up looking to his brother Raphael who sat on his other side. Raph nodded back seeing his brother’s worry. “Come on, bro. Lets go find out where she’s at.” Raph tried to reassure his older brother. He put his napkin down. “I wonder what she’s gotten herself into this time.” Leo joked but stopped seeing Dezerah  stiffen as he had been just sat down.  

“You’re not going to believe this, turtles...but I smell someone that I haven’t scented it in a long time.” He scrambled back up. Leo looked lost. “What do you mean!?” He followed Dezerah with Raph. Dezerah was bolting towards the front of the house out of the mess hall. “My uncle! he’s a...child abused! He hurt my sister when we were young!” Dezerah raised his voice. Leo looked surprised and knew what he meant. “Her own uncle “hurt” my wife!?Why wasn’t I ever told about this!?” He questioned and Raph looked disgusted at this news.

“My sister has things she doesn’t wanna tell you, Leonardo that are embarrassing and she’s ashamed . Our parents called her a liar and ignored it. He’s hurt my sister before in ways you wouldn’t imagine. You can’t hold that against he. She didn’t even want to tell me about it after it happened. We were so young.” He tried to explain on the run.

 As Elektra’s uncle step closer. “Oh, come now piglet! You’re afraid? I’m not going to bite. I’m not in the bacon anymore.But I am in the squealing little pigs. So you’re going to squeal if you want this letter. Right!?” He snickered as Elektra scrambled off the porch swing and slowly backed up facing him the entire time. She bared her fangs and her uncle chuckled.

 “You don’t scare me. You might be an Inner worlder and a supernatural. But you’re not scary. I can  smell your fear. You’re still a little girl who can’t defend herself.” He tooled another step closer. Dezerah suddenly between his sister and uncle with the two turtles on his either side protectively. His chains were rattling in ange. Leonardo had his katanas drawn and Rafael his sais in hand. Her uncle knew he was out matched and frowned tossing the folded up piece of paper at their feet. It was a letter from there parents. Dezerah picked it up pocketing it, but not once taking his eyes off his uncle. “You know you outer world freaks are disgusting. I cannot wait until we get to burn every house down and rebuild our homes here. It’s going to be hilarious to see some of you become slaves. If we allow some of you to live. I hear you freaks have taken in a lot of children. Broken children. Who can’t run. A little doll in a wheelchair even. Remember I like children. Do you remember Dezie? Do you remember any of what happened with your sister? Did she to actually tell you like I heard she did? I’ll see you later, piglet. Bye, Dezie. You turtles better be careful, turtle soup is really easy to make.” Their uncle turned around.

Their uncle put his hands in his blue jean pockets as he walked off the front yard and headed to a car not too far away. He got in and drove off. Dezerah looked disgusted as he left and he growled low which was pretty much the same response of the two brothers by his sides. Leo looked to El worried. He was shaken as he pulled her into his arms as he sheathed his katanas on his shell. “Love, are you okay!.” He asked kissing her hair. Elektra was a nervous wreck as she bustedinto tears.

Raph was enraged as he belted his sais. “Well, it looks like the wars begun. I had a feeling this would happen pretty quick.” He muttered. “Leo filled me in the with the family.” He said quiet to El in his brother’s arms. Elektra cringed Looking up at Leo still crying.”You told them?” She hiccuped. Leonado nodded petting her hair still. “Dezerah kind of came in and said I had to. He was right. With sensei being sick right now I feel like I had to.” He sighed. Elektra groaned and buried her face in her husband’s yellow plastroned ches. “How did they take it!?” She sai muffled.

Raph snorted. “Well, they waited until the kids are left for homework and baths. Some of us are terrified and the rest of us are ready to fight. That is if half of us even don’t even how to fight. You know I love to fight. Casey he loves to fight. So we’re gonna have to figure out how to train those who don’t. I mean us turtles can train others easily. But when it comes to people like Dezie here....” Ralph snickered trying to cheer his sister in law up.

Dezerah took that as an offense.”I know how to fight! I wouldn’t be a world tamer if I wasn’t able to fight! I have supernatural powers that are more powerful than you would ever imagine!” He retorted at the foolish turtle.
-Pr3ss-Aoiro Hikari   58d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Aoiro picked Ki up from where she was knocked out and was completely lost from there. 'Where do I put her? It needs to be somewhere safe.' She thought as she glanced around. 

She was heavy and her horns carried a lot of weight, Aoiro didn't mind though. She carried Ki towards the front step, pausing when she saw the encounter. She didn't want to intervene, as these weren't her affairs, but was wondering if she should. Suddenly she saw Leonardo, Raphael, and Dezerah and knew Elektra would be okay.

She watched as the uncle sped away. 'Should I follow him?' She asked herself as she took a step towards the vehicle tracks. She didn't want anyone treating Elektra like that. She could feel rage bubbling up inside of her.

She stared at the tracks and glanced at the people on the porch. She then glanced at Ki who was still in her arms. "Not with her here." She muttered. She walked back towards the porch and heard what Dezerah had said. 

"He probably meant that you're hotheaded and get mad easily. That doesn't make for a good trainer." She said with an unusually calm voice. Her voice seemed to move around everyone, it was an attempt to calm them down. She could calm one down by touching their forehead but was still working on her vocal reach with her powers. 

"If you're to be a good trainer you need to calm down and respect the people around you more. Meaning, don't get handsy with your sister." She glanced at Elektra when she said this and gave him a deadly glare.

She felt something she hadn't felt in a long time in this family. She wanted to help and protect them, but there was something else too. Was it trust? She didn't give that out easily. In the end, she decided that it was indeed Trust. 

As she glared at him she felt something shift in the air and listened. A rustle in the bushes. One in the tree. A noise at the side of the house to try and confuse them. Military tactics. Someone was watching them. 

She looked amused and tried to pinpoint their exact spot. It seemed they were in the bush by the tree. She smiled straight at the bush letting them know they were onto them. She watched as they fled, it seemed they weren't carrying weapons.

She glanced down at Ki and shifted her weight in her arms. Aoiro then looked back at the group and sighed.

Elektra looked exhausted as she looked up with Dezerah who crossed his arms annoyed. "You do realize that Raphael has a bigger temper than I do?" He eyed Aoiro. Raph nodded grinning. "She probably knows. But I'm not the one who got upset over the fact that Elektra had not instantaneously told you about the humans." Raph pointed out as Leo massaged his wife's wrist glaring at Dezerah in warning.

But he now looked around sensing the humans as Aoiro did. His eyes followed to the same spots around the house that Aoiro was looking at. He growled shaking his head. "They're watching us. This is why our mayor, Bugs decided to tell the bigger families first. There's more of us packed together in one home. Because we have disabled people in our family, we're easy targets. At least that's what they think. They forget that some of our people who aren't disabled are heavy hitters in the magic realm or even in the sparring realm when it comes to fighting." Leo smirked at the humans ran. Dezerah looked seriously annoyed. "I just cleaned out five people yesterday. They were inner worlders though. Do you think that they could be working for the humans?" Dezerah folded his arms.

 "I wouldn't be surprised." Leo looked up as he realized what he had theorized with Bugs could already be happening.  "You know... Bugs and I were talking with Aoiro here. We thought that maybe the Shredder and other villains might side up with the humans. This doesn't surprise me if they do." He closed his eye grimly. Elektra looked sickened by the thought. "Do you think the shredder would do that!?" She held her forehead. Raph nodded looking worried. "Okay Leo, we need to take this to sensei. Splinter needs to know about this" he pushed. 

Leo winced not wanting to go to his father's bedside and tell him of the situation quite yet. "Can we at least talk to Donnie for Aoiro's friend? Also, he's usually my tactical partner in the family. He and I are the ones who plan out our next steps when it comes to defending the family." He then looked over to their friend holding a limp form.  "I think her friend might have gotten it injured somehow." He looked lost as he had not seen any of this. Elektra snickered eyeing Aoiro. "Yeah, she got injured somehow." Elektra sniffled rubbing an eye from crying.

