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Fnaf role play with TomiokaGiyuu

By _Apocalyptic_

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A fnaf roleplay for me and TomiokaGiyuu.
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TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

So sorry for leaving!) Lol had been in the daycare helping keeping the kids in order as it was a daycare after all.
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

Shadow was walking around and saw a kid walking around. So he walked up and bend down to ask what was wrong. 
" hey there, what's wrong?" The younger kind would explain that they got lost so, showdow nodde#and started to walk the kid to the daycare. 
( No worries! Sorry this is long)
TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

Lio had walked over to the ball pit picking kid up by their shirt putting them on his shoulder as he walked around the kid holding on to Lios hair as he walked.
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

Shadow looked to the kid who was playing with the bracelets he had on. The kid would laugh as they walked soon they would be in front of the slide. The kid would slide down the side asshadow went down the stairs quickly then through the doors to make sure the kid was okay.
TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

Lio had picked up the kid who went down the slide as he also had the other child on his shoulder.
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

" Lio, are you here?" Shadow called as he walked around looking that the kids.
TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

"Yep I'm here Shadow." He said walking around to find him as he continued to hold the 2 kids.
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

Shaow would stand up straighter and saw him. He walked to him, " oh I see you meet the kid I brought." He would saw looking to them.
TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

"Yep! I have" he had said holding the kid in his hands.
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

" the kid say th a t they was lost so I thought I would bring the kid here to the day care." Shadow would look around, " I thou g t that he was just here and got out somehow."
TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

"Someone might have left the door open and they got out" he had said "but they might have found a different way out too."
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

" I can look around if ya want me to." Shadow offered, " the Lazer tag is getting fixed up right now." He explained
TomiokaGiyuuLio   64d ago

"Yeah you can if you want too Shadow." He had said setting the kid down watching them run off to the other kids that were playing.
_Apocalyptic_Shadow   64d ago

He nod as he looked around. Soon he walked around. He saw a door open. " I think it was just a door." He would keep looked.
KamadoTanjiro     48d ago
“The Ghost Of Kamado”

Can I join RP?
TomiokaGiyuuLio   36d ago

Sorry for leaving for so long! I hope you’re doing alright!)   “Ah well that makes sense.” He had said with a soft sigh setting the kid down watching them run off to the others


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