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LIVEʙʟᴜ   66d ago

[left [pic]] [google-font] [center [size15 [abel [b [#278ED6 “Ba, ba, ba, mmhm…”]] Akio hummed gently, tucked in the back seat of the group van. The group van was a simple, nondescript white van with darkly tinted windows that hid the passengers from prying eyes. Similarly Akio was dressed to avoid unnecessary attention as well. His midnight blue hair was pulled up into a short ponytail and tucked in such a way to hide the vibrant cyan strands and further hidden by the black baseball cap that he wore. His face was covered by the combination of a black face mask and his favorite pair of yellow, round lens sunglasses. The color combination made his usually bright, smokey blue eyes appear closer to a hazel color.

The young idol was also dressed simply for the day but not without being stylish. He wore a plain black t-shirt with a grey hoodie that had a gradient of growing darker towards the sleeves and hem. A simple choker and chain adorned his neck and his ears caught the light from the many piercings he had. Dark, painted nails tapped at his bare skin through the rips in his blue jeans as he kept the beat he hummed. Air pods were playing the recent draft of a song he’d been working on.

He hoped his lowkey outfit would keep any fans from recognizing him as a member of [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block]. The management had been repeatedly stressing how important it was for him to keep others from finding out where he would be staying in the week to come. It would be bad enough to have fans swarming him but it would be worse to have the groups stalker catch wind of any of their locations.

Akio looked out at the unfamiliar university campus as the van drove towards his temporary residence in the athletics dorm. The dormitory was selected since SPC was one of the major sponsors for Yanagi University and had gifted the state of the art dormitory for the athletics division. Actually it was a series of dormitories. Typically one dormitory building had three different sports teams staying in it and Yanagi University was renowned for both its athletics and arts departments in recent years. The dormitories had not only been upgraded with great amenities but also better security. Compared to the idol dorms that Akio and the other [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block] members had been staying in which had several people constantly coming and going this was meant to be safer. Or at least harder for their stalker to get access to.

It was strange to think that this place he’d only been to three times was actually his university. He could barley recall the last time he was here; he was pretty sure it was for a work-study interview with the music program director. One of the perks of being an active celebrity was that the university was more than willing to have him as a student even if he didn’t attend classes just so they could brag about having cultivated someone with fame. Since he was a student here it would be easier to excuse his staying in the dorms. And he wouldn’t be staying there alone.

[b [#278ED6 “Is Ai busy today?”]] Akio asked, pulling one of his earbuds out.

His manager, Miss Ito, was sitting in the passenger seat of the van furiously scrolling and typing and on her phone. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a sleek ponytail and she was dressed stylishly in black leather fitted pants, and black pointed ankle boot heels, and a pale cream colored long sleeved, V-neck shirt. [b [#AB7109 “Yes, he has a photoshoot this morning. Hideki took him this morning from the hotel,”]] After they had discovered the stalker the company had the boys stay in hotel until their current living arrangements had been settled. Nishihara Hideki was Ai’s personal agent for his modeling and acting endeavors, honestly he and Miss Ito did not get along. Akio always figured it was a territorial thing between the two of them. [b [#AB7109 “Once we get you settled into the dormitory I have to leave to take care of Toma and Jun in their lodgings,”]] Similarly to how Ai would be staying with Akio at the athletic dormitory Toma and Jun would be living together. Seiichi was in a different city filming a period drama, under the care of the filming crew they didn’t need to worry about him or work out where he would need to stay. At least not for a while.

[b [#AB7109 “We’ve already moved all your luggage into the dorm and unpacked. Except for Ai’s things. He was adamant that we [i [#BF41B2 ‘not touch his things’]],”]] Miss Ito sound tired when she spoke about Ai but Akio couldn’t really blame her, Ai was a lot to handle. Ai had a tendency to be overly particular about the things he liked and the things he didn’t like and Akio had the misfortune to witness several of his tantrums when things did not go his way. The tantrum he had thrown when they found out they wouldn’t be allowed to stay in their own homes while the company dealt with the stalker was a particularly nasty one. [b [#AB7109 “I noticed you didn’t have any of your hair or skin products in your luggage, did you forget to pack them? I could swing by after settling Toma and Jun and bring them over tonight, or?”]]

[b [#278ED6 “Oh no, that was on purpose,”]] Akio quickly clarified. [b [#278ED6 “When Ai found out we’d be in a dorm where we’d be sharing a bathroom he sort of flipped,”]] Honestly, saying that Ai had flipped was a bit of an understatement compared to the meltdown Ai had, [b [#278ED6 “he messaged me and begged me not to bring my stuff. He promised to share his products and you know Ai, he always has the best products.”]]

Miss Ito laughed and agreed with Akio’s assessment. It was to be expected of a model who did makeup and skincare commercials and endorsements. The van slowed to a stop in the parking lot nearest to the dormitory; Akio grabbed his two guitar cases, his electric guitar case was slung on to his back, and he caried his acoustic guitar by the handle. When he exited the van he noticed a few students looking over, he had to stifle his instinct to smile and wave at them. His idol response was too ingrained in him at this point. A few girls seemed to be looking at his hair and whispering so Akio adjusted his cap and kept his face pointed down trying to keep them from noticing anything. Luckily Miss Ito quickly stepped up and began walking him to the dormitory.

[b [#AB7109 “Since the move was sudden the company wasn’t able to get you and Ai a single dormitory to yourselves so you’ll be rooming with two other students. They’re in the athletics department, obviously. The two of them should have already been informed that you would be moving in though they weren’t told who you are.”]] Miss Ito explained, as they entered the building. She scanned an ID card at the door to enter inside and Akio was very aware of the security guard seated at a nearby desk. Looks like the security really was better. Since Akio was a student his ID card had been given access the dormitory as well and Ai would be given the same access. Only the athletics students who stayed in that particular dormitory and a few faculty and staff had access the building which would keep the two idols safe.

[b [#278ED6 “You didn’t tell them?”]] Akio asked as he tugged down his face mask to be better heard. [b [#278ED6 “Don’t you think it’ll be awkward for them when they find out that Ai and I staying there?”]] He couldn’t help but worry that the presence of two idols would disrupt the other two students and make them uncomfortable.

[b [#AB7109 “We didn’t want it to get out where the two of you would be staying, especially before we got you two settled. Though it was stressed that they were not to discuss any details regarding their roommates’ situation, so it shouldn’t be a problem going forward,”]] It seemed the two of them were worrying about completely different things. [b [#AB7109 “As it’s still early the two are likely to be in classes currently so you’ll have time to rest and settle in before they return and before Hideki brings Ai over later this afternoon.”]]