  "I don't know how that happened." Elektra said sarcastically but teasing her. They all had it inside guiding the way to a room deeper into the house. When Dezerah opened the door, it looked like a makeshift lab and med bay had been put together almost in a rush. But honestly it had been established for quite some time. In the corner behind a messy desk was a purple banded turtle. Unlike his blue banded brother Leonardo and his red branded banded brother Raphael he was wearing a lab coat and had eye glasses on.

 He was reading a paper busy at work. On the other side of the lab was a humongous alligator in a lab coat too. These two inner worlders were the family scientists, technicians, and doctors. They were the ones who cared for the family. This was Donatello and Leatherhead, Both seem to be quite busy at their stations. Donatello looked up curious as to who the newcomers were. He didn't get out of his lab much, he didn't see the point to it

 Except to eat and maybe every once in a blue moon sleep. He put the paper down as he took off of his reading glasses. "So who hit who? What injury do I have to fix and why did it happen?" He ran through the same questions every time somebody came in. Elektra looked wryly at him. "You know Donnie not everything ends up in a fight?" She reminded him...again.

 Donatello scoffed raising her eyebrow. "Really? In this family either y'all hurt yourself because you're getting into trouble or you hurt yourself causing a fight. Which basically both points are the same thing." He summerized. Leatherhead turned around grumbling low in his throat. He seemed to be very aware and careful with his tail as he turned. He wore a small pair of glasses on his eyes too.

 Both scientists seem to need reading glasses obviously. "Donatello can you please stop being rude to them. It's not becoming of a scientist of your stature. You're far more intelligent then that absurdity that you are spewing." he answered in a very quiet gentle but graveled voice. Unlike his big form Leatherhead stood at seven over 7 ft tall, but was very soft spoken and had a gentle look in his eyes. He had muscle behind him in every point and form. But was very quiet and never bothered anyone.

 Donnie looked at his lab mate giving in. lHe stood nodding to Aoiro. "Let's see what happened to these people..." Not finishing his sentence before Dezerah rolled his eyes. "Now he notices. This is a girl and another girl. That's all I know! No one tells me anything in this sad excuse of a group you all want to call a family." Dezerah through his hands up shrugging. "All I do fucking know is this is Leonardo's and Sister's friend and a blacked out girl!" As Leo gave Dezerah a heated but sharp look.
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"She's not blacked out she's knocked out. Now, if you would stop complaining, I could [i focus]." She said as she laid Ki on a bed. She then turned around and eyed Dezerah.

"I am Aoiro Hikari. That is Ki Kirikabu. A friend. Like you, she has a temper and made a quick decision to try and do something stupid. I wasn't going to let her die so we fought and I knocked her out. Simple." She said as she glanced at Ki. She left the Outer Worlders out, just in case Donatello and Leatherhead didn't know.

Her eyes flashed green as her broken nose healed. She shook her head after. She could heal but it made her lightheaded. Smaller injuries are easy, but it gets worse depending on how big the injury is.

She would heal Ki but then she would wake up and try to do something stupid again. She sighed and studied Ki. [b 'This is stupid.'] She thought as she kicked the floor lightly and ran her hands through her hair.

She was stressed, but she was always stressed. So what was the problem? Perhaps it was that she hadn't slept or eaten in three days? [b 'Those things are a waste of time.'] She thought.

She began pinching her arm, ignoring the bruise that had already formed from the last time she did it. She needed to focus. As she stood there pinching her arm her head cleared and she could think. 

[b 'Okay, the human numbers are dwindling right now so they probably won't attack right away. Their children are wimps so they won't fight either. This will give us a chance to train and strategize.'] She thought as her eyes moved around the room silently. 

She was aware of everything in the room. what she could use as weapons if danger occurred, escape routes, and the most effective way to protect the people around her. This comforted her.

Donatello sensed the new female's amount of stress. He was an expert on how he dealt with his own stress. He felt a kindred spirit in her. She needed food and rest. He got cranky with those he cared about when he had had no food or sleep. He walked over careful not to alarm her and rested a hand on her shoulder and gave her a soft expression. "Hey, you're not alone in this. I was just alerted via email from our mayor about the situation. Leatherhead and I already know. I can take care of your friend." 

Leo looked relieved, at least this was two other people they didn't have to tell. He didn't want anymore shocked expressions. Leatherhead removed his glasses as he cleaned them with the edge of his lab coat. "The question is- what exactly did they do to their own planet to make it so unlivable? They've lived with pollution for how many years now? Now they want to come here? I don't buy the story that the entire planet is an unlivable. I think that they are finding that we have better resources here than they do. They just want to take what is not theirs." He sighed putting his glasses back on. 

Dezerah looked up thoughtful at what Leatherhead had said ignoring Aoiro again. He was not a fan of this girl. He didn't mind new people coming into the "family". But she had a lot of nerve to talk to a world tamer the way she was. He was a policeman after all. He didn't like little upstarts. "Well, maybe we should send someone to Earth and have them look around? You know, to make sure everything's as they say? That there's no lying. If it is so badly polluted then the humans are telling the truth. Maybe we can help them find a way without war? Find another planet that's suitable and maybe close by? He shrugged. 

Donatello snorted pulling his hand from Aoiro. "You were a human once! They're not going to give up! Polluted or not! You know that they're going to do exactly what they always do. Kill and ask questions later." Donatello rolled his eyes. "This is not going to make anything better, sitting here theorizing if their planet is livable or not." Elektra said quietly. 

"We need to talk to one of the politicians. One of us, a representative of our family. I'm with Donnie. Going to Earth and wasting our resources on that is not going to help." She pointed out. Leatherhead still seemed to want to investigate. Leatherhead looked at her quietly.

 "El, I agree we need to talk to the politicians. Maybe some humans with other resources too. That can get us to Earth so we aren't using our own resources. I still think the Earth might be fine. If they can just stop lying to us. He tried to explain as somebody quietly hobbled inti the lab.

 Everyone was Splinter. The family grandfather and leader. The very first documented human who became a toon. He looked quietly to them all slowly.  Each one individually, it was almost as if he had already known. "Lucas told me." He finally said. All of the adult grown in unison. "Why Leonardo and Elektra, didn't you tell me sooner?" he asked quietly giving his son and his daughter-in-law a stern look. 

Raphael backed away. He didn't want to be a part of this little argument that was getting ready to happen. Leonardo step forward ready for a lecture. "Father, you were sick. You still are " He said as only a worried son could.  Splinter sighed hunched over resting on his cane. He shook his head determined.

"It is shameful that you didn't trust me even in any condition to be able to handle this information, Leonardo. I am your father. You know me better than anyone does. On the other hand, I'm also greatly insulted that Bugs Bunny. My long time friend did not come to me and ask for our aid. Now young ones, I agree that Earth might not be polluted as badly as they say it is." He eyed Leonardo who hung his head ashamed.

"It has been polluted for a long time and it's only been 7 years since then. I do not think that the humans are that foolish to have made it that bad where it is uninhabitable that quickly. In such a short amount of time. I may not remember my past as a human. But I do know how they think and how they move. They can be foolish and stubborn. But before we left, they were working on different ways to try to clean the air and the ozone." He looked to Aoiro raising his ears but kept speaking. 

"It doesn't make sense. I agree with Leatherhead that the resources we have is what they want. Like land and finances. Maybe their population has gotten bigger, more than they can handle. That is not our concern. I hate to sound cruel, but it isn't. They need to stay on their own planet and stay away from ours. So I will go speak with our mayor, Bugs and see if there is any way that one of the 26 districts and their mayors can send someone to Earth to inspect it." He nodded.

 Raphael crossed his arms trying to not insult his father. "Sensei, what if they don't want us on Earth? Even a single one of us to investigate?" He asked questioning. Leonardo looked up and nodded. Splinter smirked quietly. "Then I guess we're just going to have to do it the way we do it in our family. As ninjas. Maybe one of my sons?" He looked to Donatello who face palmed. "One who is a scientist and Ninja could go? Whilr Leatherhead handles the family concerns here medically and check into the situation?" Splinter saw that his son was balking at the idea. 

Donatello groaned not liking the idea at all. "Dad, honestly- I really don't want to go to Earth. Even if Bugs could get me there. I would need at least another person as back up too. But no. Not Earth, not again. Never again actually!" He protested.
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Aoiro flinched when she felt his hand on her shoulder. She didn't do anything, though. She listened to him and wondered how he knew. "Thanks." She mumbled as she looked at the ground and sighed. 

