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Roleplay with Cat22

By _Apocalyptic_
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What would you do if you saw a man appear out of nowhere? You would be terrified, right? Well, a few people have appeared out of nowhere. None of them has any idea how they got to the town. Now those people are in one building without any clue on why they are there or where "there" is. People in lab coats walk in ask questions then walking out never telling them why they are there. Soon the people who were there found out that they was others there, and after what felt like forever they were able to leave that small room, but they were not allowed to leave the area. The ones who tried found out that one, they were locked in, and two the places no one recognized. Luckily for everyone they were able to go out and see the sun and talk with one another. Will the "Doctors" help them, will the people find out what is happing? The budling( very quite description): The budling seems to be abnormally large above ground it has 60 levels underground they are to the people that got brought there only 7. They are also a cafeteria on each of the levels so everyone doesn't have to go down any stairs to eat. one each story the rooms seems to go and go but not every room is for people to stay in. even though people stay and work there the budling seems to be too sterile even for a hospital. the same is for the room as it is to empty. Some rooms are cut off from the people that get sent there
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Amory Blair Maxwell
A young man was in a small room. His arms were crossed as he seemed to refuse to reply to the so-called doctor. Shortly after the doctor gave up for the time being. The young man stood up and grabbed his jacket. His blue eyes seemed to somewhat glow. His hair fell in one of his eyes as he walked out of the room. The man looked down as he walked not wanting to say anything to these strangers that he had no clue who they were. The man sat at the edge of the cafeteria. He seemed to be judging everyone that went by him before walking in himself. Of course after he got his food he sat by himself. His blue eyes would go left to right as he ate so no one could sneak up on him without him seeing. He knew he wouldn't be able to do anything even if someone did.  He didn't seem to realize, but he seemed to glitch. Each time he would glitch  he shook his head as if he had a headache. The doctor would look over to him and started writing.

Bartz (Alternate Outfit)
((I hope that this is good enough. Sorry about the delay. Also, for reference, the reason why I decided to categorize Bartz as No. V is due to him being from the fifth game in the Final Fantasy series (which has now been out for 30 years). Also, for future reference, No. II’s true name is Firion.)) No. V was currently in an isolated room all by himself. While someone who would consider himself to be introverted would find this to be a sort of haven, for beings like No. V who love a good social interaction, this sort of isolation could be attributed to something as similar as torture. He did not know where the others that he had been brought here with were however, it still seemed like after each passing moment, he was more and more desperate to get out of the room that he was in. Eventually, this led to him calling out to see if anyone would answer him. “Hello? Is anyone there?” He said in a tone of voice that seemed to suggest a slight bit of fear and even curiosity. While he was dismayed about the lack of people within the room, he was also hoping that someone would end up answering his call although as a few moments passed, nobody seemed to answer his call although for some reason, the door was now open (although there was someone in a white lab coat standing in the doorway although after seeing how distressed No. V seemed to be, they just left the doorway open for him) which allowed for No. V to run out of the small room and into the cafeteria. However, as he ran into the cafeteria, he took note of how there were quite a lot of people in lab coats although he never thought too much of them. Rather, his focus was on getting something to eat and as soon as he ran into the cafeteria, he got an apple and then sat down at one of the tables before biting into said apple. However, as he did this, he seemed to slightly lose awareness of the people around him although the reason for this was unknown. In fact, he seemed to have lost enough situational awareness during that moment to not notice that No. II had also walked into the cafeteria at this time.

Amory Blair Maxwell
( Hey it's okay! Also I'm trying to get better at writing so I'm sorry this is short, and for my delay.) Amory would watch this knew person, well new to him at lest would walk in quickly he was clearly unaware of anyone around him. Witch wasn't to odd in this place, but to him it was very odd. He would sit down at a near by table. Before he could try to get his own thoughts straight about the one in front of him another walked in.  He looked to the cafeteria soon he realized that ot was quite packed. He tried to analyze everyone around him but for most of the people he didn't care to much about. So he moved to the stages table still leaving room between them. His glitching had almost completely stoped by the time he started to eat again. Soon a pale man would walk over to him. He had elf like ears and a gasmask on. The man would still beside  Amory with some food.  Unlike Amory he seemed hyper and would talk to almost everyone he saw.  He elf like man would look over to No. V.  " hey there!" His voice didn't seemed to quite match his looks. His voice and a deeper tone. Amory would sit the in silence.