Akio nodded as they rode the elevator up to the top floor of the dormitory building, where his room was located. Miss Ito had Akio scan his student card to get into the dorm, for security and privacy reasons Miss Ito had been given access to the building but not the dorm room itself. The blue haired boy listened to his manager explain that the doorbell to the dorm had a camera so if anyone came by they would be able to check and he was supposed to always look at the camera before opening the door for anyone. He nodded along while they took off their shoes at the entrance.

Sure enough the other to students who lived in the dorm were not yet back. The dorm was nice, very luxurious and the furniture had a modern and sophisticated vibe that reflected the tastes of President Sakai. Ai would like it too. But what Akio noticed most was the mess, there were clothes and sports equipment laying around and Akio noticed bottles and cups sitting out on the coffee table next to a gaming controller, the gaming console appeared to be partially hidden by a jersey that was tossed over it. While looking around Akio noticed a round, fluffy, grey lump on one of the chairs. As he looked the lump raised its head to look back at him.

[b [#278ED6 “They own a cat?”]] Akio said setting his guitar cases down and kneeling next to the chair. Slowly he reached out his hand to let the feline sniff. The grey, grumpy faced cat looked at him with a feeling of disinterest before lightly sniffing at his outstretched hand. After a moment the cat seemed to lose interest, sneezed, plopped its head back down on the cushion before rolling over on its back, and stretching. Akio chuckled lightly and gingerly scratched at the side of the cat’s jaw below it’s ear, a rough, rumbling purr sounded. This one was less friendly than the cat Toma kept; Francois. Then again Francois was the kind of cat that would leap into a stranger’s arms to get pets.

[b [#AB7109 “Oh yes, they do. I think they mentioned that the cats name was Fuzzball or something?”]] Miss Ito said, before leading him to his room. Both his and Ai’s room were to the right of the common room, down a hallway that also led to their shared bathroom. The dorm room was sparsely decorated, he had only packed up his necessities and few luxuries to make it more comfortable a stay. Mostly what he had brought were wireless speakers to play his music on and his various music composition notebooks. The bed only had the standard dormitory bedsheets and there were no posters or art on the walls to brighten up the room. The only thing that gave even a hint of personality was the glass jar full of hard candies and cough drops that was shaped to look like an open plastic bag.. Honestly, looking at the place made him feel a little depressed. Maybe he’d a get a plant or something to liven it up. Just as Miss Ito had told him his things had been put away, his clothes were in the dresser drawers and hung in the closet and his computer had been set up for him.

About half an hour later, Miss Ito departed needing to get his other group members settled into their own temporary lodgings. She told him to message her if he needed anything and he saw her out before crashing onto his bed. This whole situation was shitty. After his brief episode of paralyzing anxiety over having to stay in the dorms he sat up. It was pretty quiet and his schedule was severely pared down for the next few days. Normally he had rehearsals, voice lessons, dance lessons, music workshops, styling appointments, variety shows, etc. But now he suddenly had a block of time to himself without anyone else around. Grabbing his phone he sent a quickly message to his parents and his siblings to let them know he was at his new place, and updated the group chat he had with the other members of [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block]. Sitting up he decided he’d spend his time doing something productive and opened up his guitar case for his acoustic guitar. He fussed for a few minutes, grabbing the composition notebook he’d been working in most recently and then trying to find a comfortable position on the bed and resolving to get a comfy, fucking chair for the dorm like the one he had at home asap. Once he was satisfied he began to strum the same melody he’d been humming in the van earlier.

As he played the door to his room was slowly pushed open by the cat from earlier who seemed to be investigating the source of the music. Akio who was focused on his playing didn’t notice until he heard a meow come up from the foot of his bed. [b [#278ED6 “Oh, did you come to listen little guy?”]] Akio said, speaking to the cat. [b [#278ED6 “Want to come up and be my audience? Not to brag but the last cat I played for seemed pretty pleased with me.”]]

The idol tried to entice the cat up on the bed by patting the comforter a few times. Fortunately the cat seemed to interested enough to hop up and approach him. He plucked a few cords for the cat to hear; their snout, which was a paler grey than the rest of their body, inquisitively pointed forward sniffing at his hands and the guitar he held with them. Tilting its head and meowing when the sound came from his plucking. Laughingly lightly when he saw the cat not leaving due to the sound he sang a little nursery rhyme about a cat where most of the lyrics were [i ‘nya’], it was the type of song his fans would probably die to hear from him since it was very different from the songs of the group and his stage persona but it was surprisingly a song he’d sung many times. His younger brother used to really like to listen to him sing nursery songs and Toma’s cat also seemed to like this song, so he had played it a lot. It was to the point that everyone in the group could sing the song perfectly at the drop of a hat.

Just like Francois this cat seemed to also like the song and decided to lay down while listening to Akio play and sing. After a few fun songs Akio returned to working on his earlier composition, playing and occasionally jotting things down on his open composition notebook. Whenever he was writing the cat would reach out to bat at his pen with his paws, when he did the boy typically took a moment to playfully poke at the cat and jiggle the pen for him to bat some more.

Busy with his song writing and occasional play time with the cat Akio hardly noticed time passing before suddenly the sound of his door hitting the wall made him jump in his skin and abruptly cut off his singing. Looking up he noticed two unfamiliar young men. For a second his body tensed with the unfamiliarity before realizing that these two were probably his temporary roommates. [b [#278ED6 “Oh, um, hello?”]] Akio greeted awkwardly, [b [#278ED6 “Was I bothering you?”]] ]]]
mutahawk   65d ago

[center [size15 [abel The sun beat down on the soccer field, assaulting anyone who dared to work in its heat. Shouts and laughter filled the stadium as a group of boys bound across the grass in formation. They weaved in and out of one another, a ball passing between long legs.
A figure bolted up from behind, stealing the ball effortlessly. His feet crossed one over the other in a graceful dance. He swung his right leg back and drove it into the ball, sending it flying into the net of the goal. The Great Wall of a man playing goalie dove for the projectile but it was too fast and zipped just beyond his fingertips.

A roar of cheers erupted from the team. They lept in the air, hollering and bumping their chests together. Sweat dripped from their brows and clung to their orange and black jerseys.

[#660000 [b “Awoooh!”]] Howled the player that scored the goal. He jogged towards the goal keeper, his long pale legs rippled with power as his feet pounded the ground. His messy black hair glistened with sweat in the midday light. He tackled the goalie, felling him like a tree.