Aoiro smiled softly. She sensed Dezerah's distaste for her. Although she hadn't meant to make him dislike her, she found it amusing. 

She watched as Splinter came in, and that's when her eyes widened. It was a tiny difference and could barely be seen. She glanced at Splinter and then her eyes moved to Ki. 

She remembered Donatello's promise and nodded to herself as she excused herself from the room. She walked through the house making a note of where everyone was. This was mostly to make sure that there wasn't anyone dangerous in the house.

She didn't see anyone new, so she continued on her way to the front doors of the house. Once she reached them she slipped out and walked across the front lawn. 

[b [i 'I need to find somewhere to relax, or do something.'] ] she thought as she glanced around. She looked back towards the house and shrugged, she could do it on the side of the house, but she might be seen. 

[i "I can't worry about that now. Plus, I need to stay near to make sure they're safe."] She mumbled as she walked towards the side of the house. 

She sat down, against the side of the house for a minute, deciding what she wanted to do next. She knew the answer. [b 'Train.'] She nodded as she got up and glanced around. 

She began with her roundhouse kicks. Swift, yet powerful. She practiced her rolling, aerials, splits, punches, dodging, back handsprings, front handsprings, and other things as she tried to calm herself down. 

When she finished, she sat down against the side of the house again, and fell asleep. She didn't mean to fall asleep, but it happened. As she sat there asleep, a glowing blue and white halo appeared above her head. 

For the first time in forever, she didn't wake up screaming, due to bad dreams of her past. She had peaceful dreams, filled with good times.

Kyron had  slipped out the side mess hall window. He was relieved that his parents were busy with something else. Well. besides him and his chaos that he was brewing. He was sneaking out for the night. You know? Normal teen stuff, to go party! He just needed to get out.

With all the exams in school and all the talk about graduation he just couldn’t handle it. He needed a night out on the town! He froze when he saw a girl who looked like she was almost doing.. what karate or  martial arts or something? Kinda like his uncles and his dad.

He sighed and let her breath out. Wait... this had to be the new girl. *This is going to be fun!* he thought as he sat there and watch from the shadows. He folded his arms. She wasn’t half bad. Now if only he could get a girlfriend that was about that good looking too. *Sarcasm.*  He thought. *Sarcasm.* He was gay. Gayer than gay actually. 

That’s what usually got him in trouble in school. They didn’t necessarily like him talking about dating other guys. If he was to talk about girls and dating girls in high school he probably be seen as a normal person. He raised a brow off in his own mind crossing his arms. But then again he was an elf/vampire hybrid to be exact. Elektra was his biological mother, hard to explain all of that, he thought to himself.

He then focused back to the girl, who was now sleep!? Wow, that was fast that was really fast!  She didn’t seem to be...what the heck was that glowing thing over her head!? He blinked a few times trying to figure it out. He even rubbed his eyes and was so completely lost by this girl. Who was she and why was she helping the family out!?

What was the point of it? He had a feeling that what the other teens had been say supposedly could be true and have something to do with her. Humans were being seen outside of the their district high school watching it! He had thought that it was a rumor at first. But now a stranger was wanting to help them fight somebody. He wondered if the two rumors coincided?

He didn’t believe in coincidences. So he did what he did best...ignored it! He headed out towards the front yard. Now if he could just hotwire his uncle Ralph’s  shell cycle, he’d be in business. Mom wouldn’t let him have a car. Because he had already wrecked about five of them.

He wasn’t exactly the greatest driver. He wasn’t that tall either. You know how it was, being short? You can’t see over the steering wheel. If only he could find one of those things they call the phonebook to sit on.his mother always said that they needed. He was not that much taller than his mother.  His mom was kind of a midget herself. He rolled his eyes as he began opening the compartment on the bike to hotwire it. “I am not going to walk, I am not going to walk!” He said to himself in a mantra. “I will get this done and I will make sure my parents cannot hear me! I will...” 

The next thing he knew was he was being prodded in the rear end by his uncle Donnie’s bo staff. “What  are you doing kid?” Donatello snickered. “Uuummm, to fix uncle Ralph’s bike?” he muttered. He let go of the bike and put his hands up knowing he was in trouble. “I’m pretty sure your uncle Raph’s bike is perfectly okay. So you wanna come back inside and talk to your mom and dad about this.” Donnie smirked. 

Kyron got up putting his hands down and faced his uncle gulping at that idea. “How about I give you $20? We don’t talk about this and you let me leave?” Kyron offered. Donatello rub his chin. “Nope,  not gonna happen! “You know I can’t be bribed. You’ve tried this how many times? 12...13 now? Not happening kid and you know it. So head inside. I won’t tell your parents this time. But I expect you to be studying. All your classes.” He said amused. Kyron groaned as he stormed inside. He already could tell it was not going to be the night that he got to go out and party.
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She woke up later and got up. 'There, I got some rest. Maybe I will be able to focus better now.' She thought with a nod. She paused when she saw someone getting in trouble. Donatello was bringing a boy that looked like some sort of hybrid. 

She shrugged. Her halo was still there, glowing brightly. She slipped into the house and looked around for a familiar face. She was completely unaware of her halo. 

She kept looking, walking with her hands behind her back, and a calm look in her eyes. She smiled and nodded to people along the way. 

The tattoos on her arms seemed to sway as if caught in some sort of invisible wind. She smiled softly and paused, still looking for a familiar face. 

She didn't know most of these people and didn't want them to think she was rude if she walked up and just started talking randomly. Plus, they looked like they were having fun and she didn't want to ruin that. 

So here she was trying to figure out where in the world Leonardo went. Or even Donatello. Hell, she would take Dezerah at this point.

She rubbed the back of her neck as she glanced around, making a note of everyone's faces she saw. She did this to calm herself down. 

'They have to be around here somewhere.' She thought as she continued walking around, studying the occasional photos on the walls.
Aerialacebabe77Lucas Hamato   58d ago

Lucas whimpered in pain as his mother lifted him out of his wheelchair. His hip was cracking and she was becoming quite concerned. “Sweetie, let us look at it.” She softly reasoned. Leo looked concerned about this too. “Come on, son. Do as your your mother asks.” Leo coaxed.

 Lucas shook his head still mad. Of course it was about wanting to still fight the humans. He didn’t want to have a war for some reason. “No, I don’t want to.” He crosses arms pouting, he was quite stubborn. “I just don’t wanna fight them.” Lucas sniffled. Leo was starting to wonder about this the boy’s past, he seemed very adamant. “This has something to do with your past... doesn’t it?” He asked his son.

Lucas almost fell out of his mothers arms looking alarmed. “No, this has nothing to do with that! I just don’t like fighting! Fighting is wrong! Cant we just share land   or something!? Why does everybody have to fight all the time!? It’s like every time you see an adult they’re fighting with another adult!” He snapped. Elektra put him carefully on the bed knowing he was trying to distract them. 

She pushed him to his side knowing he was going to try to struggle, which he did as she looked at his hip. There was a nasty crack that had gone up his leg from his cast into his hip. She looked up to Leonardo. “We can’t take care of this at home this time. He’s going to have to go to the hospital.” She said serious. Lucas panicked and started crying. His tears were racing down his resin cheeks. “But I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t break myself on purpose! All I did was stand up to turn the light on out of my wheelchair! I didn’t mean to!” he protested.  

That was another odd thing about Lucas. He didn’t like hospitals. He had not once been to one in three weeks that he had lived with them. Not to one hospital at all. He kept telling people just to superglue his cracks. That he’d be fine, but this one was far from being able to be super glued. Everybody knew it, even Lucas. “Please, don’t take me! Please!” Lucas sobbed. Leonardo shook his head.

 “We have to, there is no way your uncle Donnie is going to be able to fix this.” Just then Donnie leaned in the door way of Lucas’s bedroom and he whistled. “That’s a nasty crack, no kid. There’s no way I can fix that. I am not a doll expert. I am a medical care physician for basic life forms. But you’re a special case.” He tried to explain. Elektra pursed her lips closing her eyes. She hated seeing one of her babies in pain.   