Bartz (Alternate Outfit)
“Hey! How are you doing today?” No. V said cheerfully. While he still didn’t exactly know where he was, he also seemed to be in a much better mood than before which could possibly be attributed to how he was no longer stuck within a small room without any company but rather, was in a space where there were a few people around. However, he also seemed to be somewhat oblivious to the presence of No. II who was also standing right behind him. No. II was currently standing right behind No. V and remained completely silent. While he didn’t seem to be in the mood for any sort of conversation, he was currently only thinking about keeping No. V safe from any sort of harm however, when No. X and No. XII also entered the cafeteria, he very quickly shot a glare at No. X “You’d better stay the hell away from me…” He growled softly at No. X which had also caught the attention of No. XII. “Oh don’t worry! I’ll stay far away from you so there’s no need to growl at me especially when I have no intention of causing any mischief today.” No. X said. While he didn’t seem to be too thrilled with how No. II had growled at him, he had still decided to give his word that he wouldn’t cause any sort of trouble for now. “And how am I supposed to trust your word when you seem to like causing mischief half the time? The answer, I can’t.” No. II muttered softly. He didn’t seem to have a whole lot of trust in what No. X said which could be attributed to the personal history that the two have with each other. However, the animosity between the two of them seemed to create a slight bit of tension which was very quickly resolved when No. XII ended up speaking. “Now both of you, leave each other alone for the rest of the day. After all, all the two of you do is get on each other’s nerves so it might be for the best to just leave each other alone for the time being. Understood?” No. XII said as he looked over at No. II and No. X. While he didn’t notice that there were other people in the room at first, he eventually took notice of how there were two unfamiliar individuals and those people with white lab coats like the one that let him out of his room as well.

Amory Blair Maxwell
The elf like man would look to the person behind him. He looked to him with a confused look but he would wave.  "Well I'm okay today! What about you?" He asked as he started to eat the apple. Amory looked to all the people and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Amory tried to just eat his food without paying them no mind. That wouldn't work. For long when the argument started he looked over to them as his glitch started back again.  " what is everyone's problem today?" Amroy would look to the elf like man." Ronan switch." Both of them switched seats. Ronan looked up to the others then to No. V.  " Do you know them?" Ronan would question unaware of the person behind him.  Ronan would be cut off by Amory swatting his shoulder. " fine." Ronan would roll his eyes as he fell silent.  Soon Amory stood up and walked his way to though his trash away. After words he started to make his way through people.  A lady would walk through the room. She looked down only looking up when she thought someone was speaking to her. to her. She would smile as she got to a seat and would sit down humming a tune year she heard somewhere or another. She would talk to the others near by happy to be anywhere but her own room. She would show off her powers to the others. She was able to control fire she laughed and watched as the others showed off theirs. Almost everyone had different powers or if they was the same some was more powerful.  " oh fun right?" The lady asked as she clspped her hands.
Cat22Tidus   152d ago

“Sorry about that, V… I guess that Firion and I ended up getting into too much of a heated argument to notice that we might have actually forgotten about getting something to eat. After all, I’m kind of hungry and I haven’t eaten anything all day so… I guess that I need to get something to eat.” No. X said before he got an apple and a few grapes before sitting down in a seat that was a good distance away from No. II. He currently did not want to interact with the silver haired young male after the recent argument that he had with him and as a result, had decided to distance himself from him for the time being. After a few short moments, No. V ended up forming a small orb of unaligned mana in the palm of his right hand and watched as it slowly shifted through the various types of elemental magic that he could use up until it turned into a glowing blue sphere of unaligned magical energy at which point, he ended up dismissing the orb just as easily as he had created it. “Looks like they’ve stopped arguing… That’s always a good sign and I didn’t even have to use fire magic as a way to convince them to not fight with one another!” No. XII said cheerfully before he went to go get some dragonfruit. However, after he picked up said fruit of choice, he ended up noticing that someone else had also entered the cafeteria at this time although he also noticed that No. II didn’t seem to be all too keen on socializing either. Upon noticing that another new person had entered the room, No. II started to hide behind No. V for some unknown reason and would not come out of hiding. However, the reason for his decision to hide has yet to be known at this point.


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