[b [#000066 “Jesus, Shinra!”]] The man wheezed as the air knocked from his lungs. He wrestled with the smaller, dark haired male for a moment before pinning him to the ground. Their chests rose and fell rapidly as they tried to catch their breath.

Shinra pursed his lips in defiance, obviously salty that the goalie won their little squabble. He wriggled underneath the larger man for a moment before letting out an exasperated sigh. [#660000 [b “Isn’t this a little gay Takumi?”]] Shinra inquired with a waggle of his eyebrows. His stormy grey eyes sparkled impishly.

Takumi stared back at him unbothered by his question. Just as he was about to reply with something most likely offensive, another body barreled into them. One after another, their teammates dog-piled on. Shrina tapped the ground frantically with one arm in an attempt to forfeit. After a few moments of struggle, the boys untangled themselves and dispersed.

[b [#993366 “Good game guys!”]] Called a handsome dark-skinned man. His black and orange striped jersey read Sakai in block letters. He bumped knuckles with a short blond boy with pale eyes as the two headed towards the locker rooms. The blond boy turned to look at Shinra who was crawling to his knees, his jersey stained with grass and his perpetual messy black hair even worse than usual. They locked eyes and the blond stuck his tongue out and flipped him off. 

[#660000 [b “Love ya Fujii,”]] Shinra called back, blowing him a kiss.
Takumi extended a hand to Shinra and hauled him to his feet. Although the goalkeeper was only about half a foot taller, their difference in muscle mass made the size difference seem enormous.
Shinra dusted the mud from his palms on his shorts and shook his damp hair like a wet dog. He was in desperate need of a cool shower and a Gatorade.

[b [#336600 “Where do you think you guys are going?”]] A gruff voice called from the sidelines. The team turned and saw their coach, a tough looking man with shoulder length greying hair and a sharp scar dividing his face in half across the bridge of his nose, standing with his arms crossed. [b [#336600 “You think you guys are done just because Shinra scored a half-assed goal?”]]

The boys exchanged uneasy glances. Their coach was Aikawa Daichi, a decorated retired Olympic soccer player known for his grumpy attitude and amazing plays. Most students picked Yanagi for the coach alone. He was the best coach in Japan and produced the best athletes. The man didn’t just expect excellency, he put the time and work in to create it. That meant the boys spent long hours training and working out. Most of them didn’t attend regular classes or did most of their education online. Some of their professors hadn’t even seen them unless they’d attended a match.

Coach Aikawa’s expression softened a bit, [b [#336600 “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. That was some great work out there. We can go over your plays in the morning.”]] He paused to glance over the clipboard in hand and jotted a few notes down. [#336600 [b “Oh, I forgot to mention, there are two temporary students staying in the gardens for the next few months. I expect good behavior.”]] He shot a look at Shinra who quickly looked away innocently.

[b [#cc6600 “Uh, why though? Are they soccer players?”]] Fujii asked, a bit annoyed. He was the smallest member of the team but had the biggest attitude besides Shinra and Coach Aikawa. He wasn’t one to accept new people into their kingdom so easily.

[b [#336600 “Uh, because I said so,”]] Coach mocked. He flashed a nasty grin and Fujii curled his lip in disgust. [b [#336600 “And no, they don’t play. Don’t worry about it, I promise it’s temporary. If you’re good I’ll take you guys to Sendai for the weekend.”]] He added. Excited murmurs washed over the crowd, even Fujii perked up at the suggestion of a vacation.

[b [#336699 “Who’s room are they staying in?”]] Jet asked. Jet was the other striker besides Shinra. He was a tall, elegant man with long hair and an undercut.

Coach AIkawa looked over his sheet and grimaced. [b [#336600 “They’re staying in Shinra and Takumi’s suite.”]] The older man knew it was a bad idea but after the seniors graduated it was the only vacancy. He hoped Takumi would keep their problem child in line but he wasn’t sure. Not after the Chem lab incident.

Jet stuck his tongue out at Shinra, a silver piercing caught the sunlight and shimmered. Shinra mirrored his childish expression. The boys had a careful climate they’d crafted over the years and no one really wanted to upset the balance with the addition of two strangers. They were a family that loved and despised each other.

[b [#336600 “Okay, get out of my sight. I can smell you from here,”]] Coach Aikawa dismissed the boys with a wave of his hand. The team hurried off, bumping and tumbling into each other on purpose. Their laughter echoed throughout the stadium. The liveliness clutched at Coach Aikawa’s heart, making the man turn away from the sight to hide his soft expression.

Shinra took his time in the shower. He allowed the hot water to scorch his skin and sooth his aching muscles. The was washed the September heat from his flesh taking the mud and grass stains with it. He scrubbed his fingers through his thick mop of dark hair and attempted to untangle it. When he was finished rinsing the soap from his body, he shut off the water and shivered in the cool air for a moment.

After drying himself thoroughly, Shinra pulled a soft white long sleeve over his toned chest. It was a stylish activewear shirt sent to him by Adidas with a bright orange logo on the sleeves. For a moment, he panicked when he couldn’t find his pants but relief washed over him when he spotted them on the ground near his locker. They must have fallen when he was retrieving his stuff for his shower. Slipping into the black joggers he’d packed for the day, he felt a wave of fatigue flood his body. The soft cotton of his clothes paired with the warm shower was enough to knock the man out. A nap and cuddles from his cat Foosball called his name. He laced up his sneakers before heading out.
[right [pic]]
Takumi was waiting for him on the bench outside of the locker room. His short black hair was nearly dry and he wore a black tee shirt that clung to the contour of his muscular body. It didn’t matter what the man wore, it always seemed like if he flexed, he’d burst through the seams. He was quietly reading a thick novel, oblivious to his roommate’s approach.

[#660000 [b “Whatcha reading?”]] Shinra asked, taking a seat next to his friend. To his fans, Takumi was the handsome, idiot himbo but in reality, he was the quiet contemplative type who loved a good book. His flawless smile that he shared effortlessly and his contagious belly laugh paired with his size and good looks made the internet fall in love with the golden retriever man.

[b [#000066 “Hm? Oh it's Briana Scurry’s memoir. I’d let you borrow it but it’s in English,”]] Takumi answered. He dogeared the page and closed it.

Shinra pursed his lips in defiance, [b [#660000 “I can read English,”]] he grumbled.

[b [#000066 “Yeah but not well,”]] Takumi laughed.

Shinra just shrugged and didn’t argue. His roommate was right, English wasn’t his strong suit. He needed a tutor in grad school and even at university his grades for his English classes were mediocre at best. [b [#660000 “You ready to head back? I’m starving.”]]