“What do I have to do to get you to go, Lucas?” She pleaded. Lucas shook his head. “I will fight you every minute of the way!” She opened her eyes and raised an eyebrow smiling softly at her son. “I thought you didn’t like fighting?” She mused as he snorted between his tears. “Yeah, when grown-ups fight over silly things like land that we could all share! But this is different! I’m scared of hospitals!” He hiccuped. Leo again try to ask him another question.

“Why don’t you like hospitals? Does it have-“  Lucas interrupted him quickly yelling angry. “No, it doesn’t! I just don’t like hospitals and I don’t wanna go!” He was starting to sass and to get angry with his parents. Which was very much unlike him. Elektra looked at Donnie as she picked her son back up. “Can you grab his wheelchair, Donnie? We’re gonna take him. Even if he doesn’t like it.” Lucas only started to cry harder trembling  as his father went to grab the keys out of the kitchen. This was going to have to be done. There was no doubt about it. The child was injured further than they could care for him.
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Aoiro walked in and tilted her head. "I could try healing him." She said with a slight nod as she glanced around. She hadn't been listening, she just knew somehow. 

She leaned against a wall wondering if they would accept her help. She had healed bad wounds before, it just took a lot of energy out of her. 

This looked bad, but she thought she would be able to heal it. 'I Don't know how much energy it would take.' She thought as she stepped closer to Lucas.

'I'm willing to find out if it means he doesn't have to go to the hospital. It seems they really terrify him.' She nodded at this thought and studied the crack. 

She could heal any living organism, it didn't matter what it was made of. She could even make plants come back to life. Her halo began glowing brighter as her aura turned a mix of the richest shade of purple and a dark yellow. She was determined, and something else. Hope? Yes, it did seem to be hope. She hoped she could help him.

"It doesn't hurt. I promise." She said as she looked Lucas in the eyes and then moved her gaze around to the others in the room.
Aerialacebabe77Lucas Hamato   57d ago

Elektra  nodded willing to give Aoiro a chance. Lucas sniffled relieve somebody wanted to help him. It kept him out of the hospital. He trembled still a bit with his joints clacking, he seriously did not want to go to a hospital. He looked  to his new friend. “Please help?” He begged. Lucas trusted her for some reason. He didn’t know why exactly.

Maybe it was because she was unique like him or maybe it was because she had a hidden pass like he did too. He thought maybe it could be both reasons. He just wasn’t sure. He tried to read her mind, but it always was the same, like calm placid ocean. He rarely saw anything in it that showed anger or even really joy. But this time it seemed to have hope in it. 

He smiled at her as his tears slowly began to dry. Elektra put her son back down on his bed. Donatello seemed to be a little confused. “Please tell me she’s not another magic user!? Yeah, great we got another magic user!” He face palmed and his shook his head. He was not a fan of magic. Science seem to be the only thing the Donatello had for supported and had faith in. 

Leonardo came back with the car keys confused as to what it was going on. “Aren’t we taking him to the hospital?” He crossed his arms lost. Elektra looked to her husband and seem to trust their friend. “She thinks she can heal him.” She expl. Leo raised a brow curiously. “Even though he’s made out of resin?” He questioned. Elektra shrugged. “I think so. I think she can if she thinks she can. I trust her.” 

Elektra gave a very soft look to Aoirot. “Like I said I trust you for some reason. I do and we haven’t even known each other that long. If I can trust you with my children then you’ll have my full support in any war to keep our family safe.” She nodded. Lucas dislike that comment and folded his arms. “Maybe, I just don’t want to be healed now if she still wants to fight.” He pouted. He didn’t want to be healed if it came to his mother’s support in the war. 

He looked at the Aoiro even though he trusted her. “If I let you heal me then you can’t fight anyone and you got to try to get along.” He was trying to bargain with his own health to stop the fighting! Donatello’s jaw dropped. “You know this kids got moxie. I’ll tell you that. A lot of moxie.” He muttered. Lucas frowned at him and knew that his uncle was being a pain. Lucas huffed. “You do know I told grandpa splinter because I was hoping that he would’ve stopped you all from being so silly about wanting to fight the humans! But no! He only wants to fight them too. Which is weird because grandpa doesn’t like fighting unless you absolutely have to. I don’t think we should have to.” Now the kid was deflecting from getting healed. 

Lucas was trying to use a way of this to be an advantage to get his agenda forwarded. He looked to Aoiro and his eyes met hers. “Why do you wanna fight?” He whispered. Since she was going to be healing him, he wanted a reason why she wanted to fight. Leo glanced to his wife, nobody had really asked her that. They just all assumed that maybe she had had the same experience they had had. A bad one with humans seven years ago. They didn’t know if Lucas had had a bad experience. But he seemed very defensive of the humans, even though he had not seen one while living with them.
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"I want to fight to protect. I couldn't protect something very dear to me, at a young age. I want to protect the life we have together. The families. The pets. The friends. I want to help the people who lost so much to them. Who still grieve because the humans take but never give." She said as she looked down at him and smiled, with a sad look in her eyes.

"I know you don't want to fight, and I will not ask you why. It must be a good reason, though if you're willing to sacrifice your life. If you wish for me to try to make peace happen first, then I will. I refuse to let you give up your life for this." 

She glanced around the room as she said this. Every sentence she said had a hidden meaning and carried weight. She may be young but she knew all too well what loss felt like. What death felt like. 

Her face had a sad edge to it. Her eyes had wisdom in them like she had experienced things, but was afraid to share. There was also exhaustion like she had been holding it together for a long time, and maybe, it was tiring, tearing her apart at the edges.

She met eyes with Lucas again and tilted her head. "Am I allowed to heal you now?" She asked as her face went back to the unusually calm expression she always wore.
Aerialacebabe77Lucas Hamato   57d ago

Lucas seemed to find those reasons of why Aoiro was fighting good enough. Even though he didn't like the idea of fighting still. He nodded that she was allowed to heal him. He was starting to feel the pain more and more. The crack grinded against it itself. He was trying to seem brave.

 He didn't want the grown ups to think he was a wimp. He raised his chin and nodded again trying to put on a stronger air of power and self control. "Yes, you may." He said in a very formal voice. He had his own reasons like she said of why he didn't want to fight. He didn't care about himself really. Just his friends and family...on both sides.

He looked down sadly as memories flashed through his mind. He wanted to tell people, but it was sad. This family didn't need any more sad. He closed his eyes and his mother looked to his father. She just wanted to help her son. She cared about this child so much. 

She herself, had lost the ability to have children quite some time ago. This was all due to medical conditions. Yes, even mother vampire's could have medical conditions. The children that she had biologically- well, that was very few in between. Most of her children were adopted like Lucas. She had gotten attached to every single one of them in different ways.

 Each relationship with a child was different. Leo backed away to show that he was willing to give Lucas space. Donnie smiled softly liking the new girl, even though she used magic. He left to go see if he needed to do other things. It was almost 8:00 p.m. on a school night. The kids should be getting into bed. At least the younger ones. 

 Leo left to help him and Elektra was going to  stay. She was curious. How did healing with not too many stipulations work? Elektra had seen powers before in other creatures. But not healing ones yet. Also, the mother instinct had told her stay with her child. Until she knew for certain that they are absolutely safe. It was instinct. Nothing personal against Aoiro. 

It was almost like she was meant to be a mother. She snorted smiling at that the idea. Yeah, she was a mother definitely. Always worrying, always cleaning, and always chasing after children. She looked up as if sensing something. "I will be right back. Can you stay with him, please?" She sighed and blue raced out of the bedroom. Lucas froze and he sighed as he had read his mother's mind.

As he looked up from his own thoughts. "Mama is having problems again with him  Seems like one of my brothers is having a tantrum. He lost his biological dad a couple of years ago. It was a mysterious murder. Mama's tried to hide it. She doesn't want me to know what happened." Lucas fiddled with his cast.

"But I know. I've read her mind. I know I shouldn't. But when her mind is screaming about it- it's really bad. It was her and Uncle Dezerah's older brother. Technically, now her son is my cousin. He's been hurt bad by what Mom calls the "system" in her mind. I don't understand what that means. But again seems bad." Lucas trief to explain not understanding the legality fight that his mother was in. 

 "Mama says that everyone calls him a problem child, but he's not. His twin brother hasn't even said a word in over a year. They're just hurt their dad's gone. A lot of us are sad. We've lost family members. But we don't know to what. I'm thinking it might be to the humans. But like you said not all humans are bad. Maybe if we just fight the bad ones... But not me. I'm not fighting anyone!" Lucas made that quite clear at the very end.
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"Yes, I know. I will not make you fight." She said with a concentrated look on her face. She then placed a hand on his leg, slowly, so she didn't startle him. Her eyes flashed green and began glowing slightly.

A few minutes later, she started growing lightheaded and her halo's glow dimmed slightly. The healing was working, though ad that made her happy. The crack was almost finished being healed. 

Crystals were floating around her hands and once she finished, they disappeared and a protection rune found a home on Lucas's leg. She smiled and sat down, holding her head. 

Her halo was barely glowing now, and her eyes had gone back to normal. She glanced up at him and smiled softly. "It was my family, you know." She said quietly. This seemed random but she was talking about what she couldn't protect. The thing that still haunted her. 

"Not many people know this, but a few humans followed us here. After they promised to leave us alone. They just watched at first, but then they came after some of us. I had been watching them and had severely wounded a few to stop them from hurting people. They killed my family because of it. I couldn't save them, and that's why I want to save these families. I killed them. After they killed my family. Me and my crew killed them all. That's why we thought it was over." She said this with a few nods. She was staring at the ground.

She was getting even more lightheaded and sighed. She wanted to tell him for some reason. "There are kind people. I won't lie. Although few still remain, I believe." She passed out a few minutes after she was done speaking. She was just glad she had gotten to finish healing him.
Aerialacebabe77     57d ago

Time passed and Donatello and Leatherhead rushed Aoiro to the medbay. They were taking care of her, making sure her vitals were normal. She was getting fluids and vitamins throughout an IV. She seemed to be unconscious, almost like she was sleeping.

But Donatello was still concerned. Leatherhead kept watch on her. While Donatello tried to call hospitals to see if they had any information about her medically. Leatherhead cocked his head concerned as he wore his glasses and looked at a blank case file in front of him.  This young lady seem to be physically fit, but there was something draining energy from her. “Interesting.” He said quietly.

Lucas refused to leave his new friend, he thought he was the one who had made her pass out. He stayed with her throughout the whole entire night in his wheelchair. Not a single adult who tried to reason with him. Though he had school the next day, he sat with her bags under his eyes and all. He  was holding her hand while she laid in the medical bed. “Did I break her did, uncle Leatherhead?” Helooked up with tears growing in his eyes. 

Leatherhead shook his head. “I think not. I think she just passed out from healing you. But to make sure, your uncle Donatello is checking in to see if we can find out anything else about her. Since she’s unconscious and she cannot tell us herself.” he tried to reassure the boy. Leonardo was also on the phone with the mayor He trying to see if maybe Bugs Bunny in this late night knew anything about her himself. 

Splinter was calling other district’s mayors to see if there was a way they could gather resources to try to get Donatello to earth. To investigate the situation that was going on their, the supposed situation that is. Elektra was busy trying to keep herself awake, concerned for Aoiro. Coffee, that was a joke! She got sick easily from drinking coffee. A human drink, she had a stomach condition called Gastroparesis and that stopped her from drinking a lot of  caffeinated products. Instead she was drinking diet soda, another caffeinated product Soda that was less terrible on her stomach.

The entire family were concerned for their friend. Donnie was also taking care of her companion in another med bay room. He was concerned that she might wake up and lash out not knowing where she was. So Donatello had put a sign on the door stating, “Possible volatile unconscious patient, please be careful before entering.” 

Everyone knows that you have to be careful with unconscious patients. Because waking up unaware of where you are can be disorienting. and cause emotional upset. Splinter sighed looking to his son beside him hanging up his shell cell. “Well, it looks like we MIGHT be able to get Donatello to earth. But they want a second person to go with him.” He rested forward on his cane again. “Their concern also it’s  going to cause a lot of political upset if he and his partner get found.” He added. 

Leo rubbed his temples under his blue dojo. After getting off the phone with bugs  he said, “Bugs has never seen Aoiro in his life before yesterday. So we’re going to have to ask her a few questions on how to take care of her if she’s going to be a part of this family. I just wish people would be more honest. Like Lucas, about his past, father.” Splinter looked thoughtful. 

“I have a feeling that the boy was taken care of by a human.” He finally said. Leo look shocked. “Sensei, what makes you think that!? There were no humans here before recently!” He reasoned with his father. Splinter looked at him quietly. “That maybe not true. There maybe humans amongst us. Very few though for quite some time. There were sympathizers with us on earth. I have a feeling they are being picked off first before us here on our planet.” Splinter theorized. 

Leonardo was stunned and wide-eyed at this revelation. Humans that actually supported Outworlders were rare. He had seen human sympathizers on earth, his wife has been one before she became a toon. After he changed her mind, that is saving her life has been a big effect on her. “So you’re telling me that the Earth sympathizers followed us here to inner world!?” He blinked as Splinter nodded. “How they got on the ship though, I don’t know. We were the only ones allowed on the ship. Us outer worlders.I don’t think humans were supposed to be on there. I think they might’ve stuck snuck on.”
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Aoiro woke up slowly. She looked around and panicked slightly when she saw the needle in her arm. She hated needles and had a good reason. She quickly took it out and shook her head. 

Glancing around, she saw Lucas and smiled. He looked tired. She immediately felt guilty for passing out in front of him.

She was not ready to answer any questions about her health if any were to come. She disliked anyone knowing about those types of things. 

"Hey, I just want you to know that it wasn't your fault I passed out. That happens every time I heal a big injury." After she was done speaking she smiled at him.

'I need to get out of here though. Problem with that is, I can't walk until my halo starts glowing again. Until then I'll get dizzy, making it hard to walk. Guess I might just have to avoid those questions. If there are any.' She thought as she looked at the ceiling and sighed.

She looked back at him and massaged her neck. It was a bit stiff, but that was normal. "How are you doing?" She asked. She wanted to know because he looked really tired and she was worried.

Lucas looked relieved to know that Aoiro was okay. He was even more relieved that he hadn't been the one to make her break. "I'm okay, I mean stiff as always because my elastic joints are too tight. But that's just something I deal with. I mean who doesn't have tight joints?" He giggled a little bit. 

Leatherhead looked up as he put the case file down. "Ah, Miss! How are you doing? I see you don't want us to talk to you about your medical situation. So we won't. But I do need to know that you'll be all right. As a medical professional I have to at least make sure you're stable before I can let you out of my medbay. Now I see the healing is what drains your energy." He nodded to her.

 "I have a prescription for you to at least sleep 8 hours tonight and to go get some food. You missed dinner it seems and don't argue with me. Otherwise I will sic a large alligator on you. Oh wait... that's me!" Leatherhead smiled amused. "I promise that I will not sic myself on you. But Lucas is here. I'm pretty sure he'll make sure you go eat once you're able to stand." Leatherhead chuckled.

 Lucas noded sternly and looked serious. "I most certainly will make sure she eats. If she doesn't, she'll have to get a lecture from me all the way until she turns 40." He didn't know why he picked the number 40. But it seemed like a good number. He looked at her now stern. "Look, you took care of me. So now I can take care of you. At least I can make you a peanut butter sandwich! I'm good at making those!" he smiled amused now that he didn't have to be serious and stern. "Come on you'll be okay just relax and don't be dizzy. That way we can get you some peanut butter!" 

Leatherhead smiled laughing at this. "Well, looks like we have a Gordon Ramsay on our hands. Miss Aoiro, I see that you're being taken care of. I shall see my way out for the time being." Leatherhead turned and left the medbay room. Lucas smiled back at him. "You know for a big alligator I was expecting more "Rawr" and not "Eh" from him when I first came to the family. But he's an okay guy for an uncle. Now I'd hate to see what he would be like as an aunt. That would be one tiny alligator." Lucas joked and then he looked to the door again. As if he was reading something. His smile was replaced by a frown. 