Takumi rose to his feet and stretched. His shirt lifted over his navel, exposing the dark hairs climbing his stomach. [b [#000066 “Yeah, I wonder what Yui made for lunch?”]]

Shinra followed Takumi towards their apartment, his stomach grumbled at the thought of what their beloved team chef had made for them. Another reason players all over the world fought their way into Yanagi was because of Nakaya Yui’s cooking. Yui was dubbed the ‘Grandmother of the Yanagi Tigers’ due to her intensive knowledge of nutrition and never letting the boys go hungry.

When the boys got back to the dormitory, they stopped on the first floor to retrieve bento boxes from Yui. She scolded the boys for skipping breakfast and gave them an extra serving of rice before sending them upstairs.
The third floor was referred to as the garden due to its interesting floor plan. The architect had designed it so the rooms were all separate apartments that had doors leading out into a beautiful square rooftop garden. Each of the rooms had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living space. In the center of the garden was a small building that housed a kitchen, a dining room, and a living space for the team to spend time together whenever they wanted.

Takumi unlocked the door to their suite and led Shinra inside. He was surprised by the sound of music coming from one of the bedrooms. The large athlete walked towards the sound and hovered in the doorway. A small man with blue hair sat with a guitar in his lap. Foosball yowled a greeting and got up from his spot. He snaked between Takumi, a loud purr emitted from his throat. Shinra padded up behind Takumi but was too short to see past the tall man. Foosball approached Shinra and meowed expectantly at his master. Although Foosball had become a team cat, Shinra would always be the one who’d rescued him. Bending over, Shinra gingerly scooped up the cat and cradled him.

[b [#278ED6 “Oh um, Hello. Was I bothering you?”]] The musician asked stiffly.

Takumi rubbed the back of his head with a hand instinctively. His muscular arm rippled with the motion. It was his nervous telling but the easy smile on his face distracted those who didn’t know him well. [b [#000066 “No, no, sorry for interrupting you. We weren’t sure when we’d be expecting you,”]] Takumi said. He stepped aside a few inches and gestured to Shinra. His roommate was fussing with the cat and too preoccupied to say hello. [b [#000066 “I’m Watabe Takumi and this is Miyazaki Shinra.”]] He casually introduced. Shinra looked up when he heard his name. He adjusted Foosball in his arms so he could awkwardly wave. [b [#000066 “Well let us know if you need anything, we’ll be in the living room.”]]

Shinra: [b [#660000 #660000]]
Takumi: [b [#000066 #000066]]
Jet: [b [#336699 #336699]]
Fujii: [b [#cc6600 #cc6600]]
Sakai: [b [#993366 #993366]]
Aikawa: [b [#336600 #336600]]

[left [pic]] [google-font] [center [size15 [abel Ai was in a terrible mood, not that anyone could tell from his expression. After all, Ai was a masterful actor who was more than experienced in hiding his real feelings and thoughts in favor a more desirable role. The orchid haired boy was sat in a chair while the makeup artist lightly touched up his powder while they adjusted the lighting for his photoshoot. Ai was wearing a white tailored suit jacket. The jacket was structured with strips of black lace fabric were added for a more fashionable and distinct look to the jacket. The strips stretched across his body drawing the eye up to his clavicle, the flash of his bare chest which at several angles was nearly provocative, and his cinched waist. He also wore black tailored pants that were so tight they took two people helping him to get up. The look was finished with black, stiletto ankle boots tucked beneath the trousers that gave him a stunningly long line.

The stylists had done his makeup in such a way that his already creamy white skin appeared even more pale, and with the outfit he looked like he’d come out of a black and white film save for his vibrantly colored hair which made for a huge contrast. In fact this contrast was the theme of the editorial outfit selection and shoot. Ai’s heterochromatic, peach blossom eyes tinted by his colored contacts were given a similar contrast with a combination of black and white eyeliner leading into a highly defined and sharp cat eye with long black eyelashes. His lips were painted a glossy black with just a hint of purple to highlight the shape. This makeup look was highly intensive and required constant touch ups to ensure he looked perfect in all the photos.

As the young man sat in the chair he scrolled through his phone, looking at the group chat he was in with the other members of [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block].
Ai frowned internally at his friends and fellow idols as they flooded the group chat with mindless chatter. He was still upset over the fact he had to abandon his extremely comfortable apartment that he’d been living in for just about ten years now. Unlike the other boys in the group Ai hadn’t lived with his parents since he was twelve. Thus he wasn’t taking the relocation well. Even worse his usual routine of making a fuss and pulling out the crocodile tears for his uncle hadn’t worked this time.

A thin man wearing glasses and a dark navy suit approached Ai to tell him that they were ready to have him back on the set, he was Ai’s personal manager Nishihara Hideki. Hideki had only been working with Ai for the past two years, and took over the position from Ai’s previous personal manager retired. Fortunately Hideki had learned quickly how to deal with all of Ai’s eccentricities relatively quickly. Ai liked him well enough; he wasn’t a flashy man but he wasn’t unattractive either, he was typically quiet and was good at pretending not to hear things. He was also clever enough to know when Ai was behaving a certain way or acting out a scene for photographers and wouldn’t step in unnecessarily. It was probably that fox like personality that meshed so well with Ai and made Miss Ito, the manger for [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block], dislike him so much.

The second Ai was back behind the camera lens his entire aura seemed to change. It was always something others who worked with him would comment about; his ability to quickly enter the correct headspace for a character or photoshoot had earned him quite a bit of praise. Though, admittedly, getting into the correct headspace for a photoshoot was much easier than assimilating to an entire character. For the next two hours he focused only on the movements of his body. He stretched and contorted himself into every angle the photographer directed. Ai always enjoyed this aspect of modeling most, sure the pretty clothing and stunning makeup and adoration of fans who both envied and loved him was great but there was something cathartic about the way a model moved and posed. People rarely thought about posing, they rarely thought about how their own bodies would display in a particular pose and couldn’t imagine just how unnatural each individual shot was. A model had to curve and stretch and pull at their body create appealing lines from otherwise unthought of positions.