"Grandpa splinter apparently just spoke with a bunch of the mayora from other districts. They want somebody to go with Uncle Donatello to Earth. I don't want them to go to Earth. We should just all stay here and get along with the humans. But nobody's listening to me." Lucas looked down depressed. "Why is it every time I say something in this family they don't listen to me? I have a feeling that the humans are not going to want us to go to Earth." He whispered.
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Aoiro sighed in relief. 'Thank god, no questions. Now I have to figure out how to get out of eating-' She thought as she glanced around. Lucas would never let her not eat. 

She smiled when he told her about the peanut butter sandwich. "Wow, didn't know we had amazing cooks in the family." She said with another smile.

She frowned when she heard about earth. "Hmm. It might be for the best, though. We need to figure out if they're lying. If you want, I can see if I could go with him to keep him safe." She did want to go to earth, but it was to fulfill her promise to him. That she would try making peace with the humans if he let her heal him.

"They probably won't want us down there, but that means they might be hiding something. I don't know, seems suspicious. I'm sure everyone will be fine though. Donatello's good with thing's like this."

It was true. She did think everyone would be fine. At least until the humans came to attack. She wondered when they would. 'I'd say we have a couple of months tops.' she thought with a slight nod. They needed to get everyone ready.

Lucas look thankful to Aoiro and he took her hand in his. "You'd really do that for me!? You'd protect my uncle Donnie!? Thank you! You're such an amazing person. Can I tell you a secret and you promise you won't tell my current mom and dad?" Lucas looked down and gulped.

"Well, it's not really a secret I guess. It's more of a story. Since you told me yours I guess I can tell you mine." Lucas looked down hesitant but began. "7 years ago on Earth, I was a human. I was only 5 years old. My biological mom and biological dad had gotten divorced. This was right when the other cartoons started to show up. It was hard for me and my mom to struggle by. We didn't have a lot of money." He explained.

 "My mom worked two jobs and I was always with a abusive babysitter. Every time I got "hurt" the babysitter would just haul me to a hospital. She lied to them about me falling down some stairs. Why I had this bruise or that bruise and the hospital always believed her. I was too scared to say anything. She threatened to hurt me more if I ever said anything to anyone. Even my mom. That's why every time I see a hospital or even step near one I panic. It reminds me of my old babysitter.," He choked out. 

"Then one day when my mom put me to bed... I felt funny. As I felt asleep like something was different with me. But it wasn't different enough for me not to  asleep. I woke up this morning and found out that I was a doll! A gigantic doll!" He seemed bitter about the last part.

 "I was still five though and I remember who I was. I still remembered that I was Lucas. I still remembered my biological mom. I ran to her scared and instead of being angry at me for being different than when I went to bed. She understood. She said that it was something called "cartoonization". It was something that was spreading through the air. It was kind of a disease. A virus is what she called it." He closed his eyes. 

"I was scared because I didn't want to have cartoonization. My biological mom was a scientist, it was one of her two jobs. She said bad people had made the virus on purpose. But she never said why. She said that I would have to go away and she wasn't allowed to go with me. This made me and my mom super upset." Lucas was fighting back tears now.

 "We had already lost my dad. He didn't want to be around either of us. He started a new family with a new lady. We didn't exist anymore to him." Lucas looked down at the last part and he closed his eyes sniffling. "So my biological mom snuck onto the ship with me. She put in prosthetic fangs in her mouth to pretend she was a vampire. She carried me on. I grew up in District B, the neighboring District to this one. Because this is District A. I grew up in the woods.  My biological mom and me were happy." He went on.

 "But my biological dad had some how found out that we were here on inner world. He had found out that my mom was not a cartoon. That she was a sympathizer. He came to Inner world with a bunch of human officials and murdered my mom! That's how I learned about what killing. My biological dad chased me out of the house and into the woods! He was trying to kill me next! I ended up cracking myself a lot, running into trees. Finally, he lost me and I found myself here! After running and running for what felt like forever! " Lucas shook a bit scared at the memories. 

"I begged them to let me stay and they wanted to know my story. But I didn't want to tell them that my biological mom was human and that she had died! That other humans were on Inner world! My biological mom had always told me that humans had very few sympathizers for us cartoons in it. That she was one and one day she would find a way to cure cartoonization. She wanted try to get the two different races to live in peace. That's why I am so convinced that we can live in peace with the humans. Because my biological mom believed in it and so do I. That's why I knew that there were bad humans still. I knew you were right about that because of my biological dad. But my mom was a sympathizer and they are good humans! I just hope that they're more out there like my biological mom!"
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"Of course, I would." She said with a smile as she listened to his story. 'He's so strong.' She thought as she listened. She wasn't going to treat him like a baby and say -I'm so sorry you had to go through that at a young age- because truth was, you can't change the past. Trying to do so only makes it worse.

She put a hand on his shoulder and nodded. "Thank you for being brave enough to tell me." She said with a smile as she continued. "My sources tell me that all of the sympathizers are in a camp somewhere on earth. I will try my hardest to both make peace and save the sympathizers." As she said this a hopeful look crossed her face. Maybe they could live in peace. If she could just get the humans to understand.

Soon her halo started glowing and her energy levels returned to normal. "I have to go talk to the others about going to earth. I'll talk to you later, okay?" She said with a smile as she got up and walked out to find the others.

When she found them she walked in with a serious expression on her face. It was a different look than her usual calm and might scare a normal person. She leaned against a wall and waited for them to stop talking.

Elektra had crashed in her husband's arms. Leo was holding her with his hand stroking her back. He and Splinter looked up. Splinter nodded to her smiling softly. "Ah, it seems that our friend is awake. Hello, you need to speak with us it seems?" He said gently. He was trying to be as welcoming as possible.

 "As you saw before and heard me, I am splinter Hamato. I am for the most part the one in charge of our family. I hear from my son Leonardo here, you are Aoiro. I see you have made good friends with my grandson Lucas. I won't lie, he is one of my favorite grandchildren." Splinter chuckled.

Leonardo rolled his eyes. "Sure father. You don't spoil all the kids at least one time out of the day." He muttered. Splinter ignored the jab at his job of being a grandfather. He continued on speaking to the Aoiro. "Are you well enough to be standing, my dear? Trust me, as an elderly man with medical problems I always question if you're strong enough to stand." He seemed to stand up slowly and look her over from where he was.

 "Well, you look good enough. But I have a feeling you're not here because of your medical problems. You want to speak with us about the situation with the humans? Well, we're going to be able to get my son Donatello to Earth. But just barely financially. From there he's going to have to inspect the Earth and see if what the humans are saying is true. Then return home and make reports back to the family and our mayor Bugs Bunny. With that we'll decide what to do next" Splinter was being honest with her.

 The humans were encroaching more and more onto the inner world and Splinter was becoming uncomfortable. It was only a matter of time before one of his family members was attacked. He couldn't let this happen. Not on his watch. This young lady seemed to be determined to help. He was going to tell her no. He wanted her to be careful. 

She was full of life. He would be very upset if that was snuffed out in any form or fashion. He'd already lost a couple of children and that still tore at his hear. "We tried working with some villains a few years ago." He added. "That were very similar to the humans. I suppose you've heard of a villain known as the Shredder. My daughter-in-law here had an older brother named Jonathan." Splinter drooped his ears.

 "Jonathan tried to speak with the shredder and the shredder killed him. We now have adopted his two sons. Zander and Nikolai. Last night Zander had a meltdown when he found out that his father had been murdered by the shredder. The same enemy that has been attacking our family for several years." He closed his eyes.

 "Zander wants to go against the Shredder. But with the humans coming against us, they seem to be a greater enemy right now than he is. I will be honest with you, my dear. We are surrounded by nasty people. Are you certain you want to help this family knowing what you know now?" Splinter rested leaning on his cane. 

Leonardo froze looking to Aoiro and held his sleeping wife tighter. He didn't blame her if she wanted to leave. They weren't a huge mess. A lot of people were not strong enough to do the things that this family did. But he had a feeling that she might stay and he was hopeful for it.
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"I will worry about my health." She said quietly. She wasn't trying to be rude but she also didn't like going into detail about her health in general. 

"I made a promise to Lucas and I intend to fulfill it. There are still sympathizers out there on earth. I intend to try and save them. The only reason they are still alive is that they know something. They could be useful." She didn't tell them about her second plan to make peace which could be highly dangerous. She would deal with that herself. One way or the other she knew she was going to get herself to earth. No matter what it took. 

"I have experience with pain and loss. I will not be scared away by it. If you think that dying scares me you're sadly mistaken. I have the scars to prove it. If they come after the people I love then they have another thing coming for them."

She glanced around making eye contact with everyone in the room as she said it. She would not reveal Lucas's past or how she might be planning to kill his father as well.  "I know what you're thinking. You're gonna say no. I'll have you know I don't intend to lose my spirit anytime soon. I will fight, no matter what you say. I fought this war before it was even an official thing." 

Her halo was glowing brighter than ever. It might even hurt somebody's eyes if they looked at it too long. The gem on her forehead had also started glowing and her tattoos were back to swaying in an unknown wind. She was growing in power.

Leo quietly tried to explain the gravity of the situation as he looked down rubbing his wife’s back again. “It’s not fear of dying that we’re afraid you might have. It’s the fear of not knowing what will happen next that scares a lot of people off.” He explained.

“We don’t know if that if earth is in condition to traverse on. You could step off that ship and explode because there’s no oxygen. Or poison in the air. We have no clue what’s going on there. We’re going in completely blind. The mayors of the districts don’t have enough finances to send a probe. Believe it or not, a ship is cheaper than a probe.” he rolled his eyes. “Like that makes any sense.” he muttered.

Splinter glanced towards Donatello as he came in. Donatello didn’t look happy. He had a clipboard in hand. He had come up with 60,000 reasons why he of all people, should not go. “Can I stay at my case, please?” He began. Splinter smirked and his son knew the answer. “We’ve already planned for you to go. Miss Aoiro, here is going to go with you.” Donnie turn his head slowly and his eyes widened. He dropped his clipboard, as it clattered to the ground.

“What!? I’m going with a kid!? Whose bright idea was this!? I’m going to have to babysit a kid! There’s no way she could be back up!” He started protesting and Leo looked to a Aoiro rolling his eyes. He was trying to speak over his protesting brother who marched over to Splinter. He was trying to beg him to keep the kid from going. Leo ignored Donnie. “He has a tendency to over think things. He’s my tactical right hand man. But like I said he overthinks things and he’s not big on kids at all. That’s why he mostly stays in the lab. He is a homebody and he likes being comfortable.” Leonardo teased.

 “You’all have to work on him. Maybe you can rub off on each other and get him to lighten up?” Leo snickered. Donatello  looked over, giving his brother a dirty look. “I highly doubt that. I am the life of the party. I’m a pure delight.” Donatello said sarcastically. Splinter groaned. “Buddha, can you please explain to me how I got such smart shelled children? That would be grand if you could explain that to me.” He muttered under his breath praying quietly.
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Aoiro glared at him when he called her a child and walked out of the room before they could see her hands burst into bright blue flames. 'I am not dealing with this right now.' She thought as she shook her head and walked out of the house

.She shook off the flames on her hands and kept walking going farther away from the house. She walked into a patch of trees and climbed into one. She jumped from tree to tree with great speed as she finally reached one she liked and sat down.

'At least I can go to earth and fulfill my promise to Lucas.' She thought as she glanced around, listening to the breeze rustle the leaves on the trees. She began to get tired and eventually fell asleep in the tree hoping nobody would worry about her sudden disappearance.

Donatello looked up surprised that she had taken him seriously. He looked apologetic to Leonardo. Leo gave him a stern. "Go find her and apologize for what you said! You know people don't always take your sarcasm in the family as jokes!" Splinter nodded not too happy either with Donnie's behavior. 

Donatello sighed, he actually did like Aoiro. That's why he had teased so hard. But he wasn't good at socializing. Inside he instantly felt like a heel. He went off to find her. He hadn't mean to be cruel. He trudged away from the safety of the home with bo staff on his shelf. He looked this way and that, calling for her.

 He rubbed the back of his head. "Man, I really need to learn to be more funny when I'm joking. I don't see her as a kid. I was just being melodramatic. How do I explain that to her?" Donatello knew the only person who seemed to understand him was Leatherhead. 

His lab partner. He closed his eyes feeling worse now. "Yeah, the only person who listens to me in the family too." He kept walking up and down the block trying to find her to no avail. But then something from behind. Struck him hard in the back of the head. Donatello saw stars as he crashed to the ground on all fours. "You shouldn't be so easily blind.  You're getting weak." A female voice snickered.

 It was karai, the daughter of the Shredder. She had a baseball bat in hand and was smirking amused. Donatello shook his head dazed. He had a bloody beak and he knew there would be a knot on the back of his skull. At least she hadn't hit hard enough to crack anything. He slowly reached for his bo staff on his shell. "Go ahead, keep reaching for your stick and the next time I see your brother Leo I'll make sure to rip his shell off." she raised the baseball bat again.

She ready to strike Donatello again. "Do not threaten my brother! I know you and him might not get along! That you and him have a weird relationship! But you need to let it go that he's with my sister-in-law, Elektra!" He growled. No one threatened his older brother! Karai gritted her teeth enraged now. "I have no clue what you're talking about!" She hissed.

 Donatello road rolled his eyes. "Look we know you had a relationship with him. Behind the Shredder's back and behind our back. Everyone knows about it." The next thing he saw was stars again. She had struck him again and this time he collapsed to the ground unconscious. "Father's going to enjoy this one!" She's smiekef grabbing him by the arm and drug him towards a van across the rough pavement. There stood 3 foot soldiers watching her blankly stunned outside the unmarked van. She had actually gotten a turtle this time and they were kind of impressed!
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Aoiro appeared in front of her, glowing brightly. He might've called her a child but she still had a protection rune on him that warned her if he was in danger. She had a protection rune on everyone in the house. They just didn't know. 

"Put him the fuck down." She snarled as her eyes began glowing white. He was not getting away from her that easily. She quickly summoned her double-bladed katanas. She could only summon certain things. Not everything. Things she had a connection to.

She struck first, flipping over the strange girl and cutting her on the cheek. She landed and spun around, only to be plunged in the face. She had let her guard down. 'Focus.' She thought as she took a few steps backward, holding her face and wincing. 

The girl pulled out a knife and stabbed Aoiro with it. She winced and wrapped her arm around the girl's arm and twisted it behind her back. Pulling up, she broke her arm.

She glanced back at Donatello and got even angrier. Her whole body burst into bright blue flames, so all you could see were her glowing eyes and katanas through the flames. She teleported up and swept the girl's legs out from under her, elbowing her in the chest as she fell.

She smiled as she heard her skull crack on the pavement. She still got up though. 'Damn-' she thought as she readied herself again and glared. She ran up and roundhouse kicked her in the head, watching as she stepped back holding her wound. She took this time to strike and hit her on the head with the hilt of her sword, knocking them out. 

The soldiers had been watching and she easily killed them, leaving them in the streets. She then grabbed Donatello and teleported back to the house, cursing as loud as she could. She held her stab wound, which was on her side, and winced. She'd had worse wounds, but they hadn't been inflicted while she was using that much power. She would pay for it later. 

She still had to use more power, though. She healed Donatello which took all of the energy she had left and passed out, hitting the ground hard. 'Please don't let any of the kids see me.' She thought before her mind went completely blank and darkness settled in.

Donatello was unconscious and bleeding on the back of his head. But it wasn't serious. He hadn't been conscious to see what Aoiro had done to Karai. He was limp in her arms as he weakly groafed. Leonardo was starting to become concerned and he headed towards the front door to try and find the two of them.

 "I just hope Donatello didn't do anything foolish to upset her even more." He muttered exhausted by the days events. "Right, when I think we're going to actually have a normal day something crazy happens." Leo said kept talking to himself.

 "I'm just glad that the kids are asleep and so is my wife. Now if there would be a second in the day where I could get some sleep..." He said wryly.  He opened the front door looking out hoping to find the two of them. Hoping that nothing had happened to make any situation worse.