When the photoshoot was finished Ai removed the majority of his makeup, washing off the harsh white powder and foundation before moisturizing and redoing it looks with a more fresh and dewy style that was barely detectable aside from his sparkly cherry pink lip gloss. He also changed back into his regular clothes; a white pleated skirt with a high waist that was styled with a white belt that was incredibly long on his thin waist, ultimately hanging past the length of the skirt instead of a regular belt buckle the buckle was shaped like a heart and thin fashionable chains which curved and attached about the hips. Tucked into the skirt was pale pink long sleeved high neck sweater with soft ribbing and frilled hems, and a heart shaped cutout on the sternum, layered beneath was a white, satin finished spaghetti strap tank top. Beneath the skirt he wore sheer white tights with little heart patterned on and white, front laced, platform heeled combat ankle booties. He tried not to mess with his styled hair too much more since it was perfectly tousled and gently pinned a few playful barrettes in. His ears glittered with jewelry, he wore a diamond heart stud with a simple black metal ball stud earing next to it on his double pierced lobe, the black ball stud had a chain backing that connected to a matching black ball stud higher up on the helix of his ear. The black of the ball stud matched with his black nails and the silver accents of the outfit were further complimented with silver rings on fingers. The distinct feminine look was one of his favorites, and also one of his fans’ favorites. His fans loved seeing him play with the idea of gender and it helped that he was pretty enough to nearly pass as a girl himself.

He politely thanked the staff, he and Hideki bowed slightly in thanks before departing. The company car given to Hideki was luxury black sedan, a benefit of working with an award winning actor, model, and idol, with black tinted windows that couldn’t be seen through from the outside. Perfect for transporting him without any fans noticing him. In the car Ai put on a pink face mask which was patterned with a popular character; a white rabbit named Mochi from an animated series that was also a popular brand. Mochi wasn’t the main character but he was Ai’s favorite ever since he was little and his fans often sent him merchandise with the character on it since they knew he liked them. Plus, last year he did a fashion campaign for the brand and got several Mochi themed pieces to wear. He often wore the Mochi makeup headband when doing little videos for his account, he also loved to wear the Mochi hoodie which had a pink ribbon which could be tired into a large bow and floppy ears around his apartment, and they even made a few limited edition Mochi barrettes of which Ai had every single one, though his favorite piece was the backpack shaped like Mochi’s head which he was even currently using for his things. The pictures of him posing with a Mochi mascot at the flagship store in Tokyo was among his most liked pictures on Chatot.

They were about half an hour out from the university campus, so Ai took to scrolling through his Chatot feed. He was currently logged into his side account; it was registered with a fun username ([b [#BF41B2 CherryKissKiss]]) instead of his name like his main account so fans wouldn’t know it was his. He typically used it to stalk his own account, his works, and his various fan pages and [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block] fan pages. His fans could get rather spicy in their comments and it was perfect entertainment. The announcement that the idol dormitory was going to be undergoing renovations and the group members were going to relocating to temporary lodging had the fans up in arms about one thing or another. There were several fans asking about their living arrangements, not the details of where they were staying but who was staying with who; Ai had, of course, stoked these fires by saying that Honey (Toma) and Red (Jun) were staying together and he and Blu (Akio) were staying together too. The sudden flood of [i ‘Orange’] shippers, the fan name for Toma and Jun’s ship, and [i ‘Blue/Love’], his and Akio’s fan name that used a play on his name’s meaning, was to be expected. Both skillful and amateur fan edits of pictures of the pairs were everywhere and there were several funny memes about Silver (Seiichi) being left out were pretty hilarious also.

As they were closing in on the dorm, Ai had stayed in the building with his uncle before it formally opened while he dealt with some school paperwork and recalled the location, he noticed the familiar signage of a popular chain of boba shops. [b [#BF41B2 “Pull over,”]] He ordered of his manger while pointing at the store, Hideki while reluctant did oblige by the tiny dictator. Once they were parked Ai started with his demands, [b [#BF41B2 “Okay, I want you to get one large taro rose milk tea with lychee syrup and two scroops of crystal boba and edible purple glitter, don’t make that face,”]] Ai immediately criticized as he saw the face Hideki was pulling, it was different than just being annoyed for being asked to get a clearly complicated order. That was the face Hideki made when he didn’t approve of what Ai was doing or asking for, of course Ai knew that it was because such a boba order was full of sugar and empty carbs and he had a runway show next month where he would be wearing a custom made outfit. The outfit was handsewn and if he gained a single ounce it would effect the fit of the clothes. [b [#BF41B2 “I’m not going to actually eat it, I just want a picture for my story, it’ll be weird for fans if I don’t post as regularly. I figure a picture in a familiar car will be better than posting in my dorm before I set up curtains and everything to hide my location, right?”]] Ai teased lightly and with slight annoyance at having to explain himself.

[b [#BF41B2 “Also get one small half sugar honeydew tea with rainbow popping boba, and one medium brown sugar tea with extra black boba. The honeydew is mine and the brown sugar is for Kio, I plan to bribe him to help me unpack. So I need something yummy to bribe him with. Chop, chop,”]] Ai clapped twice with his words while waiting for his manger to go and get him his drinks. [b [#BF41B2 “And don’t forget to have the workers draw a cute picture on the cup!”]] Hideki knew better than to argue when Ai wanted something if he denied him, the idol was likely to tear up and phone a call to his uncle with some sob story about the manager bullying him. How the man who ran a multi-billion dollar conglomerate didn’t see the two faced nature of his own nephew was beyond him.

After about ten minutes later Hideki came out with a tray of four drinks three were clearly the one he had asked for and the last was a large and simple black milk tea which was Hideki’s go to order whenever he was sent out for a boba run. As soon as Hideki entered the car Ai took the most complex drink. The two types of tea and the syrup created a gradient that started a dark purple to pale pink then milky clear and sparkled all the way through. The clear boba was visible but didn’t take away from the color. Pulling down his mask he angled himself so that none of the outside of the car would be visible but the drink, part of his outfit, and his pretty face were all framed perfectly. He took a single sip while he snapped numerous pictures, making sure that the little bear drawn on the side was visible, before setting the drink down. The taste wasn’t actually all that great, it was fine and fruity but the focus was definitely the look. It suited his aesthetic and that was really all he cared about.

For the remainder of the ride Ai attentively edited the best picture until it was absolutely flawless then logged into his main account. As per usual there was a slight lag due to the sheer amount of notifications and DMs he got on this account. He posted the edited picture with a cute caption about needing a boba fix after being under all those hot lights and tagged both the boba chain and the designer he’d been modeling for at the photoshoot. Immediately fans hopped on it to comment as if they were starved koi who’d been given food, most sent emojis or commented on his looks, a few asked about what his order was and he relayed it exactly and overhyped the flavor that he’d only had the faintest taste of. After interacting with a few fans and reacting to a couple of comments with the same demeanor as someone casually feeding fish he logged out of the account and relogged into his side account.