 "Please, please, tell me that the two of them are okay." he said overtly worried. But it was oddly...too quiet outside and this didn't sit well with Leo. He stepped out onto the front porch. "Donnie...Aoiro?" He called out tempted to grab his Katanas off his shell and make a patrol of the block to find them.
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She was still passed out and desperately trying to swim toward consciousness. 'Come on, wake up.' she thought. 'Wait, I can think?' She asked herself as she stirred slightly. 'So much pain...' She thought as she felt blood, pooling around her and on her shirt. She was bleeding a lot.

She imagined herself being in her mind, a black void of nothingness with doors everywhere. She walked into random ones, and memories began flashing through her mind. 

It was a spring day and she watched the humans spying on the house. She wounded a few, making them fall back. she had made a mistake though, they had seen her. She sighed and walked away, thinking it was over, that maybe they would go home now. After all, she had severely injured quite a few. She didn't know how wrong she was as a few days later she was walking into her house when someone grabbed her arms and shoved her to her knees, holding her head up to watch the execution of her family. She had hoped beyond hope that one had gotten away, but they were all there. Her mother, her father, and the 6-year-old twins. She screamed as she watched them stab them repeatedly until they went limp. The humans beat her severely and left her for dead after. She stared death in the eyes. Now she wasn't afraid of it. That's when the memory ended. She knew there was more. Like when someone came to save her but she decided not to recall it. 

After that, she destroyed all medical records of her and lived as off the grid as she could. not drawing attention to herself until she and her team had killed all of the remaining bad humans on the planet. her rage had kept her going back then, but that wasn't reliable so she switched up and now she was here. Staring death in the face again. If she didn't get medical care soon, she would die. 'I don't want any medical care...' She thought dully as she tried to wake up again. Was she in some type of coma?

Leonardo found the two of them and the empty van. Karai had gotten away. He saw the foot soldiers bloodied and dead. Apparently Donnie and Aoiro were a good team. Leo looked away quietly wondering what had happened with Karai. He sniffed the air and he tensed. Yes, her blood was here too in this all. 

He ended up carrying the two home on his shoulders to the Med Bay. Leatherhead gently cared for the two. Leonardo rushed to his bedroom wound up. Elektra now that it was morning was awake. Just barely. Vampire's were supposed to be nocturnal. But she never liked following the rules.

 Leo had not had a single wink of sleep. Electrolux was pale and had not fed in quite some time. He was worried but reported his upset. "She's back she's bleeding." He whispered. Elektra bitterly shrugged and looked away.

 "What do I care? We tried." She huffed. They were referencing something that had happened apparently a long time ago. Leo looked pained at her worried about her not feeding.  But Elektra snapped around and glared at him. "We are not giving her another chance. You, I, and J gave her a chance and look what she did! She reminded him.

 Leo backed away. His vampire had said, "No" and he knew what that meant. Leo nodded quietly. "She injured Donnie and Aoiro." He added quiet. Elektra gritted her fangs. "We will take care of that first. Then we'll discuss what to do with her when we find her. Just another issue we have on top of the humans." Elektra ran her hand through her tousled hair. 

She had not slept well, even though Leo had comforted her a part of the night. "This just can't keep going on. There's got to be some sort of of break in all of this." She muttered quietly. Leo looks sympathetic to his wife. He didn't know what to say. But she was at a breaking point, he remembered the last time she had gotten this stressed out. "I love you." he said reassuringly. She looked up pained, but smiled weakly. "I'm sorry, I snapped. I just don't want you getting hurt again. Leo okay?" She said quietly. Leo nodded and pulled her into his arms out of her chair where she sat in their bedroom. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." He whispered again.
-Pr3ss-Aoiro Hikari   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

Aoiro woke up, panicking she looked around a debated screaming. She couldn't sit up. It hurt too much. She began having a panic attack. Her breathing got faster and her vision went in and out. She dug her nails into her arm and winced at the pain. 

She kept doing this as she tried to think, but clouds blocked her mind. She vaguely remembered hurting some girl to save someone... who was it? She asked herself as she glanced around frantically. Her mind was stuck in danger mode.

She began sweating but it was freezing and she sat there shivering as she squeezed her eyes shut and her arm started bleeding from her nails. Her whole body hurt. She couldn't think... she hadn't eaten in days.

Her health was not good, but she didn't share that with anyone. She hoped they hadn't found out. She had an IV in her arm again but was too caught up completely panicking to notice.

Leatherhead watched his now three patients. The enormous alligator was lost on how to care for the two females. His nephew Spot, stepped into his uncle's lab. He looked surprised shocked to see the two new comers and now Donatello in a medbay bed. But as emotion drained from his face. He had an emotional display disorder. 

He swished his tail. "So are these people and uncle Donatello hurt, Uncle Leatherhead?" He said monotone. Leatherhead nodded and he sighed walking over to Donatello and rested a massive clawed hand on Donatello's three fingered hand. "Yes, I am unsure as to help the two young ladies. Your uncle Donatello just has a nasty concussion. 

He should wake in a bit. I have an ice pack on the back of his head. He should be fine." Leatherhead sighed and rumbled softly. Spot recognized the soft rumble and he blinked. " Does Uncle Donatello know that you like him?" Leatherhead looked up shocked that he was that easy to read! 

"You cannot tell him that!" He said panicked and for the first time in awhile...Spot grinned. But this last only for about five minutes. "I promise I won't tell him. I will leave that to you to do. I am sorry I asked." Spot looked to the other two patients cocking his head again. 

"They're really pretty." He stepped closer curious and put a gentle hand on Aoiro worried about the tiny girl. Spot was a bit shorter then Leatherhead. He though was a very caring person even though he had issues displaying emotions.
-Pr3ss-Aoiro Hikari   55d ago
||-Esc@p3 th3 0rd!n@ry-||

The sudden touch snapped her out of whatever was wrong with her and she glanced around, trying to sit up. 
"I am not staying in this bed for long." She commented as she stared Leatherhead in the eyes. 

She felt lightheaded and weak, probably from not eating. She knew eating wouldn't help though so she ignored it and gently prodded the spot where she had been stabbed. She had stitches. 

Closing her eyes, she sighed and ran her hand through her hair, making it messy. She couldn't believe she had gotten hurt. At least she had saved Donatello, though. 

As she looked at her arm she saw the IV and went to take it out. She hated needles.

Once again Kyron was out to cause trouble. He had heard that the new girl had saved his uncle. He was thoroughly impressed. He wanted to go met and see what she was like. He also had his own agenda. Maybe he could convince her to become a training dummy? Wait,no! that would get her hurt. tHe was jesting to himself as he snickered smirking.

Maybe he could train her to be a dog walker? No, then she’d have to actually put up with other bitches. Kyron was not exactly fond of women. He tolerated them at best. He sighed and peeked in the medbay. Oh, she had met Spot, the giant anthropomorphic kitty cat. Grand. That was not going to end well. Time to step in.

He snapped his fingers freezing time. He winced and felt the pull on his shadow mana a.k.a. his black magic. He stepped in where only he and her could move with time frozen around them. He sauntered into the room grinning. “How are you my dear lady!? So I hear you want to fight the supposed humans that are here! Lovely! But you also want to go to earth to try to make peace with them at the same time!? Ew! Do you really know what you want?” He smirked crossing his arms.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m the chaos inducer and king of disaster, Kyron! Besides sad and pathetically stupid Zander. I’m here to make you an offer you just can’t refuse! So here’s the idea... stop hanging out with Lucas. Hang out with me and we can have a whole shit ton of fun!” he grinned toothily, showing his fangs. 

He was trying to act friendly. “I saw you fighting earlier, you seem to do pretty pretty good. That is if you’re fighting air.” He was referencing the fact that she had been training earlier, he was also a horrible tease. He looked down at his pointed nails and then looked back at her. His humor, smile, and friendliness had disappeared. He was serious, aggressively honest, and had a dangerous and angry look in his eyes.

“Look, I can tell you for a fact an absolute fact that the humans are not going to want peace. Lucas is an idiot. I know about his human mom. She got murdered poor poor Lucas. Boo whoo! Not any human is worth saving. I say slaughter them all and take earth back. If it’s in good condition, that is.” Kyron rolled his eyes at the last part. “This “family” is a complete joke. My uncle Dezerah is right on that one. My mother and everyone here are complete hypocrites. We Inner worlders deserve power and we deserve everything that the humans have. Join me.” He smirked again at the end.


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