Hideki pulled up to the dormitory and sat for a minute while Ai finished with Chatot, after the idol readjusted his mask which did nothing to hide his identity when he refused to cover up his vibrant hair color citing that [i [#BF41B2 ‘people will find out we’re here eventually’]] he rushed the boy inside. Only heaving a sigh of relief when they got in the elevator. Ai tuned out the man as he gave a brief and boring overview of the security measures for the building and that the company were enacting to keep the boys safe while they stayed there. On the third floor Hideki reminded him he was scheduled to film a variety show promoting his newest film, he played a secondary character in a historical film about the Meiji period, but it was slated to win several awards. As usual the whole cast, especially those very prominent members were expected to promote the film.

Ai scanned his student ID to unlock the door to his temporary dormitory room. [b [#BF41B2 “I know my own schedule Hideki,”]] He said looking back at the manager, his voice laced with annoyance, [b [#BF41B2 “I’ll be ready at nine on Tuesday for you to pick me up for filming, I’ll put my set clothes in a bag like I always do and I never eat anything heavy,”]] or anything at all, [b [#BF41B2 “before filming. I’ve been acting longer than you’ve been managing, y’know. Now,”]] Once the door opened he walked in, blocking his manager from following, [b [#BF41B2 “goodnight.”]] He didn’t quite slam the door but there was certainly force behind the way he closed it.

In to doorway he pointedly ignored the two large boys who were seated in the shared common room of the dorm and staring at him. He struggled with unzipping his boots before tossing them on the ground to retrieve later. [b [#BF41B2 “Hi,”]] The boy smiled sharply with no real warmth to the gesture, he was tired after a long day and he had no plan to act like some kind of sweetheart around these two ‘roommates’ of his for the extended period of his stay. That was too exhausting even for a master actor like him. [b [#BF41B2 “Where’s Kio?”]] The two stared at him for a moment before Ai continued exasperated, [b [#BF41B2 “Blue hair where?”]] If an eyeroll had a tone of voice it would have been the one he’d just used and immediately the larger of the boys pointed down one of the hallways. Ai began walking down throwing his voice over his shoulder as he went, [b [#BF41B2 “Thanks!”]] Down the hallway he saw Akio exiting out of a room looking anxious, probably because of how Ai talked to people, the guy was way too sensitive to stuff like that. The violet haired boy didn’t allow for his blue friend to speak and instead shoved the cup of milk tea in his direction, [b [#BF41B2 “I’m bribing you, come help me unpack.”]]

[b [#278ED6 “I thought you didn’t want people touching your stuff?”]] Akio asked while still taking the outstretched cup of boba that was streaked with syrup on the sides and taking a sip of the overly sweet drink.

[b [#BF41B2 “Yeah, but you’re not an unnamed extra in the feature film that is my life, my dear Kio.”]] Ai countered pointing to the other room in the hallway with a clear question in his gaze, Akio nodded having understood that Ai was asking if that was his room. Inside were several boxes and four suitcases. Ai also noticed two empty clothes racks off to the side that he’d requested so he could keep plenty of clothes. A regular closet just wouldn’t cut it. [b [#BF41B2 “Anyways, did you already make friends with the beefcake and the grump sitting on the couches out there or did you squirrel up in your room with social anxiety like usual?”]] Ai placing his drink down and opening up one of his suitcases which was filled with clothes. Despite largely ignoring the boys Ai had sized the two of them up quite quickly.

The first was the largest one who had pointed the way for Ai, he was obviously big by how the smaller boy had referred to him but he wasn’t heavy but instead bulky with muscles. He had short black hair and an almost calf like face that made him look a bit dull. Whether he actually was dull wasn’t something Ai would know. The other was smaller in frame but still leagues larger than the slim idol with a model’s frame. He was clearly an athlete, with a muscular build that looked like he was built for movement and force. His messy black hair was mostly pushed back but Ai felt he’d look good if he let more of his hang around his face. And his eyes were deep and tired with eyebags that even moisturizer couldn’t fix. Honestly their looks were pretty high compared to the average person, enough to make Ai feel like staying the dormitory for a while wouldn’t be a total wash if he got free eye candy.

Looking over at Akio he saw the boy was slightly glaring while taking an over-dramatized sip of his drink. [b [#BF41B2 “Squirreling it was then.”]] ]]]
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[center [size15 [abel [b [#660000 “So, wanna play Super Smash?”]] Shinra asked, his fluffy cat was cradled in his arms like a baby.
Takumi smiled and nodded. Turning on his heels, Shinra led the boys in the living room and plopped onto the couch with the feline still in hand. Takumi took a seat next to him and grabbed his bento box and tore into it. Yui’s cooking always hit the spot after a hard practice. The large athlete wondered if his new suitemate knew where the cafeteria was. He didn’t think the layout of the dormitory was confusing but it could be a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

Shinra handed him a black video game controller as he consumed his own lunch. Bits of rice decorated his chin and he held a pair of chopsticks between his teeth. Takumi couldn’t help but laugh. He appreciated how authentic his friend was in everything he did. It seemed that how people viewed him never seemed to cross his mind.

Taking the controller, Takumi crossed his massive legs and balanced his food in his lap so he could attempt to eat while he played. When the game screen popped up on the flat screen, Takumi took a few moments to pick a character. He had several he was good at; however, knowing that Shinra was competitive meant Takumi had to choose wisely. Eventually he settled on Incineroar.

The match was a bloodbath, every man for himself. Shinra was a beast at any character he played, which didn’t come as a surprise to those that knew him. The two of them had spent many months playing with Shin’s sister Reika during her stay at the hospital so they obviously had perfected their team comps. But now that Takumi was on the opposing side, he was no match for his friend.

After a few rounds had passed, the two boys were startled by the front door swinging open. Takumi watched as a beautiful girl, wait, boy stormed into the room, demanding all eyes on him. He balanced a bubble tea in each hand and ignored them as he shed his boots before forcing a greeting.

[b [#000066 “Hey there,”]] Takumi raised a hand to wave at him politely. He offered him a wide smile, wanting to make sure the boy knew he was welcome. Excitement fluttered in his chest. He was always eager to meet a new person.

[b [#BF41B2 “Where’s Kio?”]] The boy demanded. His expression was both petulant and bored. Before either one could answer, he clarified, obviously annoyed. [b [#BF41B2 “Blue hair where?”]]

Takumi forcefully stopped Shinra from leaping off the couch to strangle the stranger. His pale eyes were wild with fury. Shaking his head, he silently warned his roommate to let it go. For a moment, he wasn’t sure whether Shinra was going to listen to him and maybe Shinra wasn’t sure either. But after a beat, the man relaxed underneath his touch and slumped back in his seat and seethed in silence.

[b [#000066 “He’s down the hall,”]] Takumi said, his smile no longer reaching his eyes. A lump formed in his throat and sunk to the bottom of his stomach. Dread filled his chest as he opened and closed his fists. He understood the dark feeling as he watched the violet haired boy stalk down the hall. Loathing.

Sinking back into the couch, Takumi let out a sigh. His day was catching up to him. He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands, abandoning the game he’d been playing entirely. Shinra bumped his knee with his foot to ask for his attention. Looking up, he saw an agitated expression on his friend’s face.

[b [#660000 “Woof, that kids a nightmare am I right?”]] He said, gesturing down the hall. Shinra knew Takumi wasn’t one to talk bad about people but he always tried to broach the subject even if he wouldn't get an answer.

Takumi ran his fingers through his hair to busy his hands. [b [#000066 “Yeah …”]] he sighed. He didn’t have to look at Shinra to know the man was gawking at him.

As Shinra opened his mouth to say something, there was a knock at the door. The boys looked at each other in confusion; they weren’t expecting any [i other] company. [b [#000066 “It’s unlocked?”]] Takumi called, the statement coming out as more of a question than an invitation. The door pushed open to reveal a tall man with long dark hair and a short blond boy hanging on his waist.

[b [#336699 “Hey, we came to see your new pets,”]] Jet said with a sly grin. [b [#336699 “Of course Yujii wanted to make sure he was still the cutest boy in the garden.”]] He teased as he playfully bit at the blond’s nose. Shinra audibly groaned at their public display of affection.

[b [#cc6600 “That’s not true,”]] Yujii protested. He pulled away from his boyfriend’s grasp to reiterate his displeasure. He crossed his arms over his chest, wrinkling the baby blue cropped sweater he wore. His white joggers hung just below his sharp hips, showing off his black lace bikini bottoms.

[b [#336699 “Aw come on babe, I’m just teasing,”]] Jet laced his arm around his boyfriend’s bare midriff and pulled him close.

[b [#660000 “Please stop, I’m going to vomit.”]] Shinra moaned in agony.

[b [#000066 “Want to come in? We’ve got drinks in the fridge. The two new guys are in their room getting unpacked.”]] Takumi ignored Shinra’s comment and showed their teammates some hospitality.

Jet was the same year as Shinra and Takumi but Yujii was a grade below them. Takumi liked them more than enough but sometimes he agreed with Shinra’s sentiment. Unlike Shinra who’d been single all their lives, Takumi had only had one partner and it was Shinra's sister when they were in high school. They’d dated for a year but broke up when Reika left for the hospital. It’d ended on good terms because both of them agreed they were better as friends. Shinra had always said they seemed more like glorified best friends rather than girlfriend and boyfriend.

Yujii made a decision for them and pushed Jet inside before closing the door. He directed Jet into an open chair and draped himself across his lap much to Shinra’s dismay. The blond made an obscene gesture at Shin causing him to jump to his feet, ready to tackle Yujii to the ground.

[b [#336699 “Sit down Virgin,”]] Jet insisted. The statement only made Shinra more explosive.
[b [#660000 “Say that to my face you-”]]
Takumi cut Shinra off by pulling him back onto the couch. [b [#000066 “Hey, how about we play a round of Smash?”]] He suggested with a small smile. His roommate narrowed his eyes but complied. [b [#000066 “Great, what do you want to drink?”]] He addressed the room.
[b [#cc6600 “Oo, sake!”]] Yujii sang.
[b [#000066 “Alright, sake it is.”]] He agreed.

[left [pic]] [google-font] [center [size15 [abel Akio puffed out his cheeks as he sipped on the drink and Ai began to open some of the boxes only to reveal more boxes inside; specifically shoe boxes. Ai was practically religious about keeping his clothes nice and that definitely applied to shoes. He had brought a variety of shoes that were somewhat versatile, a staggering amount of these were boots or some kind of platform; from platform sneaks to platform booties like the ones he’d worn earlier. There were also several pairs of heels. The two boys began putting away Ai’s things just like that. Ai had delegated the task of putting his numerous shoes into the 6 tier shoe cubby that Ai had insisted be installed into his room. It was the size of a dresser and allowed the boy to store approximately 36 pairs of shoes. Which wasn’t nearly as nice as the built in shelves he had in his apartment’s master closet which held nearly 100 pairs but he’d take what he could get.

The shoes on the top shelf actually required Ai to use a stool to reach. But having a stool in his bedroom would be ugly so instead he had a pink faux fur, pouf ottoman that was structed enough to let the boy stand on it. And in the worst case scenario if that didn’t help him grab the right pair he could enlist the help of his new temporary roommates, they both seemed tall enough to grab anything from the top shelf and Ai wasn’t shy about asking for things. Ai was actually a little surprised at how much effort Akio put at organizing the shoes nicely, he seemed to be trying to come up with some kind of aesthetically pleasing layout.

While he did that Ai took over unloading his suitcases into the closet and onto the clothing racks. Almost none of his clothes were ones which could be put in drawers, even a lot his more [i delicate] items were ones he preferred to have on hangers which he tucked into the closet where they wouldn’t appear in any of his pictures because as unafraid of a scandal as he was he didn’t need everyone to see [i everything].

The two boys worked for close to an hour making decent progress until Ai’s phone starting ringing. Looking at the screen he saw a picture of Seiichi pulling his long, white hair up into a ponytail with flushed cheeks and a hair tie held in his teeth. It was a spontaneous picture Ai took during one of their dance rehearsals while preparing for a stage show. Despite how downright sexy Seiichi had looked in it the boy had adamantly refused to allow it to be posted since he’d been sweaty and flushed and didn’t want fans to see him that way. Ai didn’t understand why he was against it but he never wanted people to ever post unapproved photos of himself so the least he could do was respect his friend’s wishes.

Immediately Ai accepted the call. [b [#BF41B2 “Hang on, give me a minute to put you on speaker. Kio is helping me unpack,”]] Ai didn’t bother greeting the other boy and barely heard the mumble of acceptance from the other end of the phone before he pressed the speak button. [b [#BF41B2 “Okay, you’re on speaker.”]]

[b [#278ED6 “Hi Seiichi,”]] Akio greeted, abandoning the shoes and flopping down on Ai’s bed. His hands stretched out and gently petted the comforter Ai had decorating the bed. It was a white faux fur that wasn’t really fluffy so much as it was fuzzy, it was patterned with gold threads throughout to give it a sort of confetti look. The second Ai had failed to convince his uncle to let him stay at actual apartment or even at his uncle’s apartment he immediately started specifying what he wanted in the dorm before he moved in. His years of being a diva helped to make sure it was exactly how he liked it. [b [#278ED6 “How’s filming?”]]

[b [#717F97 “Hey Kio, hey Ai, the filming is good. They’re having us stay a ryokan. It’s really nice, the scenery is great and it’s great for getting into character but I honestly the best part is it’s not a futon on the floor. It’s a bit more modernized so we get actual bedframes,”]] Seiichi began immediately speaking.

[b [#BF41B2 “Oh my god, you’re such a diva, needing a bedframe. What, are you too good to sleep on the floor like our ancestors? Aren’t you an actor how could you ever hope to properly play your character with this type of attitude?”]] Ai teased, continuing to put some of his stuff away while speaking.

[b [#717F97 “Did you or did you not have a three page shopping list of demands for your dorm room Ai? If any one of us is going to judge me I do not want it to be you,”]] Seiichi said with a sigh.

[b [#BF41B2 “I’m so insulted Seii, you talking like I’m some kind of high maintenance idol or something,”]] The orchid hair boy said, perching himself on the edge of the bed.

[b [#278ED6 “Yeah, ‘cause [i that’s] a totally off the mark insinuation,”]] Akio’s voice basically told his friend that he was rolling his eyes.

Ai laughed, [b [#BF41B2 “Whatever, I know you didn’t call me to tell me about your [i hotel room]. What’s going on with the filming. You’ve officially met the other cast now right?”]] The boy looked around the room and then at his shoe rack before realizing he forgot something outside his room. [b [#BF41B2 “Oh hang on, my shoes are still by the door. I’m gonna go grab them. Come with me, you can stay here Kio,”]] Ai grabbed his phone while Akio raised a thumbs up in an agreement at staying on the bed he seemed to now be glued to. Ai began walking out of his room towards the entrance to retrieve his boots. [b [#BF41B2 “So you were saying, something about the cast?”]]

[b [#717F97 “Oh yeah, so guess who’s in the cast?”]] The other actor didn’t wait for Ai to answer before he continued. [b [#717F97 “It’s Hiromi.”]]

[b [#BF41B2 “Hiromi? Like, as in, [i Uehara Hiromi]?”]] With hearing the affirmative from the other line he could hardly believe it. He barely even registered walking into the common area with his phone still on speaker. [b [#BF41B2 “You can’t be serious what is she even playing, a concubine?”]]

[b [#CC6600 “OH. MY. GOD. You’re Violet from [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L][#000000 O][#BF41B2 R][#000000 block]],”]] Ai turned his head to see a slender and slightly feminine looking boy with dyed blonde hair pointing at him with an open mouth. He always thought it was funny how fans liked to mention his group as if he was somehow Violet from something other than [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L][#000000 O][#BF41B2 R][#000000 block]]. At this point Ai noticed that there were two additional boys in the room with the same two from earlier, the blonde being one of the new additions. Of the two he wasn’t surprised that the blonde was the one to recognize him. Not only did he have a feminine edge to him that would certainly be attracted to Ai whose fashion blatantly trespassed the line of gender. The blonde was wearing a crop top and joggers combo with a thin line of fabric that followed the dip of his hips.

The other boy had long black hair with shaved sides and a stylishly cut eyebrow and equally stylish tattoos. If that one was going to recognize anyone from [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L][#000000 O][#BF41B2 R]block] it would probably be Blu, aka Akio. Akio had gotten his start in a more rock centric group than the more mainstream and pop of [b [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L]O[#BF41B2 R]block], and even his image was more rock than anyone else in the group. The blonde boy immediately turned to glare accusatorily at Ai’s two roommates, [b [#CC6600 “Why didn’t you say you were rooming with [i VIOLET FROM [#278ED6 C][#ffe784 O][#f30202 L][#000000 O][#BF41B2 R][#000000 block]]?”]]

Immediately realizing from the tone that this boy was a fan Ai flashed a perfectly cheeky, yet dazzling smile and responded. [b [#BF41B2 “Hi hi! That’s right I’m Violet, but you can just call me Ai, no need to be formal or whatever,”]] Ai voice took on an even more musical tone to it than his normal already melodic speaking voice and he gave a little wink to the blonde at the end of his sentence.

[b [#717F97 “Who was that?”]] Seiichi asked from the other end of the phone, still audible from being on speaker. He could clearly hear that Ai was using his ‘idol voice’ to the other person so he was noticeably confused.

Ai shrugged despite the fact his conversation partner couldn’t see, he immediately dropped his posturing and let his voice return to normal losing the music feel but keeping his usual melodic way of speaking, [b [#BF41B2 “’Dunno, anyways, you said that [i Hiromi] was in the cast? I can’t believe that, she’s not talented enough to get cast in Kazue’s work. I wonder how many people in casting she had to sleep with to get that role,”]] The boy gossiped shamelessly about the actress he hated, while he resumed his journey to grab his shoes.

[b [#717F97 “Is there even anyone who would want to sleep with her, she practically comes with a contamination sign at this point in her career,”]] Seiichi agreed not worrying about someone hearing him trash talking her since if Ai was comfortable being heard it couldn’t be a career ending statement. Plus with his public image it would be easy enough to deny the statement.

The orchid haired boy grabbed his boots by the laces while listening to Seiichi complain about his costar, barking out a laugh at his statement, [b [#BF41B2 “So true. Oh to think that when I first met you, you had no idea how to trash people. Look how far you’ve come.”]]

[b [#278ED6 “I doubt either of his managers would agree that this is a positive development,”]] Akio was leaning against the wall of the hallway that led down to their rooms. His eyes were on his own phone and he had let his hair out from the low ponytail he had earlier and lost his hoodie. Seiichi, like Ai, had two managers Miss Ito and another manager named Sugita Chie. The blue haired boy approached the group of boys on the couch, he addressed the two which the two had asserted were their roommates. [b [#278ED6 “Do you mind if I take a picture of your cat?”]] He clearly wasn’t sure who owned the feline so his pale eyes darted between the two.

Toma must still be bombarding the group chat with requests about the cat. Ai walked towards the couch leaning against the back of the couch and also leaning over the messy haired boy to reach at the grey cat which was curled up at his side. [b [#BF41B2 “Aren’t you just the second prettiest thing in this room?”]] Ai cooed while gently scratching under the cat’s chin with his long manicured black nails.

[b [#278ED6 “Are you the first?”]] Akio asked with slightly narrowed eyes.

[b [#BF41B2 “I am always the first.”]]]]]
[center [size13 [abel [b Hirata Seiichi / Silver: [#717F97 #717F97]] ]]]


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